-The integration represents a shield to protect human lungs from deadly industrial emissions.
-Opportunities by developing green technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants, using algae. Set out to demonstrate that an algae-based system could recycle the carbon dioxide in flue gas. Scientists looking for ways to curb carbon dioxide emissions have taken a keen interest in algae. These simple plant-like, aquatic organisms — their family includes both pond scum and seaweed — are among the oldest forms of life on Earth. Like plants, they draw energy from them.
-Algae does an efficient job of sequestering carbon, taking it out of the air and ...

Blackspot technology

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation 17% of all motor vehicle environmentally related crashes was caused by Glare or blindness from sunlight. Between 2005 and 2007 this accounted for more than 9000 crash accidents in US.

This invention seeks to reduce the risk of sun blindness in five steps.
1. Identify the angle of the sun relative to the vehicle
2. Identify the position of the drivers eyes relative to the Vehicle.
3. Using trigonometry to calculate the position of the sun on the windscreen, as viewed by the driver
4. Position a shading object in the line of sight to the sun, preventing the sun to enter the eyes of the driver
5. Continuously relocated ...


Wouldn't it be great if blind people could be warned of obstructions and or dangerous areas ahead. With this device they could. It is envisioned to start with a normal looking eyeglass frame upon the sides of which are tiny cameras such as are used in many cell phones. The signals from the cameras would be sent to a processing device like the remote I wear around my neck for my hearing aid (ever since I lost my ear to cancer). The remote can process the signals from the cameras and then transmit warnings to wearable electrodes such as were advertised by an Australian company some years ago.

L. D. ...

Many fisherman and other people die from sinking of boat in river or sea due to storms and waves, but it may be prevented if this innovation system is used to make a boat or trawler.

For this system, four foldable/contracting shafts (many hollow pipes will be placed into a hollow pipe, one after one) to be fitted at the two sides of boat by keeping same distance and same position. These foldable shafts can be spread up to 20 – 50 meters towards depth of river or sea. One square metal plate of 3 to 5 meters to be fitted at the end of each foldable shaft and it will be folded by pulley system from the boat. ...

A truly futuristic idea that looks like something straight out of Star Trek: Next Generation, Body-on-a-Chip has spring boarded off new tissue engineering technology. In fact, it was the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine’s (WFIRM) expertise in generating micro human organs and tissues from the cellular level to functional tissues that led to its selection in 2013 to lead a $20 million, multi-institution “Body-on-a-Chip” program funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The goal was to build a miniaturized system of multi human organs to model the body’s response to chemical and biological weapons and develop potential therapies and new antidotes. The WFIRM team, which is based on multi-disciplinary collaborative research, was the first to create miniature tissue ...

Bongo Rx is a unique patented, FDA cleared device for the treatment of mild/moderate sleep apnea. The product requires no power supply, tubing or complex system compared to current therapy options. The product was designed to improve compliance, make it easier for the patient to travel, reduce skin breakdown and give patients a viable clinically approved option to treat their obstructive sleep apnea conditions. More information can be found at ...

At this point, awareness of plastic is not an issue. The critical point is proposing new ways to replace, manage and dispose of plastic material that is used for a different use. One of the widely used plastics is plastic bottle packaging. This packaging helps plastic bottles be easily manageable for storage and transportation. But as you surely noticed those plastic packaging end up in landfills as they are easy to manufacture.

This project offers a new type of packaging plastic bottles so that plastic packaging will be omitted. This mechanism is very simple less cost and do the task. The device is using hard plastic belt type mechanism to hold the plastic bottles together. Since the bottom part ...

E-BIN is new way to recycle with a mobile phone app system known as Bottles-4-Bucks. The software encourages recycling by paying rewards and saves city, university and tax-payer dollars by simplifying the recycling process. The app communicates to any existing recycling bins by simply adding QR (Quick Response) code stickers to them. Enhanced bins will communicate via Bluetooth. Collection sites are placed at key locations throughout cities, parks or campuses and can be arranged as needed to sort containers of glass, plastic, aluminum and other materials of choice upon deposit.

Participants earn “green points” in the form of restaurant coupons, event tickets, student perks or “electronic cash” on their phone app for good deeds in recycling. Existing recycling bins can ...

1) Various e-scooter companies (backed by venture capital) are rolling out their products in the market - the focus is major cities around the globe.
2) None of the companies have so far convincingly addressed the safety concerns related to not providing head protection as part of the actual rental process. And their customers often simply do not carry any head protection (even if it given away for free) with them.
3) The result is a growing number of head injuries. CNET reported on 28 November 2018 that "Injured scooter riders are flooding US emergency rooms. Accident rates could be as high as 1,000 per month.".

1) The Böwler Flying Helmet combines a drone and a safety helmet into ...

We have designed and manufacture a conversion. It is a bolt on converting a bumper pull trailer into a gooseneck pull. No welding required. It is full wired for ease of installation. Meets all federal regulations. SAE J2638 was used in ...

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