This is basic design proposal for a mass transportation commuter system for Atlanta (or similar geography) which is based on present technology to include the electric automobile. Presently, reverse lanes are being proposed along the I-75/I-575 corridor to solve the commuter congestion problem. The same route could be used to build two narrow lanes designed exclusively for commuter vehicles (including hybrids) with weight/space limits. Vehicle weight and space limitations allow smaller, lighter, lanes to be constructed using new concrete beam and slab manufacturing technology; the track parts are transported to the site and assembled onsite. Power is provided to the electric vehicle, eliminating the battery range problem.
Guidance and control of the vehicle would be by a computer ...

ATOM - The key shaped multitool that puts a tool box in your pocket.

Market Need: Multitools are convenient products that offer a versatile array of hand tools and functions in a single unit. However, traditional multitools are not exactly easy to carry around every day. The products are large, sharp and too heavy to carry in your pocket. Instead, the tool is stored in the apocalyptic survival kit, the nostalgic camping bag or relegated to the car's glove compartment - defeating the purpose.

Solution: ATOM is a key-shaped multitool that offers several convenient tools and features in a compact design that fits on your keychain like any other key. The end result is a multifunctional tool ready to ...

Q What problem does the design idea solve?

A Locating, measuring and recording the source of sounds

Q What are the potential benefits?

A The device allows the user to create a visual map of ‘soundscapes’. It also aids in tracing the source of sounds in environments where is is difficult to do so by listening or using conventional sound level meters.

Q How is the idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?

A Currently available equipment can only measure a single point of sound. This device generates an overall image of sound pressure levels falling within its ‘angle of hearing’

Q Where would this idea be applied?

A - Machinery maintenance, repair ...

The AUTO Stop Lamp is a smart brake light that provides added protection for your vehicle, your precious cargo and you. The "AUTO" has two meanings: (1) It's a brake light for AUTOmobiles and (2) It AUTOmatically lights up when the vehicle slows down [patent pending].

• Reduces your chances of being rear-ended
• Provides earlier automatic indication of your vehicle slowing down
• Works even when you don’t apply the brakes in the case of the unexpected such as downshifting, vehicle malfunction, roadway obstacles, and collisions
• Easy for anyone to install – a direct fit replacement for the existing bulb

• Applications for most passenger vehicles (motorcycles, cars, pickups, minivans, and SUVs)
• ...

The use of aerodynamic devices on semi-trailers, specifically devices located at the rear of the trailer, has been proven to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency by up to 6%. The addition of such devices help to transition the air that sweeps across the trailer’s top and sides toward the end of the unit, and would otherwise begin to swirl around and create large, standing vortices that increase drag. Current devices require the driver to manually actuate the devices adding time and complexity which is why they have not been accepted in the marketplace. The Kaber-Tail is an aerodynamic device that is automatically extended when the vehicle is at highway speeds. The Kaber-Tail is equipped with a sleeve that ...

The separation of flow over a body such as an aircraft wing can cause substantial loss of lift and reduction in the overall fuel efficiency of the aircraft. Delaying or elimination of the separation of flow can help in decreasing fuel consumption and decreasing emissions, thus producing a more fuel efficient–greener aircraft.

Fluidic oscillators can be used as active flow control devices which produce oscillating output flow, which can be used for effective flow control. These oscillators use the phenomenon of Coanda effect (the tendency of a jet of fluid to be attached to the adjacent wall). A series of fluidic oscillators in an array can produce oscillating flow for an entire span of an aircraft wing. Fluidic devices ...

The present day cars require a lot of human interaction with respect to driving the vehicle safely. In this paper, an idea is discussed which can be used to develop an automated car which can be operated by the user just by clicking on the user interface thereby avoiding the strain of driving. This automated car also has a special feature of multiple degrees of freedom in terms of movement making the maneuverability much easier. This car can move in any angle with the help of the mecanum wheels. The direction and the speed of the vehicle can be controlled by the user just by clicking on the user interface. The cameras installed in the car can automatically ...

Meter readers are an essential part of a power company's structure. These companies really on these workers as an important asset for determining the power consumption of their customers. Once they asses how much energy a customer has consumed, they then charge the customer the appropriate rate. The use of these employees to collect information on power consumption is an inefficiency that can be easily eliminated. By automating this data collection these companies stand to save a lot of resources that can be deployed in other areas.

Power meters could have a cell modem installed into them for low cost. These cell modems can transmit small bits of data - similar to a text message. These signals ...

For cleaning table surface in restaurant or home use.

Working Operation:
Device operation is powered by rechargable batteries and has connecting electricity power adaptor to connect to power plug. During recharging, its self pre-warming for steam elements thanks to automatic programmable system in order to save more battery energy. By pressing power & setting menu its moving in all directions of surface or table & by using side sensors it recognizes all surface dimensions in order to clean the whole surface and at the end of operation an alarm goes off to inform the user.

There are 4 cleaning rings. Exterior ring (4th ring) is designed to vacume dust. The 3rd ring is in charge of sparaying vapour ...

The automatic thrust augmentation is the method of powering a high speed aircraft with the objective of minimizing the fuel consumption and making use of the atmospheric air in collecting the propellant. The automatic thrust augmentation is a system that can be used in assisting the main engine in order to provide thrust during critical situations which includes crossing the sonic region, during air combat, taking off from an aircraft carrier and so on. This method of thrust augmentation includes making use of the atmospheric air in collecting the propellant (oxidizer) and mixing it with the aircraft’s fuel for the combustion to take place. Also, these processes occur automatically without pilots’ effort which also increases accuracy and relieves pilot’s ...

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