Entrants 2021

Raghul A
Rudhra - Astra

Michael Abadjiev

Igor Abakumov
Desinfecting Case "Villo"

Ray Abel
Xogo - Accessibility for Everyone

Adria Abella Villafranca
hDrop - Electrolytes, Hydration, and Temperature Tracker

Shivaramakrishna Aedula
Joystick- Ergonomic Video Game Controllers

Hossein Ahmadian
An Optimized Three-pass Perforated Element With End Resonator Chamber Muffler
Novel Force Balance Accelerometer

Samer Ahmed

Gleb Akselrod
World's Smallest Lidar Sensor

Richard Albright

Jesse Aldaba

Role Alvarez
Multistage Combustor

Houssem Eddine Amor
Disposable Wireless and Batteryless Lab On Chip for Self-performed Screening/Analysis

Dimosthenis Anagnostou
HVDC Airborne Powertrain Protection

Ashwin Anand
Chill Breeze Smart Bed

Mike Andic
Smart Plow

Peter Andrekson
High-Speed Communication in Space

Fabiyan Angikath
New Technologies in Sustainable Hydrogen Production from Hydrocarbons and Waste Plastics

Frank Ardezzone
Replaceable Valve Assembly (For IC Engines)

Ed Atchison
Multipurpose Skid Steer Robot

Orlando Auciello
Transformational New Long Life Nanocarbon-Based Dental Implants

Jose Aveleira Mata
TodoDesk - Pen Holder Connected with Display for Gesture-driven Task Management

Alba Avila

Antonio Avila
How a Toothpaste-like Gel Revived Bullet Proof Vests: a Win-win Solution

Juan Carlos Avila
Operational Control and Maintenance Platform for Road Safety

Boyan Bahnev
Hybrid CoAxial Engine

John Bakas
CarBidet ® Car Bottom Washer

Khaled Bakhtiar
Miniature Turbine Jet Engine Design & Manufacturing

Olufemi Balogun
Design of an Auto Crediting Module and Scheme for Prepaid Energy Meters

Sebastian Bandycki
Project Pr0be

Caitlin Barber
LifeMonitor: A Continuous Vitals Monitor for Prehospital Care

Randall Bardwell

Leon Barnard
Walk-on-Transport-Pods (Rack & Gear System)

Gautam Narayan Baruah
A Hypothetical Low to High Energy Signal Converter
A Warp Drive Motor

Steven Bauman
Taming the Grid

John Baxter
Practical Low-emissions Pre-mixed Diesel Combustion System

Stefan Beauregard
Homeless Support App

Brian Bentz
Tissue Imaging for Improving Surgical Outcomes

Emanuele Bezzecchi
INFARMER: A Virtual Veterinary for More Ethical Animal Farming

Dorab Bhagwagar
Keeping Cool - Thermal Management for High Performance Computing

Sachin Bhide
STELLA SUITES - Reason Why People Will Buy Electric Cars

Valentin Biffiger
Automatic Paragliding Emergency Parachute

Robert Bishop
A Non-Newtonian Electromagnetic Rocket Thruster

Himanshu Bisht
Top Loading Stapler
Depth Thread Plug Gauge
Automated Self-propelled Water Trash and Oil Skimmer

Jacob Bizehr
VIMO-Vibration and Inertial Electro Mobile

Nahed Bizzari
Melvindale Autonomous Car

Edouard Bonnefous
Spherical Chamber Engine

Benjamin Booher, Sr.
AscenZ Friction & Brake - Benchmark Friction Composites

Luis Bordallo
A “Specific” Drone for Nighttime Aerial Wildfire Fighting: the Nitrofirex Project

Christopher Borroni Bird
Afreecar E-kit: Provide Sustainable and Affordable Mobility and Power for All the World's People

Fabio Botelho
Pediatric Trauma Innovative Training | Petit-VR

Clive Boyd
Haptic-Sight 3D Perception for the Visually Impaired

Thomas Brady
Solving The Disposable Plastics Problem

Dow Brain
CATCH ALL - Harvest Concept

Timo Bressmer
Low Cost Marine Current Power Plant

Osvaldo Buccafusca
Close-range Object Detection for the Visually Impaired

Denis Buffet
48 V Electrified Axle to Assist the Main Vehicle HV Motor

Shuaibu Bukar
Automated Disposal System (Smart Dustbin)

Robert Laxton Burdon
Dynamic Spaceframe

Robert Laxton Burdon
Hexaflex Honeycomb Heat Shield Panel

Leroy Burke

George Butler
E-Z Flag Bracket

Gus Caicedo
The Concert Hands

Juan Jose Campas
Cinta de Transporte a 90°

Keith Carlock
Photographic APRO ( Artificial Parallel Reality Orb)

David Carr
Improved Enclosure for a Liquid Metal Antenna
Replacing the E-3 Sentry Aircraft

Jorge Cervantes
Technology Open Professional Racing

Chaudhari Chahatkumar
Sustainable Cooling System for Nuclear Power Plant

Raymond Champagne
The United States of America is Not Ready for the Effects of Climate Change and the Future Demand for Power

Chris Chappell
Ag-Chair Lift

Chrisle Charls

Elias Chavez Monarrez

Sam Chen
"Uber" in 6G

Chenkuei Chung
High-performance Novel-morphology Al/PDMS TENG for High-sensitivity Force-sensor and Self-powered Application

John Clark
VForce® Morphing Wind Turbine Blades

Bill Colburn
Portable High Pressure Bidet

Gaucan Constantin
iSOS Bottle

Rick Crammond
Universal Body Enhancement Spaceship Unit

Trent Crouse
Air Testing and Ultraviolet Cleaning Stations

Jonar Cubillan
Educational Toy: The Portable Tree J-1

Radcliffe Cutshaw
Medical Tracking System

Gowthamraj D R P
Blockchain in Voting

Fernando Damasio

Guido Danieli

Sastry Dasigi
A Far-UVC Solution to End the COVID Crisis

Darren David

Frederick Davis
SafRSEATS (Mass Transit Vehicle Seat Belt Restraint System)

Terry Davis
IoT Authentication Using LSA

Luiz Felipe De Moura

Luca De Vivo
LIMBER Unibody Prosthetic Leg

Luca Del Prete

Stanley Demster
Wearable Oxygen Concentrator - Oxygen Pads

Samuel Denard
Manus: A Natural Hand Controller

Roberto Depaschoal
Instant Swapping Systems for Electric Vehicles

Eric Deschamps
The Pivoting Axle Technology Propels Vehicle Dynamics into a New Era of Opportunities

Aditya Deshpande
SERS-Suspension Energy Recovery System

Sachchidanand Dhar
Aircraft Fuselage with Flat Bottom
Electric Vehicle - Dual Charging
Aerodynamic / Hydrodynamic Streamlining Method

Barry Dieser
SCOG - Shipping Containerized Oxygen Generator

Burtis Dockery
Worldwide Electrical Grid

Wolfgang Dr Winkler
Power-to-Gas Improvements with E-Hy BOX

David Dranchak
VFI-689M / Cavitation Resistant Vortex Force Monovane Centrifugal Turbopump Rotor Assembly

Dylan Drotman
Electronics-Free Soft Walking Robot

Chen Duan
Solar Power-Assisted EV Battery Balancing System

Michael Durack
Hairpin Motor Using Aluminum Hairpins

Doug Dykaar
Large Area Silicon Electronics

Mateus E R Da Costa
FMS Trajectory Control With Modularized Cloud Systems

Corey Eiden
The Home as an Energy Ecosystem

Olav Ellingsen

Khaled Elnems
MINI Spider Car Cover

Charles Englehart
Fraying Cable Detector for High Tension Power Lines

Andy Eskenazi
ExoStick, an Innovative Walking Stick Solution to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

John Ettridge
Rotary Magnetic Motor

John Evans
Tubeless Mortar Low Acceleration Launching System

Tom Eveler
Fully Customizable Noise & Vibration Damping Material from -54°C (-65F) to 204°C (400° F) Using Silicone

Sotiris Evgenidis
ENDELIS: A Medical Diagnostic Tool From Space for Effective Cardiovascular Risk Stratification

Joe Facciano
High Efficiency Internal Combustion Engine

Mohamed Farid
New Era for UAVs

Harvard Farrant
High Efficiency Cascaded Airfoil Wind Turbine (CAWT)

Anis Fatima
Sustainable Manufacturing for Metal Products: Energy as a Sustainability Indicator

Jerome Feig
Minoxy Microclimate Enclosure

Andrzej Feliks
New 4 Stroke Engine

Marcelo Fernandes
Advanced Ceramic Diesel Engine Cylinder Liners

Tomas Fernandez

Darrell Fertakos

William Fielder
Buoyant Rotor™
Renewable Water and Power
3D Precision Irrigation™
Self-Winding Generator™
Renewable Water, Power, and Agriculture™
The Other Hydrogen Economy™
Hollow Turbine™
Hollow Generator™
Electric Power Storage Power Plant

Giovanni Fima
Exercise Treadmill with User Biometrics and Child Safety Lock System

Arne Fjalling
Combined Hydro Turbine and Fish Passageway

Bob Flesher
Next Generation Cell Separation and Recovery

Bobby Floyd
Take Cover

Shawn Fox
Virtual Reality - Robot Walking Training Device

Jo Freeman
Adjustable Fire Hydrant Wrench

Anthony Fresco
Solute ION Linear Alignment (SILA) Particle Accelerator for AI and Bitcoin Energy Requirements, Rare Earth Production et al

Lais Fujii Dos Santos
Fits Perfect

Kay Fuller
POPSafe™ Tracheostomy Tube Sets - A Life Saving Device

Shanmugasundar G
Automated Guided Mobile Robot with Image Recognition

Srinivasan G
PPE KIT Cooling System with an application of Thermo Electric Coolers

Jonathan Gael
A Global IoT, Automotive, Manufacturing and Defense Network Protocol that Reduces Energy and Pulse EMF Pollution

Disha Gajjar
KnowTice - An IoT Based Display Controller Board Which Can Be Configured Remotely

Natalia Galin
Rotary Vane Engine without Mechanical Synchronisation

Jean Pierre Gallo
Dionysus Project

Somnath Garai
Ideal Railing /Guard For 100% Prevention of Cars Falling from a Hilly Road
Prevent Flood by Crossing Sea Guard Wall of Sea Wave

Mario Garcia
Truck Air Drag Generator

Sean Garry
Next Generation Laryngoscope

Anteneh Gashaw
Caribbean Sargassum Problem 7.0
Anteneh’s Mask
Anteneh's Carbon Capturing Space Rocket
Anteneh's V Vest
New Microfiber Strand Design
Anteneh's Ventilation Against COVID-19
Anteneh's Safa
Caribbean Sargassum Problem 8.0
Electrical Engineers Safety Shoes
Hurricane Redirecting Detachable Cover for Homes
New Bird Repellant Wind Turbine Invention
Anteneh's Overfishing Shield
New Efficient Wave Power Generator
Caribbean Sargassum Problem 3.0
Safe Bulb to Solve Light Pollution of Insects
Caribbean Sargassum Problem 5.0
New Efficient and Cost Saving Wind Turbine
Anteneh's Jerry Can
Anteneh's Overgrazing Shield
Sound Canceling Offshore Wind Turbine
Caribbean Sargassum Problem 4.0
New Power Lines Safety Mechanism
Anteneh's Green Printer
Anteneh's Side Car Collision Diverter
Anteneh's Stairs Ramp
Solving The Hurricane Problem
Niger Gratitude Pipeline
Anteneh's Firearm Bin

John Gaudreault
Clip to Improve the Performance of Face Masks

Giorgio Gaviraghi
The Ring
Parcel Transportation System
Metabolic Tower

Joe Gelb

Pranab Jyoti Ghosh

Niranjan Girhe
Smart Traffic System

Robert Goetzman

Luis Fernando Gomez Gonzalez
MyBlood: A Portable Autonomous Device Capable of Performing Inexpensive Blood Tests Anywhere
Cosmic Scale: Bringing Muography to Industry

Brian Goodman
Ferromagnetic Field Engine

Dr Rahul Gore
India's First Smart Self Sterilizing N100 Face Mask for Covid-19 Protection

Dr Rahul Gore

Richard Gotch
3D Printing Boosts SiC Inverter Performance

Bob Gramley
LifeSense ESD for Early Stage Detection of Disease by Smell

Jeremy Grata
Non-invasive Blood Glucose Meter and Blood Chemical Analyzer

Gavin Greaves
The 3T

Jose Gros Aymerich
Low-cost Propulsion Method for Target Drones and Related Equipment

Ziyu Guan
V-knight Helmet

Helena Guimaraes
Improving Consumers' E-waste Disposal Awareness by Using Pre-existent Advertisement Algorithms and Online Shopping Websites

Hakan Guner
Formational Production Model

Sneha Gupta
Integrated Workplace Solution (IWS)

Eugene Haffner
Renewable Water Source

Aaron Hall
Self Destructing Plastics via Embedded Enzymes

Kent Hall
Moveable Spaces in the City

Carl Halvorsen
Boron Fusion Reactor

Jia Ting Han
Scootie - A cost-effective Wheelchair Transforming System

Harshit Harsh
Alternative Energy Source for the Future

George Hawkins
Bury the Carbon. Bag it.

Page Heller
Proactive Wireless Security by Endpoint Security Inc

Guy Hendel
Automatically Detecting & Wiping Stolen Mobile Devices in Under 10 Seconds!

Ben Hertzog

Scott Hines
Float Thermometer - Baby Bottle Application

Steve Hines
Energy-Conserving Flashlight
Microwave Water Heater
Water Wheel Electrical Generator

Austin Hinkel

Niels Hokke
Zero Energy Development

Leonard J Holmin
MAREO III: Jogging to Mars

Frederik Hornung
Hopper Mobility

Stefan Hristozov
Unmanned Systems Bulgaria

Fang Ping Hsu

Hui Ying Hsu
Ton Ton
Beep Beep!

Sky Huddleston
HCCI Fickett-Jacobs Cycle Double Acting Internal PDE

Berker Husam

Moamen Hussein
Robots for All

Vasilatos Ianis
Avatar – Electric Vehicle
Mo – Wheelchair Combination

Prospero Ingrassia

Alex Isakov
Teleportation of Physical Objects

Janet Jackson-coty
Paintbrush Grip

Rijo Jacob Thomas
CryoRAC: An Innovative Cryogenic Air Conditioner

Sudhir Jain

Jose Manolo Delfin Jalandoni
Atmospheric Reaction Aerodynamic Motor

Yuvati Jangra

Ingo Janthur
Rotary Piston Pump and Motor for Gases and Fluids

Philippe Jarrin
The UniText Standard - An Order of Magnitude Improvement of of Management Efficiency for Sustainability

Diji Jayakaran
Novel Method for Sanitization & Sterilization Of Viruses & Other Pathogens
Novel Concept Technologies Enable God-like Features in Humans

Zdenek Jedlicka
Cogeneration of Heat and Electricity

Damir Jelaska
Optimization of Electric Motor Operation of Full Electric Vehicle

Nick Jiang
XtremeKinetic Minimal Shoes

Danny Jones
The Tomorrow Car

David Jones

Al Joniec
Low Temperature Green Energy Power Generation

Carlos Juni
48V MHEV System for Selecting, Dosing and Transmitting Torque and Power Between Engines & Final Transmission Shafts
Opposed Piston Facing Heads Internal Combustion Engine, Compact Design

Premnath K
Vision X - Assistive Smart Glass for Blind People

Rushiraj Kadge
Horizontal K Type Configuration

Man Kal
Ransomware Detection Protocol
NextGen Shopping Carts
Global Agricultural Repository

Steve Kalish
Apparatus and Method for Donning Hygienic Gloves

Alinafe Kaliwo

Kunal Kashyap
Motorcycle Lifting Trolley Jack

Tomiris Kasymova
Who Even Wants to Interrupt Their Well-deserved Rest?

Panagiotis Katsoudas
Comet÷TOW: Comet Towed Ion Propelled Spacecraft

Lydia Keaty
Auto H20’s Automatic Portable Automatic Water Bottle Filling Station

Ekeh Kelechi Courage
Keltric High Voltage Power System for Electrostatic Motor

David Kessler
Inductrack Cars and Inductrack for Roads

Mohammad Khan
Snow Spoiler Concept

Birol Kilkis
A Pumpless, Composite Layered Modular Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal System with Thermoelectric Generators and Heat Pipes

Steven Kim
High Performance Silicone-based Material, Enabling Breakthrough Foldable Consumer Display Devices

Jesa Kodiyatar
Paperless Education

Charalampos Kosmas
Lunar Cargos: Oplonas & Macedonas

Jess Kriehn
New Radon Detector Solves Previous Design Pitfalls & Communicates with EPA!

Michael Krzesniak
Non-invasive Method to Stop Tremors in the Hand

Steven Kuehl
Sleep Guardian

Dr Arun Kumar
FRACTAL ECG - Worlds First Fractal Geometry-based Electro Cardiogram

Siva Kumar
Project Acoustic, the Sound Harvester

Sivathanu Kumar

Sanskriti Kumari
Odor Free Compost Can

Rahul Kumbhare
Hidden Gun Defense System

Martin Lacey

Chienchen Lai

Vincent Lamberti
Chemical Identification by Magneto-Elastic Sensing (ChIMES)

Carl Lawrence
Electric Aircraft Propulsion System

John Laws
Portable Chair Shade Device

Tim Lecrone
Automated Material Loading System

Francisco Leme Galvao
Urban High Mobility System

Zhao Yuan Leong
SMART (Specific Measurable Monitored Actuated Recorded Telemetric) Agro-Theranostic Systems for Controlled Environment Agriculture

Na Li
Solventless Silicone Release SYL-OFF™ SL 184 Coating – Effective Mist Reduction Enabling Maximum High Coating Speed Productivity

Zhengda Li
Prefilming Airblast Fuel Nozzle Conceptual Design

Hakan Lidbo
Hearo - Internet of Sounds

Zachary Liollio
Floating Parking Barge for Vehicles
Linear Motor Projectile Excavation

Grigori & Oleg Lishanski
Vibrating Platform for Lifting and Moving Loads

Helen Little
Gigabot X: Recycling Plastic via Pellet 3D Printing

Artem Logunov
Possibilities of Vibroacoustic Research and Diagnostics of Vehicles

Erik T Long
D3 - Control and Deorbit Spacecraft without Rockets

Antonio Loquercio
Learning Extreme Flight

P D Madden
Creating a Better Tomorrow by Repurposing Coal: Converting Coal & Waste into Renewable Hydrogen

Frank Madeka
Cellular Wind Turbine Tower

Vincent Maes
Swimming Pool Safety Buoy

Isheanesu Mafa
Hyper Drone

Matthew Maggio

Rustam Makhkamov
Medical Products for Improving the Quality of Life of Seriously Ill People

Rasul Mamashev
Earphone Cable Management Tool

Aniket Mandavkar

Avinaash Manivelan
Design and Simulation of Disaster Mitigation Robot Using Machine Vision

Gedalyahu Manor
Robotic Electric Powered System for Operating Electric Powered Farm Machines Along It, While Moving from Row to Row
Counter Rotating Tillage Machines

Deni Maric

John Maris
Aerodynamic Optimization of Wind Turbines

Robert Marsh
Hybrid Garbage Truck

Henrique Martins
Portable Treatment and Desalination Module

Yauheni Marushka
Active Care and Health Car Chair Pillow

Dan Mathias
ATOM 1.0 Humanoid Robot Project

Martin Mathis
Road of the Future

Oliver May
Hexaviation Snowflake

George Mc Neir

Saoirse Mcconnell
NDB Universal Lifelong Self-charging Green Battery

Geoff Mccue
Shock Absorbing Tech for Footwear

John Mcintyre
Bicycle Brake

Richard L Mckie
POD MOD / Power On Demand MODule

Steven Merrill
Development of an Open-Source 3D Printed Above Elbow Prosthetic: For Outdoor Recreation, or Developing World Work

Cabinet Mhere

Luis Alberto Migliorero
Application of the Biefeld Brown Effect using Musha Takaaki Formula

Colin Miller
A Significant Cleaner and Lighter Internal Combustion Engine

John Mitchell
Using Wave Energy Converters during Storm Surges

Manisha Mohan

Munara Moldobaeva
IoT based Real-time Water Quality Monitoring System

James Morehead
Trailer Emergency Mat

Zaruk Moriki
Electric Keke

Dionysios Mylonas
Method for Horsepower Measurement of both Conventional and Electric Vehicles

Raghu Ram Raj N
Autonomous Self Driving Car

Vijay N

Samerender Nagam Hanumantharao
First-in-Class Therapeutic Pain Drug Designed from Proteins

Ganesh Nagnurwar
Automated Vegetable Jam (Thela)

Chinmaya Naik

Vatche Najarian
Next Generation Gas Turbine

Firas Najjar
Plasma Solid-State Engine

Elnathan Ata Nathan
Automated Hydroponic System

Juniyali Nauriyal

Dr Alla Naveen Krishna
Design and Production of Pellets from Forest Waste

Koushik Neogi
Voltaic Shoe - Power The World Through Walking

Shreyashree Neogi

Roderick Newstrom
Clean and Efficient Radial HCCI/LTC Engine

Jack Nguyen
Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Battery Pack and Methods to Charge Fast

Brian Niddery
LFT Zero-Emissions Small Transit Bus

Wanyi Nie
Solar Cells

Hari Nikesh R
AI Band

Kiran Nikwade

Eric Nilsson
Climate Change: Planetary Orbital Misalignment

Sebastiano Nipitella
Recovery Enterprise Hi-Tech with Shuttle Explorer
Turbolaser Ion Gun

Christopher Nohrnberg
Car Seat Horn

Mukhammadali Nosirov
Door Disinfection Device

Frank Notaro
"Blind Sight"

Okpamen Obasogie
S-Band Strap

Peter Ohai
Design and Development of a 1.5kVA Dynamic Fuelless Generator (DFLG)

Andrew Olson

Chris Olufeso
Game Changer Crib for All Care Givers, Including Parents With Disabilities

Ala Eldin Omer
Low-Resource Microwave Sensing Platform for Oil Quality Control Applications

Goodness Opara
CraioVault ™ (Ultra Cold Vaccine Delivery Vault)

Sergey Osn
Diagnostics and Predictive Condition Analysis System for Engine

Tarik Ozkul
Early Warning Saves Lives

Manickavasagam P
Smart Crossbreed E-bike

Sevvel P
Rideable Carry-on Electric Vehicle
IoT Controlled Smart Multidirectional Wheelchair
Smart and Automatic Waste Segregator
Voice Controlled Wheelchair

Anil Paila
Portable, Lightweight and Low Cost Wheelchair

Sachin Pajgade
Automated Cost Effective Device to Save Lives During Vehicle Road Accidents

Ronald Pannekoek
Ship Air Bag

Paul Passarelli
Oceangoing Garbage Eating Mechanical 'Whale'

Kshitij Patil
Sustainable Light Electric Airship (SLEA)

Vishwesh Patil

Laura Paul
Emergency Traction Control Device

Milen Penev
Electric Baby Stroller

Donna Pepper
Pressure Suit Gloves

Guillermo Perez
Life on Other Planets
Infrared Data Association (iRDA) with Laser Beam
Underground Transportation Security System
Smart UV Robot
Smart Power Consumption
Health Monitoring in Home with IoT
Indoor Air Quality and Garbage Monitoring System
Diagnosis Skin Diseases with AI
Car Wallet Pays for Parking
WEEE Smart Plant

Walt Perko
RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program

Virgil Perryman
Residential & Consumer Scale: The Next Generation

Shakeel Pervez
New HOPE - Power Generation & Water

Don Petracek
Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Eric Pettersen
Next Generation Green Lubricant Technology

Anshuman Phadke
Advance Driver Assistance and Monitoring System (ADAMS)

Wayne Pickette
Integrated Weapon Security, Unauthorized Use Prevention System

Larry Pope
Change the Way We Fly for the Better

Vishakh Pradeep Kumar
Gravity-compensated Robotic Arm

Alex Presutti
Litterbug: Plant-able Packaging

Bryan Prucher
Stackable High Torque, Low RPM Module Motor Assembly

Sanjay Puranik
See-through Heavy Vehicle
Reuse Wastewater of Blue Dye to Clean Water
City BC and City AC

Howard Purdum
Stop Global Warming with World's Most Efficient Engine

Vamseekrishna Pvs
Effective Al-MMC for Dynamic Wearable Parts

Wesam Qataweneh

Vicente A Quinones
Flying Car Highway

Jeganathan R
The Ignire
Renewable Energy Fan

Pathmavasan Radhakrishnan
Automated Flower Picking Robot

Muhammad M. Rahman
Multifunctional Bionanocomposite Fruit Coatings

Ganesh Laxman Ramanathan
Draughtsman Vernier Compass

Victor Ramirez
Interactive SmartWindows for Autonomous Vehicles

Andrew Rankin
Rare Earth Metal Recovery using Ionic Liquids
Recycling of Lithium Ion Electrodes

Ramesh Rao
An Advanced Automation Solution to Separate the Stem and Calyx From the Red Chili Pod to Retain Pungency and Color

Atreya Rastradhipati
Cohive- a Co-operative Community Hive based Isolation Facility

Muhammad Ahmad Raza

John Read
Thermionic Transistor

John Robert
Golden Hour - Heart Protection System

Timothy Rodman
Schroeder 2030 Initiative

Jorge Romero

Leonard Roque
Portable and Cordless Pulsed Germicidal UVC Lamp System

Marc Rosenmayr
Aira FreePower - Advanced Wireless Power

Michael Rother
Electric Multi Use Landscape Equipment (E-MULE)

Robert Rowells
Carbon Neutral Commercial Aircraft Propulsion

Matt Russell
Landfill/Brewery Gases as Alternative Fuels

Talaybek Rustamov
Super Class Auto Transport

Karthikayan S
Automobile Speed Control using Received Signal Strength Identification System

Aadithya Pandian S P
Wave-Generator Powerhouse

Sumedh S Vijay

Parikshit Saha

Drew Sandlin
An Autonomous Mower

Jacob Sarver Verhey
Oceanic Autonomous Rover

Chirag Satapathy
ECD - Energy Conservancy Device with Three-way Power Transmission
HydroDry - A Glove-based Dry Iontophoresis Device

Federico Schiavio
Wealth Generator

Jeffrey Schmidt
Use of Local Magnetic Fields to Protect Space Habitation

Dean Schumacher
Anti Germ Dome

Juergen Seiler
Camera Array for Multi-Spectral Imaging (CAMSI)

Kenneth Seise
Prop It! Doorstop

Dave Seline
withINSPIRED Motivational Clothing

Azman Senin
Rail Autonomous Inspection Vehicle (RAIV)

Sawni Setia
Multipurpose Laptop Heating Prevention Solution

Muhammad Shahzad
Robust Road Lane Detection using Studs Based Night Image

Khalid Shamsher
Fusing Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for Ag Management System

Akarsh Sharat
Confidential Screen Protector

Ankush Sharma
Novel Smart Rainwater Management and Replenishment
Vriksh-shaped(VS) Infiltrator

Olga Shevchenko
Green Grubs Incubator

Chiu Shih Hsuan

Lawrence Shing
Wind Turbine Recycling and Repurposing

Douglas Shrock

Alexey Shvetsov
System for Managing the Route of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Muhammad Rehan Siddiqi
Watch Ur Back 2.0
Solar Deployed Rotating Buildings

Michael Siegel
Oil Cleanup and Remediation through Compost

Ali Simeto
H2O Harvest

Olja Simoska
‘Smart’ Wearable Sensor for Continuous Monitoring of Wound Healing

Naga Gurudev Singamsetty
Design of the E-VTOL (Designing of Vehicle That Works With Vertical Take Off and Landing, in Small Areas, Without Runway)

Saurabh Singh
Retrofitting Old Bicycles into Electric Bikes for Rental Services

Sumeet Singh
VAYU Tower Cooler

Suraj Singh
AI Powered Mobile Jammer Mounted Drone

Ronit Singh Choudhary
SAHIYOG - Innovative Bed Design

Yengkhom Kamaleshwar Singha
Constant Displacement Variable Power Engine at a Given RPM

David B Smith
Save Time, Fuel, and Emissions with ValueGauge

Krista Smith
Activity Assistant

Amit Sohara
Airport Disease Scanner

Mark A Sokalski
Sowda Engine

Shubham Solanki

Yasmin Srivastava
Breakthrough Polyurethane for Comfort Applications

Anatoli Stanetsky
Rotary Vane Internal Combustion Engine

Panagiotis Stefanides
Geometric Approach to Gravity Force Variation With Height
Matter Masses in Linear, Spiroidal Rotational Motion and Attraction, in Space Within Aether

Roberto Stickel
Glider Towing eDrone

Amal Sudarsanan
EasyCAN Screen: A New Horizon in Cancer Diagnostics

Atilla Sulker
MagShark - Using Augmented Reality to Revitalize Early STEM Education

Ennis Sullivan
FasTran Urban Mobility

Sihao Sun
How to Keep Drones Flying When a Motor Fails, without GPS

Simon Sunatori
COVID Buster: Sanitary Single-Handle Water Faucet

Danet Suryatama
Development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) for Passenger and Heavy Duty Transport

Prince Svipira
Smart Grid Integration using Net Metering

Balint Szent Miklosy
Duck-Like Propulsion for Electric Watercraft
One Handed Patient Transfer

Avinash T
Numerical Analysis of Semi-tangential Ogive Bullet

Anurag Talekar
Design and Analysis of a Possible Concept of the Lunar Lander's Landing System

Peter Tarlton
Selectable Suspension Knee Braces
SelectFlex 3.0 Keyless – The Next Generation of the World’s Only Arch Control Insole

Vishesh Tayal
Blockchain Platform For Decentralized Applications

John Taylor
Motion Battery

Cris Thomas
Smart Module for Healthcare and Asset Monitoring

John Thomas
"Solar Flare" Rocket

Theresa Thompson

Lalith Thugudam
Organizational Resource Trading (ORT)

Ajay Tiwari
Stem Cells Can be Used for Immunizing All
RBCs as Viral Baits

Suryansham Tiwari

Jolo Tolentino
The Armature Project

Terrence Tormey
The Next Generation of Eye Exams for the USA and ROW

Juan Tovar
IR Cartridge

Manoj Tripathi
2D Materials Origami: The Tiniest Nanochips for Future Computation

Mridul Trivedi
(FMS) Fuel Measuring System for 2 Wheelers

Petro Tsarehradsky
UV Shield COVID and Virus Protector

Mitchell Tung
Halo Speculum -- Invented By a Female for the Female

Lawrence Udell
Battery Savers

Usman Umar Dagona
Mini Spying Wireless Car

Tom Valentin
Dynamic Hydrogel Used to Make ‘Soft Robot’ Components and Lego-like Building Blocks

Dale Van Cor
High Strength Keyed Bricks With Recycled Plastic to Build Anywhere

David Varner
EV Power Supply Standardization

Shiva Vencat
Renewable Low Sulfur Low Carbon Diesel from Agricultural Waste

John Venning
Mini Railway

Neal Verfuerth
FUSION™ Solar-powered LED

Cécile Vienney
UNIQUE Treatment for Vertebral Fractures, Osteoporosis and Cancer

Nicolas Vigier
The Future of Urban Mobility

Land Aquatic Park with Desalinization Plant

Harry Wainwright
Light Therapy S.T.E.M. Kit

Carlos Waldenio

Zhiqi Wang

Brandon West
Space Based Accelerator
Fire Containment System

Maxwell Wieder
SueChef - Autonomous Kitchen Robot - Freezer to Oven Remote Cooking

Gavin Wilding
AutoRing Is an Early Warning Detection System for Cars, You Will Be Notified Within Seconds of a Thief Breaking in via App

Saul Wiseman
Parabolic Airstream Inline Diffuser
Airless Integrity Tire

Robert Witkoff

Dickson Wu
NOVOLab - IoT Lab-scaled Open Loop Wind Tunnel

Xiangwen Xiong
EEM Aviation Infrastructure System of High Safety & Security, Carbon Capture, Clean Energy, High-quality Air and Stealth Tech
EEM Smart Traffic System, EEM Roads System for Building New Roads, Renewing & Renovation of Old Roads

Shree Chandra Y
VAYU-The Power House

Aniket Yadav
Retro Reflection Panel

Fitri Yakub
Smart Sensor Network System

Robert Yancey
Apparatus for Concentrating Parasitized Red Cells for Testing

Donald Yates
1000 Containers Per Hour Port Crane System

Hamidreza Yazdani Sarvestani
Bio-inspired Multi-functional Ceramics for Aerospace Applications

Wui Keat Yeoh
Smart Baby Sleep Monitor and Alert System

Alejandro Zagoya
Future Design Suspension System

Bashar Zapen
Veloroute H2O

Ali Zareiee
Hawk21 360 VR Drone

Michael Zeldich
Artificial Reasonable Subjective Systems

Dehui Zhang
Tracking 3D Motion with Transparent Imaging Stack

Jack Zhang
Double Thin Clear Layer Mask - New Generation of N95 Mask

Jing Yuan Zhou
Zhou Unicycle
Turbocharged Zhou Engine

David Zornes
Heat Engine - Solar or ANY Heat Source

Irwin Zucker
Carbon-Neutral System for Demand/Supply Balancing of Solar and Wind Electricity Generating Installations

Wojciech Zwolak
Fiber Laser Pumped With Electron Beams From Carbon Nanotubes
Concept Spaceship With Inertial Drive