Light Communication is a new wireless communication technology, where data is communicated in the form of light. It has benefits of interference-free communication, increased bandwidth & data rate and license-free operation. LED/LASER is used as light data transmitter and photodiode/phototransistor is used as light data receiver. CMOS sensor in camera can be considered as an array of phototransistors which collects focused incident light and converts it into an image on the sensor. In a similar manner, CMOS sensor can be used to capture light data and function as a light data receiver. The same focussing mechanism when used in reverse order functions as a diverging mechanism. LED array placed in this diverging plane will produce a diverged light data ...

This oral biopsy brush is a patent pending technology designed to be used in the oral mucosa to take samples from all over oral epithelium. Thanks to broom form of the main design of the brush, it provides that brush bristles fully contact with the oral epithelium.

Specifically designed for the medical and dental personnel who serve to protect the health of tissues within the oral cavity and to treat the disorders of the related structures, oral biopsy brush may be utilized:

For the healthcare diagnostics purpose of suspicious oral mucosal tissue lesions by general dentists, specialists, general medical practitioners, otorhinolaryngologists, dermatologists and even by healthcare personnel, i.e. oral hygienists;

To evaluate the efficiency of treatment protocols;

During routine ...

Needs Statement: A safe method of reducing hospitalizations for at-risk patients with heart failure in the outpatient setting. The device is a Biphasic furosemide transdermal patch, with coated microneedles. Microneedles are coated in a bolus dose of furosemide (in blue) for immediate release, followed by sustained release of maintenance dose (in green) over 5-7 days. Microneedles increase the bioavailability of furosemide, allowing treatment of exacerbations in the outpatient setting. The patch will be offered across a variety of dose ranges (20-80mg) depending on the patient’s medical needs. The patch will be prescribed and administered in the hospital setting.

Patients presenting to their provider with the primary complaint of a CHF exacerbation requiring diuresis and no additional interventions (such as ...

CareWear is focused on the development and sale of innovative medical devices for wearable light therapy for professional and consumer markets globally. These novel products use patented, breakthrough printed LEDs and Cadmium Free Quantum Dots on micro fabricated flexible substrates to provide a therapeutic light bandage for the purpose of treating pain and accelerating recovery from soft tissue injury. The treatment of acute injury using the CareWear Light Patch can be used in sports to accelerate recovery from injury, return to work following occupational injury, and in post traumatic injury such as falls, vehicular injury, military training and field injury. This accounts for more than 17.1M patients annually in the United States.

CareWear is devoted to making it easier ...

Are you frustrated seeing airline passengers bypassing luggage check in by bringing on board luggage that is too large to fit in the overhead? Are you tired of not having room for your carry on because of it? This carry on verifier would be located at baggage check in as well as at the boarding gate. This verifier, if enforced, requires any carry on to be put into the maximum allowed container which then confirms it is within carry on size and weight. It will then produce a colored sticker that is for that day and is then confirmed present by the boarding attendant. Missing sticker means it does not meet the carry on specifications or was not checked ...
The Catch all Harvest concept

Goals-Increase agricultural production and profitability.
Low cost, low technology and easy installation.

The concept is designed to reduce wasted produce that falls to the ground.

A net is hung beneath the fruit bearing tree or bush (the illustrations are for apple orchards). The net provides a collecting path to a storage bin below each tree.
The net is attached to each tree by clips. Similar to a mountain climbers carabiner.
In orchards, the net would be unrolled under either side of the row of trees, raised up, attached then bins put in place below.
Estimated yield increase 40-60% per year.

Bins can be emptied when full by a tractor.

Thank you.
Dow ...

Connectors with wire sealing were developed for use in applications where waterproof protection and rugged construction are required. Waterproof protection is achieved by means of a wire seal which is inserted onto the wire and crimped simultaneously with the insulation support of the contact. Sometimes due to the design of the part not all cavities are fulfilled with crimped contacts and on those cases a cavity plug is inserted (plastic pin that has the function of waterproof the system). The main constraint related to those cavity plugs is the insertion of them that is still being done manually. With the current challenges on industry to go miniaturize, this is becoming hard work. Based on that we had the idea ...

Develop a new traffic code enforcement tool to improve driver safety. There currently exist camera systems that enforce traffic codes by taking pictures of drivers and their vehicle s that exceed speed limits, go through red lights, or go through automated toll booths without paying.

Multiple antennas and cameras could be placed on road overpasses or similar structures to detect and take pictures of drivers that are using cell phones while driving. A moving cell phone could be detected as it approached a check point. Once the system has determined that the phone is in the proper position, a camera would take a picture of the vehicle license and the driver along with timestamp information. Recognition software would be used ...

Today, cellphone has two cameras. Front camera and back camera. Front camera usually used to take self photo and video call. Back camera used to take far object like people or buildings. The front camera and back camera are basically same things. They convert visible lights to electrical signals. So, why we should use two cameras in a single cellphone that the difference is only the direction that photo taken? Using single camera that can be directed to back or front can reduces the production cost. It's only use a single image sensor. So whether it comes from back or front, it will shot in the same resolution and other quality parameters.

I use mirror M to direct the ...

-they never fall-

CENTIPEDE is a different approach to fall prevention. Older people know that one day they will slip and fall. Most live in fear of this, because they have seen the results of their friends falling. Tragically, every second of the day in the states an older adult falls, this is the number one cause of injury and death for older people.

CENTIPEDE can mitigate and stop falls for this endangered group. CENTIPEDE is an active fall-prevention device and the concept is simple. Anyone who has observed a centipede knows the secret to their mobility is redundancy of legs. A centipede with only two or even four legs couldn't make it far.

A little known linear ...

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