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Various mechanisms are known for lifting and moving cargo. At the same time, we (Grigori and Oleg Lishanski, US Patent No. 10,214,398 B2, Feb. 26, 2019) developed and tested a simple device that is able to economically move a load overcoming the force of gravity. The device is a platform that is supported on the supporting surface. The supporting surface can be installed vertically or at any arbitrary angle to the horizon. A generator of mechanical vibrations (electrovibrator) and a load are installed on the platform. The vibrator allows you to create longitudinal-axial elastic mechanical oscillations of the platform with a given frequency and amplitude relative to the axis of the fixed bearing surface Fig 1. When the vibrator ...

There is a huge energy expenses for a motor pump or submersible pump to lift water from an underground reserve tank to rooftop water tank. Not only is it expensive but air pollution is created (indirectly for power generation). Except it, the supplied water from govt. or agency is not suitable for direct use/drinking. There is a need to purify the water for drinking and for it some energy/power is expensed. This invention will solve these problems and will give release from maintenance of motor pump and will save the world from warming.

For this system, a metal water tank (Fig -B) to be installed at some down position of the underground reserve water tank. A metal jacket to ...

The real-time water quality monitoring and notification system (water QMS) measures the essential qualities of water -- the water PH, temperature, turbidity (cloudiness of water), and water level in the tank -- in real time. The system consists of multiple sensors to measure the standards of water in the tank, the micro-controller to analyze the readings and the GSM module to send the information to the watching centre through SMS. It is a true time system, which is able to measure the standards of water endlessly, and can send the measured values to the watching centre when each predefined time. I developed the device to allow people to have access to safe water in their daily ...

Over two billion people suffer from the effects of water scarcity and the vast majority of those affected live in coastal areas in developing countries and remote communities. Seawater desalination is an excellent potential solution, but desalination systems require a connection to a strong and reliable electrical grid for their power supply.

Because our target customers typically lack sufficient grid capacity and cannot afford the capital or time required to build and deploy grid-connected systems, Resolute Marine has devised a unique solution to this problem - the world’s first wave-driven desalination system (Wave2O™) that can be deployed quickly, operate completely “off-grid” and supply large quantities of clean fresh water at competitive cost.

Our solution has the unique advantage of ...

Z-PEC Zero–Point Energy Converter 

According to Quantum Electrodynamics, otherwise empty space is filled with tremendous energy; it’s called the Quantum Flux or Zero-Point Energy. Z-PEC will mechanically tap this unlimited resource for pollution-less electrical generation and pollution-less vehicular-propulsion.

• A Z-PEC prototype can be built by sputtering layers of metals and refractive-materials onto a silicon chip.

Peer-reviewed experiments support the underlying tenets of this paper.

• Obeys the Laws of Motion, Thermodynamics and Momentum Conservation.
• Fig. 1 illustrates how to get a net force from the isotropic momentum of the Electromagnetic Field of the Quantum Flux.

Refer to Fig. 1; it illustrates the paths of an average pair of equal and opposite photons of the Quantum Flux. ...

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