Entrants 2018

Neeraj Abhang
Power to Every Soul on Earth

Ranjit Abhyankar
Intelligent Baby Monitor and Pacifier
Adaptor for Clean Drilling

Stephen Aboasu
Solar Tracking Window Unit

Suad Abu Hameed
Natural Cream for Cracked Heels
Production of Biodeisel from New and Waste Oil

Oladimeji Adenle

Vaayusastra Aerospace Pvt Ltd
Helium Drone

Pooja Agarwal
Disk Shaped Hand Grenade
Portable Dryer for Clothes

Kaustubh Agrawal

Abas Ahmad
Design of Emergency Steering System for Heavy Duty Trucks

Tahir Ahmad
Vehicle to Cloud (V2C) Remote Management of Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Charging
Heart Monitoring and Heart Attack Prediction Using ECG Signals

Sally Ahmed
Ultra-low Power Compact Re-programmable Digital Circuits Using Micro-electromechanical Resonators

Nicholas Ajana
Green Treasures - Conversion of Waste Tyres and Polymers into Paving Bricks/Slabs

Dr Basheer Al Azirjawi
New Design Solution for Crankshaft

Dane Albaugh

Alexandre Alcaraz
MEUSOL - Modular Enclosed Unit of Solar Optimized Light

William Alek
Improve the Efficiency of Growing Plants

Patricia Alexander
Sturdy Girl - Dolly/Collapsible Table with Exchangeable Tops

James Aliberti
Personal Artificial Intelligence Medical Assistant (PAIMA)

Esraa Aljohari
BIOO2|Algae Bio-Integrated System

Ryan Alkhalil
Energy From Earth

Alshimaa Alriyami
Pre-Donation Blood Chair (PDBC)

Role Alvarez
Foldable OLED As Classroom Blackboard and Digital/Electronic Pen as Chalk

Ardalan Amiri
Enhancing Rock Penetration Efficiency by a Novel Bio-inspired Drill

Houssem Eddine Amor
Miniaturized Batteryless and Wireless Monitoring Unit

Hee An

Masatada Araki
Ductile Ceramic

Richard Arm
Synthetic Living Human

Ricardo Arteaga
Autonomous UAS with ADS-B and Artificial Intelligence

Shubham Avhad
Safety Switching System

John Ayala
BuckleDown Systems

Ahmad Azzam
Diabetic Wound Healer

Eranna B
SOLAR ROBO WARBLER (Solar Flapping Wing Robotic Bird)
ABHAY QUADCOPTER ( Gun Mounted Quadcopter)

Sandeep B
Dough Rolling Machine

Vishnu Babar

Tanmay Badhan
Holographic Lenses

Matthew Bailey
Haptic Traffic Location for Motorcycles

Sherif Bakr

Ashwin Balasundaram
Autopilot System for Anesthesia

Beyza Baran
Cancer Biopsy Brush

Carlos Barrera
State of the Art Novel Tech Featured Project Development Space Power-Plant Self-Feed Unit Generator: H2O => HHO => H2O => HHO

Christopher Barrett
Hydrospike Propulsor, Distributed Propulsion System for Maritime Vessels

Gautam Narayan Baruah
A Time Reversal Device
A Sensitive Handheld Radiation Sensor
A Low Cost Overunity Machine that Enables Warp Drive, Feasible Time Travel, Teleportation

Sharayu Battuwar
Adsorption of Refueling Emission by Activated Charcoal

Jasper Baur
Detecting Plastic Landmines

Mohamed Salah Bchir
MSB Hovercraft

Marielies Becker
Braiding Technology Based Stent Concept for Endoluminal Usage in Coronary Bifurcations

Steven Bell

Carl Belnap

Adam Berenty
Fluid Dynamic Generator
Wasted Heat Ammonia Auto Air Conditioning

J Berkyto
ZED Ultra-high Efficiency Fuel Engine

Benjamin Bernstein

Christopher Beskar
Stavatti SM-150 Next Generation Sportplane

Lucas Beveridge

Uddhab Bharali
Smart Shoe Weeder

Mehul Bhardiya

Tanmay Bhise
Aircraft Nerds Deep Stall Recovery System

Harshal Bhore
Cost Effective Go Kart

Jaroslaw Bikiewicz
Wood Lamp

David Bingham
Worm Gear Fishing Reel

Jacob Bizehr

John Blincow
Spaceport Construction

Alan Bodner
Development of Underwater Breathing System for Humans Based upon Separation of Dissolved Air from Water

Bernie Bon
Hyper4 - High Efficiency Engine
ADDS (At Depth DeSalinization)

Walter Bonin
Circular Engine

Brian Boyle
SSOLAEROS: Stratospheric Solar Aerostatic Omnifunctional System

Dow Brain
Catch-all Harvest System

Martin Bremer
Waste to Energy Efficiency

Talla Brian Monde
Serial IP Phone

Charlie Bright
Continuously Controllable Diesel Fuel Injector

Pierre Brisson
Plant Protection

Hector Brito
Rectification of Anomalous RAMA Thrusting Effects

Matthew Brody
Turbine Upgrade for Commercial Jet Engines

Joseph Brooks
Slotted Waveguide Antennae Stiffened Structures (SWASS)

Joanne Brown
Palletizing Gripper

Robert Brown
Spacecraft Hydraulic Torch Jump

Gerrit Bruhaug

Denis Buffet
Hybrid Vehicle of Series- Parallel Type with a Low Power Electric Chain which is Compatible with the 48V Voltage

Emile Buisson

Osmond Bullen
A Smart Point of Care Human Blood Analysis Device

Ahmed Busnaina
An Automated System for Printing of Nano and Microscale Electronics and Sensors

David Byram
Carry On Luggage Verifier

Kevin Cameron
Wandering Threads - Virtualizing SMP

M Campbell
Vehicle Poison-To-Fuel ConverterTM

Lyle Canfield

Frank Cantin
Frebird Magnetic Ecosystem

Xiangkun Elvis Cao

Keith Carlock
Invisibility/Holodeck Cube Tabletop Experiment Proof of Concept
Light-Interface System, Invisibility (Adaptive Camouflage) and Holodeck (Virtual Immersion) Theory
The Lenticular Box

David Carr
Packman Carr Polarized Railgun Motor

Shawn Casey
mSlide - Digital Pathology and Medical Diagnosis Network

Dr. Chris Castel
CareWear Wearable Light Therapy

Brandon Casutt
The Hydro Sub
An Upgraded Airfoil Wing, the Magfoil Wing

Rastislav Ceresna
MULTIVODE™ – Multi-layer Irrigation and Fertilizing Composite

Brent Chase
Products for Autism Lifestyle (PAL) - a Gaia Wearables Subsidiary

Elias Chavez Monarrez
There Will be A Day with No More Fear, No More Pain

Mohd Norzaimi Che Ani
Emergency Seat Belt

Yun An Chen
Circu Waste
Oil Bubble

Mahesh Choudhari
Digital Bus System

John Clark
VForce® Green Clean Game Changing Technology

Rick Clemenzi
PV Robotics

Gary Cola
Automotive Stampings: Stronger than Titanium, Lighter than Aluminum to Make Vehicles >100lbs Lighter

Jim Colthart
Forest Waste to Hydrocarbons

Barry Connelly
Bio-Grid Antimicrobial Ceiling

Daniel Coppen

Luiz Costa
Opti-Mizer - Actuation Systems Design Optimization Tool

William Coviello
Extinguishing High Temperature Fires

Carlyle Creger
Dental Floss Lock Handle
Device and Method for Leveling Tile

Eric Crews
Baxter Automotive Motor System Perpetual Motion

Darold Cummings

Robert Cundiff

Luca D'alessandro
Phononic Vibes

Espen Hvidsten Dahl
Revolutionary, Eco-friendly and Non-toxic Glueless Bonding Technology to Replace Environmentally Challenging Adhesives

Mark Daly
Reusable Warming/Cooling Pack for Electricity-free Vaccine Refrigeration or Warming

A Michael Daniel
Smart Door

Noah Darwiche
Creating the Future with Hyperloop UC
Counter Rotating Fan for Hyperloop and Bullet Train Vehicles

Sean Defeudis
Powertube by Sea, Land, Powerline, Pipeline, etc. - Light Passengers or Mail
Compass Controlled Patrol or Leisure Hot-Air Balloon or Modification
Motorcycle Proximity Sensor - Manufacturer App by Law
In-person or Robo Lawn Care & Bailing for Export or Farm Food
Runway or Tarmac F.O.D. Reduction Robot - Save Jets
Steampunk Orbital Reentry Method - Hypothesis Only

Eric Degolier
Body Rocket Real-Time Aerodynamic Drag Measurement

Evan Denty

Durga Devi
Automatic Gas Booking and Leakage Detection using Embedded Systems with Safety Guards

Sachchidanand Dhar
Backward Roll Preventing Ratchet in Automobiles

Michail Dimou
Kedvia Backpack

August Domel

Emil Donkov
Micro Grid Wind Generator

Suraj Dubey
The concept ESP (Energy Saving Pod)

Hai Minh Duong
Aerogels from Environmental Wastes for Novel Engineering Applications

Reg Durham
AirWedge II

Alex Dworzanczyk
Pelican: A New Approach to Fueling Space Exploration

Katie Egan

Khaled Elnems
(E-Safety Glasses) Safety Electronic Protection Glasses
E-Rain Gates (Smart Storm Water Inlets Gate)
Sun Printer by Mobile

Walid Elsady

Noriel Estipular
Urban Living Generator: Sibol Project of Algae 360 Degrees Photobioreactor Windows

John Ettridge
Rotary Wing Flying Drone

John Evans
Publiic Transport Safety Restraint System

Dimitris Farros
Drone Firefighting

Clifford Fava
Digital Camera Adapter
IFR Training Aid

Fernando Figueroa
STEHO Energy Saving System

Jeremy Fisher
Torque Converter Clutch Manual System

Randall Flann
RoFo Ice Hockey Puck BevDisHeadgear Beverage Dispenser

Robert Frantz, Dmed.
Precious Car-Go [TM] Hot Car Death Prevention Alert

Claudio Freitas
IoT Water Control Management (WCM)

Ken Furlich
Adaptive Sun Shield

Shanmugha Sundaram G A
MEMS Wind Turbine Array and Scalable Power Generation Unit for Facile Deployment on Urban Infrastructure

Jay Gabrelcik
Improved Rotor Balance Process

Jean Pierre Gallo
Mantaraya Project

Abanob Gamal
New Device Extracts Plant Active Ingredient in One Step Instead of Four Devices

Somnath Garai
A Method of Preventing Ocean Low Air Pressure and Cyclones/Hurricanes
Prevent Falling of Car from Hilly Road
Saving Boats from Sinking due to Waves from River & Sea
Prevent Death of Wildlife (Animals) from Train Accidents When Crossing Rail Lines at Night

Vikrant Garud
Shape Memory Based Sensor Integrated with Oil Filling Cap or Dipstick for Online Engine Oil Condition Monitoring System

John Gaudreault
Box-less, Omnidirectional and Full-Range Speaker

Yashaswi Gautam
Apple Disease Classification using Machine Learning.

Giorgio Gaviraghi
Universal New Multimedia Language
Air Purification Panel

Marek Gebauer
Axially and Radially Cooled Brake Disc with Cover

Francois Gibon
Turning Car Tail Lights into Proximity Warnings

Liviu Grigorian Giurca
Advanced Reconfigurable VTOL Aircraft - ARVA
Electric/hybrid VTOL Aircraft with Thrust Augmenter
VTOL Aircraft with Standard Fuselage for Reduced Costs
Efficient Winged Personal VTOL aircraft -WIP

Peter Godart
Aluminum Powered Electricity Generation

Sandra Goehner Baake
Advanced Method of Multi-stage Cold Forming of Titanium Opens Up New Perspectives

Robert Goetzman
Cold Springs and Solar Ponds as Natural Power Generators
Long Life Aerogel Lighter than Air Persistant Vehicle
Air Drop Bags
Lightweight Heat, Fire,and Ballistic Resistant Ammunition Containers

Nahum Goldenberg
NG Jump 300

Thomas Gossner

Vidit Goyal
Energy Out of Waste

Nathan Griffin
Turtle Tank

Stephen Griffin
Moses' Corridor for Laser Lithotripsy

Iuga Grigore

Bert Groenewoud
Smart Economic Vacuum Valve

Mark Gummin
Shape Memory Alloy Massage For Seating Surfaces

Anubhav Gupta
Stealth VTOL Aircraft

Manu Gupta
EMR as a Service

Manu Gupta
SocialCalc on a Stick
Localized Keyboard for Kids
Smart Gardening and Farming using Sustainable, Cost-effective and Reusable Techniques
Rotables Level Planning for Expensive and Repairable Aircraft Spare Parts

Satish Gupta
Handy Water Purifier

Vaishali Gupta
Intelligent Retail

Vikram Kumar Gupta
Inchworm Motion Based Rover
Localizing Robots in Deep and Expansive Tunnel Network
Reuse Vehicle Light

Vithika Gupta
Expense Tracker
Train Scheduler
Ledger Suite
Secure Call Center
Parking Lot Security
My Checkbook App
Home Alarm Manager
Secure Fest

Mehmetayber Gurler
Linear Electric Crank Motor

Mark Guza
WIZEMAT: Personal Barrier Against Infection

Jessica Haberman

Jim Hacsi
Oxygen Supplemented Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition

Kate Hansen
The Ergo Spout

Nanci Hardwick
Don't melt. MELD.™

K R Hariharan

Ed Harris

John Harrison
Dual Compartment Liquid Tank

Rachna Harsh

Simon Hartley
Hydrogen Electric Utility Vehicle with Active Suspension

Eslam Hashim
Smart Trash Tin

Yuhao He
Applying Topology and Lattice Optimization to Reduce Stress Shielding from Hip Implants

Thane Heins
Bi-Toroid Transformer (BiTT) Load Isolation Transformer
Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration
ReGenX Generator for Electric Power Generation
ReGen-X Stepper Motor for EV Regenerative Acceleration

Ben Hertzog

Susan Hess
Meridian® FLEX Camera Testing Platform for Automotive Safety Applications

Jan Hesse
Custom-Made OLED Lighting Design

Patti Hill
SOMAVAC® 100 Sustained Vacuum System

Eric Hinterman
RCS/ICE Soldier Heat Removal System

Marc Hirsch
College and University Tools for the Environment

Ali Hmad
Vehicle Plate Barcode System (VPBS)

David Hojah
Loro: a Smart Companion for Wheelchair Users

Kumaraswamy Hollav
Smart Home By KumaraswamyHollaV

Sam Holliman
Energy Harvesting Vehicle Radiator Fan

Leonard J Holmin
Anti Coriolis Force Centrifuge

Lena Honsberg
ISCAD - Electrical Drive with 0% Rare Earths, 25% Higher Driving Range and 100% Safety

John Hoogstrate
Fast Tool Servo

Sunil S Hosakoti
AEROSTAT Based Hybrid Power Generation

Chieh Hsu
The Carrier

Yu Hsuan Hsu
Power Wave Block
Lively Car

Tzu Chin Huang
Smart Dietitian

Paul Hubbard
Compressive Force Suit

Faraaz Hussain
Smart Missiles

Dr. Tran Tu Huynh

Prospero Ingrassia

Bryan Jackson

Tony Jacobini
New Ultra High Vacuum Flanges and Viewports

Animesh Jain

Derjun Jan
RollnCoat: Roll-to-Roll Hybrid Plasma Modular Coating System for High-Performance Thermal Control Films

Kamal Jassal

Jeevan Jathar
Dynamic Diff Lock Mechanism Through Modular Spike Shaft Design for Compact SUV

Diji Jayakaran
Trillion Times Faster Processor Using Amplification Technology
Future Transportation by Levitating Humans by Thinking
Future Communication & Entertainment of Humans by Illuminating Air for Displaying Images by Thinking
Eternal Energy Electric Device
Electromagnetic Cosmetic Therapy - Noninvasive
Kinetic Energy Recovery Wing & Body Design

Leelananda Jayasuriya
The Wind Turbines with Contour Tracer

Scott Jensen
In Situ Performance Monitoring of Piezoelectric Sensors and Accelerometers

Soren Jensen
Food Loop

Dr Jv Muruga Lal Jeyan
Aerodynamic Design of Flow Measurement Instrument with 12 Pressures Taping Approach for Mach Range of 0.3 to 2.5

Samuel Johnson
ecoSPEARS: Sorbent Polymer Extraction and Remediation System

David Jones
Air Plot Display

Fakher Jribi
Modern Wheels

Sylvia Jung
Eggxellent Plastic

Ramesh K M
Design of Efficient Powertrain System for a Motorsports Race Car Using a Bike Engine

Mohit Kalra

Joseph Kaplun
New Silicon on Isolator Wafer

Youssef Karam
Resistance Energy (Generating Wind Energy Using Flapping Panels)

Narasimha Karanam
Self Charge

Anay Karandikar
Home Security using Image Processing

Duane Kaufman
Remote Beehive Monitoring using Low Power Radio (LoRa)

Diptish Kaushik
Luggage Bot

Jeff Kavanaugh
Mulit-Cycle Subsonic / Supersonic / Pulse Detonation Expansion Engine

Megha Keshri
Enabled the Disabled

Sandeep Kumar Keshwapanthula
Regenerative Braking System

Vineet Kiran
Magnetic Field Compression Motor

Andreas Klemm
One-Click Lamp Mounting System

Wanda Klopf
Dental Floss Dispenser With Clip

Alexander Kornich
Active Cooling System (ACS) for Electronics (including Powerful LED Light Engines)
Discrete Power Converter (DPC) as Prime Mover, Powered by Gravity for Renewable Energy Technologies

Deepti Kotwal
Electronic Health Record as a Service (EHRs)
Remote Island Monitoring

Yuri Kozin

Nithin Krishna K B
Piston-chain Arrangement for Internal Combustion Engine

Natarajan Krishnamurthy

John Krishnan Myjak
QuickStick: The Fast and Efficient Manual Transmission

Matthew Krugh
Augmented Associate: Wearable Embedded Sensors for Future Manual Assembly

Steve Kube
Universal Hydroponics

Hrishikesh Kulkarni

Manish Kumar
Utilisation of Tidal Energy with Fixed Structures and Floating Pontoons

Sachin Kumar
Guided Best Fit of Luggage in the Trunk

Shashi Kumar
The Future of Smart Farming by Ambient Intelligence

Vinay Kumar
Sleep 'n' Recover
After Life

Vishruth Kumar

Dinesh Kumar G
Wireless Powered Sail Board

Neelam Kumari

Saurabh Kushwaha
Solar Water & Cooking System

Erick Kusnir
Underground Hydrocarbon Spills & Mars Organic Compounds: Low Cost Mapping by GPR-CSP Method

Iskender Kutlucinar
H2O to H2 and O!

Dmitry Kuznetsov
Personal Shopping Cart that Fits in Your Car’s Trunk

Adrian Laculiceanu
Adaptive Bike
Adaptive Thermal Engine

Jorel Lalicki

Alex Langensiepen
Holographic-Fusion via Solar Pumped Lasers

Richard Langley

Ellen Langsetmo
Easadeck EAS Alert with Advanced Logic Authentication System
EAS Device Full Absolute Time Same Code Structure

Maria Alejandra Leclerc Tashima

Peter Lee
Stretchable Electronics for Stroke Recovery

Viraj Lele
Autonomous Precision Brain Surgery Robotic Platform End Effector

Roger Lemire
Hover Xplorer 1

Alexander Levanduski
High RPM Cylindrical Wind Turbine for Battery Charging

Andreas Leventakis
BlinkEye : Communicate with a Blink of an Eye

Ren Li
Ultra-Low Power Analog-to-Digital Converter with Nano-electromechanical Relays

Yinshi Li
A Sustainable Energy Technology : Generating Electricity and Producing Base

Jung Huang Liao
HiLLo-ORC : Semi-Hermetic Expander Technology for Converting Waste Heat to Electricity

Diego Liberati

Hakan Lidbo

Hwaider Lin
Future Antenna Miniaturization Mechanism: Magnetoelectric Antennas

Luis Gustavo Lira
Heat Retention Solar Oven

Xu Liu

Erik Long
Solar Turbine

Simon Longela
Anti Fouling Bio-Paint

Andy Lorenz
Novel Fixed Flexing Linear Solar Energy Collector

Louis Luedtke
Cell Phone Ticketing Device

Alain Lunati
FuelBOX : Smart and Connected Fuel Quality Sensor

William Lynt Iii
HERO Sensor

Winston Mackelvie
Comprehensive Heat Recovery and Reuse

Juan R. Malave C.
Medical Check Aboard

Chris Malek
Modular Space Tether

Rishabh Malhotra
Reward Win Bin

Gerald Manfredi
Emergency Shoreline Breakwall

Ariana Manglaviti
Invisible Glass

Petros Maragkos
Solar Power Plant Monitoring, Prediction of Weather Conditions and Power Production with Machine Learning Techniques

Riccardo Marchesi
Seat Pressure Map System

Galuh Mardiansyah
Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Device for Peatlands Areas

Oscar Marin Flores
Direct Conversion of Natural Gas to Dimethyl Ether, an Ultra-Clean Synthetic Diesel for Power Generation in Oil & Gas Rigs

Evgeny Markin
Method of Automatic Target Angle Tracking by Sum-and-Difference Monopulse Radar Under Conditions of Polarization Interference

Vahagn Martirosyan
2-Stroke Oil/Gas Ratio Analyzer

Volodymyr Maslov
A Promising Method for Estimating the Quality of Motor Oil

Dan Mathias
ATOM 1.0 Humanoid Robot Project

Sandra Matos
Contact Protection
Cavity Plugs Holder
Wire Coding
Quick Connector

Parikh Maulesh

George Mc Neir
Bug-Out Boat

Jay Mccoy
Gut Microbiota Biopsy Capsule

John Mcintyre
Peristaltic Pump

Ray Mckenzie
RayMac Compressor

James Mcnay
Vehicle Confirmation Security Pad

James Mcnay
Personnel Identification

Joshua Medling
Transparent Armored Building Blocks for a New World View
Aftermarket Super Truck Hybrid Upgrade

Alireza Mehrabi
Set Up Safety Index in Civil Aircraft

Russell Mellon
Balance Assessment and Stability Alert Sensor
The Reliable Un-invasive Holographic Instrument (RU HI)

Pete Melrose
Cloud Healthcare Appliance Real-Time Solution as a Service (CHARTSaaS)

Cory Meyer
Speech to Text Augmented Reality Glasses for Hearing Loss Individuals

Kim Middleton
Composite Elastic Skins for Shape-Changing Structures
Aircraft Vertical Takeoff & Landing
3D Printer Test Station
Tri-Rotor Aircraft Capable of Vertical Takeoff and Landing and Transitioning to Forward Flight
Negative Dielectric Constant Material

Kimberly Middleton
A Durable Redundant Joint to Build Structures from Sections of Composite Sandwich Panel or Shell
Photo-Acoustic Sub Part-Per-Billion Chemical Sensing
Traffic Aware Strategic Aircrew Requests (TASAR)
Clock Synchronization Techniques for Distributed Systems

Luis Alberto Migliorero
Application of the Biefeld Brown Effect using D.R. Buehler Formula

Ionel Mihailescu
High Performance Continuous Internal Combusion Engine

Adam Miklosi
Poizo - Smart Space Heater

Adam Miklosi
Dab - Unobtrusive ECG Holter Patch

Monika Minarcin

Anwesha Mishra
Smart Meter

John Mitchell
Accessing the Inaccessible using Hovercraft
Advanced Hovercraft....Interim Version

Nitish Mody
Futuristic Sensor Designed to Fight Impregnable Loss and Develop Sustainable Form of Energy to Deal with Human Predicaments

Irfendy Mohamad
Maru Concept

Alireza Mohammadi
X-Limb: The World's Most Usable Prosthetic Hand for Upper-Limb Amputees

Aravind Mohan
Nano Additive Methyl Ester for Emission Reduction in CI Engines

Padmanapan Mohan

Nikolay Moiseev
Low-cost Advanced Space Suit for Skydiving and Space Jump

Siba Mookherjee
Large Capacity Air Filter for Urban Environmental Improvement

Howard Moskowitz
Reducing Medical Costs by Improving the ‘Heath/Wellness’ Experience using Mind Genomics®

Radu Motisan
Wearable Air Quality Monitor
Smart City Air Quality Monitor

Frederick Moxley
Solution to the Death of Moore’s Law

Nagesh N
Zero Drill : Nut Free Vehicle -- Weight & Cost Reduction with High Performance, Better Functionality

Shideh Naderi
Fiber Optic Augmented Reality System (FOARS) Vividly Displays Strain Measurements

Senthil Ram Nagapillai Durairaj
Emergency Transmission System in a Vehicle

Mayank Nanda
Smart Home

Kunal Gajanan Nandanwar

Don Nelson
Super Capacitor Powered Water Leak Isolation System

Patrick Nercessian
Implantable Sensor Technology Platform for Advanced Prosthetic Control

Huong Ngo
THE MIRACLE WALL - The Green Life is Right in Your Home

Dien Nguyen Chi
Two-stroke Rotary Engine For Small Applications
Two-stroke Rotary Engine (Quasiturbine)

Bubba Nicholson
Pheromone Cures Diseases

Harsh Nigam
Nigam's Mechanism: A Regenerative Way of Electricity Production

Eric Nilsson
Ring Nozzle

Brian Noland

Karina Novosselova
Painting Made of Egg Shells
Stand for Animal Rights!
Non-Animal Approach to Safety Assessment of Cosmetic Products
Ava Nightlight

Justin Nussbaum
Large Area Projection Sintering, a 3D Printing Technology

John O
Emergency Gas Shutoff Valve for Ruptured Gas Lines
Misters for Improved Efficiency of Outside HVAC Condenser Units
Ergonomic Water Container And Cart
Electric Power Cutoff System for Flooded Spaces
Solar Powered Heating and Cooking Device
Traffic Signal Power Backup System

Timmy Oh
Vara: Revolutionary Firearm Safety

Simon Olanipekun

Geoff Ombao

Alexandra Ortiz Jimenez

Marta Padasinavik
Design of Waven Headphones

Heath Palmer
A Flying Craft for Everyone

Prakash Pandian
IMAGNO Engine - Hybrid of IC Engine and Magnetic Piston Engine

Jangwoon Park

Sureshchandra Patel
Submerged Under Water Multiprocessor Computing Apparatus with Wireless Interconnect for Communication among its Components
Universal Computer Memory
Robotic Solver of Simultaneous Algebraic Equations

Mayur Patil
Automotive Air Filter to Gain 30-50% More Mileage and Reduce CO and CO2 Emissions by 45%

Suresh Patil
Transparent Conducting Oxide

Poornima Peiris
Cardi P(atch)

Walter Peregrim

Rolando Perez
Drunk Driving Prevention

Walt Perko
RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program

Yasir Perwaiz

Huong Pham
Wave Turbine
Hurricane Vanishing Walls
E.Wind Car

Wayne Pickette
Solar-Tile-II, for Homes & Vehicles Outputs DC or AC

Jacek Pieczaba
Algae Bloom Reducer

Larry Pope
Resurrected Plane Design Outperforms BWB?

Ilmars Preikss
Solar Cells as Permanent Blinds

Andre Prieur
Air Centrifugation Device

Pooja Priyadarshini
Farm without Climate, Soil and Sun

Karl Prodinger
Solar Controlled Ventilation

George Profitiliotis

Sanjay Puranik
Future Roads Design Idea
Oil Spillage

Himanshu Purswani
Personal Transportation Electric Vehicle

Chidvilas Putta
U-decipher Device for the Speech Impaired

Fabrizio Quesini
Reverse Camera for Parking

Jackie Quinn
Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron (EZVI)
Ammonia Recovery System for Wastewater

Kumaran R

Osamah Raad
Solar Engine

Edgar Michael Racho
Easy Peel Deo

Surendra Raghavendra

Arun Raj
Effect of Performance on Various Piston Profiles

Mukund Raju

Shree Ramachandran
New Dawn for the Visually Handicapped
Distress Call Generator
E Protector

Alejandro Ramos De La Pena
Keychain Generator of Energy
Twin-Engine Drone

Rajeev Ranadive
Electric Vehicle For Forest Dwellers

Jacob Rand
Elimination of Jack-Knifing of Tractor-Trailers

Charl Ranwell

John Rawlins

Mauricio Reck

Hemanth C Reddy
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Borewell Rescue Robot
Firefighting Drone

Terry Reece
The ©Fire Brigade

Raven Reisch

Joseph Resnick
In-Situ Reproductive DNA Transfection/Sterilization and Biocide Delivery System Method for Eradication of Zebra and Quagga Mu

David Rhodes
The Up! App for Industrial Service

Daryian Rhysing
Remote​ ​Monitoring,​ ​Diagnostics,​ ​and​ ​Prognostics​ ​for​ ​Aircraft

Douglas Richard
Transfer of Reluctance Frequency Multiplier

Carlos Rodriguez
A Concept for a Low-Cost Rapidly Deployable Autonomous Vehicle Support Infrastructure

Allan Rosman
Hybrid Hydraulic Transmission with the Accumulator as the Frame of the Vehicle

Michael Rother
Modular Lawn & Garden Equipment

Robert Rowells
Anti-Bleed Out Device
Waste Heat Recovery for Trucks

Jack Rowse

Bhargav S

Pranav Shankar S
Development of SMA Driven Biomimetic Hand for Cognition and Manipulation of Object Using Sensors & Image Processing

Kumareswaran S Perambur
Power Generation from Hydrogen Fuel (Derived from Water by Electrolysis)

Nargiz Safaraliyeva
Clearer Orbit

Chesta Sagar
Sign Language Interpreter

Sandeep Sagar Gummalla
IR Diabetic Sensor (Non-Invasive)

Mike Saint Jean
INV End to End Digitization

Harjot Singh Saluja
Low Cost Portable Briquette Making Machine

Vincenzo Sambito
New Theorem

Ryan Sanders
Tangent Drive Mechanism (TM)

Uba Sani Kibiya
Hybrid Solar Dryer

Supratik Sarkar
Peltier Charger

Tomonobu Sato

Tomi Saveski
Holistic IoT Interior Climate Control

Philipp Schaake

Adam Schindhelm
Smart Elements

Barret Schlegelmilch

Bill Schonfelder

Steve Schulz
Centipede - They Never Fall

Timothy Searfoss
Skin Cancer Treatment

Jerry Semer
Heat Pipe Engine
Osmosis Power
Flow Battery Engine

Shawki Seoud
A Novel Design for Vehicle Engine Mount with Friction Damper

Samkit Shah
Use of Supercharger in 150 CC Engine with Pinion Gear

George Shaiffer
Improved Traffic Flow/Control

Rajiv Sharma
Mega Wheel Turbine Mounted on Super Structure
Futuristic Fold-Unfold, Multistorey and Height Adjustment Based Flying Machines
Running on Road, Elevation and Hovering Electric Cars

Saurabh Sharma
H2N- Human to Nanogrid: Utilization of Human Muscle Power for Producing Electricity

Manoj Sharma And Team
E-Tardigrade Jacket

Jack Sharman
Gaping Wound Band-Aid/Plaster

Elijah Shoemake

Frank Siewert
Air Conditioning - Excess Heat Reuse

Josefina Silveyra
Low-cost Vacuum Baffle Based on Thermoelectric Cooling

Anirudh Singh
To Determine the Effect of Dimpled Poppet Valve on the Flow in Engine Cylinder by Port Flow Simulation

Taranvir Singh

Eric Smallwood
Melni Connectors

Karl Smarsch
Drone Concept for the Stratosphere

Danut Sobol
Flying Apparatus With Flexible Shell and Coanda-effect
Ultralight Bike

Utsav Solanki
Astronaut Boots for Space
Astronaut Magnetic Gloves

Dfr Solutions
Sherlock/SOLIDWORKS 3D Integration

Natarajan Somasundaram
Camera-based Light Communication Transceiver

Aditya Soni
eVTOL Foldable Wing Aircraft

Tamanna Sood
Mobile Assistive Application for Visually Impaired

Scott Spearing
Microfluidic Chip Bio Detection/Identification

Perumal Srinivasan
Video Calling with Flying Sensor

Kenneth Steel
Utility Boat for Utility Vehicle

Panagiotis Stefanides
Discrete Geometry Engineering Design Proposal

Daniel Sullivan
Pressure Sensitive Variable Intensity/Hue Forward Brake Light
Temperature Dependent Snow/Ice Wiper Delay
Marker Light System for Identifying Inexperienced Drivers

Kyle Summers
H.E.R.- Uses for Waste Emission Gases

Lalonnie Swagger
Rail Car System

Aron Szucs
Diamond Enriched Lamination Insulation for Electrical Machines

Nivaspandian T
Bore Well Rescue Robot

Ronald Tamol
IC Combustion Enhancement by Ionization for Engine Peripherals i.e. EGR Supply

Joseph Tarsio
In Vitro Cellular Toxicology Instead of Using Animals

Rodrigo Teixeira
Efficient Carbon Capture and Conversion to Materials and Fuel

Debbie Teodorescu
SurgiBox: The Operating Room in a Backpack

Vijayan Thirumalai
Ecopot Planters & Composters
Low Water Top Load Washing Machine

Jeffrey Thorn
Ambient Energy Fueled Mechanical and Electric Power Plant (US Patent 6,938,422)

John Threlfall

Bert Thuresson
High-Speed Transportation

Serguei Tikhonenkov
An Internal Combustion Engine with a Rack Gear (Crémaillère) Instead of a Crankshaft. Every Stroke is Combustion

Deepak Tiwari
Smart Grid

Myron Trenne
Vehicle Energy Transformation - Gas to Electric

Dimitri Tselenchuk
Modular Lab Vessel

Christopher Tucker
Neuronal Therapy Device

Dmytro Vakulenko
New Approach in Diagnostics, Monitoring of Cardio-vascular System by Blood Pressure Monitor

Thomas Valone
Permanent Spiral Magnet Motor

Alexander Vargas Almeida
Self-Sustaining Fast Food Carts

Charles Vijay Varghese
Automatic Neera / Toddy Tapping Device

Kalyani Vaze
Convertible 2 Wheeler

Arvind Subramanian Venkatanarasimhan
Foldable Electric Skateboard as Last Mile Vehicle

Daryl Vittal
Solar Synthesis Solar Mill

Magali Camila Vivas Cuellar
Biodiesel from Jatropha Curcas Oil as an Alternative for Use in Diesel Engines

Dmytro Voitiuk
Virual Glasses - Life Changing Power

Tim Vorage
Smart Lightweighting of Cars with 200kg

Donald Wagner
Water Saving Toilet that uses Average of .5 Gallons and Flushes over 1.33 Pounds

Matthew Waldersen
Wireless Gateway Integrates Wireless Sensors with Existing Aircraft Systems at the ‘Speed of Software’

Ashley Walsh
Digi-Gift App

Li Wang
Culture and Tissue Patch for Organ-on-a-Chip

Yu Wang
Enhance Image Resolution with Nearest Neighbor Deconvolution

Leslie Watkins
Faster Than 911

Graham Webber
Lucid Read

Rob Wendt
Origami Steel Method

Yu San Weng
Ease the Cough

William William
Cellphone Cameras Using Single Image Sensor

Alan Wood

Robert Wright
Displacement Safety System

Donald Yanzick
Shape-changing Dirigible

Donald Yates
Intelligent Prop-less & Rudderless Sub & Surface Craft Drive System

Colin Young
Race-Car Suspension System

Hani Youssef

Gary Yowell
Vehicle Emission Test Protocols are Overestimating Internal Combustion Vehicle Tailpipe Emissions

Viacheslav Yushchenko
Experimental Cargo-Passenger Catamaran with Three Power Supplies for the Propulsion Unit
Magnetic Suspension on Permanent Magnets

John Zelahy
Improved SUV Lift Gate
One Handed Shopping Cart

Michael Zeldich
Flapping Wings Apparatuses

Vladimir Zenin
Using Weight of a Vehicle as its Driving Force.

Francis Zhang
LTP-Bridge Intersection

Trent Zimmer
Retrofit Offshore Cargo Transfer Concept

Robert Zimmerman
Antimatter Reactor

David Zornes
BUCKYBALL Sphere Extruded from a Central Point to Buckyball Forming Panels for Wind Power Turbines
Flexible-Display Around Any Moving 3D-Shape (Robots) Displays FLAT “Plane” Images
Helix Concentric Tubes Direct Air Under Aircraft For More Lift. Fuselage Is A Glider Without Thrust. Tubes Unroll Flat For Dense Ground/Air Transport.
TIP-PATH Thrust On Rotary Roller Chain Sprocket Circuit: Solar Stirling, Engines, Piezoelectric Wafer or Electric Motor/Gener