Entrants 2021

Igor Abakumov
Desinfecting Case "Villo"

Adria Abella Villafranca
hDrop - Electrolytes, Hydration, and Temperature Tracker

Role Alvarez

Peter Andrekson
High-Speed Communication in Space

Gautam Narayan Baruah
A Warp Drive Motor

Benjamin Booher, Sr.
AscenZ Friction & Brake - Benchmark Friction Composites

Denis Buffet
48 V Electrified Axle to Assist the Main Vehicle HV Motor

Jonar Cubillan
Educational Toy: The Portable Tree J-1

Doug Dykaar
Large Area Silicon Electronics

Corey Eiden
The Home as an Energy Ecosystem

Mohamed Farid
New Era for UAVs

Anis Fatima

William Fielder
3D Precision Irrigation™

Jonathan Gael
A Global IoT, Automotive, Manufacturing and Defense Network Protocol that Reduces Energy and Pulse EMF Pollution

Anteneh Gashaw
Anteneh's Overgrazing Shield

John Gaudreault
Clip to Improve the Performance of Face Masks

Giorgio Gaviraghi
Metabolic Tower
The Ring
Parcel Transportation System

Harshit Harsh
Alternative Energy Source for the Future

Alex Isakov
Teleportation of Physical Objects

Jose Manolo Delfin Jalandoni
Atmospheric Reaction Aerodynamic Motor

Damir Jelaska
Optimization of Electric Motor Operation of Full Electric Vehicle

Zachary Liollio
Linear Motor Projectile Excavation
Floating Parking Barge for Vehicles

Helen Little
Gigabot X: Recycling Plastic via Pellet 3D Printing

Artem Logunov
Possibilities of Vibroacoustic Research and Diagnostics of Vehicles

Luis Alberto Migliorero
Application of the Biefeld Brown Effect using Musha Takaaki Formula

Okpamen Obasogie
S-Band Strap

Wayne Pickette
Integrated Weapon Security, Unauthorized Use Prevention System

Sandeep Sagar Gummalla
DiP (Disinfectant Pad)

Gregory Spaulding
Permanent Magnet Continuous Linear Mechanical Oscillator Vacuum Tube For Valance Electron Harvesting

Anatoli Stanetsky
Rotary Vane Internal Combustion Engine

Lalith Thugudam
Organizational Resource Trading (ORT)

Harry Wainwright
Light Therapy S.T.E.M. Kit

Maxwell Wieder
SueChef - Autonomous Kitchen Robot - Freezer to Oven Remote Cooking

Saul Wiseman
Airless Integrity Tire

Robert Witkoff

Ali Zareiee
Hawk21 360VR Drone