There has been significant reliance of people on public transport across world of late, Increased reliance would mean a lot to be offered by the transport authorities and the OE manufacturers in terms of the passenger comfort,

The huge amount of smoke the Internal Combustion Engine of an automobile (truck/car/bus) bellows, versus the clean ride we all enjoy on a bicycle, made me think of a cleaner source of energy to run the automobile which is not dependent on any sort of crude,

To have cost effective manufacturing of an automotive heat exchanger and also to reduce the size to a compact one by combining both radiator and charge air cooler, a combination type. It will make the heat exchanger cost effective.

In college, I decided to get creative on a class project. We were asked to invent a technology for hybrid cars that had not been established. So,

AVARII is a medical device in the form of a bracelet that provides automatic communication during an emergency.

The bracelet is composed of a pulse sensor that monitors the user's pulse rate which gives an alert when the pulse is low,

The Avhiral is a security system consisting of an antivirus, firewall, and has a small server can also apply a control system license against piracy. The device has a processor that just manages cryptographic keys. Fully customizable by five-inch touch screen.

Wind power seems benign and safe, but there are several problems: bird/bat strikes, noise, vibration, large normal force at the tower top from blade lift, slow adaptation to wind direction changes (and correspondingly large blade stresses), etc. that are all solved here.

Who do you know that would like a safer, faster, more fuel efficient airliner that could carry more at lower costs, take off at less than 100 mph yet travel near Mach 1 with minimal drag penalty? This design has already been proven in NASA, hypersonic testing.

According to national statistics, an average of 38 children are killed every year in the United States from hyperthermia while trapped in a car. More than 15 deaths have been reported in 2013 alone. No one likes to admit that they might be careless enough to forget their child,

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