In this project, load cell is used as a weight sensor. This sensor will be placed below the LPG gas cylinder. GSM module is to send SMS to owner as to inform about weight and leakage of cylinder and to gas agency for booking of the cylinder.

270 times of climbing by a tapper reduced to two climbs- to install the device and remove 90 days later. Productivity multiplies by minimum 18-fold.

Tapping neera/toddy from the coconut trees are doing manually in every coconut cultivating country.

The innovative air filter is a replacement product for the existing paper filters that can be manufactured and retrofitted on automobiles and diesel locomotives. The air filter media is comprised of a blend of 7 types of microfibers, dipped in a proprietary chemical solution.

Flash Bainite is recognized as Dept of Energy's 2017 "SBIR Small Business of the Year". Outperforming many 1000s of inventors, Flash Bainite was considered to outperform progress in bio-fuels, wind, solar, batteries, nuclear, and all other small businesses funded by DOE.

The focus here is the construction of a human free device (Robot) to operate on various surgical platforms so as to eliminate human errors, save time, reduce the chances of failures etc. and provide a leakage-free surgery to the patients.

Researchers have developed an integrated communications and control system for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) that utilizes automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) technology. The system addresses safety concerns relating to UAS sharing airspace with traditional manned aircraft.

Varuna is our first AUV and we completed it in a one year design cycle. The vehicle is fully modelled using Solidworks software and extensively we will simulate the structural and flow analysis with ANSYS, STARCCM+ software and going to manufacture almost entirely on our campus.

Anesthesia is a major drug that takes part in almost all kinds of major surgey. Anesthesia is administered to a patient by taking a few body parameters into account. This is usually done by an anesthetist where one manually analyzes these parameters and calculates the dosage.

My product is an author's work, which will reflect the beauty of nature, its elegance and individuality. Through this work I would express my respect and love for nature. Using my work I want to develop in others a sense of beauty.

The proposed concept of active brake cooling in racing cars called G -Cooling System
(GCS) is designated for the Formula One racing cars. Another group/type/ area of races where you can apply GSC is high class racing sport cars (Porsche, Lamborghini, Mustang ...).

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