The tail rotor takes up 10 to 15% of the power, and complicates the mechanics. Some time ago I checked available designs and was surprised to find test flights in Germany in 1942 and a Dornier design well,

What would a super fuel-efficient aircraft look like; how far can we refine its aerodynamics; and what kind of performances, load capability and comfort can we expect from it?

The world is currently experiencing rapid explosion in human population with a fixed land mass, thus, making a very constrained space available for agricultural practices. It is gradually coming to a point where agricultural products supply is no longer able to meet up with the demand,

Many households do not consistently maintain their A/C filters (heating or cooling). Common education suggests that changing your filter every 30 days is sufficient. This catch-all number does not take into account the number of people, pets, other particle generators, or the location of the household.

Introduction – When we are going to a place by plane, there is always a chance for the plane to crash. If a plane crashes, then there is a lot of chaos and the passengers fight for a single parachute, after all everyone wants to save their own life.

Tesla High Speed - High Volume Air Turbine

This device was originally created to cool a person or a few people off by way of a high speed high volume turbine and an ice chest,

Tractor overturns are still the main cause of fatalities on farms today. In most of these cases, the tractor was fitted with a foldable rollover protective structure (foldable ROPS). Although foldable ROPS should be returned to the upright position immediately upon exiting a low clearance environment,

Introducing the AIRcable Smart Dimmer, a new in-wall light dimmer switch, designed with one driving criteria in mind: ease of use.

No complicated setup, unreliable powerline communication or wireless infrastructure is required to remotely control house lighting.

ALADDIN is a wireless switch. ALADDIN is activated by any remote available and uses the beam Infra Red (IR) emitted, operating with LED (Light Emitting Diode).
ALADDIN replacing the existing wall switch is installed at the point of lighting the area you wish to control.

In the ever changing interior world of the ISS and other human inhabited space structures to come, modular adaptability of life support structures will be key. The already proven and very successful interior green wall technology that utilizes vertically arrayed plants, is increasingly integrated into modern homes and offices,

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