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Gripped interlocking solar panel mechanism is designed to incorporate transparent silicone glass additive/filament manufacturing. The transparent silicone glass filament adhesive covers the solar panels top surface area enabling a gripped textured solar panel. The transparent silicone glass adhesive filament acts as a water/weather proofing containment lining as well as a tempreture residual resistant thermally conductive materialed coating. Silicone rubberized glass adhesive filaments acts as an insulating Barrier/layer for the solar panel. The silicone glass adhesive filament doesn't shrink or warp causing no structural stress. Acts as a protective gripped layering/lining. The gripped solar panel is applied for drawbridges, bridges, roads, personal driveways, parking lots sidewalks etc. 3D printing using transparent silicone rubberized glass filaments/additives would be very cost effective ...

The revolutionary Help Care System (HSC) shower cubicle’s unique design was conceived to improve the well-being of our increasingly aging population. Old age inevitably gives rise to some extent of reduced mobility, and our main aim at Excel Shower, since the outset, has been to address this problem and to optimize the independence and quality of life of those with reduced mobility. The fully automated process, with its remote controlled, rotating and automatically adjusting seat, and accessible control panel, enables even the least mobile to shower themselves, with little or no assistance.

While our product was conceived with the elderly in mind, it has equal potential to be life-changing for anyone with reduced mobility, be this during post-accident or ...

Hearo is world’s only Internet Of Sounds device. Instead of adding more and more connected, single-function, electronic devices into your home, the acoustic and musical properties of everyday objects become programmable digital controllers. Hearo connects to your smartphone where you assign any sound in your home to control digital actions of your choice using IFTTT programming. The system comes with a number of IFTTT setups that can be connected to any sound, but the more the Hearo users create and share their own setups, the more versatile Hearo becomes. This is a IoT system that opens for a new type of creativity, to explore the musical and acoustic qualities of the objects in our homes that we ...

We combine a novel solar-concentrator with a novel clothes dryer.

1) Thin mirrors in our solar concentrator panel (1.5 X 3.5 meters) track the sun from dawn to dusk, focusing the sunlight onto a black absorber pipe that discharges heat-transfer fluid @ 400°F. "Sunfunnel", like a glass pup-tent, is novel in low cost, self-cleaning, needs no maintenance, and offers an operating life of 4 decades. Each panel supplies some 3 kW of heat; one may use dozens of such panels, depending on the power need... and roof area.

2) Our clothes dryer is powered by the solar-heated fluid through an air heat exchanger. It is unique in two ways: 1) uses little power: being the first dryer to receive ...

This invention is a solution to the annual $1 Billion problem of storm water back up in basements during power outages and all the hardship caused to homeowners, especially those with finished basements.

Unlike battery back up pumps which typically only operate for 1-2 hours, this design will run 24-7-365 keeping basements dry during power outages of any duration, without any batteries.

Other key advantages are near 100% efficiency vs. venturi pumps that are 40-50% at best, and no need for a back flow preventer with physical separation of municipal water and sump ...

Although I currently do not own an SUV, I continue to see people opening their lift-gates and having to move back so that it does not hit them in the chin when it opens or on the head when it closes. The way typical lift-gates open and close also makes it difficult to operate when a vehicle is parked close behind. My idea is to make a dual-hinged lift-gate whereby the bottom half of the lift-gate remains vertical while the upper half opens normally (see attached example). When someone opens the lift-gate it will essentially move straight up and not out. The mechanism might be a little bit complicated, but not ...

S-One's company, Brand Management Group, is the exclusive licensee for HP Large Format Printing Materials. As such, S-One/BMG develops, manufactures, distributes and markets all materials under the HP brand in this space, known as HP Large-Format Media. In 2018, S-One created and launched HP Recycled Satin Canvas, which includes sourcing materials, manufacturing, product development, and all sales and marketing. A first of its kind, this printable canvas is constructed with 100% recycled water bottles. This environmentally supportive innovation offers an entirely new identity for the print industry that runs counter to its long-standing “wasteful” stigma, as well as making a dramatic impact on the mounting issue of the world’s plastic trash.

Printable canvas is a huge market segment in ...

NASA Langley Research Center has developed a novel fine interpolation technique that is useful in signal processing for applications in lidar, sonar, radar and similar modalities. The interpolation technique uses repeating waveforms, Fourier transform reordering, and Richardson-Lucy deconvolution to obtain faster and more accurate results.The prime target application is range finding, but the technique is equally suitable for differential absorption studies, such as determining CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere.


Provides an interpolation scheme much faster than those currently in use
Consists of a simple reordering of a Fourier transform array
Can be applied broadly with any repeating waveform, and not confined to PN code and PSK modulation
Compatible with lidar, radar, sonar and similar modalities

A low cost IFR training aid that simulates IFR conditions during pilot training. Can be installed on any commercial IFR training aircraft. Can be easily removed from the aircraft. Does not require any modifications to the aircraft.


To provide an instrument flying training aid for the instruction of student pilots


This instrument flying training aid is composed of two components;

a. A polarized film applique that is applied to the windscreen of the
trainer aircraft

b. A pair of glasses with flip up/down opposing polarized lenses worn by
the student pilot.

To Use:

Since the film applique and the glasses are purposely polarized in opposite
directions, when the glasses and only when the polarized lens is flipped

Problem Statement:
Over 600 million Africans lack access to electricity; 80 million of these are Nigerians. This forces families and local street food vendors to spend a huge part of their income continuously on fuel in kerosene lamps for lighting. Mobile phone use is on the rise too and possessing one entails locating electricity to recharge which is even more expense and difficult.

Our Product:
Ina Lite is a sustainable, affordable, portable, lightweight, thermoelectric generator that harnesses heat energy to generate electricity which is accessible from a USB power port.

How it works:
-The User places the copper conductor in the heat source
-Heat is then converted to electricity through the thermoelectric generator
-The energy generated is channeled to a ...

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