Entrants 2023

Ranjit Abhyankar
Smart Rideshare
Adaptive Reviews

Gary Abramov
Giant Made-in-Space Telescopes
Chitin-based Degradable Beverage Cup
Self-deployable Parabolic Satellite Antennas Based on Shape Memory Materials

Bernhard Adams
Closed-loop Control of Heliostats in Concentrated Solar Power for Electricity and Hydrogen Production

Edwin Aguilera

Oluwalonimi Ajayi

Mohamed Alkalla
BioRobotic Solution for Space Subsurface Exploration

Yara Alshaer

Abdullatief Alshammari
Biodegradable Mycelium Packaging

Ahsen Guniz Altundag
OSIP (Open Source Instrumentation Project)

Gus Anderson
Waste Solution - Recycled Sunglasses

Yaw Antwi Adjei
Digital Portable Patient Folder Using NFC Technology (For Use in Africa)

Radu Apetroaia
Square Trajectory Mechanism for Self-Reconfigurable Modular Robotic Systems

Frank Ardezzone
Hydrogen Powered IC Engine Generates its Own Hydrogen Fuel

Mansha Arora
Energy Absorbing Materials for Enhanced Crashworthiness in Helicopters

Joao Arruda
Liconic Power Unit for UAV Batteries Replacement

Burtis Art
SolarAir Cylinder (SAC)

Nihal Asati

Rodolpho Assumpcao
DSG - Direktschaltgetriebe

Dan Atlas
Smart Seatbelt for Drive and Fly Vehicles

Emanuele Aucone
eDrone: a Flying Robot for Surveying Biodiversity in Hard-to-Reach Forest Canopies

Muthukumaran Azhagesan
Voice to Entertainment (Music)
Compact Vehicle Door Protector and Bullet-proof Auto Shields
Personal Protective Nose Mask

Zalkar Azizbekov
Solaris - Solar-Powered Hydrogen Peroxide Water Purification System

Shuhrat Azizov
Modern Innovative Cotton Ginning Machine

Badrinathan B
LiDAR-Based Floor Measurement with ROS for Efficient Building Construction

Eranna B
Bird Bot

Jean Daniel Baki
The Meeting Point of the future - For Bars & Restaurants

Rajesh Baldaniya
Quick Shifting Automatic Gear Box With Seamless Power Delivery

Fred Ball
Conversion of the Effects of G-Force Into Kinetic Motion - Future Application of This Phenomenon Results in Ultra-high Efficiency Generator

Tanuj Baria
Head Tracking System of Camera Vision by Telekinesis Technology

Marie France Barrault

Gautam Narayan Baruah
A Free Energy Merry Go Round Rotary Device With Special Relative Inertial Frames

Rory Bateman
Patchflow-Robotics for In-Pipe Leak Repair

Yeldana Batrkhanova
Biothermometric Authentication System

James Beregi
Decarbonizing Transportation

Jose Luis Bermudez De Castro
Internal Cooling Method for Combustion Engines

Ed Bernard
Portable Dual Pressure Respiratory Treatment Device

Joel Berson
High Speed Helicopter Variable Sweep Rotor Design

Paul Bevilaqua
F-35B Lift Fan System

Sandhiprakash Bhide
Completely Biodegradable Eyeglasses for 950M Around the Globe Who Cannot Afford to Pay for Their Eyeglasses

Andrea Biasio

Emine Yelda Bingul
Intercity Personal Maglev System to Increase Mobility

Robert X Bishop
Using Sound as a Catalyst to Greatly Reduce Cost of Green Hydrogen Production

Frank Boehm
Vascular Cartographic Scanning Nanodevice (VCSN)

David Bosley
Easy Power Plus Hydrogen Disruptor Engine

Brian Boyle
A Synergistic Active Suspension Facilitating Efficient “Motor-in-Wheel” Electric Vehicles

Thomas Brady
Plastic Recycling Incentive Strategy
Solving the Disposable Plastics Problem

Dow Brain
The Catch all Harvest Concept

John Brandt
Electric Demand Reducer

Jeff Brown
DAMPS Technology D Drive 5.0 DC Power Generation

Shyla Bryant

Denis Buffet
Powertrain for 4-wheel Drive Vehicle

Kevin Busto

Craig Callewaert
Endless Irrigation for Our Water Planet

Kevin Cameron
Green Solar

Stefano Caprioli

Andrew Caratenuto
Nano-fibrous Biopaint for Zero-electricity Cooling

David Carr
Save the Orangutans by Growing Algae Oil!

Michael Carr
Waterless Toilet

Pierre Yves Cattin

Tm Ceolin
Tizzy Wheels, a Neurobiology Almanac ebook

Bharat Chaudhary
SI-LINK™ DFDF-5451 NT Faster Curing Ethylene-Silane Copolymer

Elias Chavez Monarrez
MRS (Multinational Response System)

Chaonan Chen
OBD2 Simulator

Ed Chen
The World's First Reactionless Propellantless Electromagnetic Thruster

Tingyu Cheng
SwellSense: Creating 2.5D Interactions with Micro-capsule Paper

David Harold Chester
Better Knowledge of Our Social System of Macroeconomics

Allan Chung
Novel EVA Trismus Rehabilitation Tray

John Clark
VForce® Shape Adaptive (Morphing) Technology for Rigid Sails with Increased Propulsion Power

Rick Clemenzi
Modular Encapsulated High Temperature Heat Pumps for Industrial Decarbonization

Jeffrey Cogen
Sustainable Low Emission Zero Degassing High Voltage Cable Insulation Compound

William Colburn
Coiled Bi-Metal Exploding Bridgewire

Marissa Confredo
FDR Cross, the World’s First Two-in-one Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography System

Ted Corgan
Solar Lock Nut

Robert Michael Corpus
Advanced Drive Cycle Generation Device
Automated Poultry Feeding System using Microcontroller-based SmartFlock Technology

Daniel Cowley
Built-in Tractor Row-Guidance Hitch
Micro Drone
A Dancing Jack Frost
ON THE ROCKS – Rock Crawler Axle
A Tail-Wagger Airplane

Eric Crews
Geomagnetic Field Amplifier

Trent Crouse
Dome House-Moveable-Perm

Jonar Cubillan
Portable Multiple Saw "LION-GREEN J-1"

Pawel Czapiewski
EVAA - Ecological Vertical Agriculture Assistant

Robert Dahlstrom
Tethered Drones to Spray a NASA Dual-use Compound on Surfaces to Remove Smog and Pollution from the Air

Tom Daily
The VTOL Hopper Aircraft for First Responders, Military Troops, and to move Cargo
The VTOL Hopper Aircraft for First Responders, Military Troops, and to Move Cargo

Saharsh Dalal
Solaro - The Autonomous Solar Cleaning Robot

Johannes Dapprich
A New Treatment Approach for Spinal Cord Injury

Ned Davis
Leakproof Valve

Steve Davis

Albert Davydov
Smartray (R)

Caitlin Dawson
Intuitive Human-Robot Collaboration through Example-Driven Learning

Henrique De Carvalho Pinheiro
ZEDS - Zero Emission Driving System: Electric Motor with Magneto-rheological Braking Integration

Daniel Declutemelancon
Vertistations for Advanced Air Mobility and Mobility as a Service

Tano Deland
Neonatal Incubator

Denis Deperne
Reusable Surgical Clip Applier with Removable Jaws

Veerababu Dharanalakota
Pnoi-phone: a Breath-based Device for the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Asthma

Louis Difrancesco
COTS CC Coastal & Mid Ocean Wind Generator Islands, Fisheries, & Airfields

Burtis Dockery
World Wide Electrical Grid

Shane Dolan
OptiAG - High Precision Irrigation & Fertilizer Application Framework for Optimal Agriculture

Jason Durfee
Autonomous Sun Visor

Tony Dye
Liquid Air Energy Storage with CO2 Extraction

Doug Dykaar
Greenhouse Gas Sensor

Samer El Sayary

Khaled Elnems
Stick & Safe

Jonah Emeson

Enrique Enriquez
Small USV for Near Shore Data Collection

John Ettridge
Constant Flow Water Can

Kathleen Fallon

Christine Farag

James Farrell
Validated 3-D Deformation Modeling in Anatomical Structures

Adewunmi Adesola Fashina
Use of Plant Species in the Decontamination of Polluted Soil

Benjamin Fields
A Novel Electric Propulsion Unit For Affordable Deep Space Exploration

Christian Fiot
Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer ( IRMS )

Tyrone Fitzgerald
Zulu Pods Are the World's First Decentralized Lubrication System

Knut Olav Fjell
RailCat - Next Generation Transport System

Randall Flann
RoFo EIGHTEEN-WHEELER BevDisHeadgear Beverage Dispenser

Kamran Ford
Fogless Safety Glasses -2

Tony Francis
Inkjet Printed SERS Substrate & Raman Spectrometer to Detect Food Contamination

Anthony Fresco
Nano-Graphene Oxide Coated Electrolyzers Supplied Distilled Water and Power via Solute Ion Linear Alignment (SILA) Ion Beams & Monopole Motor (SIMM) and Phosphorus Recovery for Agriculture

Kay Fuller
POPSafe™ Endotracheal Tubes - Preventing Accidental Anesthesia/Ventilator Disconnections

Nicola Funicello

Mario Galvan
New Dual Core Generator

Anteneh Gashaw
Slope Control for Wheelchair
My Tree
Elevated Saucers
Rotary Crop
Anteneh’s DFD Gear
Circular Economics of Bricks
Water Bucket Overflow Collector
Anti-Campfire Wildfire
Picture Hanger for Wheelchair Users
Green Universal Syringe

Ravi Shankar Gautam
Innovative Bevel Gear Based Ackermann Steering System

John Gewarges
Ganaio High-Output Regenerative Damper

Harsh Ghediya
Solar Panel With Solar Tracking Device Without Power Consumption

Sanjay Giridharan
MEPAP-15000- A Clean Hybrid Energy Harvester cum Air Purifier

Steven Goldstein
Solar Thermal Absorption Cooling - The Hotter It Is, The Cooler It Gets!

Jess Goodman
A Master Metric Predicting Lifespan

Stephen Griffin
Proflex® Prometheus™ - the Ultimate in High Energy Delivery Fiber Optics

John Griffiths
Innovate and Unite for Cleaner Oceans - Hire an ROV and Pick Up Debris!
Marine Debris Collecting Remotely Operated Vehicle

Philipp Grimmer

Jose Gros Aymerich
Cardiology use of COMSOL Software

Aastha Grover
AquaNeer - No Plant Left Thirsty

Tyler Gruhn
Autonomous Dishwashing Suite

Vidyadhar Gurram
Impossible Pleases Us, Always

Dervis Gursoy

Samdeok Gwon
Thermally Conductive Encapsulant for Excellent Process-ability and Productivity Improvement of Power Electronics of xEV

Kent Hansen

Stephan Hanvey
Neurofiboptic ™ Control and Sensing Network

Holger Hartmaier
800 V, 50 A HV-Switch / e-Fuse

Mohammed Hassan
Ultrafast Optical Transistor and Data Encoding

Youliang He
Novel Electrical Steel Core Lamination Manufacturing Method

Robert Herman
Forming Molten Metal using Ultrasonics

Herschel Herschman
Implantable and Wearable Artificial Kidney

Harold Hess
Satellite Docking System

Bob Hoersch
Noncontact Hip Replacement Using Magnets and Shape Memory Material

Carlos Holguin Ortiz

Leonard J Holmin
SPACE FINS: Astronaut Shirtsleeves Mobility

Hao Huang
A Wearable Ultrasound Cardiac Imager

Wengang Huang
Novel Perovskite Glass Composite Enabling Coenzyme Regeneration

Sky Huddleston
Solid Fuel Combined Heat+Power Tesla Microturbine

Mohd Khairul Alhapiz Ibrahim
LiDAR-Based Motorcycle Forward Collision Alert System (MCAS)

Senad Imamovic
Motor without Driving Fuel

Suditya Insan
Pyrolysis Furnace for Converting Plastic Waste into High-Quality Fuel Products using Magnifying Sunlight in a Glass Reactor

Nguper Iorember
Characterization of Epoxy-Rice Husk Ash Composite for Pavement Tile Applications

Alex Isakov
Gyro_6DoF - The Transformer of the Specified Part of the Space-time Expansion Energy Into Electrical Energy

Rajan Iyer
Machine coding Algorithm IT Presenting Design Physics 

Bill James
Solar-powered Transport Networks, JPods

Damir Janigro
A Salivary Test for Brain Health

Steven Jia
Intelligent Bicycles: Using AI to Improve Cyclist Safety & Reduce Injuries

William Johnston
TenseFlatables: 3D Printed Tensegrity-Assisted Inflatable Structures
AeroFeathers: 3D Printed Airfoils Inspired by the Quiet Flight of Owls

Ivan Jokic
Veles - Smart Photovoltaic Water Heating Converter

Al Joniec
Low Temperature Green Energy Power Generation

Nozimaxon Jumayeva
Innovative Equipment in Organic Cotton Growing

Carlos Juni
Opposed Piston Facing Heads Internal Combustion Engine, Compact Design
Hybrid Transmission System for Blending Torque and Power Efficiency Between Engines & Final Transmission Shaft

Kamalesh K
Smart Voice Assistive Humanoid Robot Head with Motion Tracking

Selaka Kaluhendiwela
Green Cell - Microbial Fuel Cells and Generation of Electrical Energy

Yusup Kamalov
Cheap Desalination Device Using Roofs of Buildings
Using Thermal Energy to Produce Electricity
Wind Turbine With More Technological Blades

Taehee Kang

Leevi Kapembe
RSangoma Computerized Application

Michael Kelley
Train Guidance Drone

Samuel Kerem

Yuriy Kim
Green Spiral

Steven Kingsley
EcoSmart™ Super Biodegradable, Bioactive, and Economical Food Packaging Film and Production Process

Mark Kinley
Reconfigurable Materials Handing Cart

Japhet Kipichiy
Air-gapped Primary Coil Transformer/Over a Hundred Percent Efficient Transformer Design

Bill Kitsch
Non-Metallic Thermoplastic Infrared DX Fluid Heater/Boiler

Nobuhiko Kobayashi
Direct Seawater Electrolysis System with High-current-density Capability

Siddalingappa P Kodigaddi
Amphibious Drone

Michael Kramer
Hydrogen Electric Mainline Air Transport

Vasilisa Kravchenko

Jithin Krishna
Multi-Objective Optimization of a Variable Flow Baffle System for Enhanced Rocket Propellant Utilization

Vijay Krishna Rv
Diving into the Future: Marty, the Cutting-Edge Hybrid AUV-ROV Expanding the Horizons of Underwater Discovery

Milan Krupa
Path to Advanced Robotics, Mobility, Rockets, Energy, and Beyond: Maximal Performance FrictionLess Gears©
Ultimate Green EV Range Extender and Power Gen-set [Clean I.C.E. Mobility Enabling]
Sustainable Mobility NOW: Out-Of-The-Box Solution to Old I.C.E. Vehicle Problems
Path to the Future: Sub-Quantum (Micro)Scope [SQS]

Atul Kumar
Portable Air Conditioner with Water Cooled Condenser
Fault Detection in Motor and IC Engine Using Modal Analysis of Chladni Plate

Robert Kunzmann

Mike Lacroix
Wheelchair Clutch and Electric Drive
Dual Mode Aircraft Engine

Mike Lacroix

Ellen Langsetmo
Virus Scanner Portal

Bathen Lankry
Ionic Mineral Technologies' Next-Generation Battery Material: The Nano-Silicon Solution

Carl Lawrence
Proven, Natural Comfort Control for Buildings

Albert Lee
Makya: Revolutionizing Aerial Technology with the World's Next-Generation Drone
Dakota: Redefining Temperature Control with Innovative Panel Technology
Enapay: A Groundbreaking Leap in Weapon Technology
Akecheta: Revolutionizing Aerial Warfare with the World's First Pilotless Bomber, Drone, and Fighter
Matwau: Pioneering a Safer Future with the First Anti-Shoot Device
Ukraine: Revolutionizing Security with the World's First Bomb Robber and Defender
HoverChair: Revolutionizing Mobility for the Disabled
Abey: Transforming Healthcare with the World's First Hospital Hover Bed
Chayton: Redefining Aerial Operations with the World's First Pilotless Helidrone
Navajo: Revolutionizing Road Marking with Distance-Controlled Robotics

Hernando Lema
Busway Monitoring Real-time (Alpaway)

Francisco Leme Galvao

Brian Levy
Turbine-electric Locomotive

Joshua Levy
The Lyceum

Allen Li
Super Thermal Insulation Material for Heat Insulation Applications

Fengwang Li
Electrified Green Ammonia Synthesis

Muyang Lin
A Wireless Wearable Ultrasound Patch for Deep Tissue Monitoring

Zachary Liollio
Automatic Braking-On-Interference (AutoBOI)

Janusz Lisowski
iChessOne: Wooden Foldable Electronic Chessboard

Fangzheng Liu
PCB Probe Tester (PCBPT) - a Compact Desktop System that Helps with Automatic PCB Debugging

Harshini Lk
Smart Solar Panel Cleaning System Using IoT

Martin Lombardini
Tactical Aerial Kinetic Device™ TAK-D™

Nemindra Mahathalagalage
Enhanced Multi-use Mobility Device

Irfan Majid
Automate System Safety Analysis (SAE ARP-4761) and Airborne Equipment Design (SAE ARP 4754) Processes

Yash Makwana
Designing System for Capturing CO2 Emissions

Elijah Maluleke
A Smart Water Tap Leakage Controller IoT Project

Vijay Mamtani
B-TMSG-DC (Biomass Gasifier Thermoelectric Module Static Generator)

John Mangiagli

Denislav Marinov
Amnova: Large Format Manufacturing of the Future

Chikomborero Matara
AI System for Greenhouse Monitoring and Control

Farrah Mathura
Timed Switch for Voltage Regulator

Jaxon Mcarthur

Geoff Mccue
Airless/NPT Tire

Robert Mclean
Is the Internal Combustion Engine Dead?

Awais Memon
Design and Development of Agricultural Soil Moisture Detector and Control Robot

Mathieu Menet
DiabAide - The Solidarity-based Service to Ease Daily Life of Families With Type 1 Diabetic Children

David Menicovich
Cleaning and Cooling to Safeguard Edge Vision Sensor Functionality

Luis Ricardo Mercado Mendoza
Anti Wildifire Firetruck

Jerome Miastkowski
Aeroplicity: Streamlining Compliance, Enhancing Cybersecurity, and Empowering Aerospace and Defense Supply Chains

Roman Milczarek
Time for a Model Change, Replacing Organic Friction Materials by Innovative Inorganic Friction Materials

John Mitchell
Accessing the Inaccessible using Hovercraft

Arnav Modanwal
Hand Gesture Based Mouse Control and Drawing - WaveClick

Farzeen Mohamed
Automated Fuel Assessment System With Real-time Quantity Measurement in Automobiles

Gianantonio Moretto
KIEN Inverted Real Time Location System for Blind Autonomous Mobility

Jack Morrison
Making Joysticks Obsolete

Jamie Mullally
ReLeaf: Smart Urban Tree Monitoring System

James Munro
A Ground Assisted Orbital Launch System

Zitela Mwale
Sustainable Combined Solutions that Enhance Thermal Battery Long-lasting Power/Energy Storage Performance & Management for Electric Vehicles
Auto Technological Intelligence Detection of Creative Voice Passwords for Any System Worldwide [IoT Based]
Sustainable Guarding Security [IoT Based Wireless] Auto-view Spectacles Connected to Shop Shelf or Wall Cameras
Sustainable Curative/Therapy-Body-Flusher (Therapeutic Flavored Water Drink)
Sustainable [IoT-based] Auto-digit Private & Confidential Communicator App
Sustainable [IoT based] Auto Leather-Slicer-Machines to Recover Leather Waste
Sustainable [IoT based] Anti-Virus-Trap App with Invisible-Data-Recovery/Protector-Pockets for Data/Files
An [IOT based] Auto-electric Tool Machine for Setable Surface-material Cutting/ Carving & Stitching of Leather, Plastic/Canvas Material
[IoT based] Sustainable Auto-coding Web Feature for all Software
Sustainable [IoT-Based] Auto-wireless Staff Register Book for Multi-companies
Sustainable Fruit-growth Accelerator for Healthy Fruits-bumper-harvest [on-season or Seasonal-fruits or Off-season Fruits]
Sustainable [IoT-based Wireless] Auto Body-scanning-glove Machines for Patients
IoT based Lockable Securitized Wireless Touch-Sensitive Glass Virtual-Keyboard
PRESTO-DETECTOR Data-Distributor-Communicator [IoT Based Multi-functional App]
[IoT Based] Mobile & Fixed, Auto & Instant, Silent-engined Micronizer Machine-bins for All Plastics
[IoT based] Sustainable Data Storage Auto-compressing Features for Optimum Data Space Creation

Neeraj Nagaraj
Chompix- A Plastic Pre Recycler

Sri Lakshmi Bhavani Nandamuri
Plant Hacks-A Complete Tree Health Management System

Rajan Narasimhachari
Liquid Battery

Sharon Nasset
Third Bridge Now
I-5 and I-84 Freeway Realignment and Additional Access
Water, Wind, Solar Power Plant

Erick Nateras
Dynamic Unbalance Correction Mechanism

Joseph Ngugi

Suzushi Nishimrua
High-Power Electrostatic Actuators to Realize Artificial Muscles

Terlumun Nor
Mushroom-based Paper

Okpamen Obasogie
Ina Vibe: Eco-Friendly Cooking, Charging and Lighting

Martin Ooi
ExoMotus™ M4 Lower-limb Exoskeleton Robot

Renato Openiano
SMARTRIX(R) Empowers Color-Blind Drivers to Safely Drive

Altibano Ortenzi
Flow Mixer Regulator

Ezozbek Ozodov
Defuse-IT Automatic Wastewater Treatment System

Arul P
IoT Based Smart Fencing System for Agriculture

Kenneth Palmestal
CabiBUS Sustainable Mobility

Jongchan Park
Dual Curable Silicone-based Adhesive, Enabling the Waterproof Breakthrough for Foldable Consumer Display Devices

Val Parker

David Michael Patchanian Jr
Sky Walker - Space Exploration System

Dennis Patterson
Miniature Roof Mounted Wind Turbine for Power Generation

Rick Pelfrey
Patented Ceramic Lubricant
Patented Ceramic Grease

Yeferson Pena
Intelligent Protection for Drivers and Occupants: DriveGuard MTools

Milen Penev

Philip Perera
Design, Development and Research of Leaves Collector Extracted by Pet Bottle Made Fiber for Green, 3R at Zero Cost

Guillermo Perez
Environmental Toolkit for an Ecological Area
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Smart Insect Repellent System
Plant Foliage Health Monitor

Miguel Perez Calle
Safety Sound System SSS

Walt Perko
RoboGuts™ Circuitboard The Most Advanced Breadboard for a S.T.E.A.M. Education

Eleftherios Plafountzis
Prometheus Fire Guardian

Sai Aditya Pradeep
Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Door Assembly

Hemil Prajapati
Design of Knee Support System for Elderly People

Matthew Primous
Computation Integration

Raghava Sai Murthy Puppala
Safety Airbags for Motocycles
Semi-automated Farming Structure

Sanjay Puranik
Oil Collector
Anti-collision Boat

Ahmed Qassem
Tawafer (Tawaf Express)

Vignesh Kanna R
Buoyancy Assisted Desalination

Robert Rae
Optimized Motorcycle Design

Md Mohibur Rahman
Solar-Powered Coastal Water Desalination: A Sustainable Solution for Bangladesh's Salinity Crisis

Prem Raj
AI Based Assistive Device for Visually Impaired People

Alex Ramirez Serrano
Highly Maneuverable Electric VTOL Robotic Aircraft for Helicopter Impenetrable Environments

Keerthana Ramkumar
MAGLEV Tires for Improved Maneuverability

Ricardo Ramos
Sensor de Pare

Daryian Rhysing
Next-Gen Plasma Based Propulsion Vehicle

Jack Roach
A Solution for Sea Life and Fisheries: Ropeless Fishing

Edouard Rochefeuille
All-in-one Intuitive Platform for Low Noise Cryogenic Measurements Down to a Temperature of 3K

Frederick Rose
Add A Row Concept
Increase Q in Heat Pipes
Reduced Payback Theory for Heat Pipe Arrays

Rodolfo Rossetti
Repulsive Gravity Generator

Corbin Russ
Novel Optimization of Radiators in Performance Motorcycles

Kenneth Ryan

Pedro De Almeida Sacramento
Bezalel - An Open-source 3D Printable Low-cost Tactile Display

Ahmad Hussain Safder
Dynamic Drive Control Scheme for Energy-Efficient Electric Drive Systems

Shashi Salavath

Makhbuba Salimova
Braille Phone

Bheru Lal Salvi
Green Fuel Production System

Shourya Salvi
Sonic Shield

Rafi Al Sami
Intelligent Plant Weaning System

Marcelo Sampaio De Alencar
Technology to Avoid Obfuscation While Driving

Uba Sani Kibiya
Hybrid Mobile Cold-room

Jainish Santoki
Recycle Shredded Plastic Molding

Jayson Sathyamohan

James Scott
Packet Protector

Jared Semik
Eternium Aerospace Long Range Multi-role Electric Aircraft

Jose Sewaybricker

Shahab Shahrabadi
Designing Ultrawideband Low-Noise Amplifier for Radio-Frequency Receivers

Danish Shaikh
UnOrthoDOKS: Unibody Orthotic Device for Osteoarthritis Knee Support

Ali Shambayati
Hybrid UV 222-nm and Visible LED Lamp Kills Viruses and is Safe for Human Exposure

Dr Lalit Kumar Sharma
Pressed Ceramic Geopolymer

Suryansh Sharma

Carey Sharp
Deep Water Generator

Pavel Shehter
Multi-Fuel - Water - Rotary Engine ”MFRE”

Hrishikesh Shinde
The Sylves

Juan Sierra
Revolutionizer: Design of a Crusher Machine of Organic Waste for Biogas and Efficiency

Rudresh Singh
Solar Panel Cleaning Robot for Enhanced Performance of Large Installations

Tarunyaa Sivakumar

Ilia Smirnov
Efficient and Sustainable Short-Range Delivery with Small Cargo Drones

David B Smith
Save 10% on Vehicle Fuel and CO2 Emissions with ValueGauge

Robert John Smith
Energy from Waste Radioisotopes

Kevin Victor Soans

Alexander Soiguine
Quantum Computing with GPU

Alexander Soiguine
Feasible Quantum Computing

Kewei Song
New Plastic-Metal Composite 3D Printing Technology

Reamonn Soto
Safely Watch and Prioritize Maintenance With AI-deep Learning and Low Cost Passive RF Wireless Vibratory Strain Sensors

Narasimhan Soundarrajan
Microfluidic Device to Simulate an in-vitro Blood Brain Barrier Model

Ashley Spence
Silicone Frames for Glasses

Nikhil Srivastava
Using Blockchain to Develop Artillery Fire Plan

Valentin Stavrev
μLauncher - Minimalistic Reusable Suborbital Vehicle

Panagiotis Stefanides
A Prototype Model of Specially Designed Optical Detector Sensors for the “Control System" of a Solar Locator and Tracker, Functioning Independently of Clock Time

Jake Stevens
Industrial Geoengineering with Free Radicals

Yanghsi Su

Harun Sumbul
A Novel Artificial Intelligence-Supported Feeding Unit for Stray Animals

Aki Suokas
A Simple Sensor for Detection of Ground from Water

Raghavendra Surendra
Indigenous Metrology Grade Portable 3D Laser Scanner
3D Printed Shape Conformable Solid State Batteries for Powering Next Gen Electronics

Milind Swami
Bio Waste to Pallets

Balint Szent Miklosy
Carapace Suit for Motorcycle Riders

Yugan Nithish Kumar T
PIR Motion Capture Security System
NAVTRACK – Smart Indoor E Navigation and Occupancy Monitoring System

Xiaoming Tan
Golf Hitting Practice Device, a Patent Pending Product! Practice Golf Swing Anytime, Anywhere

Serghei Tanas
Dream Camera
The Name RED & BLUE

Chin Tang Sam
New Adventure Aircraft Sealant Scraper

Anmol Taploo
Air Ionization in Air Breathing Plasma Thruster

Mostapha Tarfaoui
Advancing De-icing Strategies: Integrating New Materials for Enhanced Aerodynamic Performance in Aeronautic & Aerospace and Renewable Energy Applications

Joseph Tarsio
Virtual Reality (VR) Imaging of Human Skin Cancer

Kanat Tazhikhan
Future Solar Power Plant

Indhuja Thangavel
Autonomous Maze Solver Micromouse

Athip Thirupathi Raj
Shape Memory Alloy Assisted Geometric Docking Adapters with Active Lighting Cues Package for Small Satellite Docking and In-Space Assembly

Bruce Thompson
TokaTrac CVT

Bobir Toshmamatov
Obtaining Alternative Fuel from Waste

Giorgio Toson
EcoTrack: Empowering Sustainable Consumption through AI-Powered Tracking

Sandor Toth
Rethinking The Road Freight Transport

Ben Towne
Proof of Renewable Electricity Production (PREPchain)

Dan Townsend
Townsend's Super Hybrid Motor

Gil Travish
DigiScan: Early Warning for Pre-diabetes and Overall Health

Marco Tremblay
The HIPO™ Modules: a Better Solution for High Power EV Chargers

Robert Tulloch
European Medical Market Information

Chockalingam Aravind Vaithilingam

David Valenti

Tom Valentin
OrganEYEzer - High-throughput Sorting of Organoids

John Van Noy
A Device to Alleviate Tinnitus

Gregory Vartanov
New Steel for Penetrators

Gk Venugopal
Engine Technology

Nataliia Vigilianska
Technology for Recovering and Strengthening the Surface of Artillery Recoil Rods

Krithik Vijayakumar
Solar Powered Electric Vehicle

Jitka Virag

Robert Wagoner
gBot, General Purpose Mobile Autonomous Vehicle for Multiple Indoor & Outdoor Applications

Charlie Wartnaby
OBV: On-Board Validation for Automated Vehicles

Clyde Webster
Parrot-inspired Robot for Mobile Tool Manipulation

Theo Wells
Bespoke Turbulence Chip Cooling

Cameron West
Continuous, Pain-Free Monitoring of Thyroid Hormones Using a Novel Biowearable

Irmandy Wicaksono
Peristaltic Suit: Active Compression and Physiological Sensing Intra-vehicular Activity Spacesuit for Cardiovascular Deconditioning

Maxwell Wieder
Celcy - The Automated Nespresso of Food

Don Wilkins
Armored Autonomous Platforms (AAP)

Haixia Wu
Anisotropic Thermal Material: Revolutionizing Battery Packing for Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

Haichuan Yang
FluShield Antiviral Chicken Feed Additive

Peter Yeadon

Dogus Yigit
EDAS (Smart Blind Cane) for Visually Impaired or Blind Individuals
Project VISION for Visually Impaired or Blind Individuals

John Zelahy
Drone Water Recovery System

Nurzhigit Zhunis