Large tonnage water cooled chillers are highly efficient, complicated machines and consume a lot of power. Each chiller is a compromise selection of heat exchangers, compressors with motors, and refrigerants to match the specific requirements of the customer.

The proposed design of Optical Detector Sensors System [2 Sets of Photo1], implemented with the purpose of its functioning as an essential device, in a solar locating and tracking System [and similar applications], whose primary function is to orientate a solar collector to face the Sun,

The basic motivation of this innovation is to use hydrogen as the fuel of the engine without using a very expensive and bulky hold-up tank for liquidized hydrogen storage.

A water tank will be used as the origin of the hydrogen. 

When we pour a liquid into a bottle/container using a funnel, the air inside the bottle tries to escape, but since the funnel is plugged on to the opening of the bottle, it becomes difficult for it to do so.

The Polariton Interferometer was first developed as a novel quantum sensor, and is poised to be a strong competitor in the technology market driving consumer products. The Polariton Interferometer utilizes exciton-polariton matter waves to determine motion, introducing a paradigm shift for image stabilization technologies.

Our company, IEMT, has patented technology for a portable and comparatively low cost medical imaging device that, for the first time, can be placed in the hands of first responders and professional practitioners.

IEMT's imaging device incorporates advances, previously untapped for such applications, as well as thoughtful and clever design.

One clear and necessary development is the replacement of the millions of friction brakes with kinetic energy storage systems on all sorts of vehicles: refuse trucks, shuttle busses, delivery trucks, and automobiles. Hybrid vehicles dominate in the area of regenerative braking owing to (1) motivation, and (2) easy implementation.

This new-technology electricity generator functions uniquely according to known principles of electromagnetic induction, and requires no external power or fuel. It is patented (US 8,847,720). The power output depends upon the frequency of the inducing current, making a very small generator extremely powerful. It is modular and scalable;

G.S Packaging system means GARAI SOMNATH packaging system. It will create a revolution in packaged food. It will create huge jobs, growth G.D.P and change economic condition of a country. It is an examined process.

In whole world many traditional sweets,

Today, high-rise buildings with glass, stone, metal, etc., facades during earthquake are considered potential threats to citizens and pedestrians passing by the buildings.

The buildings not only threaten the life security of their residents,

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