Entrants 2011

Hossin Abdeldayem
Defeating a Hurricane

Galal Abdelmessih
Cost of Meetings Counter

Mohammed Abdulaziz
Nitro-Turbo Engine
CO2 Dissociator (Future Artificial Tree)
Aqua-Solar Cell
Removing Blood Clots using Nano-Particles

Alec Abrams
Carbon Nanotube Solar Panel Design

Adebayo Adejare
Nanoparticle Water Filtration Method

M V Aditya Nag
Oscillatory Combustion Setup in Oil Fired Furnace

Mike Adrian
Handy Screw Caps for Soda Bottles

Juan Antonio Agirre
Automatic System of Emergencies for Vehicles

Ali Ahmad
Self Powered Electricity Generation System

Glen Alexander
Maximum Utilization of Structure for Communication

Soeren Algreen-ussing
Hermes-Pegasus.biz Cars

Shahram Alipourazadi
Stair Climbing Wheelchair

Federico Alves
Secure Power Supply

Marlin Anderson
Active Magazine Safety for Firearms

Jens Andersson
AVA - Video Telephone

Lenka Andrasova
Highway Police Service Vehicle - Calantha Fair

Andrew Anganes
FDTD Hardware Acceleration
Learning to Drive, Safely!
A Cheap, Web-Enabled Home Sensor Network

Peter Anthony
Collapsible Shelter System
A Lightweight Composite Panel Building System

Deepansh Arora

Dave Ashman
Solar Clean Water SVD - Street Vending Dispenser

Mahmoud Assaad
Tire with Segmented Belt for Improved Performance

Sesha Atkuru
Digital Waist Line Measure Belt
Weight Watcher's Belt and Shoes

Alberto Avendano
Road Sonar Reflector

William Avery
Terra-Joules Electrical Plant

Saurabh Azad
Embodying Pragmatism: Car Parking/Solar Farms

Anush Badii
Water from Air for Humanitarian Relief Operations

Ahmed Badr El-deen
Electro-Chemical Machine (ECM) Sinking and Turning

Matthew Bailey
Human Powered Ornithopter

Mark Baker
Transforming Quantum Circuits

Paul Baker
Extremely Reliable Emergency Shutdown Valve
Super Precise Weed Trimmer
Dynamic Engine Valve Timing & Throw Control
Precise Control of Variable Pitch Propeller

Duane C. Balch
New Vehicle "Vector Car"

Srikanth Bandi
E-Smart Device for Rural Education

Af Barghouty
Tactile Touchscreen

Phil Barnes
Regenerative Electric-Powered Aircraft

Goran Basic
Portable Bidet

Amy Baxter
Buzzy for Pain Relief

Vittorio Bearzi
Prefab Solar Wall

Martin Beck
Integrated Transportation System

Juan Carlos Bedoya Velasquez
Treatment for Third Degree Burns

Matthew Bennett
3D Models Making From 2D images

Andrew Berkun
Human Powered Motorcycle

Ken Biddle
Method for Lossless Energy Storage

Rahul Bihade
Step Feeder Equipment

Jacob Bizehr
Fuel-less Motor-Generator for Electric Car
Self-Propelled Electrotrimaran
The Combined Aero-Hydro-Turbine and Propeller

Teresa Blackwood
Track Runner
Bog Master

Joseph Blais
Refrigerator Heat Exhaust

Richard Blazecka

Angie Bodine
Universal Materials Recovery System

Shawn Boike
America's Health Improvement Machine
Advanced Super Tactical Aero Rotorcraft (ASTAR)
Body's Health Improvement Machine

Michel Bonard
Pitot Tube Replacement

William Boyle

William F. Brabenec

Mark Branham
Improved Temperature Compensation for Wireless Communications

Dave Braverman
Networked T8 LED

Hal Bredbenner
Fast-Food Quick Order System

Homer Brinlee

Andre Broessel
The Fire Ball

Dwight Brooker
A Device for Stopping Explosions at Nuclear Plants

Jeff Brown
DAMPS Technology MKIV Smart Boots

Kevin Brown

Omar Brown
Guardian Angel

Stephen Brown
A Comprehensive Approach to Hydrogen Fuel

Robert Brown, Jr.
Zero Degree Turning Building Periphery Dispenser
Military/Commercial Bookwork Display System
PIN Access Biologic-Biometrics Snapshot Profile
Catbird Seat
Discrete Imbiber
Tethered Lifeline Support
Flying Military and Commercial Aircrafts

Phil Brox
Neonatal Transport Backpack

Richard Brunner
Heat Exchanger for Clothes Dryer
EZ Vac Sander

Catalin Bujdei
A Building as a Living Body

Luis Burgos Agudo
Topcric Opening and Closing Discharge of Solids

Frederick Burke
Mini Combo Turbine: 120 mpg Automobile

James Burrell
World’s Most Efficient Helical Wind & Fluid Turbine

Deb Butler
Liquid Green

Dan Byrd
High Altitude Wind Turbine

Mark Capron
Ocean Algal Afforestation for Energy, Food, Biodiversity

Gene Carey

Marco Carminati
Water Check

David Carr
Improved Bandage Bobbin
Fusion Powered Water Still
Rail-gun Sabot
Remora Generator
Green Wedge

Arthur Carter, Jr.
Tornado Prevention System (TPS)

Eliot Case
Green Energy as a Service™ (GES)

Roberto Cavazzoni
Active Filters Patent

Nagendra Ch
Supercritical Combustion

Pravin Chaubey
Eco-friendly Sanitation Technology

Elias Chavez Monarrez
Present Necessity

Bobby Chestnut
This Would Have Stopped 911!

Akash Chigurupati
Synergy of a Car’s Computer and a Cell Phone
Smart Surveillance Cameras

Brian Chow
Feather Rail (True Monorail)

Neil Christian
Solution to Lane Merging Problem

Robert Christie
Radio Locator for the Visually Impaired

Miles Christophe
Railways on the Road

Michael Cloran
Photonic Logic Simulator via c/c++

Jonathan Cole
Accelerating the Solar Transition

Jim Colthart

Paul Connor
Biometric RFID Adhesive Bandages
Desktop CNC Electroforming Machine
Full-Mouth Mechanical or Sonic Toothbrush

Luigi Conti
Variable Valve Lift System for Internal Combustion Engines

Tim Cooley
4 Wheel Drive EV Conversion for Everyone
Electric Heated Gloves That Stay Heated

Gustavo Cortes
e-vent, Reduce Energy Consumption

Juan Cortes
Step Master - Reborn

Mark Coster
G-Force Air Freshener

Brent Cottingham
Swirl Drive

Charles Couch
Home Water Power Station

Jack Coulter
Ultralight SCUBA Diving Device

Larry Cox
Universal Knowledge Base

John Craig
Instant Mount Bicycle Brake Light

Jim Crowell
Construction's Future 2015
Solar Systems Future

Warren Crowell
The Scout

Mark Curran
Adjustable Geometry Bicycle

Dwight & Jane Cushman
Mass Fatality Disaster Relief

Carey Dahlen
Grid Tie Boost Power Generator (GTBPG)

Gamal Darwish
Mobile Dental Bracket Table

Julia G. Davila
Multifuctional Portable Beds

Stephen Davis

Kassandra De Azmitia
Artistic Shade/Illumination for Parking Lots

Richard De Francesco
New Way to Get Broadband to Lost Customers

Herman De Nunzio
Safey Gaff

Shoval Dekel

Sarah Angelina Delagostti
E2E Tech

Sadesh Devaki
Sensor Based Vehicle Horn
Weight Reduce School Bag

Stephen Dewar
WhalePower Computer Cooling Fan

Sukhvinder Dhanjal
Dry Sponge Cleaner for Hot Soldering Iron Tips

Varun Dhanwantri
WalkSafe for High Risk Heart Patients

Daniel Didrick
World's First Functional Artificial Finger

Jason Dietrich
Opto-Electronic Non-Volatile Memory Cell

Weiren Ding
Fully Internal Combustion System (FICS)

John Dinwiddie

Nicola Dipalma
Gravitational Wave Transmission System (Concept)
Vacuum Impulse Propulsion for "Flying" Vehicles

Radovan Djukic
DC/DC transformer without inductive parts

Steven Dodson
V-Rail Metro

Patrick Dougherty
FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

Stu Douglass
Lever Propelled Wheelchair

Mark Downer
Method of Fuel Usage
Method of Fuel Usage

Lonny Doyle
Doyle Rotary Engine

Brian Drake
The F.I.N.G.E.R.

John Dreese
Laptop Zero-Energy Solar Backlight

Randy Dube
Continuous Structural Frame Reinforcing

Lucien Ducret
RS-185 Roto-Skinner

Matthew Dumas

Pierluigi Duranti
Rudder-less Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessel

Karin Edgett
UVA+B Sunfriend

Samer El Sayary

Porferio Eliang
Plastic Bottle Cushioned Bench

William Engwer
SOLO Single Seat Vehicle

Anna Epelbaum
Integrated Vertical Windmill-Generator

Tony Sacksteder Equipois Inc.
Standing Support System for Surgeons

Lucijan Fajs
Helicoidal Single - Spiral Barrier

Jeff Farnese
Vacuum Tile Grid System

Rebecca Farr
Dynamic Aero-Shroud Oscillating Jet

Christophor Faust
REOSE Solar Panel House

Steve Feher
Air Conditioned Helmet

David Feider

Myron Fendall
Portable Baterial Detector

Omar Fernandes Aly
Stress Corrosion Prediction Modeling Software

Eduardo Fernandez Lacruz
Bioclimatic Indoor Swimming Pool & Tropical Garden

Mike Ferrante
Portable Wind Powered Generator

Derrick Ferree

Harvey Fiala
Inertial Propulsion Device

John Fidler

Matthew Flannery
Compact High Efficiency Satellite Terminal

Pedro Flecha
Cheaper Silicon Metal

Chee Woh Foong
Solar Oven with Heat Storage

Bill Forshey
BeaconSeal - Cargo Security Seal
ClearCirKits Electronics Construction Set

Eric Foy

Paul Frenger Md
Robotic GRANNIE-Box Simplifies Glucometer Use

Marcia Friesen
Mobile App for Wound Care

Deepak G
Concept Mini Car
Push Button Hand Brake
Cockpit & Cabin Camera
Mobile Internet Communication System (MICS)
USB TO USB Data Transfer
Turbojet Engine Protection Grill

Kirankumar G
Picture to Text Conversion (Eliminate Typing)
Automation Of Transportation Sector

Mahmoud Galal
Electrical Cement: Building Without Cement!

Raymond Gallant
Energy/Power Ad Infinatum

Thomas Gallinelli
SMA Alloy for Canned Food Covers

Shawn Galloway
Snappy Funnel

Xochitl Garcia
Zn/Cu Vegetation Batteries

Moishe Garfinkle
Wheelchair Drive-Assistance Device
Simulating a Full Keyboard for Text Messaging
Self-Securing Rail Spike

Charles Gaston
A Truly Transparent and Trustworthy Voting System

Donatas Gatavynas
Robot Charger
Portable Foldable PV Charger
E-vehicles Plug

Andrea Gatti
Fault Tolerant High Speed Ethernet Train Network

Martin Gecik
New Design of CV Joint

Eugene Geis
Vitamin D While You Shower!

Dale Gibby
Deployable Solar Power for Practical Solar Cars

Howard Gibson
Mannequin to help locate drowning victims

Harold Gier
An SCBA with Integral Heat Stress Relief

Sheldon Gilden
White Glove Seeing Eye Phone

Metin Giousouf
Floating Solar Field

Jonathan Globerson
Greenerator - The Green Residential Generator

Ernest V Glover Sr
Robot For The Home: Doorbot

Richard Goldsborough
Crash Helmet with Thermoelectric Cooling and Heat

Robert-andrei Gonda
Cosmic Airplanes (Spacecraft), Sub-Orbital Salvage
Solar Panel with an Active Core

Nicolas Andres Gonzalez Rincon
SleeP - Bed for Insomnia Symptoms

Daniel Grabill
Projection Laptop With Detachable Touch Screen

Steve Greenthal
Waterdance Valve

Brad Griffith
Introducing CraftStickBending.com

Stanley Grimes
Sun Shade for Car

Vincent Grosse

Bruce Grulke

Lawrence Grumer
The Walking Charger™

Karl Guenther
Innovative Transit and Alternative Energy System
Renewable Energy Remote Power Station

Clayton Gumbrell
'PCB Guide’ – A Navigation Tool for Electronic PCB

Oki Gunawan
Intelligent, Secure, On-Demand Ride-Sharing System

Luv Gupta
Magnetic Micro-Bubbles Combat Cancer

Albert Guzman
Perfect Press

Jeremiah Haler
Zero Pollution Engine™ (ZPE™) Secrets Revealed

Steve Hall
Automatically Load a Trailer on a Train Car

David Halverson
HHO Hydroxy Test Setup

Walter Hammer
Drill Driven Carpenter Pencil Sharpener

Gerald Hantusch
A Radiation-Doubler Sunshine Concentrator

Robert Harker
Door Jamb or Hinge Mounted Pressure Tank Security
Full Color Solid 3D Image Scanner

Rick Harrington
Trans Wind Energy Generation

Bob Harshaw
Patriot Flag Light

Louise Hart

David Haskins
The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept

Ronald Hawke
Prostate Enlargement Indicator

Corry Hella
Spherical Survival Container Kit

Shawn Hendricks
Stinky Chip

Guilherme Henrique Lourenço
Popular HouseWindSolar

Robert Henshaw
E-Path: Sustainable Transportation & Energy Network

Eric Henson
Safety Zone

Ronald Hernandez
PVC Rain Water Collector

Zvi Herschman
Implantable, Artificial Kidney System

Miguel Hibbert

Marlyn Hill
Electric Luminas

Thomas Hill

Steve Hines
Helio™ Solar Tracker

Thientu Ho
E-Blocks: The "Lego" of Electronic Prototypes

Hien Hoang
iMD Blood Diagnosis

Ron Hoffman
MasterBrew Coffee maker controller

Kristina Honeycutt
Solar Water and Air Purification Balloon

Kim Hoskin

Frank Houghton
Handheld, Portable Drum Sander

Paul Howard
YankeeDiesel – it’s not rocket science

Brent Hudson
Cell Checker

Ronnie Hughes
Handy Handle 2
Hurricane Wipeout With NRC

Tim Huntzinger
The Type II

Arttu Huttunen
Auxiliary Power to Electric Cars from Grid

Shuaib Ahmad Idrees
Making Use of the Weight of the Vehicle to Generate Energy

Vladimir Ilic
Education Tag

Mihai Ion
ION Windows

Dmitriy Ivanenko
Coins - Jet

Douglas Ivers
Networked Adaptive Traffic Signals

Thomas Ives
Method to Identify Counterfeit Integrated Circuits

John Izbicki

Yuval Izhaki
Green Power Debugger

Jim Jablonsky
Aortic Calcification Elimination System

Gregory Jacob

Laxmi Jagdev
Using Mass to Get Energy

Jairo Jaimes
Bicycle Crank System with Dead Spot Elimination
Multifunctional Dental Apparatus

Nakul Jain
An Air Conditioner = A Mini Power Plant
Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free!

Dangallage N Jayatissa
Better Way to Install Electric Water Pump
Energy Recovering Stove

Chris Jaynes
XVIVO Organ Perfusion System

Zdenek Jedlicka
Making Synthetic Fuel from Waste by Solar Energy

Kristoffer Jensen
Auditory Memory Model for Feature Estimation

Gary Johnson

James Jones
CubeSpawn, an Open Source FMS

Robert Jones
Leaf Board

Kulbhushan Joshi
All Energy is Good Energy (AEnGE)

George Jumper
Electric Commuter Car

E.ch.vidyasagar K

Shama K.v.
Mini Turbojet Engine

Pooja Kadambi
Ischiban- Stroke Detection Headband

Srimayee Kanagala

Alan Kaplan
A Simple, Very Low Heat Loss Window

Harvey Kaplan
The Kaplan “OWL” (Omni-Directional Wide-Angle Lens) Rotating “Holodeck” Camera
Implementable Multi-Component Solution to Capture and Contain Oil and Gases Escaping from Fractured Vertical Pipes on Underwater Oil Drilling Platforms

Rahul Kapoor
Digitization of the Wallet

Munawar Karim
40-Passenger VTOL/STOL Commuter Aircraft

Jake Karrfalt

Jason Kascenska
Swimming Pool Pump Controller

Thomas Kasmer
Hydristor Retrofit

Amal Kassab
Unmanned Electric Vehicle

Dinesh Kathaiyan
Smart Information Finder and Controller (SIFC)

Robert Kauffman
Smart Sensors

Steven Kaufman

Dan Keaton
Compact, Low Power Uncompressed HD Video Recorder

Michael Kelley
SpaceBot Cowboys

Eric Kendall
Platypus Cello Case for Student Musicians

Daniel Kerber
The World's First GMD 3-D Arcade

Kurt Keville
Mithras CPV

Nancy Kevorki
Hologram Phone

Reza Khan
Shock Absorbing Side Rail

Juergen Kienhoefer
Mobile Security Camera, AIRi

William King
Sail Carousel Wind Turbine

Michael Kirby
The Quiet Pillow

David Kjellström

Gennady Kleyman
Sensiject Syringe

Axel Kloth
Image Analysis Processor Chipset

Carl Knoll
Safety Electrical Outlet

Ronald Kotas
An Inproved Cell Phone and Telephone
Television Logo Eliminator
A Dirigible that Should be Developed

Jason Kovatch
Road Trains: Practical, Inexpensive Mass Transit

Gopi Krishna
Voice Activated Alarm System
Speech and Touch Based Smart Home Infrastructure

Gireesh Kumar
Fuel-less AC Generator

Shyam Kumar
Automated Wheelchair

Robert Kwiatkowski
Protective Clothing and Coatings

Oanh La
Blind Contact Lens

Mike Lacroix
Canal Based Hydro System

Peter Landin
Landin Engine

Ellen Langsetmo
Passive Microwave Imager

William Larson
Automated Rail Joint Bar Inspection Fixture

Vadim Laser
Video Adapter for Laryngoscope

Ia Lashauri
Fuel-less Magnetic Generator
Vacuum AVIA Wing and Propeller

Martin Lawson
Double A Arm All Wheel Drive Motorcycle

Leonard Lay

Gustavo Leano
TV Green Key

Peter Lefferson P.e.
Floor Surface Safety Lamp

Natalia Lesniak

David Levine
Sodium Electrical Wire

Bradley Lewis
The Explorer (Backpack Gyrocopter)

Michael Leydet
iPecs Tech

Jianming Li

Scott Li
Cool Tunes

Hugues Libotte
Eco Drive Coach

Jim Limber
Motion Aeroefficiency Amplifier

Stefano Linari
"Skin Bandage" and "Vein Tube"

Robert Linscott

Luis Gustavo Lira
Household Water Treatment System

Adam Livingston
Efficient Utensil Cleaner

Michael Longo
United States Rain Force

Larry Lueder
Flying Saucer Propulsion System

Bruno Lunelli
Compact Collimated Beam in Optical Spectrometers

Bc Macdonald
ElectriLite PersTranSys

Alistair Macfarlane
LED Light Sources

Linda Mackall
Outdoor Trash Can Bracket

Fm Maish
The Future of Transportation: Dirigibles
The Power of the Earth

Indranil Majumdar
Vehicle Accident Prevention System (VAP)

Gerald Manfredi
Oil Spill Containment Device

Yasser Maniram

Paul Mankiewicz

Harry Manvel
Light Sport Amphibian

Dan Marantz
Micro-Plasma Surgical Scalpel

George Marchetti
Clean Coal Wastewater Treatment

Paul Marino
Auto Leveling System

Frank Martin
Powerless "Green" Humidifier

Angel Francisco Martinez
TO:CMA Spherical Generator

Francisco Javier Martinez Garcia

Volodymyr Maslov
Maslov's Toothbrush

Gheorghe Matei
IPv4 Can Go On!

John Matejcik
Auto Stopper

Larry Matel
Water Friendly Pavement

Hakeem Maturine
Mag Engine

Gerald Mauboussin
Street Light Controller

Guillermo Maura
Battery Thermal Management System for Electric Car

Kato Mawesano Andrew
Automated Digital Power Meter (ADPM - Machine)

William Mcdonald
Electric Car Driving Range Extension

Park Mcgraw
Low Impact Cane

Guy Mcilroy

Bob Mcleod
Serious Games for Traffic Modeling

James Mcnay
Security and Tracking System for Cargo Containers

Cassie Mcqueeny-tankard
Hydrogen Green Lawn System

Tom Mcspadden

William Melnyk
Solar Reflector Heat Exchanger

Alec Melvin
Remote Clearance of IEDs by Surface Seismics

James Mendenhall
Energy for Small Communities

Tolga Metin
Wheelchair (Welomaxx)
Self Balanced Servicing Tray

Dave Michaelson
Equipment Proximity Warning System

Scott Milburn

Burt Miller
The Pungo Wine Preservation Device

Nathaniel Miller
Seebeck Radiators: A Car Heat Conversion System

Wayne Miller
Propulsion and Delivery (PAD) Mass Transit System

Dave Mills
Distributed Power Usage Monitoring

Fred Mirow
Ferrous Metal Detector for Spark Safety
Parametric Voltage Reference for Extreme Temperatures

Shailendra Kumar Mistry
Magnetic Road Sweeper

James Mitchell
Volume Hydrogen Production with Specialized Anode

John Mitchell
Robotic Farming within GroDomes
Robotic Assembly of Monolithic Domes

Raymond Mitchell
Propulsor Unit For Manual Wheelchairs

Cordell Moe
Clean Green IC Power

Robert Moffett
Silent Portable Inconspicous Wind Generator

Ali Moghadam
Endoscope with Protected Biopsy Channel

Sarina Moghadam
Tranesophegeal with Visualization

Manikandan Mohan

Niladri Bihari Mohanty
NIRBHAY: A Multi Agent Info Locker System

Bill Molnar

Giovanni Battista Montanari
Reconfigurable Network-on-Chip

Ivan Montilla
Evolutive Software Design Paradigm (ESDP)

Gianantonio Moretto
Railways Human Error Prevention by Forward Looking

George H. Morgan
Reduction of Harmful Combustion Emissions

Peter Morgan
Directional Emergency Exit Sign

Jim Morrow

Chris Morton
MERSEA (Marine Ecosystem Restoration @ Sea)
Chemo-Electro-Deposition Mining
Helium Turbine Engine
Rocker Lowrise Earthquake Proof Building
Megadose Vitamin Therapy for Acute HIV Exposure

Tamerlan Mouradov
Internal-Combustion Engine

Michelle Moyer

Janusz Murakowski
Combination Control for Vehicles

Arthur Murdoch
Proposal for Solar Laser Optically

Lionel Murray
Motorized Television Mount

Archana N
Smart Vehicle Gadget

Abdulhak Nagy
PIMB (Pump Integrated Mountain Bike)

Niranjan Nair`
Laser Tipped Stencil Maker
Mobile Phone with Intercom

Hany Nakhla

Krishanan Namboodiri
AIDS Awareness Program

Vinu Narayanan
Smart Electricity Billing System

Michael Nasab
Cool Grounding Pad

Alessandro Negri
Ultralight Based Electric Powered Lift Body

Kristin Neidlinger

Marko Nenadovic
Guardian Safe-Path System

Anatoliy Nepom

Joel Neumann
Highly Efficient Wind and Water Turbine

Jack Nguyen
Peanut Wrench
FDx Trolley
EZ Lift Tie Downs

Somkid Nimnual
iCFS for Roadside Bomb and Terrorist Activity Detection

Clarence Nolan
Suspended Track R/C Toy Train System

Mark Norwood
Portable Magnetic Strip Writer/Reader

Anthony Noto
Pillow Purifier
While You Wear It... Wrinkle-Away

Arthur Noxon
Standing Wave Motion Detector

Maxwell Nyatsambo
Vehicle Electricity Creation and Transmission (vEcat) System

Merlyn Nyght
Repurposing Midwest Flood Waters
Interstate Median Bio-Fuel

Peter Nylund
ATS Tablet PC Stand

James O'reilly
Reducing Medical Costs
The Verbal Internet

Joe Obrien
No Spark Roof Cap

Christopher Olsen
Family Bike Rack

George Onik
The Great Big Gun

Arthur Orchel
A Better Volume Control on Remotes

Itamar Orian
5 Stroke Internal Combustion (Otto) Engine

Matthew Orosz
Solar ORC Cogeneration for Underserved Areas

Joel D. Orth
RT-SOFC Room Temperature Nano Oxide Fuel Cell

Jose Ortiz
Low Cost Weather Radar

Mike Osenni
Photo Opportunity Device

German Osorio
New System Laser Printer

Garry Owens
Emergency Early Warning and Information System

Karen Owyeung
Lunera 6460 SERIES LED Luminaure

Sooraj P
Helicopter POV Display

Sagnik Pal
Optical Microscanners for Miniature Endoscopes

Andres Palacios

Hugo Palacios
Magnetic Repulsion Piston Engine (MRPE)
Carrier Pro

Shasta Palmer
Biometrics Bracelet or Ring

Lee Palmore
Intelligent Traffic Control with Stop Lights

Philip Panicker
RFID Lost Item Locator, Home Inventory Utility
Submarine Solar Desalination Plant

Ravi Paramanandam
Pneumatic Pump

Camilo Parra Palacio
L3 (Electric Bike)

Robert Patterson

John Pavon
Defensive Shield Against IEDs & Land Mines

Carl Peart
Solar Energy Collection & Transfer Satellite

Milen Penev
High Efficiency Energy Source (Quantum Battery)

Hector Perez
Super Energy Saving LED Light

Joaquin Perez
Solar Radiometer Power Generator
Fire Acoustic Detector and Smoke Alarm
Lighted Magical Geometric Display by Wireless
Hamstrings Rolling Weight Exercise Machine

Marcelo Perez
Portable Dry Dock for Recreational Vessels

Jose De Jesus Perez Bueno
Removing Toxic Metals from Water

Johnnie Perkins
Fire Suppression Screen
Metronome Boom

Michael Perry

Tony Pettry
Everlasting Memories

Danh Pham
Adjustable Transparency Photovoltaic Panels

Wayne Pickette
Dumbwaiter Refrigerator, Safe and Earthquake Proof!

Brian Pinzon
Gravito-Magnetic-Lumina-Fusion Engine w/TSM

Jeremy Pitts
Hybrid Rotor Compressor for Natural Gas Extraction

David Pollard
OpenPower: Open Source Home Electrical Solution

Richard Ponziani
Electronic Intelligent Turn Signals

Larry Pope
Lifting Fuselage Multi-Use Aerospace Design

Cleiton Porciuncula
Energy System Based on Oscillating Pendulum

Samuel Prager
Coast-Based Wave Powered Generator

Lev Pribytkov
Centrifugal Separator Media

Antonius J. Priyambodo
Tire Cord Splitting Machine

Carlo Quinonez
Open-Source Microfluidic Interfaces and Controls
Rackmount "Lab-on-a-Chip" Server

Paul Radford-hancock
Gravity Mill

Navaneethakrishnan Raman
Alternate Technology for Street Lighting

Tino Randall
Electromagnetic Pulsing

Sean Randle

Thennarasan Ranganathan
Third Eye for Crane Operators

Jean Jacques Raphael

Wayne Rasanen
One-Handed/Two-Handed Keyboard

Cory Raszeja
A Small Scale Hydropower System

Richard Ray Ratliff "tre"
Magna-car MC-01

Arun Raveendran
Density and Priority Based Traffic Control System

John Rawlins
Air Powered Gas Turbine

Tyson Rearden
Solar Desalination Tower

Andy Reiswig

Amirthvarshani Rengarajan
Plasto-Ash Brick

Joseph Resnick
Assessing Neurodegenerative Changes in MS

Paul Rettich

Pedro Ribeiro

Douglas Richard
Dust Devil VAWT

Jim Richey
Personal Outdoor Robot Assistant

Tom Riley
Come, Explore the Moon

Anibal Rivero
Theoretical Electric Field Engine

William C. Roberts
AquaSonus Passive-Sonar Pool Alarm

Glen Robertson
Green Electromechanical Mechanism

Mark Rode
Innovative Liquid Methane Fly Back Booster Rocket

Roy Rodetsky

Glenn Roenigk
New Modulation Scheme

Kay Roh
Bicycle Handle Assembly

Christian Rojas
Device and Method to Slow Down a Hijacked Ship

Rabei Romulus
Autonomous Power Installations

Steve Roumeliotis
CoPilot Driving Aid

Krystyn Rozycki
Humanitarian Land Mine

Luigi Rubino
Energy from Waves - Seabreath

Francois Ruel
Elite Athlete Performance Modeling and Monitoring

Eric K. Rugg
Loop Handle Design
Amphibious Three Wheel Vehicle Design
Trailer Hitch with Rear View Camera
Erosion Control Mats Made from Discarded Tires
Swim Exercise Machine
Portable Multi-screen PC Workstation
Portable Emergency Shelter

Mark Rumreich
Universal Color Control for Room Lighting

Fred Rupinski
omni-IDE Device for Embedded Development
A microSNIFFER Monitoring Device

Stan Rusek, Pe
Super insulation for buildings

Allan Rydberg
Increasing Pedestrian Safety at Traffic Lights

Sivakumar S
Fitness Machine for the Next Decade

Kalani Sa
Hydrogen Extraction

Ahmed Saber
Adaptive Traffic Control
Brakes Energy Generator

Peter Sacchetti

Humberto Sachs
Safer Nuclear Power Generation

Chander Saini
Closed Wing/V-Tail STOL Aircraft

Ioan Salomie
Ultra Fidelity Audio Amplifier (UFI)
Dynamic Graphics with SPIN 3D

Brian Salter
BioClean Dishwasher

Abdul Samad
Favouring the Movement of an Object in a Medium

Gillie Samuel
Virtual World National Parks

Alejandro Sanchez Valencia
Planeta Energy

Blaze Sanders
A Robot on the Moon

Alan Sanderson
Safety Tape

Scott Sandler
QuakeFinder Earthquake Forecasting System

Michael Sandstrom
Green Integrated Home Entertainment System

Xabier Sanjuan
Air Conditioner Waste Water Recovery System

Abhijit Santhanam
Detection of Tuberculosis (Noninvasive Method)

David Sarria Jiménez
GEDAYC Wind Turbine New Concept

Roland Sassen
Heartbeat-ID scanner

Kevin Schillo
Attitude Control and Aerodynamic Drag Sail

Scott Schober
Cell Tower Tester -The Squid

Tom Schossau
MultiKeratome Eye Surgery - Best Sealing/Astigmatism

George Schrader
IDS Integrated Distribution System

Jason Schuler
PD Bot - Affordable Police Robot

M. Allen Schultz
Nano-Frame Computer/Data Brick Re-Configurable

Patrick Scranton
Close At Hand

Karl Sefcik
Aircraft Planar Correction

Carl Seguin
Variable Volume Reservoir, Fluid Power Application

Laurent Selles
50% Water Saving in Agriculture

Sathis Kumar Selvarayan
Sustainable Solar Cookers

Ramprasad Sethuraman
Detection of Tuberculosis Using Immuno Sensor

Michael (micha) Shafir
Traceless Biometric Authentication

Shervin Shahidi
Smart Seat Pad For Posture Monitoring

James Shand
Ultrasonic Flashlight

Ronnie Shand
Rifle Silencer and Flash Suppressor

Amit Sharma
Multiple Floating Drums Helping People Lost/Stuck

Julian Sharpe
Tsunami Survival Capsule

Kevin Sheetz
Aircraft Wheel Hub Cap

Shantanu Shekhar
Car Collision Energy Neutralizer

Chang Shen
Reduce Impact of Railway Rail Thermal Gap
Intelligent Traffic Control System

Reed Shick
Passive Luminescent Solar Concentrator

Kevin Short
Zero Planter

Michael Siegel

Csaba Singer
High Altitude Hybrid Satellite

Aseem Singh
Single Wire/Object Transmission, and future of WPT

Davinder Pal Singh
Walk Assisted Universal Battery Charger

Gurpreet Singh
Electric Shock Prevention Device

Sargheve Sl
Zinkbag - My Portable Printer

Slavica Slatinac
Disposable Gynecological Dilator

Douglas Smith
Heated Roads

Radek Sobczynski
Energy Generating Autonomous Sailing Craft

Danut Sobol
Asphaltic Layer Armed with PET Filaments and Fiber
Boat Sail
An Installation for the Termo-Formation of Multilayer Polymer Plaques

Amit Sohara
Nanotechnology in Memory Devices
Car Speed Control Through Bluetooth
Neural Signal Recognition (NSR)
Wireless Heart Attack Detector with GPS

Mladen Sokac
Desk - Station

Mark Sondrini
Power Pack Utilizing Nuclear Waste as Energy Source

Alden Sprague
Vacuum Activated Closed Loop System

Leonardo Stari
Wide Spectrum Organic Fungicide

Steve Stark
Precast Smart (Clean Water) Pervious Concrete

Panagiotis Stefanides
Heliotropio Stefanides

Stanley Stephenson
A 21st Century bed: The Nest

Shad Sterling
Topographical Control Panel

Carl Sterner

Carlton Stevens

Donald Stone
K-9 Kabin
Rocker Crank Extension Bicycle

Daniel Sullivan
Microwave Plasma Remediation of e-Waste
Low Cost Automobile Infrared Collision Avoidance System
Warfighter Advanced Recording Device (WARD)

Ennis Sullivan
Changing the “Look,” America’s Structural Makeover

Simon Sunatori
Rotary Stirling-Cycle Combustion Engine
Backpressure Regulator using Magnetic Repulsion
Drip-free Interconnect with Unisex Connector
4-Chamber Horizontal Revolving-Door Airlock System
Method for Producing a Coreless Frozen Pizza
Dual-Mode Lighting Device with Light Diffuser

Shaam Sundhar
Fast Freeze/Frost Fire
U B Kool
Heavenly Air

Vikas Surya Krishnakumar
Payload Recovery During a Rocket Failure

Vikram Aditya Swaminadhan
The Energy Tree

Kumail Syed

Leonard Tachner
Mouse Controller for Home Medical Measurements

Alia Taliaferrow
Eco Friendly KE Electricity Generator

Jonathan Taub
V-Twin Powered Co-axial Helicopter

Proinvent Team
Computerized Auto Safety and Traffic Control
Aeolian Energy
Rotary Valves for Heat Engines, Pumps & Compressors

Massimo Tedeschi
Micro-irrigation Tech Pad

Pradip Thapa
Solar-Brayton Generator

Tom Thatcher
Vertically Acting Wind Energy System

Paul Tinari
Design of an Integrated Dental Hygiene System
System to Convert From Traditional Vehicle-Association
Batteries Structurally Integrated in Automobile Frames
Device to Convert "Plug-In" to Inductive Charging

Ishan Topre
Vox Dei

Rick Torchia
Drone Surveillance Chopper

Paul Torrance
Rocket Launch Double Escape System

Jovan Trajcev
Antenna Design and Analysis

Uwe Trautenbach
Automatic Sheet Sorter

Matthew Travis
Economical Pulsejet Engine for Civil Aerospace
A Low-Cost IEC-Fusion Plasma Spacecraft Thruster

Mike Tripoli
A Self-sustaining Mosquito Larvae Killer

Mattia Tristo
Optimizing Structures

Joseph Trygar
Medication Cost Containment

Kimberly Tsai
Pod of Life: Natural Disaster Shelter

Nano Tune
Solar Generation - Output Smoothing

Kenneth Tunjian
Tomorrow's Power Today

William Twomey
Low Cost SIDS Preventer
Harmonized Intelligent Transportation System

Ed Ureta
Eye Spy ID Digital Camera

Mohd Usman
Foot Operated Valve
Cart Energy Converter

Sarangarajan V Iyengar
Security System & Post Accident Analyzer for Cars

Ingo Valentin
Hydraulic Hybrid - Hydrostatic Powertrain & Safety

Tom Vastano
Biomechanical Visualization of Human Motion

Anne Veenstra

Weldon Vlasak
A New Method of Cardiogram Analysis

Peter Voin
Jar and Bottle Opener: QT-1

Bharathkumar Vuppala
Piezo Mobile

Todd Waatti

Lee Wainwright
Smart Motorcycle Jacket
Solar Powered Warning Beacon
Bio-Feedback Machine-Washable Fabric
Solar Powered Safety Cone
Optical Fiber Implant Machine
DC Power Grid for Portable Structures and Homes

Thomas Walker
Synergistic Magnetic Drive System

Chad Wanless
New Electric Motor Design for Electric Vehicles.

Monika Weber
?Screen Fast and Cheap Bacteria Detection

Michael Weir
Hot Air Dirigible

Peter Weller
Tow Truck Load Distribution System

Brent Wessels
Diapers for Dummy Dads

Curtis Whitaker
Remedy Lift

Donald White
The Cylinthruston is the Solution

Jack Wiegman
SSB Hearing Aid

Benjamin Wiese
Corner Bracket System for Flat Screen Televisions
Flat Screen Corner Bracket System

Don Wilkins
Carp Capture System
Tumor Buster

Christopher Williams
Automotive Speed Indicator

Gary Williams
StormSurge Decking

Achu Wilson
High Speed Emergency/Tactical Communication System

Mike Wisniewski
Smart Valve Box and Cover

Gavin Wolchina
Transformation Truck Box Cover

Liwah Wong
Fluid/Heat Flow in Fractured Porous Media

Jeremy Wood
Robot Lazarus

Andrew Wortman

Michael Wright
Half-Size Printers
Wireless Power for Aircraft

Alexander Wykel

Srihari Yamanoor

Tao You
Forest Fire Protection

Robert Zamenhof

Panos Zaraphonitis
Stirling Engine as Application of THE DOT Project

Yuanping Zhao
DCD Controller for Fuel Saving Retrofitting