Entrants 2019

katayoun aalami
Protector Box

Peter Agada
Non-invasive Neurostimulator to Mitigate Chronic Vertigo

Tushar Alai
IoT Solution for Fire Safety Systems

Damon Alavekios

giacomo alessiani
Distribute the CO2 Capture in Every New Electric Vehicle, to Remove Greenhouse Gases from the Atmosphere

Elizabeth Allison
Easy Clean Shower

Rolly Alvarez
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smart Missile
Automated Sorter Using LIBS and FTIR
Ocean Plastic-and Waste Recovering Catamaran

Dan Atlas

Shubham Avhad

Miguel Ayala
Fully Reusable, Two-Stage-To-Orbit, Horizontal Takeoff & Landing Spaceplanes

Fred Ball

gautam narayan baruah

William Bivens
Solar Silo

Jacob Bizehr
Aerodynamic Cavitation for Aircraft
Drone Riding Tornado
TURBINE with Jet Incision and Turboexpander

Benjamin Booher

Champak Bora

A “Specific” Drone for Night Time Aerial Wildfire Fighting & Drugs Plantations Fumigation: The NitroFirex Project

Thomas Brady

Jeff Brown

Osmond Bullen

Michael Burton
Is Water Desalination the Answer?

Keith Carlock
Dual-Holodeck Properties: Exterior 3-D Scenery and Internal Hologram Casting
Dual-Adaptive Camouflage Invisibility
Dual-Adaptive Camouflage and Dual-Holodeck Properties: The Two Symmetries

Olivier Ceberio
Wave2O - Clean Water From Ocean Waves

Kian Jon Ernest Chua
Energy-efficient “Greenest” Air Conditioner that Cools without Warming the Planet

Laurence Cohn

Richard Cooper

Perpetual Motion Automotive Motor

Robert Dahlstrom

Guido Danieli
ROSES (RObotic System for Endovascular Surgery)

Gheorghe DRAGAN

Mohnish Dubey
Noise to Electricity

Laurent Dufermont
HCS Shower Cabin

Ryszard Dzikowski
Solar Power from Desert Areas

Oliver Edwards
High Efficiency Clothes Dryer Powered by Solar Concentrator

Amira El
Safety Lock Digitally Expanding Speculum
Color Changing Vodka

IFR Training Aid

Randall Flann

Tom Freund
Autonomous Meal Plan Platform for Appliances (AMPPA™)

Jeffrey Frusha

GA Shanmugha Sundaram
Low-Earth Orbiting Solar Power Satellite Constellation Model

Anteneh Gashaw
Bottle Belt
Automatic Stretching and Compressing Vehicle
Smart City
Escalator which Ensures Safety of Wheelchair Users
The God Eye Project
Space Debris Management
AI-assisted Smart Fish Sorting Mechanism
Smart Green Washer
Pocket Garbage Bin
Cost Reduction Project
ATM Bin- Dispose and be Paid
Fluid Garbage Bin
Extreme Farming
Gravitational Assisted Space Shuttle Launch
Caribbean Sargassum Problem
Coca-Cola Audio/Video Player
Flexible and Durable Grocery Bag
An Instant Cooling Hand Refrigerator
Safety for Cyclists

Chancy Gondwe
Water QMS

Brian Goodman
Diamagnetic Field Engine

Vikram kumar Gupta
Battery-less Mosquito Catcher Bat
Simple Solution to Prevent Load Swinging in Cranes
Liquid Free System to Keep Car Sensors Clean

Yonatan Guy
Beddingo - The First Reinvention of Sheets in 100 Years

David Haskins
The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept
The (Fuel-Injected) Pulsed Turbine Rotor Engine

garri hendell

Shawn Hendricks
Mosquito Stopper

Alex Isakov
Unusual Gyroscope

Adarsh Jamadandi
Accexlron - A Rapid Prototyping Development Board

Diji Jayakaran
Trillion Times Faster Processor Using Amplification Technology
Kinetic Energy Recovery Wing & Body Design
Electromagnetic Cosmetic Therapy - Noninvasive
Eternal Energy Electric Device
Future Transportation by Levitating Humans by Thinking
Future Communication & Entertainment of Humans by Illuminating Air for Displaying Images by Thinking

Soren Jensen
Böwler: Flying Helmet

Samuel Johnson
Sorbent Polymer Extraction and Remediation System (SPEARS) for the Green Remediation of Impacted Sediments

Olga Kaltsevich
Bracelet Helper for Emergency Situations

Leon Kassman
APPLY! Condom Applicator

Johnathan Kiel
Diazoluminomelanin (DALM): Microwave-Controlled Synthetic to Biosynthetic DNA Vector and Modifier (BioSPLICE)

Angela Knight
EZ Chopstix

Vigneshwaran Konda Ramadoss
Brake Pad Wear Sensor

Georgi Kuchukov
Cyclo Motor

Krishan Kumar
Electricity Bill Reducer Circuit

Thomas Labadie
Ladder without Rungs

Art Lambert

Ellen Langsetmo
Enhanced EAS System

Joshua Levin
The Future of MagLev: How the Magnetic-Levitation Turnpike will Revolutionize Ground Transportation

hakan lidbo

Preston Luh
Utilizing Piezoelectricity to Manufacture a Self-Charging Phone Case

Kenneth Mailloux
Smart Control Trigger Turret Tripod
Gripped Solar Waterproofing
Tactile Smart Gyroballcam Grenade

Indrasom Majumdar

Tom Mallard
All-magnet Motive Power

Jonathan Mazyopa

Robert McLean
Camless Glide Valve Engine Technology

Shilpa Mehta
Multi-standard Mixer a Boon to Wireless World

NASA Langley Research Center
Self-Tuning Compact Vibration Damper
Hyperfine Interpolated Range Finding
Puncture-healing Engineered Polymer Blends

Luis Alberto Migliorero
Application of the Biefeld Brown Effect using D.R. Bhueler Formula

Alexander Molnar
Smart Flashlight for Lifeguards

Ryan Myers
CNC Shop Floor Future

Vigneshwaran N

Kirk Newcomb
Self-Sustainable, Profitable Wastewater Treatment System

shimshon Nigrekar

Okpamen Obasogie
A Personal CO2 Monitor for Use on Long Duration Spaceflight
Ina Lite
The Drill Bots (Unmanned Ground Vehicles Mounted with Two Robotic Arms Working Together as a Unit)

Jared Ogle
Don't Store It, Freeze It

Joel Osias
Electronically Actuated Lift Shelf

Michael Ostrowski
High Efficiency Positive Displacement Water Powered Sump Pump

Taslim Owonikoko
Potential Solid State Battery Electrolyte Withstands 1200°C Flame

Kousik Pattanayak

Dennis Philbeck

Wayne Pickette
IONIC Battery
Electronically Activated Muscle Simulation System (Modular)

Isaac Porras
Solarcycle Renewable Off-Grid Tiny Home

Ahmad Radhy
Decision Support System for Coffee Farm (Integrating IoT & ML)
IoT and Data Science for Urban Waste Energy System


Ron Richard

John Thomas Riley

Twisted Blisters

Nelson Salas

Stan Serpento
V2P Safety Alert Chip

Ruchita Shinde
Atherosclerosis Detection

Hal Slater
Triple Hybrid Water Heater

William Smith

Gregory Spaulding
Magnetic Energy Oscillator for Output Power Source (MEOOPS) V3

Dhanraj Sundaram

Eluckya T
Air Quality Monitoring Drone

Joseph Tarsio
3D Melanoma Virtual Reality (VR) Tools for Viewing, Monitoring & Treatment Options Applications

John Thomas
The BASE Rocket Concept - a New Direction for Electric Propulsion Development

Aisha Usman

Jermaine Vassel

Harry Wainwright
Therapeutic Pillow to Relieve Pain, Cure Diseases, and Calm Autistic Children

don wilkins
Geofenced Weapons

DJ Wilson

Charles Wood
Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) Prevention

John Zelahy
Hinged/Segmented SUV Liftgate

A Safe & Clean Insect Trap (A Universal Safety Pesticide Container, A Disposable Dual Wall Lampshade Insect Trap )

Eliezer Zohar
Take Me to Work and Bring Me Home

Evgeniy Zudin
The Vehicle Changes Its Application in 3 Minutes