Our mission is to revolutionize manufacturing across industries with our innovative technology for additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, of metals. This patented process is unique and differs from others because there is no melting of the metal. Because it can be scaled to manufacture very large parts,

The working of the machine will start as hand lever is cranked to impart the motion to the bevel gear arrangement. The bevel gear arrangement tends to rotate the base plate which remains supported by a roller ball bearing.

An idea from 1985 now updated. Although direction back to balloons, drones are more flexible. Large wing area with solar cells, bent slightly to catch more light when the sun, off apex. 2 concepts ST-1, and ST-2. Concept can be enlarged for passengers.

I always had a wish to upgrade and accelerate the figth against a fire. In my country every summer we have many fires that burn large areas specially in windy days. Many times these fires are close to the sea and can be to areas difficult to approach.

The use of tiny sensors makes possible the insertion, in this case built into the steering wheel of a car, of an alcohol detection device that will interact with the ignition system of a vehicle. In association with a timer, relays and GPS will complete the design.

The innovation - named "SafeTank" - is a dual-compartment liquid tank assembly, consisting of an upper chamber and a lower chamber, that are secured together, in a leak-proof manner. Between the two chambers is a flexible membrane. Each chamber has an inlet port and an outlet port.

By sintering ceramic powder with metal powder under very high pressure and temperature, elastic and plastic deformable metal rich ceramic can be created. Although the metal the powder was added to the ceramic powder,

Our proposed device aims to prevent gun-related suicide through a low-cost and easy to use layered defense approach. The goal of the DuoBox is to increase time to weapon access and encourage access with two or more people present.

What is our project? Design and Development of diff lock through novel spike shaft design mechanism for SUV and Off – Road Vehicles.

Why did we introduce it? In India 70 % are in rural areas,

This is an electronic protection against electrocution. What inspired this design? There was a case of a doctor couple electrocuted in shower room when one was trying to save the other. Result: two girls less than five years old left orphaned.

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