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2022 Entries

Aviation Fuel Tank Lorry that Degases DO (Aerospace & Defense)

BFR • Buoyant Freshwater Resuscitators™️ (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Bielectric Truck/Bus (Automotive/​Transportation)

Buoyant Container-Sets EACH Fill With Hydrogen & Oxygen Gas from Water-Electrolysis at Bottom of Tower Generating Electricity (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Carbon to Hydrogen Battery (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Conventional & Autonomous Modular Truck (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electrically Accelerating Tiny Shredded Debris (EATS Debris) (Aerospace & Defense)

Eternium Long Range Multi-role Fuel Cell Electric Aircraft and Fuel System (Aerospace & Defense)

External Combustion Engine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Generation of Molecular Hydrogen (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Hydrogen Fuel Generation (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Improving Diesel Engine Emissions with Real-Time Non-Surfactant Fuel Supply System (Automotive/​Transportation)

New 4 Stroke Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Opposed Piston Facing Heads Internal Combustion Engine, Compact Design (Automotive/​Transportation)

Reusable Spacecraft for Payloads to LEO (Aerospace & Defense)

Save 10% of Gas or Diesel Fuel with ValueGauge (Automotive/​Transportation)

SF2E -Sustainable Forest to Energy (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Smart Biopyr System (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Trajectory-Based, Aerodynamic Mud Flaps (Automotive/​Transportation)

TruckY (Automotive/​Transportation)

2021 Entries

(FMS) Fuel Measuring System for 2 Wheelers (Automotive/​Transportation)

Aircraft Fuselage with Flat Bottom (Aerospace & Defense)

Carbon Neutral Commercial Aircraft Propulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

Constant Displacement Variable Power Engine at a Given RPM (Automotive/​Transportation)

Creating a Better Tomorrow by Repurposing Coal: Converting Coal & Waste into Renewable Hydrogen (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Design and Production of Pellets from Forest Waste (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Electric Vehicle - Dual Charging (Automotive/​Transportation)

Emed (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Landfill/Brewery Gases as Alternative Fuels (Automotive/​Transportation)

NanoXynergies (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

New Technologies in Sustainable Hydrogen Production from Hydrocarbons and Waste Plastics (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Niger Gratitude Pipeline (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Power-to-Gas Improvements with E-Hy BOX (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Prefilming Airblast Fuel Nozzle Conceptual Design (Aerospace & Defense)

Retrofitting Old Bicycles into Electric Bikes for Rental Services (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

The Other Hydrogen Economy™ (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

The Tomorrow Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wave-Generator Powerhouse (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

2020 Entries

BMHK Engine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Carbon Fiber Monolith with OPEN Hydrophilic Carbon Nanotubes (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Enabling Production of Stranded Natural Gas: Eliminating Flaring and Providing Clean Water (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Energy Flux Circular Power Stations (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

EVER-Green™ Coal (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Extinguishing Mine Fires with Liquid Nitrogen (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Floating Solar Powered Hydrogen Generator for Sustainable Energy Production (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Green Fuel from Waste (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

MoonTrap System (Aerospace & Defense)

PUR-Ethanol: The Future of Biofuel Production (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Reducing Climate Change with Waste to Energy (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Reduction of VOCs from Coal Combustion: Functionalized Cross-linking of Hierarchical Adsorption and Photocatalytic Oxidation (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Wall Intengrated Oxy-fuel Combustion for Piston Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

2019 Entries

Adaptive Thermal Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Algae Biodiesel: a Sustainable Fuel for Power Generation Sector (Sustainable Technologies)

Carbon Calcy (Automotive/​Transportation)

CO2 Capture by Seawater and Production of Biomass for Renewable Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Eternal Energy Electric Device (Sustainable Technologies)

Forever Fuel Anti-Gravity Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Fuel-less, pollution less Steam Engine /Steam Turbine Electric Train and Car Without Water Filling Again & Again (Sustainable Technologies)

Green Driver (Automotive/​Transportation)

Infinitely Variable Valve Lifting (IVVL) (Automotive/​Transportation)

IoT and Data Science for Urban Waste Energy System (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnetic Direct Injector Pulser (Automotive/​Transportation)

Self-Sustainable, Profitable Wastewater Treatment System (Sustainable Technologies)

Solving the Algae Problem (Sustainable Technologies)

Tyro Ad infinitum Gas (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vortex Drag Reduction (Automotive/​Transportation)

2018 Entries

2-Stroke Oil/Gas Ratio Analyzer (Consumer Products)

Adsorption of Refueling Emission by Activated Charcoal (Sustainable Technologies)

Aftermarket Super Truck Hybrid Upgrade (Automotive/​Transportation)

Air Centrifugation Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ambient Energy Fueled Mechanical and Electric Power Plant (US Patent 6,938,422) (Sustainable Technologies)

Antimatter Reactor (Aerospace & Defense)

Biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas Oil as an Alternative for Use in Diesel Engines (Sustainable Technologies)

College and University Tools for the Environment (Consumer Products)

Continuously Controllable Diesel Fuel Injector (Automotive/​Transportation)

Cost Effective Go Kart (Automotive/​Transportation)

Direct Conversion of Natural Gas to Dimethyl Ether, an Ultra-Clean Synthetic Diesel for Power Generation in Oil & Gas Rigs (Sustainable Technologies)

Displacement Safety System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Efficient Carbon Capture and Conversion to Materials and Fuel (Sustainable Technologies)

Emergency Gas Shutoff Valve for Ruptured Gas Lines (Consumer Products)

Energy From Earth (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Out of Waste (Sustainable Technologies)

Forest Waste to Hydrocarbons (Sustainable Technologies)

FuelBOX : Smart and Connected Fuel Quality Sensor (Automotive/​Transportation)

H.E.R.- Uses for Waste Emission Gases (Sustainable Technologies)

H2O to H2 and O! (Sustainable Technologies)

Heat Retention Solar Oven (Sustainable Technologies)

Helix Concentric Tubes Direct Air Under Aircraft For More Lift. Fuselage Is A Glider Without Thrust. Tubes Unroll Flat For Dense Ground/Air Transport. (Aerospace & Defense)

HiLLo-ORC : Semi-Hermetic Expander Technology for Converting Waste Heat to Electricity (Sustainable Technologies)

Holographic-Fusion via Solar Pumped Lasers (Sustainable Technologies)

Low Cost Portable Briquette Making Machine (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Nano Additive Methyl Ester for Emission Reduction in CI Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Oxygen Supplemented Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (Automotive/​Transportation)

Power Generation from Hydrogen Fuel (Derived from Water by Electrolysis) (Sustainable Technologies)

Smart Lightweighting of Cars with 200kg (Automotive/​Transportation)

Solar Powered Heating and Cooking Device (Consumer Products)

The concept ESP (Energy Saving Pod) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Underground Hydrocarbon Spills & Mars Organic Compounds: Low Cost Mapping by GPR-CSP Method (Aerospace & Defense)

2017 Entries

A New Environmental Friendly Gas Flaring Model (Sustainable Technologies)

Active Shockwave Cancellation (Aerospace & Defense)

Airplane Leading Edge (Aerospace & Defense)

Application of Daniel Bernoulli's Method at Truck and Wagon for Fuel Saving (Automotive/​Transportation)

ATPC - Active Tire Pressure Control (Automotive/​Transportation)

Calibrated Braking System Using Compressor Action With Deactivated Fuel And Ignition (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Double Wishbone Suspension System for a Hybrid Cycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

DRIFT- Detachable Reserve In Fuel Tank (Automotive/​Transportation)

Efficient Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Electric Generating Turbo (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electrically Operated Flywheel in IC Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

EMF Induced By Magnetic Field to Run an Automobile (Automotive/​Transportation)

Emission Control in Vehicles by Magnetic Fuel Conditioning (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy Generation From Household Waste Water and Excreta (Sustainable Technologies)

Engine Conversion (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Eternal Energy Electric Device (Sustainable Technologies)

Fabrication of Fuel Monitoring Device for Automobiles (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Free Energy Generator for Aerospace and Defense (Aerospace & Defense)

Fuel - less Transportation System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Cut-Off System for Vehicle Safety (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Cycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Detection and Distance Prediction Using Multi-dimension Regression Method (Automotive/​Transportation)

Gas Cap Grip (Consumer Products)

Gravity Feed Pellet Fireplace Insert (Consumer Products)

Grawy (Sustainable Technologies)

Heavy Duty Aftermarket Super Truck (Automotive/​Transportation)

HI-LIGHT - Solar Thermal Chemical Reactor Technology for Converting CO2 to Hydrocarbons (Sustainable Technologies)

High Efficient Two-stroke GDI Piston Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Hydrogen Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hydroxy Gas Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Improving Efficiency of Solar Cells at the Small Scale (Sustainable Technologies)

Inexpensive, Simple and Safe System to Prevent Aircraft Fuel-tank Explosion (Aerospace & Defense)

LIDAR Road Paver (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Methanol as Automobile Fuel (Automotive/​Transportation)

Movable Airplane Wings (Aerospace & Defense)

Night Solar Cooker (Sustainable Technologies)

Nuclear Reactor Powered Aircraft with Water Generator and Advanced Energy Recovery Systems (Aerospace & Defense)

Perpetual HHO Transfusion Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Pickup Truck Fuel Saver - DragShield (Automotive/​Transportation)

Radically New and Highly Aerodynamic LLNL Geometries for the Next-Generation of Heavy Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ram Jet Liquid Oxygen/Fuel - Emulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

Reducing the Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emission of a Gasoline Engine by Inducing HHO Gas Produced by Exhaust Waste Heat (Automotive/​Transportation)

RIGHT MIX STRIPS™ - Ethanol Fuel Test Kit (Sustainable Technologies)

Simple and Economic Multipurpose Solar Heater (Sustainable Technologies)

Spark Ignition Internal Combustion Engine without “Constant-Volume Cycle” Barrier (Sustainable Technologies)

SuperCommuter Transportation System (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Magfoil (Aerospace & Defense)

To Reduce the Ever Increasing Fueling Costs for Semi Trailer Trucks (Automotive/​Transportation)

ValueGauge (Automotive/​Transportation)

Variable Valve Lift Mechanism (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wait Less (Automotive/​Transportation)

Water: The Next Fuel (Sustainable Technologies)

αNC PLASMA (Sustainable Technologies)

2016 Entries

Comprehensive Study Of Series Hydraulic Hybrid With Regenerative Suspension (Automotive/​Transportation)

Compressed Air Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design Of A Headlight Circuit To Reduce Power Consumption In Automobiles (Electronics)

Dustbin to Sustainable Techbox (Sustainable Technologies)

Eco Friendly Energy And Sustainability (Sustainable Technologies)

Eco-Friendly Sanitary System for Railways (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Harvesting From Vibration (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy-Efficient Mass Transfer of Oxygen and Methane in a Gas Fermentation Butanol Bio-Reactor Using 5 to 7 kW/m3 Reactor Volume with an Array of 150 ft Deep Concentric U-Tubes (Automotive/​Transportation)

Exhaust Gas-pond Maker (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fabrication Of Mechanically Controlled C.V.T For Regenerative Braking System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Forced Neutral Regenerative Carbon Cycle (Sustainable Technologies)

Furai Le Mans Concept (Automotive/​Transportation)

GlidePath – Intelligent Driver Assistance System at Traffic Signals (Automotive/​Transportation)

Global Fittings Concepts – Configurable Push-To-Connect Fittings (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Highly Fuel Efficient Dedicated CNG Engine Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hydrogen Assist For Internal Combustion Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hyliion - Hybrid Technology for Semi-Trailers and the Trucking Industry (Sustainable Technologies)

Increasing the efficiency of a combined power station (Sustainable Technologies)

Inkjet Print Technology to Apply Hydrophobic Lotus Leaf Periodic Pattern Coating to Aircraft Wings to Repel Water, Ice, and Debris, While Aiding Boundary Layer Control (Shark Skin Riblets) for Drag Reduction and Lift Enhancement (Aerospace & Defense)

InnoCat (Automotive/​Transportation)

Integrated Device for Producing Oil Alternatives from Wastes (Sustainable Technologies)

Location Sensitive Speed Adaptation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Microwave Assisted Pyrolysis Of Plastic (Sustainable Technologies)

Performance Evaluation Of CI Engine By Textured & Coated Piston Ring And Liner Using Alternative Fuels (Automotive/​Transportation)

Performance Evaluation Of CI Engine By Textured & Coated Piston Ring And Liner Using Alternative Fuels (Sustainable Technologies)

Propane Tank Anti-BLEVE Safety System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Resource Conservation Using Microbial Cell (Sustainable Technologies)

Slosh Reduction Using Linear Actuator In Liquid Propulsion System (Aerospace & Defense)

Unlimited Range Self Pressurizing Pneumatic Electric Automobile (Automotive/​Transportation)

Use Of Nanotubes To Convert CO2 Into CH4 (Sustainable Technologies)

Wind Technologies For Air Travel: Eco-airplane Using Wind Turbines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wood Chips to Renewable Fuels (Sustainable Technologies)

2015 Entries

3D Tire Printing Mounting (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Photosynthetic Bio-reactor That Produces Bio-fuel From Carbon Dioxide (Sustainable Technologies)

An Environmental Health And Reclamation Project Aims To Reduce Automobiles' Damage In City Centres (Sustainable Technologies)

Automatic Tyre Inflation System (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Blood For Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Bringing our Railways into the 21st Century (Automotive/​Transportation)

CoAxial Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Continuously Variable Transmission with Hydraulic Energy Recovery (Automotive/​Transportation)

Controlled Nuclear Pulse Propulsion Aircraft To Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption (Aerospace & Defense)

Density Differential Based Oil-Water Separator Working Continuous With Biodegradable Sludge Digester (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

development of rail side windmills (Sustainable Technologies)

Double Layer Chamber (Aerospace & Defense)

Drag Reduction In Vehicles Using Appendages (Sustainable Technologies)

Extraction And Porcessing Of Sea Bottom Methane Clathrates (Sustainable Technologies)

Extremely efficient multifuel rotary engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fixture Suitable For Piling Kelly Bar Maintenance (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Floating Piston, Isolation Valve (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Fuel Cycle In An Internal Combustion Engine Setup (Sustainable Technologies)

High Performance Shutter Valve (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Hybrid Power Plant For Rural Areas (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Trike (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hydrogen Extraction (Sustainable Technologies)

Internal combustion engines - eco power control (Sustainable Technologies)

Lean, Green Machines (Sustainable Technologies)

Next Generation Special Transport & Theorems (Aerospace & Defense)

Pulsatile Series-Parallel Powertrain for Hybrid Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Quick Harvester System (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Quick Harvester System (Sustainable Technologies)

RECAP (Reduce Energy Consumption And Pollution) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Smart Hybrid Bike (Petrol/Electric) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Spark Ignited IC Engine Control Running on Alternative Fuel Mixture (Automotive/​Transportation)

SPYBOT: The Virtual Presence (Automotive/​Transportation)

SteamTech (Sustainable Technologies)

The Development Of A Test Rig For A New Fuel (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Mycoremediating Biodegradable Closed Ecological System (Sustainable Technologies)

Use of Aerodynamic lift to reduce fuel consumption of heavy vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

2014 Entries

A life-Support system for manned bases on other planets (Aerospace & Defense)

Adaptive Fairing with Tunneling (Automotive/​Transportation)

Alcohol Dehydration Microbial Sulfur Fuel Cell Hybrid Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

algae growth chamber (Sustainable Technologies)

Alternator Recharger (Automotive/​Transportation)

An Indigenous Design of Swirl Flame LPG Commercial Cooking Burner (Sustainable Technologies)

Car preheater (Automotive/​Transportation)

Economic Wood Stove (Less Smoke, More Efficient) Differently Designed Models And Their Descriptions (Sustainable Technologies)

Effect of Hydrogen Supplementation on 40% SVO-Diesel Blend on Performace, Combustion and Emission Characteristics of an IDI CI Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Emulsified Heavy Fuel Oil Reduces Consumption, Emission, and Maintenance Costs (Sustainable Technologies)

Engine Without Combustion Of Fossil Fuels (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fire In Ice: Fuel for the Future (Sustainable Technologies)

How to 3D print a Sun (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Trike (Automotive/​Transportation)

Plasmsolar (Sustainable Technologies)

Power Generation and Natural AirConditioning system through Tesla Turbine on Moving Vehicles (Sustainable Technologies)

Small Scale Methane Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

solar stove (Sustainable Technologies)

Speedblock (Automotive/​Transportation)

Steam Assisted Co-Cycle Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Sticker Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Sustainable Generator Tiles to reduce Business Municipal Electricity costs (Sustainable Technologies)

The Environmentally Neutral Powered Home Living System (Consumer Products)

The Inverted Gas Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

TiroGage (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ultra Fuel Efficient Vehicle (Sustainable Technologies)

V4 engine carburetor venturi (Automotive/​Transportation)

vinasse fertilizer (Sustainable Technologies)

2013 Entries

A New Diesel Engine Cycle with Lower Mechanical Losses and Improved Environmental Performance. (Transportation & Automotive)

Automated Active Flow Control System based on Fluidic Oscillators for Fuel-efficient Aircraft (Aerospace & Defense)

Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free! (Transportation & Automotive)

Bioethanol 2nd Generation Integrated Reactor (Delignification, Saccharification and Fermentation) (Sustainable Technologies)

Bioplastic and Biodiesel Production from Wastewater (Sustainable Technologies)

Charging Vehicle Battery by Steering Wheel Movement and Tire Rotation: Application in Hybrid/Electric Vehicles (Transportation & Automotive)

Dirigible Space Elevator (Aerospace & Defense)

Ductile Ceramics (Aerospace & Defense)

Efficient and Quick Control for Diesel-Gas and Other Engines (Transportation & Automotive)

Feasibility of Hydrogen As An Alternative Fuel For an Internal Combustion Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Flow Control Bridging Smart Devices with Cooking & Heating (Consumer Products)

Fuel Flexible, Ultra-Portable Microturbine Generator (Machinery & Equipment)

Fuel Quality Sensor (Transportation & Automotive)

Full Electric Combustion Chamber for Turbojet Engines (Aerospace & Defense)

Grass Powered Robot Mower (Sustainable Technologies)

Hydrolyseric Triyan Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Integrated Internal & External Combustion Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Land Transportation Comfort with Audace (Transportation & Automotive)

Lighter and Better Bucket (Machinery & Equipment)

Making Fuel from Greenhouse Gases (Sustainable Technologies)

New Powertrain to Achieve 80mpg for Midsize Car (Transportation & Automotive)

Prillings for Next Generation Rocket Fuel (Aerospace & Defense)

Radioactive Decay Accelerator (Sustainable Technologies)

Rotomoulde Tanks with Integrated Baffles (Transportation & Automotive)

Safety Match (Safety and Security)

Save 30% Gasoline -> Pressure Pulsation Dampers for Injectors and Twin-Jet Injectors (GOAL: Pressure Damped Twin-Jet Injectors) (Transportation & Automotive)

SmartCAP - Plug and Play TPMS (Transportation & Automotive)

Sustainable Food Processing (Sustainable Technologies)

Test Strip Mixture Indicators (Sustainable Technologies)

The Garbage Power (Sustainable Technologies)

The Phase Explosion Injection for an Ultimate Motor Efficiency (Sustainable Technologies)

Tomography for the Masses (i.e. Simplest Ever ECT System) (Electronics)

Underwater Tubes (Transportation & Automotive)

VZN – Damper with Self Correcting Damping Characteristic (Transportation & Automotive)

2012 Entries

A New Rotor Fan (Machinery & Equipment)

Accident & Energy Free (Transportation)

Canute Power (Sustainable Technologies)

Compressed Air Engine (Transportation)

Cyanogen/Cbr Power (Sustainable Technologies)

Diesel Fuel Saver (Sustainable Technologies)

Direct Transduction of Biochemical into the Electric Energy for Insect Drones (Electronics)

Does Your Clothing and Vehicle Surface Influence the Mileage (Sustainable Technologies)

Double Crankshaft Engine for Better Fuel Consumption (Transportation)

EggXellent Passenger Compartment (Consumer Products)

Electric Car Battery Recharge/Replacement Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Extinguishing a Tire Fire (Safety and Security)

Fresh Breath of Air for Commuter Vehicles (Transportation)

Gasoline from Carbonated Water H2CO3 -> C8H18 (Sustainable Technologies)

Gear Transition Fuel Locking System (Transportation)

GEDAYC Wind Turbine 300% More Efficient (Sustainable Technologies)

Green Exhaust System (Algae Infusion into Catalytic Convertor) (Sustainable Technologies)

High Expansion Rotary Steam Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Hydrogen Extraction (Sustainable Technologies)

Liberator (Transportation)

Microwave Assisted Fuel Pre-Heater for Diesel Engines (Sustainable Technologies)

Modularization (Sustainable Technologies)

Multi-Function Photocatalytic Solar Desalination (Sustainable Technologies)

New Technology Provides Precise, Dynamic Control of the Pitch of a Boat Propeller (Transportation)

Off-Grid mCCHP System with H2 Storage (Sustainable Technologies)

On-Demand Hydrogen Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Parabolic Trough Solar Concentrator for Process Heat Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Photoassisted Electrolysis (Sustainable Technologies)

Plant Oils to Jet Fuel (Sustainable Technologies)

Practical Commuter System Improves Safety while Reducing Costs (Transportation)

Predictive Alerts for Collision Aversion (PACA) (Safety and Security)

Recuperator of Energy Effect Seebek for Internal Combustion Engines (Transportation)

Red Lights on Roads - Extra Signs to Save Kinetic Energy - Anticipate Red Wave - Green Wave (Transportation)

Should Future Airliners Lose Their Tails? (Transportation)

Simultaneous Production of Nanocarbon, Hydrogen, and Energy (Machinery & Equipment)

Solar Kettle (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar/Hydraulic Regenerative Power Assist for Heavy Truck (Transportation)

Squeezzz Lane (Transportation)

Time Stop Machine Automobile (Transportation)

Traffic Signal Timing Software (Transportation)

Trailer Air Deflector1 (Transportation)

Windmill to Drive Trains and Cars (Sustainable Technologies)

2011 Entries

5 Stroke Internal Combustion (Otto) Engine (Transportation)

A Comprehensive Approach to Hydrogen Fuel (Sustainable Technologies)

A Device for Stopping Explosions at Nuclear Plants (Sustainable Technologies)

AutoSkyBot (Transportation)

Carbon Nanotube Solar Panel Design (Sustainable Technologies)

Cheaper Silicon Metal (Sustainable Technologies)

Clean Coal Wastewater Treatment (Machinery & Equipment)

Clean Green IC Power (Transportation)

CO2 Dissociator (Future Artificial Tree) (Machinery & Equipment)

Concept Mini Car (Transportation)

Density and Priority Based Traffic Control System (Transportation)

Eco Drive Coach (Sustainable Technologies)

Eco Friendly KE Electricity Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Recovering Stove (Sustainable Technologies)

Fuel-less AC Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Gravitymill (Sustainable Technologies)

Green Wedge (Sustainable Technologies)

HHO Hydroxy Test Setup (Machinery & Equipment)

Home Water Power Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Hydrogen Extraction (Sustainable Technologies)

Hydrogen Green Lawn System (Machinery & Equipment)

Landin Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Liquid Green (Consumer Products)

M-Fuel (Sustainable Technologies)

Mag Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Making Synthetic Fuel from Waste by Solar Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Method of Fuel Usage (Safety and Security)

Method of Fuel Usage (Transportation)

Neat-O! (Safety and Security)

Oscillatory Combustion Setup in Oil Fired Furnace (Sustainable Technologies)

Railways on the Road (Transportation)

Smart Valve Box and Cover (Safety and Security)

Solar-Brayton Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Solution to Lane Merging Problem (Transportation)

Sustainable Solar Cookers (Sustainable Technologies)

The Power of the Earth (Sustainable Technologies)

Volume Hydrogen Production with Specialized Anode (Sustainable Technologies)

Wireless Power for Aircraft (Transportation)

2010 Entries

A Gateway To Green Power & Propulsion (Sustainable Technologies)

A Rapid Deployment Solution for Oil Well Leaks (Machinery & Equipment)

Adhesion & Gravity alcohol distiller (Sustainable Technologies)

Aerial Aircraft Carrier (Transportation)

Augmented oil-eating spill response (Sustainable Technologies)

BP Oil spill Repair (Machinery & Equipment)

Bringing George Jetson's World to Life (Transportation)

Capping a deep water oil well (Safety and Security)

Car with hydrogen & oxygen support (Transportation)

Cleaner Electricity from Coal (Machinery & Equipment)

Converting Transportation to Hydrogen Fuel (Transportation)

Cooling Fuel Cells (Machinery & Equipment)

Cyclo-Energy (Consumer Products)

Digitally Timed Gas Mileage (Transportation)

Digitally Timed Gas Mileage (Transportation)

Disc Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Earthquake Detector (Safety and Security)

EM.M.I.E (Transportation)

Energy Farming Vehicle (Transportation)

Firewater spark plug (Sustainable Technologies)

Floating top petrol tank (Transportation)

Future Fuels- Butanol (Sustainable Technologies)

Future Oxy-Hydrogen Powered Aircraft (Transportation)

Green-Drive (Sustainable Technologies)

Greenergy Fertilizer (Sustainable Technologies)

How to prevent petrol tankers from polluting the sea (Transportation)

Hydrogen Extraction (Sustainable Technologies)

Hydrogen Production System (Sustainable Technologies)

i-Think (The Auto Brain) (Consumer Products)

Improved Reformer Design (Sustainable Technologies)

Increasing Effective Capacity of Highways (Transportation)

Innovation in Oil & Gas (Sustainable Technologies)

Just fill the tank with water (Transportation)

Kinetic Converter (Sustainable Technologies)

Large deep sea oil containment device (Machinery & Equipment)

Large scale solid oxide fuel cells made practical (Sustainable Technologies)

Methane Harvesting (Sustainable Technologies)

Method of reducing gryoscopic drag (Transportation)

Method to reduce gyroscopic drag (Transportation)

Mk1 Terra Tech Airship (Transportation)

Mobile Energy Conversion Systems (Sustainable Technologies)

Modern Oil Drilling Concept (Machinery & Equipment)

Modern Pipeline Concept for Offshore (Transportation)

Multiple Purpose Filter (Machinery & Equipment)

Nanoreactors for nuclear fusion (Sustainable Technologies)

Natural Cooling (Transportation)

Oil Capture with Bubble Curtain and Oil Fish (Sustainable Technologies)

Oil spill pollution efficient cleaning and collection (Safety and Security)

Oil Tank Remote Level Sensor Display (Consumer Products)

Oil Well Cap (Sustainable Technologies)

ON THE GO EV Charging (Transportation)

OWC wave energy system alteration (Sustainable Technologies)

PLASTOLEUM ( Plastic to oil) (Sustainable Technologies)

Pneumatic regenerative brakes (Transportation)

POLMAP - Sea Observation Airship (Safety and Security)

PPM Level Hydrogen Sensor (Safety and Security)

Preventing ocean acidity death from CO2 emissions (Sustainable Technologies)

Rear Airbag for Trucks (Transportation)

Reduce Surface tension+freezing point of water (Sustainable Technologies)

Sicycle toy (Consumer Products)

Solution to blowouts in oil wells (Machinery & Equipment)

Spiral Wound Wedge Wire Detonation Flame Arrester (Safety and Security)

Sun Spot Stove (Consumer Products)

The Concept (Machinery & Equipment)

The Guacheta Eco-Dwelling (Sustainable Technologies)

The idea of using plasma effects with low ratio steam fuels (Transportation)

Tidewater Blue (Consumer Products)

Try-brid Vehicle (Transportation)

Turbo Air Conditioner (Sustainable Technologies)

Value Added Drying for Bio-Refineries (Sustainable Technologies)

Valved two stroke engine with extended expansion (Machinery & Equipment)

Well relining and distribution system repair (Sustainable Technologies)

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