When i started putting pencil on paper, i really didn't think too much about the fact that it is a very unique vehicle that is powered by electricity. My major focus was on the environmental issue. The global economy is in crisis –

The global economy thrives on energy. Affordable energy directly contributes to increase productivity, reducing poverty and improving betterment of life. Global population is increasing day by day, which, in a way is leading to the utilization of natural resources and fossil fuels.

This portable all in one drip system allows the user to brew Coffee, Tea, and Hot chocolate. Just add hot water!

1- Compartment to hold coffee, tea, and cocoa bags
2- Compartment to hold sweeteners.

This is a system of energy harvesting by aero and hydro power.

Aero power like that produced by wind turbines and hydro power like that of water turbines. The energy harvesting is done with the help of a series of rotating rotors.

The Clothing Creator is automated process for apparel manufacturing, a machine to make clothing without direct human intervention. The Clothing Creator system goes from a bolt of cloth to a finish garment in a 45-second cycle that combines 3D fabric molding and ultrasonics to affect the cutting/seaming.

It is very difficult to drive on icy roads in the winter season because there is always a risk of skidding of the vehicle and this may lead to chain accidents. Mostly people cannot go outside to do their daily work in the winter season due to icy roads.

It has been observed that due to central locking of the door or due to the mistake of the concerned person (parent), when they leave their child in the car, that kid is unable to open the door when it is locked.

Objective: We have to develop such a device that gives an alarm with current location silently to the vehicle owner, when there is any unauthorized access of his/her vehicle.

Introduction: In our country more then 80,000 motor vehicles are stolen per year.

The IC Pump Station Anti-cavitation control unit works with a variable frequency drive (VFD) to end pump cavitation. Even if the pump intake is fully plugged! The IC Pump Station control unit “senses”

There is so much unused diffused heat around us - human body, warm jacket, cat coat, off fixture, cup of coffee. The idea of the device is that the heat collected and concentrated again to spread the warmth flow.

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