Light Communication is a new wireless communication technology, where data is communicated in the form of light. It has benefits of interference-free communication, increased bandwidth & data rate and license-free operation. LED/LASER is used as light data transmitter and photodiode/phototransistor is used as light data receiver.

This oral biopsy brush is a patent pending technology designed to be used in the oral mucosa to take samples from all over oral epithelium. Thanks to broom form of the main design of the brush, it provides that brush bristles fully contact with the oral epithelium.

Needs Statement: A safe method of reducing hospitalizations for at-risk patients with heart failure in the outpatient setting. The device is a Biphasic furosemide transdermal patch, with coated microneedles. Microneedles are coated in a bolus dose of furosemide (in blue) for immediate release,

CareWear is focused on the development and sale of innovative medical devices for wearable light therapy for professional and consumer markets globally. These novel products use patented,

Are you frustrated seeing airline passengers bypassing luggage check in by bringing on board luggage that is too large to fit in the overhead? Are you tired of not having room for your carry on because of it?

The Catch all Harvest concept

Goals-Increase agricultural production and profitability.
Low cost, low technology and easy installation.

The concept is designed to reduce wasted produce that falls to the ground.

A net is hung beneath the fruit bearing tree or bush (the illustrations are for apple orchards).

Connectors with wire sealing were developed for use in applications where waterproof protection and rugged construction are required. Waterproof protection is achieved by means of a wire seal which is inserted onto the wire and crimped simultaneously with the insulation support of the contact.

Develop a new traffic code enforcement tool to improve driver safety. There currently exist camera systems that enforce traffic codes by taking pictures of drivers and their vehicle s that exceed speed limits, go through red lights, or go through automated toll booths without paying.

Today, cellphone has two cameras. Front camera and back camera. Front camera usually used to take self photo and video call. Back camera used to take far object like people or buildings. The front camera and back camera are basically same things. They convert visible lights to electrical signals.

-they never fall-

CENTIPEDE is a different approach to fall prevention. Older people know that one day they will slip and fall. Most live in fear of this, because they have seen the results of their friends falling. Tragically,

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