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2022 Entries

Advanced Hybrid Technology for ALL Semi-Trailers and the Trucking Industry (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

All-in-one Auto Mining-machinery: Instant Mineral Mining & Processing [IoT-based Technology] (Consumer Product Design)

An Internal Combustion Engine without a Crankshaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Astron Omega 1 Rotary Hydrogen Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Bolt-on Infinitely Variable Transmission Increases Fuel Economy (Automotive/​Transportation)

Closed Loop Control for the Reduction of Soot in Diesel Fueled Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Combo Turbofan Jet and Restartable Rocket (Aerospace & Defense)

Drive Module (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Electric Drive Module to Retrofit Any Vehicle to Pluggable Hybrid (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ettridge Electric Carbon Brush Commutator (Automotive/​Transportation)

EVERA (Automotive/​Transportation)

External Combustion Engine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Futuristic Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Harnessing Pressure, Kinetic or Piezoelectric Energy (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

HCCI Fickett-Jacobs Cycle Internal Pulse Detonation Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hybrid Trasmission System for Blending Torque and Power Eficiency Between Engines & Final Transmission Shaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hypersonic Test Cell (Aerospace & Defense)

Improving Diesel Engine Emissions with Real-Time Non-Surfactant Fuel Supply System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Mag-Jet Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Meaning of “LOGARITHM,” Relating It to Discrete Geometry (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Motor With an External Piston and Flexible Cylinders (Automotive/​Transportation)

Multi-Link Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Nanofiber-based Air Filter for Internal Combustion (IC) Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

NerraTrac CVT (Automotive/​Transportation)

New 4 Stroke Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Rotary Engine Using Detonation Combustion (Automotive/​Transportation)

Opposed Piston Facing Heads Internal Combustion Engine, Compact Design (Automotive/​Transportation)

Revolutionary Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotating Liner Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Shock Wave Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Smart Charger (Automotive/​Transportation)

Sorqorap (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Sustainable Flying-Jet IoT Wireless Camera [Auto] (Aerospace & Defense)

Sustainable “Giga-ntic Bulk Solar Power” Generation Auto-plants (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Sustainable New ATM Machine Banking Technological System [IoT Based] Using Fingerprint Activator System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Vehicle Emissions Limit (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wireless Electronic Mouse (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Zhou Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

2021 Entries

(FMS) Fuel Measuring System for 2 Wheelers (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Significant Cleaner and Lighter Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Advanced Ceramic Diesel Engine Cylinder Liners (Automotive/​Transportation)

An Optimized Three-pass Perforated Element With End Resonator Chamber Muffler (Automotive/​Transportation)

Atmospheric Reaction Aerodynamic Motor (Aerospace & Defense)

Carbon Neutral Commercial Aircraft Propulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

Clean and Efficient Radial HCCI/LTC Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Concept Spaceship With Inertial Drive (Aerospace & Defense)

Constant Displacement Variable Power Engine at a Given RPM (Automotive/​Transportation)

Diagnostics and Predictive Condition Analysis System for Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ferromagnetic Field Engine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

High Efficiency Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Horizontal K Type Configuration (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hybrid CoAxial Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Landfill/Brewery Gases as Alternative Fuels (Automotive/​Transportation)

Matter Masses in Linear, Spiroidal Rotational Motion and Attraction, in Space Within Aether (Aerospace & Defense)

Method for Horsepower Measurement of both Conventional and Electric Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Miniature Turbine Jet Engine Design & Manufacturing (Aerospace & Defense)

Multistage Combustor (Aerospace & Defense)

New 4 Stroke Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Next Generation Gas Turbine (Aerospace & Defense)

Opposed Piston Facing Heads Internal Combustion Engine, Compact Design (Automotive/​Transportation)

Plasma Solid-State Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Possibilities of Vibroacoustic Research and Diagnostics of Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Practical Low-emissions Pre-mixed Diesel Combustion System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Replaceable Valve Assembly (For IC Engines) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotary Magnetic Motor (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotary Piston Pump and Motor for Gases and Fluids (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotary Vane Engine without Mechanical Synchronisation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotary Vane Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

SeaTrec (Consumer Product Design)

Spherical Chamber Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Stop Global Warming with World's Most Efficient Engine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Teleportation of Physical Objects (Aerospace & Defense)

Turbocharged Zhou Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

VFI-689M / Cavitation Resistant Vortex Force Monovane Centrifugal Turbopump Rotor Assembly (Aerospace & Defense)

Vibrating Platform for Lifting and Moving Loads (Consumer Product Design)

2020 Entries

A Radical Method and Device to Combat All Types of Viruses (Medical)

Achieving Higher Cleaning Efficiency and Lower Pressure Drop Across a Chocked DPF by Dosing Amino-ethanol (Automotive/​Transportation)

Axial Opposing Piston Opposing Cylinder Diesel Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Black Box for Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

BMHK Engine (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

CITS Combustion Engine Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

Combined-Cycle Hybrid Subsonic/Supersonic Combustion / Pulse Detonation Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Diesel Bleeding Mechanism (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electric Drive for Semi-Trailer Motion (Automotive/​Transportation)

Enduralock Locking Header Bolt (Automotive/​Transportation)

EnviroCool Hybrid Super Truck - Modular Upgrade Platform (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Agnostic Zero Emission Engine Technology [FAZE] (Automotive/​Transportation)

Gas Turbine Engine Modeling by Using Simulink (Aerospace & Defense)

GEAR-Steel (Automotive/​Transportation)

Green Fuel from Waste (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Gyroscopic Procession Device (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Idea for Future Aircraft Power Plant for Fuel Saving (Aerospace & Defense)

Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) Vehicles Charges Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries for Random-EXCHANGE (Automotive/​Transportation)

Modification and Analysis of Groove Type Camshaft With Ball Type Lifter (Automotive/​Transportation)

Quad Laterally Operated Multipurpose Double Action Scotch-yoke Actuator Based Four Stroke Axial Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Quad Laterally Operated Multipurpose Double Action Scotch-yoke Actuator Based Reciprocating Compression System Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotating Liner Engine, Minimize Diesel Engine Friction (Automotive/​Transportation)

Smart Traffic Light (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Solar Thermal Stirling Cycle Air Conditioning Heat Pump with Minimized Dead Volume (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

State of the Art Novel InFlow Tech ·1-Gearturbine: Reaction Turbine, ·Rotary-Turbo, Similar to the Aeolipile (Aerospace & Defense)

State of the Art Novel InFlow Tech. ·2-Imploturbocompressor: Impulse Turbine, ·Implo-Ducted, 1 Moving Part Type (Aerospace & Defense)

Steam Powered Truck (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Future of the Four Stroke Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Thim4covid-19: Outpatient, Cost-effective, and Non-contact Evaluation of Lung Capacity to Identify Suspected Covid-19 (Medical)

Tribo-CAS Film (Sustainable Technologies/​Future Energy)

Variable Volute Turbine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wall Intengrated Oxy-fuel Combustion for Piston Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Waste Energy Harvesting for Coolant Control Valve (Automotive/​Transportation)

2019 Entries

80% Reduction in Fuel Consumption (Automotive/​Transportation)

Adaptive Thermal Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Application of the Biefeld Brown Effect using D.R. Bhueler Formula (Aerospace & Defense)

Camless Glide Valve Engine Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

Carbon Calcy (Automotive/​Transportation)

Carr Oxygen Supplemented Combustion (Sustainable Technologies)

Cyclo Motor (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Diamagnetic Field Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Drone Riding Tornado (Aerospace & Defense)

Electric Drive for Semi-Trailer Motion (Automotive/​Transportation)

Energy Efficient Autonomous Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Exponential Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Forever Fuel Anti-Gravity Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Four Cylinder IC Engine with NO Crankshaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Freight Transport System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Future Transportation by Levitating Humans by Thinking (Automotive/​Transportation)

Heat Pipe Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

High-Pressure Conformable Hydrogen Storage System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Infinitely Atkinson Cycle Camshaft /Valve less ICE Head for Better Efficiency/ Lower Emissions (Automotive/​Transportation)

IxB Electromagnetic Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Lean Combustion by Muliscale/Fractal Generated Turbulence in Gas Turbine Engines (Aerospace & Defense)

Magnetic Direct Injector Pulser (Automotive/​Transportation)

Maxwell’s Demon Realized by Brownian Motion (Sustainable Technologies)

Moore Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Near Real Time Reciprocating Analysis (Aerospace & Defense)

Novel Integrated Motor-Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Osmosis Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Redesign of the Con-Rod for the Alfa Romeo 2.0 Twin-spark Engine (Manufacturing/​Robotics/​Automation)

Simple, Low Cost, 'Zero-Emissions,' Fuel Agnostic Engine Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

State of the Art Novel InFlow Tech GEARTURBINE Rotary Turbo Similar System Aeolipilie (Aerospace & Defense)

Sustained Motion (Automotive/​Transportation)

Tall Flood Wall Barrier Designs (Sustainable Technologies)

The (Fuel-Injected) Pulsed Turbine Rotor Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

The First Steps of the Industrial Revolution with the Use of Permanent Magnets (Automotive/​Transportation)

The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept (Aerospace & Defense)

Unrolled Photo for Piston Wear & Scuffing Studies (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vibrating Transport Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

2018 Entries

Adaptive Thermal Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Advanced Hovercraft....Interim Version (Automotive/​Transportation)

Air Centrifugation Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

An Internal Combustion Engine with a Rack Gear (Crémaillère) Instead of a Crankshaft. Every Stroke is Combustion (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automotive Air Filter to Gain 30-50% More Mileage and Reduce CO and CO2 Emissions by 45% (Automotive/​Transportation)

Cavity Plugs Holder (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

Circular Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Continuously Controllable Diesel Fuel Injector (Automotive/​Transportation)

Cost Effective Go Kart (Automotive/​Transportation)

DaD-UAP-01 (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design of Efficient Powertrain System for a Motorsports Race Car Using a Bike Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Direct Conversion of Natural Gas to Dimethyl Ether, an Ultra-Clean Synthetic Diesel for Power Generation in Oil & Gas Rigs (Sustainable Technologies)

Discrete Geometry Engineering Design Proposal (Aerospace & Defense)

Drone Firefighting (Aerospace & Defense)

Ductile Ceramic (Aerospace & Defense)

Effect of Performance on Various Piston Profiles (Robotics/​Automation/​Manufacturing)

eVTOL Foldable Wing Aircraft (Aerospace & Defense)

Flow Battery Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

FuelBOX : Smart and Connected Fuel Quality Sensor (Automotive/​Transportation)

H2O to H2 and O! (Sustainable Technologies)

High Performance Continuous Internal Combusion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hydrospike Propulsor, Distributed Propulsion System for Maritime Vessels (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hyper4 - High Efficiency Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

IC Combustion Enhancement by Ionization for Engine Peripherals i.e. EGR Supply (Automotive/​Transportation)

IMAGNO Engine - Hybrid of IC Engine and Magnetic Piston Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Improved Rotor Balance Process (Aerospace & Defense)

ISCAD - Electrical Drive with 0% Rare Earths, 25% Higher Driving Range and 100% Safety (Automotive/​Transportation)

Long Life Aerogel Lighter than Air Persistant Vehicle (Aerospace & Defense)

Mega Wheel Turbine Mounted on Super Structure (Sustainable Technologies)

New Design Solution for Crankshaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Nigam's Mechanism: A Regenerative Way of Electricity Production (Sustainable Technologies)

Oxygen Supplemented Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (Automotive/​Transportation)

Packman Carr Polarized Railgun Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

Piston-chain Arrangement for Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

QuickStick: The Fast and Efficient Manual Transmission (Automotive/​Transportation)

Resistance Energy (Generating Wind Energy Using Flapping Panels) (Sustainable Technologies)

Shape Memory Based Sensor Integrated with Oil Filling Cap or Dipstick for Online Engine Oil Condition Monitoring System (Electronics/​Sensors/​IoT)

Smart Lightweighting of Cars with 200kg (Automotive/​Transportation)

Solar Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

State of the Art Novel Tech Featured Project Development Space Power-Plant Self-Feed Unit Generator: H2O => HHO => H2O => HHO (Aerospace & Defense)

Tangent Drive Mechanism (TM) (Automotive/​Transportation)

TIP-PATH Thrust On Rotary Roller Chain Sprocket Circuit: Solar Stirling, Engines, Piezoelectric Wafer or Electric Motor/Gener (Automotive/​Transportation)

To Determine the Effect of Dimpled Poppet Valve on the Flow in Engine Cylinder by Port Flow Simulation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Turbine Upgrade for Commercial Jet Engines (Aerospace & Defense)

Two-stroke Rotary Engine (Quasiturbine) (Aerospace & Defense)

Two-stroke Rotary Engine For Small Applications (Automotive/​Transportation)

Use of Supercharger in 150 CC Engine with Pinion Gear (Automotive/​Transportation)

Using Weight of a Vehicle as its Driving Force. (Automotive/​Transportation)

Vehicle Emission Test Protocols are Overestimating Internal Combustion Vehicle Tailpipe Emissions (Automotive/​Transportation)

Waste Heat Recovery for Trucks (Automotive/​Transportation)

ZED Ultra-high Efficiency Fuel Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

2017 Entries

"Save Oil" Heavy-duty Bypass Filter for Lubrication or Hydraulic Oil Systems (Sustainable Technologies)

A New Geared Aviation Diesel Design: Power Transmission through the Camshaft or a Dedicated Internal Driveshaft (Aerospace & Defense)

A New Mode of IC Engine Combustion Can Achieve Near Ideal Combustion (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Polyhedral Heliotrope on a 270 Deg Solar Locating and Tracking System (Sustainable Technologies)

A Sanchez Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Advanced Rack and Pinion (Automotive/​Transportation)

AllFuel TotalCombustion Technology (AFTC) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automobile Pollutant Absorbers (Sustainable Technologies)

Closed Marine Energy Battery Technology (Sustainable Technologies)

Corrosion Reduction in Cooling System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Design and Optimization of Cooling System for Tracked Vehicle Powerpack (Aerospace & Defense)

Efficient Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Electric Vehicle as Emergency Power Source (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electrically Operated Flywheel in IC Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electromagnetic Repulsion Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

Emission Control in Vehicles by Magnetic Fuel Conditioning (Automotive/​Transportation)

EngineHelper (Sustainable Technologies)

Engines with no Need for Fuel (Sustainable Technologies)

FES - 75kW Cheapest New Autonomous Energy Generator for Groups of Homes (Sustainable Technologies)

Four Cylinder IC Engine with NO Crankshaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Free Energy Technology That Works Really (Sustainable Technologies)

Free-Piston Isolated-Scavenge for 2-Stroke Opposed-Piston Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Air Injection (FAI) engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Cycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Free Transport System Based on Seesaw Track (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Less Automobile Engine Design (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Quality Analyzer (Automotive/​Transportation)

H.M.R.M. (Hypocycloid Magneto-Repulsive Motor) (Aerospace & Defense)

High Efficiency and Environment Friendly Gas Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

High Efficient Two-stroke GDI Piston Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

High Performance Continuous Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hoisting Device Combined With the Hydraulic Dump System of the Pick-up Bed of Pick-up (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hybrid Bikes That Run on Petrol and Electric Power (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hybrid Miller Cycle Rotary HCCI Engine for RQ-7 Class Drones (Aerospace & Defense)

Hydroxy Gas Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Hyper4 - High Efficiency Internal Combustion Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Ignition Interlock Based Vehicle Safety Device to Prevent Drinking and Driving (Automotive/​Transportation)

Kulahpiston (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Magnetic Renewable Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Micro Gravity Propelantless Propulsion System (Aerospace & Defense)

New Design for Engine Crankshaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Type of Brushless DC Motor For E Bike (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Perpetual HHO Transfusion Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Power-Train for Vertical Takeoff (PTFVT) (Aerospace & Defense)

Pulsed DC Magnetic Engine with Anti-Gravity (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Reducing the Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emission of a Gasoline Engine by Inducing HHO Gas Produced by Exhaust Waste Heat (Automotive/​Transportation)

RIGHT MIX STRIPS™ - Ethanol Fuel Test Kit (Sustainable Technologies)

Riscram™ Rocked Ignited Supersonic Combustor Ramjet (Aerospace & Defense)

Road Cleaners (Automotive/​Transportation)

Robust Control of an Innovated Structure of Elevator (Consumer Products)

Rubber Motor to Power E-Trike for Hill Climbing (Automotive/​Transportation)

SHOT - Lightweight Engine Starting System Without Battery/Starter (Automotive/​Transportation)

Single Valve Per Cylinder Engine (SVPC) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Spark Ignition Internal Combustion Engine without “Constant-Volume Cycle” Barrier (Sustainable Technologies)

Spherical Two Stroke Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

State of the Art Novel Project Development Tech/Human Habitat Space Power-Plant Self-Feed Unit Generator (Aerospace & Defense)

Supercor VFI-689/Vortex Force Impeller System for Rocket Motor Turbopumps (Aerospace & Defense)

Surface Plasmon Resonance - a Promising Method for Estimating the Quality of Motor Oil (Automotive/​Transportation)

Tesla Turbopulsejet (Aerospace & Defense)

The Direct Contact Condensation Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

The Fijalkowski Engine without Crankshaft and Connecting Rod Mechanisms (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Internal Combustion Steam Engine Cycle Concept (Automotive/​Transportation)

Throttling Loss Recovery Device (Automotive/​Transportation)

To Reduce the Ever Increasing Fueling Costs for Semi Trailer Trucks (Automotive/​Transportation)

Tractor-Trailer Truck Aerodynamics (Automotive/​Transportation)

Turbocharging the Single-Cylinder Four Stroke Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Turbofan Engine Works by Water (Clean Energy, Save Your Money and Environmentally Friendly) (Aerospace & Defense)

Ultra efficient heat engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) Connecting Rod (Automotive/​Transportation)

Variable Valve Lift Mechanism (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wearable Power Modules (WPM) (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Zero-Slip Steering Differential for both Automotive and Track-Steered Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

2016 Entries

A Cooling Device for Turbocharged Gasoline Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Highly Efficient, Compact And Affordable Engine For Use With Diesel Or Natural Gas (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Low Cost Microcontroller Based "MechaSpark ECU" To Increase Engine Power In 2-wheeler (Automotive/​Transportation)

A New Idea for Hydrogen Combustion Engine Implementation (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Powerful Electricty Generator That Functions Uniquely Using Electromagnetic Phenomena (Sustainable Technologies)

A Wheel Generating Torque By Itself Spontaneously (Automotive/​Transportation)

Adsorption Of CO2 Using Modified ZSM 5 Zeolite In Petrol Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Advanced Nasal Inhalation Apparatus (Medical)

Automotive Waste Heat Recovery Through The Application of the Subcooled Liquid Flash, Boiling Cycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Castrol Reinvents the Oil Change with NEXCEL (Automotive/​Transportation)

Closed Cycle Heat Engine with Confined Working Fluid (Sustainable Technologies)

Compact And Modular Atkinson Cycle Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Diesel Engine with Waste Heat Powered Supercharger (Automotive/​Transportation)

Dynamic Coupling System For Stop-start Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Eco-friendly, Multi-fuel, Valveless, Camless, Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ettridge Orbital Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ettridge Two Stroke Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Experimental Investigation Into ORC Based WHR For HD Truck Application (Automotive/​Transportation)

Experimental Investigation Into ORC Based WHR For HD Truck Application (Sustainable Technologies)

Flat Plate Solar Stirling Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Frugal 5 Cycle Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel-Air Injection (FAI) Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Gas Turbine Performance Simulation, Analysis and Design Software (Aerospace & Defense)

Gemini Linear Electric Motor (Automotive/​Transportation)

Halbach Propulsion System (Aerospace & Defense)

Harnessing Vibration Energy And Sudden Shock Impacts To Charge Electric Vehicles By Using Piezoelectric Transducers (Electronics)

Heat and electricity power generator, with electric co-generator function (Sustainable Technologies)

Helium Induction (Automotive/​Transportation)

Highly Fuel Efficient Dedicated CNG Engine Technology (Automotive/​Transportation)

Hybrid Turbo Supersonic Combustor For Turbine Driven Jet Engines (Turboscramjet Combustor) (Aerospace & Defense)

Hyper4 High Efficiency Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Improved Homogeneous Charge Spark Ignition System (Automotive/​Transportation)

InSpec Snapshot Surface Gage (Aerospace & Defense)

Integrated Device for Producing Oil Alternatives from Wastes (Sustainable Technologies)

Internal Combustion Engine With Oscillating Shaft (Automotive/​Transportation)

Live Period (Automotive/​Transportation)

Long Range Ecological Hybrid Drone (Aerospace & Defense)

Magnet Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Multi-Pressure Gas Turbines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Novel Technology To Capture Diesel Exhaust: Improvement In Air Quality And Health (Sustainable Technologies)

Novel Turbocharged Diesel Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Oil Jeev-A-1 (Smart Engine Oil Tester) (Consumer Products)

Overhead Solar-Powered Fully Automated Driver-less Public Transportation Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Performance Evaluation Of CI Engine By Textured & Coated Piston Ring And Liner Using Alternative Fuels (Automotive/​Transportation)

Performance Evaluation Of CI Engine By Textured & Coated Piston Ring And Liner Using Alternative Fuels (Sustainable Technologies)

Personal Perpetual Motion Machine (Sustainable Technologies)

Personal Utility Vehicle (PUV) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Piston Deactivation Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Planetary Rotor Engine for Military Drones (Aerospace & Defense)

Propane Tank Anti-BLEVE Safety System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Revolution Through Pollution (Sustainable Technologies)

Rotary Two-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Fueled by Solid Particulate (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Stratified Compression Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Super Ultra Low Emission Diesel Electric Hybrid Motorcycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Supercharged Engine Design (Automotive/​Transportation)

tDEP Micro-Fluidic Pump (Sustainable Technologies)

The AMOCATIC Generator (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Ogunmuyiwa Engine Cycle (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Ultimate Off-road Racer (Automotive/​Transportation)

Thermal Exchange Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Total Heat Recovery Engine - TOHRE (Automotive/​Transportation)

Two stroke oil (Automotive/​Transportation)

UMotor - Over-Expanded Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Using A Rotary Combustion Chamber To Increase Efficiency And Reduce Emissions In A Poppet Valve Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Variable Compression Connecting Rod (Automotive/​Transportation)

Wireless Remote Control AC-DC Rail Guided Programmable Transporter Platform Machine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

World Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

2015 Entries

"Free Lunch" Climate Change Solution (Sustainable Technologies)

2025 BMW ActiveCity Electric Vehicle Concept (Automotive/​Transportation)

400 miles electric sedan, safe at any collision speed (Automotive/​Transportation)

Alternate Energy, Affordable, Simple, Series-Hybrid EV "People's Car" (Automotive/​Transportation)

CoAxial Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Continuous Combustion 6-Cycle Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

DASY X-Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Dual-Power IC Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Efficient Engine of Cars (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Electric Vehicle powered by g-EN CO2 engine with no range limitation (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electromagnetic Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Energy Multiplying Mechanism (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Engine Designer (Automotive/​Transportation)

everyday motorcycles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Extremely efficient multifuel rotary engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Fuel Cycle In An Internal Combustion Engine Setup (Sustainable Technologies)

Fueled Power Generation For An Electric 2 Wheeler (Automotive/​Transportation)

Future Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Future Solar Train (Automotive/​Transportation)

g-EN CO2 Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Gemini Electric Motor & Generator (Automotive/​Transportation)

Gravity Powered Agro Friendly Pump (Sustainable Technologies)

Gravity/Air Generators (Sustainable Technologies)

Green cooling and Energy Regeneration in Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

High Performance Shutter Valve (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Hybrid Trike (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ignition 360 (Automotive/​Transportation)

Mass Ignition Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

MISWING (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Modular Jet Ski; No Trailer; Affordable; High Performance (Consumer Products)

Molecular Sieves Air Filter for Cars (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Powerful Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Perpetual Motion Machine using Inverse Magnetostrictive Effect (Sustainable Technologies)

Piezoelectric Alternator/Generator for Improved Fuel Economy (Automotive/​Transportation)

Progressive Flow Turbo Compressor Recirculation Valve (Automotive/​Transportation)

Pulsatile Series-Parallel Powertrain for Hybrid Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

Quiet Cars (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rail Collision Avoidance Drone (Automotive/​Transportation)

Riscram™ Rocked Ignited Supersonic Combustor Ramjet. Propulsion system for hypersonic aircraft with supersonic combustor. Mach 0 to 30 - Earth Sea Level to Space Exosphere (Aerospace & Defense)

Rotary Engine for Power Generation (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Rotary Engine US 7,117,839 (Automotive/​Transportation)

RVCR - Multi Fuel IC Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

See Through Fluid And Oil Filters (Automotive/​Transportation)

Series-parallel hybrid vehicle without torque disruption at mode shifting (Sustainable Technologies)

Smart Materials to Improve Aerodynamic Efficiency (Aerospace & Defense)

Spark Ignited IC Engine Control Running on Alternative Fuel Mixture (Automotive/​Transportation)

Spherical Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

State of the Art Novel InFlow Tech Project Development 1) Gearturbine RotaryTurbo 2) Imploturbocompressor - One Moving Part (Aerospace & Defense)

Stellar Engine With Magnetic Transfer Of Torque (Automotive/​Transportation)

the SARM Project (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Use Of Split Valves In Internal Combustion Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Transfer Port Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Turbo-Cooling System (Automotive/​Transportation)

Valved Two Stroke Engine -PartII (Automotive/​Transportation)

Variable Displacement Engine-Maximum Efficiency And Lowest Emissions (Automotive/​Transportation)

Xtreme Green Rotary Engine To Supplant Lagacy Piston ICE's & Turbines - THE*FUTURE*OF*PROPULSION (Aerospace & Defense)

2014 Entries

170 mpg Hydraulic Hybrid (Automotive/​Transportation)

A Comprehensive Method For Computer Coronary Reconstructution And Physical Model 3D Printing (Medical)

A Fully Variable Valve in an Optimized 2-Stroke Diesel Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

AIr hybrid Vehicle ( Increased overall efficiency) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Air Management System for Heavy Duty Vehicles (Automotive/​Transportation)

Alternator Recharger (Automotive/​Transportation)

An Advanced Ultimate ACV (Hovercraft) (Automotive/​Transportation)

Automobile Diagnostic Repair System with GIS Locator and Data Analytics Integration (Electronics)

Breaking of Energy conservation law at Thermo-magnetic engine known as Curie engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Capillarity system to desalinize sea water (Sustainable Technologies)

Cobbler's Workstation (Consumer Products)

Collaborative Group Research for Electric Flight Propulsion (Aerospace & Defense)

Continous power stroke rotary engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Continously Variable Displacement Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

dsPIC based Engine Control Unit (ECU) powered by LabVIEW (Automotive/​Transportation)

Economical Automobile Immobilizer (Automotive/​Transportation)

Effect of Hydrogen Supplementation on 40% SVO-Diesel Blend on Performace, Combustion and Emission Characteristics of an IDI CI Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Electronic Throttle Control System (ETCS) (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Emulsified Heavy Fuel Oil Reduces Consumption, Emission, and Maintenance Costs (Sustainable Technologies)

Exploring The Use Of Multiphase Electro-Magnetic Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Extreme Power Free-Piston Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

GVM motor (Automotive/​Transportation)

Intelligent Fuel Trimmer (IFT) based on 18F1320 for EFI Engines (Electronics)

Internal Combustion Two-Stroke Engine (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

Laser ignition for IC engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

Low Heat High Efficiency Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnezing Car (Automotive/​Transportation)

Multiple Mode Control System For a Vehicle (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Crankshaft Substitute: Sinuous Crown Gears (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Engine Technology – High Efficiencies - Low Emissions - Low Fuel Consumption (Automotive/​Transportation)

New Mill Mac (Automotive/​Transportation)

Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech - Gearturbine Project (Aerospace & Defense)

Novel Translating/Orbiting Rotor Compressor (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

oil filter drain tool (Automotive/​Transportation)

Oscillating engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Oscillating Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Pneumatic Electric Self Sustained Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Quasiturbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Reduction of Parasitic Engine Power Loss (Automotive/​Transportation)

REFWD - Clutch mechanism (Automotive/​Transportation)

Rotary Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

SAKALARAVA (Sustainable Technologies)

Six stroke engine with water injection (Automotive/​Transportation)

Snake Hand (Aerospace & Defense)

Solute Ion Linear Alignment Flash Distillation And Power Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Spark Ignited IC Engine Control Running on Alternative Fuel Mixture (Automotive/​Transportation)

Steam Assisted Co-Cycle Internal Combustion Engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Bicycle Generator (Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics)

The Inverted Gas Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

The LazerPlug (Automotive/​Transportation)

The Simplest, Most Efficient, Low Cost Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept (Aerospace & Defense)

TOR Jet (Takeoff Ramjet) (Aerospace & Defense)

Twin six stoke engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

Ultra Fuel Efficient Vehicle (Sustainable Technologies)

V4 engine carburetor venturi (Automotive/​Transportation)

Venturi Induction for Internal Combustion Engines (Automotive/​Transportation)

WAISSI Engine - Simplest Internal Combustion Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Water Bath Treatment of Exhaust gases in diesel engine (Automotive/​Transportation)

2013 Entries

100% Free Energy (Transportation & Automotive)

2+2=4 Stroke IC Engine with Tweaked PV= Constant Curve (Transportation & Automotive)

48V Town & Country Hybrid Powertrain (TC48) (Transportation & Automotive)

A New Diesel Engine Cycle with Lower Mechanical Losses and Improved Environmental Performance. (Transportation & Automotive)

Alternator-Powered Hybrid Car (Transportation & Automotive)

Antimatter Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

Automatic Thrust Augmentation (Sustainable Technologies)

Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free! (Transportation & Automotive)

Automotive Combi Heat Exchanger (Transportation & Automotive)

Compressed Air Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Deployable Through Hull Scoop (Consumer Products)

Double Acting Internal Combustion Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

DRET 6kW Power Generating System for Ancillary Load Onboard Vehicle (Transportation & Automotive)

Ductile Ceramics (Aerospace & Defense)

Efficient and Quick Control for Diesel-Gas and Other Engines (Transportation & Automotive)

Energy Saving Conversion Kits for Old Car (Transportation & Automotive)

Engineless Propulsion Technique for Aircraft (Aerospace & Defense)

External Combustion Engine (Machinery & Equipment)

Feasibility of Hydrogen As An Alternative Fuel For an Internal Combustion Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Flatkart (Transportation & Automotive)

Folding Grill (Consumer Products)

Front Loader (Sustainable Technologies)

Fuel Efficient CVT for Scooters (Transportation & Automotive)

Fuel Flexible, Ultra-Portable Microturbine Generator (Machinery & Equipment)

Fuel Quality Sensor (Transportation & Automotive)

Gun-Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

High Efficient Magnetic Engine for Power Generation (Sustainable Technologies)

Hour Meter as a Standard to Change the Liquid and Part of the Car Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Hybrid Opposed Piston Engine - HOPE (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Transport System - HTS (Transportation & Automotive)

Hydrolyseric Triyan Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

IC Engine with NO Crankshaft (Transportation & Automotive)

In-Wheel Brushless DC Outer Rotor (Hub) Motor Used in Electically Driven Vehicles (Transportation & Automotive)

Increasing 4 Stroke Engine with Water Injection (Sustainable Technologies)

Insulated Pulse-Combustion Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Integrated Internal & External Combustion Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Internal Combustion Engine Ignition Low-rpm Transducer (Transportation & Automotive)

Kinematics Electricity Storage System (Transportation & Automotive)

Land Transportation Comfort with Audace (Transportation & Automotive)

ME2 Rotary Engine (Machinery & Equipment)

ME2a Internal Combustion Rotary Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

MegProp System for City Railroads (Transportation & Automotive)

Methodology Development of a Diagnosis Support Using Manufacturing Additive Models from Medical Images (Medical)

New Heat Engine for Waste Heat Energies (Machinery & Equipment)

New Powertrain to Achieve 80mpg for Midsize Car (Transportation & Automotive)

New Unmanned Railway System (Transportation & Automotive)

Next Generation Fuel Saver & Power Manager (Transportation & Automotive)

No Cone Single Point Reamer/Drill (Machinery & Equipment)

Perpetual Motion Machine Using Capillary and Wheel (Sustainable Technologies)

Reduction of Fuel Wastage (Transportation & Automotive)

Rotary Internal Combustion Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Satellites Authorize a "Go" for Vertical Takeoffs (Transportation & Automotive)

Save 30% Gasoline -> Pressure Pulsation Dampers for Injectors and Twin-Jet Injectors (GOAL: Pressure Damped Twin-Jet Injectors) (Transportation & Automotive)

SM-39 Razor Air Superiority Fighter (Aerospace & Defense)

Sound Muffler (Machinery & Equipment)

Test Strip Mixture Indicators (Sustainable Technologies)

The Afterburning Rocket Engine (Aerospace & Defense)

The Solution to the Gas Turbine Temperature Problem (Transportation & Automotive)

TurboMotor (Transportation & Automotive)

Two Stroke Lubricant Oil (Transportation & Automotive)

VariPhase Engine: Split Cycle Phase Variable Reciprocating Piston Spark Ignition Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

Wellhead Power Solution for Gas Venting (Sustainable Technologies)

YankeeDiesel - The More Efficient Engine (Transportation & Automotive)

2012 Entries

A Light Differential Amplifier as a Core of a Speed Measuring System (Electronics)

A New Rotor Fan (Machinery & Equipment)

Alley Flexible Gate Membrane Containers (Consumer Products)

Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free! (Transportation)

AWD Butterfly (Transportation)

Compressed Air Engine (Transportation)

Constant Velocity Engine (Transportation)

DC Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Design and Development of a Multi Stage Contra Rotating Mini Axial Compressor (Machinery & Equipment)

Device for Control Over Drive of Valve for ICE (Transportation)

Diesel Fuel Saver (Sustainable Technologies)

Double Crankshaft Engine for Better Fuel Consumption (Transportation)

e-GOURMET (Consumer Products)

Electric Car Battery Recharge/Replacement Station (Sustainable Technologies)

First Anti Torque Counter Rotation Ultra Efficient 2 Stage Propeller for Private Aircraft (Transportation)

Gear Transition Fuel Locking System (Transportation)

Green Exhaust System (Algae Infusion into Catalytic Convertor) (Sustainable Technologies)

Griffin (Transportation)

High Expansion Rotary Steam Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

High Performance Rocket Engine for Missiles (Transportation)

Highly Efficient “Little Engine That Can” (Sustainable Technologies)

Hybrid Fuel/Electric Ducted Fan Aircraft Engine (Transportation)

Jet Intake Deflection Grill (Safety and Security)

Landin Engine in Aircraft Use (Transportation)

Laser and Rail Gun Continuous Power (Electronics)

Liberator (Transportation)

MagnaNgine (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnetic Conveyor (FERMAG) Transforms the Energy of Static Magnetic Fields into Mechanical Energy (Machinery & Equipment)

ME2 Rotary Heat Engine (Transportation)

Microwave Assisted Fuel Pre-Heater for Diesel Engines (Sustainable Technologies)

Mountainside Electricity Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

New Ways to Fight Wildfires (Safety and Security)

Optimal Roller Bearing (Machinery & Equipment)

Phase Transition Engine Utilizing Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking (Machinery & Equipment)

Powershift Differential Transmission with Three Flows of Power (Transportation)

Rabei Energetic Cycles (Sustainable Technologies)

Recuperator of Energy Effect Seebek for Internal Combustion Engines (Transportation)

Redesigning the Electric Motor (Transportation)

Resonant Energy Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

RICE (Rotary Internal Combustion Engine) (Consumer Products)

Rolling Piston Air Motor or Pump (Machinery & Equipment)

Rotational Internal Combustion Engine with Radially Movable Vanes (Machinery & Equipment)

Self-Sizing Internal Combustion Engine (Transportation)

Should Future Airliners Lose Their Tails? (Transportation)

Simultaneous Production of Nanocarbon, Hydrogen, and Energy (Machinery & Equipment)

Speed of Temperature Changes in Equipment (Machinery & Equipment)

The Pulsed Turbine Turbo-Prop Engine Concept (Consumer Products)

The Pusher (Transportation)

The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept (Transportation)

Trejo Internal Combustion Engine (Transportation)

Turbo-expander (Sustainable Technologies)

Very Fast High Dynamic Range Analog to Digital Converter, ADC (Machinery & Equipment)

World 's First Solar Thermal Panel, 3X More Efficient Than Solar Cell Panels (Machinery & Equipment)

Zero Pollution Engine™ (Sustainable Technologies)

2011 Entries

4 Wheel Drive EV Conversion for Everyone (Transportation)

5 Stroke Internal Combustion (Otto) Engine (Transportation)

A Dirigible that Should be Developed (Transportation)

A Low-Cost IEC-Fusion Plasma Spacecraft Thruster (Transportation)

Air Powered Gas Turbine (Sustainable Technologies)

Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free! (Transportation)

Autonomous Power Installations (Sustainable Technologies)

AutoSkyBot (Transportation)

Bicycle Crank System with Dead Spot Elimination (Transportation)

Clean Green IC Power (Transportation)

DCD Controller for Fuel Saving Retrofitting (Transportation)

Doyle Rotary Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Dynamic Engine Valve Timing & Throw Control (Machinery & Equipment)

Economical Pulsejet Engine for Civil Aerospace (Machinery & Equipment)

Energy System Based on Oscillating Pendulum (Sustainable Technologies)

Flying Military and Commercial Aircrafts (Transportation)

Fully Internal Combustion System (FICS) (Transportation)

GEDAYC Wind Turbine New Concept (Sustainable Technologies)

Gravito-Magnetic-Lumina-Fusion Engine w/TSM (Transportation)

Helium Turbine Engine (Machinery & Equipment)

Home Water Power Station (Sustainable Technologies)

Hydraulic Hybrid - Hydrostatic Powertrain & Safety (Transportation)

Hydristor Retrofit (Transportation)

Internal-Combustion Engine (Transportation)

Landin Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnetic Repulsion Piston Engine (MRPE) (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnetic Road Sweeper (Transportation)

Method of Fuel Usage (Safety and Security)

Mini Combo Turbine: 120 mpg Automobile (Machinery & Equipment)

Mini Turbojet Engine (Machinery & Equipment)

New Electric Motor Design for Electric Vehicles. (Transportation)

Nitro-Turbo Engine (Transportation)

Oscillatory Combustion Setup in Oil Fired Furnace (Sustainable Technologies)

Reduction of Harmful Combustion Emissions (Sustainable Technologies)

RollerRatchet (Machinery & Equipment)

Solar ORC Cogeneration for Underserved Areas (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar-Brayton Generator (Sustainable Technologies)

Stirling Engine as Application of THE DOT Project (Sustainable Technologies)

The Cylinthruston is the Solution (Transportation)

The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept (Transportation)

Theoretical Electric Field Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Thermo-Electric-Converter (Electronics)

Turbojet Engine Protection Grill (Transportation)

Using Mass to Get Energy (Sustainable Technologies)

Vacuum Activated Closed Loop System (Sustainable Technologies)

Variable Valve Lift System for Internal Combustion Engines (Transportation)

Volume Hydrogen Production with Specialized Anode (Sustainable Technologies)

Wireless Power for Aircraft (Transportation)

YankeeDiesel – it’s not rocket science (Transportation)

Zero Pollution Engine™ (ZPE™) Secrets Revealed (Sustainable Technologies)

2010 Entries

A Gateway To Green Power & Propulsion (Sustainable Technologies)

All Round Solar Wave Energy Antenna (Sustainable Technologies)

Aviation carbon fiber parts production processes (Transportation)

Bringing George Jetson's World to Life (Transportation)

Car engine heat collector (Sustainable Technologies)

Car with hydrogen & oxygen support (Transportation)

Carbon Cleaning Internal Combustion Engines (Transportation)

Cartridge thermostat for automobile (Consumer Products)

Ceramic-lined internal combustion engine (Transportation)

Cheap 4-stroke engine (Transportation)

Cluster rocket engine (Transportation)

Converting Transportation to Hydrogen Fuel (Transportation)

Creativity Cafe; New School and Networking Parlor (Consumer Products)

Digitally Timed Gas Mileage (Transportation)

Elecro Car Charger (Sustainable Technologies)

EM.M.I.E (Transportation)

Energy Wheel (Sustainable Technologies)

Engine With A Sidewall Combustion Chamber (Transportation)

Feed the World with Solar-Powered Tractors (Machinery & Equipment)

FireStorm Plasma iPlug (Consumer Products)

Firewater spark plug (Sustainable Technologies)

Fully Internal Combustion System (FICS) (Transportation)

Future Fuels- Butanol (Sustainable Technologies)

Garden Composter (Consumer Products)

GEDAYC Wind Turbine with Blades and Kites (Sustainable Technologies)

Grail Engine (Transportation)

Improved Tube & Fin Heat Exchanger (Transportation)

Intergalactic Propulsion (Transportation)

Just fill the tank with water (Transportation)

Kinetic Converter (Sustainable Technologies)

Magnetic Brakes...Using Brake Pads (Safety and Security)

Magnetic-Levitating Vehicle (Transportation)

Method of reducing gryoscopic drag (Transportation)

Method to reduce gyroscopic drag (Transportation)

Methodology for Study of the Effect of the PWM Volt (Machinery & Equipment)

Microturbine Sun Tracker (Sustainable Technologies)

Mixed cycle auto engine (Transportation)

Multi-Grain Expandable Vortex Hybrid Rocket Motor (Transportation)

Multiple Purpose Filter (Machinery & Equipment)

No moving parts alternator for vehicles (Machinery & Equipment)

Oil change system (Consumer Products)

OWC wave energy system alteration (Sustainable Technologies)

Parabolic collector with glass box and copper wire (Sustainable Technologies)

Phoenix Pressurized Gas Turbogenerator Appliance (Sustainable Technologies)

Pneumatic regenerative brakes (Transportation)

POLMAP - Sea Observation Airship (Safety and Security)

Poppet off (Transportation)

Porcupine Ceramic Heat Exchanger (Machinery & Equipment)

Preventing ocean acidity death from CO2 emissions (Sustainable Technologies)

Pure Air Fuel Car (Transportation)

Regeneration of Automobile Kinetic Energy Loss in Deceleration (Transportation)

Rotary Perforated Disc, EMA-1 (Machinery & Equipment)

Rotary Stirling-Cycle Combustion Engine (Transportation)

Rotational Induction Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Safety of Clutch and Brake Wire (Safety and Security)

Self-Contained Rescue Spreader System (Safety and Security)

Solar power generation with the Zero Pollution Engine (Sustainable Technologies)

Solar Powered Aircraft Engine (Transportation)

Spinner Engine (Transportation)

Stored Energy Electromagnetic Transmission (Transportation)

The CEM Engine (Transportation)

The Concept (Machinery & Equipment)

The idea of using plasma effects with low ratio steam fuels (Transportation)

The New Hydrogen Motor (Sustainable Technologies)

Tidewater Blue (Consumer Products)

TourEngine - Efficient Split-Cycle ICE (Transportation)

Try-brid Vehicle (Transportation)

Valved two stroke engine with extended expansion (Machinery & Equipment)

Variable Speed Fixed Voltage & Current High Torque (Sustainable Technologies)

Variable Valve Lift System for Int. Comb. Engines (Transportation)

Waste Heat Recovery and Storage (Transportation)

Windy Mist Fire Suppression (Safety and Security)

YankeeDiesel, a more efficient engine (Machinery & Equipment)

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