Every year, air pollution causes the premature deaths of between 5.5 million and 7 million people, making it more deadly than HIV, traffic accidents and diabetes combined. The majority of these deaths — about 4 million — are caused by indoor air pollution, primarily in developing countries.

How it works: The AirWedge II pulls air under the Class 8 trailer (18 wheeler), forcing the air under the trailer axles and out the rear creating a Bernoulli slipstream that pulls the drag from the rear trailer doors.

In highly agricultural areas where fertilizers are commonly used to support growth of plants there is also a problem with the fact that not all the fertilizer could be absorbed by treated plants. Because of rain or other weather related effects fertilizer gets access to rivers.

We have developed a groundbreaking power system that leverages current MIT research to turn scrap aluminum into a highly efficient, safe fuel source.

Aluminum has an incredibly high energy density, double that of gasoline and an order of magnitude greater than lithium-ion. However,

Abstract - A system for generating mechanical and or electric power using low grade thermal or electro-magnetic energy reservoirs, such as air, water and incident light to fuel the power generation cycle. The system performs in a manner similar to a refrigeration cycle.

Closed loop system for recovering ammonia from wastewater

NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) seeks to license its Ammonia Recover System for Wastewater to industry.

Commercial nanoelectronics device manufacturing is very expensive, with fabrication facilities costing up to 17 billions and requiring massive quantities of water and power. The cost of the next fabrication in Taiwan is projected to reach $20 billion. Meanwhile,

The engine consists of two blocks. Number of blocks may be from one to the reasonable quantities (like 3, 4, 5 etc.). In this case, submitted an engine which consists of two blocks. Every block consist of two pistons (the black one - main and the red one-additional),

This is a new design that takes advantage and merges two very well-known designs.

Airfoil wings make lift by changing the direction and pressure of the air that crashes into them as they move through the sky. The spinning cylinder wing design, using the magnus effect,

Invention pertains to the mitigation of Coriolis force in a system or apparatus using a novel method of rotation. The centrifuge is rotated in its primary direction at twice the target speed of rotation, while simultaneously rotating in the opposite direction, but at once the target speed.

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