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NOVAlert™ IVS (Intelligent Vigilance Solutions) is a patent pending active automotive safety system embedded in the driver’s seat. It performs the monitoring and alerting of driver’s drowsiness and inattentiveness. Moreover, special countermeasures temporarily restore and sustain the driver’s alertness while suggesting nearest safe stop location. Proof of concept technologies, embedded in wrist watches and steering wheels, were scientifically validated. It is now migrating to a practical, novel, smart driver’s seat. Nothing to wear or grip.

Our mission and vision are to create the future by offering a seat-embedded multivariate sensing, data conditioning and communicating reference design together with machine learning analytics embedded silicon chip solution to enhance road safety challenges primarily for long haul and elderly drivers.

What makes ...


My wife is an ecclectic collector of recipes. I always joke with her that she has the
largest collection of Internet- supplied recipes in the world. And, despite that, she never
fails to ask me: “So, what should I make for supper tonight ?”.

A symptom of food preparation today, our laziness compels us to rely on quick food.
But, our taste buds and bodies yearn for a fresh, home-cooked meal. It easily explains all
these new services providing home delivered meal ingredients along with “easy-to-use”
preparation instructions. It also explains the newest kitchen appliances that are (almost)
all-in-one meal makers.

The truth is that ...

There are products like battery operated bats available in the market to kill mosquitoes and insects but there is no battery-less innovation. My invention is very simple and very effective in killing mosquitoes as there is no need for recharging the battery of this mosquito bat. Only a bat and adhesive tape are required to build it. It will work to by trapping and killing mosquitoes. Salient features: (1) there is no need for recharging it. (2) the adhesive tape can be removed and replaced after use. (3) it is a very low cost design so anyone can afford it very easily. (4) it is safe and light weight (5) it can be used many ...

Beddingo sheets are a two-piece fitted sheet simple system - a base and a sheet, which attached together for fast and easy sheet changes.

Once installed, the base will remain around the mattress and never have to be removed. Beddingo sheet then easily attached on and off, with velcro fasteners, for easy changing.

Beddingo sheets have 4 main advantages:
1. No need to ever lift your mattress again!
2. Corners doesn’t pop off, stay secure all night long.
3. All fabrics made from premium quality 100% organic cotton.
4. Takes half the time to change ...

Bongo Rx is a unique patented, FDA cleared device for the treatment of mild/moderate sleep apnea. The product requires no power supply, tubing or complex system compared to current therapy options. The product was designed to improve compliance, make it easier for the patient to travel, reduce skin breakdown and give patients a viable clinically approved option to treat their obstructive sleep apnea conditions. More information can be found at ...

At this point, awareness of plastic is not an issue. The critical point is proposing new ways to replace, manage and dispose of plastic material that is used for a different use. One of the widely used plastics is plastic bottle packaging. This packaging helps plastic bottles be easily manageable for storage and transportation. But as you surely noticed those plastic packaging end up in landfills as they are easy to manufacture.

This project offers a new type of packaging plastic bottles so that plastic packaging will be omitted. This mechanism is very simple less cost and do the task. The device is using hard plastic belt type mechanism to hold the plastic bottles together. Since the bottom part ...

1) Various e-scooter companies (backed by venture capital) are rolling out their products in the market - the focus is major cities around the globe.
2) None of the companies have so far convincingly addressed the safety concerns related to not providing head protection as part of the actual rental process. And their customers often simply do not carry any head protection (even if it given away for free) with them.
3) The result is a growing number of head injuries. CNET reported on 28 November 2018 that "Injured scooter riders are flooding US emergency rooms. Accident rates could be as high as 1,000 per month.".

1) The Böwler Flying Helmet combines a drone and a safety helmet into ...

Unfortunately, there are many airplane crashes in the world every year.

From its inception, the main goal of aviation is flight safety and preservation of passenger life. I decided to connect my life with aviation, that’s why I became a cadet of Belarusian State Academy of Aviation, and I want to make the contribution to the development of this industry.

Everyone knows that the main value in life – is life itself. For this reason, I decided to connect my proposal with the safety of flights.

The subject of this project is a bracelet, which is put on the passenger's hand during check-in and removed at the end of the flight. To prevent unforeseen situations the bracelet is fastened ...

Problem statement:
Brake failure in vehicles is serious issue and it is classified as ‘ASIL D’ hazardous in automotive. The common reason for brake failure is wearing of brake pad.

-->Current brake pad wear indication technique has a wire loop inside the abrasive material. This wire loop is connected to the control unit of the vehicle. When the brake pad wears, wire loop get open circuited and it is detected by the control unit of the vehicle. Thus the brake pad wear indication is provided to the vehicle user.
-->With the wire loop technique, the vehicle user can be alerted with certain percent of abrasive material remaining in the brake pad and need to be replaced. This has ...

* The automotive industry continues to look at new ways to meet tightening government regulations. Presently, the top half of a modern overhead cam engine is a busy, crowded place filled with valves, springs, seals, gaskets, bearings and more. It works but at the cost of complexity and it operates at less than optimal efficiency.

* Our innovative camless valve-train concept, Glide Valve Engine Technology (glidevalve.com) is a patented new head design to maximize the volumetric efficiency of any internal combustion engine. The novelty for Glide Valve Engine Technology is that it seals the combustion pressure with a non-invasive valve. In addition, it utilizes independent electronic software-driven actuators that can open the intake valve sooner and close the exhaust ...

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