2014 Top 100 Entries


The following entries received the highest overall scores from the panel of judges.
They are listed in alphabetical order by title.

170 mpg Hydraulic Hybrid

270 kts. High Speed Helicopter

3000 Mile Capacitor Powered Electrical Vehicle

3D Vapor Chamber Heat Sink

A Fully Variable Valve in an Optimized 2-Stroke Diesel Engine

A Novel Process for Extracting Magnesium: Membrane Electrodialysis at Room Temperature

A Paradigm Shift for SMT Electronics: Micro-Coil Springs Interconnection for Ceramic and Plastic Grid Array Packaged Integrated Circuits

A Unique Adapter for Mounting Ball Bearings

Actuator System for Hydraulic Powered Exoskeleton

Adaptive Moulding Innovation

Advanced Wound Monitoring and Feedback Device

An Intelligent Pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler

Applying Excess Heat

Automatic Eye Finder & Tracking System

Backseat Baby Alarm

Blumove Bluetooth Security Assistant with AES Encryption

Buzzy for Pain Relief

CarKnow - "Avacar" Virtual Vehicles

Cloud and Smartphone Security

Continuously Variable Displacement Engine

Deep Space Habitat (DSH)

Deep Water Tidal Current Electric Generator

Direct Solar Energy Conversion to Electricity by Potentially Low Cost Nanometer Scale Metal-Insulator-Metal Tunnel Diode Serving as a Rectifier in Rectenna Arrays

Displacing Diesel Consumption with High Altitude Wind Energy from the Altaeros Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT)

D.R.I.A - Recognition Drone for Inaccessible Areas

DSS Technology

ecovent Systems - Make Every Room the Right Temperature

Electro-Mechanical Split Pad Disc Brakes Using Solenoid Valves

Emulsified Heavy Fuel Oil Reduces Consumption, Emission, and Maintenance Costs


Extreme Power Free-Piston Engine

Eyes-On Glasses

Freedom Transit

Freeform Additive Construction System (FACS)

GateKeeper: A Bluetooth Low Energy Proximity Lock for Your Computer

GPX2 Time to Digital Converter

Graphene Electromagnetic Emitter: A Terahertz Frequency Source

GRMed: A Multibioparameter Method for Quantitatively Evaluating Individual’s Global Cardiovascular Disease Risk

GVM Motor

HARBO Technologies

HemeChip for Early Diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease

High Power, Medium Voltage Compensator of Voltage Sags and Short Time Interruptions of Voltage at Power Grid with an Energy Storage Implemented as Battery of High Voltage Supercapacitors

Hybrid-Nuclear Sustainable Energy

Hybrid Photovoltaic/Solar Thermal Heating & Cooling System

Hydroponics Refashioned For the Home

Inductionless Technology for Huge Energy & Environmental Savings


Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS)

KneeStim from Articulate Labs

Large Hydrostatic Wind Turbine

Liquid Flow Sensor with Reverse Flow Detection Capability

Long Range Wireless Power Transmission

Low-Voltage Dielectrophoresis Capillary-Driven Whole Blood Chip for Point-of-Care Biomedical Diagnostic Application


Mobile Phone Based Blood Image Analysis and Malaria Diagnosis


Mosolver = Motor + Resolver

NanoFab Lab … in a Box! ™

Naturally Supercavitated Platforms for Naval Applications

New Class of High L/D Multi-Rotor VTOL Aircraft

New Method of Si Photovoltaic Manufacture

NOVAlert Watch Strap Driver Alertness Sustainer

OFact – a Compliant Linear Electromagnetic Actuator

Optical Sensors for Far-Infrared and Submillimeter Astronomy

Optics for Solar Panels at 1/3rd Cost, Higher Efficiency and High Scale

OVAL Fire Extinguisher

Pars Rescue Robot

Power Grid Transformer Protection from Solar Mass Ejections

Programmable Ultra Lightweight System Adaptable Radio

Prong Pocketplug


QuAD Smartphone-Based Medical Diagnostics

Quikiks -The First Totally Hands-Free Supportive Footwear

QVLA Light-Based Position Sensing

Radar Sensor for Obstacle Detection

Robotic Building Construction by Contour Crafting

Scalable Electric Propulsion

SHELA: A New Compact 10 MV S-Band Linear Accelerator

Simple Design for Efficient and Expanded Preventive Dental Sealant Delivery


SP-ADAS: High-Speed Single-Photon Camera for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Sterilizable Dual Syringe LSR Delivery System

Strike Finder Camera Triggers

“Syphone” Water Distillation Process and Apparatus


The Future of Power Electronics Control Mechanisms

The Polariton Interferometer - a Novel Inertial Navigation System

The Simplest, Most Efficient, Low Cost Engine

Time Capsule to Mars

Touch Robot Force-Compliant Manipulator

Transmission Lestran Orbital IVT™

Tri-Comb High Strength Low Density Panels

Ultra Fuel Efficient Vehicle


UroCycler Automatic Bladder Management System

USB ICPDigital Accelerometer

Venturi Induction for Internal Combustion Engines

VibeTech One: Rehabilitation Machine for Exercising the Immobile

Vivex-Cel: Advanced Wound Care Device

Wireless Bluetooth Pressure Transducer