If we fix a source of radiation at the end of a lever rod with a magnifying glass in front of it such that the rod is long enough to magnify the minute unidirectional force and capable of rotation about an axis at the other end and hold that

Sandia National Labs has developed a new medical diagnostic tool called “SpinDx.” The SpinDx was developed for conducting simultaneous multiplexed immunoassays and white blood cell counts in less than 15 minutes. The technique is based on centrifugal microfluidics, or “lab-on-a-disk” technology,

Fuel cells that directly convert chemical energy into electricity meet the demands for the clean energy industry of the future, primary owing to their striking advantages of the high-energy conversion efficiency that is not limited by the Carnot cycle, low/zero emission, and reliable and simple structure. Currently,

A method of time travel and time reversal was put forward in the 2017 Create the Future Design Contest. This entry is about improvement in the efficiency of the claimed device.

Image 1 shows spring SP with bigger inner diameter but lesser spring constant.

Human life is most precious as resurrection is still impossible. Of course we don’t have enough guts to take risks with our life. This is the main reason for which man has gone through the quest of some alternative go.

On Accessing the Inaccessible by Hovercraft

As climate change accelerates so also does the difficulty in the navigation of flood plains,

Light-emitting diodes (LED), like any semiconductor, emit heat during their operation. This is because a significant portion of electrical energy (75% – 85%) is converted to thermal energy which results in an increase in the temperature of the LED.

Generally bikes are built on the range of human sizes and have only the ability to adjust the distance between the saddle and the crank shaft and - limited, between saddle and handlebars. With increasing age, the human body size changes,

At one time or another we have all had to deal with driving into the sun. My idea is to have a small tinted area that is able to follow the blinding sun based on the position relative to the driver.

This adaptive thermal engine achieve variation of the displacement and / or the compression ratio to assure optimum combustion conditions and providing power to the load adaptation engine, with direct implications on growth power and reduced consumption.

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