Entries tagged with Health

2022 Entries

A Home-use Diagnostic Pad for Early Detection of Women’s Diseases (Medical)

A Warp Drive Motor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Acusuit (Aerospace & Defense)

Advancements in Flying Discs - Sports & Recreation (Consumer Product Design)

AI Supported Robotic Diagnostic Treatment System for Vertigo (Medical)

Air-Clenz™ Enabled Monitors and Laptops Clean Exhaled Air of COVID and other Airborne Respiratory Pathogens (Consumer Product Design)

Air-Clenz™ Equipped Vehicles Quickly Remove COVID and Other Airborne Pathogens from Interior Air (Automotive/​Transportation)

Anteneh's Gojo (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Anteneh's Jerry Can (Consumer Product Design)

Apple Watch Clip Case (Consumer Product Design)

Applying Genetic Science to Pinpoint and Lower Injury Risks to Athletes (Consumer Product Design)

Arm Monkey Interactive Toy for Arm Rehabilitation of Children (Medical)

Artificial Eco-Tree (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Auto-Watch Multi-Scanner/Sickness Detection App (Medical)

Branch Lite (Medical)

Clean Air for a Better Environment (Automotive/​Transportation)

Code Blue MedTech (Medical)

Compressent Desk Chair (Consumer Product Design)

Continuous Predictive Respiratory Monitoring (Medical)

Creative Caring (Medical)

DAMPS Technology D Drives 5.0 (Consumer Product Design)

Direct Air Capture (DAC) of Carbon Dioxide with Ambient Air Purification (Consumer Product Design)

Dopazinator (Consumer Product Design)

DrLUX Powerful Thermo-Phototherapy for Healing Purposes (Medical)

EARTHGRID™ (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Eccentric Overload Training Machine (Electric Weight) (Consumer Product Design)

ECOGROUND Waterborne Adhesives for Sports Surfaces (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Emotion Recognition of Facial Expressions by Mimicking the Visual Cortex - Emotional Intelligence of Robots Caring for Babies (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

EnSafe Cup (Medical)

First Drug to Stop Disease Progression in Heart Failure Patients (Medical)

Fistula Occluding Device (Medical)

Flex'em (Consumer Product Design)

Fog Free Saftey Glasses (Consumer Product Design)

ForHer (Consumer Product Design)

Hydro Glove (Medical)

Hydrostat - Hydration Monitoring Device (Medical)

i-Drop (Medical)

ImPulse - A New Paradigm for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Training (Medical)

Instrument for Measurement of Human Mental Field and Bio-Fields (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

IoT-Based Real Time Water Quality Monitoring System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Jar Mate™ (Consumer Product Design)

Kirat Wheelchair (Automotive/​Transportation)

Life Saver (Medical)

Lionheart Biotechnology - Miniaturizing the Test Tube (Medical)

Low Cost Smart Glove for Health Monitoring (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Medicinal Uses of Pomogranate Peel (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Microrobot Device for Treating Brain Hemorrhages (Medical)

MortalityGram (Medical)

MOTI – The Future of Physiotherapy (Medical)

Mouth-Guard: Wearable Saliva-based Biosensor for Heart Health Monitoring (Medical)

Multi-Ducted Angled Rotor System (Aerospace & Defense)

Nanofiber-based Air Filter for Internal Combustion (IC) Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Narbis Neurofeedback Smart Glasses (Medical)

Novel Pore Peripheral Plasmonic Mechanism of Metal-nanoporous AAO without Nanoparticles for Highly-enhanced SERS Detection (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Occupied Classroom UVC Air Filter (Consumer Product Design)

Odorless Litter Box Enclosure (Consumer Product Design)

Oranta-AO, New Application Blood Pressure Monitor (Medical)

Passive Porous Tube Nutrient Delivery System (Consumer Product Design)

PATAGONIUM: Multi-chamber Blood Pressure Cuff with Selective Connection (Medical)

Patient Care Monitoring System (Medical)

Patient Management Software (Medical)

Personal Protective Nose Mask (Medical)

Personalized UV Disinfectant Torch (Consumer Product Design)

PlaxiBATH (Consumer Product Design)

Pocket Bathroom Scale (Consumer Product Design)

Pool Life-Saver (Consumer Product Design)

Portable and Adaptable Device for Functional Joint Strength Measurement for Daily Health Monitoring (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Preventive Medicine (Medical)

Real-Time Pathogen Detection Technology (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Reducing PTSD (Aerospace & Defense)

Rejuvenator®- An Ultrasound Device (Consumer Product Design)

Repairing Damaged Brain Tracts with Noninvasive in-office Combined MRI/Neuromodulation/Drug Delivery Device (Medical)

Revolving to the Stars (Aerospace & Defense)

RoFo S.D. (abbreviation for Self-rehydration Device) BevDisHeadgear Beverage Dispenser (Medical)

Rudra - A Smart Health Assistant Robot (Consumer Product Design)

Shoe Insole/Insert (Consumer Product Design)

Skillpul Online Training for Specialty Chemicals Formulation and Manufacturing (Consumer Product Design)

Smart Orthopedic Implant to Enhance Bone Growth (Medical)

Smart Pathology Specimen Bottle (Medical)

Smart Scalpel Handle (Medical)

Smart Sound Sleeper (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Smartphone-Based COVID-19 Test (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Solar Aerostatic Condenser for Global Water Harvesting in Remote Populations and/or Arid Areas (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Solar Tower (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

SpaceShield 3 - Space Environmental Protection (Aerospace & Defense)

Stomach Cancer Cure (Medical)

Sustainable Auto-Machines for Scanning Infectious Diseases [Disease Control Checkpoints] (Medical)

Sustainable New Medical-Spectacles or Eyeglasses (Medical)

Sweed Water Bottles (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Take Cover (Consumer Product Design)

Technology for a Safe and Portable Medical Imaging Platform (Medical)

Test System for Diabetes (Medical)

The J&R Project, Infectious Agent Disinfection with Nanoplasma (Medical)

The Novel Squid Glaucoma microShunt (Medical)

The Vanier Contour (Consumer Product Design)

Tidal Metal Greenhouse (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Treating Ectopic Pregnancy with a Falloscope (Medical)

Vacuum Resistance Fitness Training Equipment (Consumer Product Design)

Valentine's Super-power (Consumer Product Design)

VentBoard - Ventilated Headboard (Medical)

Visual Weight Tracking System (Medical)

Wastewater Treatment and Biomass Decomposition via Solute ION Linear Alignment ION Beams (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Waterborne Paints for Automobile Application (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wearable Continuous Blood Pressure Monitors (Medical)

Wristwatch Temperature Monitor with Visual Alarm (Medical)

2021 Entries

‘Smart’ Wearable Sensor for Continuous Monitoring of Wound Healing (Medical)

A Far-UVC Solution to End the COVID Crisis (Medical)

A Warp Drive Motor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

A.I.dentifier (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Active Care and Health Car Chair Pillow (Consumer Product Design)

Aeromaric (Aerospace & Defense)

AI Band (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Airport Disease Scanner (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

AIRWAY II (Medical)

Anteneh's Firearm Bin (Aerospace & Defense)

Anteneh's Jerry Can (Consumer Product Design)

Anteneh's Safa (Consumer Product Design)

Anteneh's V Vest (Aerospace & Defense)

Anteneh's Ventilation Against COVID-19 (Medical)

Anteneh’s Mask (Medical)

Anti Germ Dome (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Apparatus and Method for Donning Hygienic Gloves (Medical)

Apparatus for Concentrating Parasitized Red Cells for Testing (Medical)

Beep Beep! (Medical)

Breakthrough Polyurethane for Comfort Applications (Consumer Product Design)

CardioHub (Medical)

Caribbean Sargassum Problem 3.0 (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Caribbean Sargassum Problem 8.0 (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Chemical Identification by Magneto-Elastic Sensing (ChIMES) (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Chill Breeze Smart Bed (Consumer Product Design)

Clip to Improve the Performance of Face Masks (Medical)

Cohive- a Co-operative Community Hive based Isolation Facility (Medical)

COVID Buster: Sanitary Single-Handle Water Faucet (Medical)

CraioVault ™ (Ultra Cold Vaccine Delivery Vault) (Medical)

CryoRAC: An Innovative Cryogenic Air Conditioner (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Development of an Open-Source 3D Printed Above Elbow Prosthetic: For Outdoor Recreation, or Developing World Work (Medical)

Diagnosis Skin Diseases with AI (Medical)

Disposable Wireless and Batteryless Lab On Chip for Self-performed Screening/Analysis (Medical)

Door Disinfection Device (Medical)

Double Thin Clear Layer Mask - New Generation of N95 Mask (Medical)

Dynamic Hydrogel Used to Make ‘Soft Robot’ Components and Lego-like Building Blocks (Medical)

EasyCAN Screen: A New Horizon in Cancer Diagnostics (Medical)

Electrical Engineers Safety Shoes (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

ENDELIS: A Medical Diagnostic Tool From Space for Effective Cardiovascular Risk Stratification (Medical)

Exercise Treadmill with User Biometrics and Child Safety Lock System (Consumer Product Design)

ExoStick, an Innovative Walking Stick Solution to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Medical)

First-in-Class Therapeutic Pain Drug Designed from Proteins (Medical)

FRACTAL ECG - Worlds First Fractal Geometry-based Electro Cardiogram (Medical)

Game Changer Crib for All Care Givers, Including Parents With Disabilities (Consumer Product Design)

Global Agricultural Repository (Medical)

Golden Hour - Heart Protection System (Medical)

Halo Speculum -- Invented By a Female for the Female (Medical)

hDrop - Electrolytes, Hydration, and Temperature Tracker (Consumer Product Design)

Health Monitoring in Home with IoT (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Homeless Support App (Medical)

Hospito (Medical)

HydroDry - A Glove-based Dry Iontophoresis Device (Medical)


India's First Smart Self Sterilizing N100 Face Mask for Covid-19 Protection (Medical)

Indoor Air Quality and Garbage Monitoring System (Consumer Product Design)

INFARMER: A Virtual Veterinary for More Ethical Animal Farming (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

IoT Controlled Smart Multidirectional Wheelchair (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

iSOS Bottle (Consumer Product Design)

Land Aquatic Park with Desalinization Plant (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

LifeMonitor: A Continuous Vitals Monitor for Prehospital Care (Medical)

LifeSense ESD for Early Stage Detection of Disease by Smell (Medical)

Light Therapy S.T.E.M. Kit (Consumer Product Design)

LIMBER Unibody Prosthetic Leg (Medical)

Litterbug: Plant-able Packaging (Consumer Product Design)

MyBlood: A Portable Autonomous Device Capable of Performing Inexpensive Blood Tests Anywhere (Medical)

New Microfiber Strand Design (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Next Generation Cell Separation and Recovery (Medical)

Next Generation Laryngoscope (Medical)

NGTF (Medical)

Non-invasive Blood Glucose Meter and Blood Chemical Analyzer (Medical)

Non-invasive Method to Stop Tremors in the Hand (Medical)

Novel Method for Sanitization & Sterilization Of Viruses & Other Pathogens (Medical)

Odor Free Compost Can (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

One Handed Patient Transfer (Medical)

Pediatric Trauma Innovative Training | Petit-VR (Medical)

POPSafe™ Tracheostomy Tube Sets - A Life Saving Device (Medical)

Portable and Cordless Pulsed Germicidal UVC Lamp System (Medical)

Portable Chair Shade Device (Consumer Product Design)

Portable Treatment and Desalination Module (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

PPE KIT Cooling System with an application of Thermo Electric Coolers (Medical)

ROSINA (Medical)

S-Band Strap (Medical)

Selectable Suspension Knee Braces (Medical)

Sleep Guardian (Consumer Product Design)

Smart Baby Sleep Monitor and Alert System (Medical)

Smart Module for Healthcare and Asset Monitoring (Consumer Product Design)

Smart Sensor Network System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Smart UV Robot (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Solventless Silicone Release SYL-OFF™ SL 184 Coating – Effective Mist Reduction Enabling Maximum High Coating Speed Productivity (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Take Cover (Consumer Product Design)

The Concert Hands (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

The Next Generation of Eye Exams for the USA and ROW (Medical)

Ton Ton (Medical)

Transformational New Long Life Nanocarbon-Based Dental Implants (Medical)

UMD (Medical)

UNIQUE Treatment for Vertebral Fractures, Osteoporosis and Cancer (Medical)

Universal Body Enhancement Spaceship Unit (Medical)

Use of Local Magnetic Fields to Protect Space Habitation (Aerospace & Defense)

UV Shield COVID and Virus Protector (Consumer Product Design)

VAYU Tower Cooler (Consumer Product Design)

Virtual Reality - Robot Walking Training Device (Medical)

Voice Controlled Wheelchair (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Wearable Oxygen Concentrator - Oxygen Pads (Medical)

Xogo - Accessibility for Everyone (Consumer Product Design)

XtremeKinetic Minimal Shoes (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

2020 Entries

3D Printing of High-Performance Ti Alloys (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

A Chip Off the Old Box: Painless Defibrillation (Medical)

A Genius Needle for Safe Vascular Access (Medical)

A Radical Method and Device to Combat All Types of Viruses (Medical)

A Revolutionary Disposable Visible & Cooler N95 Respirator (Medical)

A Warp Drive Motor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Accelerate Plant Growth with Electricity (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Accident Button (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Active Public Transit Application (Automotive/​Transportation)

Adjusting the New Covid19 Reality-Proposal for IAAF (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Ag Ion Spray (Consumer Product Design)

Air Disinfection vs COVID-19 (Medical)

Aircraft Seat Anti Covid 19 (Aerospace & Defense)

AIRLOCK vs COVID-19 (Medical)

Airtomo Air Purification System (Consumer Product Design)

Animal Mask VS COVID-19 (Medical)

Ankle Rehabilitation (Medical)

Arterial Oscilography for Each Blood Pressure Monitor (Medical)

Attentiv Catheter - A Sensor-integrated Solution for IV Infiltration Detection (Medical)

Automatic Resuscitator (Medical)

Bevel-Pinion Gear Set Based Coupled Torque Steering Mechanism for Off-road Terrain Purpose Reverse Trikes and Automobiles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Bio-Grid Pure Vapor Sanitizing Robot (Medical)

Biological Pacemaker (Medical)

Blackbody Temperature Reference Source (Medical)

Bringing Comfort To Refugee Camps (Consumer Product Design)

Bringing Resilience into Business with a Trauma-Informed Approach (Medical)

Cancer Mate (Medical)

Candle’s Carbon Sequestration (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Cane Glove vs COVID-19 (Consumer Product Design)

Capsule Vaccine (Medical)

Chem-Free Solutions (Consumer Product Design)

Clean Cooker Based on Solar Energy (Consumer Product Design)

Cloud Healthcare Appliance Real-Time Solution as a Service (CHARTSaaS) (Medical)

ComImmunity (Medical)

Coronavirus Detection and Mapping System by Airship Platform (Medical)

COVID-19 Monitor / Detector (Medical)

COVID19 EMS (Employee Management System) (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

COVIshiild™ - An Anti-germ Protective Appliance (Consumer Product Design)

Cryogenic Spray Chamber for Ice Shell Formation and Explosive Separation of Impurities From Wastewater (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Curtains for COVID (Medical)

Customizable Tissue Engineering Patches for Accelerated Wound Healing (Medical)

Deep Learning COVID-19 Detection with OpenCV (Medical)

Describing and Predicting COVID19 Evolution Using Pandemic Equation (Medical)

Designing Composite Finger, Foot and Spine Supports to Correct Deformity (Medical)

Diagnosing COVID-19 (Medical)

DIGI-PAP:- PAP Made Easy (Medical)

Digital Distancing Control vs COVID-19 (Medical)

Downdraft Visor - Mitigate Aerosolized COVID-19 Virus (Consumer Product Design)

Earlier Lung Cancer Screening Using the Exoutcancer System (Medical)

easySCRUB (Medical)

Elinfect / Vaccine Syringe (Medical)

Emergency Investigation of Enhanced Experimental Nasal Muscosa Biocontrol Therapy and Immunogenicity Treatment for COVID-19 (Medical)

Enabling Medical Device Vendors to Create Regulated Remote Medical Care Solutions in a Snap! (Medical)

Energy Absorbing Helmet (Consumer Product Design)

EriVan Bio (Medical)

Every Carbon Matters (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Eye Drop Administration Device (Medical)

Face-Touch Warning Device (Medical)

Family-friendly Portable Health Monitoring Device (Medical)

Fighting Micro Particles (Consumer Product Design)

Fit Test Hood (Medical)

Flexishield, Peel It, Stick It, Dispose It (Consumer Product Design)

FoVi: Wearable Focal Muscle Vibration for Precision Rehabilitation (Medical)

Frame Steered Chassis Virtual Pivot Steering (VPS) Timoney Steering System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Germ Buster: Sanitary Single-Handle Water Faucet (Medical)

Getting Clean Away From the Washroom (Medical)

Gizmo Lift - The Lifting Pallet (Consumer Product Design)

Glucowaves for Convenient Pain-free Blood Glucose Level Monitoring (Medical)

Handicraft Manufacture Face Shield BRICO-UPT (Consumer Product Design)

Heat Adjustable Non-glove Device (HAND) (Consumer Product Design)

Heavy Vehicle Noise Barrier (Automotive/​Transportation)

Holoportation (Medical)

HuPoTest - Mental Test Ensuring Perfect Health (Medical)

ICE Vehicle to Hybrid (Automotive/​Transportation)

Immunity Building by Healthy Society (Medical)

Implant Screwdriver Harness (Medical)

Improved Facial Anti-virus Mask (Medical)

Industrial Scale Electromagnetic Dust Management (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Innovative & Prospective Source of an Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet for Biomedical Applications (Medical)

Integrated Resource Allocation vs COVID-19 (Medical)

ISO.POD (Medical)

IWShield - a Sustainable and Rapidly Manufacturable Face Shield (Consumer Product Design)

Keep Laundry Microfibres Out of Natural Waters (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Kidibuzz - Kids Vein Detector (Medical)

Leapfrog Air Cleaning System (Consumer Product Design)

Low-Cost High Fidelity Ventilator for COVID-19 Patients (Medical)

MakerVent Model T (Medical)

Manaola Innovations (Medical)

Maternal Cooperative (Medical)

MechaVen (Medical)

Meet Petal, the First Disruptive Innovation in Waste Disposal Since 1875 (Consumer Product Design)

Micro-Glue vs COVID-19 (Medical)

Microfluidic Artificial Skin with Multiple Automatic Delivery Systems and Positive Oxygen for Treatment of Burn Wounds (Medical)

Minimally Invasive Heart Pump for Heart Failure (Medical)

Mitigating Breast Cancer (Medical)

Multi-patient Ventilators Use Many Variable Electro-pneumatic Valves and Uv Sterilization (Medical)

Multiaxis Chainless Shaftless Compact Coastable Geared Bilateral Drive Mechanism and Novel Low Height Frame Set for Unicycles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Multiaxis Chainless Shaftless Compact Coastable Geared Bilateral Drive Mechanism for Bicycles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Neuroheterodyne Therapy for Tinnitus (Medical)

Neuroscience Treatment of Bipolar Disorder (Medical)

New Shoes Design That Does Not Require Hands to Fasten and Unfasten (Consumer Product Design)

NFL Helmet (Consumer Product Design)

No Doubt - Go Out! Respirator (Consumer Product Design)

Novel Method of Non-Pharmacological Treatment of Pelvic Floor Pain, Healing and Management (Medical)

Novel Coronavirus Detector (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Novel High Voltage Electrostatics Corona Ions Discharge Related to Disinfection of Virus (i.e. Covid 19 & HIV/AIDS) (Medical)

Novel Treatment for Corona & Other Viruses (Medical)

Open and Close Gloves from the Wrist Sleeve with the Ability to Wear on One Hand (Medical)

Pathogen Killer Face Mask (Medical)

Personal Isolation Room (Consumer Product Design)

Personal Isolation Suit (Consumer Product Design)

Personal Pressure Gauge VS COVID-19 (Medical)

PHAGE (Medical)

Phlebot - Automated Phlebotomy for NICU, PICU and ICU (Medical)

Plant Based Biological Air Filtration (Consumer Product Design)

Plant-Based Meat Substitutes with Microencapsulated Algae (Consumer Product Design)

Politics vs COVID-19 (Medical)

Population & City Tagging vs COVID-19 (Medical)

Portable Assisted Breathing System Schilling-Pack J-1 (Medical)

Product Anti-alteration (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Puzzle Endcup (Consumer Product Design)

Qidni/D (Medical)

R GLU - Marine Water to Fresh Water (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Ready Teddy (Medical)

Reduction of VOCs from Coal Combustion: Functionalized Cross-linking of Hierarchical Adsorption and Photocatalytic Oxidation (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

ReFlow - An Alternative to Chest Compression During CPR (Medical)

RepelWrap-a Nature-inspired Surface Technology for Repelling Contamination (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Respiratory Spirometer for Home Healthcare During the COVID-19 Crisis (Medical)

Restoring Elevator Carrying Capacity During the Era of Social Distancing via Disinfected Airflow and Ultraviolet Flash (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ring - Prosthetic Leg Grows Along with Children (Consumer Product Design)

Risk Calculator vs COVID-19 (Medical)

RoFo MOTORCYCLE BevDisHeadgear Beverage Dispenser (Consumer Product Design)

S-BAND Face Shields (Medical)

Seas - Seamless Employee Attendance & Safety (Consumer Product Design)

SelectFlex® the World’s Only Dynamic Arch Control Insole (Consumer Product Design)

Sense Relief (Medical)

SieVRt: A Portable Virtual Radiology Reading Room (Medical)

Simultaneous Positive Pressure Ventil-Aid System (Medical)

Smart App Based Health Diagnostics Pod Stations (Medical)

Smart Baby Belt (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Smart Coaster (Consumer Product Design)

Smart Fever Diagnosis Kit (Medical)

Smart Ice-pack (Medical)

Smart Water Bottle with IoT (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Solute Ion Linear Alignment Heavy Ion Beam Cancer Therapy and Covid-19 Sterilization (Medical)

Soteria Safety Cylinder (Medical)

Stimulator of Vocal Chords (Medical)

Stop Rodents (Consumer Product Design)

Super-resolution Photon Reassignment Microscopy System (Medical)

Surgical Projector (Medical)

SynthoPlate Artificial Platelet Platform (Medical)

Taking The Guesswork Out of Brain Surgery! (Medical)

Tensor Analyses of Disease: Bedside Diagnostic Spectroscopy (Medical)

Textile Sensor for Liquids (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

The Feet Correcting Device (Medical)

The Future for Helmets is Now - Introducing Fluid Displacement Technology (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

The Hummingbird App with iPACE IQ Music Therapy Algorithms to Treat Pain and Depression via Virtual Reality (Medical)

The mNEHRON Artificial Kidney Dialyzer to Replace 60-Year-Old Hollow Fiber Dialyzers (Medical)

The Modular, Scalable and Wearable Microfluidic Bio-Artificial Pancreas (mPANCREAS) Mimicking the True Endocrine Pancreas (Medical)

The Stethoscope "Reinvented" (Medical)

The World's First Filtered Water Bottle Made From Plants! (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Thermobracelet VS COVID-19 (Medical)

Thim4covid-19: Outpatient, Cost-effective, and Non-contact Evaluation of Lung Capacity to Identify Suspected Covid-19 (Medical)

TMAP (Medical)

To Kill SARS-COV2 (Medical)

Transit140 (Automotive/​Transportation)

Trú Barbell Cleaner (Consumer Product Design)

UltiMate EZwear - The Ultimate Underwear for Diabetics (Medical)

Using Desert Air Cooler as Water Cooling System (Consumer Product Design)

UV-Peroxidation - Creating Hydroxyl Radicals to Destroy Viruses and Bacteria by Irradiating Hydrogen Peroxide with UV Light (Medical)

UVC Anti-Viral Face Mask and/or Respirator (Medical)

Ventilator Alternative for Breathing Impaired Patients (Medical)

Vieka (Medical)

Virus Disinfection Atomizer (VDA) (Medical)

Voice-Activated Talk-Through Safety Mask Appliance and Method (Medical)

Wearable Air Conditioner with the Capability of Human Health Monitoring (Consumer Product Design)

Wearable Bladder Monitor (Medical)

Wearable Continuous Blood Pressure Monitors (Medical)

Wearable Gas Sensor With Self-heating Capability (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

ZERO X - Zero Exposure Mobile Swab Collection Kiosk for Pandemic (Medical)

Zibrio SmartScale (Consumer Product Design)

ZtrawSafe "A Reusable Straw-less Drink-ware Spout Solution" (Consumer Product Design)

2019 Entries

3D Melanoma Virtual Reality (VR) Tools for Viewing, Monitoring & Treatment Options Applications (Medical)

A Better Configuration for the Bags' Points of Tension to Correct Bad Posture. "HUG" (Medical)

A Safer Football Helmet to Save the Brain (Consumer Products)

A Smart Knee Implant Using Triboelectric Energy Harvesters (Medical)

A Solution for Global Warming (Sustainable Technologies)

AI-assisted Smart Fish Sorting Mechanism (Medical)

An HIV Detector: CATCH (Medical)

Apparatus and Method for Donning Hygienic Gloves (Medical)

APPLY! Condom Applicator (Consumer Products)

Astropharmacy (Sustainable Technologies)

Atherosclerosis Detection (Medical)

Back Pain Prevention Mechanism for Cyclists (Medical)

Battery-less Mosquito Catcher Bat (Consumer Products)

Beddingo - The First Reinvention of Sheets in 100 Years (Consumer Products)

BikeUp (Automotive/​Transportation)

Bio-Grid Systems H2O2 / UV-C Sanitizing Robot (Medical)

Bioavlee (Medical)

Biomimetic 3D-Printed Scaffolds for Spinal Cord Injury Repair (Medical)

BIOO₂ | Algae Bio-Integrated System (Sustainable Technologies)

Blindsight (Consumer Products)

Body-on-a-Chip (Medical)

Bongo Rx an Alternative Therapy to Treat Sleep Apnea (Medical)

Bottle Belt (Sustainable Technologies)

Böwler: Flying Helmet (Automotive/​Transportation)

Caribbean Sargassum Problem (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Cervical Stabilization Device (CSD) (Medical)

CITU Centrifuge Interface Transfer and Utilities Tunnel (Aerospace & Defense)

Cost Reduction Project (Sustainable Technologies)

Create Cleaner Air in the Future: a Newly Designed Method for Efficient Hg Removal in Coal Combustion Flue Gas (Sustainable Technologies)

Designing Composite Finger and Foot Supports to Correct Deformity (Medical)

Diabetes Test on the Go (Medical)

Diazoluminomelanin (DALM): Microwave-Controlled Synthetic to Biosynthetic DNA Vector and Modifier (BioSPLICE) (Medical)

eAnytime® Patient Pharmacy Self-Serve Medication PickUp™ (Medical)

Easy Clean Shower (Consumer Products)

Echocardiographic Quantification of the Passive Mechanical Properties of the Left Ventricular Myocardium (Medical)

Edgerease (Consumer Products)

eiTampon (Consumer Products)

Electromagnetic Cosmetic Therapy - Noninvasive (Medical)

ElliptiPod Low-Cost Ergonomic Energy-Return Crutch (Medical)

Engineering a Plastic-Eating Enzyme (Sustainable Technologies)

Eye Doctor App (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Eye Gaze Interactions (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Fast Mask (Consumer Products)

FastenPro (Medical)

Flexible and Durable Grocery Bag (Consumer Products)

Fluid Garbage Bin (Consumer Products)

Freight Transport System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Genomtec ID - Mobile Genetic Laboratory (Medical)

Green Balloon (Consumer Products)

Green Island (Sustainable Technologies)

HCS Shower Cabin (Consumer Products)

HPTK (H. Pylori Personal Test Kit) (Medical)

Human Washing Machine (Consumer Products)

HuPoTest - Test and Training Procedure for Mental State (Medical)

iAED - Life Saving Phone (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

In-can Preservative for Water Based Paints and Polymers - EU Compatibility (Consumer Products)

Intelligent Blood Tester to Detect Malaria Parasitemia (Medical)

IOT Based Health Monitoring System (Medical)

IoT Solution for Fire Safety Systems (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Life Shot: On-site Tissue Repair Solution (Medical)

Life-size Virtual Fitness-healthcare Trainer (Consumer Products)

Magnetic Dentures (Consumer Products)

Maingel (Consumer Products)

Manual Vacuum Seal (Consumer Products)

Mechanical Straw (Consumer Products)

Medical Certifications Made Easy! (Medical)

MeRoar (Medical)

Micro-Macro Vascular Occlusion Device (Medical)

MicroEVAP™: Concentrating Industry's Wastewater for a Sustainable Future (Sustainable Technologies)

Mosquito Stopper (Consumer Products)

Non-invasive Neurostimulator to Mitigate Chronic Vertigo (Medical)

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Detector (Medical)

Panic Flashlight (Consumer Products)

PET S.A.F.E - Smoke Activated Fire Exit (Consumer Products)

Pipette-Tip ELISA (Medical)

Plastic Cleaner (Sustainable Technologies)

Protector Box (Consumer Products)

Purifier (Consumer Products)

Quarantine Garbage Bin (Consumer Products)

Robotic Healthcare Assistant (Medical)

Rotating Rocker Crane with Remote Control for Hydrotherapy (Medical)

Safety for Cyclists (Consumer Products)

Safety Lock Digitally Expanding Speculum (Medical)

Saving the Elephants (Sustainable Technologies)

Scalable Sensor Network for Indoor Air Quality (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Self Stirring Mesophilic Anaerobic Reactor (Sustainable Technologies)

Shock Mitigation Sports Helmet Liner (Consumer Products)

Shower Belt (Medical)

Shuttle Motor (Automotive/​Transportation)

Smart Beat (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Smart Coal Stove (Consumer Products)

Smart Cup for Parkinsonism (Medical)

Smart Green Lighter (Consumer Products)

Smart Green Washer (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Smart Life Guard Pajamas (Medical)

Smart Multi-Function Skin Monitoring Wearable System (Consumer Products)

Smart Multipurpose Wheelchair (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

SnotRocket Pediatric Nasal Aspirator (Consumer Products)

Sorbent Polymer Extraction and Remediation System (SPEARS) for the Green Remediation of Impacted Sediments (Sustainable Technologies)

Space Waste Digester (SWD) (Aerospace & Defense)

Suit for Treating Jaundice and Monitoring of Vital Signs of Newborn Baby (Medical)

The God Eye Project (Aerospace & Defense)

The Swirly - Urine for Change (Medical)

The ULiSSES™ Device for Organ and Limb Preservation (Medical)

Therapeutic Pillow to Relieve Pain, Cure Diseases, and Calm Autistic Children (Medical)

Thought-controlled, Noninvasive Sleeve for Overcoming Hand Paralysis (Medical)

Transplantable Unions of Living Tissues Printed upon Electronic Circuits and Optical Systems and the Method of Making them (Medical)

Triskelion Bicycle Mechanism (Automotive/​Transportation)

Tyro Ad infinitum Gas (Automotive/​Transportation)

Umbilical Care (Medical)

Upcycling Technology Provides Solution to Failing Recycling Infrastructure (Sustainable Technologies)

UV-C Sanitizing Device (Medical)

VitalWellness Platform for Population Health Management (Medical)

Water Purifying and Lifting from Underground Reserve Tank to Rooftop Water Tank without Cost (Sustainable Technologies)

Worker Space (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

World Micro Stock Exchange (Consumer Products)

Zero-Effort Patient Transfer (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

2018 Entries

A Smart Point of Care Human Blood Analysis Device (Medical)

A Time Reversal Device (Medical)

Adaptor for Clean Drilling (Consumer Products)

ADDS (At Depth DeSalinization) (Sustainable Technologies)

Aerogels from Environmental Wastes for Novel Engineering Applications (Sustainable Technologies)

After Life (Consumer Products)

Airest (Consumer Products)

Algae Bloom Reducer (Sustainable Technologies)

An Automated System for Printing of Nano and Microscale Electronics and Sensors (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Anti Coriolis Force Centrifuge (Aerospace & Defense)

Anti-Bleed Out Device (Medical)

Applying Topology and Lattice Optimization to Reduce Stress Shielding from Hip Implants (Medical)

Astronaut Magnetic Gloves (Aerospace & Defense)

ATOM 1.0 Humanoid Robot Project (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Autopilot System for Anesthesia (Medical)

Balance Assessment and Stability Alert Sensor (Medical)

BathRecycler (Sustainable Technologies)

Bio-Grid Antimicrobial Ceiling (Medical)

BlinkEye : Communicate with a Blink of an Eye (Medical)

Braiding Technology Based Stent Concept for Endoluminal Usage in Coronary Bifurcations (Medical)

BuckleDown Systems (Automotive/​Transportation)

Cancer Biopsy Brush (Medical)

Cardi P(atch) (Medical)

CareWear Wearable Light Therapy (Medical)

Cloud Healthcare Appliance Real-Time Solution as a Service (CHARTSaaS) (Medical)

College and University Tools for the Environment (Consumer Products)

Composite Elastic Skins for Shape-Changing Structures (Aerospace & Defense)

Compressive Force Suit (Aerospace & Defense)

Culture and Tissue Patch for Organ-on-a-Chip (Medical)

Dab - Unobtrusive ECG Holter Patch (Medical)

Dental Floss Dispenser With Clip (Consumer Products)

Dental Floss Lock Handle (Consumer Products)

Detecting Plastic Landmines (Aerospace & Defense)

Diabetic Wound Healer (Medical)

DuoBox (Consumer Products)

E-Tardigrade Jacket (Consumer Products)

Ease the Cough (Medical)

ecoSPEARS: Sorbent Polymer Extraction and Remediation System (Sustainable Technologies)

Electric Power Cutoff System for Flooded Spaces (Consumer Products)

Electromagnetic Cosmetic Therapy - Noninvasive (Medical)

Electronic Health Record as a Service (EHRs) (Medical)

Emergency Gas Shutoff Valve for Ruptured Gas Lines (Consumer Products)

Emergency Transmission System in a Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

EMR as a Service (Medical)

Enabled the Disabled (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Farm without Climate, Soil and Sun (Sustainable Technologies)

Future Communication & Entertainment of Humans by Illuminating Air for Displaying Images by Thinking (Consumer Products)

Future Transportation by Levitating Humans by Thinking (Automotive/​Transportation)

Gaping Wound Band-Aid/Plaster (Medical)

H2N- Human to Nanogrid: Utilization of Human Muscle Power for Producing Electricity (Sustainable Technologies)

HealthHUB (Medical)

HEARRING (Medical)

Heart Monitoring and Heart Attack Prediction Using ECG Signals (Medical)

Helmet (Consumer Products)


Implantable Sensor Technology Platform for Advanced Prosthetic Control (Medical)

Improve the Efficiency of Growing Plants (Consumer Products)

In Vitro Cellular Toxicology Instead of Using Animals (Medical)

In-Situ Reproductive DNA Transfection/Sterilization and Biocide Delivery System Method for Eradication of Zebra and Quagga Mu (Sustainable Technologies)

IoT Water Control Management (WCM) (Sustainable Technologies)

Kedvia Backpack (Consumer Products)

Large Capacity Air Filter for Urban Environmental Improvement (Sustainable Technologies)

LifeWatch (Medical)

Loro: a Smart Companion for Wheelchair Users (Medical)

Mantaraya Project (Medical)

Microfluidic Chip Bio Detection/Identification (Medical)

MOBAID (Medical)

Modular Lab Vessel (Sustainable Technologies)

Moses' Corridor for Laser Lithotripsy (Medical)

mSlide - Digital Pathology and Medical Diagnosis Network (Medical)

Natural Cream for Cracked Heels (Medical)

Negative Dielectric Constant Material (Sustainable Technologies)

Neuronal Therapy Device (Medical)

New Approach in Diagnostics, Monitoring of Cardio-vascular System by Blood Pressure Monitor (Medical)

Personal Artificial Intelligence Medical Assistant (PAIMA) (Medical)

Pheromone Cures Diseases (Medical)

Pre-Donation Blood Chair (PDBC) (Medical)

RCS/ICE Soldier Heat Removal System (Aerospace & Defense)

Reducing Medical Costs by Improving the ‘Heath/Wellness’ Experience using Mind Genomics® (Medical)

Reusable Warming/Cooling Pack for Electricity-free Vaccine Refrigeration or Warming (Medical)

Revolutionary, Eco-friendly and Non-toxic Glueless Bonding Technology to Replace Environmentally Challenging Adhesives (Sustainable Technologies)

SafeWalker (Medical)

Seat Pressure Map System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Shape Memory Alloy Massage For Seating Surfaces (Consumer Products)

Shape Memory Based Sensor Integrated with Oil Filling Cap or Dipstick for Online Engine Oil Condition Monitoring System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Sign Language Interpreter (Consumer Products)

Skin Cancer Treatment (Medical)

Sleep 'n' Recover (Medical)

Smart Dietitian (Medical)

Smart Trash Tin (Consumer Products)

Solar Powered Heating and Cooking Device (Consumer Products)

SOMAVAC® 100 Sustained Vacuum System (Medical)

Stretchable Electronics for Stroke Recovery (Medical)

Sturdy Girl - Dolly/Collapsible Table with Exchangeable Tops (Consumer Products)

SunCare (Sustainable Technologies)

SurgiBox: The Operating Room in a Backpack (Medical)

Synthetic Living Human (Medical)

TakeOut (Sustainable Technologies)

The Reliable Un-invasive Holographic Instrument (RU HI) (Medical)

Vara: Revolutionary Firearm Safety (Consumer Products)

Vehicle Poison-To-Fuel ConverterTM (Automotive/​Transportation)

Water Saving Toilet that uses Average of .5 Gallons and Flushes over 1.33 Pounds (Sustainable Technologies)

WIZEMAT: Personal Barrier Against Infection (Consumer Products)

X-Limb: The World's Most Usable Prosthetic Hand for Upper-Limb Amputees (Medical)

XBandage (Medical)

2017 Entries

‘LifeRoll’ for Safe Drinking Water in Low Resource Countries, in Disaster and Adventure Kits (Sustainable Technologies)

"Green Glass" Repurposed Glass Bottles (Sustainable Technologies)

50 to 80% Water Savings (Sustainable Technologies)

Advanced & Enclosed Bed To Stop The Entrance of Mosquitoes And Insects (Medical)

Adware Marking of Bakery Products - Bread (Consumer Products)

Aero Vitae: Blackwater Aeroponics System (Sustainable Technologies)

Ailtrine (Super Toilet) (Medical)

An End to End Prescription to Delivery Medical System (Medical)

An Ultra Low Cost Heater (Sustainable Technologies)

ApnoSafer, a Wearable for Sleep Apnea (Medical)

Arterial Everter (Medical)

Artificial Implantable Kidney (Medical)

Artificial Robotic Arm (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

AutiZmo the Robot (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Auto-safe Bed-fall Restraint (Consumer Products)

Automatic Pneumatic Bumper for Four Wheelers (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automobile Pollutant Absorbers (Sustainable Technologies)

Bed for Bedridden Person (Medical)

Bioremediating Missile (Sustainable Technologies)

biteThis (Consumer Products)

Brain Wave Entrainment Therapy for Insomnia (Medical)

Breast Cancer Treatment (Medical)

Breathe Safe (Medical)

Catheter with Dedicated Flushing Port (Medical)

CDrug, A Webapp & SMS Based Point-Of-Sale Verification Service To Fight Counterfeit Drugs In Bangladesh And Other LMIC (Medical)

City Air Quality Monitor (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Conformal Battery (Consumer Products)

Contact Lenses Engaging the Ocular Microbiome to Prevent Inflammations of Cornea (Medical)

Continuously Graded Phononic Crystals With Superior Sound Absorption Characteristics (Consumer Products)

Copper Mineralizer + (Consumer Products)

Create New Tools To Accelerate The Eradication Of Malaria: Cell Phone Camera Microphotography for Accurate Tele-diagnosis (Medical)

Dental Floss Dispenser With Clip (Medical)

Dental HINT™ (Medical)

Device and Method for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Dysrhythmia by Ablation (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Device to Harvest Blood Vessel for Coronary Bypass Surgery (Medical)

Device to Prevent Itching in Psoriasis Disorder (Medical)

Door-Mounted Sanitizer (Medical)

Eco - Humidifying Windmill (Sustainable Technologies)

ecoSPEARS - A Non-invasive True Solution to PCB Pollution in Contaminated Waterways (Sustainable Technologies)

ElderHelp (Medical)

Electroactive Material for Wound Healing (Medical)

Emergency Healthcare Network (Medical)

Energy Saving Filter for Removal of Heavy Metals from Water (Sustainable Technologies)

Enhanced Portable Laryngeal Stimulator for Speech Therapy (Medical)

Enviro Cooker (Consumer Products)

Environmental Sensing in the IoT with BME680: Unlimited Applications Become Possible (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Epitech - Detecting Absence Seizures (Medical)

Exo Airbag Safety System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fence of Silence (Consumer Products)

Filter Less A/C System (Consumer Products)

Floatable Bio-toilet During Flood (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Flyalot Droneaid (Aerospace & Defense)

Focused Impedance Method (FIM) for Lungs Ventilation and Other Measurements of the Human Body (Medical)

Future Transportation by Levitating Humans by Thinking (Automotive/​Transportation)

Futuristic Safe Injection System-2020 (Medical)

GAIA (Consumer Products)

Guardian 2000 (Sustainable Technologies)

Hafnium Filter to Make X-Ray CT Safer for Children (Medical)

Hand Washer (Consumer Products)

HemoPen(TM) by Aïma: Revolutionizing Personal Healthcare (Medical)

High Visibility Biopsy Needles (Medical)

Human Powered and Electric Powered Advanced Floor Wiper (Consumer Products)


In-Vivo Embolic Detector (I-VED): Real Time, Online Detection of Bubbles in Humans (Medical)

INLAB: Implantable Nanoscale LABoratory (Medical)

Innovative RK Walker (Medical)

Innovative, Custom Patient Specific Solutions for Instrumented Spine Surgery (Medical)

Intelligent Mirror for Health Monitoring (Medical)

Intra-abdominal Surgical Robot (Medical)

IoT Caregiver Assistant (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Kaleyedos Imaging Device: A Telemedicine Solution to Retinopathy of Prematurity (Medical)

KORC (Keep Out of Reach of Children) (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Leading Innovation in Clinical Education with RealLifeSim & VetLifeSim (Medical)

Light-acoustic Intona Complex Improving Quality of Health and Life (Consumer Products)

Lightweight, Belt Mountable Oxygen Therapy Machine (Medical)

LimpiAgua: Device for Treating Water by Photocatalysis (Sustainable Technologies)

Low cost and sustainable emergency surface water purification system (Sustainable Technologies)

Low Cost Digital Micro Fluidics Platform for Biomedical Applications (Medical)

Mammofield (Medical)

Marine Waste Shell Powder: a Novel Organic Antimicrobial for Fresh Foods (Medical)

Mechanical Leech System (Medical)

MEDDIAR-A Medical Diary (Medical)

MediAdmin - Network for Medical Camps (Medical)

Medical Based Giant Magneto Resistance GMR Reduced Invasive Cardio Myocyte Application (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Mesh Sprayer Device (MSD); Liquefied Mesh Delivery System (Medical)

MicroEVAP(TM) Water Purification System (Sustainable Technologies)

Mobility Assist: A Multifunctional Sit-to-Stand and Ambulation Therapy Device (Medical)

Mosquito Killer (Consumer Products)

New Approach in Diagnostics, Monitoring of Cardio-vascular System by Blood Pressure Monitor (Medical)

New Camera Design by 5G Connectivity (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Non Invasive Medical Scanning and Healing (Medical)

Open Source Retinal Camera (Open Indirect Ophthalmoscope) (Medical)

Oscillating Field Electrical Stimulator (OFS) for Regeneration of the Spinal Cord (Medical)

Ovarian Cancer (Medical)

Painless Adhesive Bandage (Medical)

Paper-Based Fully Automated ELISA (Medical)

Pathogen Detecting Machine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

PeP (Medical)

Peripheral Neuropathy Diagnostic Aid (Medical)

PhantomCor: A Dynamic, Multimodal, and Inexpensive Heart Phantom (Medical)

PL4NO (Automotive/​Transportation)

Portable and Non-invasive Electrical Device for the Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease (Cor-IS) (Medical)

Portable ECG Monitor with Stethoscope Auscultatory Sound Capturing Capability (Medical)

Portable fNIRS Device for First Responder and Home Use (Medical)

Prevention of Dry Eyes Caused by Computer Use (Medical)

Process of Washing of Water Tank Without Entering Into Tank (Consumer Products)

Qmood - Your Intelligent Mood Assistant (Consumer Products)

Reducing COPD Exacerbations (Medical)

Removal of Oil Sheen from Oil Spill Sites (Sustainable Technologies)

Respirator -"SAVER Z03" (Medical)

Rhino Safe Eyeglasses Frame (Medical)

SaferEx - Multi-action Water Purifier (Consumer Products)

Scalable Safe Drinking Water Access Made Easy for Families in Developing Countries (Consumer Products)

Scanomilk - Mobile Analyzer of Milk Quality (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Self Powered Nebulizer (Medical)

Shock Mitigation Sports Helmet Liner (Consumer Products)

Simple Atmospheric Water Generator (Consumer Products)

Sipsee® (Consumer Products)

Smart Pipelined Potable Water Distribution System in Emerging Economies (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Smart Training Glove (Medical)

Sol-FrigoSys: A Hybrid Autonomous Cooling Chamber (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Water Distiller (Sustainable Technologies)

Space Gravity Suit (Aerospace & Defense)

Spill Free Conveyor (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Squat Posture Toilet (Consumer Products)

Standardized Bliss – An Organization App (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

SUPERIOR Replacement to Apple Cider Vinegar for the FASTEST Acid Reflux (GERD) Relief Available! (Consumer Products)

SWAN-PD (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

T1 Stabilizer (Medical)

The Dynamic Exercise & Mobility Machine (Medical)

The Sub-0 Home Freezer (Consumer Products)

Thermal Energy Storage Phase Change Materials-Baby Incubator (Medical)


Tobor Robotics Inc. - TIE Humanoid Platform (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Transdermal Drug Permeation of Micromolecules Containing CBD Using Micro-nanospheres in Solidified Reverse Micellar Gel (Medical)

Vaccine Puffers (Medical)

Vape Detector Prevents Drug Usage Among Minors (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Driveline Stress Reduction (Medical)

VitaForm (Medical)

Warning Device for the Blind (Medical)

Wheelramps - Upgrades for Manual Wheelchairs (Consumer Products)

Wonder Glove (Medical)

Xogo (Consumer Products)

2016 Entries

‘LifeRoll’ For Safe Drinking Water In Disaster Areas (Sustainable Technologies)

100% Effective Industrial Strength Steriliser For Hospitals Based On The Rife Plasma Machine (Electronics)

3D Printable Portable Slit Lamp (Medical)

A Novel Technology for Use in Portable Medical Imagers (Medical)

A Process Of Increasing Shelf Life Of Non-syrup And Non-gravy Ready To Eat Food/Sweets By An Innovative G.S. Packaging System (Consumer Products)

A Protective Device That Protects Pedestrians Against The Fall Of Buildings’ Façade In Times Of Earthquakes (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

A Spinal Cord Injury Therapy Apparatus (Medical)

Advanced Nasal Inhalation Apparatus (Medical)

Agreco: Sustaining the Future of Agriculture (Sustainable Technologies)

AirBee (Medical)

Aquapredicto - Freshwater Quality Management System for Lakes (Consumer Products)

ARK Aquatic Rehabilitation Kinematic and Fitness System (Medical)

Arterial Oscillography (Medical)

Asymmetric Dielectric Elastomer Composite Material (Electronics)

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Automatic Lifting Squatting Toilet (Medical)

Autonomous Health Care Robot (Automotive/​Transportation)

Bio-Grid Pure Vapor (Medical)

Bio-mimetic Prosthetic Hand (Medical)

Bionic Organs/Devices/Limbs Wireless Charging (Medical)

Bone Marrow Extraction for Stem Cells (Medical)

Bore Well Rescue Robot (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Brain Computer Interface as Basic Communication System for ELA Patients (Electronics)

Brain Like Control For An Artificial Subjective System (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Burma (Consumer Products)

Card On Guard (Consumer Products)

Child-proof Cutters Safety Device (Electronics)

Clavicle Scutums (Medical)

Combining FDA-approved Cromolyn and DMSO in a Synergistic Formulation with Quercetin, a Naturally Occurring Flavonone, and Astragulus membranaceus Extract With Multiple Flavonoids, in Cutaneous Applications for Multi-Faceted Treatment of Eczema (Medical)

Contact Lens Case with Single Hand Operation (Medical)

Continuous Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor (Medical)

Convective Heating Improvement For Emergency Fire Shelters (CHIEFS) - Improved Performance Of Emergency Fire Shelters For Wildland Firefighters (Sustainable Technologies)

CU – Wara Hybrid Cooking Technology (Cooking Green) - CUWABA (Sustainable Technologies)

Curedan - The Smart Dustbin (Sustainable Technologies)

Design Of A Prototype For Measuring The Tibia Torsion Angle (Medical)

Desolenator - Water From Sunshine (Sustainable Technologies)

Digital Dentistry Space (Medical)

Direct Linear To Rotary Drive System (DL2R) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Disrupting Severe Sepsis with an Innovative Filter (Medical)

Dual Fluid Container For Workout Or Pleasure (Consumer Products)

EasyPET - A Simplified High-performance PET System For Preclinical Trials (Medical)

Eco-friendly Diaper System (Consumer Products)

Eco-Friendly Sanitary System for Railways (Sustainable Technologies)

Electrical Powered Treadmill Bike (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electroactive Material for Wound Healing (Medical)

Electromagnetic Cosmetic Therapy - Noninvasive (Medical)

Epistemic (Medical)

Ergo-gym Computer Workstation (Consumer Products)

Expander for the Lower Part of the Body (Consumer Products)

Fabrication of Mulitlayer Ferritin Arrays (Electronics)

FirstTime Technologies (Automotive/​Transportation)

FRESH by ClayNation (Sustainable Technologies)

Generic Semi-actuated Upper-Knee Prosthetic Leg (Medical)

GermiTube, Automatic Air Disinfection Unit (Medical)

Global Environmental Monitoring network (Electronics)

GlucoSight - Blood Sugar at the Speed of Sight (Medical)

Google Community Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

GREENEST (Consumer Products)

Hair Dryer With The Warm Stream Out\Away From The Head (Consumer Products)

Hand-Extension/Flexion Device for Stroke Rehabilitation (Medical)

Heart Rate and Auscultation Device (Medical)

Hercules Helmet Football (Consumer Products)

Highly Effective Personal Water Filters Using Nanotechnology for Worldwide Markets (Sustainable Technologies)

Home LED Lamp Fixture With Automated Optical Blue Light Filter (Consumer Products)

Hospital Totally Electric Powered Solar boat (Medical)

Humidity Control Cooler (Consumer Products)

Hydration (Medical)

Hydraulic Shoes (Medical)

I Breathe (Consumer Products)


Ichthyophylic Hydroelectric Power (Sustainable Technologies)

In-Bottle Infant Formula Preparation Device (Consumer Products)

Infant Care System, A Therapeutic Wearable For Babies (Medical)

Innovative Ophthalmologist Training Platform Using 3D-Printed Materials and Arduino Technology (Medical)

Inorganic Catalyst Support Material (Sustainable Technologies)

Insectivore (Consumer Products)

InstaShake™ - Make Your Instant Drink Instantly, with 21st century self-dissolving eco-friendly packaging (Consumer Products)

IoT Diaper (Consumer Products)

Just Using Air Flow As Adhesive For Footwear (Sustainable Technologies)

KLVR Dialysis For Liver and Multi-Organ System Failure (Medical)

KneeBooster (Medical)

Life Saver For Boats And Aircraft (Consumer Products)

Lockdown (Aerospace & Defense)

LUMseed (Consumer Products)

Lung-Probe: Helping To Detect Pneumonia In Infants And Babies (Medical)

Med5 Device (Medical)

Medella Health (Medical)

Mobility Assist: A Sit to Stand Device to Improve Quality of Life and Independence for Persons with Functional Limitations (Medical)

Myo A Bio-mimetric Exo Shirt For The Home Environment (Consumer Products)

Nanoparticle Biomarker Screening and Detection (Medical)

Nanotechnology To Grow More/Healthier Food With Less Energy, Fertilizer, Environmental Damage And Water (Consumer Products)

Natural Cooling Pad To Reduce Temperature Caused By Fever (Medical)

Naturalware (Medical)

Navyo - The Smart Glove (Medical)

New Time Efficient Algorithm For Predicting The Secondary Structure Of Proteins (Medical)

Nonstop Fastest Ambulance In The World (Medical)

Novel Technology To Capture Diesel Exhaust: Improvement In Air Quality And Health (Sustainable Technologies)

OpenSpaces (Consumer Products)

Oub (Medical)

P.A.W.N.: Pollutant Automated Wireless Node (Aerospace & Defense)

Personal Health Records Created and Protected (Medical)

PhantomCor: Dynamic, Multimodal, Modular Heart Phantom (Medical)

Portable Surgical Guide with Laser, Abduction and Anteversion Measuring System (Medical)

PremieBreathe: A Low-cost Breathing Aid For Newborns In Low-resource Settings (Medical)

Pressure Injury Reducing Footrest (PIRF) (Medical)

Probe For Microscopic Investigations In Vivo (Medical)

Propane Tank Anti-BLEVE Safety System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Reflex: An Unobtrusive Walking Aid (Consumer Products)

Reusable Sanitary Napkins (Consumer Products)

Revolution Through Pollution (Sustainable Technologies)

Road Accident Saviour Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

Road Safety Device Using Brain Wave Analyzer (Medical)

Rocobean: Bean Bag On Rocking Chair (Consumer Products)

Safe Drinking Water Made Easy for Families in Developing Countries (Consumer Products)

SaferEx - Water Purifier (Consumer Products)

Safety Check- A Behavior Based Safety App (Medical)

Salt Consumption Controlling Container (Consumer Products)

SchoolBuddy – Smart Sensors To Avoid Back Pain (Consumer Products)

Seat Of Car + Stretcher (Automotive/​Transportation)

Sensus Nonverbal Language Learning (Consumer Products)

Simulated Space Station Environment for Cell Cultures (Medical)

Solaro Illuminated Mirror (Consumer Products)

Solid Drug Delivery Device For Pediatric Use (Consumer Products)

Spectrophotometer Artemisia annua Concentration by Iridium & Cell Phone at Harvest (Sustainable Technologies)

SPOT: Stay Safe in the Sun (Consumer Products)

Staircase Climbing Wheelchair (Automotive/​Transportation)

Stander Wheelchair With Wireless Command For People With Motor Disabilities (Medical)

StandUp Walker: A 2-in-1 Stand-assist + Walker (Medical)

Steering Wheel Based Vehicle Human Interface (Automotive/​Transportation)

Stopping Tremors (Medical)

Stretcher (Medical)

Supercritical Air Mobility Pack (SCAMP) (Aerospace & Defense)

Superlative Topical Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Microbicide, Immunomodulator & Regenerative Healers (Medical)

The Backpack Motorized Sprayer (Consumer Products)

The cerVIA System - Automated, Accurate and Accessible Cervical Cancer Screening (Medical)

The NanoWell: A Passive Approach to Water Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

The Palm Medicinal Beauty Body Soap And The Palm Medicinal Body Oil (Medical)

The Smart Bottle (Consumer Products)

Thermal-regeneration Air Purifier for Indoor Volatile Organic Compounds (Sustainable Technologies)

Thigiri - A Thermal Based Wrap Around For Myalgia And Arthralgia (Consumer Products)

Torch-It Torch For The Visually Impaired (Consumer Products)

Touchless Tattoo Power Supply (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Transcutaneous Energy Transfer for Left Ventricular Assist Devices (Medical)

UMAQ - A Reliable Screening Device For Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Medical)

Universal Service Bed (Medical)

VentiFresh (Consumer Products)

Viral Diagnostic Technology (Medical)

Virtual Realistic Medical Simulation Laboratory (Medical)

Voice – The Electrolarynx (Medical)

VR Therapy with Biofeedback (VRTB) (Medical)

Waterless & Odorless Toilets For Rural Areas (Consumer Products)

Wheelchair On Power (Medical)

X-Drive: Powered Wheel Chair Conversion (Consumer Products)

Your Own Meditation Space (Consumer Products)

2015 Entries

(GrowLife) Off-Grid Recirculatory Aquaponics Starter System (Sustainable Technologies)

2D Electronic Toric Marker (Medical)

3D Printer to Aid Visually Impaired Consumers in Their Daily Life (Consumer Products)

A Novel Wireless Tracking System for Medical Equipment (Electronics)

A Simple Tissue Culture Scaffold (Medical)

A Special House Structure For Defending Against Very Hot Weather (Sustainable Technologies)

A Truly Wearable Healthcare and Fitness Device Aimed at Making a Better Life (Consumer Products)

ACADZ 3D STL Radiation Compensator Negative Plastic Mold Filter Conversion Software/Hardware - “Combined Package” (Medical)

Aid to Assist Parkinson Disease Sufferers (Medical)

Aligment of the Spine Tracker (Consumer Products)

AmbiCopter-Transport & Rescue Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

An Artificial Intelligence Wireless Vital Signs Plaster (Medical)

An Automated Method For Fibrin Clot Permeability Assessment (Medical)

Angiogenic Injectable Nanoscaffold (Medical)

Anthelion (Aerospace & Defense)

Application of Battlefield Point of Injury & Trauma Medical Device System (Medical)

Assembly of Multiple Organ Types and Configurations from Multipotent Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using 3D Printers (Medical)

Autogro (Sustainable Technologies)

Automated Syringe Pump (Medical)

Automatic Paddy Transplanter (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Biodegradable Water Bottles for the Modern Culture (Consumer Products)

BioSculpture Technology's Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy Device (Medical)

Blind Stick-Gift for the Blind (Electronics)

Boxing & Martial Arts Training Device (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Brain Harmonizer (Consumer Products)

Brush-Pick "The Ultimate Oral-Care" (Consumer Products)

C-YANTRA (Medical)

Cell Phone App to program the Mind (Electronics)

CertAlert Medication Pendant (Medical)

Cleanopy: Air Purifier For Children (Medical)

Coffee mug warmer by induction heating (Consumer Products)

Completely Embedded Hearing System (Medical)

Conquer Cancer and Hard To Treat Diseases (Medical)

Conversion of Waste Kitchen Foods and Animal Waste in Organic Animal Feed, Pesticides and Fertilizer (Sustainable Technologies)

Creative Caring Corporate Initiative (Consumer Products)

Crown of head suspension (Consumer Products)

DAVID: Digital Anatomic Visual Informatics Device (Medical)

Development of a Non-Surgical Circulatory Support Device for the Treatment of Chronic Heart Failure (Medical)

Development Of The “Ecologically Clean” Vehicle Conception By Providing Effective Refinement Of The Air Inside Car Compartment (Automotive/​Transportation)

Doctor Robo (Medical)

Drought Flood Synergy Network (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electromagnetic Cosmetic Therapy - Noninvasive (Medical)

Emergency Injection For Use During Blocked Airways In Emergencies (Medical)

Emotions Mobile Detector (Medical)

Ergo Gym (Consumer Products)

Fastest Ambulance In The World (Medical)

Fetal Welfare Monitoring Using Light And Sound (Medical)

Firstwerable Thermoband - Thermometer sticker (Consumer Products)

Floating Ultrasonic System (Medical)

Free Standing Flexible Capillary Made From Silicone Elastomer For Medical And Soft Robotic Applications (Medical)

Fully Personalized Comfort Fitting Shoes (Consumer Products)

Gene Alterations by Nanotechnology (Medical)

Germ-a-Ware (Consumer Products)

Glasses with automatic polarizable regions to help in high sensitivity to light (Consumer Products)

Golf Etiquette Cup-Receptacle-Imbiber (Consumer Products)

Grab-Crab™ Quick-Capture Attended Waterman Trap (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Guide to Insulin Administration (Medical)

HipFlex by The Hipsters (Medical)

Honeybee Nano Bubbles® (Consumer Products)

Hummingbird (Electronics)

I.D. Me - Fingerprint-based Patient Identification System (Medical)

Innovative Flossing Device That Makes You Enjoy Flossing (Consumer Products)

Instrumented Footwear For Real Time Intelligent Gait Abnormal Identification (Medical)

Integrated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (iTMS) (Medical)

Interlocking Of Drivers License & Vehicle Electronics For Safety (Automotive/​Transportation)

Internal Swivel Caster (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

IVEA (Medical)

Jala Pampa (Medical)

Kerrison Rongeur Rescue (Medical)

KleenRite Portable Bath & Shower Device (Consumer Products)

Latrobook (Consumer Products)

Local Electromagnetic Steering System for Targeted Drug Delivery (Medical)

Low Cost Quake Proof Shelter (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

LPG Gas Leakage Detector (Electronics)

Maneuverable Capsule Endoscope based on Gimbaled Ducted-fan System (Medical)

Means To Remove Blood Stream Deposits From A Body (Medical)

Melanoma "Change-Over-Time" Detection app (Medical)

Method For Treating Cartilage Defects (Medical)

Micro interface to control robotic prosthesis, using the axons of motor nerves (Medical)

Mobile Oximeter for Rural Child Pneumonia Diagnosis (Medical)

Mobile Walk-In Bathtub for Aging Seniors Or People With Mobility Issues (Medical)

Model for Transcontinental Robot-Assisted Remote Telesurgery (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Multi-interface Wireless Charger (MWC) (Electronics)

Nanobes (Medical)

Nanolaser Cancer Therapy (Medical)

Needle Removal Pen (Medical)

NIRVAPANA (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Non Chemical Mould Inhibitor (Consumer Products)

Nono-robots To Cure Illness At Cellular Level (Medical)

Novel Chest Tube Design To Alleviate Clogging And Facilitate Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (Medical)

Official Presidential Ride (Automotive/​Transportation)

Orthotic Leg Brace Non-Compressive Massage Pads (Medical)

Plasma Treatment Of Slurry (Sustainable Technologies)

Poor man HVAC (Sustainable Technologies)

Portable And Automated Sickle Cell Disease Diagnosis And Patient Monitoring Using Magnetic Levitation (Medical)

Portable Wireless Medical Monitoring System for Triage Units, Military Environments, and Developing Nations (Medical)

Posture Compatible Bicycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

PramAlong (Automotive/​Transportation)

Project Pyra: World's First 3D-Printed Oven (Consumer Products)

Project Sangi: Assistive Robots for Blind People (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Quikiks Hands-Free Shoes (Consumer Products)

Rehabilitation of wet buildings (Sustainable Technologies)

RunFree: Personal Air Purifier Hat (Consumer Products)

Semi-Autonomous Personal Assistant (SAPA) (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

SFAAS - Smart Fetal ECG Acquisition and Analysis System (Medical)

Sisi Cup (Consumer Products)

Slant: Defrosting Container and Cutting Board (Consumer Products)

Smart X-ray Source (Medical)

Solar Powered Dental Flosser (Medical)

SteamTech (Sustainable Technologies)

Suncayr (Consumer Products)

Super-Resolution X-ray Imaging System (Medical)

Surgical Assistant Manipulator Platform (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Telecom Tower Structural & Radiation Inspection Using MUAV System (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

The Intelligent Cradle (I-Cradle) (Consumer Products)

The Mycoremediating Biodegradable Closed Ecological System (Sustainable Technologies)

The N5 Medic: An Ultra-small, Low-cost Gas Toxin Personal Monitor To Assist Individuals With Poor Respiratory Health Using Novel Chip-scale Chemical Sensor Technology (Medical)

The N5 Sport: An Ultra-Small, Low-Cost Pollution Gas Detector Using Novel Chip-Scale Chemical Sensor Technology (Consumer Products)

The Phone Cell (Electronics)

The WellCar - Delivering Healthcare in the Rural Environment (Medical)

The Wizard of Brewz (Consumer Products)

Thunder - Rain Gear for Bikes (Automotive/​Transportation)

To Reduce Radiation Exposure To Human Body From Mobile Devices And Mobile Network Tower (Medical)

Turbo Tone (Consumer Products)

Universal Alert Assistive Device for Hearing Impaired (Medical)

Urometry Bluetooth Technology (Medical)

USB-EMC (Medical)

Using HPG to Treat Burns (Medical)

UV-C Cell Saver (Medical)

VibraCool Ache and Injury Relief (Medical)

Wardrobe Suitcase (Consumer Products)

Water Conserving, Agriculture Pollutant Scavenging HydraMat™ by EcosPure (Sustainable Technologies)

Water Purification using SUN's UV Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Water Wonder Discoverer (Sustainable Technologies)

waterbells (Medical)

Wearable Physiology Monitoring Development Platform (Medical)

Wearable Tech Gadgets On Green Strappings (Consumer Products)

Zero Maintenance Hydroponic Planter (patent pending) (Sustainable Technologies)

ZIP Pen (Medical)

2014 Entries

A Comprehensive Method For Computer Coronary Reconstructution And Physical Model 3D Printing (Medical)

A Device That Quantitates Medically Important Components In Patient Samples (Medical)

ACES (Medical)

Acetabular cup (Medical)

Adaptive Medical Bed (Medical)

Adjustable Comfort Insoles - INFLASOLE (Consumer Products)

Advanced Wound Monitoring and Feedback Device (Medical)

AHELICAMBULANCE (Automotive/​Transportation)

Aix Sonic (Electronics)

An Intelligent Pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler (Medical)

Apparatus and Method for Ergonomic Support of Human System Interaction (Consumer Products)

Aspirinesuit (Aerospace & Defense)

Brainwave EEG Spectrum Analyser (Consumer Products)

Buzz Lightyear Technologies Today (Consumer Products)

Buzzy for Pain Relief (Medical)

Click your way to healthcare! (Medical)

Compliant Bi-Modal Bi-Stability Applied to an Easy Chair (Medical)

Controlled Nebulizer For Safe Nebulization (Medical)

Creation of e-lab.gov.usa and e-diagnostics.gov.usa website (Medical)

desalination by means of cold deep sea water (Sustainable Technologies)

Designing a device for controlling & monitoring of Bruxism disease (Medical)

Detecting Emanations from Planets (Consumer Products)

Development Of Novel Computer Vision Based Air Jet Device For Critical Endodontic Applications (Medical)

e-Aura: The Invisible Communication (Medical)

ECG Front-End Development Kit (Medical)

Ecopot Garbage Garden (Sustainable Technologies)

EggRan - Egg Shaped Mobility (Automotive/​Transportation)

Exam Table Paper Shredder (Medical)

Fatigue mitigation in therapists (Medical)

Fellow in the Sky (Consumer Products)

Field Trauma Wound Care Kit for K-9 (‘FTK-9’) (Poochie-Peds™ ), Formulae, Method of Use and Apparatus for Making Of Same (Medical)

Filterless A/C System (Medical)

Flush Pro (Sustainable Technologies)

Foldable Simmer (Consumer Products)

GRMed: A Multibioparameter Method for Quantitatively Evaluating Individual’s Global Cardiovascular Disease Risk (Medical)

Guardian 2000 Miniature Water Treatment Plant (Consumer Products)

Healing Bandage (Automotive/​Transportation)

Health Insurance for All (Medical)

Hearing Assistance Device To Assist Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder (Medical)

HemeChip for Early Diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease (Medical)

Hemiplegia Neuromuscular Stimulation using unaffected side (Medical)

High Impact Temporary Housing (Sustainable Technologies)

Himalayan Salt-Air POD (Consumer Products)

Human/electric-hybrid powered flying bicycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Humanoid Robotic Wrist (WRC) (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Hydroponics Refashioned For The Home (Consumer Products)

IntraVenous Medication Anti-Infection Device (IV MAID) (Medical)

Joint repair with minimal surgery (Medical)

Knee USA (Medical)

KneeStim from Articulate Labs (Medical)

Life Light (Medical)

Light Tube - Winning strategy against bacteria (Sustainable Technologies)

Low Cost Portable Water Pump with Filter (Sustainable Technologies)

Low-voltage dielectrophoresis capillary-driven whole blood chip for point-of-care biomedical diagnostic application (Medical)

Magnetic Energy Transfer Unit (Sustainable Technologies)

MDDS Micro Drug Delivery System (pill) (Medical)

Mechanical System and Method for the Prevention and Control of Motion Sickness, Motion-Induced Vision Sickness, and Other Variants of Spatial Disorientation (Consumer Products)

Mechatronic Ortho-Screwdrill MSD 0611-D (Medical)

MedPro (Medical)

Micro-Controller Based Quality Analysis Of Frying Oil (Medical)

mirror therapy for stroke rehabilitation through image processing (Medical)

Mobile Micro-Lab (Medical)

Mobile Phone Based Blood Image Analysis and Malaria Diagnosis (Medical)

Molten Salt Solar Water Purifier (Sustainable Technologies)

Morgana (Medical)

Multi Reservoir Airbrush Living Tissue 3D Stem Cell Painter/Injector (Medical)

Multiversal Urinal Deodorizer - NODOR (Sustainable Technologies)

New asthma inhaler (Medical)

Non-Contact Oximeter (Medical)

Ozone Gap Filler Device (Aerospace & Defense)

Paanipuri Vending Machine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Pars rescue robot (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Passive Exercising Setup For Diabetic Patients (Medical)

Pharmaceutical Smart-Tagging for Interactive Personal Medical Care (Medical)

Physical Therapy For Everybody Anywhere (Medical)

Portable Low Cost Water Purifier (Consumer Products)

ProstaGlove (Medical)

Pure Water (Sustainable Technologies)

Quikiks -The First Totally Hands-Free Supportive Footwear (Consumer Products)

Rear Vision Glasses (Medical)

Reducing paper usage (save trees) by using electronic touch display (Sustainable Technologies)

Rescue N Relief Kit (Consumer Products)

Sealable & Disposable Coffee Filter Pouch (Consumer Products)

Self-Inflating Tourniquet (Medical)

Shakey Eyes (Medical)

SHELA: A New Compact 10 MV S-Band Linear Accelerator (Medical)

Smart Aquaponic Greenhouse (Sustainable Technologies)

Suncayr (Consumer Products)

Suntacts (Medical)

Survival Capsule (Consumer Products)

Testing a Portable Emergency Ventilator (Medical)

The BROWZ*A/R (Immune*IZ Edition) (Medical)

The BROWZ*A/R (Personal*IZ Edition) - Augmented Reality for Consumers (Consumer Products)

The Lazy Belt (Consumer Products)

The OmniSign (Medical)

THERMAL STAR personal body cooling system (Consumer Products)

Universal shortcut for emergency phone numbers (Consumer Products)

UroCycler Automatic Bladder Management System (Medical)

UroPal: Simple Urinary Catheterization Without The Mess! (Medical)

Using a chemical engineering science algorithm on a smart device to improve health (Medical)

Vibro-Pillow (Electronics)

vinasse fertilizer (Sustainable Technologies)

Vivex-Cel: Advanced Wound Care Device (Medical)

Voice Of Silent (Medical)

WAND (Wound Analysis Device) (Medical)

Water in the Desert (Sustainable Technologies)

WhizzDrive (Consumer Products)

Wireless Power Skin (Medical)

Workstation for Cardio-thoracic Surgery (Medical)

World Cancer Cell Database (Medical)

2013 Entries

"Brushpaste" (Medical)

A Device and Method for Screening for Cancer Metastasis (Medical)

A Low-Cost Wristwatch for Non-Invasive Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring (Medical)

A New Generation of Hydraulic Vibratory Pumps (Consumer Products)

A Perfect “CAR” for Kids (Transportation & Automotive)

A Potential Biodegradable Lubricant from Castor Biodiesel Esters via Enzymatic Catalysis (Sustainable Technologies)

A Real Time Measurement of EEG Signal (Medical)

Air-Rops: Active Rollover Protection System (Safety and Security)

ALADINN (Consumer Products)

Algae/ Fungi Wall BioMats for Space Habitats (Sustainable Technologies)

Aortic Cannulae (Click) (Medical)

Apple Controls Diabetes 2 (Medical)

AVARII Emergency Bracelet (Medical)

Bacterial Infection Diagnostics (Medical)

Bike Dock (Transportation & Automotive)

Bio-Feedback Display Fabric (Medical)

Biodegradable Scrubber (Sustainable Technologies)

Car Crash Safety with Hydraulic Jacks (Safety and Security)

CBPModule Disc Brake Dust Collection System (Transportation & Automotive)

Cheapest Disposable Suction Liner in the World (Medical)

ChemoPatch (Medical)

DAMPS Technology MKV Magnetic Smart Boots (Medical)

Dead Zone Oxygenation (Sustainable Technologies)

Design of Bed for Anesthesiology and Resuscitation (Medical)

Detention Chair for Mentally Challenged Person (Machinery & Equipment)

Development of Anti-Radiation Drugs (Safety and Security)

Dr. MEMS (Medical)

Easy Urine (Liquid) Volume Meter (Medical)

Electric Artificial Heart (Medical)

Electrically Conducting Proteins for Continuous Assay (Medical)

Electroless 3D Micro Incubator Array (Medical)

Emission Control System (Sustainable Technologies)

EMW -0- SS (Safety and Security)

Exo Dynamics - ExMS (Medical)

Expander for the Lower Part of the Body (Medical)

Eye Glove (Medical)

Fempro (Medical)

Flow Actuated Selector Valve (Machinery & Equipment)

Folding Grill (Consumer Products)

Free Gluten Flour with Modified Cassava Flour Fermented by Lactobacillus Plantarum Culture Starter (Safety and Security)

Greenhouse Escargot in Space (Sustainable Technologies)

Hand-in-Scan Hand Hygiene Control System (Medical)

Health Viewer - Decision Chart (Medical)

High Impact Temporary Housing (Safety and Security)

Human-Powered Refrigeration System for Developing Nation Vaccine Field Distribution (Medical)

iMedic (Medical)

Induced NMR for Cancer Therapy (Medical)

Inflatable Lightning-Resistant Umbrella (Safety and Security)

iPecs Pro Clinical Prosthetic Alignment and Assessment Tool (Electronics)

Isowalk Intelligent Mobility (Consumer Products)

KloGlo (Medical)

LED Torch with Acupressure points (Consumer Products)

LOC Micro (Medical)

Magnetic Energy Transfer Unit (Consumer Products)

MediBot (Medical)

Medical Bed (Medical)

Methodology Development of a Diagnosis Support Using Manufacturing Additive Models from Medical Images (Medical)

Michelle, Improving CPR Training Quality to Save Lives. (Medical)

Mobile Amputee Prosthetic Limb Management (Medical)

Molten Salt Solar Agri-Crop Dryer (Sustainable Technologies)

Monovision Contact Case (Consumer Products)

Mosquito Repellent Optimizer (Consumer Products)

Multifunctional Bed for Quadriplegia Patients (Medical)

Mycolysis - Pathogen Extinguisher (Safety and Security)

Near Earth Asteroids:The Celestial Chariots (Aerospace & Defense)

New Spinal Tap Kit for Improved Accuracy and Accessibility. (Medical)

Nippur (Safety and Security)

No More Terminators: Living Wills for AI (Electronics)

NoireNaturals LLC - All Natural Hair Care (Consumer Products)

Non-Invasive Magnetohydrodynamic Artificial Heart (Medical)

Oasis Modul (Sustainable Technologies)

Perceptual Health Monitoring (Medical)

Pill Sorter (Medical)

Plant Air Purifier (Consumer Products)

POLLY-WOGG (Consumer Products)

Precision Valve for Metering Medical Fluids and Gases (Medical)

Pressurized Sports Helmet (Safety and Security)

Preventing Heart Attack with Machine and Solution (Machinery & Equipment)

Protection Against Chemical Spills (Medical)

PureWater (Sustainable Technologies)

Rape Victim Protector & Rapist Identifier (Safety and Security)

Recycled Concrete Sound Barriers (Sustainable Technologies)

RespiRight - Respiratory Muscle Training (Medical)

Risk of Cancer Evaluation in Human Communities (Medical)

Road Cleaning Robot (Machinery & Equipment)

Romantaque - Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizing Lotion (Consumer Products)

Salsa Saucer: A Better Way To Enjoy (Consumer Products)

Saving the Honeybee: Low-Toxicity Integrated Pest Management Product (Sustainable Technologies)

Scalable Water Purification (Sustainable Technologies)

Shape Memory Polymeric Temperature Sensor and Anti-counterfeit Label (Safety and Security)

Shoe Bottom Cleaner for Automobile Riders (Consumer Products)

Simple Rapid Method of Water Quality Control (Electronics)

Skin Assessment and Decubitus Ulcer Prevention System (Medical)

Sky Food Plants (Consumer Products)

SKYCAP (Aerospace & Defense)

Sleeping Device (Consumer Products)

Small Sample Analysis Device (Medical)

Smart Prosthesis (Medical)

Smart Trash (Consumer Products)

Solar Light in Basements - Bright Future (Consumer Products)

Sport Park Soda/Beer Backpack (Consumer Products)

Supercolor Multiplexing (Medical)

Talking Diary (Medical)

THAW (Temporary Hazardous-Area Walkway ) (Safety and Security)

The Daysimeter (Medical)

The Earth Rider (Aerospace & Defense)

Therapeutical and Self Massage Lounge Chair (Medical)

Ultra Low Cost Insulin Pump (Medical)

Ultra-Miniature External Defibrillator System (Medical)

UroPal (Medical)

Use of BRAC Military Facilities for Health Care (Medical)

Using Stevia in Our Daily Lives: Stevia Balls (Consumer Products)

UV Medical Imaging System (Medical)

Varada Innovations (Medical)

Variable Angle, Depth Controlled, High Speed Manual Cranial Access Device (Medical)

Vitalflo (Medical)

Well Doctor (Sustainable Technologies)

Wind Turbine Solar Powered Water Pump (Sustainable Technologies)

Wireless Power Skin (Medical)

2012 Entries

3D Endoscope Using Controlled Aberrations (Medical)

A Book Paper Product to Encrease Readability and Reduce Risks for Macular Degeneration (Medical)

A Capacitive Multichannel ECG Measurement System (Medical)

A Disposable Pad for the Prevention and Treatment of Decubitus (Medical)

A High Power, Portable X-ray Machine for Field Use (Medical)

A Portable Polysomnography Pack for the Monitoring of Sleep in a Non-Clinical Setting (Medical)

Accu-Injection Medical Regimen (Medical)

Advanced Major Auto Hemo Therapy (AMAHT) System (Medical)

Advanced Multi-Electrodes RFA Catheter with Bio-Sensors Feedback Simplifies Cardiac Tissue Ablation and Improves Patient Safety (Medical)

Air Vent Bed (Consumer Products)

All-Seasons Body Cooling/Warming Vest (Consumer Products)

Alondi "Rescue" Cream (Consumer Products)

An Alternative Conceptual Approach to Cancer as an “Uncontrollable Bacterial Infection” (Medical)

Apparatus for Capturing, Filtering and Containing Radioisotope Release from Nuclear Fission Power Plants (Safety and Security)

Applying Stress to Cells under Microscopy (Medical)

Aquaback Water Purification System (Sustainable Technologies)

Assist+ (Medical)

Automated Nail Polish and Coloring Agent (Consumer Products)

AWP Ergonomic Pen (Consumer Products)

Battle Stations - High Tech Martial Arts Trainer (Consumer Products)

Better Rogaine Dispenser (Consumer Products)

Better Sleep with a Blanket Retainer (Consumer Products)

Bicycle Wind Tube (Transportation)

Blood/Oxygen Saturation Control Device (Medical)

Bringing Clean Drinking Water to Third World Countries (Safety and Security)

C-Sight Visual Prosthetic Implant (Medical)

Cat Bowl (Consumer Products)

Catheter Support System (Medical)

Ceramic Coating Titanium Dental Abutments (Medical)

Cheap and Accurate Patient's Health Monitoring System (Medical)

Clean Water Mop System (Consumer Products)

Cloud and Smartphone Accelerator (Electronics)

Computational Model of Human Body Based Upon the Genetic Analysis for Drug Development and Treatment (Medical)

Controlled Prescription Dispenser (Medical)

Convertible Lounge Chair (Consumer Products)

DAMPS Technology MKIV Smart Boots (Medical)

Dehumidifying Spray (Consumer Products)

Dermal Regenerator (Medical)

Design and Development of CPAP (Medical)

Digital Motor for Blood Flow (Medical)

Dry Snorkel Cold Immersion Suit for Hypothermia Prevention (Safety and Security)

E-go Bike: Muscle to Power (Sustainable Technologies)

Ear Prophylactics (Dry Earplus for Diving) (Consumer Products)

Electric Vehicle with Laminated Bamboo Body and Unique Cyclic Compression System (Transportation)

Electronic Insect Repellent (Consumer Products)

Energy Harvester for Insulin Pump Users (Medical)

Energy Saving Air Conditioning Thermostat (Electronics)

Environment That Helps to Facilitate Adaptation of Pet Puppies into Their Human Home (Consumer Products)

Faux Gravity Sleeping Bag (Medical)

Field Evaporation Assistance (Sustainable Technologies)

FlexFit Nasal Cannula (Medical)

Flexible Informational Sleeve Display (Consumer Products)

Fresh Water Hat (Sustainable Technologies)

Full Mouth Mechanical or Sonic Toothbrush (Consumer Products)

Funscooter (Consumer Products)

GE SpinLab™: First Automated Multichannel Hyperpolarizer (Medical)

Germless Handrail (Safety and Security)

Hardware and Smartphone App to Prevent Forgetting Child in Vehicle (Consumer Products)

Heal Share (Medical)

Heavenly Air (Medical)

Heavenly Air (Electronics)

HistoMosaic: Cancer Tissue Diagnostics by Multiplexed PCR (Medical)

Holographic Optical Element Integral Image 3D Display (Consumer Products)

HOPE- Eectronic Gadget for Home Bound Patients and Elders (Medical)

Hospital Air Cleaner (Medical)

How to Prevent a Robot Rebellion (Machinery & Equipment)

Hydroponic Screen Wall (Sustainable Technologies)

Hyperthermal Cancer Cure (Medical)

Implementable Multi-component Solution to Capture and Contain Oil and Gases Escaping from Fractured Vertical Pipes on Underwater Oil Drilling Platforms (Machinery & Equipment)

Improved Prosthetic Joints (Medical)

Indoor Cooling Dome for Hot & Humid Summers (Consumer Products)

Inoculation Monitoring Device (Medical)

Instant Pancakes (Consumer Products)

Judgment and Reasoning Change the Digital World (Electronics)

Krehmer's Fountain (Sustainable Technologies)

Lasers Zap Pathogens in Blood (Medical)

Lazarillo Acústico (Medical)

LIFE PACK – Hypothermia Prevention Floatation Device (Safety and Security)

LipoTool (Medical)

Low Resolution and Its Solution in Electrical Resistance Tomography (Medical)

Medical Breakthrough (Medical)

Methods and Apparatus for Imaging, Detecting, and Monitoring Surficial and Subdermal Inflammation (Medical)

Microwave Powered Bug Eradication Device (Machinery & Equipment)

Mini-Inhalator *Plus* (Medical)

Miniature Surgical Robots (Medical)

Mobile Robotic Industrial System (Machinery & Equipment)

Modular, Expandable, Wearable Artificial Pancreas for People with Diabetes (Medical)

Module Wheelchair (Transportation)

Modwork! (Consumer Products)

Molecular Microscope and Nano-Fabricator (Machinery & Equipment)

Multi-Chamber Beverage Carton (Sustainable Technologies)

Multi-Point Bacterial Abatement System (M-BAS) for the International Space Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Multipurpose Augmented Sensing and Comprehending Interface System (MASCIS) (Electronics)

Negative Ions Storming Against Pollution (Medical)

Neural-Computer Interconnectivity Analyzer (NCIA) (Medical)

New Electrocardiogram Display (Medical)

New Non-radiation Technology for Manufacturing Nano- and Micro-Track Membranes (Machinery & Equipment)

Non-Contacting Cleanroom Conveyor (Medical)

Non-Invasive Glucometer (Medical)

Ocean Irrigation (Sustainable Technologies)

Ocular Eye Monitor (Medical)

Our Conscious & Artificial Brain (Medical)

Patient Care (Medical)

Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury Software Simulation Framework (Medical)

Photocoagulator for Superficial Abrasion (Medical)

polyMEAs: Tissue-Like All-Polymer Microelectrode Arrays for Neuroprosthetics (Medical)

Possible AIDS Cure Unveiled (Medical)

Practical Commuter System Improves Safety while Reducing Costs (Transportation)

Predictive Alerts for Collision Aversion (PACA) (Safety and Security)

Preliophics and the Preliophic Moleculator (Machinery & Equipment)

Project 180 Turn Around: 2015 Rebuild New Orleans (Sustainable Technologies)

Prosthetic Leg Connector (Medical)

Protection Against Nerve Agents and Neurotoxins (Safety and Security)

PVC Materials: Ecological, Health, Chemical and Fire Safety in Their Manufacture, Use and Disposal (Sustainable Technologies)

Quadrupole Phased-Array Quantum Cannon Antenna (Electronics)

Regrowth Of Human Body Parts (Medical)

Rotating Toy (Consumer Products)

Safe Cranial Drill (Medical)

Semi Rigid Supporting Insole (SRSI) (Medical)

Sensordrone: a Practical, Tricorder Like Platform for Consumers and Mobile Device Developers (Consumer Products)

Significantly Simplified PCR Machine (Medical)

SkyRide Technology (Transportation)

Small OS for ARM Devices (Medical)

Smart Cardiologist (Medical)

Smart Colostomy Bag (SCB) (Medical)

Solar Ice Maker (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Powered Clean Water Supply (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Water Distiller Using Spray Flash Evaporation (Sustainable Technologies)

Sour Breast Milk? (Consumer Products)

Space Station Training Tool (Transportation)

Standardized Glass Bottles Worldwide (Consumer Products)

Stress Level Indicator (Medical)

Sustainable Design by Numbers (Sustainable Technologies)

SwipeSense (Medical)

Synthetic Bone Graft Material (Medical)

Synthetic Bone Made by Indirect Selective Laser Sintering (Medical)

Temperature Monitoring Shoes for Diabetics (Medical)

The Chamaleon Wheelchair (Variable Position Wheelchair) (Transportation)

The Planter Brick (Consumer Products)

The USS Bountiful Harvest (Sustainable Technologies)

The WaterNet (Sustainable Technologies)

The Wrist Saver (Safety and Security)

TruFlavorWare® Non-Metallic Flatware (Medical)

Tubee (Medical)

Tuberculosis Therapy Assist (Medical)

Turbo Tone (Consumer Products)

U-B Kool (Medical)

UV-C Bare and Gloved Hand Flash Disinfection (Medical)

V2 Renal Denervation System for Vessix Vascular (Medical)

Variable Ice Dam (Safety and Security)

Very Fast High Dynamic Range Analog to Digital Converter, ADC (Machinery & Equipment)

Virtual Walking Stick for the Visually Impaired (Medical)

Vision Improvement Device (Medical)

Water Sterilization System (Consumer Products)

Water System Safety Survey (Safety and Security)

Waterless Sewer System (Sustainable Technologies)

What Will You Do? (Transportation)

World's First Patient Controlled Medical Record (Medical)

X-Rad Friend - Personal X-Ray Radiation Dosimeter (Consumer Products)

2011 Entries

?Screen Fast and Cheap Bacteria Detection (Medical)

"Skin Bandage" and "Vein Tube" (Medical)

A 21st Century bed: The Nest (Consumer Products)

A microSNIFFER Monitoring Device (Safety and Security)

A New Method of Cardiogram Analysis (Medical)

A Self-sustaining Mosquito Larvae Killer (Sustainable Technologies)

A-Hub™ (Medical)

AIDS Awareness Program (Consumer Products)

America's Health Improvement Machine (Consumer Products)

An SCBA with Integral Heat Stress Relief (Safety and Security)

Aortic Calcification Elimination System (Medical)

Assessing Neurodegenerative Changes in MS (Medical)

Automated Wheelchair (Medical)

AutoSkyBot (Transportation)

Better Way to Install Electric Water Pump (Machinery & Equipment)

Bicycle Crank System with Dead Spot Elimination (Transportation)

Bicycle Handle Assembly (Consumer Products)

Bio-Feedback Machine-Washable Fabric (Medical)

Bioclimatic Indoor Swimming Pool & Tropical Garden (Sustainable Technologies)

Biomechanical Visualization of Human Motion (Medical)

Biometric RFID Adhesive Bandages (Medical)

Biometrics Bracelet or Ring (Electronics)

Blind Contact Lens (Medical)

Body's Health Improvement Machine (Medical)

Buzzy for Pain Relief (Medical)

Carrier Pro (Consumer Products)

Cell Checker (Safety and Security)

Clean Coal Wastewater Treatment (Machinery & Equipment)

Collapsible Shelter System (Safety and Security)

DAMPS Technology MKIV Smart Boots (Consumer Products)

Design of an Integrated Dental Hygiene System (Consumer Products)

Detection of Tuberculosis (Noninvasive Method) (Medical)

Detection of Tuberculosis Using Immuno Sensor (Medical)

Diapers for Dummy Dads (Consumer Products)

Digital Waist Line Measure Belt (Electronics)

Discrete Imbiber (Consumer Products)

Disposable Gynecological Dilator (Medical)

Door Jamb or Hinge Mounted Pressure Tank Security (Safety and Security)

Dumbwaiter Refrigerator, Safe and Earthquake Proof! (Consumer Products)

EasySleeper (Consumer Products)

Eco-friendly Sanitation Technology (Sustainable Technologies)

Education Tag (Consumer Products)

Elite Athlete Performance Modeling and Monitoring (Medical)

EnableRx (Medical)

ePartogram (Medical)

Family Bike Rack (Consumer Products)

Fitness Machine for the Next Decade (Consumer Products)

Floor Surface Safety Lamp (Safety and Security)

Full-Mouth Mechanical or Sonic Toothbrush (Consumer Products)

Fusion Powered Water Still (Consumer Products)

Guardian Angel (Safety and Security)

Guardian Safe-Path System (Safety and Security)

Hamstrings Rolling Weight Exercise Machine (Medical)

Heavenly Air (Medical)

Household Water Treatment System (Sustainable Technologies)

Hurricane Wipeout With NRC (Safety and Security)

I-Vision (Electronics)

iMD Blood Diagnosis (Medical)

Implantable, Artificial Kidney System (Medical)

Improved Bandage Bobbin (Medical)

Increasing Pedestrian Safety at Traffic Lights (Safety and Security)

InflataCorset (Medical)

iPecs Tech (Electronics)

Jar and Bottle Opener: QT-1 (Consumer Products)

Lever Propelled Wheelchair (Medical)

Low Cost SIDS Preventer (Medical)

Low Impact Cane (Medical)

Magnetic Micro-Bubbles Combat Cancer (Medical)

Maslov's Toothbrush (Consumer Products)

Mass Fatality Disaster Relief (Medical)

Medication Cost Containment (Medical)

Megadose Vitamin Therapy for Acute HIV Exposure (Medical)

Mobile App for Wound Care (Medical)

Mobile Dental Bracket Table (Medical)

Mouse Controller for Home Medical Measurements (Consumer Products)

Multifunctional Dental Apparatus (Medical)

MultiKeratome Eye Surgery - Best Sealing/Astigmatism (Medical)

Nanoparticle Water Filtration Method (Sustainable Technologies)

Neonatal Transport Backpack (Medical)

Open-Source Microfluidic Interfaces and Controls (Medical)

Perfect Press (Consumer Products)

Pillow Purifier (Machinery & Equipment)

PIN Access Biologic-Biometrics Snapshot Profile (Medical)

Portable Baterial Detector (Medical)

Portable Bidet (Medical)

Prostate Enlargement Indicator (Medical)

Protective Clothing and Coatings (Safety and Security)

Rackmount "Lab-on-a-Chip" Server (Electronics)

Reducing Medical Costs (Medical)

Removing Blood Clots using Nano-Particles (Medical)

Removing Toxic Metals from Water (Sustainable Technologies)

Robot For The Home: Doorbot (Consumer Products)

Robotic GRANNIE-Box Simplifies Glucometer Use (Medical)

Rocker Lowrise Earthquake Proof Building (Safety and Security)

Safer Nuclear Power Generation (Safety and Security)

Safety Zone (Safety and Security)

Sensiject Syringe (Medical)

SleeP - Bed for Insomnia Symptoms (Consumer Products)

SMA Alloy for Canned Food Covers (Consumer Products)

Smart Seat Pad For Posture Monitoring (Consumer Products)

Solar Clean Water SVD - Street Vending Dispenser (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Desalination Tower (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar ORC Cogeneration for Underserved Areas (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Water and Air Purification Balloon (Sustainable Technologies)

Spherical Survival Container Kit (Safety and Security)

SSB Hearing Aid (Electronics)

Standing Support System for Surgeons (Medical)

Step Master - Reborn (Machinery & Equipment)

SunMod (Safety and Security)

Super Energy Saving LED Light (Consumer Products)

Sustainable Solar Cookers (Sustainable Technologies)

Swim Exercise Machine (Medical)

The Quiet Pillow (Electronics)

Tourni-Tie (Medical)

Tranesophegeal with Visualization (Medical)

Treatment for Third Degree Burns (Medical)

Tsunami Survival Capsule (Safety and Security)

U B Kool (Electronics)

UVA+B Sunfriend (Consumer Products)

Video Adapter for Laryngoscope (Medical)

Vitamin D While You Shower! (Medical)

WalkRoller (Medical)

WalkSafe for High Risk Heart Patients (Medical)

Warfighter Advanced Recording Device (WARD) (Medical)

Water Check (Safety and Security)

Water Friendly Pavement (Sustainable Technologies)

Waterdance Valve (Sustainable Technologies)

Weight Watcher's Belt and Shoes (Consumer Products)

Wheelchair Drive-Assistance Device (Medical)

While You Wear It... Wrinkle-Away (Consumer Products)

Wide Spectrum Organic Fungicide (Sustainable Technologies)

Wireless Heart Attack Detector with GPS (Medical)

World's First Functional Artificial Finger (Medical)

XVIVO Organ Perfusion System (Medical)

2010 Entries

A novel method of depression treatment (Medical)

A Safe Social Network for Two Billion People by 2050 (Safety and Security)

A Turing Computer Without Machine Code (Sustainable Technologies)

Addiction Relief Self Help Kit (Medical)

Advanced Endodontic File (Medical)

Air Splint Pump (Medical)

All-in-One Shower Spa (Consumer Products)

An African MicroUtility (Sustainable Technologies)

Anti-accident glasses (Safety and Security)

APEframe External Pack Frame (Consumer Products)

Automatic drug release via a wrist watch (Medical)

Aviation carbon fiber parts production processes (Transportation)

BarrowBooster (Machinery & Equipment)

Beyond a Cold Shower (Consumer Products)

Binary Vaccinations (Medical)

BioChiller©, Biological Sample Storage and Transportation (Medical)

Blood Pressure Signalling via 3G Modem (Medical)

Bottle without cap (Consumer Products)

BreezeRite Air Filtration Module (Consumer Products)

Buzzy (Consumer Products)

Cardio Inflator (Medical)

Catheterease (Medical)

CFD Model: Cardiovascular Stenting (Transportation)

Child Car Seat "USB Thumb Drive Black Box" (Consumer Products)

Children's Safety Shoes (Consumer Products)

CHILLY personal water cooler (Consumer Products)

Cleanspot (Medical)

Combo - Washer/Dryer Family Friendly (Consumer Products)

Comprehensive Blood Glucose Controlling System (Medical)

Concept-e (Consumer Products)

Consumer Wrinkle and Acne Reduction Laser (Medical)

Contactless Sleep Disorder Monitor (Medical)

CoolerGrill©, Hand-Cranked Grill and Ice Chest (Consumer Products)

Creativity Cafe; New School and Networking Parlor (Consumer Products)

Cyclic Home Gym (Consumer Products)

Detection of Coronary Artery Disease (Medical)

Device for Endoscopic Treatment of Upper GI Bleed (Medical)

Dictation alarm clock (Consumer Products)

Disposable Dental Handpiece (Medical)

Disposable Injecting System with Medicaments (Medical)

DoctorLink (Medical)

Double Spritz (Consumer Products)

Drip-free Interconnect with Unisex Magnetic Connector (Medical)

Dual Blood Pulse and Pressure Diagnostic System (Medical)

Electromagnetic Belt For Visually Impaired (Medical)

Electronic Money Transfer (E.M.T) (Safety and Security)

Ellipsoidal Gait Bicycle (Consumer Products)

Emergency Ventilation Monitor (EVM) (Medical)

EMMA Elder Mobile Monitor Assistant (Medical)

Energy Saving Cookware (Consumer Products)

Eye Exerciser (Medical)

Fireball (Safety and Security)

Fish Pin Bone Remover (Machinery & Equipment)

Food Distribution for Natural Disasters (Safety and Security)

FreeVac Auto-Retractable Safety Syringe (Medical)

Health Service Oriented Architecture (HSOA) (Medical)

Heating Water With The Wind (Sustainable Technologies)

High Torque Secure Surgical Fastener – Driver System (Medical)

IDEA™ Enhanced Pulse Oximetry (Medical)

Improving the Overall Effectiveness of Transdermal Drug Delivery (Medical)

ImTECH™ - An immersive tool for rapid cognitive assessment (Medical)

Inflatable Clean Room (Medical)

Instant Toilet Overflow Prevention Shutoff Valve (Consumer Products)

iWatch (Consumer Products)

Kno- U (Cell phone based sensor) (Medical)

Lazy Gym (Consumer Products)

LiveSensor: SIDS preventor and vitals sensor (Safety and Security)

Low Cost Wellbeing DX & TX Appliance (Medical)

Low Wrist Impact Mouse (Consumer Products)

Maglipix™: Device Solution To Cholesterol Lowering (Medical)

Manual Oxygen Hose Reel (Medical)

Mechanically Actuatable Wound Patch (MATCH) (Medical)

Medipacs Mini Infuser (Medical)

Method for Producing a Coreless Frozen Pizza (Sustainable Technologies)

Microelectrode arrays for focal neural stimulation (Medical)

Microwave waste eliminator (Consumer Products)

Mind Mouse Tablet PC for ALS Patient (Medical)

MOBISNIP: Connect Anywhere (Consumer Products)

Modular Heavy Lift Aerial Firefighting Craft (Safety and Security)

Multi Functional Pacifier (Consumer Products)

Nano Surgery (Medical)

Nanotubes to fight blindness (Medical)

No-Ouch™ Pull Tabs [NOPTs™] (Consumer Products)

Open Water Oil Containment Barricade (Safety and Security)

Patients and caregivers online service (Medical)

Pill Popper (Consumer Products)

POLMAP - Sea Observation Airship (Safety and Security)

Preventing ocean acidity death from CO2 emissions (Sustainable Technologies)

Quantitative Measuring Dispenser (Medical)

Quick Safety IV Catheter Introducer (Sustainable Technologies)

Reconcile (Consumer Products)

Recyclable Portable Container (Sustainable Technologies)

Resonant Microwave Ablation (Medical)

Robotic Surgical Device (Medical)

Rowheel Wheelchair Propulsion System (Medical)

RugRattler (Consumer Products)

Save the Beaches & Harvest 100 Barrels a Day? (Safety and Security)

Self-Contained Rescue Spreader System (Safety and Security)

Simulator (Medical)

Smart capsules for insulin delivery in diabetics (Medical)

Smart e-Stick (Medical)

Solar iPhone USB Charger for a Bicycle (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar refrigerator for humanitarian aid (Sustainable Technologies)

SOLution - Electronic SODIS Indicator (Sustainable Technologies)

Some Hair of the Dog that Bit US (Machinery & Equipment)

Sonic Bandage for Orthopaedics (Medical)

SourcePoint (Safety and Security)

Speech for speechless (Medical)

Spine External Fixator (Medical)

Sport as a tool for studies on zero G (Medical)

Tape Type Band Aid (Medical)

Temperature & Blood Pressure & Pulse Sensor (Medical)

The Health Angel (Consumer Products)

The Safety Mailbox (Safety and Security)

The Salsabol, the perfect bowl for dips and salsa (Consumer Products)

The Trash Lure (Consumer Products)

Tooth Fairy™ At-Home Dental Appliance (Consumer Products)

Tooth-Mover (Medical)

Toro Mouse (Consumer Products)

TRS - tactical rescue-survival suit (Safety and Security)

TruFlavorWare (Consumer Products)

Try-brid Vehicle (Transportation)

V-Bar Spotter (Consumer Products)

Waiting Room Monitor (Medical)

Water Desalination (Sustainable Technologies)

Water purification by solar distillation (Sustainable Technologies)

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["Defense","Prosthetics","Robotics","Vehicles"] ["Defense"] ["Disabled","Electronics","Health","Sensors"] ["Disabled","Health","Imaging","Surgical"] ["Disabled","Health","Manufacturing","Surgical"] ["Disabled","Health","Mobile","Sensors"] ["Disabled","Health","Monitor","Sensors"] ["Disabled","Health","Propulsion","Wheelchair"] ["Disabled","Health","Prosthetics","Surgical"] ["Disabled","Health","Surgical","Wheelchair"] ["Disabled","Health","Tools"] ["Disabled","Health"] ["Disabled","Manufacturing","Prosthetics","Sports"] ["Disabled","Prosthetics","Surgical","Wheelchair"] ["Disabled","Vehicles"] ["Electronics","Energy","Generator","Power"] ["Electronics","Energy","Monitor","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Energy","Robotics","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Engines","Robotics","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Engines","Sensors","Vehicles"] ["Electronics","Filter","Sensors","Test"] ["Electronics","GPS","Imaging","Monitor"] ["Electronics","Health","Imaging","Monitor"] ["Electronics","Health","Manufacturing","Monitor"] ["Electronics","Health","Manufacturing","Robotics"] ["Electronics","Health","Monitor","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Health","Monitor","Surgical"] ["Electronics","Health","Monitor","Tools"] ["Electronics","Health","Optics","Surgical"] ["Electronics","Health","Power"] ["Electronics","Health","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Imaging","Robotics","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Manufacturing","Sensors","Tools"] ["Electronics","Manufacturing","Test"] ["Electronics","Meter","Test","Tools"] ["Electronics","Mobile","Robotics","Solar"] ["Electronics","Mobile","Sensors"] ["Electronics","Mobile","Simulator","Test"] ["Electronics","Monitor","Sensors","Tools"] ["Electronics","Propulsion","Sensors","Wind"] ["Electronics","Robotics","Sensors","Tools"] ["Electronics","Robotics","Sensors","Vehicles"] ["Electronics","Robotics","Simulator","Spacecraft"] ["Electronics","Sensors","Tools","Vehicles"] ["Electronics","Simulator","Test","Tools"] ["Electronics","Test","Tools"] ["Energy","Engines","Generator","Power"] ["Energy","Engines","Health"] ["Energy","Engines","Power","Propulsion"] ["Energy","Fuel","Generator","Solar"] ["Energy","Fuel","Hygiene","Manufacturing"] ["Energy","Fuel","Sensors"] ["Energy","Fuel"] ["Energy","Generator","Solar","Wind"] ["Energy","Health","Security","Sensors"] ["Energy","Manufacturing","Power","Solar"] ["Energy","Manufacturing","Power"] ["Energy","Manufacturing","Sensors","Solar"] ["Energy","Manufacturing","Sensors","Vehicles"] ["Energy","Manufacturing","Spacecraft"] ["Energy","Manufacturing"] ["Energy","Mobile","Power","Wind"] ["Energy","Optics","Solar"] ["Energy","Power","Sensors","Solar"] ["Energy","Power","Solar","Wind"] ["Energy","Power"] ["Energy","Robotics","Sensors","Solar"] ["Energy","Robotics","Sensors"] ["Energy","Solar","Wind"] ["Energy","Solar"] ["Energy"] ["Engines","Fuel","Propulsion","Vehicles"] ["Engines","Fuel","Transit","Vehicles"] ["Engines","Generator","Power","Vehicles"] ["Engines","Sports","Transit","Vehicles"] ["Engines","Vehicles"] ["Engines"] ["Exercise","Health","Mobile","Sensors"] ["Exercise","Health","Prosthetics","Robotics"] ["Exercise","Health","Surgical"] ["Filter","Health","Hygiene","Surgical"] ["Filter","Meter","Sensors","Vehicles"] ["Filter","Solar"] ["Fuel","Power","Solar","Vehicles"] ["GPS","Mobile","Tools"] ["Generator","Lighting","Power","Vehicles"] ["Generator","Simulator"] ["Health","Hygiene","Lighting","Optics"] ["Health","Hygiene","Solar"] ["Health","Hygiene"] ["Health","Imaging","Optics","Robotics"] ["Health","Imaging","Optics","Sensors"] ["Health","Imaging","Optics","Wheelchair"] ["Health","Imaging","Surgical"] ["Health","Manufacturing","Optics"] ["Health","Manufacturing","Robotics"] ["Health","Mobile","Monitor"] ["Health","Mobile"] ["Health","Optics","Solar","Surgical"] ["Health","Robotics","Sensors"] ["Health","Surgical"] ["Health"] ["Manufacturing","Optics"] ["Manufacturing","Robotics","Solar","Test"] ["Manufacturing","Test","Vehicles"] ["Manufacturing","Tools","Vehicles"] ["Manufacturing"] ["Mobile","Monitor","Sensors"] ["Mobile"] ["Monitor","Security","Sensors"] ["Optics","Power","Solar"] ["Optics","Sensors","Test"] ["Optics","Vehicles"] ["Propulsion","Sensors","Wind","Vehicles"] ["Propulsion","Wind","Vehicles"] ["Robotics","Simulator","Sports","Tools"] ["Robotics"] ["Security","Sensors","Transit","Vehicles"] ["Sensors","Solar","Transit","Vehicles"] ["Sensors","Tools"] ["Sensors","Vehicles"] ["Solar"] ["Transit"] ["Vehicles"] ["Wind"]