Sustainably feeding the planet is becoming increasingly difficult. 800 million people go hungry everyday. 1/4 of the world lacks proper nutrients to live a healthy life, and the world's population is expected to reach 9 billion people by the year 2050. With these inevitable stresses on the agriculture industry, farming practices are becoming extremely inefficient, degrading precious lands and soil, creating wastes far greater than its production, and using 70 percent of the world's water consumption. At this rate, we will need twice as much water to meet food demands by 2050.

A sustainable food solution must be developed to insure affordable access to food for everyone; Agreco is that solution. Agreco [Aah-grih-co] is a sustainable ecosystem for food ...

On agricultural farms, the harvesting of fruits like mango is still conventionally done by ‘handpicking’ methods from individual trees. It is obvious that nowadays decreasing labor populations due to a variety of reasons has led to the increase in labor costs, high input energy consumption and other problems. In order to solve this challenging task, a long term and high-tech alternative is required to boost the efficiency and profitability of the farmers. Hence an automated system that is low cost and easy to use is to be provided. For this purpose an Agribot has been made an alternative automated solution.

The Agribot, an automated harvester, illustrates a new emerging solution in the way of harvesting mangoes to the most pressing problem, ...

Every day the usage of polymer based materials are increasing. Water bottles, one time use bags, food packaging and wrappers etc., are unavoidable. These materials are dumped into open land and causes environmental problems like soil pollution, blockage of canal, ingestion by wild life, long time for degradation, water pollution etc.

In India alone the usage of plastics for various applications is around 8.5 million tons for the financial year 2013. It is growing at the rate of 8 to 10% per year.

The methodology to process these polymer wastes and converting into a product with low conversion cost will benefit the environment.

Manufacturing process:

Manufacturing sequence from polymer waste to net ...

Not a drop of water should be wasted!

Every day as you turn on your shower and let it run to heat up, gallons of water are wasted. Depending on the shower, in just one minute as many as 2-5 gallons of clean water can be swept down the drain.

Aguawell allows you to collect 1.6 gallons of clean water as your shower heats up, to use later for watering plants, flushing the toilet, or other water needs.

Aguawell is simple to use: Simply place the Aguawell under the flow of the shower or bath. The water will run over the carefully designed surface and be collected inside.

When the water has reached your desired temperature, simply swivel the lid closed ...

Take the sky with you leaving Earth.

Earth's atmosphere is a unique substance that people are looking for on other planets vainly. This light blue veil gently enveloping Earth gives us clouds of dream's star. How to take the sky with itself?

Aerogel will help us. Aerogel is a material that is 98.2% air. Aerogel has a porous solid network that contains air pockets, with the air pockets taking up the majority of space within the material. The lack of solid material allows aerogel to be almost weightless. The piece of the sky "Aerogel" in the form of the cylinder is placed in the aerographite capsule and goes to the stars. Black aerographite visually merges with black space. ...

State regulations require that floating roof tanks control emissions when they are cleaned. My company developed a method to control emissions and recover the gases back to liquid for recycling.

The system makes zero pollution and recovers by condensing the gases.

Alternative systems burn the gases and make huge amounts of CO2 and other products of combustion (smog) which is released at ground level.

We have recovered just about 1,4million pounds of condensate that could be recycled because it is pure cargo - similar to distilling whisky.

Our system works with gasoline tanks, chemical tanks and it can work on tanks that are nitrogen inerted. We can condense cargoes that cannot or ...

My prototype was built to balance and distribute weight of an unbalanced vehicle or towing combination. It uses an axle behind the vehicle supported by an air bag or air spring that's capable of supporting thousands of pounds depending on wheel/tire combo and air bag capacity. The ride this device provides is simply amazingly comfortable! It plugs into a hitch on any vehicle. It is adjustable to fit most any vehicle or trailer hitch height.

It can totally eliminate sag on the rear of the vehicle and carry the weight of the hitch from a trailer or can be used between multiple trailers to keep them from unbalancing each other.

For instance, a person buys a pickup ...

Air-ROPS' goal is to solve rollover fatalities in the agricultural sector. Worldwide, rollover is the principal cause of death in the agricultural sector. This fact demonstrates that existing solutions are not enough and do not fulfill the job

Many of these fatalities are due to foldable ROPS, which are kept folded all the time voiding its safety function during the rollover event and fixed ROPS, that interfere when used in low clearance scenarios. Automatically deployed ROPS are independant of the will of the operator, remain in a confined volume that does not interfere day to day tasks and deploy automatically when the rollover is inminent. Key point is that the safety function is independant of the will of the ...

Consumers are looking for new ways and ideas to protect their families and minimize the risks they expose their kids to. They try to ensure their life styles are healthy and that products and services they use on a day to day basis are safe and do not include harmful substances.

Airbee is a concept of small robots system, which controls health condition of house inhabitants.

The research shows that human's body releases the scent which changes under the influence of diseases. This metod of examining has been known for centuries, and is present in Chins's medicine. Airbee analyzes the chemical composition of the exhaled air and  transmits the data to the app which processes it and visualize ...

Aisthesis in ancient Greek means "perception" and perception is the result of information received through the five senses. Imagine a device that stimulates all 5 senses, which send us the feeling of being in another place, to "teleport" us elsewhere. This is Aisthesis.

Born as a travel device that during a flight, a trip by car or train, allows us to enjoy a new dimension of relaxation, separating us from the outside world and making us a unique travel experience in the journey.

We only have to choose a capsule theme, containing all the information, the tastes, the smells and the sounds of the chosen destination and insert it into the docking station of Aisthesis.

In a moment we ...

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