More often than not, an automobile - when parked or braked up a slope - will tend to roll backwards when started up a slope. It takes practice and skill on the part of the driver to control this backward roll to a minimum,

We have invented a diagnostic sensor capable of identifying the unique gait signatures of multiple pathologies, including Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries, Alzheimer’s syndrome and related conditions. Moreover, by employing proprietary sensor data processing algorithms,

When a severe drought in my region triggered a “Level 4 Drought Response” banning all outdoor residential water use, I began to seek ways to facilitate my goal (and my neighbors’) of reusing our children’s nightly bathwater so we could keep our outdoor plants alive.

Baxter Automotive Motor system is a perpetual motion "Active generating electric car" ( No battery required) . The design effectively replace fossil fuels for transportation. There is a logistics problem with plug in hybird electric cars that use electrical storage batteries.

The Bi-Toroid (Load Isolation) Transformer is a new patented transformer design which is used to isolate electric generators from their loads.

Bio-Grid is the modular antimicrobial ceiling developed by request of the University of Michigan hospitals to reduce HAI's (hospital acquired infections). The modular ceiling replaces non active gypsum/drywall, fibrous panels and stainless ceilings that harbor and grow bacteria and fungus and cannot be sufficiently cleaned by hand.

Biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas oil (not edible) can be produced at small and medium scale, having the potential to be an option for energy supply in isolated rural areas, especially in the Amazon rainforest. With the local production of biodiesel,



-The integration represents a shield to protect human lungs from deadly industrial emissions.
-Opportunities by developing green technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants, using algae.

BlinkEye is an alternative communication device by controlling a PC with just a blink of an eye and concerns people with reduced communication capacity. It can be applied to everyone that can make an intentional eye blinking even to people with complete paralysis of all controlled muscles,

Cycling has undergone a digital revolution. Over the last 15 years our bikes have gone from having simple cyclocomputers to basically having an onboard computer. Heart rate, power measurement, GPS, gradient, temperature, it’s all there. But what about the biggest factor of them all?

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