This adaptive thermal engine achieve variation of the displacement and/or the compression ratio to assure optimum combustion conditions and provide power to the load adaptation engine, with direct implications on growth power and reduced consumption.

Advantages of new technology refer to a continuously / infinitely Variable Compression Ratio &

This is an idea that has been in the back of my mind for some time now, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to bring it to life.

The metal additive manufacturing industry is advancing rapidly as a manufacturing process. It is over a $1B market and forecast to be nearly $10B within 8 years. There are massive benefits such as avoiding tooling costs, quicker turn around, and permitting designs of more complicated shapes.

Contrary to logic and general theory, a bullet with a flat tip moves in water several times faster than a bullet with a sharp tip. This effect is simply explained: a flat tip creates cavitation bubbles that rub on the rest of the bullet surface very slightly. That is,

A Smart Hydroponic food module that monitors, grows and takes care of your plants. Our Vision is to foster behavior change among urban households towards farm produce and drive hyper-local urban production. We make farming so much simple and easy that now anybody can grow their own food.

People spend lots of time when going shopping. This is because manufactured clothing are made in limited sizes and customers get the cloth they fit if they are lucky and if they like the clothing and many other factors.

Oculur is fire-fighting equipment that integrates the sensor into the mask and the water jet nozzle. The collected data is displayed by AR, and the mode will switch from AR to VR when the visibility is poor, providing all-terrain 3D depiction.

Tests on anchovies show that when plastic is mixed with salt water and begins to disintegrate it releases an odor which is similar to krill. The enticing smell sets off foraging and feeding behaviour in fish, causing them to eat the debris, believing it is food.

We have developed an integrated air quality monitoring UAS which also has collision avoidance technique to avoid collision with real time obstacles while monitoring. We have used an ultrasonic sensor for collision avoidance and mq135 for air quality sensing.

Supersonic flight over land is currently severely restricted because sonic booms created by shock waves disturb people on the ground and can damage property. In 2022, NASA will begin validation tests of its X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology (X-59 QueSST) aircraft,

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