Flexible OLEDs present designers with a practically unlimited tool for creating new OLED-based luminous objects. In order to inspire lighting designers or product engineers and to explain the basic design options for OLED elements for creating own unique OLED-based lighting designs, we launched Project Monarch,

Millions of ECG holter examinations are performed every day to filter Cardio-Vascular Diseases. Holters are attached to the patients' chests during a minimum 24 hours period. The results of a medical examination depends not only on accurate measure but also on ordinary user behavior.

Drone Air’s UAV is the perfect flying solution to any delivery challenge. Drone Air Delivery (DaD) is manufactured using the latest modern manufacturing method to keep costs down. The DaD is made out of direct metal printing with a laser sintering method.

Dental flossing is very important for preventive healthcare. It costs very little but does require commitment. I invented and patented the Dental Floss Dispenser with Clip, which attaches dental floss to a toothpaste tube. This aids in the commitment part of flossing for good health.

This device is a small dental floss lock; which works similar to a cord lock like you would see on a jacket.

The design of the transmission system for a formula styled racecar using a stock bike engine is one of the best choice for all the engineering students who design the motorsport vehicles for all the student race car build competitions.

Problem Statement:
Generally, Heavy Duty Trucks are used for transportation purpose of cargo with heavy loads and therefore, require a robust steering control (i.e. lateral stability) all the time (especially when moving at a high speed or during cornering) in order to ensure safety of the on-board crew,

Waven headphones transmit sound through the bones by means of the creation of vibrations, reaching the inner ear, which turn them into electrical impulses. Sound can be perceived by people with normal hearing and also with hearing problems. Moreover, despite playing music,

Through synergies in infrared sensing and drone platforms, we have found a new innovative way to detect hidden PFM-1 anti-personnel landmines. These particular unexploded ordnance (UXO) devices pose a difficult challenge to conventional landmine detection methods like metal detecting,

Biomimetic hands are products which involve a sync between the action of natural fingers with the artificial fingers. In this project they are used in measuring the dimensions of objects for cognition and manipulation possibilities. The methodology involved in this project is the use of NiTi springs (SMA,

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