The aim of our project is to create a device which generates electricity based on the seebeck effect, photovoltaic effect and by electromagnetic induction. The reason to designed this kit is to solve the problem of frequent power cuts and also to decrease the energy crisis .We used clamp digital multimeter to measure the voltage and current generated by the kit and also a mini LCD thermometer to determine the temperature difference built across the sides of the peltier modules. We expected to generate to about 260 Volt and current up to 60 Amperes but after testing our kit, we observed that it has the capacity to generate 250-255 Volt DC and 49-55 Amperes.

In the future we might ...

Application of the Biefeld Brown Effect

In 1923 Professor Paul Biefeld and his student Thomas Townsend Brown discovered this effect during the test of a new type of capacitor. Basically the Biefeld Brown effect is electro gravitation. If you have a flat disk capacitor with a good dielectric like Barium Strontium Titanate (BaSrTiO3) and apply high voltage to the plates a directional force normal to the plates will be generated according to the formula developed by Musha Takaaki from Japan.

Eg=-8.62 x10-11*Z*(er) ^0.5*E

Where Eg is the acceleration obtained, Z is the atomic number of the dielectric, er is the relative permittivity of the dielectric and E is the Electric field through the dielectric given by ...

This system tries to account for various parameters of water like pH, turbidity, TDS (total dissolved solids), BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) to create a water quality index for the lakes. Lakes, as we know, form an important part in our ecosystem. Last year we found several lakes around Bangalore in India frothing up due to the excessive drainage of industrial effluents and other factors. Thus our project is an inspiration to save other lakes from extinction.

First, we have collected data from various lakes and performed regression analysis to find the best fit for various parameters. Based on the behaviour of the Q value with the factors weights were chosen and they were normalised into finding a score out ...

My idea is to use hydrogen as fuel in cars. The idea is really very simple. We will use the chloralkali process to extract hydrogen from brine that is sodium chloride solution also known as solution of common salt and water. Once this idea is installed in the car, the car will run few meters with the power of the battery and later on a dynamo will provide the energy for the chloralkali process.

The basic idea is not to make a car run on a battery but run on hydrogen instead of any other feul. This can be done by electrolysis of brine and passing the hydrogen in an internal cobustion engine. The tyres of the car would ...

(1) Consider: Waterjet component
I.D. = 7.51'
O.D. = 7.85'
Area, Annular Nozzle = 4.12ft2.

From initial velocity, 41 knots at inlet, pump accelerates flow to exit nozzle at 133.62fps – causing static pressure therein to be 1psia (which is almost water's vapor pressure), and since this annular waterjet envelops a cavity, therefore will it vacate that enclosed space to high vacuum.

With Volume Flow Rate 550.23cfs, waterjet gross thrust will be 142632.80lbf.

(2) Consider: Airjet component
Throat Diameter 1.46m for Area of 1.67sq.m.

At Laval (converging-diverging section) outlet, which is in the high vacuum region constantly vacated by the surrounding annular waterjet, static pressure will be 6.89kPa.

At Laval inlet, which is ...

Modular Area View Kit allows OEMs fast setup of test systems

First Sensor presents a modular Area View Kit (AVK) for the setup of 360 ° all-round view systems for applications in special vehicles and machines. The Area View Kit allows solution providers, integrators and OEMs to quickly and easily build up, develop, and test a demo system. Therefore, it accelerates the development process and minimizes technology risks. The kit consists of four digital HDR-CMOS cameras with a range of accessories for mounting on the vehicle or on a metal plate for desktop applications. The AVK software stitches the images of the individual cameras together to form a virtual overall picture and allows the programming of arbitrary viewing angles and ...

Engineers, OEMs and integrators have struggled for years with how to balance the cost of PLCs with their I/O needs, and Turck’s new ARGEE technology solves this challenge. ARGEE empowers manufacturers to add logic to compatible I/O devices without a PLC, driving down the cost per I/O point and increasing flexibility in control.

The ARGEE environment is accessible via an HTML5-compatible web browser, which eliminates the need for complex third-party software or licensing common with PLCs. Inside the ARGEE environment, the user can set condition and action statements that can be carried out by the I/O device. The application’s intuitive de- sign includes a flow chart, similar to ladder logic, which allows for easy programing by users of all experience ...

Every day, many of us notice special yellow tactile paving on roads here and there, special roads for people with eyesight disabilities, for the purpose of easier navigation. For years, there have been some attempts to somehow create a better navigational system. All the ideas I’ve seen (such as special mobile apps, for example) do not seem very effective to me.

So I decided to develop a system that would be precise and as simple as possible at the same time. First of all, if we look at most blind people at the street – we’ll notice that most of them use so-called “white canes” while walking. Since they already have a cane used for navigation, I ...

Today’s vision of aquatic equipment is large, expensive, and generally accomplished by installing a permanent pool. Post operation and after injury, it is especially important to ensure that the patient becomes active as soon as possible. Normal land based exercises are often intolerable because of pain, excess weight, or fear of re-injury during these times which extends the patient’s healing time and can cause loss in memory of kinesthetic motions or partial disabilities to complicate the healing process. Meet the ARK, a self-contained aquatic fitness and rehabilitation system designed to do what its name suggests; to provide an environment where a person can be carried back safely into the arms of health. The system promotes well-being and health, to ...


Area(s) of expertise:
There is proposed information technology, software and results of researches of 2430 arterial oscillograms of 617 healthy individuals and patients, 56 simultaneously recorded ECGs and arterial oscillograms of healthy individuals, justifying the proposed solutions.

Arterial oscillograms are obtained using the monitoring of blood pressure and the frequency of heart rate, able to register the value of cuff pulse pressure, export information via external data exchange interface in PC (required in the mobile device an operating system supporting java applications) and developed by author's computer program, created for further analysis of obtained data (research was conducted on the blood pressure daily monitor VAT41-2 (produced by ...

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