This adaptive thermal engine achieve variation of the displacement and / or the compression ratio to assure optimum combustion conditions and providing power to the load adaptation engine, with direct implications on growth power and reduced consumption.

Advantages of this new technology refer to a continuously / infinitely Variable Compression Ratio & Variable Displacement mechanism that offers a compression-ratio range from less than 7:1 to more than 20:1 and/or variable displacement in range 0-100%; ensure optimum combustion conditions and adapting to charge power engine, with direct implications on growth power and reduce consumption and the possibility of using different fuels (gasoline, ethanol, hydrogen, diesel, bio-diesel and other yet non-invented). For variation of compression ratio the decrease of the consumption ...

Problem statement:
With the drilling machines used at home or professionally, there is no provision to contain the dust or debris that is generated during the drilling process. Drilling in areas which are occupied (home/offices) creates a real challenge with the dust/debris generated and subsequent cleaning process. My idea which significantly reduces the dust and debris will improve the work flow and efficiency of the technician. In addition, my device will ease the life of numerous electricians, plumbers etc who are constantly affected by dust inhalation.

The idea can be patented and the product can be sold worldwide to the consumers and the tool manufacturers.

A small gadget to collect all the dust and debris during the process of drilling ...

I have a patent for Add a Pocket, It's a pocket you hang on your belt and it's an extra pocket like you have in your pair of pants. I invented it to help carry a concealed weapon. It's easier accessibility and can also carry pocket change when you're riding in a car. I would be able to provide more information if it's desirable. But you can make Add a Pocket with Levi material, or regular pants material or any color and design you'd ...

ADDS (At Depth DeSalinization)

Placing the salt water reverse osmosis (swro) collector on the sea floor, at depths of 1,500 to 2,000’ seems to have some distinct advantages over onshore installations.
-energy efficient since only processed water is pumped, reducing energy consumption. Gravity provides the water pressure necessary to run the reverse osmosis process.
-throughput is maximized since as many standard units as needed can be economically installed.
-intake currents are not created so no sea life is harmed.
-no prefilter is required.
-biofouling is minimized since the environment is not conducive to bacteria or plant growth.
-the units are offshore so prime real estate is not impacted.
-no brine exhaust is produced so no remediation is required.

The proposed model represents an innovative idea to curb the harmful effects of the ever increasing pollution problems. The high volatility of petrol results in exhaustive as well as refueling emissions which are both equally responsible in contributing to the increasing pollution levels. The given system aims at reducing the refueling emissions of two-wheelers which occur during the filling of petrol at petrol stations.

The system consists of two major components:
1. A neoprene cap
2. Aluminium canisters (4) which house activated charcoal.

The cap has five openings on the upper surface- one for accommodating the petrol nozzle and the other four for securing the canisters. The cap is made up of neoprene mainly due to its high conformity, ...

An earlier entry described an ambitious Advanced ACV (Hovercraft).

Design iterations around the XFlo Blower arrangement showed problems which are taking longer than anticipated to resolve.

This interim Design shows the Main Intent of the Concept and incorporates known technologies that are going mainstream via Griffon Hoverwork in the United Kingdom.

1...The Lift System utilizes an Advanced Skirt Design which in principle follows the guidelines of the Griffon 995ED ACV
1,1 The Lift Fans are advanced mixed flow types individually powered by BLDC Motors providing asymmetrical delivery as required to the cushion

2...The Propulsion System utilizes the Advanced Ducted Propellor arrangement featured in the Griffon 995ED. This system utilizes an Azimuth swiveling Propulsion setup providing exceptional ...

Titanium is an indispensable material in medical technology. Until now, deep-drawn parts made of titanium could only be produced by single-stage forming - this resulted in low drawing depths and thus a very limited range of parts. Furthermore, often only low precision was possible. Multi-stage cold forming was uneconomical due to the extreme stress of the tools.

STÜKEN has developed a new process to produce titanium parts in several stages in a cold forming process. This generates numerous advantages - especially for medical technology:

• The multi-stage deep-drawing process allows for high-precision components.
• The process opens up opportunities to meet new challenges and form complex geometries.
• Long, slim titanium components can be produced in a deep-drawing process.

ARVA represents a new aircraft concept with a configuration that is safe, quiet and efficient as well as easy to control, high compact and which is able to accomplish vertical takeoff and landing with transition to and from forward flight. The new ARVA concept uses a revolutionary design, generating lift within a relatively small body by employing a unique combination of lifting surfaces. This is primarily because it allows the creation of an extremely compact aerial vehicle which has VTOL capabilities and high lifting efficiencies.

This new Advanced Reconfigurable VTOL Aircraft - ARVA using Distributed Electric Propulsion- DEP will revolutionize regional flying and provide an accessible and affordable transportation platform for both the commercial and civilian/military markets while reducing ...

In general prototype models of aerospace vehicle, aircraft or high speed wing bodies (even in automobiles), objects are tested in a wind tunnel test facility to get theoretical data to design the object at optimum solutions. Wind tunnels are available in a large range of mach numbers at subsonic to hyper velocity flow range. Before testing a model with a wind tunnel test facility, it is necessary to calibrate the flow parameters such as pressure, mach number, velocity, density, temperature distribution throughout the test section of the wind tunnel in 3 dimensions. In practice for getting optimum solution it is assumed that the flow over a wing body or test specimen should be a laminar flow and its is ...

Recycling environmental waste can avoid many hazardous environmental scenarios and save our resources. Our aerogel technology can recycle various environmental wastes to high-value engineering materials. Common paper, fabric and plastic wastes are selected to develop the lightest aerogel materials for novel applications such as oil-spill cleaning, heat and sound insulation, winter garment materials, packaging, CO2 filtering, personal care and medical products.

Using an cost-effective and green sol gel technique with no toxic solvents and cross-linkers, recycled fibres from the wastes are converted into ultralight porous, biodegradable and non-toxic aerogels. Our method uses 70% less energy and results in reduced polluting emissions into the air and water. It is also faster as the entire process takes only 8 hrs to ...

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