Now scientific and technical progress in creating new constructional materials, energy saving technologies and in other areas of a science and techniques make modern discoveries (innovations) in the field of nanotechnologies and mechanical chemistry.

The important place in these technologies is represented to by means of destruction, decomposition and dispersion of various liquid substances. In particular, various kinds of pumps are concern these means, which course effectively decomposition and activation of working liquids.

A new generation of vibratory cavitation pumps based on theoretical and experimental ground has been developed and patented (US 8, 353, 689 B 2).

Three variants of the pump are designed to lift, move and mix liquids ...

Problem Description:

To avoid major road accidents on highways at night due to the breakdown or repair of heavy motor vehicles.


A vehicular Adhoc network plays a very important role in research for the past ten years for the safe and comfortable travel of passengers. Most of the people on the roads have struggled with major accidents, mostly traveling at night, due to the break down vehicles or any punctured trucks, Lorries leads to collisions, death and major accidents between vehicles.

The components used in a vehicle are 1. Event Data Recorder 2. Unique Identification number 3. Global Positioning system (GPS) 4.Sensors to detect Obstacles 5. Special devices used to provide Communication of Vehicular adhoc networks. The infrastructure ...

The domestic pressure cooker is one of the essential cooking utensils in the Indian kitchens. In the domestic pressure cooker, the whistling indicates the status of the cooking food. The domestic pressure cooker need to be in observation to hear the sound of the whistling. Once the whistling sound is missed to hear, it would lead to undercooking or overcooking with quality degrade. Unfortunately the hearing impaired peoples could not hear the sound of the cooker whistle.

This invention can be used in household cooking for the benefit of hearing impaired community, who are not able to hear the whistling sound of the cooker. This particular invention, involves a counting mechanism for counting the number of times ...

The proposal offers a mean of using the ground air currents on the power lines right of ways that normally lie fallow. These air currents are generally of low velocity, thus requiring a different approach to the present method of depending on high velocities to provide high RPM's.

Choosing Induction Generation with its restricted useful RPM range can provide a match to the wind pressure increase at the cube of the velocity. This proposal suggests ways and materials to accomplish the desired result.

Some of the advantages are using grounds already owned by utilities and not generating the obnoxious noises and visuals of present means. Some references are offered on Induction ...

The baby-car, which based on an obstacle crossing chassis, is designed for babies and their parents.

It can be easily and smoothly pushed cross the curb onto pavement from asphalt and vice versa.

In the whole process, the baby can be made sure free of any ...

Base oils can be classified as minerals or synthetics, depending on their source or production process. Lubricant’s world market is about 35 million tons per year and biolubricants represent approximately 1% of this total. But, the biolubricant’s market is growing at nearly 10% per year. When compared to mineral base stocks (mainly API group I), biolubricants show some advantages: lower toxicity and volatility, biodegradability, better lubricity, higher flash point and viscosity index (VI). However there are some limitations such as oxidative and hydrolytic instability.

Brazil is the third largest producer of castor beans. Castor oil has nearly 90% of ricinoleic acid, which differentiates it from all vegetable oils in terms of viscosity. Soybean and jatropha were also chosen because ...

I propose to airlift two small wind turbines to a height (550 meters) utilizing a towed auto-gyro and keep it aloft by means of a tether to the ground. Because the wind is both consistent and steady at altitudes above 500 meters, both the auto-gyro and the generator will remain aloft indefinitely. The proposed configuration will operate at 100% power factor and will have a productivity 40 to 60 percent higher, and an acquisition cost of substantially less than ground based installations.

The auto-gyro is a simple and inexpensive mechanism capable of lifting objects weighing up to twenty tons. Within the envelope of the auto-gyro lifting capacity, wind turbines with ratings up to 15 Mega Watts may be ...

EEG (Electroencephalography) is a measurement of electrical activity of the brain from different positions on the scalp. Main objective of this project is to design an EEG instrumentation system with low cost. This instrumentation part of EEG system mainly carries of three major blocks Instrumentation amplifier, High pass filter and Low pass filter.

Instrumentation amplifier is mainly responsible for extracting the AC signal; it also rejects the common mode noise and differential DC voltage. Bio electric signal needs a CMRR (Common Mode Rejection ratio) greater than 80 dB. In this project to reduce the cost we design a three op-amp instrumentation amplifier with a gain of 200 using discrete components instead of using Instrumentation amplifier IC.With our design we ...

Does anyone remember the incident when the Miami Heat “cheated” because a shot clock violation was called, even when the ball hit the rim?

This is why we need an automatic shot clock!

I know that this has already been invented by Spalding, but their shot clock has many problems, and its sales have not been successful because of this.

What was wrong with it?

-It did not sense net shots (swish)
-It picked up backboard hits, just as it would pick up rim hits
-Manual controls were difficult to reach

How did I solve it? I simply made a device that would

-Sense net shots with a laser beam
-Ignore backboard hits and only sense rim hits
-Have ...

Imagine this. Next time you buy a car, you don’t have to settle for what’s on a dealer’s lot.

Instead, you design your own car. You buy a Ford body, GM chassis, Intel motor controllers, Toyota wheel/motors, Honda electric power unit, IBM car operating system, and Nintendo driver control unit.

You mix and match modules to fit your needs. Then you can upgrade as technology improves.

We have invented that kind of car. With seven “black box” modules, our new modular design marks the first big change in car architecture since Henry Ford’s Model T in 1908.

Why change car architecture? To solve two problems.

First, car technology evolves slowly. Cars are safer, more reliable, and more efficient than ...

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