When families nowadays dump kitchen waste, except for using kitchen waste bin, they use additionally generated waste, plastic bags, to discard the garbage that cannot be decomposed during the recycling.

Circu Waste is an eco-friendly kitchen waste bag made of agricultural waste –rice husk.

Function – It is a circular internal combustion engine. Pistons are attached to a pair of rotating wheels (flywheels) connected to a central driveshaft. The pistons rotate in separate channels, one for combustion and one for compression which encircle the assembly.

Doesn’t the ever-expanding number of space launches to Earth orbit seem enormous every year? Statistics reveal fluctuating numbers between 80 and 90 per year starting from the 21st century. Leading countries compete with one another in order to lead the space industry by launching more and more spacecraft.

NASA Langley Research Center has developed a portfolio of technologies regarding clock synchronization in distributed systems. Distributed synchronous systems that are required to provide globally coordinated operations require each component (node) in the system to be precisely synchronized. Such systems could include electronic components within an aircraft or automobile,

Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of patient deaths in the United States of America; numbering approximately 450,000 deaths in 2016 at a cost of $1.44T or 45% of the total annual cost of healthcare. The root cause of medical mistakes is cognitive overload;

Cold Springs and Solar Ponds as Natural Power Generators
Cold springs can be used to cool the cold side of Stirling Generators that when even air cooled have been shown by Sandia Labs to be more efficient than the most efficient photovoltaic cells.

This is a platform of ideas for students attending and living at higher education universities/colleges anywhere in the world. There are activities that the students have which can be stressors as well as costly and negatively impact the environment. This platform of ideas addresses several of them.

Experimental aircraft are not new. Balloons are not new. But one vehicle which could make conventional ballooning more enjoyable migth be a "sit-and-spin" type design.

NASA Langley Research Center has developed composite elastic skins for covering shape-changing (morphable) structures. These skins are intended especially for use on advanced aircraft that change shapes in order to assume different aerodynamic properties. Examples of aircraft shape changes include growth or shrinkage of bumps,

The Winston Works have designed, developed, patented and prototyped three waste heat exchangers for all size homes and buildings and for individual fixtures. Energy costs for heating cold water is about $100 Billion a year in North America, the heat energy then drains into the environment.

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