Uses And Introduction:- This is beautiful progress. A new look has been given to the general calculator. Automatic calculation can be done in this calculator. On the other hand, on any item or anything, people will be able to do this from the Automatic Counting Device.

Limited space is the main concern of cars these days. Ordinary cars have 5 passengers and sports cars have 2. so this design proposes the car can carry more passengers without increasing the body.

NOVAlert™ IVS (Intelligent Vigilance Solutions) is a patent pending active automotive safety system embedded in the driver’s seat. It performs the monitoring and alerting of driver’s drowsiness and inattentiveness. Moreover, special countermeasures temporarily restore and sustain the driver’s alertness while suggesting nearest safe stop location. Proof of concept technologies,

A heavy duty rechargeable/solar autonomous crawler with 4x4 capabilities (UGV). UGV acts as a communication hub and or command center. The 4x4 crawler UGV has a built in concealed communication housing box consisting of all the electical components/hardware for transmission operations.

The demand for locally-sourced food, particularly in urban settings, has skyrocketed in recent years and is projected to continue climbing. However, as the population density of urban settings continues to increase worldwide, it is becoming less feasible to grow food locally because of the footprint it requires.


My wife is an ecclectic collector of recipes. I always joke with her that she has the
largest collection of Internet- supplied recipes in the world. And, despite that, she never
fails to ask me: “So,

High-resolution imaging is an important tool for the visual characterization and analysis of a vast range of samples. Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) are the workhorse of high-resolution imaging across multiple different industries, as it allows for visualization of micro/nanoscale features with a high depth of focus. However,

Cycling is a great cardiovascular activity that's generally easy on the joints because it's not weight bearing, although back pain seems to be relatively common among cyclists. According to research,

BAG-OLĒ is a simple device made out of almost any hard tubing and hooks that are molded on or attached in some way. It is hung in a plastic bag to keep the bag open for the insertion of materials for recycling.

Bags have an important role in our lives in terms of both functionality and aesthetically. In other words, fashion is not just about the outlook of these complementary accessories but also it is about sustainability.

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