Broad specifications for the proposed windmill are listed below..

• Windmill must have minimum of moving parts and light in weight to orient itself to face the wind.
• Wind flow escaping between blades is almost eliminated.

One of the main reserves of improvement in fuel efficiency of ground vehicles is reduction of aerodynamic drag constituting (side by side with the resistance of rolling) the principal component consuming normally a bulk of vehicle’s power to overcome it.

Conventional ground vehicles (including cars, SUVs, trucks, etc.

The challenge to design the rear suspension of a rear wheel drive sports car has always been one of optimizing the position of both wheels and therefore the contact patch of the tires in order to obtain the maximum possible limit acceleration.

There are 4 billion tires in the world today. Thermal energy is released mainly from the rolling resistance and is comparable with all the useful energy from power plants on the planet. Into the atmosphere tires release tons of dust and soot.

In modern wideband receivers one of basic element is ADC,working in undersampling mode or direct RF digitizing

Main imperfections these of modes:

1.Result undersampling is appearance a few digital images of signal,what require application complex filters.
2.Direct digitizing RF/IF require clock generators with minimum jitter and application DDC.

Trade Marked as the All American Fitness Bar, this handheld full body muscle building exercise barbell is the greatest advancement, in 200 years, for the free weight exercise community. Unlike conventional straight barbells, this bar is curved around the body, to maintain uniform balance.

Advanced Solid State Cooling Technology

This technology requires three tuned elements to operate:

1. A special nanotechnology-based ceramic produced using an induced self organizing tendency that is used as a heat extractor (energy extraction) element to capture localized or ambient heat.

Remote manipulation in uncontrolled environments remains challenging despite advances in computing, robotics, and telecommunication. Complex objects can be manipulated with custom fixturing, but this limits adaptability in dynamic environments. Due to their ability to grip and manipulate objects with myriad shapes and textures,

This is just a simple sketch of a car (SUV segment) for easy transport of people and their necessities! The car I've designed is totally virtual design but, imagination has its no limits.

Made of aluminum alloy to reduce weight.

My project is called Anti-Explosion Tire System (AETS) . The AETS is a system for preventing tires from exploding while driving cars and hence saving the lives of passengers and drivers. AETS consists of 2 components.

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