BlinkEye is an alternative communication device by controlling a PC with just a blink of an eye and concerns people with reduced communication capacity. It can be applied to everyone that can make an intentional eye blinking even to people with complete paralysis of all controlled muscles,

Cycling has undergone a digital revolution. Over the last 15 years our bikes have gone from having simple cyclocomputers to basically having an onboard computer. Heart rate, power measurement, GPS, gradient, temperature, it’s all there. But what about the biggest factor of them all?

The proposed system is to save life from the bore wells. Small children without noticing the hole dug for the bore well slip in and get trapped. Since the holes are dug too deep it is quite impossible to save life.

In the past few years, there have been several accidents of children falling into abandoned bore wells in India. Abandoned bore wells have turned into death pits for children. Rescue teams spend hours and sometimes days in futile attempts to save these little kids.

The US patent #7860265, Planot® acoustic transducer diaphragm, redefines the way sound is produced. Smaller, cheaper, better.

The most common electromechanical device in the world is the speaker.

I have reinvented and vastly improved it.


For many years, cardiovascular diseases have been the number one cause of death in Germany. To re-open the morbid narrowed coronary vessels for a sufficient blood circulation, an interventional treatment is possible. In this case the vessel gets expanded and is additionally supported by an endoluminal vascular implant,

The fact that I developed a prototype of 3D printer plastic, ceramic and metal objects breakthrough advanced Roll Powder Sintering (RPS) additive technology. The potential RPS micron and submicron accuracy, more predictable mechanical properties of the manufactured objects,

Thermally buckled sidewalks are a safety and financial liability if not repaired. The cost of a repair can be $2,000 or more and disrupt the site for days. BuckleDown System allows the repair to be made by two workers in two hours, saving 50-70% of the cost.

Present invention is generally directed to propulsion and power production from a Buckyball type sphere shape (Buckyball sphere) structure extruded from the spheres center point out into an array of hexagon and pentagon edges.

Bug-out boat, really?

Our initial scoffing aside, we have bowed to pressure from some folks who are adamant about having a 'go to' place when there are unexpected events by natural or human havoc. It can be parked on land, trucked elsewhere,

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