Diagnostic methods are being used, requiring several days from sampling to results for infectious diseases in clinical laboratories worldwide. Elderly, pregnant and pediatric patients require timely, reliable and accurate diagnostics of bacterial infectants.

The aim of this project is the design, development and fabrication of a biosensor,

Recycling is the latest craze in the world so I decided to do my part by recycling cans and bottles.I hung a 30 gallon trash bag on a hook and started to fill it up,

Campus settings lack a form of instantaneous communication in the face of technological failure or cell tower overload.

The sound level of our whistle is great enough that it can be heard from room to room in large buildings.

The problem with cell-phone battery chargers on the market today is threefold. They either need to be plugged into a wall outlet with an adapter requiring a 110 VAC connection, plugged into a laptop, or use a cumbersome, stand-alone,

The Beam Irradiance on Target System (BITS) is a high energy laser (HEL) sensor array that directly measures the beam irradiance profile of HEL weapons.

As Americans have become more and more concerned about staying healthy, exercising has become a part of daily life for many. Water is essential to the body's normal functioning, especially with increased physical activity. As a result,

We have been working in the design of water harvesters from air humidity for the Peruvian desert, based in our knowledge and practice, but there was lacking a general theory behind our task, until the "Biotic Pump" concept of Victor Gorshkov and Anastassia Makarieva of the St.

Bicycle racks are, in general, poorly designed and function in a sloppy and unaesthetic manner. They are time-consuming, annoying, and frustrating to use, and can damage the bicycle. As bicycle use grows for environmentally-sound transport, recreation, and exercise,

“Is it possible to generate a patterned surface which is microbe friendly?”

The idea deals with production of easily degradable bio fertilizers using a patterned microbial surface. Fertilizers used in crop cultivation today are synthetic in nature.

A “feather-weight”, non-conductive, non-metallic (no wires or metal connections at or near the light-emitting fabric surface), flexible, machine-washable visual display that is embedded into apparel fabric materials via CNC machines.

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