Entrants 2013

Gary Abramov
Ultra-Miniature External Defibrillator System

Fadi Abu Farha
Pressurised Foils for Ultra-Lightweight Automotive Panels

Mohammed Aburayya
Interactive Road Signs Automation

Mozesk Acras
Generating Clean Energy and Cheap

Bernhard Adams
System to Discourage Speeding
Mitigation of the Threat from Orbiting Debris to Satellites

Bill Adams
Sustainable Remote Arctic Community

Peter Adamsen
Rotary Internal Combustion Engine

Kaustubh Agrawal

Carlos Aguayo Gonzalez
Power Fingerprinting Monitor: Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Attack

Jaime Aguilar
Eolectric Car

Greg Ahira
Test Strip Mixture Indicators

Nnamdi Ajah
Agricultural Solution

Ben Aldern
Flexible, Inexpensive, Wireless Data Acquisition Unit

Todd Alexander
Repurposing Automotive Li-Ion Cells for a Residential Home Energy Storage System

Liaquat Ali
Reinforced Passive Backlit LED TV

Mohammad Reza Allazadeh
Higher Efficiency Brake Pad

David Allen
Satellite Project for World Literacy

Michael Allmon
ORFS O-ring Design

Role Alvarez
Multistage Jet Engine
Alternator-Powered Hybrid Car
Magnet Motor

Luca Amati
Full Electric Combustion Chamber for Turbojet Engines

Salvatore Ameduri

Vincent Ampadu
E-Afrique Global Project

Lenka Andrasova
Design of Bed for Anesthesiology and Resuscitation

Randy Andronica
No Cone Single Point Reamer/Drill

Manolo Anton
Residential Elevator

Masatada Araki
Ductile Ceramics

Harry Archer
Dead Zone Oxygenation

Dan Aris
48V Town & Country Hybrid Powertrain (TC48)

Bez Arkush
RespiRight - Respiratory Muscle Training

Vairavan Arunachalam
A Real Time Measurement of EEG Signal

Thati Ashok Kumar
Multi-Mission Police Vehicle

Dan Atlas
Wearable Bio-Sensing Platform

Sham Attavar Narasimhamurthy
Self Medication

Avantika Avi
VoAP (Voice-control over Appliances)

Armando Azua-bustos
On a Way to Detect "Life as We Do Not Know It"

Sandeep B

Keval Babu

Anush Badii
Kite Powered Electrical Generator
A Rapidly Deployable Aerial Wind Turbine
Water from Air for Humanitarian Relief Operations

Insaf Bahnini
Design of a Manipulator Robot to Realize Moroccan Assembled Pattern

Xiaodong Bai
Macrowave Control

Mike Bailey
Stop Child Heat Deaths In Vehicle

Mark Bailly
Total Energy Monitoring System for Office or Home

Kenneth Ballew
Reusable Structural Component for Space Utilization

Gunnar Baltzer

Georgios Bampasidis
MEMS Probes for Space Missions

Claudio Barros

Goran Basic
Large Gonioreflectometer

Okoro Basil
Land Transportation Comfort with Audace

Ivan Batinic

Russell Beath
Segmented Filler Rod

Joseph Benedyk
A New Class of Sheet Materials for Future Lightweight Vehicles

Christopher Beskar
SM-39 Razor Air Superiority Fighter

Anatoly Besplemennov

Uddhab Bharali
Detention Chair for Mentally Challenged Person

Vasant Bhide
Live Stage Performance at Home

Dileep Bhoi
Charging Vehicle Battery by Steering Wheel Movement and Tire Rotation: Application in Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

Trinayan Bhuyan
Hydrolyseric Triyan Engine

Volodymyr Bihus
Pneumatic Gripper with Electric Eye

William Birchard
Bomb Detector
Explosive Detector

Dennis Bironas
Energy Recovery by Displacement

Robert Bishop
Advanced Solid State Cooling Technology

Kyle Black
Electricity Tracker

Dan Db Blackstone

Cbxacta Blankenship
Air Turbine

Josef Ludvík Bohm
RE-PLY Electric Scooter

Lorita Bolts
Beverage Container Belt

Benjamin Booher, Sr.
Industry-Changing, Patented, Continuous, Highly-Automated and Efficient Manufacturing Process Yielding Benchmark Highly-Engineered Friction Composites

Nishant Boora
No to Topple of Car

Julio Bowen
Photonic Space Engine Driver

William Bowlus
New Spinal Tap Kit for Improved Accuracy and Accessibility.

Nagarajan Br
SkyAuto - A VTOL for Defense Transportation

David Braverman
Webcam Touch Monitor Smart Board

Jeff Brown
DAMPS Technology MKV Magnetic Smart Boots

John Brown

Denis Buffet
New Series-Parallel Architecture for Hybrid Vehicles

Mel Bulman
The Afterburning Rocket Engine

James Burton
Electrically Conducting Proteins for Continuous Assay

Santiago Butnaru
Vortex Cancelling Winglet
Cheapest Disposable Suction Liner in the World

André Caminoa
The Babel Tower: a Super-tall Structure with a Sub-orbital Elevator

Mario Camou
Multi Track Wheel

Kris Campbell
Swing Bike

Alfonso Campos De Los Reyes

Madhavun Candadai
Easy Cut, Store & Throw

Mariel Cantu
AVARII Emergency Bracelet

Peng Cao
PRT-Centered Green Community

Peng Cao
Wave Energy Harvesting Vessel

Denis Carrier
Using Earth Rotational Inertia as a Source of Energy

Eduardo Carrillo
Preventing Heart Attack with Machine and Solution

Jerry Carson
50 rd. Double Barrel Pump Shotgun

Jose Andre Cavalcanti Da Silva
A Potential Biodegradable Lubricant from Castor Biodiesel Esters via Enzymatic Catalysis

Etosha Cave

Salih Ch
PSoC Based Automatic Solar Tracking and Distribution

Deniz Chaban
Touchtech Lima - Interactive surfaces

Puran Chand
Reduction of Fuel Wastage

Elias Chavez Monarrez
Nature's ABC's

Yulian Chen

David Harold Chester
Lowering Skin-Friction Drag by Stabilization of the Turbulent Boundary Layer

Adam Chesterman
Unmanned Multi-purpose Cargo Aerial Vehicle (UMCAV)

Chin Wah Nyee Chong
Impact Energy Dissipator
Spinal Injury Protector for Ejection Seats

Peter Choo
Fovea Plus Model

David Cleman

Dennis Collins
Angel Wing Hover Project

Jim Colthart
Renewable Phenolic Compounds

Dave Conley

Sean Connell
ATOM: A Multipurpose Tool

Ronald Coppersmith

Dean Corren
Bike Dock

Carlos Cossio
A Low-Cost Wristwatch for Non-Invasive Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring

Renato Costa
External Combustion Engine

Jr Costes
The Phase Explosion Injection for an Ultimate Motor Efficiency

Paul Cottey
Monovision Contact Case

Kenneth Cowans
The Variable Compression Ratio and Charge (VCRC) IC Engine

Luther Cox
Atlanta Commuter System

Eric Crews
Pneumatic/Electric Fuel Less Generator

Dwight & Jane Cushman
Mycolysis - Pathogen Extinguisher

Jeff D'arco
Scalable Water Purification

Dr Robert D'emidio
A "No Light Solar Cell"

Ganesh Dahibhate
GENBIKE-The Bike with Electrical Generator

Sophia Dangelolauwers

Bernie Daraz
MagLite Handle/Baton Kit
Wobbli - Wallboard Cutout Tool Accessory

James Dark

Ofer David
Making Night Time Driving Safe and Automated

Pilato David

Fernando De La Pena Llaca
Antimatter Engine
Space Launch Vehicle Using Magnetic Levitation

Kathryn De Laurentis
A Coordinated Powered Flexion/Extension/Rotation Prosthetic Wrist

Herman De Nunzio
Small Bore Hydraulic Cylinders

Raffaele De Vivo
Urea Tank in Tank

Francois De Watteville
AGA-33 Super Fuel-Efficient Aircraft

David Deak
Self Powered Wireless Dimming Switch

Sean Defeudis
Cruise Ship Waste Processor
Youth Locator for Domestic Fires

Christophe Dehlinger
Opening House Roof

Michael Dempsey
Landing Gear Pre-spinner

Sadesh Devaki
Streetlight with Air-conditioner & Solar Panel
Magnetic Road
100% Free Energy

James Dieffenderfer

D Dinakaran
Road Cleaning Robot

Mohan Divekar
Achieve More Than 85% Efficiency Windmill
Novel High Efficiency Windmill
2+2=4 Stroke IC Engine with Tweaked PV= Constant Curve

Radovan Djukic
Convert Existing AC Grid in DC Grid

Yanovich Dmitriy
A New Diesel Engine Cycle with Lower Mechanical Losses and Improved Environmental Performance.

Gabor Dobos
Untethered Autonomous Flying Wind Power Plant

Zac Dooley
Pill Sorter

Scott Downen
Baby-In-Car (B.I.C.) Alarm

Eugene Drachko

Gheorghe Dragan
Risk of Cancer Evaluation in Human Communities

Constantin Dumitrescu
Two Feet Driving Pedal System

Helmut Durchschlag
Development of Anti-Radiation Drugs

Edward Durney
A Truly Electric Car

Monica Ebert
Algae/ Fungi Wall BioMats for Space Habitats

Daniel Edney

Amar Ejaz
Front Loader

Kufremfon Ekerete

Kenneth Ekman
The Train That Never Stops
The 3D Digital Display

Marwa El Diwiny
Imagined Speech of Human Thoughts (Secure Data Transmission Among Military Members)

Samer El Sayary

Porferio Eliang
Plastic Garden Box

Salah Elmaghazy
Hybrid Micro-Composite E-Springs for Vehicle Suspension Systems

Olli Eloranta
Car Brake Light System

William Engwer
SOLO High-Efficiency Vehicle

Grigoriy Epshteyn
New Powertrain to Achieve 80mpg for Midsize Car

George Epstein

Kelly Erdlen

Laszlo Erdosy
Ground Source Heat Pump

Jorge Escobar
Generating Electricity by Using Home Water Pressure

Domingo Estrada
Versatile Wind Turbine Charger

Fred Etcheverry
Synchronous Machine Having a Flux Exciter Remote from the Rotor Appropriate for an Electric Vehicle Traction Motor

Edwin Ethridge
Microwave Extraction of Water for Space Propellant

Solar System Express
Gravity Development Board
RL Mark VI Space Skydiving Suit

Gerald Falbel
Solar Electrical Energy from the Moon

Mohamed Farag
In-Wheel Brushless DC Outer Rotor (Hub) Motor Used in Electically Driven Vehicles

Ali Farahmand
3D Scanner Tablet

Amy Farquharson
Mars Biodome

Perry Feeney
Hybrid Power System

Thomas Feiereisen
Louvered Full Cut-Off Light Bulb

Rogers Feng
Robot for Detecting Weapons of Mass Destruction
Human-Powered Refrigeration System for Developing Nation Vaccine Field Distribution
Midnight Sun

Paolo Ferri
Sea Wave Energy Converter
Kinematics Electricity Storage System

Guilherme Ferro E Silva
Eye Glove

Francesco Figliola
Cloud Computing for Remote Aircraft Applications

Oleg Figovsky
The Production of Polymer Tracking Membranes

Fernando Figueroa
Simulation and Analysis System of Effects and Mitigation of Tsunamis

Clinton Fischer

Pedro Flecha
Big Renewable Energy Source in Atmospheric Humidity Made Simple

Orville Fleming
Shelf Bracket - Simplicity for the Future

Martin Flint

Bruce Foggy
Gorilla Cargo Net Improves Highway Safety

Jason Force
Grass Powered Robot Mower

Robin Forgash
Oozy Eggs

William Franklin
Machine Learning Algorithm for Automated Analysis of Satellite Imagery

Elroy Fransiskus
Hour Meter as a Standard to Change the Liquid and Part of the Car Engine

Andri Frediansyah
Free Gluten Flour with Modified Cassava Flour Fermented by Lactobacillus Plantarum Culture Starter
Mooring Buoy Installation for Coral Reefs Conservation After Tsunami

Michael Freeman
USB Key for Automobiles

Dario Fuentes

Nickolas Funk
Space Controller
Electromagnetic Screwdriver

Michael Furr
Tanglenet: A Proposal for Quantum Entanglement Networking

John Gains
Human Powered/Hybridized Vehicles

Jean Pierre Gallo
MANTARAYA Delta Challenger

Glenys And Stanislaw Galloway And Holubowicz

Luciano Gama
Two Stroke Lubricant Oil

Claudio Gambelli

Nelson Garcia Polanco
RW-Ducted Fan: A Novel Concept to Improve the Forward Flight of VTOL UAVs and Tiltrotor Aerial Vehicles

Manoj Gattani
High Efficient Magnetic Engine for Power Generation

Joe Gelb
CBPModule Disc Brake Dust Collection System

Richard George
n^X Efficient Solar Panel

Sajin George
Carbon Dioxide Reduction in a SI Engine - Experimental and CFD Studies

Fatih Geridonmez
Blast Dampening Using Ultra High Vacuum System (UHV)

Fathali Ghahremani
Variable Angle, Depth Controlled, High Speed Manual Cranial Access Device

Alessandro Ghio
Ergonomic Seat

Francois Gibon
Linked Car Shock Absorbers

Carlos Gil
OrthoSensor Verasense System

Liviu Grigorian Giurca
Hybrid Opposed Piston Engine - HOPE
Hybrid Transport System - HTS

Ernest V Glover Sr

Harold Goldbaum
An Electromagnetic Induction Device for the Generation of Useable Electricity, that Relies Solely Upon Electromagnetic Phenomena
Protective Trim System for Vehicle Doors, Panels and Bumpers
A Biometric Access Control Device that is Inexpensive and Inviolable

Ron Goldberg
Isowalk Intelligent Mobility

Eduardo Gonzalez
Induced NMR for Cancer Therapy

Muthukumaran Gopalan
Multifunctional Bed for Quadriplegia Patients
A Novel Counting Device for Domestic Pressure Cooker for Hearing Impaired (CoDePec)

Srinivasan Gopalan
Scented Steaming Folder

Christopher Gosse
High Impact Temporary Housing

Karthikraj Govindan
Emission Control System

Richard Grant

Valmor Gravio
Speed Transmission Changer

Anthony Gray
Preventing Rear End Collisions

William Greenhalgh
System for Suppressing Noise from a Jet Engine

Jesse Greer
Thermal Control for Cookware

James Greeson
Composite Hybrid Wind Turbine Water Tower
Composite MRAP Gunner's Protection System

Philippe Grisez
Future Aircraft

Nabraham Gross

Magnus Gunnarsson
Perceptual Health Monitoring

William Guoan

Subhra Gupta
Lighter and Better Bucket

Vineet Gupta

Taehwan Ha
TH-Mission, Thumb-Sized Transmission

Tamas Haidegger
Hand-in-Scan Hand Hygiene Control System

Jeff Hammock
AUTO Stop Lamp (Brake Light Bulb)

Il Song Han
Bio-Inspired Vision for Safety and Security

David Hansen
Copilot on the Ground

Doug Hardesty
Child Security Band and App

Doug Hardesty
Built in Smartphone Projector

Genevieve Hart
Vibration Energy Harvesting

Louise Hart
Sustaining Agriculture

Frank Hartley
Nano-Filtration and Polarization Based Desalination

David Haskins
New Aircraft Concept Will Eliminate Crosswind Landings and Takeoffs.
Satellites Authorize a "Go" for Vertical Takeoffs

Erik Herold
Fuel Flexible, Ultra-Portable Microturbine Generator

Ranjith Hg
Eye Movement Controlled Self-Balancing Wheelchair

Danny Higgins
Ski Helmet with Retractable Visor

Marlyn Hill
Guddidea Electric

Leong Hong You
Energy Saving Conversion Kits for Old Car

Sudhir Hoskere
Stability & Safety (S&S) Air-Bag to Power Two Wheelers

Paul Howard
YankeeDiesel - The More Efficient Engine

W.m. Huang
Shape Memory Polymeric Temperature Sensor and Anti-counterfeit Label

Mayer Humi
Near Earth Asteroids:The Celestial Chariots

Matt Hunter
Renewable Power Generation System for Offshore Operations

Zelimir Husnic
Smart Prosthesis

Vasanthakumar Jaganathan
Smart Car for Women

Ashutosh Jahagirdar
Tracking Free Solar Concentrator
Mosquito Repellent Optimizer

Nakul Jain
An Air Conditioner = A Mini Power Plant
Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free!

Rajiv Jain
LED Torch with Acupressure points
Safety Match

Jose Manolo Delfin Jalandoni
Rotatable Telescopic Wingsail

Jim Jaskol
Modifying Highways to Improve Fuel Efficiency

Leelananda Jayasuriya
Low Head Hydro Power Generation

Zdenek Jedlicka
Simple Method of Electricity Generation from Sea Waves

Jaepil Jeong
Wireless Solar Panel Heated Windshield Wiper Blade
Full Metal Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blade

Abhishek Jha
Next Generation Fuel Saver & Power Manager

Johnnie Jones
Heated Wiper Blades
Electron Exciter

Abhimanyu Joon
Integrated Internal & External Combustion Engine

Scott Jordan
Compact Space Telescope

Tristan Joseph
Electronic Inventory: Inventor-E

Ajay Joshi
New Unmanned Railway System

Thilagan K
Object Tracking Device

Aubrey Kagan
BluDAQ: Android Bluetooth Oscilloscope

Ramki Kalyanaraman
Solar Textile: Ultra-Light, Low-Cost, Flexible, and High-Efficiency Solar Energy Harvesters

Henry Kamau
MAGLEV Driveline for Wheeled Vehicles

Alan Kaplan
A Geometrically Improved LED Replacemet Bulb with a Modified Edison Base

Puya Karimi
Medical Bed

Emil Kartalov
Supercolor Multiplexing

Gary Kemp
Wound Dressing with Flow in And/Or Flow Through Delivery Systems

Raad Khaleel
Self Irrigation Container

Siddartha Khastgir

Rohit Khattar
LevPods Individual Transit System (LITS)

Kah Khim Khoo
Talking Diary

Farhad Khoshabadi
Car Crash Safety with Hydraulic Jacks
Double Acting Internal Combustion Engine

Farzad Khoshabadi
Increasing 4 Stroke Engine with Water Injection

Juergen Kienhoefer
AIRcable Smart Dimmer

Young Kim
Amphibious Paddle Boat
Shoe Bottom Cleaner for Automobile Riders

Dave King
Electric Artificial Heart

Mark Kinley
Portable Emergency Alert System

Marcos Kleinerman
Sensitive, High Resolution Thermal Infrared Imagers Based On Visible Digital Cameras

Grant Kleinman

Vic Kley

Bryan Knouse
Salsa Saucer: A Better Way To Enjoy

Charles Kochou

Francis Kok
Supermarket Automatic Check-Out System (SACOS)
Noise Energizer Implementing Noise Collectors as Storage Cells

Oleg Kolesnikov
Sky Food Plants
Hydro Different Pressure Power Station
Underwater Tubes

Devin Kollmorgen
Motorcycle Safety via Fixed Frequency Transmitter

Paul Koltun
New Way of Making and Selling Clothes

Krzysztof Kozlowski
Linear Motion Systems for Aluminum Profile

Matyas Krabot
SmartCAP - Plug and Play TPMS
Oasis Modul

Richard Kreisel
Deployable Through Hull Scoop
Reduce Red Light Running

Satriyo Krido Wahono
Household Filter Biogas

Jess Kriehn
The Flipper
-The Howard Gear-
The Howard Chip
Nano-Nets--Can Cure Any Disease--Nano-Nets
Motion Activated Escalator
Operation Dubble Bubble

Valentin Kulikov
Catherina Square LV, Smart LED Lighting Solution

Ameya Kulkarni
Hybrid Bike

Chandan Kumar
Sustainable Food Processing

Dinesh Kumar
Specially Designed Vehicle for Disabled Person

Manmohan Kumar
Electric Soap Foam Dispenser

Vijay Kumar
Destroying Killer Tornadoes

Ashwin Kumarappan
Electromagnetic Brake for Car/Bike
Shoe Energy
Master Switch

Pareshkumar Kumavat

Stanislav Kuskov
Vehicle with Autonomous Operation Robocar UMech

Thomas Labadie

Mike Lacroix
Extendable Vehicle
Tornado Proof Home
Mississippi Flood Water Abatement Project

Stuart Laforge
Flying Solar Power Plant

Anthony Lalama
The Omeguitar Project: The Ultimate Digital Song-Training Accessory

Alex Langensiepen
Thorium Rescue Vehicle

Peter Langer
Doorbell Light

Ellen Langsetmo
Portable Passive Microwave Radar Imager

Sean Lanigan
Automotive Wind Turbine Power Generator

Paul Laskow
HVAC Battery Operated Zoning System

Carl Lawrence
Swift Tram: High Speed Automated People Mover

Fernand A Leclaire
A Novel Windmill Generator

William Lee
Hybrid Solar Wind Turbines

John Lesage
Beam Irradiance on Target System (BITS)

Vincent Leskowich
Rape Victim Protector & Rapist Identifier

Joshua Levin
LeviCar/RoboTrail -- Multi-Mode Vehicles for Both Road and MagLev Rail

Bridget Lewis
PaintCan: Automated Mixing Machine

Michael Leydet
Skin Assessment and Decubitus Ulcer Prevention System
iPecs Pro Clinical Prosthetic Alignment and Assessment Tool

Sandesh Likhar
Compressed Air Engine

James Lin
“The Jackknife” – A Center of Gravity (CG) Steering and Leaning Vehicle with Automatic Upright and Directional Stability Control…

Benny Lindbrandt
Positive Displacement Screw-Compressor

John Linstrom
Optical Speed Limit Reader

Grigori Lishanski
The Hydraulic Adapter for Electric Drills
A New Generation of Hydraulic Vibratory Pumps

Siddharth Lokachari
Portable Dual Stacked Solar Still

Allan Lopez
Solar Light in Basements - Bright Future

Anthony Lorts
High Performance Variable Pressure CNG Regulator

Henry Losiewicz
Blueprint Saver Folder

Eric Lowery
Arachnid Vigor

George Kenneth Lucey Jr
Protection Against Chemical Spills

Larry Lueder
Underneath Lead Acid Battery Contacts

Alain Lunati
Fuel Quality Sensor

Bruno Lunelli
Knocking Down the Expiry Term of Laboratory Chemicals: the No Reagent, No Reaction Technology

Marc Lurie

Glen Lux
The Paradigm Shift in Wind Turbine Technology

Matthew Lytle
Dirigible Space Elevator

Neville Macaulife

Graeme Macdonald
Audio Imager

Frank Magnarelli
IV Infiltration Detector

Sospeter Malimu
House Plan for Bar and Guest House

Soumen Mandal
Bio Fertilizers Using a Microbial Surface

Gerald Manfredi
Wind Turbine Solar Powered Water Pump

Joy Mann Simmons
Prillings for Next Generation Rocket Fuel

Dinesh Manoharan
Automatic Thrust Augmentation
MultiFunction Micro Air Vehicle
Structural Integrity Monitoring System

Alessandro Marotta

Roni Maryana
Bioethanol 2nd Generation Integrated Reactor (Delignification, Saccharification and Fermentation)

Volodymyr Maslov
Use of Radiation from PC Screen for Non-Destructive Controlling the Internal Strains in Transparent Parts
Simple Rapid Method of Water Quality Control

Luke Mastrangelo
Prism - Urban Commuter Backpack

Makoto Matsuoka
Expander for the Lower Part of the Body

Joseph Maxwell
Water Saving Shower

Sarah Mays
The Pedal Mower

Simon Mccarthy

Earl Mccune
Avian-safe Wind Power

Park Mcgraw
CASP Controller: Cascading Array of Sequenced Power, for ATX Supplies

Larry Mcgrenera

Kerry Mcmanus
Recycled Concrete Sound Barriers

Charles Medlock
Torque Stabilized, Vertical Lifting System

Edmond Melkomian
Passcode Keeper

William Melnyk
Semi Trailer Air Deflector

Filippo Menconi
The Optimization Process of an Autonomous UAV

Armando Mercado
Some Assembly is Required

Jerry Mercer
Smart Tunes

George Meyer
Water is Our Energy

Jeffrey Meyer
Let Your GPS Drive Your Car or Fly Your Plane Safely!

Thomas Meyer
Wearable Tech: An Input Device to Replace the Keyboard and Mouse- MouthSpace - for Mobile and Assistive Use

Valery Mikhailau
Adapted Planetary Wheel with Reduction of Harmful Impacts on the Environment

Dennis Miles
Electric Vehicles Need Trained EV Mechanics

Dorian Miller

Luke Miller
Well Doctor

Jainendra Mishra
Biomimicry of Human Hand

Shantanu Mishra
Tractional Stability Control System for Automobiles (Based on Integrated ABS and Weight Transfer Mechanism)

Ben Missler
Solar Powered High Speed Tram

Jiban Jyoti Mistry
VariPhase Engine: Split Cycle Phase Variable Reciprocating Piston Spark Ignition Engine

Shailendra Kumar Mistry
Molten Salt Solar Agri-Crop Dryer

Aleksandar Mitrasinovic
Making Fuel from Greenhouse Gases

Tomoya Miyamura
Street Legal, Ultra Compact EV is "More Eco-Friendly Than Using the Train"

Bahman Mohammadhoseini
Easy Urine (Liquid) Volume Meter

Masud Khan Mohammed
Marstian Wind Turbines for Clean Future

Manisha Mohan
Zero Cost Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Using LPG

Dillip Kumar Mohanta
Automotive Combi Heat Exchanger

Mohamed Moner
AETS for Saving Lives

Andrej Mosat
Bacterial Infection Diagnostics

Renzo Moschini
Ceramic Lost Cores

Jonas Moses
Small Sample Analysis Device

Albert Mroz
Greenhouse Escargot in Space

Joost Mulder
Solar Powered Ultra Streamlined Personal Transportation Vehicle (SPUSPTV)

Ron Murawsky
ME2a Internal Combustion Rotary Engine
ME2 Rotary Engine

Braden Murphy
Wellhead Power Solution for Gas Venting

Lenin N C
Design of Linear Switched Reluctance Motor for Mass Rapid Transit System

Prathamesh Nachane
Future of Spying-Killer Drones and MAV's

Dr S Nagarajan
Electromagnetic Repulsion in Suspension System for Vehicles

Ervin Nagy
Utility Box Caddy

Shyam R Nair
SAM - "Friend of Front Line Soldiers"

Yogesh Nalam
Charge Your Mobile Phones on the Move
Ratchet Wheels

Balaji Naragude
Fuel Efficient CVT for Scooters

Nick Negoescu
Emergency Power for Critical Infrastructure

Rene Neubacher
Introduction to Variable Ammunition

Adrian Ioan Niculescu
VZN – Damper with Self Correcting Damping Characteristic

Bob Niemeyer
Radioactive Decay Accelerator

Juan Roberto Nieto Ibarra
Folding Grill
Pepper Color Gas

Samira Nikkhah
Automatic Table/Surface Cleaner

Ales Nohel
The Earth Rider

Russ Northrup
Ultra Low Cost Insulin Pump

Daniel Norton
INCREDICLAMP - A Safer, Stronger Machine Clamp

Engr. Chinenye Justin Nwaogwugwu
Multisurface Degreaser/Cleaner

Mike O'rear
Gross Motor Development Machine

Brian Oconnor
OCOR Multiple Segment Lobe Pump

Haruhiko Okumura
Helmet-Mounted Dome-Type Aerospace Display

Daniel Olmos
Clean Bike

Hueh Chuah Ong

Goodness Opara

Sergey Orlov
Active Aerodynamic System for Ground Vehicles
Stealthy Propulsion System

Chris Ortega
Childrens Book Light

Joel D. Orth
Save 30% Gasoline -> Pressure Pulsation Dampers for Injectors and Twin-Jet Injectors (GOAL: Pressure Damped Twin-Jet Injectors)

Juan Camilo Ortiz
Aortic Cannulae (Click)

German Osorio
Tuning the Sunlight

Ikenna Oti

Paul Otto
Wingless, Autonomous Aircraft
Wingless, Autonomous Aircraft

Hsucheng Ou
LOC Micro

Naguessiba Emile Ouedraogo
Green Tresor: Innovative and Ecological Solar Electric Vehicles

Ivan Padron
EYES ON. Colors Lighted Speedometer

Dipayan Pal
Air Life Saver

Cameron Palmer
Portable Outdoor Hot Shower

Kannan Pandi
Flying Electric Generator
System That Generates Electricity from Shock Absorber Using Piezoelectric Material

Ronald Pannekoek
Flexible Airfoil Airplane Skin

Ravi Paramanandam
Sound Muffler

D.p. Parkhe
Universal Adhesive Tape Dispenser
Reversed Light for Automobiles
Biodegradable Scrubber
Apple Controls Diabetes 2

Robert Patterson

Abhishek Pavani
Gesture Controlled Underwater Cum Aerial Quadrotor

Mark Pavlich

Samuel Pellicori
UV Imager Useable In Ambient Lighting Environments
UV Medical Imaging System

Milen Penev
NFC Jammer

Johnnie Perkins
Extend Electric Car Range Using Wind Power
Pressurized Sports Helmet

Janez Perko
Passive Solar Panel Tracker

Ahmed Peshimam
Heavy Traffic Control System
Pusher Turboprop Engine Powered Auxillary Power Unit

Kevin Pharris

Larry Phillips
Two Roll Gripper End of Arm Tooling

Wayne Pickette
Welcome to the Future: "Plug-in, Solar-Electric Vehicles Now!"

Aratz Harold Pinter Sanchez
Personal Movility Vehicle (PMV)

Brian Pinzon
Time Dilation Machine

Barry Pokrifcsak
Skill Capacity, Human Skills Assessment & Performance Evaluation Software

John Pollock
Air Filter Maintenance Alert

Perry Ponder

Anthony Ponirakis
Emergency Starting Battery ESB - VS (Vehicle Series)

Larry Pope
Aviation for the Next 100 Years

Oleg Potkin

Philip Poulos
The Bayou Skimmer-High Speed H2O

Tim Pryor

Loris Pujol
Oz, New Mobility Concept

Sreenivasulu Pulla
Traffic Signals Timing Using Sensors

Mauricio Pupo
Driver Alerting Device
Sleeping Device

Terry Purnama
Car Parking Booked System

Joseph Quarando
Bird Avoidance System
Cockpit Smoke Evacuation System
Real Time Damage Tolerance Analysis
Sport Park Soda/Beer Backpack

Karthisamy R

Vaisakh R Sarma
Project MACRO- The Foldable Electric Car

Pritheev Raj
Fabrication of Vehicle with Reverse Mode for Physically Challenged People

Daniel Ramirez
Smokeless Landing

Isabel Ramirez Ruiz
Active Kinematics Suspension for a High Performance Sports Car

Satchit Ramnath
Feasibility of Hydrogen As An Alternative Fuel For an Internal Combustion Engine

Jacob Rand
Elimination of Jack-knifing of Tractor-trailers

Alydaar Rangwala

William Ranken
Mississippi to Colorado River Waterway

Jean Jacques Raphael
Walking with Your Arms

Wayne Rasanen
Safer Driver Interface and Control

Fayaz Rasheed
Automated Active Flow Control System based on Fluidic Oscillators for Fuel-efficient Aircraft

Tomasz Rawinski
Compensator of Voltage Sags and Short Time Interruptions of Voltage at Power Grid
The Anti-Collision System for Traction Vehicles
Optimization of Energy Use At Elevators Supplied from Renewable Energy Sources

Henry Ray
THAW (Temporary Hazardous-Area Walkway )

Mark Rea
The Daysimeter

Dale Ream

Sreedhar Reddy
Automation of Passenger Movement in Buses

John Redon
Dry Earplugs for Diving
Waterproof Earplugs for All Water Related Activities

Joseph Resnick
Microencapsulated Spices, Means, Method of Use and Manufacture

Joseph Resnick
Saving the Honeybee: Low-Toxicity Integrated Pest Management Product

Hossam El Din Rezk
Spider Mechanism for Car Tire in Snowy Condition

Amin Rigi
Pars Aerial Rescue Robot

Tom Riley
No More Terminators: Living Wills for AI
The Big Moon Dig

Anibal Rivero
Concept Asteroid Space Defense Platform

Nick Robbins
Remote-Controlled Stair-Climbing Device

Ron Roberts
Novel Composite Active Electrode for Sodium Ion Batteries

Claudia Cristina Rodrigues Hernandes
Methodology Development of a Diagnosis Support Using Manufacturing Additive Models from Medical Images

Edgardo Roggero
Simplest Quasistatic Test Machine

Michael Rother

Roberto Ruiz Jurio
Air-Rops: Active Rollover Protection System

Peter Sacchetti
Flow Actuated Selector Valve

Mohammad Reza Safarpour

Sandeep Sagar Gummalla

Anuj Saini

Chander Saini

Nitin Saini
Solar Mobile Charger

Massoud Saleh

Joaquin Sales Arasa

Ravi, Thangakumar, Sambath
A Night Safety Alert Messaging System for Vehicles Using Vehicular Adhoc Networks (NSAMSV)

Stanley Samlal
Pre-Collision Warning System with Brake Support in an Automobile Using an Ultrasonic System

Suresh Samuel
Rotomoulde Tanks with Integrated Baffles

Alejandro Sanchez Valencia
Clean Sea, Safe Documents

Harsh Sanghavi
Increasing Effective Burn Rate by Using Fractal Shaped Solid Grain

Uba Sani Kibiya
Solar PHCN Hybrid Generator

Sobin Santhosh
Sailfish Aerodynamics Incorporated in Hybrid Aircraft

Jorge Sanz Guerrero
Exo Dynamics - ExMS

Ishaan Sarin
Design of Decentralized Hydro Power Plant for Sustainable Development in Urban Areas

Ronald Satz
The Solution to the Gas Turbine Temperature Problem

Michael Savoie
Electroless 3D Micro Incubator Array

James Schaeffer
Plant Air Purifier

Kevin Schillo
Pulsed Fusion Propulsion

Albert Schmidt
Seat / Safety Belt Alert Lights
Water Saving - "10/15+ Flowchoice Showerhead"™
Water Saving FLOWCHOICE Showerhead

Christopher Schmidt
Easy After Market Installation of Car Audio

Scott Schober
Manta Ray Cell Phone Detector

Dave Schouweiler
Insulated Pulse-Combustion Engine

August Schunk
The Hyperion Solar Array

James Scott
Health Viewer - Decision Chart

Tomooki Seki
Perpetual Motion Machine Using Capillary and Wheel

Janusz Sendor
Smart Speed Display

Jose Sepulveda

Osundahunsi Seyi Ayodele
Conversion of a 950va Petrol Generator to a Self Run 950va Renewable Energy – RE Rotary Genset
DRET 6kW Power Generating System for Ancillary Load Onboard Vehicle

Daniel Shani
Novel Road-Based Energy Harvesting for Distributed Generation

Vasu Sharma

Alan Sherman
"Line-Wise" Snap-On Identifier

Richard Sheryll
Deep Ocean Benthic Sampler (DOBS)

Jeffrey Short
Harvesting Electricity from Ambient Turbulence (HEAT)

Konstantin Shukhmin
Electromagnetic Device for Variable Fluid Flow Control
Precision Valve for Metering Medical Fluids and Gases
Efficient and Quick Control for Diesel-Gas and Other Engines
Responsive Valve for Fuel Systems
Flow Control Bridging Smart Devices with Cooking & Heating

Firoz Siddiqui
Ultra Compact HVAC

Chin Siew Kheong
Sol Gel Lens
Printer in Pocket
Roll Top Electronic Newspaper

Tejinder Singh
MegProp System for City Railroads

Janis Sinkevics
Hybrid Solar Collector for Households

Karl Smarsch
Affordable Helicopter

Robert Smith

Shannon Smith
Inflatable Lightning-Resistant Umbrella
Non-Invasive Magnetohydrodynamic Artificial Heart
Inflatable-Rotor Windmills

William Smith
Quantum Radiation Space Drive

Kevin David Sobal Galan
3-Dental Mapping & Plugging

Evgeny Sorokodum
Hydro Power Stations With Oscillating Cylindrical Working Elements
Vortex Oscillatory Mill
Home Mixer Using a Vortex-Oscillationl Effect
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Vertical Takeoff and Landing (UAV VTOL) with Oscillating Wings

Folarin Sosan
Bladeless Wind Turbine

Steve Spata
Rail Bus System

Walter Spawr
Adjustable Weight Lifting Barbell

Christopher Spruell
A Device and Method for Screening for Cancer Metastasis

Nikhil Srivastava
Control Home/Industrial Appliances from a SmartPhone for

Yash Srivastava

James Stalker
Smart Energy Load Centers (SELCs) for Stable and Competitive Renewable Energy

Wojciech Starzec
Individual Drug Tester of the Cleanness of the Chemical Surface of Fruit and Vegetables.
Standard Car
Safer Aircraft: Applying Hermetic Passenger-Emergency Modules of Under Construction Plane.
Fotodecybelometer-Guard of Silence
Direct Current (DC) Installation in Apartments or Houses

Dennis Stefanatos
Submersible Speedboat

Panagiotis Stefanides
Water Leakage Detector

Greg Stenberg

George Strohschein
Heat Exchanger, Poultry Production

Xiaoshan Su

Harish Subbaraman

Sandi Sufiandi
Vertical Ceiling Mounting Syringe Pump for Cell Transplantation

Narasimhan Suseendran
Drag Reduction in Aero Foils by Surface Roughness

Pragadeesh Sv
Collapso Transform - "The Backpack Bicycle" - (Bicycle Which Can Collapse in a 4-Step Fold Into a Backpack)

Eugene Svijazheninov
Internal Combustion Engine Ignition Low-rpm Transducer

Vanitha Swamiappan

Balint Szent Miklosy
Daring Cross

Sudalaimuthu T
Tsunami Coastal Communication & Warning System (TuCoWaS)

Deepti Tadavarti
Automated Car

Mohammad Tajparast
Bioplastic and Biodiesel Production from Wastewater

Mohamed Talaat Harb
Quad-Copters to Watch for Us

Christohper Teal
Use of BRAC Military Facilities for Health Care

Vishnu Thampy
Engineless Propulsion Technique for Aircraft

Mark Thielen
Michelle, Improving CPR Training Quality to Save Lives.

Ashleigh Thornton
NoireNaturals LLC - All Natural Hair Care

William Tien
Using Stevia in Our Daily Lives: Stevia Balls

Paul Tinari
Using Sea Water to Protect Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups

Prakalathan Tirupathy
Stair Climbing Mechanism
Ethanol Diesel Blended Fuels

Mauro Tomasi
FAM - Auto Fencer

Matthew Travis
LunarSail - Developing and Demonstrating a Mission-Capable Solar Sail for the Interplanetary Cubesat

Viktor Troitskiy
ADCs with Function RF Detector for Construction Ultra-Widband Receivers

Mike Trost
IC Engine with NO Crankshaft

Bob Truxes
Banshee Badge

Qingshi Tu
Using Trap Grease as a Low Cost Material for Biodiesel Feedstock Production

Christopher Tucker
Magnetic Energy Transfer Unit
Wireless Power Skin

Robert Tucker
Aerial Arms

David Turbeville

Andrey Urusov
Tram-Car Indicator

Mohd Usman
Power Saving Desert Cooler

Dale Van Cor
Wave Thread Geometry Adds Strength and Durability to Applications

Abhiram Varadarajan
Varada Innovations

Tom Vastano
Mobile Amputee Prosthetic Limb Management

Michael Vaughan

Alfonso Vázquez
Lightweight Axial Driving Car

Venkateswarlu Velisala
Driver-Side Panel for Indian Trucks

Rahul Kumar Vij
F1 Modifications Needed

Bhushan Vishwanath
Romantaque - Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizing Lotion

Peter Voin
Bottle and Jar Opener
Therapeutical and Self Massage Lounge Chair
Global Warming and Solar Reflectance Effect of Buildings Roofs

John Wabel
Fabric Solar Space Heating - Commercial/Agricultural

Jordan Wahl
Smart Brake Light System

Harry Wainwright
Bio-Feedback Display Fabric
Baseball Cap Cell-Phone Charger & Flashlight
Electronic Aerial Emergency Flare
Programmable Color-Changing Interior Fabric

Gary Waissi
Simplest Opposed Piston Combustion Engine

Damion Waltermeyer
Drone Swarm Defense System

Jane Wang
New Transportation Infrustrature

Jonathan Wang
A Shot at a Better Shot Clock

Anthony Wanjala
The Garbage Power

Charles Warren

Ed Watson

Denny Wheeler
Energy Cell with Multi-layer Capacitors

Donald White
EED Creates the Future 2013

David Whittaker
MonoCab VRT Rapid Transit System

John Wilson
Lost Energy Recovery Generator

Taylor Wilson
Automated Power Meters

Liwah Wong
Babylon Effects! (BE!)

Ryan Wright
Sol Power LLC - Solar Powered Charging Stations

Kobayashi Yasunori
New Heat Engine for Waste Heat Energies

Michelle Young
Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) for Recovery of Energy and Nutrients from Pig Waste

Vojtech Zadrazil

Jirzy Zaidan Anugrah
Smart Trash

Marco Zamalloa
EMW -0- SS

Piotr Zaprawa
Tomography for the Masses (i.e. Simplest Ever ECT System)

Martins Zaumanis
100% Recycled Asphalt Pavements

Mohamed Zayan
Spacecraft Control Using Adaptive Neural-Network Predictive Controllers (ANNPC) and GPS Signals

Mohammadjavad Zeinali
Online GPS Traffic Assistant

Jack Zhang
Hygienic Transparent Bag Filter & Apparatus for Air Cleaning and More
3 in 1 Laptop Sleeve, Lap Desk, and Cooling Stand

Yuxin Zhang
A Perfect “CAR” for Kids

Francesco Zuddas
Panoramic Video Live Streaming

Zamir Zulkefli