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Today, the demand for sustainable energy is crucial for tomorrow’s bright future. Tokamak-style machines claim to be futuristic superconducting batteries but, no perfected model has been achieved. The biggest limitation they’ll have when perfected is being stationary. Deep space exploration has 3-major challenges that need answers first; electrical power, shielding protection, and cheap reliable propulsion. My diamagnetic field engine (DFE) transforms into a superconductor to create power, protection, and propulsion. DFEs use 2-diamagnetic field capacitors (DFC), 1-NDFC and 1-SDFC. Each DFC has 6 magnetized pieces; 1-primary (piston) and 5-barrier (1-release plate and 4-quarter circular segments). If the piston’s internal dipole is north, then it’s a NDFC, if the south dipole’s inside then it’s a SDFC. DFEs are supported by ...

The standards for transformation and transfection for years have been plasmid transfer by conjugate mating, DNA uptake by competent cells, chemical permeation, electroporation, and detergent and liposomal vectors and viral vectors, of bacterial and eukaryotic cells, respectively. The new standards for genetic modification employing such vectors involve CRISPR which causes directed double-strand DNA breaks and homologous recombination/repair (the latter using endogenous cellular processes). Off target changes can occur, although recent efforts have been made by the developers to avoid such untoward effects.

BioSPLICE, BIOSYNTHETIC PLASMID INTEGRATED CAPTURE ELEMENTS, US Patent 8,628,955 B2, Jan. 14, 2014, was designed to provide a new synthetic to biosynthetic vector which avoided these issues and could be used in vivo as well as in ...

The advent of digital cameras have rendered many fine, quality film based 35 m/m cameras obsolete. Many consumers and photographers still own these film based camera’s and would desire to continue using them
The re-useable digital camera adapter is an innovative opto-electronic consumer product device that replaces 35 m/m film and can be inserted into conventional film based 35 m/m camera allowing the camera to capture and store images in a digital rather than film based format. The market for a device that allows a standard 35 m/m camera to capture images in digital format could be huge. Purchasing such a device would be a cost effective way to preserve and elongate the life of these fine legacy ...

The problem of the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is one of the topics discussed almost daily because the effects on the climate are of daily discussion. It is time to move on to remedies. In practice, remedying the problem of excess CO2 with recapture, using devices installed directly in new-generation cars. If my idea comes to practical implementation, hundreds of millions of electric cars will take over CO2 recapture in the near future. The car will turn from pollution to cleanliness of the atmosphere. The direct capture technologies from the atmosphere are almost mature and in my project they must be distributed to the cars to act on a large scale. Once the task of CO2 ...

Renewable energy solutions come with their own problems, and managing the trade-offs will determine the success of a technology. Especially, with a desire to maintain and expand our modern standards of living. The diffuse, intermittent, and unpredictable nature of wind and solar energy has led to research and development in how to store the electrical energy generated. However, a partial solution to the intermittent nature of wind and solar energy is to transition our more modern refrigeration systems back to ice boxes.

Storing electrical energy, in cars or wall batteries, could be a partial solution to the intermittent and unpredictable nature of wind and solar energy. The battery storage solution comes with its own set of problems, to include ...

This drone has 4 new parts that can increase the load capacity and maneuverability many times:
• Turbopropellers are propellers with turbo expander in the center.
• Lifting body, which increases the load capacity by about 30%
• Vertical flaps that turn the resistance of the motor holders into useful work.
• Reactive cuts on the wings, which increase the load capacity and speed.

1. As is known, 1/4 central part of the propeller located above the motor does not perform work. Turboexpander makes this part work very efficiently. They can be of two types:
The first version is intended only for small drones and it has only central blades. They push air out of the middle and create ...

Dual-Adaptive Camouflage, or DAC

Adaptive camouflage merely to an environment's background scenery is only half of the property of true invisibility.

It require a dual-adaptive camouflage; one adaptable to the outside of the suit ( usually the case) itself, and it's background scenery taking both as one complete outside environment, and another part of it adaptable to the interior moving parts of the puppet Light-Interface of the object, or suit ( usually the case).

I say " usually the case" in this instance because it may not be a suit, but the dual-adaptive camouflage invisibility would still exist in a potential state even if it were a fixed Light-Interface System, simply owing to the concept of the Light-Interface form ...

Adaptable not only to the environment, but to itself as well.

The full diversity of my Light-Interface System concept can be demonstrated with my model of an invisible suit.

My 3-D Pixel Unit concept already exists, in part, as an angle sensitive pixel, but without the counterpart 3-D pixels and the length of connection between them.

The spherical symmetry of an angle sensitive pixel, adapted to other spherically symmetric 3-D Pixel Units across a Light-Interface System is what allows it to capture the full intersecting angles of the web-of-light thru the concentrated shape of the object in the Light-Interface.

Due to the full wrap-around symmetry of the light-web intersection, replicated in a concentration, by fully wrap-around 3-D Pixels Units on a body, the ...

External 3-Dimensional Holodeck Scenery

In it's simplest form, invisibility is depicted outside of the Light-Interface System, while an intersection ( holodeck) of the outside light is displayed, painted all along the interior walls in the Light-Interface, itself.

External Holodeck Scenery

The external world is transmitted thru the Light-Interface System, and part is diverted into continuing it's path thru the space that the Light-Interface System rests in, while a seperate holodeck reality can be painted all along the interior walls of the Light-Interface.

Internal Hologram Casting

If not a computer-generated internal hologram, such as a person or other furniture of the background scenery, it must first be projected from another " input receiving" Light-Interface, before it can be flipped around and transmitted back out the ...

A practical offering for a pharmacy which wants to eliminate the need to have staff waste what could be productive time greeting a patient, asking for their name, looking up on the pharmacy system if a prescription(s) is ready for pick up, seeking and removing prescriptions from a tub-file, asking the customers address and, or telephone number, etc. and acting as a cashier if necessary. It would make sense to consider liken to what eAnytime® originated, proposed and had approved by state pharmacy boards for pharmacies, an in-wall or least cost patient self-serve bolted to counter interactive-computer SecurShield™ locked medication PickUp™ kiosk.Today pharmacies usually alert customers when a prescription will be ready for pickup and based on studies patients ...

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