In India the majority of the people use a 2 wheeler instead of a 4 wheeler all throughout the year except for rainy seasons. The major advantage of a 2 wheeler over a 4 wheeler is that it requires less parking space.

Open kitchen equipment by combining air conditioning and ventilator for a better cooking and dining experience.

To deal with changes of lifestyle, the kitchen becomes an open space in the home for interaction. Coolking brings a better cooking environment facing this dramatic shift.

The Go Kart is a type of open wheel car. Go Karts come in all shapes and size, from motor-less models to high powered racing machines. Some such as Super Karts are able to beat racing cars or motorcycles on a long circuit.

This counter rotating fan design would be usable for Hyperloops as well as commercial bullet trains. With respect to a single fan design, counter rotating fans offer a higher pressure ratio, over 6% increased efficiency, lower rotations per minute, and lower power requirements.

With our world becoming more interconnected, transportation and distribution are vital. With this versatile Hyperloop design, both supersonic pedestrian transport and incredibly fast and efficient product distribution are possible. Hyperloop consists of a pod or capsule inside a tube. To overcome the Kantrowitz limit for the Hyperloop,

Culture patch with monolayer nano-filers on a frame in-vivo like extracellular matrix made of monolayer nanofibers is suited for cell culture and tissue formation. It allows minimizing the exogenous contact and maximizing the uptake rate cells, while the micro-frame and the patch form allow easy handling,

The average person living in New York City drinks 3.4 cups of coffee a day. As most of the coffee is drunken in disposable cups on the go, the environmental damage is tremendous. In total, all Americans throw away over 50 billion paper cups every year.

Flexible OLEDs present designers with a practically unlimited tool for creating new OLED-based luminous objects. In order to inspire lighting designers or product engineers and to explain the basic design options for OLED elements for creating own unique OLED-based lighting designs, we launched Project Monarch,

Millions of ECG holter examinations are performed every day to filter Cardio-Vascular Diseases. Holters are attached to the patients' chests during a minimum 24 hours period. The results of a medical examination depends not only on accurate measure but also on ordinary user behavior.

Drone Air’s UAV is the perfect flying solution to any delivery challenge. Drone Air Delivery (DaD) is manufactured using the latest modern manufacturing method to keep costs down. The DaD is made out of direct metal printing with a laser sintering method.

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