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2022 Entries

Creative Caring (Medical)

HMD Evaporator (Consumer Product Design)

MakerLisp COR24 (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Power Generating Mousepad (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Smart IoT Urban Farming using Soil Based Aquaponics Powered by Energy Harvester (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Universal Solder Stencil (U.S.S.) (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Wireless Electronic Mouse (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

2021 Entries

2D Materials Origami: The Tiniest Nanochips for Future Computation (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Anteneh's Green Printer (Consumer Product Design)

Blockchain Platform For Decentralized Applications (Consumer Product Design)

Cellular Wind Turbine Tower (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Diagnosis Skin Diseases with AI (Medical)

Freetouch (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

High Performance Silicone-based Material, Enabling Breakthrough Foldable Consumer Display Devices (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Homeless Support App (Medical)

Joystick- Ergonomic Video Game Controllers (Consumer Product Design)

Keeping Cool - Thermal Management for High Performance Computing (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Melvindale Autonomous Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Multipurpose Laptop Heating Prevention Solution (Consumer Product Design)

Save Time, Fuel, and Emissions with ValueGauge (Automotive/​Transportation)

Solute ION Linear Alignment (SILA) Particle Accelerator for AI and Bitcoin Energy Requirements, Rare Earth Production et al (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Taming the Grid (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

TeleDesk (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

The Concert Hands (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

The UniText Standard - An Order of Magnitude Improvement of of Management Efficiency for Sustainability (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Wealth Generator (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Who Even Wants to Interrupt Their Well-deserved Rest? (Consumer Product Design)

2020 Entries

65014 - STEM Programming Board (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

A Radical Method and Device to Combat All Types of Viruses (Medical)

A Wall Mounted Smart Clock (Consumer Product Design)

A.I. For Space (Aerospace & Defense)

AI Technology as the Leader in Latin America (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

All Care (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

BlackCypher (Consumer Product Design)

Bridgefy - Making Apps Work Without Internet (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Closed Loop Source for Urban Food Deserts (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Cloud Healthcare Appliance Real-Time Solution as a Service (CHARTSaaS) (Medical)

Collaborite: Ai-based Research Intelligence for Strategic Partnerships Between Manufacturing Industries and Universities (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Conservation of Power in Fluid Dynamics (Aerospace & Defense)

Deep Learning COVID-19 Detection with OpenCV (Medical)

EXTRATERRANOVAS (Aerospace & Defense)

Fantasy Iris (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

High-efficiency Heat Sink Fin Design (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Photoresists for Next-Generation Microelectronics (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

LCS Smart Hot Water Heater (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Load Forecasting Using Artificial Intelligence (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Mitigating Breast Cancer (Medical)

Neuroscience Treatment of Bipolar Disorder (Medical)

New Memory Storage Scheme (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Notebook Prototype (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Olfactory Chip (Consumer Product Design)

Personal Clothing Shopper (Consumer Product Design)

Prosary Energy Smart Power Adapter (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

RoboCo (Consumer Product Design)

The uNick Mouse (Consumer Product Design)

Transformational Li-ion Batteries with ≥10x Longer Life/Safer than Current LIBs (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Trillion Times Faster Processor Using Amplification Technology (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Trombone, Bringing Live Music to Your Door (Consumer Product Design)

ULTRARAM™: Compound Semiconductor Universal Memory (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Urban Rover (Autonomous Housing Vehicle) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vacation Together (Consumer Product Design)

Visual Interactive Design Site (Consumer Product Design)

VR Keyboard Controller (Consumer Product Design)

2019 Entries

(MUST) Multi User Service Tray (Aerospace & Defense)

Acoustic Transducer Diaphragm - Boxless, Omnidirectional, Full-Range (Consumer Products)

Automated Mural Painting on the Exterior of Large Buildings (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Autonomous Meal Plan Platform for Appliances (AMPPA™) (Consumer Products)

Click Energy (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Decision Support System for Coffee Farm (Integrating IoT & ML) (Sustainable Technologies)

Don't Store It, Freeze It (Sustainable Technologies)

Dual-Holodeck Properties: Exterior 3-D Scenery and Internal Hologram Casting (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

eAnytime® Patient Pharmacy Self-Serve Medication PickUp™ (Medical)

Echocardiographic Quantification of the Passive Mechanical Properties of the Left Ventricular Myocardium (Medical)

Enhanced EAS System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Eye Gaze Interactions (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

LINK (Consumer Products)

Mixed Reality Equipment with a Broadcast Feature and Broadcast Media Station (Consumer Products)

PC Damper (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

SKillPul - Instant Online Platform Utility Chemicals Manufacturing Trainers (Consumer Products)

Trillion Times Faster Processor Using Amplification Technology (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Write Once Read Forever Archival Data Storage (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

2018 Entries

Apple Disease Classification using Machine Learning. (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Autonomous UAS with ADS-B and Artificial Intelligence (Aerospace & Defense)

Cavity Plugs Holder (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Cloud Healthcare Appliance Real-Time Solution as a Service (CHARTSaaS) (Medical)

Digital Camera Adapter (Consumer Products)

E Protector (Consumer Products)

E-Rain Gates (Smart Storm Water Inlets Gate) (Sustainable Technologies)

Easadeck EAS Alert with Advanced Logic Authentication System (Sustainable Technologies)

Expense Tracker (Consumer Products)

HomeEasy (Consumer Products)

Improved Traffic Flow/Control (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ledger Suite (Consumer Products)

Localized Keyboard for Kids (Consumer Products)

Maru Concept (Automotive/​Transportation)

My Checkbook App (Consumer Products)

New Dawn for the Visually Handicapped (Medical)

Poke'Pi (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Quick Connector (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Reducing Medical Costs by Improving the ‘Heath/Wellness’ Experience using Mind Genomics® (Medical)

RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program (Consumer Products)

Robotic Solver of Simultaneous Algebraic Equations (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Runway or Tarmac F.O.D. Reduction Robot - Save Jets (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Serial IP Phone (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

SocialCalc on a Stick (Consumer Products)

Solution to the Death of Moore’s Law (Sustainable Technologies)

Submerged Under Water Multiprocessor Computing Apparatus with Wireless Interconnect for Communication among its Components (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

The ©Fire Brigade (Consumer Products)

The Up! App for Industrial Service (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Trillion Times Faster Processor Using Amplification Technology (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Universal Computer Memory (Consumer Products)

Wandering Threads - Virtualizing SMP (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

2017 Entries

AH-HA TRIVIA - Animated Trivia (Consumer Products)

AI-based Transport Planning and Management (Automotive/​Transportation)

Associative Array (Content Addressable Memory) (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

ATOM 1.0 Humanoid Robot Project (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Augmented Reality View (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Behavioral Enhanced Encryption (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Context Acquired Details Sensing in Indoor Environment (CASIE) (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Cooling Laptop Table from Scrap (Consumer Products)

Coresident Attack in Cloud (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Disaster Prediction System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

DroidBrella...The Best Shade Possible..at Your Glance's Command.™ (Consumer Products)

Easy Parking (Automotive/​Transportation)

EYEYE System Module for Deep Learning (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

High Flux Computer Processor Cooler (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

High-Performance Liquid-Cooled Edge System that Goes Anywhere – Even a Boiler Room (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Home Security & Automation (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Inductive Charged Notebook (Consumer Products)

Integrated Multi-Color Light Emitting Device Made With Hybrid Crystal Structure (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Kaleyedos Imaging Device: A Telemedicine Solution to Retinopathy of Prematurity (Medical)

KwikCoil, A Completely Unique Cable Management Device (Consumer Products)

LockSec Password Manager (Consumer Products)

MEDDIAR-A Medical Diary (Medical)

Modelling and Control of Three Phase Switching Motor Dedicated to Electric Cars (Automotive/​Transportation)

Monitor Expansion (Automotive/​Transportation)

Netmory (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Neuromorphic Vision for the Blind-spot Cyclist Detection and the Road Safety (Automotive/​Transportation)

Omeguitar: The Guitar Trainer of the Future (Consumer Products)

Optimal Electric Vehicle Design Tool (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Pollution-Free Paper (Self-erasing Ink Enables Reuse) (Sustainable Technologies)

Properties of Cairo Antidots and Their Transformation Into the Creation of New Ultra High Density Information Storage Devices (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Quantum Entanglement Security Scenario (Aerospace & Defense)

Remote Monitoring of Industrial Devices (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program (Consumer Products)

Robust Control of an Innovated Structure of Elevator (Consumer Products)

SAFER Diamond: Risk Assessment Schema (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Saha - Work Together (Consumer Products)

Secure Coding Framework (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Smart Safety Jacket (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Smart Seat Belt (Automotive/​Transportation)

Smart Tattoos (Medical)

Solar-powered Supercomputing (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Stereoscopic Patent Imagery Filing Submission, Archiving, Searching, and Viewing System (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Thematic Mapping (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Trillion Times Faster Processor Using Amplification Technology (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Virtual Diary - Digitally Store the Data (Consumer Products)

Weight Scale Pallet (WSP) (Consumer Products)

2016 Entries

'DigiPen™'- Live Handwriting Capture System Enabled Electronic Smart Pen (Electronics)

"A New Hope For Indie Games" - ProjectMQ (Consumer Products)

“Automatically Gates for Storm water Inlets with E-Maintenance” E- Rain Gate (Civilectronics) (Sustainable Technologies)

1,000x Better Data Compression and Real-Time Decoding of High-Resolution Maps (Electronics)

A Universal Stylus Turns All Display Screens To Touchscreens (Electronics)

Asynchronous (Alternating Synchronous) Read/Write Multihead Multiplatter Hard Disk Drive For Computers (Electronics)

Automated G (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Autonomous Baggage Management System By Using Smartphone (AUTO BMS) (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Autonomous Farming Robot (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Brain Module (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Cheapest Computer System (Electronics)

Control Remote PC Using Mobile (Electronics)

Design and Development of Multi-purpose Controller for Crop Processing (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Dual Inverter Precise Power System (Electronics)

Fabrication of Mulitlayer Ferritin Arrays (Electronics)

Finance And Mobile Application (Consumer Products)

Food Computers (Sustainable Technologies)

Future Aerospace Assembly using HMI and Robotic Riveting (or Fastening) (Aerospace & Defense)

Galactic Data Core (Electronics)

HALO: Humanitarian Centre Management System (Electronics)

Hinary Processor (Electronics)

IoTC (Automotive/​Transportation)

Low Cost Cluster Computer Produces Underwater Acoustic Fields (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Magnetic Adapter USB-C (Consumer Products)

Miniature Laser To Fiber Connector (Electronics)

MoDesk - The Future of Desktop Computing (Electronics)

New Time Efficient Algorithm For Predicting The Secondary Structure Of Proteins (Medical)

Portable Workstation (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Reposable Radar IR Scanner System (Electronics)

Resource Planning System: Development Of Forecasting Simulation And Warning System (Sustainable Technologies)

Smart Coal Management (Sustainable Technologies)

Stop Consumer Exploitation (Consumer Products)

The Braille Printer (Electronics)

The Quatron Transistor - A Room Temperature Superconducting QUantum Interference Device (Electronics)

Unusual State Alarm and Recovery Director (Aerospace & Defense)

VincSCalc (Aerospace & Defense)

Visual Ambrosia® (Consumer Products)

Voice Based Email System for the Blind (Sustainable Technologies)

2015 Entries

A Distributed Peer? Approval Code Collaboration Model (Electronics)

A New, Secure Internet (Electronics)

A Novel Processor Architecture for the Internet of Things (Electronics)

Automatic Bill Payer Machine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Brain-Brain and Brain-Technology communication (Electronics)

Cell Phone App to program the Mind (Electronics)

Cybernated Farm Systems (CFS) (Sustainable Technologies)

Ergo Gym (Consumer Products)

Events Reinvented (Consumer Products)

FED (Electronics)

Hinary Computing with Processing speed more than exaflops (Electronics)

Intelligent Wheel Chair (Electronics)

Laptop Numpad Addition (Consumer Products)

Lockbox - Ruggedized Computing (Aerospace & Defense)

Mobile Modular Fixture Robot (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

nCbC ( no Cash but Communication ) (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Orb Mouse (Consumer Products)

OrchidEarth (Consumer Products)

Pre Essembled Hermetic Chip Carrier (Electronics)

RoboGuts (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Smart Vest Cam and Computer (Consumer Products)

SmarTact (Electronics)

Solderdoodle Pro: USB Rechargeable Soldering Iron (Consumer Products)

Sound Logging App (Consumer Products)

Thunderbird - Applied Predictive Decision Enviroment (APDE) (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

2014 Entries

3 In 1 Laptop Cooling Pad Lap Desk & Sleeve (Consumer Products)

3-D Holographic Microscope Projector with Robotics (Medical)

Apparatus and Method for Ergonomic Support of Human System Interaction (Consumer Products)

Automatic Eye Finder & Tracking System (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Automatic Laptop Charge Power Saver (Consumer Products)

Automobile Diagnostic Repair System with GIS Locator and Data Analytics Integration (Electronics)

Building Sustainable Computer Labs For Schools In The Developing World (Sustainable Technologies)

Charge A Laptop Using A LAN cable (Electronics)

Click your way to healthcare! (Medical)

Cloud and Smartphone Security (Electronics)

Cobbler's Workstation (Consumer Products)

Dr Rho - Medical Telepresence Robot (Medical)

e-Aura: The Invisible Communication (Medical)

Early Microcomputer Remake/Update (Electronics)

Echo My key (Consumer Products)

EDU-book: An optimum Student educational tool. (Consumer Products)

Electoint (Electronics)

eStand 1 (Consumer Products)

Eye and focus tracking system (Electronics)

Fast ergonomic display (Electronics)

Galactic Gravitomagnetic Lumina Scope (Consumer Products)

LapTop Tray - Privacy & Endurance (Consumer Products)

LED Sensor Ships with Autonomous Flight (Aerospace & Defense)

LIBSCAN – A Smart Library Stock Verification System (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Liquid flow sensor with reverse flow detection capability (Electronics)

Modeling of Intelligent Systems Thinking in Complex Adaptive Systems (Sustainable Technologies)

Mousey, the new mouse (Consumer Products)

NanoFab Lab … in a Box! ™ (Consumer Products)

Never Ending Memory (Electronics)

Old tensile test machine digitalization using existing hardware and software (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Paper Shaper (Consumer Products)

Perfect Stop Sign (PSS) (Automotive/​Transportation)

prewired chip carrier MMIC module package (Consumer Products)

Quad-Bike (Automotive/​Transportation)

Reducing paper usage (save trees) by using electronic touch display (Sustainable Technologies)

ReliabiliTTy (Electronics)

Self-Replicating Robot Factory (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Semi-Automation of Autocollimator (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Spy-Way & Smart Car Project (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Star Ship Holodeck Technologies Today (Electronics)

The Beowulf Plateau v.1 (prototype) (Electronics)

Thought Controlled Brain Machine Interface to the Internet and Virtual Reality Audio Visual Headsets (Consumer Products)

Wearable Icebreaker System (Consumer Products)

WeatherCalc (Consumer Products)

World Cancer Cell Database (Medical)

2013 Entries

3 in 1 Laptop Sleeve, Lap Desk, and Cooling Stand (Electronics)

Automated Power Meters (Electronics)

Avhiral (Safety and Security)

Bladeless Wind Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

BLiNKZ (Consumer Products)

BluDAQ: Android Bluetooth Oscilloscope (Electronics)

Cloud Computing for Remote Aircraft Applications (Aerospace & Defense)

E-Afrique Global Project (Consumer Products)

Electronic Inventory: Inventor-E (Consumer Products)

Gravity Development Board (Aerospace & Defense)

New Way of Making and Selling Clothes (Sustainable Technologies)

No More Terminators: Living Wills for AI (Electronics)

On a Way to Detect "Life as We Do Not Know It" (Aerospace & Defense)

Passcode Keeper (Consumer Products)

Power Fingerprinting Monitor: Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Attack (Safety and Security)

Printer in Pocket (Consumer Products)

RL Mark VI Space Skydiving Suit (Machinery & Equipment)

Safer Driver Interface and Control (Safety and Security)

Satellite Project for World Literacy (Electronics)

Smart Energy Load Centers (SELCs) for Stable and Competitive Renewable Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Smartagger (Machinery & Equipment)

Space Controller (Consumer Products)

Star-Store (Electronics)

Supermarket Automatic Check-Out System (SACOS) (Consumer Products)

The Optimization Process of an Autonomous UAV (Aerospace & Defense)

Touchtech Lima - Interactive surfaces (Consumer Products)

Tram-Car Indicator (Transportation & Automotive)

Wingless, Autonomous Aircraft (Transportation & Automotive)

2012 Entries

A Better Tele-Presence (Electronics)

A Better Way to Text and Touch-Type (Electronics)

Accu-Injection Medical Regimen (Medical)

Advanced Security Scanner (Safety and Security)

Avhiral 1.0 (Safety and Security)

AVHIRAL V2.11 (Electronics)

Biometric Replication Biointegrated Prosthetics (Medical)

Build and Test Non-Mag Guideway System (Transportation)

Chiral Storage and Processing Device (Electronics)

Cloud and Smartphone Accelerator (Electronics)

Combine Voice Recognition Software and Augmented Reality Glasses for Hearing Impaired People (Medical)

Detection of Network Problems Using Mobile Network (Machinery & Equipment)

Dolphin, Talk to the Computer (Electronics)

e-GOURMET (Consumer Products)

Electric Field Photomask (Machinery & Equipment)

ElectriLite (Transportation)

Electronic Price Tag (Electronics)

eyePad Stand (Consumer Products)

Gas or Electric Cooktops with Automatic Shut-Off Timers (Consumer Products)

Heal Share (Medical)

Holographic Optical Element Integral Image 3D Display (Consumer Products)

How to Prevent a Robot Rebellion (Machinery & Equipment)

Laptop Screen Natural Backlight (Consumer Products)

Laptop Sunshade (Consumer Products)

Lasers Zap Pathogens in Blood (Medical)

Low Cost Controller for Robotics and Homeschool STEM Learning (Electronics)

MagnaNgine (Sustainable Technologies)

Mentis (Electronics)

MexBIOS Technology (Electronics)

Multiple Motors Electric Car (Transportation)

Multipurpose Augmented Sensing and Comprehending Interface System (MASCIS) (Electronics)

MXC Video Graphics Module (Electronics)

NoVo Luggage (Consumer Products)

Ocular Eye Monitor (Medical)

Our Conscious & Artificial Brain (Medical)

Peel Off Wafer Electronic Resting (POWER) Technology (Electronics)

PenPC (Electronics)

Personal Vault System (Safety and Security)

Playsurface (Consumer Products)

Ploog'n Power Stand (Consumer Products)

Portable Paper Reconditioning Peripheral (Electronics)

Preliophics and the Preliophic Moleculator (Machinery & Equipment)

Process for Reducing Bandwidth Overload for Wired/Wireless/Hybrid Communications Systems (Electronics)

Quantum Dots and Diamond Semiconductors (Electronics)

Race Cart (Machinery & Equipment)

Scope-01 (Machinery & Equipment)

Self Recharging Laptops: Work Longer with Confidence (Electronics)

Should Future Airliners Lose Their Tails? (Transportation)

Software Defined Omni-IDE Appliance (Electronics)

Soshowise.com (Consumer Products)

Strain Relief Comb and Helix (Consumer Products)

The BlackStone Tablet (Consumer Products)

The FreeD - A Handheld Digital Milling Device for Craft and Fabrication (Machinery & Equipment)

The USS Bountiful Harvest (Sustainable Technologies)

The Wrist Saver (Safety and Security)

Tire-Cord Splitting Machine (Machinery & Equipment)

Top Down Data Fusion (Sustainable Technologies)

Transparent, Trustworthy, Secure Voting (Safety and Security)

Ultimate Education Tool (Consumer Products)

Unified Computing Processing Unit (UCPU) (Electronics)

Universal Translator/Interpretor (Electronics)

vDesk: Like a “Safe Deposit Box” in the Cloud (Consumer Products)

Very Fast High Dynamic Range Analog to Digital Converter, ADC (Machinery & Equipment)

World Wide Web Space Station (Sustainable Technologies)

2011 Entries

A Truly Transparent and Trustworthy Voting System (Electronics)

America's Health Improvement Machine (Consumer Products)

An Inproved Cell Phone and Telephone (Consumer Products)

AquaSonus Passive-Sonar Pool Alarm (Safety and Security)

Assessing Neurodegenerative Changes in MS (Medical)

ATS Tablet PC Stand (Consumer Products)

Auditory Memory Model for Feature Estimation (Electronics)

Catbird Seat (Electronics)

ChildGuardian (Safety and Security)

Cockpit & Cabin Camera (Safety and Security)

Coins - Jet (Consumer Products)

Come, Explore the Moon (Transportation)

Corner Bracket System for Flat Screen Televisions (Electronics)

Cost of Meetings Counter (Consumer Products)

Desk - Station (Consumer Products)

Digitization of the Wallet (Consumer Products)

Distributed Power Usage Monitoring (Consumer Products)

Dynamic Graphics with SPIN 3D (Medical)

EasyJob (Consumer Products)

easyprinter (Electronics)

Education Tag (Consumer Products)

Electric Luminas (Transportation)

ElectriLite PersTranSys (Transportation)

Electromagnetic Pulsing (Electronics)

Evolutive Software Design Paradigm (ESDP) (Electronics)

Eye Spy ID Digital Camera (Safety and Security)

Fast-Food Quick Order System (Consumer Products)

Fire Acoustic Detector and Smoke Alarm (Safety and Security)

Flat Screen Corner Bracket System (Consumer Products)

Full Color Solid 3D Image Scanner (Machinery & Equipment)

Green Power Debugger (Electronics)

Guardian Angel (Safety and Security)

Half-Size Printers (Sustainable Technologies)

Handy Handle 2 (Medical)

Heartbeat-ID scanner (Safety and Security)

I-Headphones (Consumer Products)

iMD Blood Diagnosis (Medical)

InflataCorset (Medical)

Intelligent Traffic Control System (Transportation)

IPv4 Can Go On! (Sustainable Technologies)

Laptop Zero-Energy Solar Backlight (Electronics)

Learning to Drive, Safely! (Safety and Security)

Low Cost Weather Radar (Safety and Security)

Method to Identify Counterfeit Integrated Circuits (Electronics)

Mobile Internet Communication System (MICS) (Consumer Products)

Mouse Controller for Home Medical Measurements (Consumer Products)

Nano-Frame Computer/Data Brick Re-Configurable (Electronics)

Nanotechnology in Memory Devices (Electronics)

NIRBHAY: A Multi Agent Info Locker System (Safety and Security)

omni-IDE Device for Embedded Development (Electronics)

One-Handed/Two-Handed Keyboard (Machinery & Equipment)

Optimizing Structures (Machinery & Equipment)

Opto-Electronic Non-Volatile Memory Cell (Electronics)

Passive Microwave Imager (Consumer Products)

PIN Access Biologic-Biometrics Snapshot Profile (Medical)

Portable Multi-screen PC Workstation (Electronics)

Projection Laptop With Detachable Touch Screen (Consumer Products)

Reconfigurable Network-on-Chip (Electronics)

Robotic Assembly of Monolithic Domes (Machinery & Equipment)

Robotic GRANNIE-Box Simplifies Glucometer Use (Medical)

RT-SOFC Room Temperature Nano Oxide Fuel Cell (Sustainable Technologies)

Safety Zone (Safety and Security)

Smart Information Finder and Controller (SIFC) (Consumer Products)

Stinky Chip (Electronics)

Stress Corrosion Prediction Modeling Software (Machinery & Equipment)

SunMod (Safety and Security)

System to Convert From Traditional Vehicle-Association (Safety and Security)

Television Logo Eliminator (Electronics)

The F.I.N.G.E.R. (Electronics)

The Verbal Internet (Consumer Products)

The World's First GMD 3-D Arcade (Consumer Products)

Topographical Control Panel (Consumer Products)

Transforming Quantum Circuits (Electronics)

Turbojet Engine Protection Grill (Transportation)

Unbutton (Consumer Products)

Universal Knowledge Base (Electronics)

USB TO USB Data Transfer (Electronics)

Virtual World National Parks (Consumer Products)

Volume Hydrogen Production with Specialized Anode (Sustainable Technologies)

Vulcan (Consumer Products)

WhalePower Computer Cooling Fan (Electronics)

White Glove Seeing Eye Phone (Medical)

2010 Entries

A Gateway To Green Power & Propulsion (Sustainable Technologies)

A Mobile Storage System (Consumer Products)

A Ruggedized National Sustainable Energy System (Sustainable Technologies)

A Safe Social Network for Two Billion People by 2050 (Safety and Security)

A Turing Computer Without Machine Code (Sustainable Technologies)

Airbag for plane (prevent airplanes from crashing) (Safety and Security)

Automatic Car Fan Adjuster (Safety and Security)

Camera Aided Parking System (Transportation)

CAT (Machinery & Equipment)

Comprehensive Blood Glucose Controlling System (Medical)

Creativity Cafe; New School and Networking Parlor (Consumer Products)

DisplayScore (Consumer Products)

Distributed Global Climate Change Analysis System (Consumer Products)

Dynamic simulation to test control system software (Machinery & Equipment)

DynaVac (Machinery & Equipment)

Earthquake Detector (Safety and Security)

Ergonomically Adjustable Desk (Consumer Products)

Everlasting Memories (Consumer Products)

Extended Memory Digital Camera (Consumer Products)

ForkoaLoz (Safety and Security)

Full Spectrum Lapidary 3D Image Scanner and Method (Machinery & Equipment)

GOpc (Consumer Products)

Green Lite for Energy Conservation (Consumer Products)

High End Desktop Audio System (Consumer Products)

How to succeed in making a profitable PC (Consumer Products)

Integrated Vision System (Transportation)

Intelligent rod bend machine (Machinery & Equipment)

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) Take Over. (Consumer Products)

iWatch (Consumer Products)

Low Wrist Impact Mouse (Consumer Products)

Micro-Spherical Laser (Consumer Products)

Microwave waste eliminator (Consumer Products)

Muscle controlled 3D mouse for amputees (Medical)

OneCard - All options configurable in a single card (Consumer Products)

Pain's relief (Medical)

PDA / E Reader (Consumer Products)

PEET computer (Consumer Products)

Physical therapy for sprained ankle in children (Medical)

POLMAP - Sea Observation Airship (Safety and Security)

Preventing ocean acidity death from CO2 emissions (Sustainable Technologies)

Robotic Device to Seal a Pressurized Pipe (Machinery & Equipment)

Robotic Surgical Device (Medical)

Smart Brain Security Device (Safety and Security)

Solar iPhone USB Charger for a Bicycle (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Plug-In Car Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Sound glasses (Medical)

Stationary computer without the big box (Machinery & Equipment)

Sustainable, durable bridges of the future (Sustainable Technologies)

Terabit Serial Data Line (Consumer Products)

Text Glasses (Consumer Products)

The deaf program (Consumer Products)

The Health Angel (Consumer Products)

Thin client built into the keyboard (Consumer Products)

Three Tier Enhanced Security in Image Steganography (Safety and Security)

Toro Mouse (Consumer Products)

Try-brid Vehicle (Transportation)

Universal Credit Card (Consumer Products)

Universal Flight Computer for High Power Rocketry (Machinery & Equipment)

Universal Software Model -- USM (Sustainable Technologies)

Wireless Ergo-Ficient Keyboard (Consumer Products)

X - Never miss a thing (Consumer Products)

Your Kid's Ultimate Cellphone (Consumer Products)

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