There is a growing scientific consensus that the point of ‘peak oil’ passed around 2011 and that viable global oil reserves will be severely depleted from 2030. The long term future of terrestrial surface transport is electrification but the foreseeable future must involve a cost-effective compromise,

This weapon is a double barrel (slide pump) action shotgun that has the capability of holding fifty (50) rounds of 12 gauge shotgun shells in a side-by-side stagger single box magazine.

Idea and process of coupling a photovoltaic cell to a super capacitor of Graphene to charge while the cell is illuminated and discharge during low or no light periods.

This approach is scalable, and provides a better impedance match to the cell,

A novel flat pressure-sensitive array which underlies a display screen in a device, preferably having the dimensions of a smart phone. In an access control embodiment,

It has been estimated that major amputations occur in one out of 300 individuals in the United States [1]. There were more than 1.7 million amputees in the US in the year 2000 [2]; that number is expected to increase to nearly 2.4 million amputees by 2020 [2].

Cancer is the second leading killer of Americans, claiming over half a million lives annually. The most powerful predictor of cancer mortality is its ability to metastasize to distant sites in the body.

An ordinary Edison base LED replacement bulb emulates an incandescent lamp in that it provides omnidirectional light. These are used in table lamps, desk lamps and ceiling fixtures. Purpose made LED lighting, such as strip lamps,

Blood pressure is a major indicator of a person’s health and one of the five vital signs to watch. However, unlike other vital signs,

A new class of heavily cold rolled and thermally processed (HCR-TP) sheet metals is proposed as a viable low cost alternative to producing light weight vehicles for the transportation industry. Presently,

Well-known are Atkinson and Miller cycles. These are cycles with varying compression and expansion ratios. Application of these cycles makes it possible to use working gas energy to a fuller extent.

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