Now scientific and technical progress in creating new constructional materials, energy saving technologies and in other areas of a science and techniques make modern discoveries (innovations) in the field of nanotechnologies and mechanical chemistry.

The important place in these technologies is represented to by means of destruction,

Problem Description:

To avoid major road accidents on highways at night due to the breakdown or repair of heavy motor vehicles.


A vehicular Adhoc network plays a very important role in research for the past ten years for the safe and comfortable travel of passengers.

The domestic pressure cooker is one of the essential cooking utensils in the Indian kitchens. In the domestic pressure cooker, the whistling indicates the status of the cooking food. The domestic pressure cooker need to be in observation to hear the sound of the whistling.

The proposal offers a mean of using the ground air currents on the power lines right of ways that normally lie fallow. These air currents are generally of low velocity, thus requiring a different approach to the present method of depending on high velocities to provide high RPM's.

The baby-car, which based on an obstacle crossing chassis, is designed for babies and their parents.

It can be easily and smoothly pushed cross the curb onto pavement from asphalt and vice versa.

In the whole process,

Base oils can be classified as minerals or synthetics, depending on their source or production process. Lubricant’s world market is about 35 million tons per year and biolubricants represent approximately 1% of this total. But, the biolubricant’s market is growing at nearly 10% per year.

I propose to airlift two small wind turbines to a height (550 meters) utilizing a towed auto-gyro and keep it aloft by means of a tether to the ground. Because the wind is both consistent and steady at altitudes above 500 meters,

EEG (Electroencephalography) is a measurement of electrical activity of the brain from different positions on the scalp. Main objective of this project is to design an EEG instrumentation system with low cost. This instrumentation part of EEG system mainly carries of three major blocks Instrumentation amplifier,

Does anyone remember the incident when the Miami Heat “cheated” because a shot clock violation was called, even when the ball hit the rim?

This is why we need an automatic shot clock!

I know that this has already been invented by Spalding,

Imagine this. Next time you buy a car, you don’t have to settle for what’s on a dealer’s lot.

Instead, you design your own car. You buy a Ford body, GM chassis, Intel motor controllers, Toyota wheel/motors, Honda electric power unit, IBM car operating system,

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