We have invented an advanced method for modeling transport processes in fluids. The method is adapted to model gas flow, including dilute gas flow at high Knudsen numbers. Instead of modeling based on using an infinitesimal fluid element of a continuous medium,

Sunatori's Effect refers to Anisotropic Electromagnetic Force Phenomena which were recently discovered by Simon Sunatori, P.Eng./ing., M.Eng. (Engineering Physics/Génie physique), F.N.A., IEEE-SM, WFS-LM, BNR/NT (MSS).

Anisotropy manifests itself in dramatic fashion as unexpected physical phenomena of magnetic attraction-repulsion, which is analogous to love-hate relationship.

Securing the examination paper is very difficult for many counties which do not use electronic examination. This is because there are too many places that the exam will have the risk of being stolen.

Apparatus and method of automatically removing a needle
Patent # US20170173272A1
United States

Concern in contemporary dental practice because of the underlying possibility of transmission of blood-borne viruses. The estimated transmission rates for hepatitis B (HBV) to non-vaccinated recipients,

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) occur in 15% of hospitalized patients in the US (1.7 million cases/year) and result in approximately 90,000 deaths. The burden of disease is even higher in developing countries. 

Healthcare workers’ hands are the most common vector in the transmission of microorganisms causing HAI.

In 1923 Professor Paul Biefeld and his student Thomas Townsend Brown discovered this effect during the test of a new type of capacitor. Basically the Biefeld Brown effect is electro gravitation.

An NIH Tested, US Patented, FDA Approved Hi/Lo Density Polyethylene. flattened polymer ring to which a conventional latex or polyurethane condom is detach-ably-attached,

This project is about building a new mechanism that can sort live aquatic animals in dams from intake canal without imposing any health risk on the animals and with lower operational cost than existing fish screen configuration to prevent them from damaging the power plant and themselves.

Aria is a product composed of two hands-free headphones. It is a wireless, Bluetooth headphone set that not only responds to today’s fashion and style trends, but also answers to ergonomical needs that allows a comfortable fit, which provides an excellent user experience.

This idea is about the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) in missiles as replacement of heat seekers in order to eliminate the effects of flares that are usually deployed by the target in order to evade heat seeking missiles which is technically called Infrared Homing missiles.

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