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2022 Entries

A Solar-Powered Generator with Zero Mechanical Drag Effects (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

A Warp Drive Motor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Acusuit (Aerospace & Defense)

Advanced Hybrid Technology for ALL Semi-Trailers and the Trucking Industry (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Advanced Passive Cooled Battery Pack (Automotive/​Transportation)

ALIFE AIR (Zero Emission Fuel) (Automotive/​Transportation)

An Internal Combustion Engine without a Crankshaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Anteneh's C Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Applying Cascading Circular Economy for Desai Zimmerman Anaerobic Digestion (DZAD) Cycle (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Artificial Eco-Tree (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

B-TMSG – DC (Biomass Gasifier-based Thermoelectric Module Static Generator DC Power) (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Ballast Water Treatment System (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Betterfrost Ultra-Low Energy Defrost & Defog System (Automotive/​Transportation)

BFR • Buoyant Freshwater Resuscitators™️ (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Bielectric Truck/Bus (Automotive/​Transportation)

Bio-inspired Lightweight and Energy-efficient Planetary Drill and Sample (Aerospace & Defense)

Bolt-on Infinitely Variable Transmission Increases Fuel Economy (Automotive/​Transportation)

Briquettes for Heating (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Buoyant Container-Sets EACH Fill With Hydrogen & Oxygen Gas from Water-Electrolysis at Bottom of Tower Generating Electricity (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Carbon to Hydrogen Battery (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Clean Air for a Better Environment (Automotive/​Transportation)

Concentrated Solar Power Generation Using Hydro-formed Parabolic Mirrors (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Contrail Market Exchange to Incentivize Airlines to Reduce Global Warming (Automotive/​Transportation)

Demster-Pumpster (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Design and Development of Simple, Portable, Self Wind Powered, Automated Mechanical Clutched Bucket System for Water Pump (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Donut Electrical Storage Device (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Dopazinator (Consumer Product Design)

DOWSIL™ TC-6015 Thermal Encapsulant (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Dual-Pitch Counter Rotating Blade (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

EARTHGRID™ (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Electric Drive Module to Retrofit Any Vehicle to Pluggable Hybrid (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Energy (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Electric Vehicle Powered by a Constant Speed Motor Through CVTs (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy Harvesting Uninterruptible Power Supply (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Eternium Long Range Multi-role Fuel Cell Electric Aircraft and Fuel System (Aerospace & Defense)

Ettridge Electric Carbon Brush Commutator (Automotive/​Transportation)

EVERA (Automotive/​Transportation)

External Combustion Engine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Free Energy Power Bank (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

From Waste to Energy Materials Such as Carbon Nanotubes and Hydrogen (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Gravity Induced, Buckyball Based Power Plant (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

HCCI Fickett-Jacobs Cycle Internal Pulse Detonation Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

High-temperature Air-cooled Hydrogen Fuel Cells — a Solution for Zero-emission Aviation (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Home Smart Energy (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Homopolar Liquid Vortex Magnetic Chelating Radioactive Particulate Decontamination Device for Fukushima (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Hydro Glove (Medical)

Hydrogen Fuel Generation (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Hydrogen Generating ORBAGEN (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Hydropower NOT Requiring Outside Power Source, Just Kinetic Energy Buoyant Balls Siphoning Liquid (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Improving Diesel Engine Emissions with Real-Time Non-Surfactant Fuel Supply System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Infrared Sourced (IRS) Heat Pump (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Instrument for Measurement of Human Mental Field and Bio-Fields (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Ion Jet (Aerospace & Defense)

Kirat Wheelchair (Automotive/​Transportation)

KUHMUTE, Universal Charging Network for Anything Smaller than an Electric Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Linear Slide Sensor (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

LN2 Plus Heat for Propulsion (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Matter-Antimatter Reactor Prototype Test Chamber (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Max Thabiso Generator and Motor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Methane Collector (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

MHIoTF Modular Hydroponic IoT Farm (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Multi-Fuel-Water Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Multiplying Hydroelectric Dam’s Water Forces Many Times To Generate Electricity (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

New 4 Stroke Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Perovskite Glass Composite Enabling Unbreakable Screens (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Offshore Closed Loop Latent Heat Energy Storage with Ocean Thermal Energy Capture (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Plastics Recovery in Oceans and Rivers (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Pollution (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Power Generating Mousepad (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Power Generation Device Using Brownian Motion (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Power Generator (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

POWERBLoK Ultracapacitor Energy Storage Solution (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Production of Electricity in Return for the Release of Groundwater (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

RF Fingerprinting for Industrial IoT Security (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Rotating Liner Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Scotch Yoke Mechanism Forced into Motion by Water Waves Generating Electricity from Buoyant Float (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Self Running Air Mining and Purification Device (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

SF2E -Sustainable Forest to Energy (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Skillpul Online Training for Specialty Chemicals Formulation and Manufacturing (Consumer Product Design)

Small Rechargeable Backup Battery for Appliances, Devices and Lights (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Smart Biopyr System (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Smart Shield for Photovoltaic (PV) Panels (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Solar Collector Heating System With Boiler (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Solar Guardian PV Connector for Preventing Arc-Faults in Solar Arrays (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Solar Tower (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Solectric Car (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Storm Wave Surge Mitigation (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

SUNPave: Tomorrow’s Energy Today (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Sustainable “Giga-ntic Bulk Solar Power” Generation Auto-plants (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

System Hybridization Vehicle into an Extended "Mild Hybrid" (Automotive/​Transportation)

Table Shear Back Gauge (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Ten Phase (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

The Civil Infrastructure as a New Untapped Source of Clean Energy (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

The Horus Green J-1 Hydro-Pneumatic Portable Spray Machine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

The Miracle of Lightning (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

The Resurrector - Portable EV Solar Charger (Automotive/​Transportation)

Thermal Regulating Paint (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Totally Electric Powered Solar Boat (Automotive/​Transportation)

Tree Generator (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

TruckY (Automotive/​Transportation)

Underground Solar Power Plant (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Vehicle Cooling Enabled by Nano Coating (Automotive/​Transportation)

VForce® Shape Adaptive (Morphing) Technology for Rigid Sails with Increased Propulsion Power (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Wastewater Treatment and Biomass Decomposition via Solute ION Linear Alignment ION Beams (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Water Droplet EZ Shell Envelops Bulk Water Generating Positive/Negative Electricity on Carbon Monolith (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Wave’s Inertial Electric Generator (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Wazobia Power (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Wind Operated Lighting Pole (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

World Wide Electrical Grid (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Zero Leak Magnetic Valves (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Zinc Sponge Battery (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

2021 Entries

1000 Containers Per Hour Port Crane System (Automotive/​Transportation)

48 V Electrified Axle to Assist the Main Vehicle HV Motor (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Hypothetical Low to High Energy Signal Converter (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

A Pumpless, Composite Layered Modular Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal System with Thermoelectric Generators and Heat Pipes (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

A Warp Drive Motor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Aerodynamic Optimization of Wind Turbines (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Aeromaric (Aerospace & Defense)

Aircraft Fuselage with Flat Bottom (Aerospace & Defense)

Alternative Energy Source for the Future (Consumer Product Design)

Automated Hydroponic System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Battery Savers (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Boron Fusion Reactor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Buoyant Rotor™ (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Carbon-Neutral System for Demand/Supply Balancing of Solar and Wind Electricity Generating Installations (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Cogeneration of Heat and Electricity (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Combined Hydro Turbine and Fish Passageway (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Concept Spaceship With Inertial Drive (Aerospace & Defense)

Counter Rotating Tillage Machines (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Creating a Better Tomorrow by Repurposing Coal: Converting Coal & Waste into Renewable Hydrogen (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

CryoRAC: An Innovative Cryogenic Air Conditioner (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Design and Development of a 1.5kVA Dynamic Fuelless Generator (DFLG) (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Design and Production of Pellets from Forest Waste (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Design of an Auto Crediting Module and Scheme for Prepaid Energy Meters (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

ECD - Energy Conservancy Device with Three-way Power Transmission (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Electric Multi Use Landscape Equipment (E-MULE) (Consumer Product Design)

Electric Power Storage Power Plant (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Battery Pack and Methods to Charge Fast (Automotive/​Transportation)

Emed (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Energy-Conserving Flashlight (Consumer Product Design)

Ferromagnetic Field Engine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Fiber Laser Pumped With Electron Beams From Carbon Nanotubes (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

FUSION™ Solar-powered LED (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Hairpin Motor Using Aluminum Hairpins (Automotive/​Transportation)

Heat Engine - Solar or ANY Heat Source (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Hexaviation Snowflake (Automotive/​Transportation)

High Efficiency Cascaded Airfoil Wind Turbine (CAWT) (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

High-performance Novel-morphology Al/PDMS TENG for High-sensitivity Force-sensor and Self-powered Application (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Hollow Generator™ (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Hollow Turbine™ (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Hyper Drone (Aerospace & Defense)

Keltric High Voltage Power System for Electrostatic Motor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Land Aquatic Park with Desalinization Plant (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Linear Motor Projectile Excavation (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Litterbug: Plant-able Packaging (Consumer Product Design)

Low Cost Marine Current Power Plant (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Microwave Water Heater (Consumer Product Design)

Motion Battery (Automotive/​Transportation)

Moveable Spaces in the City (Automotive/​Transportation)

NanoXynergies (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

NDB Universal Lifelong Self-charging Green Battery (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

New Bird Repellant Wind Turbine Invention (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

New Efficient and Cost Saving Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

New Efficient Wave Power Generator (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

New HOPE - Power Generation & Water (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

New Technologies in Sustainable Hydrogen Production from Hydrocarbons and Waste Plastics (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Niger Gratitude Pipeline (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Odor Free Compost Can (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Oil Cleanup and Remediation through Compost (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Optimization of Electric Motor Operation of Full Electric Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

P - LAN (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Photonect (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

POD MOD / Power On Demand MODule (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Power-to-Gas Improvements with E-Hy BOX (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Recycling of Lithium Ion Electrodes (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Renewable Low Sulfur Low Carbon Diesel from Agricultural Waste (Automotive/​Transportation)

Renewable Water and Power (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Renewable Water Source (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Renewable Water, Power, and Agriculture™ (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Residential & Consumer Scale: The Next Generation (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Retrofitting Old Bicycles into Electric Bikes for Rental Services (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Rideable Carry-on Electric Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Robotic Electric Powered System for Operating Electric Powered Farm Machines Along It, While Moving from Row to Row (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Rotary Magnetic Motor (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotary Piston Pump and Motor for Gases and Fluids (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotary Vane Engine without Mechanical Synchronisation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Schroeder 2030 Initiative (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Self-Winding Generator™ (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

SERS-Suspension Energy Recovery System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Smart Crossbreed E-bike (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Smart Grid Integration using Net Metering (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Smart Power Consumption (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Solar Cells (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Solar Deployed Rotating Buildings (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Solar Power-Assisted EV Battery Balancing System (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Solute ION Linear Alignment (SILA) Particle Accelerator for AI and Bitcoin Energy Requirements, Rare Earth Production et al (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Sound Canceling Offshore Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Sowda Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

STELLA SUITES - Reason Why People Will Buy Electric Cars (Automotive/​Transportation)

Stop Global Warming with World's Most Efficient Engine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Sustainable Light Electric Airship (SLEA) (Aerospace & Defense)

Sustainable Manufacturing for Metal Products: Energy as a Sustainability Indicator (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Taming the Grid (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Teleportation of Physical Objects (Aerospace & Defense)

The Home as an Energy Ecosystem (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

The Other Hydrogen Economy™ (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

The Tomorrow Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

The United States of America is Not Ready for the Effects of Climate Change and the Future Demand for Power (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Thermionic Transistor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Tubeless Mortar Low Acceleration Launching System (Aerospace & Defense)

Turbocharged Zhou Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Using Wave Energy Converters during Storm Surges (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

VAYU-The Power House (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

VForce® Morphing Wind Turbine Blades (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Voltaic Shoe - Power The World Through Walking (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Water (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Water Wheel Electrical Generator (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Wave-Generator Powerhouse (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

WaveLifter (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Worldwide Electrical Grid (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Zero Energy Development (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

2020 Entries

1mm-Thin Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

3D Modeling Laboratory for Electrical Engineers (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

A Highly Reliable Standalone Remote Power Supply - Thermoelectric Generator (TMSG-DC) (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

A Novel Self Starting High Efficiency Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

A Warp Drive Motor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Accelerate Plant Growth with Electricity (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Aerodynamic Electric Solar Bus (AESB) (Automotive/​Transportation)

AIr Conditioner Vapor Cycle Power Recovery Mechanism (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Ambient Updraft Power Converter (Consumer Product Design)

Armored Fuel Car for CNG Locomotives (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automation of Mines Using Smart Detonators (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Bacterial Colony and Power Generation (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

BEOL NEM Relay-Based Inductorless DC-DC Converters (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

BlueBattery - Storing Renewable Energy Using Water and Table Salt (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

BMHK Engine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Buckyball Sphere Shape is Propulsion and Power Generator (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Candle’s Carbon Sequestration (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Clean Cooker Based on Solar Energy (Consumer Product Design)

ConcenTracker (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Cryogenic Spray Chamber for Ice Shell Formation and Explosive Separation of Impurities From Wastewater (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Design of the Mk12.31 Prototype (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Diesel Bleeding Mechanism (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Domestic Refrigerator (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration Innovation (Automotive/​Transportation)

ElioT Microgrid (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Enabling Production of Stranded Natural Gas: Eliminating Flaring and Providing Clean Water (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Enent-Intellica (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Energy Flux Circular Power Stations (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Energy from Exhaust Fan (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Energy Harvesting Shock Absorber for EVs. (Automotive/​Transportation)

Enhanced Electric Power Substation for Off-shore Wind Farms (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

EnviroCool Hybrid Super Truck - Modular Upgrade Platform (Automotive/​Transportation)

EVER-Green™ Coal (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Every Watt Matters (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Extinguishing Mine Fires with Liquid Nitrogen (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Flash Graphene (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Float Wave Electric Power Station (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Floating Solar Powered Hydrogen Generator for Sustainable Energy Production (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

FLUIDODYNAMIC Filtering Technology Against Climate Change (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Future Energy (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Gravitational Water Desalination (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Greatly Expanding Means of Cleaning Near-shore and Inland Waterways (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Green Fuel from Waste (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Green It (Consumer Product Design)

Grid-Forming/Following Control for Converters of Renewable Energy Sources (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Homogeneous Band-gap Formation in Graphene Nanomembrane for the Use of Potential Semiconductor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

How to Automatically Generate Temperature Difference From Uniform Temperature Environment (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Hydrostatic Bicycle Infinite Variable (Automotive/​Transportation)

ICE Vehicle to Hybrid (Automotive/​Transportation)

IoT Smart Grid to Improve Electrical Grid Inspection (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

LCS Smart Hot Water Heater (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Light for the Ultra-Poor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Load Forecasting Using Artificial Intelligence (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

LocoCharger (Consumer Product Design)

LoTempLene (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Multi-hybrid Energy Generator Uses Piezoelectric, Photovoltaic, and Triboelectric Harvesting Micro-grid Array (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Nano Additives in Greases (Automotive/​Transportation)

Nationwide Hyperlink Toll Road (Automotive/​Transportation)

OSC+ (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Planetary Civilisation Institute (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Plant-Based Meat Substitutes with Microencapsulated Algae (Consumer Product Design)

Plastic Eating Hyena (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Prosary Energy Smart Power Adapter (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

PUR-Ethanol: The Future of Biofuel Production (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

R GLU - Marine Water to Fresh Water (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

rAider (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Reducing Climate Change with Waste to Energy (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Reduction of VOCs from Coal Combustion: Functionalized Cross-linking of Hierarchical Adsorption and Photocatalytic Oxidation (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Reversible Protonic Ceramic Cell (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Room Temperature Optimizer (Consumer Product Design)

Self Powered Hydroponic Farm (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Silver Lock Fastener (Aerospace & Defense)

Simulated Innovation for Distributed Team Product Development and low CAPEX Strategies (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Simultaneous Positive Pressure Ventil-Aid System (Medical)

Smart Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping-CUM-Charging Station (Consumer Product Design)

Smart Room Sensor (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Solar Bee Drone (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Solar Child : Energy Harvester for Homes (Consumer Product Design)

Solar Electric Car with Motor-Wheel (Automotive/​Transportation)

Solar Pumped Storage with Artificial Intelligence (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Solar Thermal Stirling Cycle Air Conditioning Heat Pump with Minimized Dead Volume (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Solidified Natural Gas (SNG) for Safe Storage and Transport of Natural Gas (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

State of the Art Novel InFlow Tech ·1-Gearturbine: Reaction Turbine, ·Rotary-Turbo, Similar to the Aeolipile (Aerospace & Defense)

State of the Art Novel InFlow Tech. ·2-Imploturbocompressor: Impulse Turbine, ·Implo-Ducted, 1 Moving Part Type (Aerospace & Defense)

Steptank Thermal Driven Heatpump (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

STORMBIN for Geopower, Green Hydrogen & Carbon Dioxide Capture (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Subwave Wave Energy Converter (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Sunthetics: Electrifying the Chemical Industry through Artificial Intelligence (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

System for Converting Human Walking Movement into Electric Energy (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

The Fail-Safe Vehicle Braking System (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Future of the Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Ion Jet (Aerospace & Defense)

The Platypus (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

The Portable Tree - Atmosphere Transformation Project (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Thermionic Wave Generator (TWG) (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

ThermoTerra (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

theSARCproject (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Urban Cow, Food Waste to Power (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Urban Telecom Node (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Using Desert Air Cooler as Water Cooling System (Consumer Product Design)

Wall Intengrated Oxy-fuel Combustion for Piston Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Waste Energy Harvesting for Coolant Control Valve (Automotive/​Transportation)

World Wide Electric Grid (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Zero Fuel Marine Off Grid Houseboat (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

2019 Entries

A Smart Knee Implant Using Triboelectric Energy Harvesters (Medical)

A Warp Drive Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

A-KERS: Adaptive Kinetic Energy Recovery System for Electrified Heavy Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Absolute, Unlimited Power Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Adaptive Thermal Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Algae Biodiesel: a Sustainable Fuel for Power Generation Sector (Sustainable Technologies)

All-magnet Motive Power (Aerospace & Defense)

Automated Sediment Collection Mechanism of a Dam (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Autonomous Greenhouse for Urban Settings (Sustainable Technologies)

Beachill (Consumer Products)

BIOO₂ | Algae Bio-Integrated System (Sustainable Technologies)

Camless Glide Valve Engine Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

Carbon Calcy (Automotive/​Transportation)

Carbon Fiber Monolith with Carbon Hydrophilic-Nanotubes (Automotive/​Transportation)

Click Energy (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Clothes Drying Machine/Appliance (Consumer Products)

CO2 Capture by Seawater and Production of Biomass for Renewable Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Cold Fusion Generator Alternative Energy Solution (Sustainable Technologies)

CONCEPTX (Sustainable Technologies)

Cone Solar Panel (Sustainable Technologies)

Cooking at Kitchen by Parabolic Solar Cooker (Solar Hot Oil Generator) (Consumer Products)

Create Cleaner Air in the Future: a Newly Designed Method for Efficient Hg Removal in Coal Combustion Flue Gas (Sustainable Technologies)

Cyclo Motor (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Eco Green Energy Power Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Electric Powered Motorbike on Rail Tracks (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Producing Solar Still (Sustainable Technologies)

Electro Magnetic Wave Capture Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

EMP Suction Round Vehicle Mount (Aerospace & Defense)

Enent (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Energy Efficient Autonomous Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy-efficient “Greenest” Air Conditioner that Cools without Warming the Planet (Sustainable Technologies)

Environmentally Friendly Lawn & Garden Care (Consumer Products)

Eternal Energy Electric Device (Sustainable Technologies)

Fluid Lenses (Aerospace & Defense)

Forever Fuel Anti-Gravity Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Fuel-less, pollution less Steam Engine /Steam Turbine Electric Train and Car Without Water Filling Again & Again (Sustainable Technologies)

Gigabot X - Printing with Pellets (Sustainable Technologies)

Green Driver (Automotive/​Transportation)

Green Island (Sustainable Technologies)

Grid Fruit: AI Keeping Food Fresh with Less Energy (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Heat Pipe Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Heating of the Future (Sustainable Technologies)

High Efficiency Clothes Dryer Powered by Solar Concentrator (Sustainable Technologies)

High Efficiency Positive Displacement Water Powered Sump Pump (Consumer Products)

High-Pressure Conformable Hydrogen Storage System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ice Tech (Sustainable Technologies)

Ina Lite (Sustainable Technologies)

INNOVICLE (Consumer Products)

IONIC Battery (Sustainable Technologies)

IoT and Data Science for Urban Waste Energy System (Sustainable Technologies)

Is Water Desalination the Answer? (Sustainable Technologies)

Kilowatt Killer: a Patented Smart Switch with Ecological Intelligence (Consumer Products)

Kitchen Appliance Recovered Energy System (KARES) (Sustainable Technologies)

Life Cycle Cost Quantification Tool for Streetlights (Sustainable Technologies)

Light Circulation Experiment (Aerospace & Defense)

M21 (Sustainable Technologies)

Maxwell’s Demon Realized by Brownian Motion (Sustainable Technologies)

MicroEVAP™: Concentrating Industry's Wastewater for a Sustainable Future (Sustainable Technologies)

Multi-Layered Solar Panel Charging Station For Electric Vehicles (Sustainable Technologies)

Neighborhood Resilience Centers: How to Improve Response to Natural Disasters and Cyber Attacks (Sustainable Technologies)

Noise to Electricity (Sustainable Technologies)

Noncontact Power Transfer for Hyperloop Type Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Novel Integrated Motor-Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Osmosis Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Pavement Solar System (Sustainable Technologies)

Potential Solid State Battery Electrolyte Withstands 1200°C Flame (Sustainable Technologies)

Reading Table with Unconventional Energy Production System (Consumer Products)

ReNEWheel: Active Integrated Non-Pneumatic Tire/Wheel/Suspension/Drive for Electric Vehicles (Non-Disposable) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Reversible Magnetic Transmission for Electric Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Saving the Climate and the Budget - A Sustainable Personal Transportation System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Self Powered Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Self Stirring Mesophilic Anaerobic Reactor (Sustainable Technologies)

Self-Sustainable, Profitable Wastewater Treatment System (Sustainable Technologies)

Shade Maker High Power Tension Line Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Smart Intelligent Prescriptive Personal Protective Equipment (PPPE) (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Smart Wall (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Soft Power Wheelchair (Medical)

Solar Power from Desert Areas (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Silo (Sustainable Technologies)

Solarcycle Renewable Off-Grid Tiny Home (Sustainable Technologies)

SOLID STATE Batteries: Better, Faster, Cheaper Using Plastic Injection Molding Technology (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Solving the Algae Problem (Sustainable Technologies)

Space Plane Quantum Locking (Aerospace & Defense)

State of the Art Novel InFlow Tech GEARTURBINE Rotary Turbo Similar System Aeolipilie (Aerospace & Defense)

Sustained Motion (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Acrobattery: DIY Battery Pack Using Second Life Cells (Sustainable Technologies)

The First Steps of the Industrial Revolution with the Use of Permanent Magnets (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Future of MagLev: How the Magnetic-Levitation Turnpike will Revolutionize Ground Transportation (Automotive/​Transportation)

The World's First Standalone AC (Alternating Current) Battery (Automotive/​Transportation)

Therapeutic Pillow to Relieve Pain, Cure Diseases, and Calm Autistic Children (Medical)

Thermal-Energy-Cooler-HVAC Automobile System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Triple Hybrid Water Heater (Sustainable Technologies)

TURBINE with Jet Incision and Turboexpander (Sustainable Technologies)

Tyro Ad infinitum Gas (Automotive/​Transportation)

Unusual Gyroscope (Aerospace & Defense)

Utilizing Piezoelectricity to Manufacture a Self-Charging Phone Case (Consumer Products)

Vortex Drag Reduction (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wave2O - Clean Water From Ocean Waves (Sustainable Technologies)

Z-PEC (Sustainable Technologies)

2018 Entries

A Low Cost Overunity Machine that Enables Warp Drive, Feasible Time Travel, Teleportation (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Sensitive Handheld Radiation Sensor (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

A Sustainable Energy Technology : Generating Electricity and Producing Base (Sustainable Technologies)

A Time Reversal Device (Medical)

Active Cooling System (ACS) for Electronics (including Powerful LED Light Engines) (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

ADDS (At Depth DeSalinization) (Sustainable Technologies)

Aerogels from Environmental Wastes for Novel Engineering Applications (Sustainable Technologies)

AEROSTAT Based Hybrid Power Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Air Centrifugation Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

Aluminum Powered Electricity Generation (Consumer Products)

An Internal Combustion Engine with a Rack Gear (Crémaillère) Instead of a Crankshaft. Every Stroke is Combustion (Automotive/​Transportation)

Antimatter Reactor (Aerospace & Defense)

Automotive Air Filter to Gain 30-50% More Mileage and Reduce CO and CO2 Emissions by 45% (Automotive/​Transportation)

Baxter Automotive Motor System Perpetual Motion (Automotive/​Transportation)

Bi-Toroid Transformer (BiTT) Load Isolation Transformer (Sustainable Technologies)

Biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas Oil as an Alternative for Use in Diesel Engines (Sustainable Technologies)

BIOO2|Algae Bio-Integrated System (Sustainable Technologies)

BUCKYBALL Sphere Extruded from a Central Point to Buckyball Forming Panels for Wind Power Turbines (Sustainable Technologies)

CareWear Wearable Light Therapy (Medical)

Catch-all Harvest System (Sustainable Technologies)

Circular Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Cold Springs and Solar Ponds as Natural Power Generators (Sustainable Technologies)

College and University Tools for the Environment (Consumer Products)

Comprehensive Heat Recovery and Reuse (Sustainable Technologies)

Continuously Controllable Diesel Fuel Injector (Automotive/​Transportation)

Diamond Enriched Lamination Insulation for Electrical Machines (Sustainable Technologies)

Direct Conversion of Natural Gas to Dimethyl Ether, an Ultra-Clean Synthetic Diesel for Power Generation in Oil & Gas Rigs (Sustainable Technologies)

Discrete Power Converter (DPC) as Prime Mover, Powered by Gravity for Renewable Energy Technologies (Sustainable Technologies)

Displacement Safety System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Ductile Ceramic (Aerospace & Defense)

Efficient Carbon Capture and Conversion to Materials and Fuel (Sustainable Technologies)

Efficient Vertical Axis Water Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Electric Vehicle For Forest Dwellers (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy From Earth (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Harvesting Vehicle Radiator Fan (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy Out of Waste (Sustainable Technologies)

Enhancing Rock Penetration Efficiency by a Novel Bio-inspired Drill (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Eternal Energy Electric Device (Sustainable Technologies)

Experimental Cargo-Passenger Catamaran with Three Power Supplies for the Propulsion Unit (Automotive/​Transportation)

Farm without Climate, Soil and Sun (Sustainable Technologies)

Flow Battery Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Fluid Dynamic Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Forest Waste to Hydrocarbons (Sustainable Technologies)

H.E.R.- Uses for Waste Emission Gases (Sustainable Technologies)

H2N- Human to Nanogrid: Utilization of Human Muscle Power for Producing Electricity (Sustainable Technologies)

H2O to H2 and O! (Sustainable Technologies)

Heat Pipe Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Heat Retention Solar Oven (Sustainable Technologies)

HiLLo-ORC : Semi-Hermetic Expander Technology for Converting Waste Heat to Electricity (Sustainable Technologies)

Holistic IoT Interior Climate Control (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Holographic-Fusion via Solar Pumped Lasers (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Hydraulic Transmission with the Accumulator as the Frame of the Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hybrid Vehicle of Series- Parallel Type with a Low Power Electric Chain which is Compatible with the 48V Voltage (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hydrogen Electric Utility Vehicle with Active Suspension (Sustainable Technologies)

Hyper4 - High Efficiency Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Improve the Efficiency of Growing Plants (Consumer Products)

Invisible Glass (Consumer Products)

Keychain Generator of Energy (Consumer Products)

Low Water Top Load Washing Machine (Consumer Products)

Magnetic Field Compression Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnetic Suspension on Permanent Magnets (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Mega Wheel Turbine Mounted on Super Structure (Sustainable Technologies)

Melni Connectors (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

MEMS Wind Turbine Array and Scalable Power Generation Unit for Facile Deployment on Urban Infrastructure (Sustainable Technologies)

MEUSOL - Modular Enclosed Unit of Solar Optimized Light (Sustainable Technologies)

Micro Grid Wind Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Misters for Improved Efficiency of Outside HVAC Condenser Units (Consumer Products)

Modular Lawn & Garden Equipment (Consumer Products)

MOSS' (Sustainable Technologies)

Nano Additive Methyl Ester for Emission Reduction in CI Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Silicon on Isolator Wafer (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Nigam's Mechanism: A Regenerative Way of Electricity Production (Sustainable Technologies)

Novel Fixed Flexing Linear Solar Energy Collector (Sustainable Technologies)

Osmosis Power (Sustainable Technologies)

Oxygen Supplemented Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (Automotive/​Transportation)

Peltier Charger (Sustainable Technologies)

Permanent Spiral Magnet Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

Piston-chain Arrangement for Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Poizo - Smart Space Heater (Consumer Products)

Power Generation from Hydrogen Fuel (Derived from Water by Electrolysis) (Sustainable Technologies)

Power to Every Soul on Earth (Sustainable Technologies)

Production of Biodeisel from New and Waste Oil (Sustainable Technologies)

PV Robotics (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

RayMac Compressor (Sustainable Technologies)

ReGenX Generator for Electric Power Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Resistance Energy (Generating Wind Energy Using Flapping Panels) (Sustainable Technologies)

Retrofit Offshore Cargo Transfer Concept (Automotive/​Transportation)

Reusable Warming/Cooling Pack for Electricity-free Vaccine Refrigeration or Warming (Medical)

RollnCoat: Roll-to-Roll Hybrid Plasma Modular Coating System for High-Performance Thermal Control Films (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Safety Switching System (Consumer Products)

Self Charge (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Self-Sustaining Fast Food Carts (Sustainable Technologies)

Smart Meter (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Cells as Permanent Blinds (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Controlled Ventilation (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

SOLAR ROBO WARBLER (Solar Flapping Wing Robotic Bird) (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Solar Synthesis Solar Mill (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Tracking Window Unit (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Water & Cooking System (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar-Tile-II, for Homes & Vehicles Outputs DC or AC (Sustainable Technologies)

Spacecraft Hydraulic Torch Jump (Sustainable Technologies)

SSOLAEROS: Stratospheric Solar Aerostatic Omnifunctional System (Aerospace & Defense)

Steampunk Orbital Reentry Method - Hypothesis Only (Aerospace & Defense)

STEHO Energy Saving System (Sustainable Technologies)

Sun Printer by Mobile (Sustainable Technologies)

Super Capacitor Powered Water Leak Isolation System (Consumer Products)

Tangent Drive Mechanism (TM) (Automotive/​Transportation)

The concept ESP (Energy Saving Pod) (Automotive/​Transportation)

TIP-PATH Thrust On Rotary Roller Chain Sprocket Circuit: Solar Stirling, Engines, Piezoelectric Wafer or Electric Motor/Gener (Automotive/​Transportation)

To Determine the Effect of Dimpled Poppet Valve on the Flow in Engine Cylinder by Port Flow Simulation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Toler (Sustainable Technologies)

Transfer of Reluctance Frequency Multiplier (Sustainable Technologies)

Transparent Conducting Oxide (Sustainable Technologies)

Two-stroke Rotary Engine For Small Applications (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ultra-low Power Compact Re-programmable Digital Circuits Using Micro-electromechanical Resonators (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Ultralight Bike (Automotive/​Transportation)

Underground Hydrocarbon Spills & Mars Organic Compounds: Low Cost Mapping by GPR-CSP Method (Aerospace & Defense)

Urban Living Generator: Sibol Project of Algae 360 Degrees Photobioreactor Windows (Sustainable Technologies)

Using Weight of a Vehicle as its Driving Force. (Automotive/​Transportation)

Utilisation of Tidal Energy with Fixed Structures and Floating Pontoons (Sustainable Technologies)

Vehicle Energy Transformation - Gas to Electric (Sustainable Technologies)

Vehicle Poison-To-Fuel ConverterTM (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vehicle to Cloud (V2C) Remote Management of Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Charging (Automotive/​Transportation)

Waste to Energy Efficiency (Sustainable Technologies)

Wood Lamp (Sustainable Technologies)

ZED Ultra-high Efficiency Fuel Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

2017 Entries

‘LifeRoll’ for Safe Drinking Water in Low Resource Countries, in Disaster and Adventure Kits (Sustainable Technologies)

"Green Glass" Repurposed Glass Bottles (Sustainable Technologies)

"SunSpot" Solar Energy Monitor (Sustainable Technologies)

(24/7) From Solar Thermal-to-Electrical Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

A Low Cost Overunity Machine Mechanism That Also Allows Warp Drive, Feasible and Real Time Travel for Humans (Sustainable Technologies)

A Means of Increasing EV & ICE Vehicle Range Using Normally Wasted Suspension Energy (Automotive/​Transportation)

A New Environmental Friendly Gas Flaring Model (Sustainable Technologies)

A Polyhedral Heliotrope on a 270 Deg Solar Locating and Tracking System (Sustainable Technologies)

A Powerful Electricicty Generator Whose Function Depends Upon Electromagnetic Phenomena (Sustainable Technologies)

AC/DC Voltage Transducer (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Airplane Leading Edge (Aerospace & Defense)

Algae Biodiesel: Green Fuel for Power Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

AllFuel TotalCombustion Technology (AFTC) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Amalgamated Renewable Energies (Sustainable Technologies)

Anti Supply Hippo Intelligence Valve (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Anyway Electric Wall (Goodbye to Electric Boards) (Consumer Products)

Application of Daniel Bernoulli's Method at Truck and Wagon for Fuel Saving (Automotive/​Transportation)

ATPC - Active Tire Pressure Control (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automatic Amplitude Regulator (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Battery Maximizer (Sustainable Technologies)

Calibrated Braking System Using Compressor Action With Deactivated Fuel And Ignition (Automotive/​Transportation)

Capture Waste Heat from Draining Shower Water (Sustainable Technologies)

Centrifugal Phase Separator (Sustainable Technologies)

Charge Sharing Electric Vehicle Architecture (Automotive/​Transportation)

Charging Shoe and Automatic Charging Station (Automotive/​Transportation)

Closed Marine Energy Battery Technology (Sustainable Technologies)

Compact Impulse Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Cooling System for a Solar Photovoltaic Panel (Sustainable Technologies)

Cyclic Wind & Water Powered Turbine and Machine (Sustainable Technologies)

Desalting seawater with oil (Sustainable Technologies)

Design and Fabrication of Wood Chopping Machine (Sustainable Technologies)

Design and Optimization of Renewable Energy Structure (Sustainable Technologies)

Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Double Wishbone Suspension System for a Hybrid Cycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Device and Method for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Dysrhythmia by Ablation (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Diamond Based Winding Insulation for Electrical Machines (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Dielectric Cell (Sustainable Technologies)

Doubling the World's Clean Energy, Food and Water Supplies While Keeping Global Warming Under Control (Sustainable Technologies)

Ecosense - A Savior of 1,00,000 Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions (Sustainable Technologies)

Ejector Based Solar Air-conditioning (Sustainable Technologies)

Electric Off-Road Motorcycle Conversion Kit (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Solar Car with Rear and Front Steering Drive (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Vehicle as Emergency Power Source (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electrically Operated Flywheel in IC Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electroactive Material for Wound Healing (Medical)

Electromagnetic Reciprocating Compressor (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Electromagnetic Repulsion Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

Elevated Beam Structure for Cargo and People (Automotive/​Transportation)

EMF Induced By Magnetic Field to Run an Automobile (Automotive/​Transportation)

Emission Control in Vehicles by Magnetic Fuel Conditioning (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy from Exhaust (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Generation From Household Waste Water and Excreta (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Harvesting System through IC Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy Recovery Suspensions (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy Rural Development (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Saving Air Conditioning Unit (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Saving Filter for Removal of Heavy Metals from Water (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Transmission - Wireless Technology (Sustainable Technologies)

Engines with no Need for Fuel (Sustainable Technologies)

Eternal Energy Electric Device (Sustainable Technologies)

Evaporative Water Cooler (Consumer Products)

Exchanging System for Charged Power Bank (Consumer Products)

Exciter (Automotive/​Transportation)

External Magnetic Field (ExMF) Electric Generator (ExMF-EG) (Sustainable Technologies)

External Magnetic Field-Propulsion Systems (ExMF-PS) (Aerospace & Defense)

Fellow – Smart Pet Gadget. Controlled by Humans, Powered by Dogs (Consumer Products)

Ferro-fluid Immersed Permanent Magnet Machines (Sustainable Technologies)

FES - 75kW Cheapest New Autonomous Energy Generator for Groups of Homes (Sustainable Technologies)

Field PSS (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Food Security App (Sustainable Technologies)

Free Energy Generator for Aerospace and Defense (Aerospace & Defense)

Free Energy Harvesting Using Weight of the Vehicle Moving on the Road (Sustainable Technologies)

Free Energy Technology That Works Really (Sustainable Technologies)

Free-Piston Isolated-Scavenge for 2-Stroke Opposed-Piston Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Freedom Mass Transit (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel - less Transportation System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Free Transport System Based on Seesaw Track (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Less Automobile Engine Design (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel-saving Visual Traffic Indicator (Automotive/​Transportation)

Future Dustbin (Sustainable Technologies)

Gas Cap Grip (Consumer Products)

Gravity Power Plant (Sustainable Technologies)

Grawy (Sustainable Technologies)

Gyro-Watt: Vertical Wind Energy Configuration for Low Velocity Regime (Sustainable Technologies)

Harnessing wind energy using vortex induced vibration (VIV) (Sustainable Technologies)

Heat Flux Sensor Based Thermostat (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

HI-LIGHT - Solar Thermal Chemical Reactor Technology for Converting CO2 to Hydrocarbons (Sustainable Technologies)

High Efficiency and Environment Friendly Gas Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

High Efficient Two-stroke GDI Piston Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

High-Performance Liquid-Cooled Edge System that Goes Anywhere – Even a Boiler Room (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Highway Wind Power Generation by VAWT (Vertical axis wind turbine) (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Mobile Charger for Natural Disaster (Consumer Products)

Hybrid Parabolic Trough Photovoltaic/Thermal System (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) Solar Collector (Sustainable Technologies)

Hydrogen Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hydroxy Gas Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Improving Efficiency of Solar Cells at the Small Scale (Sustainable Technologies)

Inductive Charged Notebook (Consumer Products)

Inductive Charger for Vehicle Hosting a Quick Releasable Battery (Automotive/​Transportation)

Indukto™ (Consumer Products)

Inexpensive, Simple and Safe System to Prevent Aircraft Fuel-tank Explosion (Aerospace & Defense)

Integration of Nano Crystal Solar Cells with Rotor Blades and Tower of Wind Turbines (Sustainable Technologies)

Intelligent Heat Pump System Capable of Minimizing Energy Consumption and User Adjustment (Automotive/​Transportation)

Intelligent Solar operated Drainage Channels & Water Bodies Cleaning Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

IoT Based Smart Bus Shelter (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

JULLS (Joint Unified LED-light Set) (Aerospace & Defense)

Lightweight, Compact, High Output Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Linear Controlled Magnetless Machine for Future Transportation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Litro de Luz Brasil (Sustainable Technologies)

Low Power Wireless Transmission (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Magnet Null Spot Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnetic Renewable Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnitude-Phase Controller (MPHC) (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Mango Plucking Device (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Mechanical Energy Harvesting, Storage and Lighting Using a Novel Microneedle Structured PDMS Based Triboelectric Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Methanol as Automobile Fuel (Automotive/​Transportation)

Mobility Platform Changing the Way People Meet and Move - Carpooling, Carsharing and Healthcare Transportation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Modular Floating Buoy System With Multi-layered Swing Mechanism for Stabilization of Offshore Platforms (Sustainable Technologies)

Modular Radial Compressor (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Movable Airplane Wings (Aerospace & Defense)

New Cathode Design (Sustainable Technologies)

New Greenhouse Solar Cooker Invention (Sustainable Technologies)

New Type of Brushless DC Motor For E Bike (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Night Solar Cooker (Sustainable Technologies)

Nuclear Reactor Powered Aircraft with Water Generator and Advanced Energy Recovery Systems (Aerospace & Defense)

Ocean Energy Recovery System (Sustainable Technologies)

Orbitless Drive (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Perpetual HHO Transfusion Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Phase Change Material Thermal Storage with Constant Heat Discharge (Sustainable Technologies)

Photovoltaic Energy Calculator (Sustainable Technologies)

Pickup Truck Fuel Saver - DragShield (Automotive/​Transportation)

Portable Hybrid Powered Intelligent Special Multiplex Prospect Machine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Portable Thermoelectricity Generating Kit/Incinerators (Sustainable Technologies)

Power-Blox (Sustainable Technologies)

Pyrolysis - With Clean Biwaste Technology Towards a Sustainable Future (Sustainable Technologies)

Radiation 6 (Sustainable Technologies)

Radically New and Highly Aerodynamic LLNL Geometries for the Next-Generation of Heavy Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Reactionless Space Propulsion System (Aerospace & Defense)

Reducing the Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emission of a Gasoline Engine by Inducing HHO Gas Produced by Exhaust Waste Heat (Automotive/​Transportation)

Removal of Oil Sheen from Oil Spill Sites (Sustainable Technologies)

Roof System With Energy Efficient Features (Sustainable Technologies)

Rural Battery (Sustainable Technologies)

Self-energy Generating Material (Sustainable Technologies)

Self-Rechargeable Electronics Weighing Machine - No Need to Recharge From Outside (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

SHOT - Lightweight Engine Starting System Without Battery/Starter (Automotive/​Transportation)

Simple and Economic Multipurpose Solar Heater (Sustainable Technologies)

Smart Solar and Electric Geyser (Consumer Products)

Smart Solution to the Electric Vehicles Charging Issues to Make the Electric Vehicle’s Usage Feasible (Automotive/​Transportation)

Smokeless Gas Cylinder Stove With Wood Drier (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Energy for Multi Use (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Flower (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Panels for Electricity and Water Heating (Sustainable Technologies)

SolaVi - Solar Plane (Sustainable Technologies)

Solution for Unwanted Stoppage of Elevator (Automotive/​Transportation)

Spartan Superway (Automotive/​Transportation)

Splice Replacer Connector (Automotive/​Transportation)

Static Wireless Electrical Energy Technology (Sustainable Technologies)

Subterranean Air-conditioning for Comfortable Living, a Green Solution (Sustainable Technologies)

Sunlight Harvester (Sustainable Technologies)

Sustainable Flat-pack Housing (Sustainable Technologies)

TAIZ - Energy Analytics (Consumer Products)

The Direct Contact Condensation Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

The Internal Combustion Steam Engine Cycle Concept (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Longest Turbine Rolling Fans (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Tide (E) Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

To Reduce the Ever Increasing Fueling Costs for Semi Trailer Trucks (Automotive/​Transportation)

Total Farm System (Sustainable Technologies)

Tunable Bioplatforms for Electronic and Photonic Applications (Sustainable Technologies)

Turbocharging the Single-Cylinder Four Stroke Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Turbofan Engine Works by Water (Clean Energy, Save Your Money and Environmentally Friendly) (Aerospace & Defense)

Ultra efficient heat engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Ultra-High-Speed Magnetically Levitated Reaction Wheels for Small Satellites (Aerospace & Defense)

UniQuad Hydrogen Electric Agricultural Utility Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Untralow Resistance Electrodes For Galvanic Electrochemical Cells (Sustainable Technologies)

VaccuVroom (Automotive/​Transportation)

Variable Valve Lift Mechanism (Automotive/​Transportation)

Velocity Electric Motorcycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Aerodynamic Brake (Sustainable Technologies)

Wait Less (Automotive/​Transportation)

Waste Heat Recovery from Vehicles using HPTEG (Automotive/​Transportation)

Water Crisis - an Urban Solution (Sustainable Technologies)

Water: The Next Fuel (Sustainable Technologies)

Wave-Powered Electrical Generator of Novel Design (Sustainable Technologies)

Welding Without Expulsion (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Wind Amplifier (Sustainable Technologies)

Wireless Advance Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

World's Largest Underwater Electricity Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Yard Mule Yard and Garden Care (Sustainable Technologies)

Yielding Free Energy From Waste Heat in a Train Automated Fire Alarm (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Zero-waste Zero-carbon Business-model (ZW-ZC-BM) (Sustainable Technologies)

αNC PLASMA (Sustainable Technologies)

2016 Entries

‘LifeRoll’ For Safe Drinking Water In Disaster Areas (Sustainable Technologies)

*State of the Art Novel Tech Featured Project Development / Satellite & Space Habitat Power Plant Generator Self-Feed Unit; H2O=>HHO=H2O=>HHO=>Etc... (Aerospace & Defense)

A Compact Foldable E-moped (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Fuel Saving And Quality Control Method For Commercial Food Production (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

A Highly Efficient, Compact And Affordable Engine For Use With Diesel Or Natural Gas (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Model for Chiller Operations to Predict Operational Data Points for Any Given Chiller With Varying Conditions and Loads (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

A New Idea for Hydrogen Combustion Engine Implementation (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Novel Variable-Inertia Flywheel Based Kinetic Energy Recovery and Storage System (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Powerful Electricty Generator That Functions Uniquely Using Electromagnetic Phenomena (Sustainable Technologies)

A Wheel Generating Torque By Itself Spontaneously (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Zero-Emission Transport Airship that Reduces Freight Costs for Remote Communities and Resource Developments (Sustainable Technologies)

Accurate Temperature Control System (Electronics)

Air Pollution Control (Sustainable Technologies)

AKS Skyscaper (Sustainable Technologies)

Algae Biodiesel: A Futuristic Fuel For Power Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Amphibious Wings (Sustainable Technologies)

Anti-O (Consumer Products)

Anywhere Electricity Generator King (Sustainable Technologies)

ATRE - Electricity Is Now A Household Appliance (Sustainable Technologies)

Auto Power Cell (Electronics)

Auto-tap (Consumer Products)

Automatic Light (Consumer Products)

Automotive Waste Heat Recovery Through The Application of the Subcooled Liquid Flash, Boiling Cycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Battery Testing System Enabling Hobbyists to Create High Performance Lithium Battery Packs (Consumer Products)

Bidirectional LEDs For AC Lighting (Sustainable Technologies)

Blade Less High Efficiency Wind Generatior (Consumer Products)

Blue Sail Concept (Automotive/​Transportation)

Closed Cycle Heat Engine with Confined Working Fluid (Sustainable Technologies)

Comprehensive Study Of Series Hydraulic Hybrid With Regenerative Suspension (Automotive/​Transportation)

Converting Coal Fly Ash into Useful Commercial Products (Consumer Products)

CU – Wara Energy Retention Explorer Bag (CUWEREB) (Consumer Products)

CU – Wara Energy Retention Vaccine Bag (CUWAVAC) (Medical)

CU – Wara Hybrid Cooking Technology (Cooking Green) - CUWABA (Sustainable Technologies)

Curedan - The Smart Dustbin (Sustainable Technologies)

Deep Submergence AUV (Aerospace & Defense)

Desert Power Sustainable Generator (Electronics)

Design and Development of Control Algorithms for Biomemitic Autonomous Fish Robot (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Design And Development of Lightweight High Specific Strength And Stiffness Dent Free Fibre Metal Laminates For Automotives (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design Of A Headlight Circuit To Reduce Power Consumption In Automobiles (Electronics)

Desolenator - Water From Sunshine (Sustainable Technologies)

Directional wireless charger (Consumer Products)

Displacement Hull with Integrated Propulsion (Automotive/​Transportation)

Dual Inverter Precise Power System (Electronics)

Dustbin to Sustainable Techbox (Sustainable Technologies)

Eco Friendly Energy And Sustainability (Sustainable Technologies)

Eco-Friendly Sanitary System for Railways (Sustainable Technologies)

Electric Folding Bike (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Powertrain Conversion of Cuba’s Classic American 1950s Autos with Solar PV/Battery Storage Charging (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electronic Carnot Engine (ECE) (Aerospace & Defense)

Energy Creation And Water Crisis Problem Solution From Bio-toilet Of Train (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy For The Future (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Generation from Commercial Vehicles (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Generation With Magnetic Repelling And Gravity (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy-Efficient Mass Transfer of Oxygen and Methane in a Gas Fermentation Butanol Bio-Reactor Using 5 to 7 kW/m3 Reactor Volume with an Array of 150 ft Deep Concentric U-Tubes (Automotive/​Transportation)

Enhance Mechanical Properties of Waste Tire – Reinforced Polyester for Urban Equipment Product (Sustainable Technologies)

Eternal Energy Electric Device (Sustainable Technologies)

Exhaust Gas-pond Maker (Automotive/​Transportation)

Experimental Investigation Into ORC Based WHR For HD Truck Application (Automotive/​Transportation)

Experimental Investigation Into ORC Based WHR For HD Truck Application (Sustainable Technologies)

Extreme Weather Protection Shelter (Consumer Products)

Fabrication Of Mechanically Controlled C.V.T For Regenerative Braking System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Flat Plate Solar Stirling Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Fluid-Driven Emergency Lighting (Sustainable Technologies)

For Gasoline Engines. Reduces Harmful Emissions, Increases Fuel Economy Up To 10% (Automotive/​Transportation)

Forced Neutral Regenerative Carbon Cycle (Sustainable Technologies)

Furai Le Mans Concept (Automotive/​Transportation)

Gearing the Future - Reluctance Magnetic Gear (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Gemini Linear Electric Motor (Automotive/​Transportation)

Generating Electricity From The Oil Palm Tree (Consumer Products)

Generation Of Electric Energy From Ocean Waves (Sustainable Technologies)

Generation Of Electricity From Vehicle Exhaust Heat By Using Thermo-electric Generator (TEG) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Green Parking lots (Sustainable Technologies)

Harvesting Electricity from Ambient Turbulence (HEAT) (Sustainable Technologies)

Heatblock (Sustainable Technologies)

Helmholtz Resonator Type Piezoelectric Acoustic Harvesting Device (HRTPAHD) (Sustainable Technologies)

HHO (Automotive/​Transportation)

High-Efficiency Hybrid Solar Power System (Sustainable Technologies)

Highly Fuel Efficient Dedicated CNG Engine Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

Home LED Lamp Fixture With Automated Optical Blue Light Filter (Consumer Products)

HX Light (Consumer Products)

Hybrid Micro Solar Plant for Energy Production and Water Purification (Sustainable Technologies)

HydroCharge (Sustainable Technologies)

Hydrogen Assist For Internal Combustion Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hyliion - Hybrid Technology for Semi-Trailers and the Trucking Industry (Sustainable Technologies)

Hyper4 High Efficiency Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ichthyophylic Hydroelectric Power (Sustainable Technologies)

Improved Homogeneous Charge Spark Ignition System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Improving Efficiency of ORC Power Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Increasing the efficiency of a combined power station (Sustainable Technologies)

Inkjet Print Technology to Apply Hydrophobic Lotus Leaf Periodic Pattern Coating to Aircraft Wings to Repel Water, Ice, and Debris, While Aiding Boundary Layer Control (Shark Skin Riblets) for Drag Reduction and Lift Enhancement (Aerospace & Defense)

Integrated Device for Producing Oil Alternatives from Wastes (Sustainable Technologies)

Internal Combustion Engine With Oscillating Shaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

K-Control Kinematic Control For Concentrated Solar Power (Sustainable Technologies)

Kuma: Electric Vehicle For Micromobility (Automotive/​Transportation)

Linear Hydro Impulse Energy To Torque Converter-fabrication (Sustainable Technologies)

Long Range Ecological Hybrid Drone (Aerospace & Defense)

Low Flow Fractal Orifice Shower Head and Drain (Sustainable Technologies)

Lunar Based Solar Energy for Entire Earth (Sustainable Technologies)

Mass Vacuum Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Maximizing Solar Thermal Energy Capture Part 2 (Electronics)

Mechanism To Eliminate Or Minimize The Effect Of Aerodynamic Forces On Buildings Or Other Objects Subject To Airflow (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Micro-Waste to Energy Incinerator (Sustainable Technologies)

Microwave Assisted Pyrolysis Of Plastic (Sustainable Technologies)

Mini Hydro Power Turbine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Modification of Electronic Ballasts, VSD’s and Battery Chargers to Prevent Instability of Power Grids (Electronics)

Momentum Drive Theorem Device (Sustainable Technologies)

Multi-Pressure Gas Turbines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Nanotechnology To Grow More/Healthier Food With Less Energy, Fertilizer, Environmental Damage And Water (Consumer Products)

NATURA_Potable Rain Water (Sustainable Technologies)

Nautilus Cycle - HCI/HCCI Achieved (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Solar Display Units For Energy Harvesting (Sustainable Technologies)

Non-Intrusive Solar Thermoelectric Roadways (Sustainable Technologies)

Novel Constant Velocity Joint (Automotive/​Transportation)

Nuclear Aircraft with Water Generator and Advanced Energy Recovery Systems (Aerospace & Defense)

Nuclear Fusion Power Plant Within 5 Years (Sustainable Technologies)

Performance Evaluation Of CI Engine By Textured & Coated Piston Ring And Liner Using Alternative Fuels (Automotive/​Transportation)

Performance Evaluation Of CI Engine By Textured & Coated Piston Ring And Liner Using Alternative Fuels (Sustainable Technologies)

Perpetual Mobility and Sustainment on Water (Automotive/​Transportation)

Personal Hybrid Drone Ecosystem (Automotive/​Transportation)

Personal Perpetual Motion Machine (Sustainable Technologies)

Photochromatic Wind Shield With Sensors (Consumer Products)

Photovoltaic Wind Turbine for Geothermal Heat Pump (Sustainable Technologies)

Pipe Support That Mitigates Corrosion (Sustainable Technologies)

Portable All-Weather Energy Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Power Generation From Wind Energy Produced By Train (Sustainable Technologies)

Power Generation Through Traffic On Highways And Subway Trains (Sustainable Technologies)

Power Generator Speed Breaker (Sustainable Technologies)

Products Using Hyper Giant Current Density (Medical)

Residential Natural Gas Thermionic Power System (Consumer Products)

Resource Conservation Using Microbial Cell (Sustainable Technologies)

Revolution Through Pollution (Sustainable Technologies)

Riding Everywhere on Bicycle With Automated Pullers (Sustainable Technologies)

Road Barrier Power Generator (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotary DC-AC Three Phase Converter (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Rotary Two-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Fueled by Solid Particulate (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Sag-free, Swing-less High Tension Transmission Lines (Electronics)

Sahara Ocean - A Benefit From Global Warming (Sustainable Technologies)

Save3 (Sustainable Technologies)

Self-Rotating Zero Knowledge Key Management Security Architecture for Vehicle and IoT Applications (Automotive/​Transportation)

Shallow Water Low Speed Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Smart Mobile Solar Powered Energy Bag (Sustainable Technologies)

Smart Solution For The Existing Heavy Vehicles By Addition Of PV And Super Capacitor To Improve Overall System Efficiency (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Assistant to the Farmers (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Charged Laboratory Bench Power Supply (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Heating System (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Radiation Water Pump for Developing Countries or Off-grid Communities (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Water Heater (Sustainable Technologies)

Stratified Compression Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Stratospheric SOLar AEROStat: SSOLAEROS (Sustainable Technologies)

Sun-Driven Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

SUNTIME (Sustainable Technologies)

Super Ultra Low Emission Diesel Electric Hybrid Motorcycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Super-Accurate Liquid-Level Sensing for Industrial Applications (Electronics)

Superconducting Homopolar Machine With Contrarotating Rotors And Inherent Passive Magnetic Bearing (Sustainable Technologies)

SWind (Sustainable Technologies)

System To Obtain Green Energy Using Closed Galleries Of Coal Mines (Sustainable Technologies)

tDEP Micro-Fluidic Pump (Sustainable Technologies)

Team Alive (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

TermoLlanta (Sustainable Technologies)

The Merged Car/Rail System (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Solar Powered Mobile Charging And Retailing/Vendor Kiosk (Consumer Products)

The SunSaluter (Sustainable Technologies)

Thermal Exchange Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Thermal-regeneration Air Purifier for Indoor Volatile Organic Compounds (Sustainable Technologies)

Thermoplastic Composite Sandwich Panel Fabrication System (Sustainable Technologies)

Tidal Energy Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

TRAMA Complex Shading Device (Sustainable Technologies)

Ultralight Electric Bus (Automotive/​Transportation)

UMotor - Over-Expanded Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Unlimited Range Self Pressurizing Pneumatic Electric Automobile (Automotive/​Transportation)

Use Of Kinetic Energy Of A Wheel In Motion To Run A Supercharger (Automotive/​Transportation)

Use Of Nanotubes To Convert CO2 Into CH4 (Sustainable Technologies)

Using Solar Energy Efficiently (Sustainable Technologies)

ValueGauge (Automotive/​Transportation)

Valve-less Single Sliding Vane Rotary Compressor with Three-lobe Inner Contour of Stator (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Variable Compression Connecting Rod (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wall Mount Solar Corrector for Cold Climate (Sustainable Technologies)

Waste Management (Sustainable Technologies)

Water & Electricity from Wind Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Water Purifier (Sustainable Technologies)

WindFurnace.com (Sustainable Technologies)

Winding The Spring By Reverse Pedaling (During Static & Dynamic) And Use The Same Energy For Forward Movement (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wood Chips to Renewable Fuels (Sustainable Technologies)

YAX: Human-Electric Cargo Trike (Automotive/​Transportation)

ZE-CU-RE Waste Heat Utilization For Pest Control (Sustainable Technologies)

Zero Energy Hydraulic Elevator (Automotive/​Transportation)

2015 Entries

"A Different Perspective," A Sustainable Fridge Door (Sustainable Technologies)

"Helium Way": An Energy & Cost Efficient, Safe Rope-way Of The Future (Automotive/​Transportation)

(GrowLife) Off-Grid Recirculatory Aquaponics Starter System (Sustainable Technologies)

3D Tire Printing Mounting (Automotive/​Transportation)

50% of USA Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

A Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) System for Wind Turbines (Sustainable Technologies)

A Hybrid Energy Capturing System (Sustainable Technologies)

A New Paradigm of Thin-Film Solar Electricity (Sustainable Technologies)

A New Technology To Amplify The Power Of A Solar Panel By 200 Times While Simultaneously Storing The Energy In The Form Of Hydrogen (Sustainable Technologies)

A Novel Energy Regenerative Shock Absorber (Automotive/​Transportation)

A powerful electricity generator whose functioning depends on magnetic phenomena (Sustainable Technologies)

A2P (Air to power) (Sustainable Technologies)

Addressable Light Fixture Controller (Sustainable Technologies)

Adsorption open cycle air conditioner using a rotary desiccant wheel (Sustainable Technologies)

Air Conditioning System Of Car Working On Exhaust Of Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

AirLoom Energy: Wind Power to Disrupt the Energy Market (Sustainable Technologies)

Airloon - Atmoshperic Home air conditioner (Sustainable Technologies)

An Economical Lightweight Field Deployable PiezoElectric Gravimeter (PEG) (Aerospace & Defense)

An Environmental Health And Reclamation Project Aims To Reduce Automobiles' Damage In City Centres (Sustainable Technologies)

An Innovative Method of Creating Gas Tubes (Electronics)

Automatic Tube Corrugating Machine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Automatic Water Flow Control Shut Off System (Consumer Products)

Autonomous Highway Lighting System (Electronics)

Battery-free wireless system of localized measuring of water consumption (Sustainable Technologies)

Bioship: The Freedom Machine (Sustainable Technologies)

Bringing our Railways into the 21st Century (Automotive/​Transportation)

Cambria CR - The Electric Car To Change The World (Automotive/​Transportation)

CHP System with Internal Waste Heat Recovery (Sustainable Technologies)

CleaMe (Electronics)

Cloud Energy Collector (Sustainable Technologies)

Coal Production With A Reagent From Potash, Limestone And Soda Water (Sustainable Technologies)

Coffee mug warmer by induction heating (Consumer Products)

Continuous Combustion 6-Cycle Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Continuously Variable Transmission with Hydraulic Energy Recovery (Automotive/​Transportation)

Controlled Nuclear Pulse Propulsion Aircraft To Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption (Aerospace & Defense)

Corvi LED Tube 2 (Consumer Products)

Cost-Effective Solar Water Pasteurization System (Sustainable Technologies)

Cross-sectional Area Converting Machine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Cybernated Farm Systems (CFS) (Sustainable Technologies)

Cyclic Pitch Vertical Axis Turbine Inspired By Birds (Sustainable Technologies)

DASY X-Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design and Development of railways using quantum levitation (Automotive/​Transportation)

development of rail side windmills (Sustainable Technologies)

Direct Methanol Feed Fuel Cell and System (Electronics)

Doubling Output From Solar PV Panels (Sustainable Technologies)

Drag Reduction In Vehicles Using Appendages (Sustainable Technologies)

Drought Flood Synergy Network (Automotive/​Transportation)

Dutch Treat (Sustainable Technologies)

ECHY: Solar Lighting With Fiber Optics (Sustainable Technologies)

Econect: An Improved Green Taxiing System Focused Around The Landing Gear (Aerospace & Defense)

Electric Bill Monitor (Consumer Products)

Electric Bus Self Dependent for its Own Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Electromagnetic car battery charging (Consumer Products)

Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Elevated Beam Structure for Cargo and People (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy Multiplying Mechanism (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Energy Recovery From Fused Wind Turbines and Aviation (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Tree (Sustainable Technologies)

Engintronics-"Camless Electronic Engine" (Sustainable Technologies)

Ettridge Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Extracting Electric Power From Gases (Sustainable Technologies)

Extraction And Porcessing Of Sea Bottom Methane Clathrates (Sustainable Technologies)

Extremely efficient multifuel rotary engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Facile Synthesis of Supported Nanocatalysts With Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles (Sustainable Technologies)

Fastest Ambulance In The World (Medical)

Firefly Rural Electrification System (Sustainable Technologies)

Flexolar: Ecological Flashlight (Consumer Products)

Floating Piston, Isolation Valve (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Flying Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Free form sandwich panels (Aerospace & Defense)

Free Laser Power From Sun’s Energy (Aerospace & Defense)

Free Standing Flexible Capillary Made From Silicone Elastomer For Medical And Soft Robotic Applications (Medical)

Fuel cell for portable hydrogen electricity (Sustainable Technologies)

Fueled Power Generation For An Electric 2 Wheeler (Automotive/​Transportation)

Future Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Future Solar Train (Automotive/​Transportation)

g-EN CO2 Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Gemini Electric Motor & Generator (Automotive/​Transportation)

GoSmart (Automotive/​Transportation)

Gravity Powered Agro Friendly Pump (Sustainable Technologies)

Gravity/Air Generators (Sustainable Technologies)

Green cooling and Energy Regeneration in Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Green Electricity (Sustainable Technologies)

Green Smart Mass Transit (Sustainable Technologies)

Harvesting Electricity from Ambient Turbulence (HEAT) (Sustainable Technologies)

Heat Exchanger For Automobiles (Sustainable Technologies)

High Performance Shutter Valve (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

High Voltage Piezoelectric Power Plant (Sustainable Technologies)

Highly Efficient Displacement Hull Form Not Constrained By Hull Speed (Automotive/​Transportation)

HiPer Solar Systems (Sustainable Technologies)

How to Develop and Create Virtually Unlimited Number of Diverse Products By Using a Single Hardware Platform (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

How to rotate the wind turbine by using carry bags instead of blades? (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Airplanes (Aerospace & Defense)

Hybrid Power Plant For Rural Areas (Sustainable Technologies)

HydroFoil Sailing Ship (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hydrogen Extraction (Sustainable Technologies)

Hyper Efficient Lighting (Consumer Products)

HYXION Motorcycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Impulse Type Dynamic Wing Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Increase In Payload Without Increasing The Size Of Ship/Boat/Marine Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Inductor Jet Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Infrared LED Based Personal Heating System (Consumer Products)

Innovative Airborne Wind Turbine Using Low cost Kite (Sustainable Technologies)

Innovators (Sustainable Technologies)

Integrated Distribution System (Sustainable Technologies)

Internal combustion engines - eco power control (Sustainable Technologies)

Ionised Air Motor (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Jelly Fish Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Jet Wind (Sustainable Technologies)

Kinetic Energy Propulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

KoolKore-HotMu (Electronics)

L- GEN (Sustainable Technologies)

Lateral axis wind turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Lean, Green Machines (Sustainable Technologies)

Live Underground Cable Test (Sustainable Technologies)

Low-Head Positive-Displacement Hydro-Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Low-Temperature Oxidation/Reduction Catalysts (Automotive/​Transportation)

Magnetic Levitation Loom (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Making the Smart Grid Smart (Sustainable Technologies)

Mass Ignition Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Mini-Ground Coupled Heat Exchanger System (Sustainable Technologies)

Molecular Sieves Air Filter for Cars (Automotive/​Transportation)

Multi Powered Energy Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Multi-Purpose Desalination (MPD) (Sustainable Technologies)

Multisurface Degreaser/Cleaner (Consumer Products)

Nanoelectrofuel: An Advanced Battery Concept For Electric Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Nationwide Network for high-speed Autonomous Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Expander that Facilitates Grid-Scale Energy Storage & Recovery (Sustainable Technologies)

Next Generation Special Transport & Theorems (Aerospace & Defense)

Optic Sun Lighting (Consumer Products)

Performance Analysis Of Airfoil Profiles For Different Wind Patterns In Tamil Nadu (Sustainable Technologies)

Perpetual Motion Machine using Inverse Magnetostrictive Effect (Sustainable Technologies)

Piezoelectric Generator (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Plasma Treatment Of Slurry (Sustainable Technologies)

Poor man HVAC (Sustainable Technologies)

Portable Air Conditioned Shelter For Heat Illness Victims Among Construction Workers (Medical)

Power Generation From Outlet Of The Water Pump (Sustainable Technologies)

Power Module, The Electric Drive Powered Laser Beam (Aerospace & Defense)

power station under the water (Sustainable Technologies)

Powering the Internet of Things (Electronics)

PRT Project (Automotive/​Transportation)

Puri Pods (Sustainable Technologies)

Quantum Vacuum Energy Extraction (Sustainable Technologies)

Quick Harvester System (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Quick Harvester System (Sustainable Technologies)

RECAP (Reduce Energy Consumption And Pollution) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Reciprocating Electromagnetic Energy Harvester (Sustainable Technologies)

Reduction of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in Power Inverters (Electronics)

RefUSE Initiative (Sustainable Technologies)

Regenerative electromagnetic braking system (Automotive/​Transportation)

Regenerative Energy System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Regenerative Paddle Wheel River Boat (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rehabilitation of wet buildings (Sustainable Technologies)

Replace That Plastic And Gasoline With Paper! (Sustainable Technologies)

Rotary Engine for Power Generation (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Rotor/turbine Etc. With Small Discharge Of Fluid, Its Related Applications (Sustainable Technologies)

RVCR - Multi Fuel IC Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Safe & GREEEN Future (Sustainable Technologies)

Self Oriented Flap Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Self perpetual motion electric generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Self Proclaiming Generator for Automobiles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Self Sustained Magnetic Refrigeration (Sustainable Technologies)

Simultaneous Production of Potable Water and Hot Water (Sustainable Technologies)

Sky Tram - The Wind And Solar-powered High Speed Transportation System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Small Wind Technology (Sustainable Technologies)

Smart Relief Valve (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Solar Powered Dental Flosser (Medical)

Solar Powered High Brightness LED Outdoor Lighting (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Tile (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Wind Hybrid system for rural Electrification (Sustainable Technologies)

SolarBats (Consumer Products)

SolePower Power-Generating Insoles (Consumer Products)

Solid State Regulated AC Transformer (Electronics)

Solution of the Problem of "Global Warming and Climate Change" (Sustainable Technologies)

Speed Breaker on Road to Lift Water (Sustainable Technologies)

Spherical Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Split Venturi Ring Maglev Generator Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

SPYBOT: The Virtual Presence (Automotive/​Transportation)

State of the Art Novel InFlow Tech Project Development 1) Gearturbine RotaryTurbo 2) Imploturbocompressor - One Moving Part (Aerospace & Defense)

SteamTech (Sustainable Technologies)

Sustainability-, Energy-Efficiency- and Light-Quality-improved Retrofit Solid State Lighting Ecosystem (Electronics)

Sustainable Energy Application of the Lorentz Theory (Sustainable Technologies)

synCCT(TM) The Key to Sustainable Electricity (Sustainable Technologies)

System For Producing Fresh Water and Electricity Using Cold Ocean Water In Combination With Wind Power (Sustainable Technologies)

The Development Of A Test Rig For A New Fuel (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Path to Net-Zero through Ground Source Heat Pump System and Solar (Sustainable Technologies)

Train Aerodynamic Brake System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Train Doesn't Require Fan (Automotive/​Transportation)

Transportation System Used Lift And Gravitational Force Into Forward Thrust (Aerospace & Defense)

Triple Fuselage Flying Wing (Aerospace & Defense)

Ultra-compact, Road-mounted Energy Harvesting System (Sustainable Technologies)

Valved Two Stroke Engine -PartII (Automotive/​Transportation)

variable twist rotor blade (Aerospace & Defense)

Washing Machine (Sustainable Technologies)

Water-based Fuel Gas Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Water, Water Everywhere (Sustainable Technologies)

Wearable, Weather/Water Proof Safety Lights For Athletes (Consumer Products)

Widespread water harvesting (Sustainable Technologies)

Wind-powered Heater (Sustainable Technologies)

Wings4Farmers (Aerospace & Defense)

Wireless Damper HVAC Zoning System (Consumer Products)

Wireless, One-way, Sensor to Base Station Monitoring System for Explosive and Non-hazardous Environments (Electronics)

World's First Green Human Robot (Sustainable Technologies)

WPT- Wireless Power Transmission (Sustainable Technologies)

Xtreme Green Rotary Engine To Supplant Lagacy Piston ICE's & Turbines - THE*FUTURE*OF*PROPULSION (Aerospace & Defense)

Zero Brine Discharge Multiple Effect Desalination (Sustainable Technologies)

ZiaLight (Sustainable Technologies)

2014 Entries

"Argonaut Jason" A Proposed Wind and Renewables Machine Model (Sustainable Technologies)

24-7 Concentrated Solar Energy Supply To The Solar Power Plant On Earth From Space (Sustainable Technologies)

3-Terminal Bidirectional High Power Medium Voltage Multilevel Converter (Electronics)

A New Paradigm for Ocean Energy Extraction (Sustainable Technologies)

A procedure of Extracting wind power using law of wind's blank fill-up (Automotive/​Transportation)

A solar chimney power plant with a pyramidal shape (Sustainable Technologies)

A solar solution to the energy crisis in developing countries (Sustainable Technologies)

Adaptive Fairing with Tunneling (Automotive/​Transportation)

Advanced Solar receiver design for concentrated solar power generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Air Management System for Heavy Duty Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

algae growth chamber (Sustainable Technologies)

AmWisp (Sustainable Technologies)

An Indigenous Design of Swirl Flame LPG Commercial Cooking Burner (Sustainable Technologies)

Application of piezoelectric material on railway platform, temples, runways, and roads to generate electricity (Sustainable Technologies)

Archangel Electric Blended Wing Body Jet (Aerospace & Defense)

Astrological Sun Tracker (Sustainable Technologies)

Atmospheric Heat Pump (AHP) (Sustainable Technologies)

Automatic Laptop Charge Power Saver (Consumer Products)

Basic concepts for a new approach to increase the power of a single person (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

BiModal Glideway (Automotive/​Transportation)

Bolt-On Transmission Doubles Mileage (Automotive/​Transportation)

Breaking of Energy conservation law at Thermo-magnetic engine known as Curie engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Building Energy Efficiency Technologies of the Ginning machine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Capillarity system to desalinize sea water (Sustainable Technologies)

Catchwater Energy Savings System (Sustainable Technologies)

Color Shifting Energy Conservation Houses (Sustainable Technologies)

Configuration-Free Smart Lighting (Consumer Products)

Copper nano/Micro filaments made easy (Electronics)

Deep water tidal current electric generator (Sustainable Technologies)

design of automated catalyst coating applicator for electrode in PEM fuel cell (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

diesel electric hybrid (Automotive/​Transportation)

Direct solar energy conversion to electricity by potentially low cost nanometer scale Metal-Insulator-Metal tunnel diode serving as a rectifier in rectenna arrays (Sustainable Technologies)

Displacing Diesel Consumption with High Altitude Wind Energy from the Altaeros Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT) (Sustainable Technologies)

Distributed RE Regulator (Sustainable Technologies)

Durable Gear Pump with Different Teeth (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Dynamo High-Tech Highways (Sustainable Technologies)

E Roll Iron (Consumer Products)

E-Wheel (Automotive/​Transportation)

Economic Wood Stove (Less Smoke, More Efficient) Differently Designed Models And Their Descriptions (Sustainable Technologies)

Economical emergency lighting (Consumer Products)

ecovent Systems - Make every room the right temperature (Sustainable Technologies)

Effect of Hydrogen Supplementation on 40% SVO-Diesel Blend on Performace, Combustion and Emission Characteristics of an IDI CI Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Effective Engine Radiator (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electrical Junction Box Wire Router (Electronics)

Electro-Pneumatic Hybrid Vehicle (EPH) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electronic Valve Stem (Automotive/​Transportation)

Embedded Vibrational and Motional Energy Absorbers for Increased Resistance to Tremor Damage on Concrete Structures (Consumer Products)

Emulsified Heavy Fuel Oil Reduces Consumption, Emission, and Maintenance Costs (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy From Space Systems (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Harvesting Retractable Speed Bump (Sustainable Technologies)

Expansible Plastic Barrier For Sequestration Of Chemically, Biologically And Radioactively Hazardous Liquids (Sustainable Technologies)

Experimental analysis of a semi circular trough solar still with baffles for enhancing fresh water production and hot water for other purposes (Sustainable Technologies)

Fabrication of Refrigerator Using Heat Pipe Only (Consumer Products)

Fire In Ice: Fuel for the Future (Sustainable Technologies)

Fission battery (Electronics)

flare reduction in emissions recovery from crude oil shale drilling (Sustainable Technologies)

Free Lunch Solution To Climate Change (Sustainable Technologies)

Freedom Transit (Automotive/​Transportation)

Galactic Gravitomagnetic Lumina Scope (Consumer Products)

Generation of Electricity using Speed Breakers (Sustainable Technologies)

Gravity based energy storage (Sustainable Technologies)

Gravity Machine (Sustainable Technologies)

Gravity-Electric Hybrid Subway (Automotive/​Transportation)

GRVIMAGNO Powerplant (Sustainable Technologies)

HARBO Technologies (Sustainable Technologies)

Harnessing the 'Landing Energy' (Aerospace & Defense)

harvest mechanical advantage (Sustainable Technologies)

Himalayan Salt-Air POD (Consumer Products)

How to 3D print a Sun (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid energy fruits and vegetables chiller (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Photovoltaic/Solar Thermal Heating & Cooling System (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Trike (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hybrid-Nuclear Sustainable Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Hypocast Cooling (Sustainable Technologies)

Inductionless Technology for Huge Energy & Environmental Savings (Sustainable Technologies)

Innovative Concept of Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

Innovative design of solar panels (Electronics)

Kinetic Intelligent Transportable Energy (KITE) (Sustainable Technologies)

LampFive (Consumer Products)

Large Hydrostatic Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Low Heat High Efficiency Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Low-Altitude, Long-Distance Aerial Inspections (Aerospace & Defense)

MAGLift (Automotive/​Transportation)

Magnetic Energy Transfer Unit (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnetic Pump-Gen (Consumer Products)

Magnezing Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Marmalade Traction Drive (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

mEch ur City (Sustainable Technologies)

Method for enhancing Cooling of solar Cells (Sustainable Technologies)

Micro-Strip Solar Panel (Sustainable Technologies)

Modified air cooler using split cooling unit (Consumer Products)

Modular Liquid Heating Assembly (Sustainable Technologies)

Morphor WTB (Wind Turbine Blade) (Sustainable Technologies)

Motorbrid (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Engine Technology – High Efficiencies - Low Emissions - Low Fuel Consumption (Automotive/​Transportation)

New method of Si photovoltaic manufacture (Sustainable Technologies)

Next generation Power Station (Automotive/​Transportation)

Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech - Gearturbine Project (Aerospace & Defense)

Novel Translating/Orbiting Rotor Compressor (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Open Source Solarpad Kit Solar USB Charger (Sustainable Technologies)

Optics for solar panels at 1/3rd cost, higher efficiency and high scale (Sustainable Technologies)

Oscillating Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Performance analysis of a inclined solar still with baffles for fresh water production (Consumer Products)

Phase Change materials for waste heat management (Sustainable Technologies)

Piezoelectric plastic sheet system for rapid transit platforms (Sustainable Technologies)

Plasmsolar (Sustainable Technologies)

Pneumatic Electric Self Sustained Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Portable Tracking Solar Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Power Grid Transformer Protection From Solar Mass Ejections (Electronics)

PRT Project (Automotive/​Transportation)

Quasiturbine (Sustainable Technologies)

real time solar panel tracking system (Sustainable Technologies)

Reduction of Parasitic Engine Power Loss (Automotive/​Transportation)

Reduction of Wind/Air Energy Transferred to High Speed Trains (Automotive/​Transportation)

Regenerative (Magnetic) Braking (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Run Your Car AC Without Fuel (Automotive/​Transportation)

SAKALARAVA (Sustainable Technologies)

Salter-McCloskey Wave Energy Conversion System (Sustainable Technologies)

Sea Current Energy Extractor, Electrical Power generator (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Semi Automatic Overflow Tank System (SOTS) (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Simultaneous Multi-Sheet Thermo-Plastic-Impregnated-Super-Fabric Weaving Loom (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

SkyChickenHouse, SkyPiggyHouse and SkyFishHouse (Sustainable Technologies)

Small Scale Methane Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Small Scale Solar LED Lighting (Sustainable Technologies)

Smart Aquaponic Greenhouse (Sustainable Technologies)

Smart You (Sustainable Technologies)

Soap Salvager (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Dome (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Panel Chimney for House Ventilation (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Powered Vehicle for In campus transportation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Solar Refrigerator (Consumer Products)

solar stove (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Tracker with Acrylic Concentrator (Sustainable Technologies)

Solute Ion Linear Alignment Flash Distillation And Power Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

solwedISH - A Low Specific-Cost Solar Parabolic Dish Concentrator System (Sustainable Technologies)

Spark Ignited IC Engine Control Running on Alternative Fuel Mixture (Automotive/​Transportation)

Steam Assisted Co-Cycle Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Sticker Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

StreetStick, safer roads for everyone (Sustainable Technologies)

Sustainable Generator Tiles to reduce Business Municipal Electricity costs (Sustainable Technologies)

Sustainable Power generation from flowing river with the help of barrels or other waste products that can float (Sustainable Technologies)

Team Taiyo Zen Electric Solar Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

TEOP: The last Battery you will buy for your vehicle! (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Bicycle Generator (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

The Bumble Bee Approach to Flight (Aerospace & Defense)

The Environmentally Neutral Powered Home Living System (Consumer Products)

The Inverted Gas Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

The Megasaurus Rex Star Harness (Sustainable Technologies)

The Pusher (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Simplest, Most Efficient, Low Cost Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

The Sphere (Electronics)

Thermotray (Consumer Products)

Transformable and reverse transformable battery type AA in AAA and contrary (Consumer Products)

Transit Ripening And Cooling System (TRACS) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Trash-A-Nator (Sustainable Technologies)

Tube fence as source of heat (Sustainable Technologies)

Turbine with jet cuts (Sustainable Technologies)

Ultra Fuel Efficient Vehicle (Sustainable Technologies)

Ultralight Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Unlimited Capacity, No Fuel, No Pollution Combined Heat and Power System (Sustainable Technologies)

Vertical Axis Windmill (Sustainable Technologies)

vinasse fertilizer (Sustainable Technologies)

Windmill 2.0 (Sustainable Technologies)

Windmill on Wheels: Axle –Generator Alternative and Sustainable Power Source (Sustainable Technologies)

Wireless Breaking System by Automated Wireless Sensor (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Wireless Power Skin (Medical)

Z.E.R.O (Zero Energy Re Emitting Object ) (Consumer Products)

Zero consumption zero discharge techno-Green edifice (Sustainable Technologies)

2013 Entries

100% Free Energy (Transportation & Automotive)

A "No Light Solar Cell" (Sustainable Technologies)

A New Diesel Engine Cycle with Lower Mechanical Losses and Improved Environmental Performance. (Transportation & Automotive)

A New Generation of Hydraulic Vibratory Pumps (Consumer Products)

A Rapidly Deployable Aerial Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Achieve More Than 85% Efficiency Windmill (Machinery & Equipment)

Adapted Planetary Wheel with Reduction of Harmful Impacts on the Environment (Transportation & Automotive)

Advanced Solid State Cooling Technology (Sustainable Technologies)

AGA-33 Super Fuel-Efficient Aircraft (Aerospace & Defense)

An Air Conditioner = A Mini Power Plant (Sustainable Technologies)

Arachnid Vigor (Sustainable Technologies)

Auto-Foil (Transportation & Automotive)

Automated Active Flow Control System based on Fluidic Oscillators for Fuel-efficient Aircraft (Aerospace & Defense)

Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free! (Transportation & Automotive)

Automotive Wind Turbine Power Generator (Transportation & Automotive)

Avian-safe Wind Power (Sustainable Technologies)

Babylon Effects! (BE!) (Sustainable Technologies)

Bioethanol 2nd Generation Integrated Reactor (Delignification, Saccharification and Fermentation) (Sustainable Technologies)

CBPModule Disc Brake Dust Collection System (Transportation & Automotive)

Charge Your Mobile Phones on the Move (Consumer Products)

Charging Vehicle Battery by Steering Wheel Movement and Tire Rotation: Application in Hybrid/Electric Vehicles (Transportation & Automotive)

Clean Bike (Transportation & Automotive)

Compensator of Voltage Sags and Short Time Interruptions of Voltage at Power Grid (Electronics)

Composite Hybrid Wind Turbine Water Tower (Sustainable Technologies)

Compressed Air Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Conversion of a 950va Petrol Generator to a Self Run 950va Renewable Energy – RE Rotary Genset (Sustainable Technologies)

Convert Existing AC Grid in DC Grid (Sustainable Technologies)

Cruise Ship Waste Processor (Sustainable Technologies)

Dead Zone Oxygenation (Sustainable Technologies)

Deep Ocean Benthic Sampler (DOBS) (Machinery & Equipment)

Design of Decentralized Hydro Power Plant for Sustainable Development in Urban Areas (Sustainable Technologies)

DOGU (Aerospace & Defense)

Doorbell Light (Consumer Products)

Double Acting Internal Combustion Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

DRET 6kW Power Generating System for Ancillary Load Onboard Vehicle (Transportation & Automotive)

Ductile Ceramics (Aerospace & Defense)

EED Creates the Future 2013 (Aerospace & Defense)

Electron Exciter (Electronics)

Emergency Power for Critical Infrastructure (Aerospace & Defense)

Energy Cell with Multi-layer Capacitors (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Saving Conversion Kits for Old Car (Transportation & Automotive)

Eolectric Car (Transportation & Automotive)

Extend Electric Car Range Using Wind Power (Transportation & Automotive)

Fabric Solar Space Heating - Commercial/Agricultural (Sustainable Technologies)

Flow Control Bridging Smart Devices with Cooking & Heating (Consumer Products)

Flying Solar Power Plant (Aerospace & Defense)

Folding Grill (Consumer Products)

Fuel Flexible, Ultra-Portable Microturbine Generator (Machinery & Equipment)

Generating Clean Energy and Cheap (Sustainable Technologies)

Generating Electricity by Using Home Water Pressure (Sustainable Technologies)

Grass Powered Robot Mower (Sustainable Technologies)

Green Tresor: Innovative and Ecological Solar Electric Vehicles (Transportation & Automotive)

Ground Source Heat Pump (Sustainable Technologies)

Harvesting Electricity from Ambient Turbulence (HEAT) (Sustainable Technologies)

High Efficient Magnetic Engine for Power Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Household Filter Biogas (Machinery & Equipment)

HVAC Battery Operated Zoning System (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Power System (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Solar Collector for Households (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Solar Wind Turbines (Sustainable Technologies)

Hydro Different Pressure Power Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Hydro Power Stations With Oscillating Cylindrical Working Elements (Sustainable Technologies)

HydroBine (Sustainable Technologies)

Hydrolyseric Triyan Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

In-Wheel Brushless DC Outer Rotor (Hub) Motor Used in Electically Driven Vehicles (Transportation & Automotive)

Increasing 4 Stroke Engine with Water Injection (Sustainable Technologies)

Inflatable-Rotor Windmills (Sustainable Technologies)

Insulated Pulse-Combustion Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Integrated Internal & External Combustion Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Kite Powered Electrical Generator (Aerospace & Defense)

LeviCar/RoboTrail -- Multi-Mode Vehicles for Both Road and MagLev Rail (Transportation & Automotive)

LevPods Individual Transit System (LITS) (Transportation & Automotive)

Low Head Hydro Power Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Macrowave Control (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnet Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnetic Energy Transfer Unit (Consumer Products)

Magnetic Road (Safety and Security)

Making Fuel from Greenhouse Gases (Sustainable Technologies)

Marstian Wind Turbines for Clean Future (Sustainable Technologies)

Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) for Recovery of Energy and Nutrients from Pig Waste (Sustainable Technologies)

Midnight Sun (Sustainable Technologies)

Mississippi Flood Water Abatement Project (Sustainable Technologies)

Mississippi to Colorado River Waterway (Sustainable Technologies)

Modifying Highways to Improve Fuel Efficiency (Sustainable Technologies)

Molten Salt Solar Agri-Crop Dryer (Sustainable Technologies)

MonoCab VRT Rapid Transit System (Transportation & Automotive)

n^X Efficient Solar Panel (Sustainable Technologies)

New Heat Engine for Waste Heat Energies (Machinery & Equipment)

New Powertrain to Achieve 80mpg for Midsize Car (Transportation & Automotive)

New Unmanned Railway System (Transportation & Automotive)

Noise Energizer Implementing Noise Collectors as Storage Cells (Sustainable Technologies)

Novel Composite Active Electrode for Sodium Ion Batteries (Sustainable Technologies)

Novel Road-Based Energy Harvesting for Distributed Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Optimization of Energy Use At Elevators Supplied from Renewable Energy Sources (Sustainable Technologies)

PALMFILTER (Sustainable Technologies)

Passive Solar Panel Tracker (Sustainable Technologies)

Perpetual Motion Machine Using Capillary and Wheel (Sustainable Technologies)

Personal Movility Vehicle (PMV) (Transportation & Automotive)

Photonic Space Engine Driver (Aerospace & Defense)

POLLY-WOGG (Consumer Products)

Portable Dual Stacked Solar Still (Sustainable Technologies)

Power Saving Desert Cooler (Consumer Products)

PRT-Centered Green Community (Transportation & Automotive)

PSoC Based Automatic Solar Tracking and Distribution (Sustainable Technologies)

Pusher Turboprop Engine Powered Auxillary Power Unit (Aerospace & Defense)

Radioactive Decay Accelerator (Sustainable Technologies)

Renewable Phenolic Compounds (Sustainable Technologies)

Renewable Power Generation System for Offshore Operations (Sustainable Technologies)

Repurposing Automotive Li-Ion Cells for a Residential Home Energy Storage System (Sustainable Technologies)

Responsive Valve for Fuel Systems (Aerospace & Defense)

Reusable Structural Component for Space Utilization (Aerospace & Defense)

Safety Match (Safety and Security)

Saving the Honeybee: Low-Toxicity Integrated Pest Management Product (Sustainable Technologies)

Sea Wave Energy Converter (Sustainable Technologies)

Self Irrigation Container (Sustainable Technologies)

Self Powered Wireless Dimming Switch (Consumer Products)

Shoe Energy (Electronics)

Simple Method of Electricity Generation from Sea Waves (Sustainable Technologies)

Small Sample Analysis Device (Medical)

Smart Energy Load Centers (SELCs) for Stable and Competitive Renewable Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Sol Power LLC - Solar Powered Charging Stations (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Electrical Energy from the Moon (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Mobile Charger (Consumer Products)

Solar PHCN Hybrid Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Powered Ultra Streamlined Personal Transportation Vehicle (SPUSPTV) (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Textile: Ultra-Light, Low-Cost, Flexible, and High-Efficiency Solar Energy Harvesters (Sustainable Technologies)

Streetlight with Air-conditioner & Solar Panel (Sustainable Technologies)

Superway (Transportation & Automotive)

Sustainable Food Processing (Sustainable Technologies)

Sustainable Remote Arctic Community (Sustainable Technologies)

Swift Tram: High Speed Automated People Mover (Transportation & Automotive)

Synchronous Machine Having a Flux Exciter Remote from the Rotor Appropriate for an Electric Vehicle Traction Motor (Transportation & Automotive)

Terraspan (Transportation & Automotive)

Test Strip Mixture Indicators (Sustainable Technologies)

The Paradigm Shift in Wind Turbine Technology (Sustainable Technologies)

The Phase Explosion Injection for an Ultimate Motor Efficiency (Sustainable Technologies)

Time Dilation Machine (Aerospace & Defense)

Tornado Proof Home (Safety and Security)

Total Energy Monitoring System for Office or Home (Consumer Products)

Tuning the Sunlight (Sustainable Technologies)

TurboMotor (Transportation & Automotive)

Two Stroke Lubricant Oil (Transportation & Automotive)

Ultra Compact HVAC (Transportation & Automotive)

Untethered Autonomous Flying Wind Power Plant (Sustainable Technologies)

Using Earth Rotational Inertia as a Source of Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Using Trap Grease as a Low Cost Material for Biodiesel Feedstock Production (Sustainable Technologies)

Vibration Energy Harvesting (Aerospace & Defense)

Vortex Cancelling Winglet (Aerospace & Defense)

Water Saving Shower (Sustainable Technologies)

Wave Energy Harvesting Vessel (Transportation & Automotive)

Well Doctor (Sustainable Technologies)

Wellhead Power Solution for Gas Venting (Sustainable Technologies)

Wireless Power Skin (Medical)

YankeeDiesel - The More Efficient Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Zero Cost Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Using LPG (Sustainable Technologies)

2012 Entries

3D Pyramid Solar Photovoltaic Array (Electronics)

7 Speed FT4WD Hydrostatic Drive (Transportation)

A Home and Small Business Electricity Micro Generation Unit (Sustainable Technologies)

A Rotary Wing Aerial Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Accident & Energy Free (Transportation)

Adaptive Smart Home Technology (Consumer Products)

Advanced Baggage Handling System (Sustainable Technologies)

American High Speed Rail (Transportation)

Amplified Mechanical Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

An Advanced Energy Saver Project with DTMF Capabilities to Use Electricity Efficiently (Electronics)

An Air Conditioner = A Mini Power Plant (Sustainable Technologies)

An Electrical Generator with Rotational Gaussian Surface Magnet and Stationary Coil (Consumer Products)

Apparatus for Capturing, Filtering and Containing Radioisotope Release from Nuclear Fission Power Plants (Safety and Security)

Arachnid Vigor (Sustainable Technologies)

AutoMate Transportation System (Transportation)

Automatic Pneumatic Air Gun (Machinery & Equipment)

Automatic Pots (Consumer Products)

Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free! (Transportation)

AutoRail (Transportation)

Bicycle Wind Tube (Transportation)

BiModal Glideway (Transportation)

Broad Wind Speed Turbine Transmission Gearbox and Blade Load Decoupling (Machinery & Equipment)

Build and Test Non-Mag Guideway System (Transportation)

Canute Power (Sustainable Technologies)

Cellulose-Ferrous Metal Hybrid As Alternative To Critical Materials In The Production Of Ferromagnetic & Power Semiconductors (Electronics)

Cementious Solar Optics (Sustainable Technologies)

Changing the World-One Building at a Time (Consumer Products)

Compounding Electric Motor Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Compressed Air Engine (Transportation)

Compressed Air Storage Tank 10 lbs in a 5 lb Bag (Machinery & Equipment)

Concentrated Solar Power Salt Water Desalination Plant (Machinery & Equipment)

Construction Dryer (Machinery & Equipment)

Control Freak (Energy Management for EVs) (Transportation)

Cook-E (Consumer Products)

Cool Roof (Sustainable Technologies)

Cyanogen/Cbr Power (Sustainable Technologies)

DAMPS Technology MKIV Smart Boots (Medical)

DC Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Deep Sea Power Generation (Consumer Products)

Diesel Fuel Saver (Sustainable Technologies)

Direct Transduction of Biochemical into the Electric Energy for Insect Drones (Electronics)

Does Your Clothing and Vehicle Surface Influence the Mileage (Sustainable Technologies)

Double Crankshaft Engine for Better Fuel Consumption (Transportation)

Drainpipe Heat Exchanger (Sustainable Technologies)

Dual Power Tower (Sustainable Technologies)

Dual Rotor Generator (Machinery & Equipment)

E-go Bike: Muscle to Power (Sustainable Technologies)

Earth Resonant Field Energy Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Ecology Friendly Compound Energy Unit (Sustainable Technologies)

Electric Car Battery Recharge/Replacement Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Electric Dryer Energy Saver (Sustainable Technologies)

Electric Vehicle with Laminated Bamboo Body and Unique Cyclic Compression System (Transportation)

Electronic Generator-Sea Waves Energy Converter (Sustainable Technologies)

Electroscope/ESD Wrist Band (Safety and Security)

Elpipes: Critical Enabling Technology for a Supergrid (Sustainable Technologies)

Emergency Mobile Phone Charger and Pocket Lamp (Consumer Products)

Energy Efficient Cooking Pot (Consumer Products)

Energy Harvester for Insulin Pump Users (Medical)

Energy Harvester with Piezoelectric Fastener (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Integration from the Environment (Sustainable Technologies)

Enhanced Solar Cell/24hr (Sustainable Technologies)

Ensure Interoperability of the Residential Electronic Devices Using Wireless Hook Modules (Sustainable Technologies)

Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3)™ (Transportation)

Extending the Range of Electric Vehicles by Use of a Thermal Storage Battery (Transportation)

Extinguishing a Tire Fire (Safety and Security)

Field Evaporation Assistance (Sustainable Technologies)

Floor Surface Safety Lamp (Consumer Products)

Flying Solar Power Plant (Sustainable Technologies)

Free Energy Home of the Future (Sustainable Technologies)

Free Sphere Rotor Peizo-Electric Energy Harvester (Sustainable Technologies)

Fresh Breath of Air for Commuter Vehicles (Transportation)

Frost Fire (Consumer Products)

Gasoline from Carbonated Water H2CO3 -> C8H18 (Sustainable Technologies)

Gear Transition Fuel Locking System (Transportation)

GEDAYC Wind Turbine 300% More Efficient (Sustainable Technologies)

Geothermal on the Pacific Rim (Sustainable Technologies)

Green Box - Home Power Management System (Microcontrolled and Embedded) (Sustainable Technologies)

Greenhouse with Concentrated Solar Powered Desalination System for Desert Regions Near The Sea (Transportation)

Griffin (Transportation)

Ground-Impedance Conservation Device (Electronics)

HARV (Consumer Products)

Harvesting Electricity from Ambient Turbulence (HEAT) (Sustainable Technologies)

Heavenly Air (Medical)

Hex Wall (Sustainable Technologies)

High Performance "D" Size Battery (Cell) (Transportation)

High Speed Interstate Ducted Turbine (Transportation)

Highly Efficient “Little Engine That Can” (Sustainable Technologies)

Highway Power (Sustainable Technologies)

HTI Dynamic Combustion Chamber (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid/Electric Flywheel Drivetrain (Transportation)

Hydraulic Bearing (Machinery & Equipment)

Hydrogen Extraction (Sustainable Technologies)

Implementable Multi-component Solution to Capture and Contain Oil and Gases Escaping from Fractured Vertical Pipes on Underwater Oil Drilling Platforms (Machinery & Equipment)

Improved Use of Inconstant Power (Sustainable Technologies)

Improved Windpower (Sustainable Technologies)

Indoor Cooling Dome for Hot & Humid Summers (Consumer Products)

Irrigation with Condensation (Sustainable Technologies)

Isolating DIAC-Based Power Supply Saves Standby Energy (Electronics)

Krehmer's Fountain (Sustainable Technologies)

Liberator (Transportation)

Lifey (Safety and Security)

Lighting Bolts in a Box (Sustainable Technologies)

Lightning-Laser Magnetically-Pinched Nuclear-Fusion Power Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

LIVY the Light Urban Delivery Vehicle (Transportation)

Low Cost Concentrating Photovoltaic System (Sustainable Technologies)

Low Temperature Energy Converter (Sustainable Technologies)

Low Velocity Vertical Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

LumEN: Luminescent Solar Concentrators for Sustainable On-Demand Electricity Production (Consumer Products)

Lyne Atomic Hydrogen Furnace (Sustainable Technologies)

magLUX™ LED Magnetic Lighting for Metal Cabinets and Shelves (Consumer Products)

MagnaNgine (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnetic Conveyor (FERMAG) Transforms the Energy of Static Magnetic Fields into Mechanical Energy (Machinery & Equipment)

Magnetic Motor (Transportation)

Matter Traveling at the Speed of Light (Transportation)

ME2 Rotary Heat Engine (Transportation)

Mechanical Sealed Gland Valve (Machinery & Equipment)

Medical Breakthrough (Medical)

MEMSflower (Sustainable Technologies)

Metal Clad Vacuum Super Insulation (Transportation)

Micro Sun (Sustainable Technologies)

Modified Savonius-Type Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Modularization (Sustainable Technologies)

Mountainside Electricity Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Multi-Function Photocatalytic Solar Desalination (Sustainable Technologies)

Nanocoating Tool: Linear Self-Assembly (Machinery & Equipment)

New American Maglev (Transportation)

New Battery for Mobile Applications (Machinery & Equipment)

New Hybrid Off-Shore Wind Turbine/Permanent Magnet Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

Off-Grid mCCHP System with H2 Storage (Sustainable Technologies)

On-Demand Hydrogen Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Paintable Battery (Electronics)

Parabolic Trough Solar Concentrator for Process Heat Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Pen Drive as Dual Battery in Mobile Phone (Consumer Products)

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) in High-Value Transit Corridors (Transportation)

Phase Transition Engine Utilizing Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking (Machinery & Equipment)

Photoassisted Electrolysis (Sustainable Technologies)

Photovoltaic Projector Screen (Electronics)

Plant Oils to Jet Fuel (Sustainable Technologies)

Portable IV Tester (Electronics)

Power Extraction in Near Space (Transportation)

Practical Commuter System Improves Safety while Reducing Costs (Transportation)

Production Logging Electron Spin Resonance Probe (Machinery & Equipment)

Project 180 Turn Around: 2015 Rebuild New Orleans (Sustainable Technologies)

Proposal for Stress Corrosion Prediction Model Improvement (Machinery & Equipment)

PV & Storage in the 1 Cell Package (Electronics)

Quantum Dots and Diamond Semiconductors (Electronics)

Rabei Energetic Cycles (Sustainable Technologies)

Rare-Earth-Less Constant High Torque Traction Motor (Transportation)

RASP®-Reduced Agricultural Storage Program (Sustainable Technologies)

Re-Thinking Automotive TPMS (Transportation)

Recapture Source Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Recharging Electric Vehicle with Wheels and Alternate Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Recuperator of Energy Effect Seebek for Internal Combustion Engines (Transportation)

Related Electric Power Technology (Sustainable Technologies)

Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Fusion Ignition Micro Fusion Power Board (Machinery & Equipment)

Renewable Resource Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Residential Thermal Fluid Storage (Consumer Products)

Resonant Energy Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

RICE (Rotary Internal Combustion Engine) (Consumer Products)

Rolling Element Bearing Defect Monitoring (Machinery & Equipment)

Rotary-Hybrid Engine (Transportation)

Rotational Internal Combustion Engine with Radially Movable Vanes (Machinery & Equipment)

RSK-185 Roto-Skinner (Machinery & Equipment)

Safe Inexpensive Solar Hot Water Heater (Sustainable Technologies)

Sector Torus Magnetic Cores (Machinery & Equipment)

Self-Powererd Lighted Signage and Awnings (Sustainable Technologies)

Self-Protective Alloy Treatment for Extreme Environments (Machinery & Equipment)

Self-Sustaining, Zero-Net Energy City (Sustainable Technologies)

SGA (Machinery & Equipment)

Should Future Airliners Lose Their Tails? (Transportation)

Silicide Ores, New Energy Frontier (Sustainable Technologies)

Silicon from Rice Hulls (Sustainable Technologies)

Simple Combiner Concept for Multiple Energy Harvesting Sources (Sustainable Technologies)

Simple Solar Heater (Sustainable Technologies)

Simultaneous Production of Nanocarbon, Hydrogen, and Energy (Machinery & Equipment)

Smart Roads as Power Generators (Transportation)

Solar and Wind Powered COW/CIAB (Cell on Wheels/Cell in a Box) (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Boiler Electrical Generator and Heat Machine (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Coffeemaker (Consumer Products)

Solar Disc (Transportation)

Solar Ice Maker (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Kettle (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Network (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Power Tower (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Powered Blended Wing Body Aircraft (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Shift (Transportation)

Solar Thermal Exhaust Generated Stored Power for Lighting (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Transmission Lines (Electronics)

Solar/Hydraulic Regenerative Power Assist for Heavy Truck (Transportation)

Solo Personal Vehicle (Transportation)

Solute Ion Monopole Motor and Solute Ion Linear Alignment Propulsion (Sustainable Technologies)

Solving the Last Hurdle Preventing LEDs Becoming Mainstream Products (Electronics)

Speed of Temperature Changes in Equipment (Machinery & Equipment)

Stepped Escalator (Sustainable Technologies)

Study to Improve the Target Rock Relief Valve Using CFD (Machinery & Equipment)

Suitcase "I-pple" (Consumer Products)

Super Capacitor Electric Car (Transportation)

Superconducting-Solenoid-Liquid Vortex Propulsion and Power (Transportation)

Systems for Cargo and People (Transportation)

Terraspan.org (Transportation)

The Integrated Off-Shore Wave Powered Turbine Shaft (OSWPTS) (Sustainable Technologies)

The Mini Electric Timer (Consumer Products)

The USS Bountiful Harvest (Sustainable Technologies)

The Vertical Axis Oscillating Wave Power Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

The WaterNet (Sustainable Technologies)

Thermal Storage Technology (Sustainable Technologies)

Thin Film Photovoltaic Dynamic Wind Turbine Blade (Sustainable Technologies)

Thin Film Tubular Thermoelectric Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Thin-Cavity Cooling of Electronic Circuitry (Electronics)

Time Stop Machine Automobile (Transportation)

Total Solar Electric Yacht (Transportation)

Trailer Air Deflector1 (Transportation)

Transparent Aluminum "Slam Dome" Nuclear Safety Apparatus (Sustainable Technologies)

Trejo Internal Combustion Engine (Transportation)

Turbo-expander (Sustainable Technologies)

Underwater Nuclear Power Plant (Sustainable Technologies)

Unlimited Cheap Clean Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Vacuum Insulated Office Buildings (Sustainable Technologies)

Very Fast High Dynamic Range Analog to Digital Converter, ADC (Machinery & Equipment)

Vibratory Cavitation Piston Pumps (Machinery & Equipment)

Water Current Power Multiplier (Machinery & Equipment)

Wave Energy Scavenger (Sustainable Technologies)

Wave Winch (Sustainable Technologies)

Windmill to Drive Trains and Cars (Sustainable Technologies)

World 's First Solar Thermal Panel, 3X More Efficient Than Solar Cell Panels (Machinery & Equipment)

Zero Energy Communities - Now! (Sustainable Technologies)

2011 Entries

4 Wheel Drive EV Conversion for Everyone (Transportation)

5 Stroke Internal Combustion (Otto) Engine (Transportation)

A Device for Stopping Explosions at Nuclear Plants (Sustainable Technologies)

A Radiation-Doubler Sunshine Concentrator (Sustainable Technologies)

A Small Scale Hydropower System (Sustainable Technologies)

A-Hub™ (Medical)

Accelerating the Solar Transition (Sustainable Technologies)

Adjustable Transparency Photovoltaic Panels (Sustainable Technologies)

Aeolian Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Air Powered Gas Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

All Energy is Good Energy (AEnGE) (Sustainable Technologies)

Alternate Technology for Street Lighting (Sustainable Technologies)

An Air Conditioner = A Mini Power Plant (Sustainable Technologies)

Aqua-Solar Cell (Sustainable Technologies)

Automated Digital Power Meter (ADPM - Machine) (Machinery & Equipment)

Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free! (Transportation)

Autonomous Power Installations (Sustainable Technologies)

Batteries Structurally Integrated in Automobile Frames (Transportation)

Bicycle Crank System with Dead Spot Elimination (Transportation)

BioClean Dishwasher (Consumer Products)

Bioclimatic Indoor Swimming Pool & Tropical Garden (Sustainable Technologies)

Brakes Energy Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Canal Based Hydro System (Sustainable Technologies)

Car Collision Energy Neutralizer (Safety and Security)

Carbon Nanotube Solar Panel Design (Sustainable Technologies)

Cart Energy Converter (Sustainable Technologies)

Centrifugal Separator Media (Consumer Products)

Chemo-Electro-Deposition Mining (Sustainable Technologies)

Clean Coal Wastewater Treatment (Machinery & Equipment)

Clean Green IC Power (Transportation)

CO2 Dissociator (Future Artificial Tree) (Machinery & Equipment)

Coast-Based Wave Powered Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Construction's Future 2015 (Consumer Products)

CoPilot Driving Aid (Transportation)

CVT JAP (Transportation)

DC Power Grid for Portable Structures and Homes (Sustainable Technologies)

DC/DC transformer without inductive parts (Electronics)

DCD Controller for Fuel Saving Retrofitting (Transportation)

Deployable Solar Power for Practical Solar Cars (Sustainable Technologies)

Device to Convert "Plug-In" to Inductive Charging (Electronics)

Distributed Power Usage Monitoring (Consumer Products)

E-Path: Sustainable Transportation & Energy Network (Transportation)

E-vehicles Plug (Machinery & Equipment)

e-vent, Reduce Energy Consumption (Consumer Products)

E2E Tech (Sustainable Technologies)

Eco Friendly KE Electricity Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

ELECTRA (Transportation)

Electric Car Driving Range Extension (Transportation)

Electric Commuter Car (Transportation)

Electric Luminas (Transportation)

ElectriLite PersTranSys (Transportation)

Embodying Pragmatism: Car Parking/Solar Farms (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy for Small Communities (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy from Waves - Seabreath (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Generating Autonomous Sailing Craft (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Recovering Stove (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy System Based on Oscillating Pendulum (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy/Power Ad Infinatum (Sustainable Technologies)

Fast Freeze/Frost Fire (Consumer Products)

Feather Rail (True Monorail) (Transportation)

Fitness Machine for the Next Decade (Consumer Products)

Floating Solar Field (Sustainable Technologies)

Fluid/Heat Flow in Fractured Porous Media (Sustainable Technologies)

Fuel-less Motor-Generator for Electric Car (Machinery & Equipment)

Fuel-less AC Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Fuel-less Magnetic Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

GaiaSoil (Sustainable Technologies)

GEDAYC Wind Turbine New Concept (Sustainable Technologies)

Gravity Mill (Sustainable Technologies)

Gravitymill (Sustainable Technologies)

Green Electromechanical Mechanism (Sustainable Technologies)

Green Energy as a Service™ (GES) (Sustainable Technologies)

Green Integrated Home Entertainment System (Electronics)

Green Power Debugger (Electronics)

Greenerator - The Green Residential Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Grid Tie Boost Power Generator (GTBPG) (Sustainable Technologies)

Heat Exchanger for Clothes Dryer (Sustainable Technologies)

Heated Roads (Transportation)

Helio™ Solar Tracker (Sustainable Technologies)

HHO Hydroxy Test Setup (Machinery & Equipment)

High Altitude Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

High Efficiency Energy Source (Quantum Battery) (Sustainable Technologies)

Highly Efficient Wind and Water Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Home Water Power Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Human Powered Motorcycle (Transportation)

Hybrid Rotor Compressor for Natural Gas Extraction (Machinery & Equipment)

Hydraulic Hybrid - Hydrostatic Powertrain & Safety (Transportation)

Hydrogen Extraction (Sustainable Technologies)

IDS Integrated Distribution System (Sustainable Technologies)

Innovative Transit and Alternative Energy System (Transportation)

Integrated Vertical Windmill-Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Intelligent Traffic Control with Stop Lights (Transportation)

Internal-Combustion Engine (Transportation)

InvisiTower (Safety and Security)

Landin Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Laptop Zero-Energy Solar Backlight (Electronics)

Leaf Board (Sustainable Technologies)

Lighted Magical Geometric Display by Wireless (Consumer Products)

Liquid Green (Consumer Products)

Mag Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnetic Repulsion Piston Engine (MRPE) (Sustainable Technologies)

Making Synthetic Fuel from Waste by Solar Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Megadose Vitamin Therapy for Acute HIV Exposure (Medical)

Method for Lossless Energy Storage (Sustainable Technologies)

Micro-irrigation Tech Pad (Consumer Products)

Microwave Plasma Remediation of e-Waste (Sustainable Technologies)

Mithras CPV (Electronics)

Motion Aeroefficiency Amplifier (Transportation)

Networked Adaptive Traffic Signals (Transportation)

Networked T8 LED (Electronics)

Nitro-Turbo Engine (Transportation)

Ocean Algal Afforestation for Energy, Food, Biodiversity (Sustainable Technologies)

Oil Spill Containment Device (Safety and Security)

OpenPower: Open Source Home Electrical Solution (Electronics)

Oscillatory Combustion Setup in Oil Fired Furnace (Sustainable Technologies)

Piezo Mobile (Consumer Products)

Planeta Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Pneumatic Pump (Machinery & Equipment)

Popular HouseWindSolar (Sustainable Technologies)

Portable Foldable PV Charger (Sustainable Technologies)

Portable Wind Powered Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Powerless "Green" Humidifier (Consumer Products)

Prefab Solar Wall (Sustainable Technologies)

Proposal for Solar Laser Optically (Sustainable Technologies)

Re-Volt-Gen. (Sustainable Technologies)

Remora Generator (Transportation)

Removing Blood Clots using Nano-Particles (Medical)

Removing Toxic Metals from Water (Sustainable Technologies)

Renewable Energy Remote Power Station (Sustainable Technologies)

REOSE Solar Panel House (Sustainable Technologies)

Road Trains: Practical, Inexpensive Mass Transit (Transportation)

Robot Charger (Transportation)

Robotic Assembly of Monolithic Domes (Machinery & Equipment)

Rotary Valves for Heat Engines, Pumps & Compressors (Machinery & Equipment)

RS-185 Roto-Skinner (Machinery & Equipment)

RT-SOFC Room Temperature Nano Oxide Fuel Cell (Sustainable Technologies)

Safer Nuclear Power Generation (Safety and Security)

Sail Carousel Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Seebeck Radiators: A Car Heat Conversion System (Sustainable Technologies)

Self-Propelled Electrotrimaran (Transportation)

Silent Portable Inconspicous Wind Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

SMA Alloy for Canned Food Covers (Consumer Products)

Smart Electricity Billing System (Consumer Products)

Solar Desalination Tower (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Energy Collection & Transfer Satellite (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Generation - Output Smoothing (Machinery & Equipment)

Solar ORC Cogeneration for Underserved Areas (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Oven with Heat Storage (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Reflector Heat Exchanger (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Systems Future (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar-Brayton Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

SOLO Single Seat Vehicle (Transportation)

Solstore (Sustainable Technologies)

Solution to Lane Merging Problem (Transportation)

Stirling Engine as Application of THE DOT Project (Sustainable Technologies)

Street Light Controller (Electronics)

Stress Corrosion Prediction Modeling Software (Machinery & Equipment)

Submarine Solar Desalination Plant (Sustainable Technologies)

SunMod (Safety and Security)

Super Energy Saving LED Light (Consumer Products)

Super insulation for buildings (Sustainable Technologies)

Sustainable Solar Cookers (Sustainable Technologies)

Swim Exercise Machine (Medical)

Terra-Joules Electrical Plant (Sustainable Technologies)

The Combined Aero-Hydro-Turbine and Propeller (Sustainable Technologies)

The Energy Tree (Sustainable Technologies)

The Fire Ball (Sustainable Technologies)

The Power of the Earth (Sustainable Technologies)

The Walking Charger™ (Consumer Products)

Theoretical Electric Field Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Thermo-Electric-Converter (Electronics)

TO:CMA Spherical Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Tornado Prevention System (TPS) (Safety and Security)

Trans Wind Energy Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

TV Green Key (Consumer Products)

Unmanned Electric Vehicle (Transportation)

Using Mass to Get Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

V-Rail Metro (Transportation)

Vacuum Activated Closed Loop System (Sustainable Technologies)

Variable Valve Lift System for Internal Combustion Engines (Transportation)

Vehicle Electricity Creation and Transmission (vEcat) System (Sustainable Technologies)

Vertically Acting Wind Energy System (Sustainable Technologies)

Volume Hydrogen Production with Specialized Anode (Sustainable Technologies)

Walk Assisted Universal Battery Charger (Sustainable Technologies)

Waterdance Valve (Sustainable Technologies)

WED (Sustainable Technologies)

WhalePower Computer Cooling Fan (Electronics)

World’s Most Efficient Helical Wind & Fluid Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

YankeeDiesel – it’s not rocket science (Transportation)

Zero Pollution Engine™ (ZPE™) Secrets Revealed (Sustainable Technologies)

2010 Entries

"Traffic generated wind" highway lights (Sustainable Technologies)

A Gateway To Green Power & Propulsion (Sustainable Technologies)

A Low Cost Solar Vaccine Refrigerator (Medical)

A New Design to the Conventional Wind Turbine (Machinery & Equipment)

A New Wind Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

A Wind Power Plant With Vertical Linear Transit Blade (Sustainable Technologies)

AC Efficiency Boost via Swamp Cooler Affect (Sustainable Technologies)

Adhesion & Gravity alcohol distiller (Sustainable Technologies)

Advancing Paper Battery Technology (Consumer Products)

Aerial Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

AHGS - Autonomic Hydrogen Gas Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Air Control System for Improved Vehicle Economy (Transportation)

Air-conditioning Analysis (Machinery & Equipment)

AirWatt (Sustainable Technologies)

Alair aluminum-air battery (Sustainable Technologies)

All Round Solar Wave Energy Antenna (Sustainable Technologies)

Amber Safety Daytime Lighting for Motor Vehicles (Safety and Security)

Ambulatory Refrigerated Ice Cream Vending Machine (Consumer Products)

An African MicroUtility (Sustainable Technologies)

An energy storage system (Sustainable Technologies)

AnchorCharger (Sustainable Technologies)

Augmented oil-eating spill response (Sustainable Technologies)

Automation of Holiday Light Hanging (Consumer Products)

Available Carbon Sink (Sustainable Technologies)

Baumann Energy Dissipating Rebar Coupler™ (Safety and Security)

BioReactor Air Scruber (Sustainable Technologies)

Bladeless Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Breathing Skin (Sustainable Technologies)

Camper's Heat Utilities (Consumer Products)

Car engine heat collector (Sustainable Technologies)

Carbon Cleaning Internal Combustion Engines (Transportation)

Carpet Recovery Technology (Sustainable Technologies)

CCFL as Alternative to CFL and LED (Sustainable Technologies)

Center Flue Kettle (Consumer Products)

Chain-linked variable transmission (Transportation)

Cleaner Electricity from Coal (Machinery & Equipment)

Clothing Creator (Machinery & Equipment)

Cold Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Containment Cap for Uncontrolled Oil/Gas Well (Machinery & Equipment)

Controlled Voltage Transformer Regulating System (Machinery & Equipment)

Converting Transportation to Hydrogen Fuel (Transportation)

Cooling Fuel Cells (Machinery & Equipment)

Creating a Better Energy Future (Sustainable Technologies)

Creativity Cafe; New School and Networking Parlor (Consumer Products)

Cyclo-Energy (Consumer Products)

Device to decrease losses on electrical grid (Sustainable Technologies)

Disc Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Ducted Turbine System (Sustainable Technologies)

E-Balloon (Sustainable Technologies)

E-Path: Sustainable Transportation & Energy Network (Sustainable Technologies)

Eco-8 Roof Panels and Trusses (Sustainable Technologies)

Efficient Infrared Heating for Tomato Peeling (Sustainable Technologies)

Elecro Car Charger (Sustainable Technologies)

Electric Vehicle Mechanics Upgrade Training (Transportation)

Electrical Metering Switch (Consumer Products)

Electrical vehical generator (Transportation)

Electricity from Static Water (Sustainable Technologies)

Electricity Generating With Natural Forces (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Farming Vehicle (Transportation)

Energy Harvesting Module - Universal Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Saving Cookware (Consumer Products)

Energy saving roof (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy savings for elevated temperature process openings (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Tree (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Wheel (Sustainable Technologies)

Engine With A Sidewall Combustion Chamber (Transportation)

Entanglement (Sustainable Technologies)

Feed the World with Solar-Powered Tractors (Machinery & Equipment)

Firewater spark plug (Sustainable Technologies)

Fish Friendly Hydro Power (Sustainable Technologies)

Flexible Intelligent Power Systems (FLIPS) (Sustainable Technologies)

Floating top petrol tank (Transportation)

Future Fuels- Butanol (Sustainable Technologies)

Galvanochemical Process of Water Treatment and Substances Production (Sustainable Technologies)

GEDAYC Wind Turbine with Blades and Kites (Sustainable Technologies)

Generation of Electricity in Car (Sustainable Technologies)

Geothermal Water Heater (Sustainable Technologies)

Grail Engine (Transportation)

Green Home Sensors (Sustainable Technologies)

Green Lite for Energy Conservation (Consumer Products)

Green Smart Entertainment System (Consumer Products)

Greenergy Fertilizer (Sustainable Technologies)

Harvesting Energy Inside a Combustion Chamber (Sustainable Technologies)

Heat Recovery System For Residential Waste Water (Sustainable Technologies)

Heat Wheel (Sustainable Technologies)

High Altitude Flying Electric Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

High Efficiency Light Bulb with Incandescent Look (Consumer Products)

High pressure fitting and installation tool (Machinery & Equipment)

High Voltage Power-train (Transportation)

Highway windmills (Sustainable Technologies)

Hot water toilet primer (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Home Power System (Machinery & Equipment)

Hydrogen Extraction (Sustainable Technologies)

Hydrogen Production System (Sustainable Technologies)

Improved Reformer Design (Sustainable Technologies)

Increasing Effective Capacity of Highways (Transportation)

INSTAR Triple Hybrid Vehicle (Transportation)

Intelligent Energy Manager ( i-EM) (Consumer Products)

Intelligent thermal walls (Sustainable Technologies)

Intellilighting v1.0 (Consumer Products)

Intergalactic Propulsion (Transportation)

Jet Ship (Machinery & Equipment)

Kinetic Converter (Sustainable Technologies)

Lamellae Shading (Sustainable Technologies)

Large deep sea oil containment device (Machinery & Equipment)

Large scale solid oxide fuel cells made practical (Sustainable Technologies)

Light Hybrid Community Electric Vehicle (Transportation)

Lighter-Than-Air Airborne Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Local Power Generation Concept (Sustainable Technologies)

Long Span Baumann Green Floors™ (BauGF™) (Sustainable Technologies)

Low Current High Torque Motor (Machinery & Equipment)

Low Height Hydro-Pneumatic Dam (Sustainable Technologies)

M5 Plume - ecologic car (Transportation)

Magnetic Brakes...Using Brake Pads (Safety and Security)

Magnetic-Levitating Vehicle (Transportation)

Maintenance-free Ocean Current Turbines (Sustainable Technologies)

Materials Characterization Tribometer (Machinery & Equipment)

MEEMM SSSR (Sustainable Technologies)

MEMS Piezoelectric Vibrational Energy Harvester (Sustainable Technologies)

Methane Harvesting (Sustainable Technologies)

Method for containing subsea oil blowouts (Machinery & Equipment)

Method for Producing a Coreless Frozen Pizza (Sustainable Technologies)

Method to reduce gyroscopic drag (Transportation)

MHD Convective Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Microturbine Sun Tracker (Sustainable Technologies)

Mixed cycle auto engine (Transportation)

Mobile Energy Conversion Systems (Sustainable Technologies)

Modern Pipeline Concept for Offshore (Transportation)

Modular HydroPower for Developing Nations (Sustainable Technologies)

Multiple Purpose Filter (Machinery & Equipment)

Nanoreactors for nuclear fusion (Sustainable Technologies)

No moving parts alternator for vehicles (Machinery & Equipment)

Oil Capture with Bubble Curtain and Oil Fish (Sustainable Technologies)

Oil spill pollution efficient cleaning and collection (Safety and Security)

Oil spill/recovery (Machinery & Equipment)

Oil Well Cap (Sustainable Technologies)

ON THE GO EV Charging (Transportation)

Orion Speedtrike™ Ultrahigh Efficiency Vehicle (Transportation)

OTEC for Gulf Restoration (Sustainable Technologies)

OWC wave energy system alteration (Sustainable Technologies)

Photovoltaic Optical Fiber (Sustainable Technologies)

Photovoltaics with piezoelectric nanowires (Sustainable Technologies)

Piezomat (Sustainable Technologies)

Pneumatic regenerative brakes (Transportation)

POLMAP - Sea Observation Airship (Safety and Security)

Porcupine Ceramic Heat Exchanger (Machinery & Equipment)

Portable Single-Axis Solar Tracker (Sustainable Technologies)

Power from water pressure (Sustainable Technologies)

Power Sink (Sustainable Technologies)

PPM Level Hydrogen Sensor (Safety and Security)

Preventing ocean acidity death from CO2 emissions (Sustainable Technologies)

Pure Air Fuel Car (Transportation)

Radioisotope-Powered Electric Generator (Machinery & Equipment)

Re-coil method (Sustainable Technologies)

Rear Airbag for Trucks (Transportation)

Reconcile (Consumer Products)

Reduce Surface tension+freezing point of water (Sustainable Technologies)

Reducing Oil Reliance Via LIM and IPT Technologies (Transportation)

Regeneration of Automobile Kinetic Energy Loss in Deceleration (Transportation)

Resonant Cyclic Energy Flow Systems (Machinery & Equipment)

Roof Top Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Room Temperature Superconductor (Machinery & Equipment)

Rotary Perforated Disc, EMA-1 (Machinery & Equipment)

Rotational Induction Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Rotoconversion Energy Saving Method (Machinery & Equipment)

Rural electrification using wind mills (Sustainable Technologies)

Safety of Clutch and Brake Wire (Safety and Security)

Save Energy: Eliminate 9/10ths Gasoline Pricing (Sustainable Technologies)

Scrap tire pyrolysis 2 energy plant (Sustainable Technologies)

Self adjusting propeller, speed regulating gear (Sustainable Technologies)

Self Energizing Heating and Cooling (Sustainable Technologies)

Sicycle toy (Consumer Products)

Simple Solar Tracker (SST) (Sustainable Technologies)

Simple, Very Low Heat Loss Windows and Skylights (Consumer Products)

Skyscrapers to harness the energy of rain (Sustainable Technologies)

SMART Power Billing Technology (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Assisted Air Conditioning and Hot Water (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Energy Blanket (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar heating, geochemical cooling, refrigeration (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar iPhone USB Charger for a Bicycle (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Power from Space (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar power generation with the Zero Pollution Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Power Router (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Powered Irrigation - Water Pumping (Machinery & Equipment)

Solar Powered LED Home Address Indicator (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar refrigerator for humanitarian aid (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar smart grid (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Thermal Module (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar thermo electric cooling system (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar-Assisted Wind Turbines (Sustainable Technologies)

Solarsphere (Sustainable Technologies)

Solglobe (Sustainable Technologies)

Solo Urban Commuter Vehicle (Transportation)

Solution to blowouts in oil wells (Machinery & Equipment)

Sonic CaulkScope (Sustainable Technologies)

SourcePoint (Safety and Security)

Spiral Wound Wedge Wire Detonation Flame Arrester (Safety and Security)

Stopping the BP Oil Spill (Safety and Security)

Structure Based Hydroelectric Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Subsea Blowout Mud Injector Choke (Safety and Security)

Sun Spot Stove (Consumer Products)

Super High Efficiency Multijunction Solar Cells (Sustainable Technologies)

Survival Solar Cooker (Safety and Security)

The "Improved" Junk Shot of Decreasing Diameters (Safety and Security)

The CEM Engine (Transportation)

The Concept (Machinery & Equipment)

The Guacheta Eco-Dwelling (Sustainable Technologies)

The idea of using plasma effects with low ratio steam fuels (Transportation)

The Solar Forge (Machinery & Equipment)

Thermal Capture Hand Dryer (Sustainable Technologies)

Thermo-Charge System (Consumer Products)

Three Dimensional Motor Generator System (Sustainable Technologies)

To Get to LEO, Burn Your Batteries (Transportation)

Try-brid Vehicle (Transportation)

Turbo Air Conditioner (Sustainable Technologies)

Using the energy of the balloon (Sustainable Technologies)

Value Added Drying for Bio-Refineries (Sustainable Technologies)

Variable Speed Fixed Voltage & Current High Torque (Sustainable Technologies)

Variable Valve Lift System for Int. Comb. Engines (Transportation)

Walking Energy Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

WarmSpring Attic Heat Recovery System (Consumer Products)

Waste glass based soil amendment retains moisture (Sustainable Technologies)

Waste Heat Electrical Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Water Battery (Sustainable Technologies)

Water condenser (Sustainable Technologies)

Water Desalination (Sustainable Technologies)

Water purification by solar distillation (Sustainable Technologies)

Wave Energy Harnessing Device (Sustainable Technologies)

Well relining and distribution system repair (Sustainable Technologies)

Wind2Go - Portable Wind Generator (Consumer Products)

Windboard: Distributed Clean Energy Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

World's Most Versatile Solar Concentrator (Sustainable Technologies)

ZEFCOT: Zero Energy, Environmentally Friendly Community (Consumer Products)

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["Defense"] ["Disabled","Electronics","Health","Sensors"] ["Disabled","Health","Imaging","Surgical"] ["Disabled","Health","Manufacturing","Surgical"] ["Disabled","Health","Mobile","Sensors"] ["Disabled","Health","Monitor","Sensors"] ["Disabled","Health","Propulsion","Wheelchair"] ["Disabled","Health","Prosthetics","Surgical"] ["Disabled","Health","Surgical","Wheelchair"] ["Disabled","Health","Tools"] ["Disabled","Health"] ["Disabled","Manufacturing","Prosthetics","Sports"] ["Disabled","Prosthetics","Surgical","Wheelchair"] ["Disabled","Vehicles"] ["Electronics","Energy","Generator","Power"] ["Electronics","Energy","Monitor","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Energy","Robotics","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Engines","Robotics","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Engines","Sensors","Vehicles"] ["Electronics","Filter","Sensors","Test"] ["Electronics","GPS","Imaging","Monitor"] ["Electronics","Health","Imaging","Monitor"] ["Electronics","Health","Manufacturing","Monitor"] ["Electronics","Health","Manufacturing","Robotics"] ["Electronics","Health","Monitor","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Health","Monitor","Surgical"] ["Electronics","Health","Monitor","Tools"] ["Electronics","Health","Optics","Surgical"] ["Electronics","Health","Power"] ["Electronics","Health","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Imaging","Robotics","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Manufacturing","Sensors","Tools"] ["Electronics","Manufacturing","Test"] ["Electronics","Meter","Test","Tools"] ["Electronics","Mobile","Robotics","Solar"] ["Electronics","Mobile","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Mobile","Simulator","Test"] ["Electronics","Monitor","Sensors","Tools"] ["Electronics","Propulsion","Sensors","Wind"] ["Electronics","Robotics","Sensors","Tools"] ["Electronics","Robotics","Sensors","Vehicles"] ["Electronics","Robotics","Simulator","Spacecraft"] ["Electronics","Sensors","Tools","Vehicles"] ["Electronics","Simulator","Test","Tools"] ["Electronics","Test","Tools"] ["Energy","Engines","Generator","Power"] ["Energy","Engines","Health"] ["Energy","Engines","Power","Propulsion"] ["Energy","Fuel","Generator","Solar"] ["Energy","Fuel","Hygiene","Manufacturing"] ["Energy","Fuel","Sensors"] ["Energy","Fuel"] ["Energy","Generator","Solar","Wind"] ["Energy","Health","Security","Sensors"] ["Energy","Manufacturing","Power","Solar"] ["Energy","Manufacturing","Power"] ["Energy","Manufacturing","Sensors","Solar"] ["Energy","Manufacturing","Sensors","Vehicles"] ["Energy","Manufacturing","Spacecraft"] ["Energy","Manufacturing"] ["Energy","Mobile","Power","Wind"] ["Energy","Optics","Solar"] ["Energy","Power","Sensors","Solar"] ["Energy","Power","Solar","Wind"] ["Energy","Power"] ["Energy","Robotics","Sensors","Solar"] ["Energy","Robotics","Sensors"] ["Energy","Solar","Wind"] ["Energy","Solar"] ["Energy"] ["Engines","Fuel","Propulsion","Vehicles"] ["Engines","Fuel","Transit","Vehicles"] ["Engines","Generator","Power","Vehicles"] ["Engines","Sports","Transit","Vehicles"] ["Engines","Vehicles"] ["Engines"] ["Exercise","Health","Mobile","Sensors"] ["Exercise","Health","Prosthetics","Robotics"] ["Exercise","Health","Surgical"] ["Filter","Health","Hygiene","Surgical"] ["Filter","Meter","Sensors","Vehicles"] ["Filter","Solar"] ["Fuel","Power","Solar","Vehicles"] ["GPS","Mobile","Tools"] ["Generator","Lighting","Power","Vehicles"] ["Generator","Simulator"] ["Health","Hygiene","Lighting","Optics"] ["Health","Hygiene","Solar"] ["Health","Hygiene"] ["Health","Imaging","Optics","Robotics"] ["Health","Imaging","Optics","Sensors"] ["Health","Imaging","Optics","Wheelchair"] ["Health","Imaging","Surgical"] ["Health","Manufacturing","Optics"] ["Health","Manufacturing","Robotics"] ["Health","Mobile","Monitor"] ["Health","Mobile"] ["Health","Optics","Solar","Surgical"] ["Health","Robotics","Sensors"] ["Health","Surgical"] ["Health"] ["Manufacturing","Optics"] ["Manufacturing","Robotics","Solar","Test"] ["Manufacturing","Test","Vehicles"] ["Manufacturing","Tools","Vehicles"] ["Manufacturing"] ["Mobile","Monitor","Sensors"] ["Mobile"] ["Monitor","Security","Sensors"] ["Optics","Power","Solar"] ["Optics","Sensors","Test"] ["Optics","Vehicles"] ["Propulsion","Sensors","Wind","Vehicles"] ["Propulsion","Wind","Vehicles"] ["Robotics","Simulator","Sports","Tools"] ["Robotics"] ["Security","Sensors","Transit","Vehicles"] ["Sensors","Solar","Transit","Vehicles"] ["Sensors","Tools"] ["Sensors","Vehicles"] ["Solar"] ["Transit"] ["Vehicles"] ["Wind"]