2016 Winners


Hyliion - Hybrid Technology for Semi-Trailers and the Trucking Industry
Thomas Healy, RF Culbertson, AJ Emanuele, Morgan Culbertson, Wilson Sa, Pam Culbertson, Chad Saylor, Len Kulbacki, Eric Weber, Adam Faris, Kim Kasee, Roger Richter, Jared King, Phil Aufdencamp, and Tim Gehring, Hyliion, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Flash® Bainite - High Performance Armor
Gary Cola, Flash Bainite, Washington, MI, USA

Honorable Mention – Aerospace & Defense Category

InSpec Snapshot Surface Gage
Erik Novak, Tim Horner, Joseph Moore, Brad Kimbrough, Mike Krell, Dmitriy Kiselev, and Shawn McDermed, 4D Technology, Tucson, AZ USA

New Wing Design Exponentially Increases Total Aircraft Efficiency
Albion (Al) Bowers and Peter Uden, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA USA

Supercritical Air Mobility Pack (SCAMP)
Harold Gier and Terence Gier, Niwot Technologies, LLC, Longmont, CO USA

Automated Software System for the Simulation of Arcing in Spacecraft On Board Power Electronics Equipment
Vasily Kozhevnikov, Vadim Karaban, Denis Kosov, Andrey Kozyrev, Alexander Batrakov, Natalia Semeniuk, and Larisa Zjulkova, HCEI, Tomsk, Russia


Castrol Reinvents the Oil Change with NEXCEL
Krishan Arora, Mike Baker, Glenn Barber, Peter Brett, Ross Dewhurst, Melvyn Dover, John Gamston, Steven Goodier, Annie Leeson, Vincent Panel, Marc Payne, Ben Russell, Alessandra Scotese, Oliver Taylor, Julian Von Thungen-Reichenbach-Evans, Chris Wilks, John Ward-Zinski, and Roy Williamson, Castrol, Oxford, UK

Honorable Mention – Automotive/Transportation Category

Berker Hüsam and Elif Hüsam, Berker Nanoteknoloji Ltd., Odunpazari, Eskisehir, Turkey

GlidePath – Intelligent Driver Assistance System at Traffic Signals
Matthew Barth, Guoyuan Wu, Kanok Boriboonsomsin, Peng Hao, Xuewei Qi, Osman Altan, and John Stark, University of California, Riverside, CA USA

The "Lighting Bug" Technology
Marcus Boykin, B-G Innovative Safety Systems, Lexington, TN USA

Ultralight Electric Bus
Bruce Emmons, Auokinetics Inc., Troy, MI, USA


Jon Sumroy, Carfoldio, Ltd., Ra'anana, Israel

Honorable Mention – Consumer Products Category

X-Drive: Powered Wheelchair Conversion
Alexander Shortt, Lukas Perez, and Badri Srinivasan, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

Xogo: Empowering People with Disabilities to Access Technology
Noam Eisen, Dalton Banks, and Ray Abel, Bansen Labs, Pittsburgh, PA USA

Advanced 3D Volumetric Display
Diji jayakaran, Prajna-Vaishnavi-Shakti Research, Ernakulam, Kerala, India

Non-contact Tire Pressure Reader
Jingxi Zhang, SigLamp, Foster City, CA USA


1,000x Better Data Compression and Real-Time Decoding of High-Resolution Maps
Shaun McWherter, Mark Skoog, and Jamie Willhite, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center;
Loyd Hook, University of Tulsa; Edwards, CA and Tulsa, OK, USA

Honorable Mention – Electronics Category

Global Environmental Monitoring Network
Radu Motisan, Magnasci SRL, Timisoara, Timis, Romania

Pocket Inverter (2kW/240Vac) for Sustainable Energy Applications
Benoit Blanchard St Jacques and Alain St-Jacques, TM4 Inc., Quebec, Canada

Asymmetric Dielectric Elastomer Composite Material
Sean Sullivan/LaRC Technology Gateway, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA USA

Virtuoso - Embedded Virtual Device Framework
Jonathan Torkelson, Ashok Chaubey, Devender Maurya, Nick Vinyard, Devender Pal Sharma, Doug Torkelson, Manish Dubey, and Gaurav Singh, Embeddetech Inc., Tulsa, OK USA


Shape Memory Alloy Based Safety Latch
Nicholas W. Pinto, Suresh Gopalakrishnan, Chandra S. Namuduri, Nancy L. Johnson, and Mark Vann, General Motors, Warren, MI USA

Honorable Mention – Machinery/Automation/Robotics Category

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing
Jake Stevens, Paul Ryznar, Bill Coe, Will Sommerville, Eve Ryznar, and John Morelli, OPS Solutions, Novi, MI USA

"The 3rdArm"- A Wearable Robotic Limb for Augmenting Human Abilities
Roozbeh Khodambashi and Gil Weinberg, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA USA

ARGEE Technology Turns I/O Devices into Field Logic Controllers (FLCs) for Flexible, Cost-effective Control
Paul Gilbertson, Turck Inc., Plymouth, MN USA

Gearing the Future - Reluctance Magnetic Gear
Alexandru Sorea, Allan Ivo Søegaard, Flemming Buus Bendixen, Henrick Rasmussen, and Peter Kjeldsteen, Sintex A/S, Hobro, Nordjylland, Denmark


Continuous Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor
Sean Connell, Kyle Miller, Jay Pandit, and Jung-En Wu, Bold Diagnostics, Evanston, IL USA

Honorable Mention – Medical Category

Infant Care System, A Therapeutic Wearable for Babies
Diego Delia, Clinton Allen, and Omar Mohammed, ApnoSystems, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The cerVIA System - Automated, Accurate and Accessible Cervical Cancer Screening
Ritish Patnaik, Stephanie Yang, Olachi Oleru and Jahrane Dale, Luso Labs, Plano, TX USA

Disrupting Severe Sepsis with an Innovative Filter
Chris Jaynes and Jim Matson, Immunocept Medical Products, Denver, CO USA

Medella Health
Harry Gandhi, Huayi Gao, and Maarij Baig, Medella Health, Ontario, Canada


Desolenator - Water from Sunshine
William Janssen, Desolenator, London, UK

Honorable Mention – Sustainable Technologies Category

Highly Effective Personal Water Filters Using Nanotechnology for Worldwide Markets
Corinne Clinch, Uriel Eisen, Kyle Henson, Jay Kuchta, and Annie Black, Rorus Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Fluid-Driven Emergency Lighting
Yie-Zu Hu, Ming-Shan Jeng, Chih-Wei Yen, Chih-Yu Hsu, James Chen, Kuo-Hsiang Chien, Tzeng-Wuu Wey, Jia-Shyong Jan, Wen-Tien Tsai, Ke-Fang Hsu, Jung-Huang Liao, Industrial Tech. Research Institute, Chutung, Hsinchu, Hsinchu Hsien, Taiwan

UMotor - Over-Expanded Engine
Jorge Martins, Tiago Costa, Helio Silva, and Guilherme Capela, Universidade do Minho, Guimaraes, Braga, Portugal

The SunSaluter
Eden Full Goh, Phil Hannam, Rachel Han, Victor Liu, Victoria Alleyne, Anuradha Dhavala, Serena Xu, Andie Goh, Sambit Sasmal, Santosh Ku. Jha, and Promise Daniel Chidothe, SunSaluter, New York, NY, USA


Marcelo Abdala Daher, Rafael Mosna Conrado de Vitor, and Giuliano de Vitor, IoBike, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Slosh Reduction Using Linear Actuator in Liquid Propulsion System
Dinesh Kumar G., Rejish Lal Johnson, S. Parthiban, S. Manoj, E.M Adhavan, T. Chandini, Y.S.S. Akshith, A. Rajalingam, A.J. Paulson, Voltaire Prashanth, M. Kalaivani R., Hindustan University, Chennai, India

The cerVIA System - Automated, Accurate and Accessible Cervical Cancer Screening
Ritish Patnaik, Stephanie Yang, Olachi Oleru and Jahrane Dale, Luso Labs, Plano, TX USA

Solution for Airplane Crashes
Manoj Sharma, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand , India

The Robotic-SixthFinger: An EMG Controlled Supernumerary Robotic Finger for Grasp Compensation in Chronic Stroke Patients
Irfan Hussain, Domenico Prattichizzo, Giovanni Spagnoletti and Gionata Salvietti, Siena Robotics and Systems Lab, Siena, Toscana, Italy

Remote Control Switch Board
Astha Arora and Ankit Dalal, Dronacharya College Of Engineering, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Solar Charged Laboratory Bench Power Supply
Williams A. Ayara, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun, Nigeria

Hyper4 High Efficiency Engine
Bernie Bon, Jorge Martins, Francisco Brito, and Tiago Costa, MNC Engineering LLC, Whittier, CA USA

Smart Split Shoes
Sandeep Sagar Gummalla, CYIENT Ltd., Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Black Box for Car Accident
Alpana Gupta and Anupam Lata, Dronacharya College, New Delhi, Delhi, India