Sustainably feeding the planet is becoming increasingly difficult. 800 million people go hungry everyday. 1/4 of the world lacks proper nutrients to live a healthy life, and the world's population is expected to reach 9 billion people by the year 2050. With these inevitable stresses on the agriculture industry,

On agricultural farms, the harvesting of fruits like mango is still conventionally done by ‘handpicking’ methods from individual trees. It is obvious that nowadays decreasing labor populations due to a variety of reasons has led to the increase in labor costs, high input energy consumption and other problems.

Every day the usage of polymer based materials are increasing. Water bottles, one time use bags, food packaging and wrappers etc., are unavoidable. These materials are dumped into open land and causes environmental problems like soil pollution, blockage of canal, ingestion by wild life, long time for degradation,

Not a drop of water should be wasted!

Every day as you turn on your shower and let it run to heat up, gallons of water are wasted. Depending on the shower,

Take the sky with you leaving Earth.

Earth's atmosphere is a unique substance that people are looking for on other planets vainly. This light blue veil gently enveloping Earth gives us clouds of dream's star. How to take the sky with itself?

Aerogel will help us.

State regulations require that floating roof tanks control emissions when they are cleaned. My company developed a method to control emissions and recover the gases back to liquid for recycling.

The system makes zero pollution and recovers by condensing the gases.

My prototype was built to balance and distribute weight of an unbalanced vehicle or towing combination. It uses an axle behind the vehicle supported by an air bag or air spring that's capable of supporting thousands of pounds depending on wheel/tire combo and air bag capacity.

Air-ROPS' goal is to solve rollover fatalities in the agricultural sector. Worldwide, rollover is the principal cause of death in the agricultural sector. This fact demonstrates that existing solutions are not enough and do not fulfill the job

Many of these fatalities are due to foldable ROPS,

Consumers are looking for new ways and ideas to protect their families and minimize the risks they expose their kids to.

Aisthesis in ancient Greek means "perception" and perception is the result of information received through the five senses. Imagine a device that stimulates all 5 senses, which send us the feeling of being in another place, to "teleport" us elsewhere. This is Aisthesis.

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