Broad specifications for the proposed windmill are listed below..

• Windmill must have minimum of moving parts and light in weight to orient itself to face the wind.
• Wind flow escaping between blades is almost eliminated.
• We must avoid using brushes anywhere in the chain to tap electrical energy.
• To obtain highest tip speed one could consider using a conveyor design instead of a rotating wheel- be it horizontal or vertical axis.
• Hence use two generators of half capacity instead of one at the center.
• Betz’s formula only states that highest energy is extracted when incoming wind to out going wind speed ratio is 1/3.
• Let us say wind has a velocity ...

One of the main reserves of improvement in fuel efficiency of ground vehicles is reduction of aerodynamic drag constituting (side by side with the resistance of rolling) the principal component consuming normally a bulk of vehicle’s power to overcome it.

Conventional ground vehicles (including cars, SUVs, trucks, etc.) aerodynamically speaking represent bluff bodies: i.e., bodies characterized by separation of flow and high aerodynamic drag, while providing vehicles with low-drag streamlined bodies preventing separation of flow results as a rule in some unpractical shapes with excessive longitudinal dimensions (caused, e.g. by long smoothly tapering tails) that makes this way doubtful under regular traffic conditions.

The alternative solution of this problem is an Active Aerodynamic System that could form any required ...

The challenge to design the rear suspension of a rear wheel drive sports car has always been one of optimizing the position of both wheels and therefore the contact patch of the tires in order to obtain the maximum possible limit acceleration.

This project takes the active kinematics idea a step further, and for the first time, we present an active system which allows complete control of the wheel by controlling the toe and camber angles on the fly. This allows a more complete control of the contact patch condition which can then further optimize the overall dynamics of the vehicle.

This system, called Active Kinematics Suspension (AKS), is realized by four electromechanical actuators (two per side) ...

There are 4 billion tires in the world today. Thermal energy is released mainly from the rolling resistance and is comparable with all the useful energy from power plants on the planet. Into the atmosphere tires release tons of dust and soot.

I present the design and theoretical substantiation of wheel properties.
The wheel’s characteristics maintain that its center of rotation mismatches with the center of support therefore the wheel adjusts its external forces depending on movement conditions. For a driven – pulling wheel the balance of the enclosed forces allows to minimize the demand of the external forces, while for the braking wheel it permits to use the most of the sum of these active forces to ...

In modern wideband receivers one of basic element is ADC,working in undersampling mode or direct RF digitizing

Main imperfections these of modes:

1.Result undersampling is appearance a few digital images of signal,what require application complex filters.
2.Direct digitizing RF/IF require clock generators with minimum jitter and application DDC.
3.Wideband in these receivers limited exemplarily 10-20%RF.

For removal these imperfections i designed ADCs with function RF detector(Fig.2)

So as, parameters vector in constellation (magnitude,phase) define I/Q signals,i suppose digitize amplitudes in I/Q canals will be enough for further processing.

Advantages direct conversion receivers,where used ADCs with function RF detector:

1.In result we have only one digital image of signal.

2.ADCs with function RF detector not require clock generator with minimum ...

Trade Marked as the All American Fitness Bar, this handheld full body muscle building exercise barbell is the greatest advancement, in 200 years, for the free weight exercise community. Unlike conventional straight barbells, this bar is curved around the body, to maintain uniform balance. This also allows standard disc shaped weights to be mounted on each end of the bar. Two handles are located near the longitudinal center of the bar, that are adjustable, to allow for targeting specific muscle groups in the hands, arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, ankles, and feet. Each handle is adjustable to allow symmetrical and asymmetrical changes in gravitational load on each side of the users body. The distance between each hand, ...

Advanced Solid State Cooling Technology

This technology requires three tuned elements to operate:

1. A special nanotechnology-based ceramic produced using an induced self organizing tendency that is used as a heat extractor (energy extraction) element to capture localized or ambient heat.

2. The heat from the heat extraction element is transferred by conduction to a second ceramic element produced using the same method as above, which, when energized by this heat energy, emits this heat energy with high efficiency as infrared radiation.

3. Special carbon/lead/silicon/sulfur photovoltaic "cells" then convert this IR radiation into electricity, also with high efficiency.

While conventional ceramics and photovoltaic cells may be used to demonstrate this effect, special materials are required to reproduce the extreme ...

Remote manipulation in uncontrolled environments remains challenging despite advances in computing, robotics, and telecommunication. Complex objects can be manipulated with custom fixturing, but this limits adaptability in dynamic environments. Due to their ability to grip and manipulate objects with myriad shapes and textures, humans are still required to manufacture complex devices and structures in extreme environments (i.e. underwater, space, war-zones, etc). This ability is dependent not only on the orientation of the digital manipulators, but also on the ability to dynamically control the force applied to the manipulated object.

Fingers allow a variety of objects to be manipulated without damage. Attempts to mimic the physiology of the human hand result in simple forms with limited movement, adaptability, and performance. ...

This is just a simple sketch of a car (SUV segment) for easy transport of people and their necessities! The car I've designed is totally virtual design but, imagination has its no limits.

Made of aluminum alloy to reduce weight.
Mostly the parts are not curved which saves the manufacturing process.
The design of the car is compact to utilize all the available space.
The face of the car is kept high to keep safe the passengers.
The body width is more to keep the passengers comfortable for long distance.
The ground clearance is kept high for off-road drivers.
The 3-door also saves the weight making it cheaper.
Body panels are aerodynamic to cut as much air for ...

My project is called Anti-Explosion Tire System (AETS) . The AETS is a system for preventing tires from exploding while driving cars and hence saving the lives of passengers and drivers. AETS consists of 2 components. Fig 1 shows component 1 and fig 2 shows component 2. One outside tire like fig 1 and the other component is inside the tire valve like fig 2.

In fig 1 there's an ultrasonic unit built into the front tire bumper and if there's an obstacle in front of the car tire like big hump or small steel nuts the rays will return back to ultrasonic. If the obstacle is a small one which showed in black lines the ultrasonic unit gives signal to ...

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