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2022 Entries

A New Maglev System to Increase Its Applicability (Automotive/​Transportation)

Adding Pulse by Controlling Impulse (Automotive/​Transportation)

Air-Clenz™ Equipped Vehicles Quickly Remove COVID and Other Airborne Pathogens from Interior Air (Automotive/​Transportation)

Aircar = Electric Car + Helicopter + Plane (Automotive/​Transportation)

Airstation (Automotive/​Transportation)

ALIFE AIR (Zero Emission Fuel) (Automotive/​Transportation)

An Internal Combustion Engine without a Crankshaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

ART- Design (Consumer Product Design)

AutoBOI: Automatic Braking on Interference (Automotive/​Transportation)

Caldera - Electric Vehicle Charging Simulation Platform (Automotive/​Transportation)

Car for People with Disabilities and Limited Mobility (Automotive/​Transportation)

CarBidet ® Car Bottom Washer (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Carbon to Hydrogen Battery (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Clean Air for a Better Environment (Automotive/​Transportation)

Compact Vehicle Door Protector and Bullet-proof Auto Shields (Aerospace & Defense)

Cordless Box Wrench (Consumer Product Design)

Demster-Pumpster (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Dog-Leg-Like Car Jack (Automotive/​Transportation)

DOWSIL™ TC-4060 for Powertrain Electrification (Automotive/​Transportation)

DOWSIL™ TC-6015 Thermal Encapsulant (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

E-Air Conditioner (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Drive Module to Retrofit Any Vehicle to Pluggable Hybrid (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electroverse 90: Sensor Assisted Electric Vehicle with Individual Wheel Rotation in 2D (Automotive/​Transportation)

Escapod Trailers (Consumer Product Design)

EVERA (Automotive/​Transportation)

Futuristic Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Harnessing Pressure, Kinetic or Piezoelectric Energy (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes (Automotive/​Transportation)

Holohop (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Hybrid Trasmission System for Blending Torque and Power Eficiency Between Engines & Final Transmission Shaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hydroplaning Prevention System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Integrated Display of Vehicle Views (Automotive/​Transportation)

Laminated Bamboo Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Larger Wheel Car Design Idea (Automotive/​Transportation)

Lightweight Steel for Body-in-White and Battery Enclosures of Electric Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Meili Technologies: Revolutionizing Vehicle Safety with Deep Learning Medical Emergency Detection (Automotive/​Transportation)

Multi-Link Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Non Pnuematic Tire (Automotive/​Transportation)

Novel Silicone Adhesive for Reliable ADAS System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Petron Plus Formula 7 Industrial Super Lube (Consumer Product Design)

Responsive Traffic Signals (Automotive/​Transportation)

Revolutionary Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotating Tires Generate Piezoelectricity by Providing Built-In Piezoelectric Transducers in an Array of Flexible Elements (Automotive/​Transportation)

Save 10% of Gas or Diesel Fuel with ValueGauge (Automotive/​Transportation)

Shock Absorber (Vacuum Powered) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Shock to Ground Bumper (External) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Shock Wave Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Solectric Car (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Sowda Range Extender (Automotive/​Transportation)

Stop Sensor (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Sun Solar Protection Device for Vehicle Windows (Automotive/​Transportation)

System Hybridization Vehicle into an Extended "Mild Hybrid" (Automotive/​Transportation)

The 5th Brake (Horizontal Brake) (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Role of Science and Technology in Transport (Automotive/​Transportation)

Trajectory-Based, Aerodynamic Mud Flaps (Automotive/​Transportation)

Transforming Transportation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vehicle Cooling Enabled by Nano Coating (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vehicle Door Protector (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vehicle Emissions Limit (Automotive/​Transportation)

Waterborne Paints for Automobile Application (Automotive/​Transportation)

2021 Entries

48V MHEV System for Selecting, Dosing and Transmitting Torque and Power Between Engines & Final Transmission Shafts (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Global IoT, Automotive, Manufacturing and Defense Network Protocol that Reduces Energy and Pulse EMF Pollution (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Active Care and Health Car Chair Pillow (Consumer Product Design)

Advance Driver Assistance and Monitoring System (ADAMS) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Aerodynamic / Hydrodynamic Streamlining Method (Aerospace & Defense)

Airless Integrity Tire (Automotive/​Transportation)

An Optimized Three-pass Perforated Element With End Resonator Chamber Muffler (Automotive/​Transportation)

Anteneh's Side Car Collision Diverter (Automotive/​Transportation)

AscenZ Friction & Brake - Benchmark Friction Composites (Automotive/​Transportation)

Autonomous Self Driving Car (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

AutoRing Is an Early Warning Detection System for Cars, You Will Be Notified Within Seconds of a Thief Breaking in via App (Automotive/​Transportation)

Car Seat Horn (Consumer Product Design)

Car Wallet Pays for Parking (Automotive/​Transportation)

CarBidet ® Car Bottom Washer (Automotive/​Transportation)

CW-SOF (Automotive/​Transportation)

Development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) for Passenger and Heavy Duty Transport (Automotive/​Transportation)

Effective Al-MMC for Dynamic Wearable Parts (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Battery Pack and Methods to Charge Fast (Automotive/​Transportation)

Emergency Traction Control Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

EV Power Supply Standardization (Automotive/​Transportation)

FLYAVATOR (Automotive/​Transportation)

Flying Car Highway (Automotive/​Transportation)

Formational Production Model (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Future Design Suspension System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hairpin Motor Using Aluminum Hairpins (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hopper Mobility (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Horizontal K Type Configuration (Automotive/​Transportation)

Inductrack Cars and Inductrack for Roads (Automotive/​Transportation)

Instant Swapping Systems for Electric Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

iSOS Bottle (Consumer Product Design)

KEYSAFE II (Consumer Product Design)

Melvindale Autonomous Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Method for Horsepower Measurement of both Conventional and Electric Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

MINI Spider Car Cover (Automotive/​Transportation)

Mini Spying Wireless Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Motion Battery (Automotive/​Transportation)

New 4 Stroke Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Power Lines Safety Mechanism (Automotive/​Transportation)

Parabolic Airstream Inline Diffuser (Automotive/​Transportation)

Possibilities of Vibroacoustic Research and Diagnostics of Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Practical Low-emissions Pre-mixed Diesel Combustion System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Replaceable Valve Assembly (For IC Engines) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Save Time, Fuel, and Emissions with ValueGauge (Automotive/​Transportation)

See-through Heavy Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

SERS-Suspension Energy Recovery System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Single Person Electric Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Skoods (Automotive/​Transportation)

Snow Spoiler Concept (Automotive/​Transportation)

Spherical Chamber Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

STELLA SUITES - Reason Why People Will Buy Electric Cars (Automotive/​Transportation)

Technology Open Professional Racing (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Future of Urban Mobility (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Ignire (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Tomorrow Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Thermionic Transistor (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Urban High Mobility System (Automotive/​Transportation)

VIMO-Vibration and Inertial Electro Mobile (Automotive/​Transportation)

Walk-on-Transport-Pods (Rack & Gear System) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Watch Ur Back 2.0 (Automotive/​Transportation)

2020 Entries

!important - The Safety Belf for Pedestrians (Automotive/​Transportation)

Accident Button (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Achieving Higher Cleaning Efficiency and Lower Pressure Drop Across a Chocked DPF by Dosing Amino-ethanol (Automotive/​Transportation)

Active Public Transit Application (Automotive/​Transportation)

Auto_sign (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automatic Safety Supplemental Headlight (LSCM) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automobile Wheel Straightening (Automotive/​Transportation)

CabiBUS Sustainable Mobility (Automotive/​Transportation)

CarBidet ® Car Bottom Washer (Automotive/​Transportation)

Diesel Bleeding Mechanism (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration Innovation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Enduralock Locking Header Bolt (Automotive/​Transportation)

Enduralock Tidal Lock Fastener (Automotive/​Transportation)

Extractor Tools (Automotive/​Transportation)

FlexiDrive (New Concept Electric Motor –Alternator ) (Automotive/​Transportation)

FRWC (Automotive/​Transportation)

GEAR-Steel (Automotive/​Transportation)

HT Glass (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hyper-Efficient Automated Parking (Automotive/​Transportation)

ICE Vehicle to Hybrid (Automotive/​Transportation)

Innovative Crashbox Made by Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic using Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing Methodology with Lattice (Automotive/​Transportation)

Installation of Nano Hydro Electric Generator in Engine and EV Cooling Systems (Automotive/​Transportation)

Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) Vehicles Charges Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries for Random-EXCHANGE (Automotive/​Transportation)

Light Switch (Automotive/​Transportation)

Low Noise Laser for LIDAR (Automotive/​Transportation)

Machine Intelligent Non-accelerating Propulsion Designs Improve life on Earth (Automotive/​Transportation)

MDC Reference Path for Autonomous Guidance (Automotive/​Transportation)

Modification and Analysis of Groove Type Camshaft With Ball Type Lifter (Automotive/​Transportation)

Muffler for Noise Reduction (Automotive/​Transportation)

Nationwide Hyperlink Toll Road (Automotive/​Transportation)

PCV : Personal Commercial Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Peace in Transit Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

Portable Trunk Fence (Automotive/​Transportation)

Project ARIES: Emergency Autonomous Response System (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Quad Laterally Operated Multipurpose Double Action Scotch-yoke Actuator Based Four Stroke Axial Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Quad Laterally Operated Multipurpose Double Action Scotch-yoke Actuator Based Reciprocating Compression System Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Range Extender Engine With Internal Heat Recovery – RECOVER for Hybrid-electric Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

RUF DualMode Transport System (Automotive/​Transportation)

SafeUs On Road (Automotive/​Transportation)

Self Driving Car Using Machine Learning and PID Controller (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Shape Memory Alloy Based Active Headrest System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Socialising Autonomy (Automotive/​Transportation)

Solar Electric Car with Motor-Wheel (Automotive/​Transportation)

Stealthy Radars Immune from Jamming and Interference (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

The Daily: Conscious Transportation (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Future of the Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

TherMOMeter Mirror (Consumer Product Design)

Two-stage Universal-purpose Planetary-wave Gearbox (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Urban Rover (Autonomous Housing Vehicle) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vacation Together (Consumer Product Design)

ValueGauge (Automotive/​Transportation)

Variable Volute Turbine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vehicle Threat Detection System (VTDS) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Video Helper System for Autocamper (Automotive/​Transportation)

Visual Aid using Image Recognition and Projection (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Wheel Platform with Articulated Frame and Independent Suspension System (Automotive/​Transportation)

2019 Entries

"Your Six" Cushion (Consumer Products)

80% Reduction in Fuel Consumption (Automotive/​Transportation)

Acoustic Transducer Diaphragm - Boxless, Omnidirectional, Full-Range (Consumer Products)

Additive Manufacturing Evaporative Casting (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Ambulance First (Automotive/​Transportation)

An Invention to Develop the Installation of a Strong Night-Light System Inside the Body of the Car Far from the Front (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automated Sand Remover and Drive-through Garbage Bin (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automatic Stretching and Compressing Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Blackspot Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

BP Conversions LLC (Automotive/​Transportation)

Camless Glide Valve Engine Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

Car (Rescue hatch) (Automotive/​Transportation)

CarBidet ® Car Bottom Washer (Automotive/​Transportation)

CLX - Conscious Luxury Future Transportation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Conrodless Ultra-low Vibration Engine Using Z Mechanism (Automotive/​Transportation)

Containerized Car Wash (Sustainable Technologies)

Cooling a Charging Battery Using a Heat Exchanger (Automotive/​Transportation)

Distribute the CO2 Capture in Every New Electric Vehicle, to Remove Greenhouse Gases from the Atmosphere (Automotive/​Transportation)

E-Roads and E-Pods for Continuous Charging for EV's (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Drive for Semi-Trailer Motion (Automotive/​Transportation)

Green Driver (Automotive/​Transportation)

High-Speed Joining of Metal to Plastics with the HPCI® Joining Gun (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Hinged/Segmented SUV Liftgate (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hubba-Hubba Cap (Consumer Products)

Hybrid Single Shot Manufacturing of 3D Sandwich Structures (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Hydraulic, Infinitely Variable, Bi-Directional, Full Torque at Zero Speed (Automotive/​Transportation)

Infinitely Atkinson Cycle Camshaft /Valve less ICE Head for Better Efficiency/ Lower Emissions (Automotive/​Transportation)

Infinitely Variable Valve Lifting (IVVL) (Automotive/​Transportation)

IoT Safety System to Stop Children from Being Left in Hot Vehicles (Consumer Products)

IxB Electromagnetic Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Large Vehicle Passing Maneuver Assistance Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

Lighter by Replacing Aluminum with Iron (Automotive/​Transportation)

Liquid Free System to Keep Car Sensors Clean (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Magnetic Direct Injector Pulser (Automotive/​Transportation)

Magnetic Wiper for Cars (Automotive/​Transportation)

Manual Extension of Pickup Trunk for Road Safety and Space Utilization (Automotive/​Transportation)

Mobile Car Charger (Automotive/​Transportation)

Moore Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Mechanism to Keep the Lenses of Camera Clean (Automotive/​Transportation)

Panipuri: Another Goods Vendor’s Mobile Stall Cum Carrier with Shade (Automotive/​Transportation)

Pneumatic Active Suspension (Automotive/​Transportation)

Pneumatic Power Drive (Sustainable Technologies)

Puncture-healing Engineered Polymer Blends (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Redesign of the Con-Rod for the Alfa Romeo 2.0 Twin-spark Engine (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

ReNEWheel: Active Integrated Non-Pneumatic Tire/Wheel/Suspension/Drive for Electric Vehicles (Non-Disposable) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Safety Barrier (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Saving Lives with New AI Human Vision for Machines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Saving the Climate and the Budget - A Sustainable Personal Transportation System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Scroll-X (Consumer Products)

Shared Mobile Application Regulating Traffic (SMART) Signals (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Simple, Low Cost, 'Zero-Emissions,' Fuel Agnostic Engine Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

Solution to Prevent Accidents Due to Sun-strike and Blindness While Driving (Automotive/​Transportation)

Split-Rail Transit System (Automotive/​Transportation)

The First Steps of the Industrial Revolution with the Use of Permanent Magnets (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Vehicle Changes Its Application in 3 Minutes (Automotive/​Transportation)

Thermal-Energy-Cooler-HVAC Automobile System (Automotive/​Transportation)

THORSE (Automotive/​Transportation)

Truck Safety (Automotive/​Transportation)

Twisted Blisters (Automotive/​Transportation)

Two in one Car Protector (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vehicle Dynamics During Panic Events (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vortex Drag Reduction (Automotive/​Transportation)

Write Once Read Forever Archival Data Storage (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Z-PEC (Sustainable Technologies)

2018 Entries

A Concept for a Low-Cost Rapidly Deployable Autonomous Vehicle Support Infrastructure (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Novel Design for Vehicle Engine Mount with Friction Damper (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Promising Method for Estimating the Quality of Motor Oil (Automotive/​Transportation)

Adaptive Sun Shield (Automotive/​Transportation)

Aluminum Powered Electricity Generation (Consumer Products)

An Internal Combustion Engine with a Rack Gear (Crémaillère) Instead of a Crankshaft. Every Stroke is Combustion (Automotive/​Transportation)

Anti Fouling Bio-Paint (Sustainable Technologies)

Automotive Air Filter to Gain 30-50% More Mileage and Reduce CO and CO2 Emissions by 45% (Automotive/​Transportation)

Axially and Radially Cooled Brake Disc with Cover (Automotive/​Transportation)

Baxter Automotive Motor System Perpetual Motion (Automotive/​Transportation)

Biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas Oil as an Alternative for Use in Diesel Engines (Sustainable Technologies)

Clock Synchronization Techniques for Distributed Systems (Automotive/​Transportation)

Composite Elastic Skins for Shape-Changing Structures (Aerospace & Defense)

Convertible 2 Wheeler (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design of Efficient Powertrain System for a Motorsports Race Car Using a Bike Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Dynamic Diff Lock Mechanism Through Modular Spike Shaft Design for Compact SUV (Automotive/​Transportation)

E-Tardigrade Jacket (Consumer Products)

Effect of Performance on Various Piston Profiles (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration (Automotive/​Transportation)

Elimination of Jack-Knifing of Tractor-Trailers (Automotive/​Transportation)

EM-Trike (Automotive/​Transportation)

Emergency Seat Belt (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy Harvesting Vehicle Radiator Fan (Automotive/​Transportation)

Faster Than 911 (Consumer Products)

Foldable Electric Skateboard as Last Mile Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Futuristic Fold-Unfold, Multistorey and Height Adjustment Based Flying Machines (Aerospace & Defense)

Guided Best Fit of Luggage in the Trunk (Automotive/​Transportation)

High Performance Continuous Internal Combusion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

High RPM Cylindrical Wind Turbine for Battery Charging (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Vehicle of Series- Parallel Type with a Low Power Electric Chain which is Compatible with the 48V Voltage (Automotive/​Transportation)

Improved SUV Lift Gate (Automotive/​Transportation)

ISCAD - Electrical Drive with 0% Rare Earths, 25% Higher Driving Range and 100% Safety (Automotive/​Transportation)

JUMPBALL (Automotive/​Transportation)

LTP-Bridge Intersection (Automotive/​Transportation)

Magnetic Suspension on Permanent Magnets (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Marker Light System for Identifying Inexperienced Drivers (Automotive/​Transportation)

Maru Concept (Automotive/​Transportation)

Modern Wheels (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Design Solution for Crankshaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Packman Carr Polarized Railgun Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

ParallelDrive (Automotive/​Transportation)

Permanent Spiral Magnet Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

Personal Shopping Cart that Fits in Your Car’s Trunk (Consumer Products)

Precious Car-Go [TM] Hot Car Death Prevention Alert (Automotive/​Transportation)

Pressure Sensitive Variable Intensity/Hue Forward Brake Light (Automotive/​Transportation)

Prevent Falling of Car from Hilly Road (Automotive/​Transportation)

QuickStick: The Fast and Efficient Manual Transmission (Automotive/​Transportation)

Race-Car Suspension System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rail Car System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Regenerative Braking System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Running on Road, Elevation and Hovering Electric Cars (Automotive/​Transportation)

Seat Pressure Map System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Shape Memory Based Sensor Integrated with Oil Filling Cap or Dipstick for Online Engine Oil Condition Monitoring System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Smart Lightweighting of Cars with 200kg (Automotive/​Transportation)

Solar-Tile-II, for Homes & Vehicles Outputs DC or AC (Sustainable Technologies)

Temperature Dependent Snow/Ice Wiper Delay (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Carrier (Automotive/​Transportation)

Toler (Automotive/​Transportation)

Torque Converter Clutch Manual System (Automotive/​Transportation)

TURN (Automotive/​Transportation)

Two-stroke Rotary Engine (Quasiturbine) (Aerospace & Defense)

Two-stroke Rotary Engine For Small Applications (Automotive/​Transportation)

Use of Supercharger in 150 CC Engine with Pinion Gear (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vehicle Emission Test Protocols are Overestimating Internal Combustion Vehicle Tailpipe Emissions (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vehicle Poison-To-Fuel ConverterTM (Automotive/​Transportation)

Waste Heat Recovery for Trucks (Automotive/​Transportation)

Windmobile (Automotive/​Transportation)

Zero Drill : Nut Free Vehicle -- Weight & Cost Reduction with High Performance, Better Functionality (Automotive/​Transportation)

2017 Entries

360° Camera System (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Means of Increasing EV & ICE Vehicle Range Using Normally Wasted Suspension Energy (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Method for Nanoscale and Molecular Networking Exchange Transfer System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Active Suspension (Automotive/​Transportation)

Active 4 Wheel Steering System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Active Anti Tire Burst System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Adaptive Suspension of Vehicles with Wide Range of Control (Automotive/​Transportation)

Advanced Accident Detection System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Advanced Rack and Pinion (Automotive/​Transportation)

AI-based Transport Planning and Management (Automotive/​Transportation)

Application of Daniel Bernoulli's Method at Truck and Wagon for Fuel Saving (Automotive/​Transportation)

ATPC - Active Tire Pressure Control (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automatic Brake Assist and Self Driving (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automatic Vehicle’s Turn Signal Based on the Steering Angle, Center of Gravity and Bike Stand Position (Automotive/​Transportation)

Autonomous Intelligent Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Axle Torque Distribution Control for Enhancing Off-road Vehicles Performance (Automotive/​Transportation)

Block Molding (Automotive/​Transportation)

Calibrated Braking System Using Compressor Action With Deactivated Fuel And Ignition (Automotive/​Transportation)

Car Breath Analyzer (Automotive/​Transportation)

CarBidet ® Car Bottom Washer (Automotive/​Transportation)

Charging Shoe and Automatic Charging Station (Automotive/​Transportation)

Continuous Flow High Efficiency Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Continuously Graded Phononic Crystals With Superior Sound Absorption Characteristics (Consumer Products)

Corrosion Reduction in Cooling System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Determination and Analysis of a Spray Cooling System for a Car Pre-cooler (Consumer Products)

Development of Automobile Lighting System Fault Finding, Testing, Diagnosis and Rectification System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Drunken Driving Detection and Engine Locking System (Automotive/​Transportation)

E-maintenance System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Easing Parking Capability of Car Through Sixth Sense Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

Easy Parking (Automotive/​Transportation)

Economical Inflatable Electrical Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ecosense - A Savior of 1,00,000 Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions (Sustainable Technologies)

Eddy Current Braking System for Automobile Application (Automotive/​Transportation)

Efficient Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Electric Generating Turbo (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Solar Car with Rear and Front Steering Drive (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electrification of Existing ICEVs by Retrofitting (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electromagnetic Propulsion Elevated Transportation System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electromagnetic Reciprocating Compressor (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Elephant Cow Tongue Car Wash (ECW) (Automotive/​Transportation)

EMF Induced By Magnetic Field to Run an Automobile (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy Recovery Suspensions (Automotive/​Transportation)

Engine Conversion (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

EngineHelper (Sustainable Technologies)

Enhanced High-Performance Tires (Automotive/​Transportation)

ETS(Boys) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Exciter (Automotive/​Transportation)

Exo Airbag Safety System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Extra Spotlights through Xenon or Laser Lamps with Optical Fiber and Nanotechnology Invention for all Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fabrication of Fuel Monitoring Device for Automobiles (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Freedom Mass Transit (Automotive/​Transportation)

Freedom Mass Transit (Sustainable Technologies)

Frictionless Electric Brake (Sustainable Technologies)

Fuel - less Transportation System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Quality Analyzer (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel-saving Visual Traffic Indicator (Automotive/​Transportation)

Future Transportation by Levitating Humans by Thinking (Automotive/​Transportation)

Gas Cap Grip (Consumer Products)

H Powered Flying Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

HDFS: Haptic Driver Feedback System (Automotive/​Transportation)

High Helper (Consumer Products)

High Performance Continuous Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

High-Security, One Way Traffic Control Barrier (Aerospace & Defense)

Hybrid – Traffic Mode in Automobiles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hyper4 - High Efficiency Internal Combustion Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Ignition Interlock Based Vehicle Safety Device to Prevent Drinking and Driving (Automotive/​Transportation)

Inductive Charger for Vehicle Hosting a Quick Releasable Battery (Automotive/​Transportation)

Intelligent "Flat Pack" Structures for Space (Aerospace & Defense)

Intelligent Heat Pump System Capable of Minimizing Energy Consumption and User Adjustment (Automotive/​Transportation)

JULLS (Joint Unified LED-light Set) (Aerospace & Defense)

Light Detecting Automatic Headlight System (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Lightweight, Wear Resistant Metal Matrix Composite Brake Rotors (Automotive/​Transportation)

Modelling and Control of Three Phase Switching Motor Dedicated to Electric Cars (Automotive/​Transportation)

MyROBOBike (Automotive/​Transportation)

Neodymium Shock Absorbers (Automotive/​Transportation)

Neuromorphic Vision for the Blind-spot Cyclist Detection and the Road Safety (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Crimping Technique (Automotive/​Transportation)

Olilarm (Automotive/​Transportation)

Progressive Rate Steel Vehicle Suspension (Automotive/​Transportation)

Proximity_Link (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Qmood - Your Intelligent Mood Assistant (Consumer Products)

Quick Look Safety Drone (Automotive/​Transportation)

RADIALcvt (Continuously Variable Transmission) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Real Time Mobile Battery Charging System by Human Walking (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Remotely Piloted Commercial Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

RideSafe (Automotive/​Transportation)

RIGHT MIX STRIPS™ - Ethanol Fuel Test Kit (Sustainable Technologies)

Road Cleaners (Automotive/​Transportation)

Server Controlled Car (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Slim Semi-autonomous Bus Rapid Transit Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Smart Seat Belt (Automotive/​Transportation)

Smart Solution to the Electric Vehicles Charging Issues to Make the Electric Vehicle’s Usage Feasible (Automotive/​Transportation)

Smart Vehicle Parking System by Implementation of Mobile Technology for Automization (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

SMART Vision Windshield (Automotive/​Transportation)

Spherical Two Stroke Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Splice Replacer Connector (Automotive/​Transportation)

Square Ball Universal Joint (Automotive/​Transportation)

Steering Wheel Steerable Track Laying Vehicle (Tank / Tractor / Robot Feet) (Automotive/​Transportation)

SuperCommuter Transportation System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Surface Plasmon Resonance - a Promising Method for Estimating the Quality of Motor Oil (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Internal Combustion Steam Engine Cycle Concept (Automotive/​Transportation)

Throttling Loss Recovery Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

Through Glass Integrated V2X Antenna for DSRC Communication (Automotive/​Transportation)

Tire Failure Early Warning System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Tire Press (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ultra efficient heat engine (Sustainable Technologies)

ValueGauge (Automotive/​Transportation)

Variable Tire Pressure for Braking System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vehicle-S.Dhar (Automotive/​Transportation)

Waste Heat Recovery from Vehicles using HPTEG (Automotive/​Transportation)

Welding Without Expulsion (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Wireless Advance Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Zero-Slip Steering Differential for both Automotive and Track-Steered Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

αNC PLASMA (Sustainable Technologies)

2016 Entries

A Novel Variable-Inertia Flywheel Based Kinetic Energy Recovery and Storage System (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Serie-parallel Hybrid Vehicle With A Low Power Electric Propulsion Chain In Electric Mode (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Two Stroke Engine with Overexpansion (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Wheel Generating Torque By Itself Spontaneously (Automotive/​Transportation)

Accurate Temperature Control System (Electronics)

Advanced Continuously Variable Transmission (Automotive/​Transportation)

AKS Skyscaper (Sustainable Technologies)

Anti Skid Tech For Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Anti Suffocation System For Automobiles (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Aquavein (Automotive/​Transportation)

Assistant Overtaking (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automatic Dipper Giving Cars (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automatic Sign Board Speed Limit Detection and Vehicle Retarding System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automotive Brake Vibration and Squealing Suppression Analysis (Automotive/​Transportation)

AWD Butterfly 2 (Automotive/​Transportation)

AWD Butterfly 3 (Automotive/​Transportation)

Black Box For Car Accident (Automotive/​Transportation)

Blind Spot by Bluetooth (BSB) (Automotive/​Transportation)

C'rail (Automotive/​Transportation)

Car Parking App (Consumer Products)

Car Refrigerator (Consumer Products)

CarTech Temper Tough-HD and Temper Tough-LN Alloys for Automotive Lightweighting (Automotive/​Transportation)

Castrol Reinvents the Oil Change with NEXCEL (Automotive/​Transportation)

Compressed Air Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Conceptual Design Of " THE-PUMA " Transport Hybrid High - PUMA (Automotive/​Transportation)

Continuously Variable Length Axle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Crash Avoiding Automobile (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design And Development of Lightweight High Specific Strength And Stiffness Dent Free Fibre Metal Laminates For Automotives (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design And Fabrication Of Foot Steered Electric Three Wheeler For The Physically Challenged (Automotive/​Transportation)

Driver Easy Hydration (Consumer Products)

Earthquakes, Invisible Submarines And Tyre Technology (Aerospace & Defense)

Electric Powertrain Conversion of Cuba’s Classic American 1950s Autos with Solar PV/Battery Storage Charging (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Vehicle Charging Adapters (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Vehicle/Hybrid Wheel Charging (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ergonomic Vehicle Side Mirror (Automotive/​Transportation)

Exhaust Gas-pond Maker (Automotive/​Transportation)

Extra Spotlights with Xenon or Laser Lamps (Automotive/​Transportation)

EyeOnRoad - Intelligent System For Navigation And Road Condition (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fabrication Of Mechanically Controlled C.V.T For Regenerative Braking System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fail-Safe System for Automated Vehicles Using Passive Bluetooth Transmissions: Project Aeguard (Automotive/​Transportation)

For Gasoline Engines. Reduces Harmful Emissions, Increases Fuel Economy Up To 10% (Automotive/​Transportation)

Four Wheel Steering System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Frontal Collision Warning System For Two-way Roads Due To Unsafe Overtaking Behavior (Automotive/​Transportation)

FST (Flow Of Shifting Transmission) -- A Multi Belt CVT (Automotive/​Transportation)

Furai Le Mans Concept (Automotive/​Transportation)

Generation Of Electricity From Vehicle Exhaust Heat By Using Thermo-electric Generator (TEG) (Automotive/​Transportation)

GlidePath – Intelligent Driver Assistance System at Traffic Signals (Automotive/​Transportation)

Harnessing Vibration Energy And Sudden Shock Impacts To Charge Electric Vehicles By Using Piezoelectric Transducers (Electronics)

Helium Induction (Automotive/​Transportation)

High Temperature Resins (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hydrogen Assist For Internal Combustion Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

InnoCat (Automotive/​Transportation)

Integration Of Turbocharger And Supercharger (Automotive/​Transportation)

Intelligent Speed Control With Wireless Remote Override In Emergencies (Automotive/​Transportation)

Intelligent Traffic Light (Automotive/​Transportation)

Interactive Vehicle Security (Automotive/​Transportation)

Internal Combustion Engine With Oscillating Shaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

IoTC (Automotive/​Transportation)

Licence Access Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Live Period (Automotive/​Transportation)

Maglev Wiping System for Windshield and Back Glasses (Automotive/​Transportation)

Magnet Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Maintenance Free PCV Line Liquid Vapor Filter (Automotive/​Transportation)

Meta Mech (Automotive/​Transportation)

mifold (Consumer Products)

Modern Accident Avoidance System In Blind Curves And Fog (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Modular Multi-Modal Transportation Concept Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

MyriaDrive (Automotive/​Transportation)

Nautilus Cycle - HCI/HCCI Achieved (Automotive/​Transportation)

Nonstop Fastest Ambulance In The World (Medical)

Oil Jeev-A-1 (Smart Engine Oil Tester) (Consumer Products)

On Road And Off Road Vehicle/Robot (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Personal Hybrid Drone Ecosystem (Automotive/​Transportation)

Personal Utility Vehicle (PUV) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Photochromatic Wind Shield With Sensors (Consumer Products)

Piston With Oil Cooling Gallery (Automotive/​Transportation)

Planet Rider (Automotive/​Transportation)

Proving Automated Vehicle Performance by Collision Avoidance in Driving Schools (Automotive/​Transportation)

Quadcopter (Aerospace & Defense)

Road Accident Saviour Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

Safety System For Four Wheelers-seat Belt (Electronics)

Seat Of Car + Stretcher (Automotive/​Transportation)

Self Deploying Inflation System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Self Energizing Hybrid Car (Sustainable Technologies)

Shock Absorber With Cylindrical Pneumatic Actuator, To Instantly Transform The Car, In Sport Or Off-road (Automotive/​Transportation)

Shopp (Automotive/​Transportation)

Single Motor Mechanical Power-split Transmission For Hybrid Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Smart Tires (Automotive/​Transportation)

Solar Powered Automotive Interior Safety Vent (Automotive/​Transportation)

Supercharged Engine Design (Automotive/​Transportation)

The "Lighting Bug" Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Merged Car/Rail System (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Ogunmuyiwa Engine Cycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Speedlight (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Ultimate Off-road Racer (Automotive/​Transportation)

TriQ (Automotive/​Transportation)

Turbo-Propeller (Aerospace & Defense)

Unlimited Range Self Pressurizing Pneumatic Electric Automobile (Automotive/​Transportation)

Use Of Kinetic Energy Of A Wheel In Motion To Run A Supercharger (Automotive/​Transportation)

Use Of Nanotubes To Convert CO2 Into CH4 (Sustainable Technologies)

ValueGauge (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vehicle Lateral Position Prediction (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vehicle/Aircraft Seat With Pendulum Motion (Aerospace & Defense)

Virtual Side View Mirror (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wonder Glove (Consumer Products)

Zero Energy Hydraulic Elevator (Automotive/​Transportation)

2015 Entries

"Smart Car Communication System" To Prevent Accidents Caused By Human Error (Electronics)

2 Stroke Engine 4000 to 1 Gasoline / Oil Mix Ratio (Automotive/​Transportation)

2-floor Car With Concave Solar Panels For Efficiency And Aerodynamics (Automotive/​Transportation)

2025 BMW ActiveCity Electric Vehicle Concept (Automotive/​Transportation)

3D Tire Printing Mounting (Automotive/​Transportation)

4 Wheeled Micro Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

400 miles electric sedan, safe at any collision speed (Automotive/​Transportation)

A New Robotic Arm Using 3DOF GEAR Unit (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

A Prototype of 4WD Micro Electric Vehicle with Foldable Body Design (Automotive/​Transportation)

Adaptive Suspension of Vehicles with Wide Range of Control (Automotive/​Transportation)

Advanced Continuously Variable Transmission (Automotive/​Transportation)

Advanced Driver Assistance System-Sensor Based Speed Breaker Actuation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Advanced Power Shift Clutch (Automotive/​Transportation)

Advanced Side Impact protection system for passenger car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Advanced Vehicle Security Tracking System (Automotive/​Transportation)

AESP – Advanced Electronic Stability Program (Automotive/​Transportation)

Air Conditioning System Of Car Working On Exhaust Of Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Air Seating for Cars (Consumer Products)

Air-Hydro-Hybrid Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

Angular Side View Mirror Using Steering Mechanism (Automotive/​Transportation)

Anti-Collision Technology For Automobiles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Anti-Sinking Airbag System (ASAS) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Auto Fire Fighting With Survival System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automatic Puncture Resist Kit for Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automatic Tyre Inflation System (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Automatic Vacant Parking Slot Detection And Tracking Using Wireless Sensors (Electronics)

Automotive Ventilation System For A Parked Vehicle Using Solar Power (Sustainable Technologies)

Autonomous Quadcopter Launch and Retrieval System (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Blood For Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Braking The Vehicle By WIND Resistance (Newton’s 3rd Law) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Cambria CR - The Electric Car To Change The World (Automotive/​Transportation)

Car to Car Communication Module (CCC) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Clean two stroke engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Computational Analysis Of A Unibody Construction For Sports Utility Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Continuous Combustion 6-Cycle Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

ConVerti-Go (VTOL transition roadable aircraft concept) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design Four Wheel Steering System With Four Modes (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design Of 4 Wheel Steering System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design Of Circular Radiator (Automotive/​Transportation)

Designated Crash Zones (Aerospace & Defense)

Detection Of Human Stress And Reduce The Vehicle Speed By Using Microcontroller Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

Development of Reverse Lock Braking System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Direct Methanol Feed Fuel Cell and System (Electronics)

Drag Reduction In Vehicles Using Appendages (Sustainable Technologies)

Driver's Night Light Guide (Automotive/​Transportation)

Dual-Power IC Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

e Windshield (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Vehicle powered by g-EN CO2 engine with no range limitation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electromagnetic car battery charging (Consumer Products)

Electromagnetic Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Engintronics-"Camless Electronic Engine" (Sustainable Technologies)

ERV = Electric Recreating Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

everyday motorcycles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Explosive Door Hinges in Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Expo RXC-1 (Aerospace & Defense)

Fabrication of Fiber-Metal Laminates with Non-Autoclave Processes (Automotive/​Transportation)

Flooded Roadway Indicator (Consumer Products)

Flowing Last-Mile Logistics (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Cycle In An Internal Combustion Engine Setup (Sustainable Technologies)

Gearless Bi-freewheel Differential (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Gemini Electric Motor & Generator (Automotive/​Transportation)

GoSmart (Automotive/​Transportation)

Internal combustion engines - eco power control (Sustainable Technologies)

Kinematic Energy and Heat to Electricity Harvesting Tire Apparatus (TorusPTZ1) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Lightweight Composite Wheel (Aerospace & Defense)

Limit Free Speed Route (Automotive/​Transportation)

Low-Temperature Oxidation/Reduction Catalysts (Automotive/​Transportation)

Magnetic Repulsive Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Mass Ignition Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Maximum Safe vehicle Speed Indication Based on Vehicle Brake Status and overload condition (Automotive/​Transportation)

MInd Controlled Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Momentum wheel (Automotive/​Transportation)

Multisurface Degreaser/Cleaner (Consumer Products)

Mype - Expand Urban Space Through An Interface Design (Sustainable Technologies)

Nanoelectrofuel: An Advanced Battery Concept For Electric Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Nationwide Network for high-speed Autonomous Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Powerful Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Personal Air Vehicle (The Real Flying Car) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Piezoelectric Alternator/Generator for Improved Fuel Economy (Automotive/​Transportation)

Plug In Hybrid Kit Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Pneumatic Tire Valves (Automotive/​Transportation)

Police VIN-GPS Car Control (Automotive/​Transportation)

PramAlong (Automotive/​Transportation)

Producing Current Using Magnetic Repulsion Force (Automotive/​Transportation)

PRT Project (Automotive/​Transportation)

Puncture Proof Burst Proof Tire (Automotive/​Transportation)

Quiet Cars (Automotive/​Transportation)

Radially Asymmetric Dual Arc (RADA) Profile (Automotive/​Transportation)

Reducing Emergency Vehicle Collisions (Consumer Products)

Regenerative electromagnetic braking system (Automotive/​Transportation)

Regenerative Energy System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Replaceable Car Bodies, Dual Sunroof (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotary Engine US 7,117,839 (Automotive/​Transportation)

Self Chargeable Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Self perpetual motion electric generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Sleeved Shock Absorber (Automotive/​Transportation)

Smart Car Stick-ons, Plug-ins (Automotive/​Transportation)

Spark Ignited IC Engine Control Running on Alternative Fuel Mixture (Automotive/​Transportation)

Speed Limiters (Automotive/​Transportation)

SpeedoMAX Electronically Control Height Adjustable Speed Bump & Entry Barrier System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Stellar Engine With Magnetic Transfer Of Torque (Automotive/​Transportation)

Suction Pump as an Alternate For Car Seat Belt (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Development Of A Test Rig For A New Fuel (Automotive/​Transportation)

The prevention of theft of car components and bicycles (Electronics)

Tire's Coefficient of Friction measuring Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

Trackless Multi-Dimensional Ride Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Traffic Red Light And Stop Sign Detection Camera For Preventing Side Impact Crashes (Automotive/​Transportation)

Turbo-Cooling System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Van Fly (R) (Aerospace & Defense)

Variable Displacement Engine-Maximum Efficiency And Lowest Emissions (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vibroacoustic Method of IC Engine Diagnostics (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wind brakes actuated by electro magnet for automobile braking (Aerodynamic braking) (Electronics)

Windshield Airstream Deflector for Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Woven Vegetation Fiber Composites for MONOCOQUE Structures in Boat/Aircraft/Cars/Construction (Sustainable Technologies)

2014 Entries

"Glicopter" is always watching your car (Automotive/​Transportation)

(USF) Ultra Small Footprint Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

170 mpg Hydraulic Hybrid (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Fully Variable Valve in an Optimized 2-Stroke Diesel Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Novel Process for Extracting Magnesium: Membrane Electrodialysis at Room Temperature (Sustainable Technologies)

A Truly Electric Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Adaptive Fairing with Tunneling (Automotive/​Transportation)

Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Aid2GPS (Automotive/​Transportation)

AIr hybrid Vehicle ( Increased overall efficiency) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Alcohol Dehydration Microbial Sulfur Fuel Cell Hybrid Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Alternate and Safer replacement of wings in Formula type cars (Automotive/​Transportation)

An Intelligent Mobile Application For Zero Accident Safety Roadways Using Android (Automotive/​Transportation)

Anti Drowsiness device (Automotive/​Transportation)

Assembly of Tire Nuts Removal (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automated Lift System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automobile Diagnostic Repair System with GIS Locator and Data Analytics Integration (Electronics)

Automotive pontoon (Automotive/​Transportation)

B-Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Backseat Baby Alarm (Consumer Products)

BiModal Glideway (Automotive/​Transportation)

Bio-inspired visual detection of pedestrian and cyclist for the enhanced safe driving (Automotive/​Transportation)

Car preheater (Automotive/​Transportation)

CarKnow - "Avacar" Virtual Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Continuous Use Rail Vehicle Ferry (Automotive/​Transportation)

Cost effective Adaptive Suspension System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design Modification Analysis And Fabrication Of A Vehicle To Overcome Upright Bouyancy Effect (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design Of Automatic Rainfall Control Wiper (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Drive axle motor-generator for automobile use (Electronics)

dsPIC based Engine Control Unit (ECU) powered by LabVIEW (Automotive/​Transportation)

DSS Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

E-MDS (Eco Multi Drive System) (Automotive/​Transportation)

ECO Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Economical Automobile Immobilizer (Automotive/​Transportation)

Effective Engine Radiator (Automotive/​Transportation)

EggRan - Egg Shaped Mobility (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electro-Mechanical Split Pad Disc Brakes Using Solenoid Valves (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electro-Pneumatic Hybrid Vehicle (EPH) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electronic Valve Stem (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy Harvesting Retractable Speed Bump (Sustainable Technologies)

Engine Without Combustion Of Fossil Fuels (Automotive/​Transportation)

Exploring The Use Of Multiphase Electro-Magnetic Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Extreme Power Free-Piston Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Flying Autos for Solar Thermo Roads (Automotive/​Transportation)

Flying, Floating, Amphibious Quad Copter Helium Filled Hovercraft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Freedom Transit (Automotive/​Transportation)

Gear Lever Mounted Clutch (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hybrid Integrated Portable Power Pod (H.I.P.P.P.) (Sustainable Technologies)

Incline Drive Assist (Automotive/​Transportation)

Intelligent Refueling System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Jack Rabbit Personal Transportation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Land vehicle positioning system (Automotive/​Transportation)

Laser Based Manufacturing (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Left Turn Camera Visibility Enhancement (Automotive/​Transportation)

Leg Drive (Automotive/​Transportation)

Low Cost Magnesium Alloy Sheets for Automobile Stamped Parts (Automotive/​Transportation)

magnetic engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnezing Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Modification in two stroke engine for race bikes (Automotive/​Transportation)

Motorbrid (Automotive/​Transportation)

Multi Nut Remover for Automobiles (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Design for Enhanced Automobile Security (Automotive/​Transportation)

No combustion engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

No Horn, No noise any more (Automotive/​Transportation)

oil filter drain tool (Automotive/​Transportation)

Oscillating Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Oxygenated Fuel Assisted System for IC engine to Reduce Pollution (Automotive/​Transportation)

Perfect Stop Sign (PSS) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Personal Mobility for the Digital Generation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Phase Change materials for waste heat management (Sustainable Technologies)

Pneumatic Electric Self Sustained Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

PRT Project (Automotive/​Transportation)

Quad-Bike (Automotive/​Transportation)

REFWD - Clutch mechanism (Automotive/​Transportation)

Regenerative (Magnetic) Braking (Automotive/​Transportation)

RotorCVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Run Your Car AC Without Fuel (Automotive/​Transportation)

Safe-driving discounts without privacy concerns (Automotive/​Transportation)

Spark Ignited IC Engine Control Running on Alternative Fuel Mixture (Automotive/​Transportation)

Speedblock (Automotive/​Transportation)

Spy-Way & Smart Car Project (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Steam Assisted Co-Cycle Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

System of Automated Electronic Hydraulic Braking (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Automotive Guided Dynamic Rollover Test Device (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

The LazerPlug (Automotive/​Transportation)

Transmission Lestran Orbital IVT™ (Automotive/​Transportation)

TRANSPARENT "A" (front support) PILLARS FOR CARS (Automotive/​Transportation)

Venturi Induction for Internal Combustion Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vibroacoustic Method of IC Engine Diagnostics (Automotive/​Transportation)

WAISSI Engine - Simplest Internal Combustion Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Wireless Breaking System by Automated Wireless Sensor (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Wonder Glove (Consumer Products)

2013 Entries

“The Jackknife” – A Center of Gravity (CG) Steering and Leaning Vehicle with Automatic Upright and Directional Stability Control… (Transportation & Automotive)

48V Town & Country Hybrid Powertrain (TC48) (Transportation & Automotive)

A New Class of Sheet Materials for Future Lightweight Vehicles (Transportation & Automotive)

A New Diesel Engine Cycle with Lower Mechanical Losses and Improved Environmental Performance. (Transportation & Automotive)

A Perfect “CAR” for Kids (Transportation & Automotive)

A Truly Electric Car (Transportation & Automotive)

Aerrow (Transportation & Automotive)

AETS for Saving Lives (Transportation & Automotive)

Alternator-Powered Hybrid Car (Transportation & Automotive)

Automated Car (Electronics)

Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free! (Transportation & Automotive)

Automotive Wind Turbine Power Generator (Transportation & Automotive)

Baby-In-Car (B.I.C.) Alarm (Safety and Security)

Car Crash Safety with Hydraulic Jacks (Safety and Security)

Car Parking Booked System (Transportation & Automotive)

Carplane® (Aerospace & Defense)

Compressed Air Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Double Acting Internal Combustion Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Easy After Market Installation of Car Audio (Consumer Products)

Electric Vehicles Need Trained EV Mechanics (Transportation & Automotive)

Electromagnetic Brake for Car/Bike (Safety and Security)

Electromagnetic Repulsion in Suspension System for Vehicles (Transportation & Automotive)

Electronic Aerial Emergency Flare (Safety and Security)

Elimination of Jack-knifing of Tractor-trailers (Transportation & Automotive)

Emission Control System (Sustainable Technologies)

Energy Saving Conversion Kits for Old Car (Transportation & Automotive)

Eolectric Car (Transportation & Automotive)

Extend Electric Car Range Using Wind Power (Transportation & Automotive)

F1 Modifications Needed (Transportation & Automotive)

Flexible, Inexpensive, Wireless Data Acquisition Unit (Consumer Products)

Full Metal Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blade (Consumer Products)

Gun-Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Heated Wiper Blades (Transportation & Automotive)

Higher Efficiency Brake Pad (Transportation & Automotive)

Human Powered/Hybridized Vehicles (Transportation & Automotive)

Hybrid Micro-Composite E-Springs for Vehicle Suspension Systems (Transportation & Automotive)

Hybrid Transport System - HTS (Transportation & Automotive)

Illumiway (Consumer Products)

Impact Energy Dissipator (Transportation & Automotive)

Increasing 4 Stroke Engine with Water Injection (Sustainable Technologies)

Interactive Road Signs Automation (Transportation & Automotive)

Internal Combustion Engine Ignition Low-rpm Transducer (Transportation & Automotive)

Kinematics Electricity Storage System (Transportation & Automotive)

LevPods Individual Transit System (LITS) (Transportation & Automotive)

Lightweight Axial Driving Car (Transportation & Automotive)

MAGLEV Driveline for Wheeled Vehicles (Transportation & Automotive)

Making Night Time Driving Safe and Automated (Transportation & Automotive)

ME2 Rotary Engine (Machinery & Equipment)

MonoCab VRT Rapid Transit System (Transportation & Automotive)

Multi Track Wheel (Transportation & Automotive)

New Series-Parallel Architecture for Hybrid Vehicles (Transportation & Automotive)

Nippur (Safety and Security)

No to Topple of Car (Transportation & Automotive)

Object Tracking Device (Machinery & Equipment)

Pepper Color Gas (Safety and Security)

Positive Displacement Screw-Compressor (Transportation & Automotive)

Pressurised Foils for Ultra-Lightweight Automotive Panels (Transportation & Automotive)

Ratchet Wheels (Transportation & Automotive)

Reduce Red Light Running (Transportation & Automotive)

Repurposing Automotive Li-Ion Cells for a Residential Home Energy Storage System (Sustainable Technologies)

Reversed Light for Automobiles (Transportation & Automotive)

Rotary Internal Combustion Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Safer Driver Interface and Control (Safety and Security)

Shoe Bottom Cleaner for Automobile Riders (Consumer Products)

Simplest Opposed Piston Combustion Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Smart Brake Light System (Safety and Security)

Smart Tunes (Electronics)

SmartCAP - Plug and Play TPMS (Transportation & Automotive)

Solar Powered Ultra Streamlined Personal Transportation Vehicle (SPUSPTV) (Sustainable Technologies)

Spider Mechanism for Car Tire in Snowy Condition (Transportation & Automotive)

Stop Child Heat Deaths In Vehicle (Safety and Security)

Street Legal, Ultra Compact EV is "More Eco-Friendly Than Using the Train" (Sustainable Technologies)

Superway (Transportation & Automotive)

Synchronous Machine Having a Flux Exciter Remote from the Rotor Appropriate for an Electric Vehicle Traction Motor (Transportation & Automotive)

System to Discourage Speeding (Transportation & Automotive)

TH-Mission, Thumb-Sized Transmission (Transportation & Automotive)

The 3D Digital Display (Electronics)

The Phase Explosion Injection for an Ultimate Motor Efficiency (Sustainable Technologies)

The Solution to the Gas Turbine Temperature Problem (Transportation & Automotive)

Thorium Rescue Vehicle (Transportation & Automotive)

Tractional Stability Control System for Automobiles (Based on Integrated ABS and Weight Transfer Mechanism) (Transportation & Automotive)

Tram-Car Indicator (Transportation & Automotive)

Ultra Compact HVAC (Transportation & Automotive)

Universal Adhesive Tape Dispenser (Consumer Products)

USB Key for Automobiles (Transportation & Automotive)

Wave Thread Geometry Adds Strength and Durability to Applications (Safety and Security)

Welcome to the Future: "Plug-in, Solar-Electric Vehicles Now!" (Transportation & Automotive)

Wireless Solar Panel Heated Windshield Wiper Blade (Sustainable Technologies)

2012 Entries

7 Speed FT4WD Hydrostatic Drive (Transportation)

A New Electron Beam Welding Gun (Machinery & Equipment)

Alley Flexible Gate Membrane Containers (Consumer Products)

American High Speed Rail (Transportation)

Apparatus and Method for Repairing the Tubular End of a Vehicle Differential (Machinery & Equipment)

Auto Safety Bumpers (Transportation)

AutoMate Transportation System (Transportation)

Automated Traffic Light (Transportation)

Automobile Emergency Position Indicator Beacon. (Safety and Security)

Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free! (Transportation)

AutoRail (Transportation)

AWD Butterfly (Transportation)

Behavioural Monitoring System - Driving (Safety and Security)

BiModal Glideway (Transportation)

CAR 2.0 (Transportation)

Constant Velocity Engine (Transportation)

DAMPS Technology MKIV Smart Boots (Medical)

DC Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Decussate (Transportation)

Device for Control Over Drive of Valve for ICE (Transportation)

Double Crankshaft Engine for Better Fuel Consumption (Transportation)

Dreamech: Enable Smarter, Money-Saving and Safer Car Ownership (Consumer Products)

EED for 2012 (Electronics)

EggXellent Passenger Compartment (Consumer Products)

Electric Car Battery Recharge/Replacement Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Electric Vehicle with Laminated Bamboo Body and Unique Cyclic Compression System (Transportation)

Electromagnetic Speed Breaker (Safety and Security)

eMoTria 3W Crossover (Transportation)

Engine with Oscillating Rotating Pistons (Machinery & Equipment)

ESB System - Vehicle's Emergency Starting Battery (Safety and Security)

eSunShield (Safety and Security)

Extending the Range of Electric Vehicles by Use of a Thermal Storage Battery (Transportation)

Extinguishing a Tire Fire (Safety and Security)

Green Exhaust System (Algae Infusion into Catalytic Convertor) (Sustainable Technologies)

Griffin (Transportation)

Hardware and Smartphone App to Prevent Forgetting Child in Vehicle (Consumer Products)

High Performance "D" Size Battery (Cell) (Transportation)

Hybrid/Electric Flywheel Drivetrain (Transportation)

Interactive Roadway Reflector (Safety and Security)

Laser Guided Lane Indication GPS Peripheral (Electronics)

MagnaNgine (Sustainable Technologies)

Making Fuel from Vehicular Emissions (Sustainable Technologies)

ME2 Rotary Heat Engine (Transportation)

Microwave Assisted Fuel Pre-Heater for Diesel Engines (Sustainable Technologies)

Mini-Snow Plow (Safety and Security)

Modeling Antigravity Phenomena for Next Generation Propulsion (Transportation)

Multiple Motors Electric Car (Transportation)

Multipurpose Augmented Sensing and Comprehending Interface System (MASCIS) (Electronics)

MXC Video Graphics Module (Electronics)

New Battery for Mobile Applications (Machinery & Equipment)

New CVT Transmission (Without Torque Converter & Clutch System) for Hybrid Vehicle (Transportation)

New Low-Loss Planetary Shift Transmission (Transportation)

No Friction, Linear-Rotary Converter (Machinery & Equipment)

Optimal Roller Bearing (Machinery & Equipment)

Orbital Magnetic Speed Change (Sustainable Technologies)

Paintable Battery (Electronics)

Personal Convoys (Transportation)

Powered Highways (Transportation)

Powershift Differential Transmission with Three Flows of Power (Transportation)

Practical Commuter System Improves Safety while Reducing Costs (Transportation)

Precision Localizer (PRELOC) (Safety and Security)

Predictive Alerts for Collision Aversion (PACA) (Safety and Security)

Rare-Earth-Less Constant High Torque Traction Motor (Transportation)

Re-Thinking Automotive TPMS (Transportation)

Rear Window Position Indicator (Safety and Security)

Recharging Electric Vehicle with Wheels and Alternate Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Recuperator of Energy Effect Seebek for Internal Combustion Engines (Transportation)

Redesigning the Electric Motor (Transportation)

RICE (Rotary Internal Combustion Engine) (Consumer Products)

Rotary-Hybrid Engine (Transportation)

Self-Sizing Internal Combustion Engine (Transportation)

Should Future Airliners Lose Their Tails? (Transportation)

Sidewinder Screwdriver (Consumer Products)

Solo Personal Vehicle (Transportation)

Sound Generation Device for an Electric Vehicle (Transportation)

Speed Indicator and Approaching Detector for Cars (Safety and Security)

Squeezzz Lane (Transportation)

Super Capacitor Electric Car (Transportation)

SUPERLUMINAL-GT (Safety and Security)

SUVs with Unique Tailgate Liftup Mechanism (Transportation)

The AddVisor - The Any-Angle, Every Vehicle Sun Visor (Transportation)

The Ecofriendly Perfect Car (Transportation)

The Switchblade – A Low-Cost Gravity Self-Righting Leaning Vehicle (Transportation)

Time Stop Machine Automobile (Transportation)

Tire with Outer Rim (Transportation)

Tortuga Madre, Building with Rocks on the Moon (Transportation)

Traffic Signal Timing Software (Transportation)

Trejo Internal Combustion Engine (Transportation)

Two-Wheel/MagLev Car (Transportation)

Understanding and Preventing the Cause of Road Accidents Using LabVIEW (Safety and Security)

Vehicle Rear Green Signal Lights (Transportation)

Very Fast High Dynamic Range Analog to Digital Converter, ADC (Machinery & Equipment)

Virtual Axis Steer System VASS (Transportation)

Virtual Paint (Transportation)

Windmill to Drive Trains and Cars (Sustainable Technologies)

2011 Entries

4 Wheel Drive EV Conversion for Everyone (Transportation)

A Comprehensive Approach to Hydrogen Fuel (Sustainable Technologies)

Adaptive Traffic Control (Transportation)

Amphibious Three Wheel Vehicle Design (Transportation)

Artistic Shade/Illumination for Parking Lots (Sustainable Technologies)

Auto Leveling System (Machinery & Equipment)

Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free! (Transportation)

Automotive Speed Indicator (Safety and Security)

Auxiliary Power to Electric Cars from Grid (Transportation)

Battery Thermal Management System for Electric Car (Sustainable Technologies)

Bicycle Crank System with Dead Spot Elimination (Transportation)

C.I.N.D.E.R. (Consumer Products)

Car Collision Energy Neutralizer (Safety and Security)

Car Speed Control Through Bluetooth (Safety and Security)

Combination Control for Vehicles (Transportation)

Computerized Auto Safety and Traffic Control (Safety and Security)

Concept Mini Car (Transportation)

Cool-A-Car (Consumer Products)

CoPilot Driving Aid (Transportation)

CVT JAP (Transportation)

DC/DC transformer without inductive parts (Electronics)

DCD Controller for Fuel Saving Retrofitting (Transportation)

Density and Priority Based Traffic Control System (Transportation)

Deployable Solar Power for Practical Solar Cars (Sustainable Technologies)

Doyle Rotary Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Dynamic Engine Valve Timing & Throw Control (Machinery & Equipment)

Eco Drive Coach (Sustainable Technologies)

Electric Car Driving Range Extension (Transportation)

Electric Luminas (Transportation)

Electronic Intelligent Turn Signals (Transportation)

Energy/Power Ad Infinatum (Sustainable Technologies)

Erosion Control Mats Made from Discarded Tires (Sustainable Technologies)

Family Bike Rack (Consumer Products)

Fuel-less Motor-Generator for Electric Car (Machinery & Equipment)

Fully Internal Combustion System (FICS) (Transportation)

Guardian Angel (Safety and Security)

Heated Roads (Transportation)

Helium Turbine Engine (Machinery & Equipment)

Hermes-Pegasus.biz Cars (Transportation)

Highway Police Service Vehicle - Calantha Fair (Transportation)

Home Water Power Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Hydraulic Hybrid - Hydrostatic Powertrain & Safety (Transportation)

I-Vision (Electronics)

Image Analysis Processor Chipset (Electronics)

Increasing Pedestrian Safety at Traffic Lights (Safety and Security)

Integrated Transportation System (Transportation)

Intelligent Traffic Control System (Transportation)

Intelligent Traffic Control with Stop Lights (Transportation)

ION Windows (Consumer Products)

Landin Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Learning to Drive, Safely! (Safety and Security)

Low Cost Automobile Infrared Collision Avoidance System (Transportation)

Mag Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnetic Road Sweeper (Transportation)

Magneto-Spheres (Transportation)

Mini Combo Turbine: 120 mpg Automobile (Machinery & Equipment)

Multifunctional Dental Apparatus (Medical)

Neat-O! (Safety and Security)

New Design of CV Joint (Machinery & Equipment)

New Electric Motor Design for Electric Vehicles. (Transportation)

New Vehicle "Vector Car" (Transportation)

Nitro-Turbo Engine (Transportation)

Optical Fiber Implant Machine (Machinery & Equipment)

PorterBrella (Consumer Products)

Power Pack Utilizing Nuclear Waste as Energy Source (Transportation)

Push Button Hand Brake (Transportation)

Railways on the Road (Transportation)

Remora Generator (Transportation)

Road Sonar Reflector (Transportation)

Road Trains: Practical, Inexpensive Mass Transit (Transportation)

Rocket Launch Double Escape System (Safety and Security)

RollerRatchet (Machinery & Equipment)

Seebeck Radiators: A Car Heat Conversion System (Sustainable Technologies)

Sensor Based Vehicle Horn (Safety and Security)

Smart Vehicle Gadget (Transportation)

Snappy Funnel (Consumer Products)

SOLO Single Seat Vehicle (Transportation)

Solution to Lane Merging Problem (Transportation)

Sun Shade for Car (Consumer Products)

Synergy of a Car’s Computer and a Cell Phone (Consumer Products)

The Type II (Transportation)

Tire with Segmented Belt for Improved Performance (Transportation)

Tow Truck Load Distribution System (Transportation)

Transformation Truck Box Cover (Transportation)

Unmanned Electric Vehicle (Transportation)

Vacuum Impulse Propulsion for "Flying" Vehicles (Transportation)

Variable Valve Lift System for Internal Combustion Engines (Transportation)

Vehicle Electricity Creation and Transmission (vEcat) System (Sustainable Technologies)

2010 Entries

Advancing Paper Battery Technology (Consumer Products)

AHGS - Autonomic Hydrogen Gas Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Air Control System for Improved Vehicle Economy (Transportation)

Amber Safety Daytime Lighting for Motor Vehicles (Safety and Security)

Anti-accident glasses (Safety and Security)

Automatic Car Fan Adjuster (Safety and Security)

Automobile and Airplane Windshield Design (Safety and Security)

Aviation carbon fiber parts production processes (Transportation)

Car engine heat collector (Sustainable Technologies)

Car with hydrogen & oxygen support (Transportation)

Carbon Cleaning Internal Combustion Engines (Transportation)

Cartridge thermostat for automobile (Consumer Products)

CAT (Machinery & Equipment)

Ceramic-lined internal combustion engine (Transportation)

Change, Cast in Iron, not Stone (Transportation)

Child Car Seat "USB Thumb Drive Black Box" (Consumer Products)

Circular Linear Motor (Transportation)

Continuously Variable Speed Transmission (Transportation)

Digitally Timed Gas Mileage (Transportation)

Digitally Timed Gas Mileage (Transportation)

Electric Vehicle Mechanics Upgrade Training (Transportation)

Electrical vehical generator (Transportation)

ELIMABOND (Consumer Products)

EM.M.I.E (Transportation)

FireStorm Plasma iPlug (Consumer Products)

Floating top petrol tank (Transportation)

Fully Internal Combustion System (FICS) (Transportation)

Glowing and Invisible Planes,Trains,& Automobiles (Safety and Security)

GPS based Automatic Speed Control of Vehicle (Safety and Security)

Green-Drive (Sustainable Technologies)

Harvesting Energy Inside a Combustion Chamber (Sustainable Technologies)

Human Powered Utility Vehicle (Transportation)

i-Think (The Auto Brain) (Consumer Products)

Improved Tube & Fin Heat Exchanger (Transportation)

Increasing Effective Capacity of Highways (Transportation)

Increasing the Safety of Water-Filled Highway Crash Barriers (Safety and Security)

Invisibly Operating Windshield Wipers (IOWW) (Transportation)

Kinetic Converter (Sustainable Technologies)

Laser Distance Signal (Machinery & Equipment)

Level IV Composite Body Armor (Safety and Security)

Long Live the King! (Transportation)

M5 Plume - ecologic car (Transportation)

Magnetic Brakes...Using Brake Pads (Safety and Security)

Method of reducing gryoscopic drag (Transportation)

Method to reduce gyroscopic drag (Transportation)

Modular automotive light lens covers (Consumer Products)

More Productive GPS (Transportation)

Nationwide Passenger Transportation System (Transportation)

Natural Cooling (Transportation)

New Car Door Design Overlapping Top (Transportation)

Oil change system (Consumer Products)

Oil Filter Funnel Drain (Consumer Products)

Omni directional holonomic spherical robot (Transportation)

ON THE GO EV Charging (Transportation)

On the Road Social Network (Transportation)

Optical Connector (Consumer Products)

Optimal Car for Weekend Autocross Racer (Transportation)

Orion Speedtrike™ Ultrahigh Efficiency Vehicle (Transportation)

PAV-Safe Breathing in Pollution (Sustainable Technologies)

Personal Emotional Mobile (Transportation)

Personal Mass Transit System (Transportation)

Pneumatic regenerative brakes (Transportation)

Poppet off (Transportation)

Preventing ocean acidity death from CO2 emissions (Sustainable Technologies)

Pure Air Fuel Car (Transportation)

Rakshak (Safety and Security)

Rear Airbag for Trucks (Transportation)

Rethink Electric Car Transmissions (Transportation)

Rotational Induction Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Segmentyre (Transportation)

Sicycle toy (Consumer Products)

Solar - Air Car (Transportation)

Solar Plug-In Car Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Solo Urban Commuter Vehicle (Transportation)

SOS (Transportation)

Sustainable Transportation (Transportation)

The CEM Engine (Transportation)

The New Hydrogen Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

Turbo Air Conditioner (Sustainable Technologies)

Use of Inductive Coupling to Automatically Charge (Transportation)

Variable Valve Lift System for Int. Comb. Engines (Transportation)

Vehicle Over/Under Speed Annnunciator (Transportation)

Vehicle Snow/Ice Melter (Transportation)

Vertical parking garage (Transportation)

Video Transmission from Stolen Vehicle (Safety and Security)

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