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2022 Entries

Bullet Bopper (Consumer Product Design)

Creative Caring (Medical)

Exam Proctoring 360' (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Extinguishing Wildfires (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

MortalityGram (Medical)

Real-Time Pathogen Detection Technology (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Smart Pathology Specimen Bottle (Medical)

Sustainable: Aimful Nutri-fertilizer With 60% Deficiency-symptom/s Solver/ Remover (Consumer Product Design)

The “Dare Mighty Things” Act (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Thermaphones (Consumer Product Design)

Titan Textile Gear (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Viewing Fiber Optic Connectors (Aerospace & Defense)

2021 Entries

Advanced Ceramic Diesel Engine Cylinder Liners (Automotive/​Transportation)

Apparatus for Concentrating Parasitized Red Cells for Testing (Medical)

Development of an Open-Source 3D Printed Above Elbow Prosthetic: For Outdoor Recreation, or Developing World Work (Medical)

Diagnostics and Predictive Condition Analysis System for Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

EasyCAN Screen: A New Horizon in Cancer Diagnostics (Medical)

LifeSense ESD for Early Stage Detection of Disease by Smell (Medical)

Novel Force Balance Accelerometer (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Paperless Education (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

RBCs as Viral Baits (Medical)

Stem Cells Can be Used for Immunizing All (Medical)

Technology Open Professional Racing (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Next Generation of Eye Exams for the USA and ROW (Medical)

2020 Entries

Achieving Higher Cleaning Efficiency and Lower Pressure Drop Across a Chocked DPF by Dosing Amino-ethanol (Automotive/​Transportation)

Battery Health Sentry (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

ComImmunity (Medical)

Earlier Lung Cancer Screening Using the Exoutcancer System (Medical)

Flexishield, Peel It, Stick It, Dispose It (Consumer Product Design)

GREI: Graphene-Reinforced Elastomeric Isolators Seismic Isolation of Structures (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Homogeneous Band-gap Formation in Graphene Nanomembrane for the Use of Potential Semiconductor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Innovative Crashbox Made by Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic using Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing Methodology with Lattice (Automotive/​Transportation)

Low Cost Low Current Measurement Circuit (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Modification and Analysis of Groove Type Camshaft With Ball Type Lifter (Automotive/​Transportation)

PHAGE (Medical)

Stimulator of Vocal Chords (Medical)

Vieka (Medical)

2019 Entries

(MUST) Multi User Service Tray (Aerospace & Defense)

Artificial Intelligence Multi-Meter (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Atherosclerosis Detection (Medical)

AweSEM: Increasing Access to High-Resolution Imaging with a Low-Cost Scanning Electron Microscope (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Fretting Fatigue Rupture Detection of Conductor Using UAV and Image Processing (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

HPTK (H. Pylori Personal Test Kit) (Medical)

Intelligent Blood Tester to Detect Malaria Parasitemia (Medical)

Modular Handguard (Aerospace & Defense)

Multi-standard Mixer a Boon to Wireless World (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Near Real Time Reciprocating Analysis (Aerospace & Defense)

Potential Solid State Battery Electrolyte Withstands 1200°C Flame (Sustainable Technologies)

RBTT (Rapid Blood Type Test) (Medical)

Unrolled Photo for Piston Wear & Scuffing Studies (Automotive/​Transportation)

2018 Entries

Aerodynamic Design of Flow Measurement Instrument with 12 Pressures Taping Approach for Mach Range of 0.3 to 2.5 (Aerospace & Defense)

Cancer Biopsy Brush (Medical)

Compass Controlled Patrol or Leisure Hot-Air Balloon or Modification (Automotive/​Transportation)

Culture and Tissue Patch for Organ-on-a-Chip (Medical)

Discrete Power Converter (DPC) as Prime Mover, Powered by Gravity for Renewable Energy Technologies (Sustainable Technologies)

Gut Microbiota Biopsy Capsule (Medical)

In Vitro Cellular Toxicology Instead of Using Animals (Medical)

Low-cost Advanced Space Suit for Skydiving and Space Jump (Aerospace & Defense)

Microfluidic Chip Bio Detection/Identification (Medical)

Non-Animal Approach to Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Products (Medical)

Pre-Donation Blood Chair (PDBC) (Medical)

Rectification of Anomalous RAMA Thrusting Effects (Aerospace & Defense)

Vehicle Emission Test Protocols are Overestimating Internal Combustion Vehicle Tailpipe Emissions (Automotive/​Transportation)

2017 Entries

A Unique HF Receiving Antenna (Aerospace & Defense)

AC/DC Voltage Transducer (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Background Oriented Schlieren using Celestial Objects (BOSCO) (Aerospace & Defense)

biteThis (Consumer Products)

Bottlebrella (Consumer Products)

Dental HINT™ (Medical)

Digital Rule (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

ecoSPEARS - A Non-invasive True Solution to PCB Pollution in Contaminated Waterways (Sustainable Technologies)

EYEYE System Module for Deep Learning (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

HemoPen(TM) by Aïma: Revolutionizing Personal Healthcare (Medical)

Innovative Free-Flying Wingsuit (Consumer Products)

Leading Innovation in Clinical Education with RealLifeSim & VetLifeSim (Medical)

Low cost and sustainable emergency surface water purification system (Sustainable Technologies)

Low Cost Water Bio Treatment Plant for Andean Agriculture Production (Sustainable Technologies)

PET Fusing Machine (Sustainable Technologies)

Portable Rapid Sensor for Detection of E. Coli in Water (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Preliminary Design of a Light Sport Aircraft with Emphasis on Wind Tunnel Tests (Aerospace & Defense)

Rotary Instrument To Measure Circular & Linear Motion Parameters (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

2016 Entries

'DigiPen™'- Live Handwriting Capture System Enabled Electronic Smart Pen (Electronics)

AirBee (Medical)

Battery Testing System Enabling Hobbyists to Create High Performance Lithium Battery Packs (Consumer Products)

Electromagnetic Cosmetic Therapy - Noninvasive (Medical)

InSpec Snapshot Surface Gage (Aerospace & Defense)

KOACH Instant ISO Class 1 Cleanroom (Electronics)

Low Cost Cluster Computer Produces Underwater Acoustic Fields (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Proving Automated Vehicle Performance by Collision Avoidance in Driving Schools (Automotive/​Transportation)

Salt Consumption Controlling Container (Consumer Products)

Spectrophotometer Artemisia annua Concentration by Iridium & Cell Phone at Harvest (Sustainable Technologies)

UMAQ - A Reliable Screening Device For Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Medical)

VR Therapy with Biofeedback (VRTB) (Medical)

2015 Entries

4 Wheeled Micro Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Assembly Immersion Control (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Biodegradable Water Bottles for the Modern Culture (Consumer Products)

Bomb Detector (Electronics)

Cost-Effective Solar Water Pasteurization System (Sustainable Technologies)

Digital Color Light Pen ... DCLP (Consumer Products)

Emergency Injection For Use During Blocked Airways In Emergencies (Medical)

Floating Piston, Isolation Valve (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Hip Joint Replacement Wear Gauge (Medical)

Lid Retainment for a Storage Container (Consumer Products)

Live Underground Cable Test (Sustainable Technologies)

Performance Analysis Of Airfoil Profiles For Different Wind Patterns In Tamil Nadu (Sustainable Technologies)

PinBricks (Consumer Products)

Portable And Automated Sickle Cell Disease Diagnosis And Patient Monitoring Using Magnetic Levitation (Medical)

Smart Education System (Consumer Products)

Smart Relief Valve (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Solid State Regulated AC Transformer (Electronics)

Suction Pump as an Alternate For Car Seat Belt (Automotive/​Transportation)

The New and Easy Cat Litter Trays (Consumer Products)

Tire's Coefficient of Friction measuring Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

UV-C Cell Saver (Medical)

Water Tunnel (Aerospace & Defense)

2014 Entries

3D Vapor Chamber Heat Sink (Medical)

A Device That Quantitates Medically Important Components In Patient Samples (Medical)

Design of an Ultra-Compact and Mobile Test Device for Tensile Testing of Additive Manufactured Plastic Parts under Varying Climatic Conditions (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Detecting Emanations from Planets (Consumer Products)

Effect of Hydrogen Supplementation on 40% SVO-Diesel Blend on Performace, Combustion and Emission Characteristics of an IDI CI Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Equipment for Iron Filing estimation in tea (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

ExploraLab (Aerospace & Defense)

GPX2 Time to Digital Converter (Electronics)

Hands-Free Bike (Automotive/​Transportation)

HemeChip for Early Diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease (Medical)

Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS) (Aerospace & Defense)

Mobile Micro-Lab (Medical)

Morgana (Medical)

Nano-Probing applications in manufacturing inspection (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Old tensile test machine digitalization using existing hardware and software (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Semi-Automation of Autocollimator (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Shock Absorber Test Rig (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Surface Sampler Machine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Testing a Portable Emergency Ventilator (Medical)

The Automotive Guided Dynamic Rollover Test Device (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

The Reusable Bag You Remember (Consumer Products)

USB ICPDigital Accelerometer (Electronics)

2013 Entries

BluDAQ: Android Bluetooth Oscilloscope (Electronics)

Electrically Conducting Proteins for Continuous Assay (Medical)

LOC Micro (Medical)

Risk of Cancer Evaluation in Human Communities (Medical)

Simplest Quasistatic Test Machine (Aerospace & Defense)

Skill Capacity, Human Skills Assessment & Performance Evaluation Software (Aerospace & Defense)

Small Sample Analysis Device (Medical)

Supercolor Multiplexing (Medical)

Test Strip Mixture Indicators (Sustainable Technologies)

THAW (Temporary Hazardous-Area Walkway ) (Safety and Security)

Use of Radiation from PC Screen for Non-Destructive Controlling the Internal Strains in Transparent Parts (Machinery & Equipment)

2012 Entries

Advanced Baggage Handling System (Sustainable Technologies)

Applying Stress to Cells under Microscopy (Medical)

Augmented Reality for Field Services (Electronics)

Autonomous Robotic Vehicle for Transmission Line Inspection (Machinery & Equipment)

Build and Test Non-Mag Guideway System (Transportation)

High Sensitivity, Large Stand-off Simultaneous Measurement of Pitch and Yaw (Machinery & Equipment)

HistoMosaic: Cancer Tissue Diagnostics by Multiplexed PCR (Medical)

Low Cost Controller for Robotics and Homeschool STEM Learning (Electronics)

Multipurpose Augmented Sensing and Comprehending Interface System (MASCIS) (Electronics)

Navigatorscope (Machinery & Equipment)

New Electrocardiogram Display (Medical)

Oral Pathology Device (Safety and Security)

Peel Off Wafer Electronic Resting (POWER) Technology (Electronics)

Should Future Airliners Lose Their Tails? (Transportation)

Software Defined Omni-IDE Appliance (Electronics)

Stress Level Indicator (Medical)

The Hazardous Materials microSNIFFER (Safety and Security)

Very Fast High Dynamic Range Analog to Digital Converter, ADC (Machinery & Equipment)

2011 Entries

?Screen Fast and Cheap Bacteria Detection (Medical)

A New Method of Cardiogram Analysis (Medical)

Auto Leveling System (Machinery & Equipment)

Bicycle Crank System with Dead Spot Elimination (Transportation)

Body's Health Improvement Machine (Medical)

Cell Checker (Safety and Security)

Cell Tower Tester -The Squid (Electronics)

Compact Collimated Beam in Optical Spectrometers (Machinery & Equipment)

Detection of Tuberculosis Using Immuno Sensor (Medical)

EasyJob (Consumer Products)

Green Power Debugger (Electronics)

HHO Hydroxy Test Setup (Machinery & Equipment)

iMD Blood Diagnosis (Medical)

iPecs Tech (Electronics)

Ischiban- Stroke Detection Headband (Medical)

Method to Identify Counterfeit Integrated Circuits (Electronics)

Multifunctional Dental Apparatus (Medical)

2010 Entries

3D Interactive World (Consumer Products)

A Gateway To Green Power & Propulsion (Sustainable Technologies)

A Wind Power Plant With Vertical Linear Transit Blade (Sustainable Technologies)

Air-conditioning Analysis (Machinery & Equipment)

Dual Blood Pulse and Pressure Diagnostic System (Medical)

Dynamic simulation to test control system software (Machinery & Equipment)

Earthquake Detector (Safety and Security)

Full Spectrum Lapidary 3D Image Scanner and Method (Machinery & Equipment)

Future Fuels- Butanol (Sustainable Technologies)

Green Lite for Energy Conservation (Consumer Products)

Interlocking Electrical Test Probes (Consumer Products)

Materials Characterization Tribometer (Machinery & Equipment)

Micro Electrode Visual Inspection System (Medical)

Microphone Phantom Power Detector/Tester (Consumer Products)

Microstrip Heatsink Antenna Cooled by Water (Sustainable Technologies)

New Active Filter for Telecomunications (Machinery & Equipment)

New Car Door Design Overlapping Top (Transportation)

Tapless Solid Body Threaded Insert (Machinery & Equipment)

Terabit Serial Data Line (Consumer Products)

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