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2022 Entries

® e-Gravitor (Aerospace & Defense)

Anteneh's Space Pulley Theory (Aerospace & Defense)

Concept of a Space Vehicle-Robot with an Inertial Cable Drive (Aerospace & Defense)

Developing ShotSat to Solve the Problem of Space Debris (Aerospace & Defense)

Electrically Accelerating Tiny Shredded Debris (EATS Debris) (Aerospace & Defense)

Extremely High Transmission Ratio With 3 Moving Parts (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Hypersonic Test Cell (Aerospace & Defense)

Magnetic Energy Outer Space Propulsion System (MEOSPS) (Aerospace & Defense)

Preliminary Design of the Aerodynamics of a Hypersonic Aircraft With the Reduction of Sonic Boom (Aerospace & Defense)

Reusable Space Vehicle Launcher (Aerospace & Defense)

Revolving to the Stars (Aerospace & Defense)

Shock Absorber (Vacuum Powered) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Space Junk Destruction Plan (Aerospace & Defense)

SpaceShield 3 - Space Environmental Protection (Aerospace & Defense)

Star Shield (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Swarm Control and Extensible, Transformative, Spacecraft using CubeSats as Modular Building Blocks (Aerospace & Defense)

The Truly Revolutionary “Impossible” Reactionless Drive (Aerospace & Defense)

The Well-Dressed Spacecraft: Electronic Textile Enhanced Thermal Blanket as Debris (and Cosmic Dust) Sensor (Aerospace & Defense)

Universal Flight Enhancement Spaceship Unit (Aerospace & Defense)

2021 Entries

"Solar Flare" Rocket (Aerospace & Defense)

A Non-Newtonian Electromagnetic Rocket Thruster (Aerospace & Defense)

Anteneh's Carbon Capturing Space Rocket (Aerospace & Defense)

Artificial Reasonable Subjective Systems (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Atmospheric Reaction Aerodynamic Motor (Aerospace & Defense)

Comet÷TOW: Comet Towed Ion Propelled Spacecraft (Aerospace & Defense)

Concept Spaceship With Inertial Drive (Aerospace & Defense)

D3 - Control and Deorbit Spacecraft without Rockets (Aerospace & Defense)

Design and Analysis of a Possible Concept of the Lunar Lander's Landing System (Aerospace & Defense)

Fully Customizable Noise & Vibration Damping Material from -54°C (-65F) to 204°C (400° F) Using Silicone (Aerospace & Defense)

Hexaflex Honeycomb Heat Shield Panel (Aerospace & Defense)

Linear Motor Projectile Excavation (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Lunar Cargos: Oplonas & Macedonas (Aerospace & Defense)

Plasma Solid-State Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Pressure Suit Gloves (Aerospace & Defense)

Recotak2510 (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Romax (Aerospace & Defense)

Space Based Accelerator (Aerospace & Defense)

Teleportation of Physical Objects (Aerospace & Defense)

The Ring (Aerospace & Defense)

Universal Body Enhancement Spaceship Unit (Medical)

Use of Local Magnetic Fields to Protect Space Habitation (Aerospace & Defense)

VFI-689M / Cavitation Resistant Vortex Force Monovane Centrifugal Turbopump Rotor Assembly (Aerospace & Defense)

2020 Entries

A Warp Drive Motor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

A.I. For Space (Aerospace & Defense)

Bringing Comfort To Refugee Camps (Consumer Product Design)

Combined-Cycle Hybrid Subsonic/Supersonic Combustion / Pulse Detonation Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

EDGES - Electronic Defense Game-Theoretic Engine for SATCOM (Aerospace & Defense)

Enduralock Self-Aligning Nut Plate (Aerospace & Defense)

EXO-RAMJET (Aerospace & Defense)

EXTRATERRANOVAS (Aerospace & Defense)

MAREO II: Return to Mars (Aerospace & Defense)

MoonTrap System (Aerospace & Defense)

Multiphysics Design of Narrow Gap Laser Weld Joints (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Next Generation Space Transportation System (Aerospace & Defense)

Novel Wickless Heat Spreader for Thermal Management of Earth and Space Based Electronics (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Silver Lock Fastener (Aerospace & Defense)

The Launch Ring (Aerospace & Defense)

VForce® Autonomous Platform (Aerospace & Defense)

2019 Entries

A Warp Drive Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

ALPHA: Aerodyne Launch Pad, High Altitude (Aerospace & Defense)

Analytical Tools and Method for Next-Generation Computational Fluid Dynamics (Aerospace & Defense)

Astropharmacy (Sustainable Technologies)

CITU Centrifuge Interface Transfer and Utilities Tunnel (Aerospace & Defense)

Concept for a High Energy Hybrid Rocket Thruster using XeF2 Injected Magnesium Cartridges ("Tumble Thruster Module," TTM) (Aerospace & Defense)

Diamagnetic Field Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Electronically Activated Muscle Simulation System (Modular) (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Fully Reusable, Two-Stage-To-Orbit, Horizontal Takeoff & Landing Spaceplanes (Aerospace & Defense)

GFWIIITECH.TJID (Aerospace & Defense)

Gravitational Assisted Space Shuttle Launch (Aerospace & Defense)

Heavy-lift Electrical UAV (Aerospace & Defense)

Hypersonic Flow Simulation Around a Blunt-cone Configuration With Sonic Lateral Side Jet (Aerospace & Defense)

Lasers for Gesture Control Spacecraft and UAV Swarms (Aerospace & Defense)

Low-Earth Orbiting Solar Power Satellite Constellation Model (Sustainable Technologies)

Plant Hack - Micro Embedded System for Soilless Agriculture (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Shortest Routes in Space (Aerospace & Defense)

Shuttle 2.0 (Aerospace & Defense)

Small Multi-purpose Advanced Reconfigurable Technology (SMART) (Aerospace & Defense)

Space Debris Detection, Mapping, Capture and Disposal (Aerospace & Defense)

Space Debris Management (Aerospace & Defense)

Space Plane Quantum Locking (Aerospace & Defense)

Space Waste Digester (SWD) (Aerospace & Defense)

The BASE Rocket Concept - a New Direction for Electric Propulsion Development (Aerospace & Defense)

Ultra-compact Very Low Frequency (VLF) Communication Systems for Underground, Underwater, and Hypersonic Flight (Aerospace & Defense)

2018 Entries

Anti Coriolis Force Centrifuge (Aerospace & Defense)

Antimatter Reactor (Aerospace & Defense)

Astronaut Boots for Space (Sustainable Technologies)

Astronaut Magnetic Gloves (Aerospace & Defense)

ATOM 1.0 Humanoid Robot Project (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Clearer Orbit (Aerospace & Defense)

Compressive Force Suit (Aerospace & Defense)

Discrete Geometry Engineering Design Proposal (Aerospace & Defense)

Enhance Image Resolution with Nearest Neighbor Deconvolution (Aerospace & Defense)

Enhancing Rock Penetration Efficiency by a Novel Bio-inspired Drill (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Low-cost Advanced Space Suit for Skydiving and Space Jump (Aerospace & Defense)

Mulit-Cycle Subsonic / Supersonic / Pulse Detonation Expansion Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Pelican: A New Approach to Fueling Space Exploration (Aerospace & Defense)

Rectification of Anomalous RAMA Thrusting Effects (Aerospace & Defense)

Ring Nozzle (Aerospace & Defense)

Rotary Wing Flying Drone (Automotive/​Transportation)

Solar Synthesis Solar Mill (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Spaceport Construction (Aerospace & Defense)

State of the Art Novel Tech Featured Project Development Space Power-Plant Self-Feed Unit Generator: H2O => HHO => H2O => HHO (Aerospace & Defense)

Steampunk Orbital Reentry Method - Hypothesis Only (Aerospace & Defense)

Twin-Engine Drone (Automotive/​Transportation)

2017 Entries

A Low Cost Overunity Machine Mechanism That Also Allows Warp Drive, Feasible and Real Time Travel for Humans (Sustainable Technologies)

Autonomous Robotic Mars Rover Mother-bus Carries Multiple Flying Drones (Aerospace & Defense)

Aviation Tire (Aerospace & Defense)

Combat IED's (Aerospace & Defense)

CubeCab (Aerospace & Defense)

Design Fabrication and Testing of Solid Propellant Micro Rocket (Aerospace & Defense)

ExoHab Open-Source Space and Earth Habitat (Sustainable Technologies)

External Magnetic Field-Propulsion Systems (ExMF-PS) (Aerospace & Defense)

Fire Fighting Drone / Water Jet Fire Extinguisher (Aerospace & Defense)

Future Martian Rover with Hybrid Retro Propulsive Thrusters (Aerospace & Defense)

GATOR Gear (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Integrated Pulsating Combustor for TurboFan Jet And Rocket Engines as Augmentor (Aerospace & Defense)

Intelligent "Flat Pack" Structures for Space (Aerospace & Defense)

Inverted Magnetron as an RF Source for EM Drive (Aerospace & Defense)

Magneto - The Space Cleaner (Aerospace & Defense)

Making a Hovercraft Landing Base / Platform at Seashore by Cementicious MF Polymer Sea-Sand Composites (Sustainable Technologies)

MAREO to Mars (Aerospace & Defense)

Mars Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding (Aerospace & Defense)

Micro Gravity Propelantless Propulsion System (Aerospace & Defense)

Modeling of Computational Perception of Reality, Situational Awareness, Cognition and Machine Learning Under Uncertainty (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Ram Jet Liquid Oxygen/Fuel - Emulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

Riscram™ Rocked Ignited Supersonic Combustor Ramjet (Aerospace & Defense)

Robotic Construction of MegaStructures (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

SkyAuto - Next Generation VTOL (Aerospace & Defense)

Space Exploration for All Using FemtoSats (Aerospace & Defense)

State of the Art Novel Project Development Tech/Human Habitat Space Power-Plant Self-Feed Unit Generator (Aerospace & Defense)

Stealth STOVL Mil. Airplane (Aerospace & Defense)

Supercor VFI-689/Vortex Force Impeller System for Rocket Motor Turbopumps (Aerospace & Defense)

Ultra-High-Speed Magnetically Levitated Reaction Wheels for Small Satellites (Aerospace & Defense)

UV Oxygen Concentration for Mars (Aerospace & Defense)

VSSUT Student Satellite (Aerospace & Defense)

2016 Entries

Aerospace Integrated Bearing (Aerospace & Defense)

Automated Software System For The Simulation Of Arcing In Spacecraft On Board Power Electronics Equipment (Aerospace & Defense)

Cheaper, Safer, More Efficient Air Launch via Towed Glider (Aerospace & Defense)

Creating a Spacefaring Future for Humanity by Exploring the Final Frontier with Low-Cost, Open-Source Nanosatellites (Aerospace & Defense)

Electromagnetic Timing Orbit (EMTO) Slingshot Applied To Starwisp (Aerospace & Defense)

Equity Crowdfunding To Update The Saturn V S-1C First Stage (Aerospace & Defense)

Flexible Circuitry for Damage Detection in Intelligent Sensor Systems (Aerospace & Defense)

Healable Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Hercules Helmet Football (Consumer Products)

Inflatable Habitation For Terrain Or Space Use (Aerospace & Defense)

Miniature Laser To Fiber Connector (Electronics)

On-Board Laser Debris Removal System (Aerospace & Defense)

ORPHEUS - Orbital Parametric Exerciser for Spacecraft (Consumer Products)

RALS (Reduced Altitude Launch System) (Aerospace & Defense)

SAGON Deep Space Habitation Spacecraft (Aerospace & Defense)

Single Transit/Lander Hab Module (Aerospace & Defense)

Slosh Reduction Using Linear Actuator In Liquid Propulsion System (Aerospace & Defense)

Space Debris Remover (Aerospace & Defense)

2015 Entries

Anthelion (Aerospace & Defense)

Anti-Collision Technology For Automobiles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Attitude and Divert Control for VTVL Launch Vehicle (Aerospace & Defense)

Balloon Launched Orbital Rocket System (Aerospace & Defense)

Carbon Fiber Rivet Manufacturing & Use (Aerospace & Defense)

Corner High Pressure Vessel (Aerospace & Defense)

CubeCab (Aerospace & Defense)

Design Of Circular Radiator (Automotive/​Transportation)

Flying Train (Aerospace & Defense)

Free form sandwich panels (Aerospace & Defense)

Hydraulically Actuated Suction Cup enabled Automated Mobile Robotic Arm ( HASCAMRA ) (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Jules Verne and Gerald Bull Revisited (Aerospace & Defense)

Lunar Surface Manipulation System (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Multi Stage Aerospace Enterprise (Aerospace & Defense)

NASA Lightweight, Flexible Hatch Seal Device - 3D Printed Design (Aerospace & Defense)

Non Mass Expulsion type Space Propulsion Device (Aerospace & Defense)

On-Orbit Manufacture of Satellites (Aerospace & Defense)

Phoenix Single-Stage-to-Orbit Concept (Aerospace & Defense)

Piezoelectric Rotary Actuator (Aerospace & Defense)

PlaxiCRAFT Life Saving & Rescue Craft (Consumer Products)

Pneumatic Tire Valves (Automotive/​Transportation)

Power Module, The Electric Drive Powered Laser Beam (Aerospace & Defense)

Recycled Plastics from Garbage as Shield Against Radiation in Space (Aerospace & Defense)

Regression Rate Behavior Of Cylindrical Stepped Grain In Hybrid Motor (Aerospace & Defense)

Riscram™ Rocked Ignited Supersonic Combustor Ramjet. Propulsion system for hypersonic aircraft with supersonic combustor. Mach 0 to 30 - Earth Sea Level to Space Exosphere (Aerospace & Defense)

Simplified Rocket Guidance System For Atmospheric Boost Ascent And Boosted Recovery Phases (Aerospace & Defense)

Universal Solar [Source] Locator and Tracker System (Sustainable Technologies)

2014 Entries

Air train (Automotive/​Transportation)

Downed Aircraft Locator (Aerospace & Defense)

EDU-book: An optimum Student educational tool. (Consumer Products)

Energy From Space Systems (Sustainable Technologies)

ER Bolts (Aerospace & Defense)

ExploraLab (Aerospace & Defense)

Flying drone aircraft carrier (Aerospace & Defense)

Free Lunch Solution To Climate Change (Sustainable Technologies)

High G hydraulic Test (Aerospace & Defense)

Innovative Concept of Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS) (Aerospace & Defense)

Laser Attack Missile (Aerospace & Defense)

Life Saving Crash Survival Design (Aerospace & Defense)

Lifting Space Capsule (Aerospace & Defense)

Low Weight Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Ablative Composite Thermal Protection System (Aerospace & Defense)

Methods And Apparatus for Mitigating Space Debris with Autonomous SDCM's (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Mold3d (Aerospace & Defense)

Multistage Jet Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Potentially Hazardous Asteroids Space Telescope (PHAST), a proposal for asteroid detection, tracking, and characterization (Aerospace & Defense)

Programmable Ultra Lightweight System Adaptable Radio (Electronics)

Project LEON - Shoot Stuff Cheaply into Space (Aerospace & Defense)

Satellites Authorize a "Go" for Vertical Takeoffs (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Scalable electric propulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

Space Launch Vehicle Using Magnetic Levitation and Antimatter Propulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

TEOP: The last Battery you will buy for your vehicle! (Automotive/​Transportation)

Time Capsule to Mars (Aerospace & Defense)

2013 Entries

Algae/ Fungi Wall BioMats for Space Habitats (Sustainable Technologies)

Antimatter Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Aviation for the Next 100 Years (Aerospace & Defense)

Copilot on the Ground (Aerospace & Defense)

Dirigible Space Elevator (Aerospace & Defense)

Gesture Controlled Underwater Cum Aerial Quadrotor (Aerospace & Defense)

Gravity Development Board (Aerospace & Defense)

MEMS Probes for Space Missions (Aerospace & Defense)

Microwave Extraction of Water for Space Propellant (Aerospace & Defense)

Mitigation of the Threat from Orbiting Debris to Satellites (Aerospace & Defense)

Multistage Jet Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Near Earth Asteroids:The Celestial Chariots (Aerospace & Defense)

Object Tracking Device (Machinery & Equipment)

On a Way to Detect "Life as We Do Not Know It" (Aerospace & Defense)

Photonic Space Engine Driver (Aerospace & Defense)

Pulsed Fusion Propulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

Quadcop (Safety and Security)

RL Mark VI Space Skydiving Suit (Machinery & Equipment)

Satellite Project for World Literacy (Electronics)

Simplest Quasistatic Test Machine (Aerospace & Defense)

SkyAuto - A VTOL for Defense Transportation (Aerospace & Defense)

Space Launch Vehicle Using Magnetic Levitation (Transportation & Automotive)

The Hyperion Solar Array (Aerospace & Defense)

Time Dilation Machine (Aerospace & Defense)

2012 Entries

A New Electron Beam Welding Gun (Machinery & Equipment)

Aircraft Wing Without Moving Surface (Transportation)

Asteroid Retriever-Deflection System (Safety and Security)

Cyanogen/Cbr Power (Sustainable Technologies)

Electromagnetic Robot (Electronics)

Eliminate Leak Paths/Reduce Failure Modes for Rocket Motors (Transportation)

Faux Gravity Sleeping Bag (Medical)

Flying Safer (Safety and Security)

High Performance Rocket Engine for Missiles (Transportation)

Inflatable Dish Communication System (Machinery & Equipment)

Innovative Spin Sensor for Rockets and Missiles (Electronics)

Instant Starship - an Asteroid Based Near Earth Mission for Planetary Defense, Incremental Space Settlement and Starship Capacity (Transportation)

Judgment and Reasoning Change the Digital World (Electronics)

LiftPort Lunar Space Elevator (Transportation)

Lunar Exploration Mission by Reusing Disused LEO Observation Satellite (Machinery & Equipment)

Magnetic Gradient Propulsion System (Transportation)

Mobile Robotic Industrial System (Machinery & Equipment)

Modeling Antigravity Phenomena for Next Generation Propulsion (Transportation)

Multi-Point Bacterial Abatement System (M-BAS) for the International Space Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Multipurpose Augmented Sensing and Comprehending Interface System (MASCIS) (Electronics)

MXC Video Graphics Module (Electronics)

Pellucidar Underground-Terraforming Technologies (Sustainable Technologies)

Power Extraction in Near Space (Transportation)

Re-inventing the Spider Web (Machinery & Equipment)

Reducing the Cost of a Large Launch Vehicle (Transportation)

Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Fusion Ignition Micro Fusion Power Board (Machinery & Equipment)

Remote I/O Controller (Electronics)

Robots that Build Robots (Machinery & Equipment)

Should Future Airliners Lose Their Tails? (Transportation)

SkyAuto - A VTOL for Urban Transportation (Transportation)

Space Debris Management System (Machinery & Equipment)

Space Station Training Tool (Transportation)

Spacecraft Design Toolkit: Software for Fast Spacecraft Optimal Design (Electronics)

Styrofoam Conversion to Lightweight Structural Material (Sustainable Technologies)

SUPERLUMINAL-GT (Safety and Security)

Thin Film Resistors for Space Applicatons (Electronics)

Very Fast High Dynamic Range Analog to Digital Converter, ADC (Machinery & Equipment)

World Wide Web Space Station (Sustainable Technologies)

2011 Entries

A Low-Cost IEC-Fusion Plasma Spacecraft Thruster (Transportation)

A Robot on the Moon (Electronics)

Attitude Control and Aerodynamic Drag Sail (Machinery & Equipment)

AutoSkyBot (Transportation)

Bicycle Crank System with Dead Spot Elimination (Transportation)

Cockpit & Cabin Camera (Safety and Security)

Continuous Structural Frame Reinforcing (Consumer Products)

Defeating a Hurricane (Safety and Security)

ELECTRA (Transportation)

Electric Luminas (Transportation)

Favouring the Movement of an Object in a Medium (Transportation)

Gravito-Magnetic-Lumina-Fusion Engine w/TSM (Transportation)

Hot Air Dirigible (Transportation)

Inertial Propulsion Device (Transportation)

Innovative Liquid Methane Fly Back Booster Rocket (Transportation)

Lifting Fuselage Multi-Use Aerospace Design (Transportation)

Magna-car MC-01 (Transportation)

Maximum Utilization of Structure for Communication (Electronics)

Method of Fuel Usage (Transportation)

Method to Identify Counterfeit Integrated Circuits (Electronics)

Parametric Voltage Reference for Extreme Temperatures (Electronics)

Payload Recovery During a Rocket Failure (Safety and Security)

Sodium Electrical Wire (Electronics)

Solar Energy Collection & Transfer Satellite (Sustainable Technologies)

Synergistic Magnetic Drive System (Sustainable Technologies)

The Great Big Gun (Transportation)

Turbojet Engine Protection Grill (Transportation)

WED (Sustainable Technologies)

2010 Entries

A Gateway To Green Power & Propulsion (Sustainable Technologies)

Aviation carbon fiber parts production processes (Transportation)

Continuous building/structure frame reinforcing (Safety and Security)

Digitally Timed Gas Mileage (Transportation)

DynaVac (Machinery & Equipment)

Evolved HTOL Space Launcher (Transportation)

Honeycomb radiation shield for spacecraft (Transportation)

INCA Artificial Gravity and Stealth Cloaks (Machinery & Equipment)

Intelligent thermal walls (Sustainable Technologies)

Intergalactic Propulsion (Transportation)

Low Cost Wellbeing DX & TX Appliance (Medical)

MEEMM SSSR (Sustainable Technologies)

Multi-Grain Expandable Vortex Hybrid Rocket Motor (Transportation)

Off Road Rider-The Walking Bridge (Transportation)

Pain's relief (Medical)

Personal Life Belt Guard JCB (Safety and Security)

Sound in a Can (Consumer Products)

Space Rapid Transit (Transportation)

Spinner Engine (Transportation)

Sport as a tool for studies on zero G (Medical)

Trailer Anti-Jackknife System (Transportation)

Universal Flight Computer for High Power Rocketry (Machinery & Equipment)

Valkerie reusable spacecraft (Transportation)

Visual Detection/Counter-Measure of IED's (Safety and Security)

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