Scientists estimate that there are about 10 zillion (10x10^16) fish in the sea, which is more than 1 million fish for every human. About 95% of these fish live deeper than 500 meters under the sea. All of these fish require oxygen to breathe. They do not split water molecules into Hydrogen and Oxygen; rather they breathe the oxygen from air that is dissolved in the water. Separation of dissolved air from water is simpler, and requires much less energy, than splitting water molecules (which is the way that nuclear submarines supply oxygen to their crews). All that is needed to release the dissolved air is to lower the pressure on a body of water ('Henry's Law'). An example ...

The device shown in the accompanying sketch provides a method of leveling tile by using the device to lift a corner of a tile that is low while simultaneously injecting thin set or adhesive under the tile after it has already been placed. This device allows a small needle to be inserted through the spacing between the tiles and then rotated to inject thin set under the low corner or corners of each tile.

Currently there is a big market for leveling spacers to serve this purpose, but they are expensive and there is a learning curve to use them. Also the leveling spacers currently on the market need to be used from the start to the finish of ...

Healing of wounds for diabetics could be one of the most difficult challenges that diabetes causes. This project aims to help diabetics to heal their wounds using 100% natural herb with low cost. Through using Conyza Canadensis we can extract a variety of chemical compounds that enhance the process of healing and encourage metabolism such as: Flavonoids, Gallic acid, Tannic acid, Monoterpenes. All these can form a very effective medicine that reduces the time for the wound healing- especially that the volatile oil of Conyza Canadensis acts as an astringent. Through experimenting the result compound on bacteria, skin cells and blood samples we have noticed a notable difference between the time of healing of wounds with herbs and without ...

This idea is not patented, but it has been published for the scientific community. It was first published a few days ago at the EPNC 2018 conference and an extended paper has been submitted for journal publication. 

During the process of cooling, a large part of the heat generated by the losses in the machine is conducted through the iron core. All the iron losses and a significant part of copper losses generated in the windings should pass the iron core in order to be conducted to the fluid regions where the losses are finally dispersed into the cooling medium. There are two main directions along which the heat is conducted through the iron core, radial and axial direction. ...

Digi-Gift – The future of digital gifts

Traditionally 4 of 5 the most popular gifts have been Music, Movies, Books and Games. However as people have moved away from physical media to digital media it is getting far more and more difficult to buy people presents. As such we have seen gift card purchases increase from $20 Billion per year to more than $200 Billion per year as people give up on trying to find the perfect gift.

Digi-Gift solves this problem by providing a platform that enables people to give digital gifts like Amazon Music, Kindle Books, and Xbox, Playstation and Wii Download codes and send these electronically.

Digi-Gift was launched on Google Play for Android devices in ...

Digital Bus System

Name of the Project : Digital Bus System

Objectives of the Project : The Ultimate motto of the project addresses all the problems that were faced by the existing MSRTC bus system . Coming to the
feasibility aspect the current project focuses on
1) Economical Feasibility
2) Technical Feasibility
3) Operational Feasibility
Deliverables/ Functional Specification:-
1. Current Administrators 2.Passenger/Customers 3. Details of the services.
4. Timings, Source, Destination details. 5.Android application
Introduction :
Now a days everything is being automatic using technology . The Digital Bus System project is being developed for the use of MSRTC and bus passengers.
-Android application :
An android application is being developed for the passengers of the ST bus who want to travel .
The application will ...

A digital camera adapter that is inserted into a standard 35 mm camera as you would a film canister. The adapter replaces film and stores images taken by the camera in a digital format for download.

The advent of digital camera’s have rendered many fine, quality film based 35 m/m cameras obsolete. Many consumers and photographers still own these film based camera’s and would desire to continue using them

The re-useable digital camera adapter is an innovative opto-electronic consumer product device that replaces 35 m/m film and can be inserted into conventional film based 35 m/m camera allowing the camera to capture and store images in a digital rather ...

Oil & Gas (O&G) production is the most energy intensive of all industrial processes, consuming about 20% of its output for its own process needs. The energy costs involved in the O&G drilling rig operation can be significantly reduced by efficiently utilizing the natural gas that is currently flared in O&G rigs. Unlike other technologies suggested to achieve this, the uniqueness of our approach lies in the on-site single-step conversion of the natural gas being currently wasted in the rig to synthesize dimethyl ether (DME), an ultra-clean synthetic fuel to partially substitute the diesel that is being used in drilling generators. DME can be blended with diesel up to 25% without exposing the fuel injectors of the generator to ...

Under “Discrete” I refer to the acceptance in Engineering [ and not only ] of π in the Form of :

4 /{SQRT[ Golden Ratio ]},
which is associated, indissolubly, with Microcosmos and Macrocosmos .

The proposed π keeps its “Irrational” form in powers and roots unchanged.

As it is difficult to anticipate truth of the many π values, obtained “Diachronically” by searching various theoretical methods [ without a controlling feedback to each method used- e.g for the cube root of 2 ( Unsolved Theorem by Ruler and Compass), theoretically we obtain 1.25992105 and, as a feedback check, find that the cube of this is 2], it is proposed, here, that one experimental method could be reassuring, as is ...


Development of Renewable Energy should be based on friendly sources of Nature without burning of fossil like oil, gas and coal. That’s why the forces of wind, waves and tidal, Sun radiation energy are involved intensively in the recent time for powering of “green technologies” in practice.

The gravity is absolutely universal and super reliable source of force on our planet, it does exist everywhere and all the time, and is very attractive for converting into mechanical and electrical power. The combination of gravity with water (as working medium) and water wheel (as prime mover) has become the paradigm of hydropower.

However another flowing masses can be used as carriers of kinetic energy for doing of useful works ...

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