Problem statement:
With the drilling machines used at home or professionally, there is no provision to contain the dust or debris that is generated during the drilling process. Drilling in areas which are occupied (home/offices) creates a real challenge with the dust/debris generated and subsequent cleaning process.

I have a patent for Add a Pocket, It's a pocket you hang on your belt and it's an extra pocket like you have in your pair of pants. I invented it to help carry a concealed weapon.

ADDS (At Depth DeSalinization)

Placing the salt water reverse osmosis (swro) collector on the sea floor, at depths of 1,500 to 2,000’ seems to have some distinct advantages over onshore installations.
-energy efficient since only processed water is pumped, reducing energy consumption.

The proposed model represents an innovative idea to curb the harmful effects of the ever increasing pollution problems. The high volatility of petrol results in exhaustive as well as refueling emissions which are both equally responsible in contributing to the increasing pollution levels.

An earlier entry described an ambitious Advanced ACV (Hovercraft).

Design iterations around the XFlo Blower arrangement showed problems which are taking longer than anticipated to resolve.

Titanium is an indispensable material in medical technology. Until now, deep-drawn parts made of titanium could only be produced by single-stage forming - this resulted in low drawing depths and thus a very limited range of parts. Furthermore, often only low precision was possible.

ARVA represents a new aircraft concept with a configuration that is safe, quiet and efficient as well as easy to control, high compact and which is able to accomplish vertical takeoff and landing with transition to and from forward flight. The new ARVA concept uses a revolutionary design,

In general prototype models of aerospace vehicle, aircraft or high speed wing bodies (even in automobiles), objects are tested in a wind tunnel test facility to get theoretical data to design the object at optimum solutions.

Recycling environmental waste can avoid many hazardous environmental scenarios and save our resources. Our aerogel technology can recycle various environmental wastes to high-value engineering materials. Common paper, fabric and plastic wastes are selected to develop the lightest aerogel materials for novel applications such as oil-spill cleaning,

One of mankind’s most recent and important daily requirements, electricity, comes from exhaustible and non-renewable sources of energy like nuclear energy, natural gas, fossil fuels, petroleum products, etc. To cater to this problem, among other problems, an innovative method of hybrid energy generation has been developed.

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