Entries tagged with Propulsion

2022 Entries

® e-Gravitor (Aerospace & Defense)

A House Bush Fire Self-Erecting Cover (Consumer Product Design)

A New Maglev System to Increase Its Applicability (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Warp Drive Motor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Advanced Hybrid Technology for ALL Semi-Trailers and the Trucking Industry (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

ALIFE AIR (Zero Emission Fuel) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Anteneh's Space Pulley Theory (Aerospace & Defense)

Asteroid Deflection Mission (Aerospace & Defense)

Combo Turbofan Jet and Restartable Rocket (Aerospace & Defense)

Concept of a Space Vehicle-Robot with an Inertial Cable Drive (Aerospace & Defense)

Conventional & Autonomous Modular Truck (Automotive/​Transportation)

COTS Aircraft Carrier CVL(x) (Aerospace & Defense)

Cryptocurrencity (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

DAMPS Technology D Drives 5.0 (Consumer Product Design)

Drive Module (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Electric Vehicle Powered by a Constant Speed Motor Through CVTs (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electrically Accelerating Tiny Shredded Debris (EATS Debris) (Aerospace & Defense)

Enhanced Vector Thurst Propulsion System for VTOL Flying Vehicles Development (Aerospace & Defense)

eWheel End for Tractor/Semi-Trailer Tractive Power and Power Generation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Gator - Instant Electric Plug-In Conversion for 18-Wheeler (Automotive/​Transportation)

Gravity Induced, Buckyball Based Power Plant (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Homopolar Liquid Vortex Magnetic Chelating Radioactive Particulate Decontamination Device for Fukushima (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Jet Engine Electric Motorcycle Hybrid “Malevolence” (Automotive/​Transportation)

LN2 Plus Heat for Propulsion (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Mag-Jet Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

NerraTrac CVT (Automotive/​Transportation)

Opposed Piston Facing Heads Internal Combustion Engine, Compact Design (Automotive/​Transportation)

Plastics Recovery in Oceans and Rivers (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Power Transmission From a Shaft onto a Frame to a Shaft Onto an Endlessly Rotating Carrier, Independently of Carrier Rotation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Reusable Spacecraft for Payloads to LEO (Aerospace & Defense)

Revolutionary Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Smart Charger (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ten Phase (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

The Quantum Propulsor (Aerospace & Defense)

The Truly Revolutionary “Impossible” Reactionless Drive (Aerospace & Defense)

Titan Textile Gear (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

TruckY (Automotive/​Transportation)

Universal Flight Enhancement Spaceship Unit (Aerospace & Defense)

Using Drones to Deliver Small Things for a Short Distance (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

VForce® Shape Adaptive (Morphing) Technology for Rigid Sails with Increased Propulsion Power (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

2021 Entries

"Solar Flare" Rocket (Aerospace & Defense)

3D Printing Boosts SiC Inverter Performance (Automotive/​Transportation)

48 V Electrified Axle to Assist the Main Vehicle HV Motor (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Non-Newtonian Electromagnetic Rocket Thruster (Aerospace & Defense)

A Warp Drive Motor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Anteneh's Carbon Capturing Space Rocket (Aerospace & Defense)

Application of the Biefeld Brown Effect using Musha Takaaki Formula (Aerospace & Defense)

Atmospheric Reaction Aerodynamic Motor (Aerospace & Defense)

Avatar – Electric Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Change the Way We Fly for the Better (Aerospace & Defense)

Clean and Efficient Radial HCCI/LTC Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Comet÷TOW: Comet Towed Ion Propelled Spacecraft (Aerospace & Defense)

Concept Spaceship With Inertial Drive (Aerospace & Defense)

D3 - Control and Deorbit Spacecraft without Rockets (Aerospace & Defense)

Design of the E-VTOL (Designing of Vehicle That Works With Vertical Take Off and Landing, in Small Areas, Without Runway) (Aerospace & Defense)

Duck-Like Propulsion for Electric Watercraft (Consumer Product Design)

Electric Aircraft Propulsion System (Aerospace & Defense)

FLYAVATOR (Automotive/​Transportation)

Glider Towing eDrone (Aerospace & Defense)

HCCI Fickett-Jacobs Cycle Double Acting Internal PDE (Automotive/​Transportation)

Inductrack Cars and Inductrack for Roads (Automotive/​Transportation)

Instant Swapping Systems for Electric Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Low-cost Propulsion Method for Target Drones and Related Equipment (Aerospace & Defense)

Miniature Turbine Jet Engine Design & Manufacturing (Aerospace & Defense)

Multistage Combustor (Aerospace & Defense)

New Era for UAVs (Aerospace & Defense)

Next Generation Gas Turbine (Aerospace & Defense)

Oceanic Autonomous Rover (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Opposed Piston Facing Heads Internal Combustion Engine, Compact Design (Automotive/​Transportation)

Optimization of Electric Motor Operation of Full Electric Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Renewable Low Sulfur Low Carbon Diesel from Agricultural Waste (Automotive/​Transportation)

SeaTrec (Consumer Product Design)

Sowda Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Spherical Chamber Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Stackable High Torque, Low RPM Module Motor Assembly (Automotive/​Transportation)

Tubeless Mortar Low Acceleration Launching System (Aerospace & Defense)

VFI-689M / Cavitation Resistant Vortex Force Monovane Centrifugal Turbopump Rotor Assembly (Aerospace & Defense)

VIMO-Vibration and Inertial Electro Mobile (Automotive/​Transportation)

2020 Entries

"201" an Urban Aerial Mobility Vehicle (Aerospace & Defense)

A Radical Method and Device to Combat All Types of Viruses (Medical)

A Warp Drive Motor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Advanced Multi-passenger VTOL Aircraft - AMVA (Aerospace & Defense)

Application of the Biefeld Brown Effect using Dr. Musha Takaaki Formula (Aerospace & Defense)

Axial Opposing Piston Opposing Cylinder Diesel Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Carbon Fiber Monolith with OPEN Hydrophilic Carbon Nanotubes (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Change the Way We Fly (Aerospace & Defense)

Combined-Cycle Hybrid Subsonic/Supersonic Combustion / Pulse Detonation Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Dual Radial Gap Electric Motor Vehicle Conversion Kit (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration Innovation (Automotive/​Transportation)

FlexiDrive (New Concept Electric Motor –Alternator ) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Gas Turbine Engine Modeling by Using Simulink (Aerospace & Defense)

Gyroscopic Reaction Drive (GRD) for Propulsion in Any Direction, Operating in Any Medium, for Any Vehicle (New Concept) (Automotive/​Transportation)

High-Throughput End-Loaded MagLev Passenger Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hydrostatic Bicycle Infinite Variable (Automotive/​Transportation)

ICE Vehicle to Hybrid (Automotive/​Transportation)

Levitated Annular Rotor System for Vertical Flight (Aerospace & Defense)

LIFT VECTORING: Using THRUST as LIFT Generator and FLIGHT CONTROL without Any Moving Surfaces (Aerospace & Defense)

Machine Intelligent Non-accelerating Propulsion Designs Improve life on Earth (Automotive/​Transportation)

Minimally Invasive Heart Pump for Heart Failure (Medical)

My Plasma Engine Rocket (Aerospace & Defense)

Ocean Temperature Reducer (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Open and Close Gloves from the Wrist Sleeve with the Ability to Wear on One Hand (Medical)

Second generation RADIALcvt (Continuously Variable Transmission) (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Launch Ring (Aerospace & Defense)

Thermionic Wave Generator (TWG) (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

theSARCproject (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Time Resolved Load or Force (Aerospace & Defense)

Ultra-Short Take-Off and Landing (USTOL) Aircraft with Extreme Morphing Wings – EMW (Aerospace & Defense)

Universal Solar e-Kit (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

VAriable GEometry VTOL Aircraft –VAGEV with Thrust Augmenter Configuration (Aerospace & Defense)

Zero Fuel Marine Off Grid Houseboat (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

2019 Entries

A Green-Energy Elevated Transport System That Saves Lives & Biodiversity (Automotive/​Transportation)

A-KERS: Adaptive Kinetic Energy Recovery System for Electrified Heavy Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

ALPHA: Aerodyne Launch Pad, High Altitude (Aerospace & Defense)

An Integrated Power Train Solution (Automotive/​Transportation)

Application of the Biefeld Brown Effect using D.R. Bhueler Formula (Aerospace & Defense)

Circle-Arc Stator Electric Machine, Motor or Generator (Automotive/​Transportation)

Concept for a High Energy Hybrid Rocket Thruster using XeF2 Injected Magnesium Cartridges ("Tumble Thruster Module," TTM) (Aerospace & Defense)

Diamagnetic Field Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Efficient Autonomous Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Eternal Energy Electric Device (Sustainable Technologies)

eVTOL Jet (Aerospace & Defense)

Four Cylinder IC Engine with NO Crankshaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fully Reusable, Two-Stage-To-Orbit, Horizontal Takeoff & Landing Spaceplanes (Aerospace & Defense)

Future Transportation by Levitating Humans by Thinking (Automotive/​Transportation)

IxB Electromagnetic Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Lean Combustion by Muliscale/Fractal Generated Turbulence in Gas Turbine Engines (Aerospace & Defense)

Optical Refueling of Ultra-lightweight Vehicles (Aerospace & Defense)

Simple, Low Cost, 'Zero-Emissions,' Fuel Agnostic Engine Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

Space Plane Quantum Locking (Aerospace & Defense)

State of the Art Novel InFlow Tech GEARTURBINE Rotary Turbo Similar System Aeolipilie (Aerospace & Defense)

State of the Art Novel InFlowTech IMPLOTURBOCOMPRESSOR Imploducted OneCompression Step (Aerospace & Defense)

The BASE Rocket Concept - a New Direction for Electric Propulsion Development (Aerospace & Defense)

The Future of MagLev: How the Magnetic-Levitation Turnpike will Revolutionize Ground Transportation (Automotive/​Transportation)

The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept (Aerospace & Defense)

Two-stroke Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Urban Fly and Ride Taxi System (Automotive/​Transportation)

2018 Entries

A Low Cost Overunity Machine that Enables Warp Drive, Feasible Time Travel, Teleportation (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Time Reversal Device (Medical)

Accessing the Inaccessible using Hovercraft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Adaptive Thermal Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Advanced Reconfigurable VTOL Aircraft - ARVA (Aerospace & Defense)

Aftermarket Super Truck Hybrid Upgrade (Automotive/​Transportation)

An Upgraded Airfoil Wing, the Magfoil Wing (Aerospace & Defense)

Antimatter Reactor (Aerospace & Defense)

Baxter Automotive Motor System Perpetual Motion (Automotive/​Transportation)

BUCKYBALL Sphere Extruded from a Central Point to Buckyball Forming Panels for Wind Power Turbines (Sustainable Technologies)

Bug-Out Boat (Sustainable Technologies)

Centipede - They Never Fall (Medical)

Continuously Controllable Diesel Fuel Injector (Automotive/​Transportation)

Counter Rotating Fan for Hyperloop and Bullet Train Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Creating the Future with Hyperloop UC (Automotive/​Transportation)

DaD-UAP-01 (Automotive/​Transportation)

Efficient Winged Personal VTOL aircraft -WIP (Aerospace & Defense)

Electric Vehicle For Forest Dwellers (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric/hybrid VTOL Aircraft with Thrust Augmenter (Aerospace & Defense)

Eternal Energy Electric Device (Sustainable Technologies)

eVTOL Foldable Wing Aircraft (Aerospace & Defense)

Experimental Cargo-Passenger Catamaran with Three Power Supplies for the Propulsion Unit (Automotive/​Transportation)

Food Loop (Automotive/​Transportation)

Future Transportation by Levitating Humans by Thinking (Automotive/​Transportation)

Futuristic Fold-Unfold, Multistorey and Height Adjustment Based Flying Machines (Aerospace & Defense)

Hybrid Hydraulic Transmission with the Accumulator as the Frame of the Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hybrid Vehicle of Series- Parallel Type with a Low Power Electric Chain which is Compatible with the 48V Voltage (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hydrospike Propulsor, Distributed Propulsion System for Maritime Vessels (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hyper4 - High Efficiency Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Improved Rotor Balance Process (Aerospace & Defense)

Intelligent Prop-less & Rudderless Sub & Surface Craft Drive System (Aerospace & Defense)

Mantaraya Project (Medical)

Mulit-Cycle Subsonic / Supersonic / Pulse Detonation Expansion Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Pelican: A New Approach to Fueling Space Exploration (Aerospace & Defense)

Powertube by Sea, Land, Powerline, Pipeline, etc. - Light Passengers or Mail (Consumer Products)

Publiic Transport Safety Restraint System (Automotive/​Transportation)

QuickStick: The Fast and Efficient Manual Transmission (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rectification of Anomalous RAMA Thrusting Effects (Aerospace & Defense)

ReGen-X Stepper Motor for EV Regenerative Acceleration (Automotive/​Transportation)

Resurrected Plane Design Outperforms BWB? (Aerospace & Defense)

Ring Nozzle (Aerospace & Defense)

Running on Road, Elevation and Hovering Electric Cars (Automotive/​Transportation)

Spacecraft Hydraulic Torch Jump (Sustainable Technologies)

Stavatti SM-150 Next Generation Sportplane (Aerospace & Defense)

To Determine the Effect of Dimpled Poppet Valve on the Flow in Engine Cylinder by Port Flow Simulation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Torque Converter Clutch Manual System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Turbine Upgrade for Commercial Jet Engines (Aerospace & Defense)

TURN (Automotive/​Transportation)

VTOL Aircraft with Standard Fuselage for Reduced Costs (Aerospace & Defense)

Waste Heat Recovery for Trucks (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wireless Powered Sail Board (Aerospace & Defense)

2017 Entries

A New Geared Aviation Diesel Design: Power Transmission through the Camshaft or a Dedicated Internal Driveshaft (Aerospace & Defense)

A New VTOL Propelled Wing Design Specifically Defined for a New Flying Car Concept (Aerospace & Defense)

A Powerful Electricicty Generator Whose Function Depends Upon Electromagnetic Phenomena (Sustainable Technologies)

Active Anti Tire Burst System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Continuous Flow High Efficiency Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design and Manufacture of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Aerospace & Defense)

Design Fabrication and Testing of Solid Propellant Micro Rocket (Aerospace & Defense)

Diamond Based Winding Insulation for Electrical Machines (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Electric Gear Box and Clutch (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric School Bus (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electromagnetic Propulsion Elevated Transportation System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy Recovery Suspensions (Automotive/​Transportation)

EngineHelper (Sustainable Technologies)

Engines with no Need for Fuel (Sustainable Technologies)

Enhanced High-Performance Tires (Automotive/​Transportation)

Eternal Energy Electric Device (Sustainable Technologies)

External Magnetic Field-Propulsion Systems (ExMF-PS) (Aerospace & Defense)

Fire Fighting Drone / Water Jet Fire Extinguisher (Aerospace & Defense)

Free Guided and Controlled Path Travel Futuristic Vehicles (Aerospace & Defense)

Free-Piston Isolated-Scavenge for 2-Stroke Opposed-Piston Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Frictionless Electric Brake (Sustainable Technologies)

Fuel Air Injection (FAI) engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Future Martian Rover with Hybrid Retro Propulsive Thrusters (Aerospace & Defense)

GoldDrive (Automotive/​Transportation)

Green Powered Hyperloop, Efficent & Fast Transportation (Automotive/​Transportation)

H.M.R.M. (Hypocycloid Magneto-Repulsive Motor) (Aerospace & Defense)

High Performance Continuous Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hybrid Miller Cycle Rotary HCCI Engine for RQ-7 Class Drones (Aerospace & Defense)

Hyper4 - High Efficiency Internal Combustion Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Integrated Pulsating Combustor for TurboFan Jet And Rocket Engines as Augmentor (Aerospace & Defense)

Inverted Magnetron as an RF Source for EM Drive (Aerospace & Defense)

IVT Infinitely Variable Ratio Gearbox With Neutral Using Only Sprockets Toothed Gears (Automotive/​Transportation)

Linear Controlled Magnetless Machine for Future Transportation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Linear Motor Braking System (Aerospace & Defense)

Magnetic Renewable Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Magneto - The Space Cleaner (Aerospace & Defense)

Micro Gravity Propelantless Propulsion System (Aerospace & Defense)

Orbitless Drive (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Personal Transporter (PT) (Consumer Products)

Power-Train for Vertical Takeoff (PTFVT) (Aerospace & Defense)

RADIALcvt (Continuously Variable Transmission) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ram Jet Liquid Oxygen/Fuel - Emulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

Reactionless Space Propulsion System (Aerospace & Defense)

Retrofitting BERP Rotors to Improve Efficiency of Older Helicopters (Aerospace & Defense)

Rubber Motor to Power E-Trike for Hill Climbing (Automotive/​Transportation)

Space Sail for Interstellar Travel (Aerospace & Defense)

Spherical Two Stroke Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Stationary Free-Flying Stratospheric Platform (Aerospace & Defense)

Supercor VFI-689/Vortex Force Impeller System for Rocket Motor Turbopumps (Aerospace & Defense)

Synchronous Reluctance Machine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Tesla Turbopulsejet (Aerospace & Defense)

The Dynamic Exercise & Mobility Machine (Medical)

The Fijalkowski Engine without Crankshaft and Connecting Rod Mechanisms (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Magfoil (Aerospace & Defense)

UniQuad Hydrogen Electric Agricultural Utility Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Urban Technology for People and Cargo (Sustainable Technologies)

Wearable Power Modules (WPM) (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Young Laser Thruster (Aerospace & Defense)

Zero-Slip Steering Differential for both Automotive and Track-Steered Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

2016 Entries

A Low Cost Microcontroller Based "MechaSpark ECU" To Increase Engine Power In 2-wheeler (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Serie-parallel Hybrid Vehicle With A Low Power Electric Propulsion Chain In Electric Mode (Automotive/​Transportation)

Adjustable Size Duct Inlet System (Aerospace & Defense)

Advanced Continuously Variable Transmission (Automotive/​Transportation)

ARAM (Automotive/​Transportation)

AWD Butterfly 2 (Automotive/​Transportation)

AWD Butterfly 3 (Automotive/​Transportation)

C'rail (Automotive/​Transportation)

Containment/Acceleration Trefoil (Aerospace & Defense)

Crash Avoiding Automobile (Automotive/​Transportation)

Deep space Propulsion tech (Aerospace & Defense)

Deep Submergence AUV (Aerospace & Defense)

Directional wireless charger (Consumer Products)

Displacement Hull with Integrated Propulsion (Automotive/​Transportation)

Drurn - The Final Journey (Consumer Products)

Electromagnetic Timing Orbit (EMTO) Slingshot Applied To Starwisp (Aerospace & Defense)

Emergency Rescue Water Craft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Eternal Energy Electric Device (Sustainable Technologies)

Ettridge Orbital Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

EV Range-Extending Trailer (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel-Air Injection (FAI) Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Gas Turbine Performance Simulation, Analysis and Design Software (Aerospace & Defense)

Gearing the Future - Reluctance Magnetic Gear (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Gemini Linear Electric Motor (Automotive/​Transportation)

Green Technology (Aerospace & Defense)

Helixator - Helical Escalators And Moving Walkways (Automotive/​Transportation)

High Performance Gear To Displace Planetary & Cycloidal Gear Sets (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Hybrid Hydraulic Drive System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hybrid Turbo Supersonic Combustor For Turbine Driven Jet Engines (Turboscramjet Combustor) (Aerospace & Defense)

Hyper4 High Efficiency Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hyperloop Dash 8 Fuselage Pods (Automotive/​Transportation)

Integration Of Turbocharger And Supercharger (Automotive/​Transportation)

Lift Force Conversion Into Thrust To Increase Overall Efficiency Of Air Transportation Systems (Aerospace & Defense)

Long Range Ecological Hybrid Drone (Aerospace & Defense)

MagLev Transport For All (Automotive/​Transportation)

Maglev Wiping System for Windshield and Back Glasses (Automotive/​Transportation)

Maintenance Free PCV Line Liquid Vapor Filter (Automotive/​Transportation)

Modular Multi-Modal Transportation Concept Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Modular Multi-speed Transmissions For Medium- And Heavy-duty Electric Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Nautilus Cycle - HCI/HCCI Achieved (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Wing Design Exponentially Increases Total Aircraft Efficiency (Aerospace & Defense)

Novel Constant Velocity Joint (Automotive/​Transportation)

Nuclear Aircraft with Water Generator and Advanced Energy Recovery Systems (Aerospace & Defense)

Quad Fold Helicopter (Automotive/​Transportation)

RALS (Reduced Altitude Launch System) (Aerospace & Defense)

Rotary Two-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Fueled by Solid Particulate (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

SAGON Deep Space Habitation Spacecraft (Aerospace & Defense)

SLITHERSKIFF - A Very Fast Single Person Pedal Powered Racing Watercraft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Slosh Reduction Using Linear Actuator In Liquid Propulsion System (Aerospace & Defense)

Sun-Driven Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

Super Ultra Low Emission Diesel Electric Hybrid Motorcycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Supercharged Engine Design (Automotive/​Transportation)

Superconducting Homopolar Machine With Contrarotating Rotors And Inherent Passive Magnetic Bearing (Sustainable Technologies)

Supersloop: Deep-Keeled Racing Yacht Integrates A Suite Of Radical Fluid Dynamic Design Concepts To Yield Exceptional Speed (Sustainable Technologies)

The Ogunmuyiwa Engine Cycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

The ZEBL, On-board Electrification Of Regional Passenger Rail (Automotive/​Transportation)

Total Heat Recovery Engine - TOHRE (Automotive/​Transportation)

Two stroke oil (Automotive/​Transportation)

UMotor - Over-Expanded Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Vertoflyer – A New VTOL Aircraft With Advanced Powerplant (Aerospace & Defense)

Wheels Used As Electic Motors On Hybrid Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

World Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Zillipede (Automotive/​Transportation)

2015 Entries

2 Stroke Engine 4000 to 1 Gasoline / Oil Mix Ratio (Automotive/​Transportation)

A powerful electricity generator whose functioning depends on magnetic phenomena (Sustainable Technologies)

Aero Load Decider (Aerospace & Defense)

AmbiCopter-Transport & Rescue Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Attitude and Divert Control for VTVL Launch Vehicle (Aerospace & Defense)

BodyCopter/FamilyFlyer (Automotive/​Transportation)

Brain Controlled Arm With Thrusters (Medical)

Clean two stroke engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Continuously Variable Transmission with Hydraulic Energy Recovery (Automotive/​Transportation)

Controlled Nuclear Pulse Propulsion Aircraft To Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption (Aerospace & Defense)

ConVerti-Go (VTOL transition roadable aircraft concept) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Cross-sectional Area Converting Machine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

DASY X-Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Development of Reverse Lock Braking System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Efficient Propulsion for a Stratospheric Aerial Relay Aircraft (SARA) (Aerospace & Defense)

Electric Power Reconfigurable Rotor VTOL Concept (Aerospace & Defense)

Electric Vehicle powered by g-EN CO2 engine with no range limitation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy Efficient Electric Four-Place Aircraft (Aerospace & Defense)

Energy Multiplying Mechanism (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Flexible Smooth Bore PTFE Hose (Aerospace & Defense)

Flying Train (Aerospace & Defense)

Highly Efficient Displacement Hull Form Not Constrained By Hull Speed (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hydrogen Extraction (Sustainable Technologies)

Increase In Payload Without Increasing The Size Of Ship/Boat/Marine Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Jules Verne and Gerald Bull Revisited (Aerospace & Defense)

Lateral axis wind turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Micro Turbine Personal Flight System For First Responders (Aerospace & Defense)

Momentum wheel (Automotive/​Transportation)

Motorcycle Stabilizion System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Non Mass Expulsion type Space Propulsion Device (Aerospace & Defense)

Power Module, The Electric Drive Powered Laser Beam (Aerospace & Defense)

Powerhouse Tug & Barge (PTB) System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Regenerative Paddle Wheel River Boat (Automotive/​Transportation)

Regression Rate Behavior Of Cylindrical Stepped Grain In Hybrid Motor (Aerospace & Defense)

Rescue Device For People Trapped In Multilevel Buildings With Fire Below (Consumer Products)

Riscram™ Rocked Ignited Supersonic Combustor Ramjet. Propulsion system for hypersonic aircraft with supersonic combustor. Mach 0 to 30 - Earth Sea Level to Space Exosphere (Aerospace & Defense)

Rotary Engine for Power Generation (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Rotary Engine US 7,117,839 (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotor/turbine Etc. With Small Discharge Of Fluid, Its Related Applications (Sustainable Technologies)

RVCR - Multi Fuel IC Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Series-parallel hybrid vehicle without torque disruption at mode shifting (Sustainable Technologies)

Simplified Rocket Guidance System For Atmospheric Boost Ascent And Boosted Recovery Phases (Aerospace & Defense)

Spherical Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Stellar Engine With Magnetic Transfer Of Torque (Automotive/​Transportation)

Sustainable Energy Application of the Lorentz Theory (Sustainable Technologies)

The Reel Boat: Wheeled Efficiency for Watercraft (Automotive/​Transportation)

the SARM Project (Automotive/​Transportation)

Transportation System Used Lift And Gravitational Force Into Forward Thrust (Aerospace & Defense)

Trasgo, a new concept for a powerful electric aircraft (Aerospace & Defense)

Triad Lift and Propulsion Design with Dynamic Center of Gravity for Horizontal Airplane Flight (Aerospace & Defense)

Use of Aerodynamic lift to reduce fuel consumption of heavy vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

variable twist rotor blade (Aerospace & Defense)

Wings4Farmers (Aerospace & Defense)

Xtreme Green, Ultra-light, Multipurpose Vehicle Utilizing Ultra-efficient, Multi-fuel, Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

2014 Entries

Advanced Power Bullet (Aerospace & Defense)

An Advanced Ultimate ACV (Hovercraft) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Bolt-On Transmission Doubles Mileage (Automotive/​Transportation)

CalypSol Solar Trimaran (Sustainable Technologies)

Collaborative Group Research for Electric Flight Propulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

Detachable Battery System On Electric Vehicle And Battery Exchange Stations (Automotive/​Transportation)

diesel electric hybrid (Automotive/​Transportation)

Direct solar energy conversion to electricity by potentially low cost nanometer scale Metal-Insulator-Metal tunnel diode serving as a rectifier in rectenna arrays (Sustainable Technologies)

Gravity-Electric Hybrid Subway (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hydro-mechanical Vehicle Transmission (Automotive/​Transportation)

Lifting Space Capsule (Aerospace & Defense)

Lund Variable Velocity Weapon System (Aerospace & Defense)

Multistage Jet Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Naturally Supercavitated Platforms for Naval Applications (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Class of High L/D Multi-Rotor VTOL Aircraft (Aerospace & Defense)

Oscillating engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Project Airship (Aerospace & Defense)

Project LEON - Shoot Stuff Cheaply into Space (Aerospace & Defense)

Quick dropping battery fully integrated into the vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rapid Forest Fire Extinguisher (Aerospace & Defense)

Renewed Old concept for an STOL fuel-Efficient Airplane (Sustainable Technologies)

RotorCVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Scalable electric propulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

Solute Ion Linear Alignment Flash Distillation And Power Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Space Launch Vehicle Using Magnetic Levitation and Antimatter Propulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

The Bumble Bee Approach to Flight (Aerospace & Defense)

The Pusher (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Spartans (Aerospace & Defense)

The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept (Aerospace & Defense)

Time Capsule to Mars (Aerospace & Defense)

Touch Robot force-compliant manipulator (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Venturi Induction for Internal Combustion Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

WAISSI Engine - Simplest Internal Combustion Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience (Automotive/​Transportation)

2013 Entries

48V Town & Country Hybrid Powertrain (TC48) (Transportation & Automotive)

Amphibious Paddle Boat (Transportation & Automotive)

Automatic Thrust Augmentation (Sustainable Technologies)

DAMPS Technology MKV Magnetic Smart Boots (Medical)

Daring Cross (Transportation & Automotive)

DOGU (Aerospace & Defense)

Electric Vehicles Need Trained EV Mechanics (Transportation & Automotive)

Fuel Efficient CVT for Scooters (Transportation & Automotive)

Full Electric Combustion Chamber for Turbojet Engines (Aerospace & Defense)

Gun-Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Hybrid Opposed Piston Engine - HOPE (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Transport System - HTS (Transportation & Automotive)

IC Engine with NO Crankshaft (Transportation & Automotive)

Increasing Effective Burn Rate by Using Fractal Shaped Solid Grain (Aerospace & Defense)

Inflatable-Rotor Windmills (Sustainable Technologies)

Inventor (Aerospace & Defense)

Kinematics Electricity Storage System (Transportation & Automotive)

LeviCar/RoboTrail -- Multi-Mode Vehicles for Both Road and MagLev Rail (Transportation & Automotive)

Linked Car Shock Absorbers (Transportation & Automotive)

MAGLEV Driveline for Wheeled Vehicles (Transportation & Automotive)

MANTARAYA Delta Challenger (Aerospace & Defense)

MegProp System for City Railroads (Transportation & Automotive)

Microwave Extraction of Water for Space Propellant (Aerospace & Defense)

Multistage Jet Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Nature's ABC's (Transportation & Automotive)

New Aircraft Concept Will Eliminate Crosswind Landings and Takeoffs. (Aerospace & Defense)

Nortilus (Transportation & Automotive)

Optimization of Energy Use At Elevators Supplied from Renewable Energy Sources (Sustainable Technologies)

Photonic Space Engine Driver (Aerospace & Defense)

Prillings for Next Generation Rocket Fuel (Aerospace & Defense)

Pulsed Fusion Propulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

Pusher Turboprop Engine Powered Auxillary Power Unit (Aerospace & Defense)

Rotary Internal Combustion Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Rotatable Telescopic Wingsail (Transportation & Automotive)

Satellites Authorize a "Go" for Vertical Takeoffs (Transportation & Automotive)

Speed Transmission Changer (Machinery & Equipment)

Stealthy Propulsion System (Aerospace & Defense)

Superway (Transportation & Automotive)

Synchronous Machine Having a Flux Exciter Remote from the Rotor Appropriate for an Electric Vehicle Traction Motor (Transportation & Automotive)

The Afterburning Rocket Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

The Bayou Skimmer-High Speed H2O (Aerospace & Defense)

The Production of Polymer Tracking Membranes (Machinery & Equipment)

The Solution to the Gas Turbine Temperature Problem (Transportation & Automotive)

Thorium Rescue Vehicle (Transportation & Automotive)

TurboMotor (Transportation & Automotive)

Wave Energy Harvesting Vessel (Transportation & Automotive)

Welcome to the Future: "Plug-in, Solar-Electric Vehicles Now!" (Transportation & Automotive)

2012 Entries

7 Speed FT4WD Hydrostatic Drive (Transportation)

A New Rotor Fan (Machinery & Equipment)

Aircraft Belly Bed Landing (Safety and Security)

An Overhead High Speed Meglev Train System (Transportation)

Broad Wind Speed Turbine Transmission Gearbox and Blade Load Decoupling (Machinery & Equipment)

Build and Test Non-Mag Guideway System (Transportation)

Compressed Air Engine (Transportation)

Control Freak (Energy Management for EVs) (Transportation)

Cw-Runabout Concept (Transportation)

Cyanogen/Cbr Power (Sustainable Technologies)

DAMPS Technology MKIV Smart Boots (Medical)

Deflection of Asteroids by Sun Light Retro Reflection (Safety and Security)

Design and Development of a Multi Stage Contra Rotating Mini Axial Compressor (Machinery & Equipment)

Double Crankshaft Engine for Better Fuel Consumption (Transportation)

E-go Bike: Muscle to Power (Sustainable Technologies)

EG/A Ion Thruster (Electronics)

Eliminate Leak Paths/Reduce Failure Modes for Rocket Motors (Transportation)

Embedded Wear Sensor (Transportation)

First Anti Torque Counter Rotation Ultra Efficient 2 Stage Propeller for Private Aircraft (Transportation)

High Efficiency Diamond Coatings (Transportation)

High Mobility Multipurpose All-Weather Maximum-Efficiency Variable-Geometry Marine Vehicle (Transportation)

High Performance Rocket Engine for Missiles (Transportation)

High Speed Interstate Ducted Turbine (Transportation)

Hybrid Fuel/Electric Ducted Fan Aircraft Engine (Transportation)

Hybrid/Electric Flywheel Drivetrain (Transportation)

Individual Transit (Transportation)

Instant Starship - an Asteroid Based Near Earth Mission for Planetary Defense, Incremental Space Settlement and Starship Capacity (Transportation)

Landin Engine in Aircraft Use (Transportation)

Laser and Rail Gun Continuous Power (Electronics)

Loudspeaker Driver (Consumer Products)

Magnetic Conveyor (FERMAG) Transforms the Energy of Static Magnetic Fields into Mechanical Energy (Machinery & Equipment)

Magnetic Gradient Propulsion System (Transportation)

Making Fuel from Vehicular Emissions (Sustainable Technologies)

Manta Ray Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (Machinery & Equipment)

Modeling Antigravity Phenomena for Next Generation Propulsion (Transportation)

Multi-Powered Electric Tractor (Sustainable Technologies)

MXC Video Graphics Module (Electronics)

New American Maglev (Transportation)

New Technology Provides Precise, Dynamic Control of the Pitch of a Boat Propeller (Transportation)

Non-Contacting Cleanroom Conveyor (Medical)

Optimization Photovoltaic Ground Mounting Structure (Sustainable Technologies)

Orbital Magnetic Speed Change (Sustainable Technologies)

PM REX 7 - Range Extender Make Long Distances Your Friend (Sustainable Technologies)

Powered Highways (Transportation)

Powershift Differential Transmission with Three Flows of Power (Transportation)

Reducing the Cost of a Large Launch Vehicle (Transportation)

Resonant Energy Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

Resource-less Fire Fighting Technology (Machinery & Equipment)

Rotational Internal Combustion Engine with Radially Movable Vanes (Machinery & Equipment)

Self-Sizing Internal Combustion Engine (Transportation)

SGA (Machinery & Equipment)

Shoot To Kill Forest Fires (Electronics)

Should Future Airliners Lose Their Tails? (Transportation)

Solute Ion Monopole Motor and Solute Ion Linear Alignment Propulsion (Sustainable Technologies)

Space Debris Management System (Machinery & Equipment)

Stealth Mass Lifter (Transportation)

Superconducting-Solenoid-Liquid Vortex Propulsion and Power (Transportation)

The Pusher (Transportation)

The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept (Transportation)

Time Stop Machine Automobile (Transportation)

Tire with Outer Rim (Transportation)

Total Solar Electric Yacht (Transportation)

Very Fast High Dynamic Range Analog to Digital Converter, ADC (Machinery & Equipment)

VTOL Aircraft with Efficient High Speed Cruise (Transportation)

ZeeEye Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Machinery & Equipment)

2011 Entries

A Comprehensive Approach to Hydrogen Fuel (Sustainable Technologies)

A Low-Cost IEC-Fusion Plasma Spacecraft Thruster (Transportation)

Amphibious Three Wheel Vehicle Design (Transportation)

Attitude Control and Aerodynamic Drag Sail (Machinery & Equipment)

Batteries Structurally Integrated in Automobile Frames (Transportation)

Bicycle Crank System with Dead Spot Elimination (Transportation)

Closed Wing/V-Tail STOL Aircraft (Transportation)

Deployable Solar Power for Practical Solar Cars (Sustainable Technologies)

Double A Arm All Wheel Drive Motorcycle (Transportation)

Dynamic Engine Valve Timing & Throw Control (Machinery & Equipment)

Economical Pulsejet Engine for Civil Aerospace (Machinery & Equipment)

ELECTRA (Transportation)

Electric Luminas (Transportation)

Flying Saucer Propulsion System (Transportation)

Gravito-Magnetic-Lumina-Fusion Engine w/TSM (Transportation)

Green Electromechanical Mechanism (Sustainable Technologies)

Helium Turbine Engine (Machinery & Equipment)

Home Water Power Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Human Powered Ornithopter (Transportation)

Hydristor Retrofit (Transportation)

Inertial Propulsion Device (Transportation)

Landin Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Lever Propelled Wheelchair (Medical)

Mag Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Magneto-Spheres (Transportation)

Method of Fuel Usage (Safety and Security)

Method of Fuel Usage (Transportation)

Mini Combo Turbine: 120 mpg Automobile (Machinery & Equipment)

New Design of CV Joint (Machinery & Equipment)

New Electric Motor Design for Electric Vehicles. (Transportation)

Proposal for Solar Laser Optically (Sustainable Technologies)

Propulsion and Delivery (PAD) Mass Transit System (Transportation)

Propulsor Unit For Manual Wheelchairs (Medical)

Regenerative Electric-Powered Aircraft (Transportation)

Swirl Drive (Machinery & Equipment)

The Cylinthruston is the Solution (Transportation)

The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept (Transportation)

Turbojet Engine Protection Grill (Transportation)

Vacuum Impulse Propulsion for "Flying" Vehicles (Transportation)

2010 Entries

A Gateway To Green Power & Propulsion (Sustainable Technologies)

Aerial Aircraft Carrier (Transportation)

Aircraft propeller speed reduction gearbox (Transportation)

Ambulatory Refrigerated Ice Cream Vending Machine (Consumer Products)

Automated Package Transport System (Transportation)

Automatically Piloted Elevated Transportation (Transportation)

Aviation carbon fiber parts production processes (Transportation)

Bringing George Jetson's World to Life (Transportation)

Chain-linked variable transmission (Transportation)

Cluster rocket engine (Transportation)

Compactable duct fan (Transportation)

DAMPS Technology MKIII Smart Boots (Consumer Products)

Disc Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Electric Vehicle Mechanics Upgrade Training (Transportation)

Future Oxy-Hydrogen Powered Aircraft (Transportation)

Grail Engine (Transportation)

High Voltage Power-train (Transportation)

How to prevent petrol tankers from polluting the sea (Transportation)

Intergalactic Propulsion (Transportation)

Jet Ship (Machinery & Equipment)

Light Hybrid Community Electric Vehicle (Transportation)

Mixed cycle auto engine (Transportation)

Monorail Air Cushion Ultra high Speed Train (Transportation)

Monorail Use Along Existing Highway System (Transportation)

Multi-Grain Expandable Vortex Hybrid Rocket Motor (Transportation)

New Ship Propellant Method (Sustainable Technologies)

Off Road Rider-The Walking Bridge (Transportation)

Olympus - Future Ready VTOL Business Aircraft (Transportation)

OWC wave energy system alteration (Sustainable Technologies)

PEET computer (Consumer Products)

Planar Motor with Integrated Position Detection (Machinery & Equipment)

Rapid Terraforming of Hostile Terrestrial Bodies (Transportation)

Reducing Oil Reliance Via LIM and IPT Technologies (Transportation)

Rotoconversion Energy Saving Method (Machinery & Equipment)

Rowheel Wheelchair Propulsion System (Medical)

Segmentyre (Transportation)

Ship Technology (Transportation)

Sicycle toy (Consumer Products)

Solar-Powered Coast Guard Boats (Safety and Security)

Spinner Engine (Transportation)

Stored Energy Electromagnetic Transmission (Transportation)

The (Fuel-Injected) Pulsed Turbine Rotor Engine (Transportation)

The idea of using plasma effects with low ratio steam fuels (Transportation)

The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept (Transportation)

Three Dimensional Motor Generator System (Sustainable Technologies)

Try-brid Vehicle (Transportation)

Variable Ratio Chain Drive (Machinery & Equipment)

Variable Speed Fixed Voltage & Current High Torque (Sustainable Technologies)

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