One of mankind’s most recent and important daily requirements, electricity, comes from exhaustible and non-renewable sources of energy like nuclear energy, natural gas, fossil fuels, petroleum products, etc. To cater to this problem, among other problems, an innovative method of hybrid energy generation has been developed.

The design and experimental analysis of the hybrid power generating structure, the Aerostat, is presented in this work. The hybrid power generator consists of solar as well as wind power generation. With 90% of global power generation dominated by consumption of conventional resources, this work throws some light on renewable energy generation. In operation, the Aerostat consists of a set of turbines and photovoltaic cells. With increase in altitude, there is increase in ...

After life of a person, some people go through psychological issues which affect their health & personality. We can reduce that pain & probably speed up recovery of health by simulating a desirable environment using audio & video.

Do you want to live after life & stay connected with your grandchildren? Do you want someone else to give lectures on your behalf, which students expect you to be there? Grandparents feel lonely after kids grow up & move out for their jobs.

This product can prevent life threatening shocks. It has the potential to create a psychologically positive environment, which will be good for the well being of that person.

The business model will be subscription based (individual/family).

This ...

Building on the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Super Truck project and the patented Air Management System that delivers up to 10% fuel savings, 50% reduced under-hood heat and restores 65+ horsepower from electrifying the cooling system – comes a new revolutionary solution for the transportation industry.

This second phase of development is a streamlined Charge-While-You-Drive-Hybrid upgrade that delivers an estimated 40%+ fuel savings, redundant hybrid-electric propulsion, easier operation and training, and a smart telematics package monitoring power, fuel and driver input with live reporting to fleets on detailed efficiency.

Electrifying all vehicle accessories such as the cooling system, AC condenser, water pump, and HVAC, an estimated 100HP+ can be restored to the internal combustion engine. Zero emission low-speed/idling and more ...

In India, over 12,000 farmer suicides are reported per year since 2013 according to the reports submitted by the Government to Supreme Court (News article by Times of India). The report added that these are the numbers despite steps taken by the government to improve the social and economic conditions of the farmers. Some of the causes often cited includes lack of irrigation, low crop productivity, fragmentation of land, unsuitability of seeds, inadequate sources of credit and policy planning. But what can technology do in this regard to mitigate these issues and increase the net farm income?

The solution is smart farming – i.e., use of technology in farming systems aiding in the management of crops and livestock to ...

The innovative device submitted here is an air centrifugation system, allowing to separate oxygen molecules from nitrogen molecules contained in the air. This device is mainly dedicated to internal combustion engines, more specifically in the field of motor vehicles, and is intended to drastically reduce pollutants and CO2 emissions, while improving fuel efficiency.

Generally speaking, internal combustion engines are fitted with an air inlet system, comprising an air filter and possibly various components, as one or several air compressors or turbochargers, intended to compress the air admitted inside the combustion chamber of the engine.

The fresh air generally constitutes the main oxidizer admitted inside the combustion chamber and is composed, in normal temperature and pressure conditions, of a mixture ...

Air conditioner - exhaust heat storage in summer (sodium acetate)

Heat retrievement in winter.

basic idea : no air vent for elimination of heat for stand-alone air conditioner appliances but storage of heat in swappable cartridges. 

Utilization of physical state changes in a chemical substance solving/melting for heat storage and crystallization for heat retrieval. Possible substances are sodium acetate trihydrate CH3COONa · 3 H2O range [60°C ... 70°C] or salt mixture of magnesium nitrate hexahydrate with lithium nitrate Mg(NO3)2 · 6 H2O+LiNO3 range [70°C ... 80°C] as used in car industry. 

Reusable Cartridges could be "charged" in summer to store the unwanted heat, and used in winter to get most of the heat back. There is no prototype, it is ...

Drop bags are for low-level airdrops beneath radar. These are a combination of safety bag and gas propelled retro rockets. Use is primarily for clandestine missions and as safety bags for rotary wing aircraft where parachutes cannot be operated.

The airbags are made from a very durable, soft Dyneema UD-SB. for ‘soft ballistic’ armor to protect against handgun ammunition and shrapnel. Unlike normal auto safety bags, Drop bags look more like a cream filled donut of giant bubble wrap, with a large elliptical double walled bubbles on the bottom and top. Rather than air, helium is used and the bags explode into position after sufficiently clearing the aircraft. A small chute is used to make sure the package does ...

I want to reduce airplane loss of control accidents. Some of these accidents happen because the flyer's imagination does not match reality. Since the air is invisible, our imaginations could be wrong or confused.

I have seen air made visible by very sparse, oversize and buoyant snowflakes. In a near lifetime of flying I have seen this only once. I have reminded myself by driving a car through heavy snowfall.

A statistical sample of true airspeeds ahead could be displayed on a heads-up-display. LIDAR does the sampling, a microprocessor, the statistics then a graphic device puts up synthesized snowflakes spreading out from the direction through the air. The earth is irrevelant to this display. The displayed snowflakes only show ...

This panel, part of a construction system built from recycled waste materials, can be used in any type of conventional construction as part of the exterior walls. Its dimensions can be variable as needed while its standard size is 1.20 m wide, by 2.4 m high and .2 m thick to fit most situations. It consists of a hydroponic vertical gardening system facing the interior with an air depuration additional equipment to clean all outside incoming air from the exterior.

The incoming contaminated air will enter through a wall opening and be directed to a chamber where artificial rain will clean it by taking away the contaminated dust particles that will be deposited in a bin located in the lower ...

Deep stall recovery system
Aircraft stall can cause catastrophic damage to the aircraft and passengers. Using the standard procedure of stall recovery, aircraft can be recovered from the stall. Take an example of Colgan Air Flight 3407. In 2009, Bombardier Dash-8 Q4000 entered in deep aerodynamic stall during landing approach. This Stall caused 50 fatalities and 4 injuries. Hence to reduce stress on pilot in a case of deep stall, Aircraft Nerds have come up with this system.

How deep stall occurs?
Aircraft Stall is a condition when an airflow detaches from the aircraft wing. Flow separation results in loss of lift and aircraft starts losing its altitude. Mainly couple of reasons are responsible for stall. One reason is ...

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