Entrants 2012

Selvaraj A
Electromagnetic Speed Breaker

Ralph A'harrah
Primary Flight Control Enhancement (PFCE)

Mohamed Abaray
Well Wear Secour During a Plane Crash

Michael Abdelmaseh
Magnetic Collective and Cyclic Controls Design

Sarah Abdulkarim
The Ecofriendly Perfect Car

Richard Adams
Manta Ray Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
Vanquish Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Sparrowhawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

P Aditya
Cheap and Accurate Patient's Health Monitoring System

Kaustubh Agrawal

Aldo Agraz
Parabolic Trough Solar Concentrator for Process Heat Generation

Md Rizwan Ahmad
SUVs with Unique Tailgate Liftup Mechanism

Liaquat Ali
Peel Off Wafer Electronic Resting (POWER) Technology

Scott Allen

Kenneth Alley
Alley Flexible Gate Membrane Containers

Ladvine Almeida
Smart Cardiologist

Eliezer Alvarez
Automatic Tarping System

Amarnath Alwarsamy
Fire Fighter UAV

Camilo Anabalón

Gerritt Andersch
Resonant Energy Motor

Doug Anderson
Tractor-Trailer Jackknife Prevention Device

Joe Anderson
Squeezzz Lane

Ken Anderson
Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS)

Lenka Andrasova

Andrey Andreev
Vehicle Rear Green Signal Lights

Randy Andronica
Sidewinder Screwdriver

Joe Angeloni
Thumbscrew with Integral Wrench

Dinko Antic
Greasing Device for Railway

Harry Archer
Flush Rinse Apparatus for Electroplating Operations

Timothy Archer
Safety Ammunition

Bob Arkell
Get Rid of Pesky Zero Offsets

Chris Arnold
High Efficiency Diamond Coatings
Medical Breakthrough
Quantum Dots and Diamond Semiconductors
Improved Windpower

Keshav Rai Arora

Mario Arvizu
Intelligent Flashlight System

Mahmoud Assaad
Door Bell for the Hearing Impared

Stephen Atkinson
Hospital Air Cleaner

Dennis Atwood
Sound Generation Device for an Electric Vehicle

James Avery
Portable IV Tester

Avantika Avi
Inoculation Monitoring Device

James Awrach
Cloud and Smartphone Accelerator

Tariq Aziz

Armando Azua-bustos
An Alternative Conceptual Approach to Cancer as an “Uncontrollable Bacterial Infection”

Rakesh214 B
Automatic Pneumatic Air Gun

Nicolae Badea
Off-Grid mCCHP System with H2 Storage

Anush Badii
A Rotary Wing Aerial Wind Turbine

Amit Badlani
Adaptive Smart Home Technology

Chuck Bagg
Unlimited Cheap Clean Energy
New Ways to Fight Wildfires
7 Speed FT4WD Hydrostatic Drive

Mark Baker
Gasoline from Carbonated Water H2CO3 -> C8H18
Quantum Chemistry Simulator

Paul Baker
New Technology Provides Precise, Dynamic Control of the Pitch of a Boat Propeller

Newt Ball
Sector Torus Magnetic Cores

Kenneth Ballew
The Nexus Concept Craft

Ritubarna Banerjee
Active Passive System for Damage Detection

Katherine Baney
Proof Structural Design

Hazem Baqaen
High Sensitivity, Large Stand-off Simultaneous Measurement of Pitch and Yaw
Secure Free-Space Optical Communication System

Joshua Barnes
Sustainable Design by Numbers

Christopher Barrett
Re-inventing the Spider Web

Carroll Bassett
SLD (Safety Lowering Device)

Ivan Batinic
Re-Thinking Automotive TPMS

Corneliu Batulescu
A New Electron Beam Welding Gun

Jayne Baude

James Becher
Quick Twist Peristaltic Pump

Paolo Benatti
Advanced Major Auto Hemo Therapy (AMAHT) System

Christopher Benton
Paintable Battery

Thomas Bergen
Ultrasound-Based Shoe Bomb Detector

Anatoly Besplemennov
Genie in the Bottle
Cat’s Eye - Matrix Mirror for Photo- Video- Cameras
Small OS for ARM Devices
Momentary Parachute
Encoder Based on the Mouse Sensor with Variable Movement/Pulses Ratio

Fred Best
Metal Clad Vacuum Super Insulation
Thermal Storage Technology

Uddhab Bharali
Benchtop Pomegranate Deseeder

Volodymyr Bihus

Gabriel Birch
Hydroponic Screen Wall
Snapshot Imaging Plenoptic Spectral Camera
Hardware and Smartphone App to Prevent Forgetting Child in Vehicle
Smartphone Attachment for In-Field Spectroscopy
3D Endoscope Using Controlled Aberrations

Gregory Blackwell

David Blank
Energy Harvester for Insulin Pump Users

Axel Blau
polyMEAs: Tissue-Like All-Polymer Microelectrode Arrays for Neuroprosthetics

Richard Blazecka
A Single Person Electric Helicopter

Gary Bloomer
Plant Oils to Jet Fuel
Applying Stress to Cells under Microscopy

Wolfgang Blum
Low Temperature Energy Converter

Jeffrey Boulware
Stress-Free Airplane Boarding

Nagarajan Br
SkyAuto - A VTOL for Urban Transportation

Walter Brackmann Jr.
Post Hijacked Aircraft Recovery System
Better Sleep with a Blanket Retainer

Fritz Braunberger
Sour Breast Milk?

David Braverman
Laser Guided Lane Indication GPS Peripheral

David Briggs
Folding Garment Hanger for Narrow Neck Holes

Robert Brockway
EG/A Ion Thruster

Jeff Brown
DAMPS Technology MKIV Smart Boots

Mike Brown
Zero Energy Communities - Now!

Erik Buck
Improved Use of Inconstant Power

Catalin Bujdei
Ensure Interoperability of the Residential Electronic Devices Using Wireless Hook Modules

Wesley Burgess
Novel Longfiber Cotton Gin

Frederick Burke
Fresh Water Hat

Bobby Burkett
RF Sensor Network Improves Aircraft Availability

Jonathan Burnett
Enhanced Detection of Nuclear Explosions

Deb Butler
Solar and Wind Powered COW/CIAB (Cell on Wheels/Cell in a Box)

George Butler
Laser Guided Car Parking System

Vijaya Durga C
Detection of Network Problems Using Mobile Network

Marvin Camacho
Magnetic Motor

Richard Campbell Iii
Plug Secure Family

Dan Carda
Ocular Eye Monitor

Luis Lorgio Cardenas Miranda

Jill Carette

Anjan Cariappa M M
Predictive Alerts for Collision Aversion (PACA)
Multipurpose Augmented Sensing and Comprehending Interface System (MASCIS)

Jeffrey Carlisle
World's First Patient Controlled Medical Record

Paul Carlozzi
Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Fusion Ignition Micro Fusion Power Board

David Carr
Tuberculosis Therapy Assist

Dexter Carrie
Project 180 Turn Around: 2015 Rebuild New Orleans

Arthur Carter, Jr.
Hurricane Roof-Off Preventor

Shawn Casey
C-Sight Visual Prosthetic Implant

Roberto Cavazzoni
Active Filters

James Cecere
Child Trakker System

Francisco Cervantes

Amlan Chatterjee

Arnab Chatterjee
Stealth Mass Lifter

Navneet Chaudhari
A Braking Mechanism for Retarding Clutch Shaft Speed of an Off-Road Vehicle

Jesus Chavez
Fiber Optically Enhanced Mass Transportation and Freight Services

Elias Chavez Monarrez
The Wrist Saver

Steven Chayer
Ploog'n Power Stand

Michael Cheich
A Better Tele-Presence

Sam Chen
Aircraft Wing Without Moving Surface

David Harold Chester
Teaching Macroeconomics by Model

Alessandro Chiolerio
Digital Inkjet Printed Watch

Brian Chow
Modified Savonius-Type Wind Turbine
Bicycle Wind Tube

William Colburn
Reducing the Cost of a Large Launch Vehicle

Robert Cole
Thin Film Resistors for Space Applicatons

Jim Colthart

E. Andrew Condon
Aquaback Water Purification System

Paul Connor
CNC Electroforming Machine
Full Mouth Mechanical or Sonic Toothbrush

Panaitescu Costin
A New Rotor Fan

Jack Coulter
SEACOM-2013 Extreme Aquatic Games

Larry Cox
Personal Vault System

Clark Craig
Compact Stacking, Rapidly Deployable, Interlocking Panel System

Eric Crews

Jim Crowell
Self-Sustaining, Zero-Net Energy City
Changing the World-One Building at a Time

Florencio Cuervo Prieto
eMoTria 3W Crossover

Dwight & Jane Cushman
LIFE PACK – Hypothermia Prevention Floatation Device

Jeff D'arco

Carey Dahlen
Compounding Electric Motor Generator

Pilato David
Avhiral 1.0

Pilato David

Pilato David

Joseph Davis

Matthew Davis
Solar Boiler Electrical Generator and Heat Machine

William Davis
BiModal Glideway

Guilherme De Paula
Modular, Expandable, Wearable Artificial Pancreas for People with Diabetes

Nadilton De Souza Monteiro
Hydraulic Bearing
Hydrodynamic Submarine
Hydraulic Railway System

Gerardus De Vaal
Buttonless Remote
Solving the Last Hurdle Preventing LEDs Becoming Mainstream Products

David Deak
An Electrical Generator with Rotational Gaussian Surface Magnet and Stationary Coil
A Gaussian Surface Lens Quantum Photon Converter and Methods of Controlling LED Colour and Intensity

Richard Dean
Gas or Electric Cooktops with Automatic Shut-Off Timers

Stanley Demster
Table Stabilizer
Leakproof Damper

Edward Derickson
Low Velocity Vertical Wind Turbine

Nachiket Deshmukh
Visual Instrumental Music Assistant

Sadesh Devaki
Underground Parking for 3 & 4 Wheeler
We Can Clean Up

Paolo Di Prodi
SafeDrive Anti Drowsiness Camera
Underwater Nuclear Power Plant

Adrian Diaconu
All-Seasons Body Cooling/Warming Vest

Paul Dieges
The Pusher

Hans Diesing
Isolating DIAC-Based Power Supply Saves Standby Energy

Deepak Dileep
Gesture Based Navigation for Powered Wheelchair

Saranya Dinavahi
Patient Care

Jeff Ding
Thermal Stir Welding Process

Radovan Djukic
Electronic Generator-Sea Waves Energy Converter

Manuel Docurro
CAR 2.0

Ricardo Dominguez
Daily Driving Safety

Gary Doss
Multiple Motors Electric Car

Robert Downing
Germless Handrail

Eugene Drachko
Rotary-Hybrid Engine

John Dreese
Laptop Screen Natural Backlight

James Drew
Cw-Runabout Concept
Faux Gravity Sleeping Bag
ABC Board

Tim Driedger
Inflatable Life Mattress

Carlos Duarte
Production Logging Electron Spin Resonance Probe

Dan Dubs
Variable Ice Dam
Cyanogen/Cbr Power

Lucien Ducret
RSK-185 Roto-Skinner

Elliot Duff
Zebedee - Hand-Held Mobile Mapping Device

Edward Dyer
AWP Ergonomic Pen

Karin Edgett
X-Rad Friend - Personal X-Ray Radiation Dosimeter

Thomas Edmison
American High Speed Rail

Daniel Edney

Robert Eisnaugle
The Communicator

Mohamed Elgafi
Simultaneous Production of Nanocarbon, Hydrogen, and Energy

Porferio Eliang
Amplified Mechanical Energy

Charles Englehart
Better Rogaine Dispenser
Multi-Chamber Beverage Carton
Temperature Monitoring Shoes for Diabetics
Rear Window Position Indicator

William Engwer
Solo Personal Vehicle

Anna Epelbaum
Ultimate Education Tool

Bruce Erickson
Digital Motor for Blood Flow

Soren Eriksson
Robots that Build Robots

Jorge Escobar
Speed Indicator and Approaching Detector for Cars

Fred Etcheverry
Rare-Earth-Less Constant High Torque Traction Motor
Holographic Optical Element Integral Image 3D Display

Stan Evans
Recharging Electric Vehicle with Wheels and Alternate Energy

Harmon Everett
Solar Power Tower

Michael Everman
Rolling Piston Air Motor or Pump

Nur Fadel

Adejuyi Fajemisin
Semi Rigid Supporting Insole (SRSI)

Ali Farahmand
Design Of Air Cooler Electropump -- A Pump With Millad Tower Interface

Md Farhan
Stress Level Indicator

James Farrell
Small Lathe Tool Holder

Daniel Farrow
Methods and Apparatus for Imaging, Detecting, and Monitoring Surficial and Subdermal Inflammation

Roger Faulkner
Elpipes: Critical Enabling Technology for a Supergrid

Clifford Fava
Digtal Camera Adapter

Josh Federspiel

Myron Fendall
Enhanced Solar Cell/24hr
Water Current Power Multiplier
Deep Sea Power Generation

Omar Fernandes Aly
Proposal for Stress Corrosion Prediction Model Improvement

Eduardo Fernández
Apparatus and Method for Repairing the Tubular End of a Vehicle Differential

Paolo Ferri
Recuperator of Energy Effect Seebek for Internal Combustion Engines
Magnetic Conveyor (FERMAG) Transforms the Energy of Static Magnetic Fields into Mechanical Energy

Thomas Ferrone
Biometric Replication Biointegrated Prosthetics

Oleg Figovsky
New Non-radiation Technology for Manufacturing Nano- and Micro-Track Membranes

Fernando Figueroa
Negative Ions Storming Against Pollution

William Finch
Field Evaporation Assistance

J William Finkler
Highway Power

Clinton Fischer

Randall Flann
RoFo BevDisHeadgear

Pedro Flecha
Silicide Ores, New Energy Frontier

Steve Fleischer

Dr. David Flinchbaugh

Vincent Fogarty

Dick Fradella
Related Electric Power Technology

Michael Fratus
Solid-state Vacuum Tube Replacement

Anthony Fresco
Solute Ion Monopole Motor and Solute Ion Linear Alignment Propulsion

Yulia Freynk
Ecology Friendly Compound Energy Unit

Jan Aka Yon Friedmann
Aqua=Terra T.W.I.N.S. (Trans-Web Infrastructure Network System) Projects

Deepak G
Incoming Mobile Phone Tracker
Pen Drive as Dual Battery in Mobile Phone

Claus Gaertner
Mini-Inhalator *Plus*

Nuala Galbari
Cat Litter Box with Double Flap Odor Control Corridor

Doug Galbraith
Hybrid Fuel/Electric Ducted Fan Aircraft Engine

Joel Galofaro
Dry Snorkel Cold Immersion Suit for Hypothermia Prevention

María Teresa García
Solar Coffeemaker

Reynaldo García
Automatic Pots

Mayela Alejandra García González
"Dr. J " Lightweight Multifunctional Urban Transport

Daniela Gargiulo
Odith: Interactive Posture Monitoring System

Charles Gaston
Transparent, Trustworthy, Secure Voting

Donatas Gatavynas
Universal Spanner-Screwdriver
Dual Power Tower
Soaring Surveillance Device
Space Station Training Tool

Giorgio Gaviraghi

Helmuth Geiser
High Speed Interstate Ducted Turbine

Aboozar Ghafari

Sivakumar Ghansekar
Behavioural Monitoring System - Driving

Francois Gibon
Electric Car Battery Recharge/Replacement Station
Double Crankshaft Engine for Better Fuel Consumption
Standardized Glass Bottles Worldwide
Combine Voice Recognition Software and Augmented Reality Glasses for Hearing Impaired People

Ross Gilson
High-Resolution Ultrasound Security Scanner Wand

Ernest V Glover Sr
Process for Reducing Bandwidth Overload for Wired/Wireless/Hybrid Communications Systems

Netanel Goldberg
AutoMate Transportation System

Simon Gonzalez
Recapture Source Energy
Broad Wind Speed Turbine Transmission Gearbox and Blade Load Decoupling

Federico Eduardo González M.
The Chamaleon Wheelchair (Variable Position Wheelchair)

Kristjan Goodmanson

Peter Gordon
UV-C Bare and Gloved Hand Flash Disinfection

Valmor Gravio
Orbital Magnetic Speed Change

William Green

Gianmarco Griffini
LumEN: Luminescent Solar Concentrators for Sustainable On-Demand Electricity Production

Karl Guenther
Systems for Cargo and People

Duilio Guetti
Solar Ice Maker

Jose Guevarra

George Gunter
Compressor Lift Rigging

Sean Gustafson

Bengt Gustafsson
Individual Transit

Jeremiah Haler
Zero Pollution Engine™

David Haley
Constant Velocity Engine

Donald Hamilton
An Overhead High Speed Meglev Train System

Stephan Hanna
Cat Bowl

David Harness
Quadrupole Phased-Array Quantum Cannon Antenna

Frank Hartley
Oral Pathology Device
Wave Energy Scavenger
Water Sterilization System
Non-Invasive Glucometer

Shoaib Hasan
Next Generation Videos and Smart Advertisements: Watch it, Like it, Touch it, Have it

David Haskins
The Pulsed Turbine Turbo-Prop Engine Concept
The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept

M.h. Hassan

Amir Hassan Zadeh
Race Cart

Steven Haupt

James Hawkins
Turbo Tone

Tom Heathfield
Vectored Ram Air to Control Aircraft

Brent Higgins
Multi-Point Bacterial Abatement System (M-BAS) for the International Space Station

Marlyn Hill

David Ho
Advanced CT Laser Collimator

Mark Hoffman

Ulugbek Hojimatov
Optimal Roller Bearing

James House

Dan Hunnel
"Search and Retrieve" Engine on My Shoulder

Jouni Huopana
Strain Relief Comb and Helix

Hiroshi Ide
SAW Convolver Sensor for Wireless Structure Monitoring Systems
Simple Combiner Concept for Multiple Energy Harvesting Sources

Cristian Ifrose

Charles Ih
Low Cost Concentrating Photovoltaic System

Davey Ijams
A Disposable Pad for the Prevention and Treatment of Decubitus

Pravin Imrith
World Wide Web Space Station

Dr. Robert Indech
Molecular Microscope and Nano-Fabricator

Eric Ingamells
Ani: The Android Chassis
Mini-Snow Plow
Rotating Toy

George Ingram
The BlackStone Tablet

Charles Irwin
MXC Video Graphics Module

Cshaba *charly* J. A. Gyorio

Hemanth Kumar Jagdev

Nakul Jain
Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free!
An Air Conditioner = A Mini Power Plant

Jose Manolo Delfin Jalandoni
High Mobility Multipurpose All-Weather Maximum-Efficiency Variable-Geometry Marine Vehicle

Thomas Janesz
Solar/Hydraulic Regenerative Power Assist for Heavy Truck

Philippe Jarrin
Red Lights on Roads - Extra Signs to Save Kinetic Energy - Anticipate Red Wave - Green Wave

Ahmad Jasim
Study to Improve the Target Rock Relief Valve Using CFD

Sreegururaj Jayachander
Multi-Powered Electric Tractor

Leelananda Jayasuriya
Tire with Outer Rim

Zdenek Jedlicka
Emergency Mobile Phone Charger and Pocket Lamp

Damir Jelaska
Rotational Internal Combustion Engine with Radially Movable Vanes

Scott Johanek
NoVo Luggage

Joyal John Peter
Automobile Emergency Position Indicator Beacon.

David Jones
True Airspeed Vector Direction Display

Scott Jordan
Single-Axis Scanning Telescope

Simon Jupp
Waterless Sewer System

Alok Juyal
Windmill to Drive Trains and Cars

Xenia Kachur

Rich Kalich
Catheter Support System

Swathi Kalvakala
Eyebrow Communication

Harvey Kaplan
Superconducting-Solenoid-Liquid Vortex Propulsion and Power
Apparatus for Capturing, Filtering and Containing Radioisotope Release from Nuclear Fission Power Plants
Implementable Multi-component Solution to Capture and Contain Oil and Gases Escaping from Fractured Vertical Pipes on Underwater Oil Drilling Platforms
Transparent Aluminum "Slam Dome" Nuclear Safety Apparatus

Ankit Kapoor
Flying Traffic Light Robot

Munawar Karim
VTOL/STOL Commuter Aircraft

Emil Kartalov
HistoMosaic: Cancer Tissue Diagnostics by Multiplexed PCR

Stuart Karten
V2 Renal Denervation System for Vessix Vascular

Amit Katyal

Ankit Kaushik
Possible AIDS Cure Unveiled

Tomasz Kawala
Vehicle Driver's 'Extra' Sensory Information
Hot Air Balloon Power Station

Tom Keeley
Judgment and Reasoning Change the Digital World

Michael Kelley
Jet Intake Deflection Grill

Vasil Kenderov
Mobile Robotic Industrial System

Susan Kerber
Self-Protective Alloy Treatment for Extreme Environments

Jacob Ketel
Solar Kettle

Natascha Khonsari
PM REX 7 - Range Extender Make Long Distances Your Friend

Jeongbeom Kim
Lunar Exploration Mission by Reusing Disused LEO Observation Satellite

Dave King
Prosthetic Leg Connector

Kenji Kingsford
Improved Dispense Pump

Ken Kishbaugh

Bill Kitsch

Vic Kley

Tolga Koca
Fastest Cleaning

Devin Kollmorgen
Wheel Speed Synchronization for Landing Aircraft

Daniel Kopkane
Deflection of Asteroids by Sun Light Retro Reflection

Valentin Korman
Embedded Wear Sensor

Eugeny Koshevoy
Box-Type Extractor

Kenneth Kostenbader
Significantly Simplified PCR Machine

Yury Kostyukovich
Device for Control Over Drive of Valve for ICE

Jeff Krehmer
Krehmer's Fountain

Vitalii Kryshtob
PVC Materials: Ecological, Health, Chemical and Fire Safety in Their Manufacture, Use and Disposal

Glenn Kuenzler
LED A19 100W-Equivalent Lamp with Active Cooling

Valentin Kulikov
Catherina, Smartly Illuminate Your Life

Donald Ladanyi
TruFlavorWare® Non-Metallic Flatware

Stuart Laforge
Flying Solar Power Plant

Francis Lai
High Temperature Superconductor
Matter Traveling at the Speed of Light
Solar Transmission Lines
Our Conscious & Artificial Brain
Electric Field Photomask

Michael Laine
LiftPort Lunar Space Elevator

Peter Landin
Landin Engine in Aircraft Use

Alex Langensiepen
Robotic Assistance Vehicle

Ellen Langsetmo
Advanced Security Scanner

Douglas Larson
Self-Adjusting Bushing Bearing

Edward Lastman
Mobile Remote Control
Alarm for Mobile Phone by Ultrasound

Frank Laundry
Build and Test Non-Mag Guideway System

John Lawrence
VTOL Aircraft with Efficient High Speed Cruise

Andrew Lee
Interactive Roadway Reflector

William Lee

Donald Lefever
Laptop Sunshade

Peter Lefferson P.e.
Floor Surface Safety Lamp

Julia Leusner
A Portable Polysomnography Pack for the Monitoring of Sleep in a Non-Clinical Setting

Nikolaos Leventakis
Wave Winch

Ralph Levitt
E-Witness Camera

Henry Levy
Lasers Zap Pathogens in Blood
Lightning-Laser Magnetically-Pinched Nuclear-Fusion Power Generator

Brandon Lin
Renewable Resource Generator

James Lin
The Switchblade – A Low-Cost Gravity Self-Righting Leaning Vehicle

Rubin Linder

Romeo Linn
First Anti Torque Counter Rotation Ultra Efficient 2 Stage Propeller for Private Aircraft
World 's First Solar Thermal Panel, 3X More Efficient Than Solar Cell Panels

Grigori Lishanski
Magnetic Conveyor System
Vibratory Cavitation Piston Pumps

Rod Livingston

Richard Lloyd
New Low-Loss Planetary Shift Transmission

Dr. Ben Locwin

Lee Long
FlexFit Nasal Cannula

Donald Longerbeam
Extinguishing a Tire Fire

Jonathan T. Longley

Shaun Lopez
Free Sphere Rotor Peizo-Electric Energy Harvester

Paul Loschak
Safe Cranial Drill

John Lott
Electromagnetic Robot

Eric Lowery
Arachnid Vigor

George Kenneth Lucey Jr
Protection Against Nerve Agents and Neurotoxins

Larry Lueder
Mine Detecting Boots

Jonathan Luis
Solar Powered Blended Wing Body Aircraft

Danil Lyapunov
MexBIOS Technology

William Lyne
Lyne Atomic Hydrogen Furnace

Christopher Macaluso

Bc Macdonald

Alistair Macfarlane
Ultra Efficient Lighting

Winston Mackelvie
Drainpipe Heat Exchanger

Robert Mackenzie
Solar Powered Clean Water Supply

Don Maguire
Virtual Axis Steer System VASS

Anandkumar Mahadevan
Kinectron: Gesture-based Search and Rescue Robot

Adhiguna Mahendra
Ecofriendly Bathroom

Khurrum Mahmood
Instant Formula Milk Maker
Lifting Wings for Safe Landing of Aircraft

Yuri Malina

Joseph Mallia
Accu-Injection Medical Regimen

Richard Mallory
New Hybrid Off-Shore Wind Turbine/Permanent Magnet Motor

Patrick Malone
AWD Butterfly

Soumen Mandal
Self Recharging Laptops: Work Longer with Confidence
Does Your Clothing and Vehicle Surface Influence the Mileage

Gerald Manfredi
Thin Film Photovoltaic Dynamic Wind Turbine Blade

Amit Mangtani
Design and Development of a Multi Stage Contra Rotating Mini Axial Compressor

Sheryl Marek
Convertible Lounge Chair

Rick Marintchev
Expandable Vehicle

Juan Martin
Energy Harvester with Piezoelectric Fastener

Wendy Martinez Sandoval
Air Vent Bed

Hammad Masood
Heal Share

Bijan Masoumpanah
Universal Whelchair Seating Transfer System, Facilitating Use of Multiple Chassis
The Integrated Off-Shore Wave Powered Turbine Shaft (OSWPTS)

Dnyanesh Mathur
Powered Highways

Hakeem Maturine
DC Engine

Richard Mayo
Automatic Bicycle Gear Change

Sarah Mays
Automated Nail Polish and Coloring Agent

George Mc Neir
Total Solar Electric Yacht

Bruce Mcgehee
The AddVisor - The Any-Angle, Every Vehicle Sun Visor

Jack Mcintyre
Insect Control System

Carlos Medina
Modeling Antigravity Phenomena for Next Generation Propulsion

Hector Medina

Abhishek Mehrotra

William Melnyk
Trailer Air Deflector1

Jacob Melton
Electroscope/ESD Wrist Band

Sebastian Menzel
Module Wheelchair

Jody Meredith
Daylight Welding Helmet

Tolga Metin
Solar Disc

Duncan Meyers
Styrofoam Conversion to Lightweight Structural Material

Mario Michan

Wilbur Mikesell

Imre Mikoss
Very High Magnetic Fields with Counter Rotating Ultracapacitors
Magnetic Gradient Propulsion System

Elizabeth Milflores

Dorian Miller
Solar Network
Hybrid/Electric Flywheel Drivetrain
Residential Thermal Fluid Storage
Deep Sea Reverse Osmosis
Electronic Price Tag
Bank Robber Stopper
Controlled Prescription Dispenser

Doug Mills
Free Energy Home of the Future

Riccardo Mincigrucci

Vicente Miranda
Automated Traffic Light

Shailendra Kumar Mistry
3D Pyramid Solar Photovoltaic Array

John Mitchell
High Performance "D" Size Battery (Cell)

Sampson Mitchell
Solar Shift

Cordell Moe
Highly Efficient “Little Engine That Can”

Sarina Moghadam
Smart Colostomy Bag (SCB)

Ali Mohammadi
Rolling Element Bearing Defect Monitoring

Jack Mondry
Miniature Surgical Robots

Max Moore
Eliminate Leak Paths/Reduce Failure Modes for Rocket Motors

Steve Morra
Thin-Cavity Cooling of Electronic Circuitry

Alexander Morrese
Solar Vacuum Airship for Transport Applications

Albert Muller

Adam Munich
A High Power, Portable X-ray Machine for Field Use

Ron Murawsky
ME2 Rotary Heat Engine

Jonathan Murray
GE SpinLab™: First Automated Multichannel Hyperpolarizer

Ramesh Nadamuni R

Senthil Ram Nagapillai Durairaj
Energy Integration from the Environment

Michael Nasab
Advanced Multi-Electrodes RFA Catheter with Bio-Sensors Feedback Simplifies Cardiac Tissue Ablation and Improves Patient Safety

Manidipa Nath
CAD of Microstrip Balanced Mixer

Sarthak Nayak
Gear Transition Fuel Locking System

Aravind Reddy Nayani

Jacque Neff
Cementious Solar Optics

Steve Nicoll
A Home and Small Business Electricity Micro Generation Unit

Darren Nolen
Synthetic Bone Graft Material

Hunter Norman
Accidental Discharge Indicator Attachment (ADIA)

Nasim Nosoudi

Peter Nylund
eyePad Stand

Dan O'neill

Grant Oddoye

Kjell Olseke
A Book Paper Product to Encrease Readability and Reduce Risks for Macular Degeneration

Robert Olson
HTI Dynamic Combustion Chamber

Scott Olson
SkyRide Technology

Alessandro Oltremonti
Support for Flat Monitor (Fades, Turning)
Waste Bin, Transportable and Re-sealable

Shivakumar Orekondy
Optical Perspective Control
Energy Efficient Cooking Pot

Itamar Orian
Simple Walking Mechanism

Daryl Oster
Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3)™

Kevin Otte
The USS Bountiful Harvest

Taslim Owonikoko
Cellulose-Ferrous Metal Hybrid As Alternative To Critical Materials In The Production Of Ferromagnetic & Power Semiconductors

Tanil Ozkan
Microwave Assisted Fuel Pre-Heater for Diesel Engines

Goutham P
HOPE- Eectronic Gadget for Home Bound Patients and Elders

Jacek Paczkowski
Hyperlinks in Video Content

Dipayan Pal
Futuristic Electrified Bathrooms

Rishabh Pandey
Dehumidifying Spray

Philip Panicker
The Handheld Rechargeable Battery Powered Peltier Air Conditioner
Greenhouse with Concentrated Solar Powered Desalination System for Desert Regions Near The Sea
Concentrated Solar Power Salt Water Desalination Plant
The Vertical Axis Oscillating Wave Power Generator

Ravi Paramanandam
Mechanical Sealed Gland Valve

D.p. Parkhe
Adhesive Tape Dispenser

Sangramsinh Parmar
Passenger Pod System for Airports

Camilo Parra Palacio

Douglas Patterson
Remote I/O Controller

Robert Patterson
Resource-less Fire Fighting Technology

Rodrigo Patzlaff
Green Box - Home Power Management System (Microcontrolled and Embedded)

Wendell Peery
Clean Water Mop System

Milen Penev
Vision Improvement Device

Ahmed Peshimam
Aircraft Belly Bed Landing

Joel Phillips
Super Capacitor Electric Car

Wayne Pickette
Thermo-Electronic Battery

Alan Pierce
The Mini Electric Timer

J Michael Pinneo
Improved Prosthetic Joints

Brian Pinzon
Time Stop Machine Automobile

Jaroslav Pito?ák
Powershift Differential Transmission with Three Flows of Power

Phillip Pitts
Ceramic Coating Titanium Dental Abutments

Antje Pohl
A Capacitive Multichannel ECG Measurement System

Anthony Ponirakis
ESB System - Vehicle's Emergency Starting Battery

Larry Pope
The Final Future of Aviation Idea!

Cleiton Porciuncula
New Battery for Mobile Applications

Aureliu Porumbescu
Stolen Firearm Disabling System
Active Knee Brace to Prevent ACL Rupture

George Powch
Nanocoating Tool: Linear Self-Assembly

Tom Prescott
ZeeEye Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Antonius J. Priyambodo
Portable Paper Reconditioning Peripheral
Tire-Cord Splitting Machine

Melvin Prueitt
Engine with Oscillating Rotating Pistons

Ignacio Quesada
High Performance Rocket Engine for Missiles

Charles Radley
Instant Starship - an Asteroid Based Near Earth Mission for Planetary Defense, Incremental Space Settlement and Starship Capacity
Pellucidar Underground-Terraforming Technologies
Stratopower-Beamed Power from Stratospheric Airships: a Vehicle for Exponential Growth
Space Debris Management System
Asteroid Retriever-Deflection System

Andreea Radulescu
Earth's Quakoscope

Ronald Rael
Migrating Floating Gardens
What Will You Do?

Muhammad Musaddique Ali Rafique
Fire Fighting Pumping Unit

Alfredo Ramirez
Should Future Airliners Lose Their Tails?

Jean Jacques Raphael
The WaterNet

Wayne Rasanen
A Better Way to Text and Touch-Type

Richard Ray Ratliff "tre"
Virtual Paint

John Redon
Ear Prophylactics (Dry Earplus for Diving)

Andy Reiswig

Joseph Resnick
Instant Pancakes

Maria Teresa Restivo

Glen Reuschling
Low Cost Controller for Robotics and Homeschool STEM Learning

Roy Reynolds
Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) in High-Value Transit Corridors

James Ries
Self-Sizing Internal Combustion Engine

Tom Riley
How to Prevent a Robot Rebellion
Tortuga Madre, Building with Rocks on the Moon
Dolphin, Talk to the Computer

Jack Roach
Unconventional Telescope

John Robitaille
Control Freak (Energy Management for EVs)
Cool Roof

A. Nicholas Roe
Photoassisted Electrolysis

Julie Romualdez
Autonomous Robotic Vehicle for Transmission Line Inspection

Rabei Romulus
Rabei Energetic Cycles

Jerry Rosenberg
Solar Water Distiller Using Spray Flash Evaporation

Francesca Rossi
Photocoagulator for Superficial Abrasion

Gerald Rowley
Diesel Fuel Saver

Bruce Rubin
RASP®-Reduced Agricultural Storage Program

Hugh Rundle
Top Down Data Fusion

Fred Rupinski
The Hazardous Materials microSNIFFER
Software Defined Omni-IDE Appliance

Kalani Sa
Hydrogen Extraction

Ahmed Saber
ATC (Automatic Traffic Control)

Tristan Sahnoune
LIVY the Light Urban Delivery Vehicle

Nitin Saini
IR Toggle Switch
An Advanced Energy Saver Project with DTMF Capabilities to Use Electricity Efficiently

Joaquin Sales
Suitcase "I-pple"

Virginia San Fratello
Hex Wall
The Planter Brick

Willian Sanchez
Unified Computing Processing Unit (UCPU)

Blaze Sanders
Inflatable Dish Communication System

Xabier Sanjuan
DIY Survival Capsule/Escape Pod

Eric Santos

Ismail Sapmaz
Real Time Embossing 3D Environment Scanner for the Blind

David Sarria Jiménez
GEDAYC Wind Turbine 300% More Efficient

Mark Scarpelli
Earth Resonant Field Energy Generation

Jennifer Scheer
Panel Lock Locking Cover

Matthew Schell
Bringing Clean Drinking Water to Third World Countries

Andreas Schkarbanenko
Low Resolution and Its Solution in Electrical Resistance Tomography

Scott Schober
Stop Cheating Students with PocketHound Cell Phone Detector

George Schrader
Accident & Energy Free

Thomas Schum
Ocean Irrigation

Jason Schwartz
Secure-Wireless Stereo Binocular Adapter

Julia Schwerm
Shoe-Inn Maximum Space Efficient Shoe Organizer

Timothy Searfoss
Tactile Vision 3D Pin Elevation Display & Navigation

Tomooki Seki
Phase Transition Engine Utilizing Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking

Karan Shah
Multi Operational Tool

Siddharth Shah

Siva Shanmugam
New CVT Transmission (Without Torque Converter & Clutch System) for Hybrid Vehicle

Saravan Kumar Shanmugavelayudam
Dermal Regenerator

David Sharkey
Zip Bridge

Sachin Sharma
TGDA - Tiny Gadget with Different Applications
Understanding and Preventing the Cause of Road Accidents Using LabVIEW
Smart System Using Acoustic Emission to Detect Weevils in Mango Trees & Protect Against Infestation

Tarun Sharma
Albatross: New Breed of Superyacht

Shantanu Shekhar
Stepped Escalator

Alan Sherman
Environment That Helps to Facilitate Adaptation of Pet Puppies into Their Human Home

David Shields
High Expansion Rotary Steam Engine

Andrei Shindyapin

Stephen Shoap
Auto Safety Bumpers

Jeffrey Short
Harvesting Electricity from Ambient Turbulence (HEAT)

Robert Sickler
SPOT Indicating Metal Detector

Estiven Sierra
Indoor Cooling Dome for Hot & Humid Summers

William Sims

Aseem Singh
Smart Roads as Power Generators

Jaideep Singh
Making Fuel from Vehicular Emissions

Pierre-etienne Sirder
Loudspeaker Driver

Karl Smarsch
Depth Perception Using Color and B&W

Roulette Smith
Preliophics and the Preliophic Moleculator

William Smith
Ground-Impedance Conservation Device

Seyd Sobhani
RICE (Rotary Internal Combustion Engine)

Mohammed Sohail
Safe Landing System for Bikes During Skid

Amit Sohara
Regrowth Of Human Body Parts

Robert Sommer
Geothermal on the Pacific Rim
Very Fast High Dynamic Range Analog to Digital Converter, ADC
Laser and Rail Gun Continuous Power
Hyperthermal Cancer Cure

Thompson Speck
Two-Wheel/MagLev Car

Christopher Spruell

Harry Spurrier
Microwave Powered Bug Eradication Device

Christian Jade Sta. Maria

Daniel Stanek
Personal Convoys

Tad Staniszewski
Vibration Resistant Thumb Screw (VRTS)

Panagiotis Stefanides
A Diferential Light Amplifier Applicable to a Solar Locator and Tracker
A Light Differential Amplifier as a Core of a Speed Measuring System

Lance Stephenson
Vacuum Insulated Office Buildings

Gregory Steshenko
Computational Model of Human Body Based Upon the Genetic Analysis for Drug Development and Treatment
Direct Transduction of Biochemical into the Electric Energy for Insect Drones

Robert Stetson
Island Home

Philip Studer
No Friction, Linear-Rotary Converter
Non-Contacting Cleanroom Conveyor
New American Maglev

Vasantham Sudheer Kumar
Green Exhaust System (Algae Infusion into Catalytic Convertor)

Sandi Sufiandi
Low Cost Cell Culture Bioreactors

Alex Sulima
Conformal Flush Mount Slot Antenna

William Sullivan

Cuthbert Sun
Photovoltaic Projector Screen
Car Alert for Blind People

Uma Maheswari Sundaram
Design and Development of CPAP

Shaam Sundhar
Heavenly Air

Shaam Sundhar
Micro Sun
Heavenly Air
U-B Kool
Frost Fire

Bob Sunman

James Sute
Traffic Signal Timing Software

Kumail Syed
Compressed Air Engine

Balint Szent Miklosy
Shoot To Kill Forest Fires
NOLA Dam It All with Sand Sausages
Slice Ship Panamax+
Dust to Dust Printer with Paper in Between
EggXellent Passenger Compartment

Joe Tackett
Battle Stations - High Tech Martial Arts Trainer

Amin Taheri Najafabadi
Multi-Function Photocatalytic Solar Desalination

Riccardo Tarelli
Precision Localizer (PRELOC)

Jesper Taxbøl

Elias Taye
Self-Locking Actuator

Augusto Tazzoli

Lorenzo Temporin
Optimization Photovoltaic Ground Mounting Structure

Nuri Temurlenk
Chiral Storage and Processing Device

Alaa Thabet
Flying Safer

Gobithas Tharmarajah
Advanced Baggage Handling System

Jeff Theisen
Bugless Outdoor Security Light

Bert Thuresson
Construction Dryer

Paul Tinari
Extending the Range of Electric Vehicles by Use of a Thermal Storage Battery

Jonathan / Maxwell Tolstedt
Virtual Walking Stick for the Visually Impaired

Douglas Tonjes
Power Glove Drill Like Having Another Hand
Safe Inexpensive Solar Hot Water Heater
Practical Commuter System Improves Safety while Reducing Costs
Energy Saving Air Conditioning Thermostat
Compressed Air Storage Tank 10 lbs in a 5 lb Bag

William Travis
Water System Safety Survey

Javier Trejo
Mountainside Electricity Generator
Trejo Internal Combustion Engine

Anthony Trent
I/P Stream Bridge

Viktor Troitskiy

Jean Pierre Twagirayezu

Jay Unger
vDesk: Like a “Safe Deposit Box” in the Cloud

Blake Vanier
The Sipficient Travel Mug: Piping Hot to the Very Last Drop

Vibin Varghese
Dual Rotor Generator
Innovative Spin Sensor for Rockets and Missiles

Goce Vasilevski
Speed of Temperature Changes in Equipment

Tom Vastano
Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury Software Simulation Framework

Alan Vaughn
Solar Thermal Exhaust Generated Stored Power for Lighting

Ravi Vedula
E-go Bike: Muscle to Power

Hector Vega Rodriguez
Vision Intelligence Traffic Automated Lights

Mariano Velez
Synthetic Bone Made by Indirect Selective Laser Sintering

Willy Verbrugghe
Silicon from Rice Hulls

Massimo Vetrisano
Spacecraft Design Toolkit: Software for Fast Spacecraft Optimal Design

Van Vice
Super Shower

Weldon Vlasak
New Electrocardiogram Display

Boaz Wachtel
Irrigation with Condensation

Ankur Wadhwa
Human Powered Electric Vehicle

Mark Wagner
Sensordrone: a Practical, Tricorder Like Platform for Consumers and Mobile Device Developers

Roy Wagner
Canute Power

Harry Wainwright
Flexible Informational Sleeve Display
LED/Optic Identity Verification in the Visible and IR Frequencies
LED/Optic Display Production Machine
Self-Powererd Lighted Signage and Awnings

Mr. Kelly Walterscheid
magLUX™ LED Magnetic Lighting for Metal Cabinets and Shelves

John Wang
Dreamech: Enable Smarter, Money-Saving and Safer Car Ownership

Lois Wardell
Plants Can Talk -- With a Little Help from Technology

Clive Warner
Alondi "Rescue" Cream

Peter Wasowski
Electric Vehicle with Laminated Bamboo Body and Unique Cyclic Compression System

Hal Weatherly
Blood/Oxygen Saturation Control Device

Artis Weaver
Augmented Reality for Field Services

Jared Wells
Simple Solar Heater
Very Efficient Searchlight

Travis Wernecke
TUCAV Tactical Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle

Donn Werrbach
Active Subwoofer Crossover

Denny Wheeler
Lighting Bolts in a Box

Chris Whelan

Donald White
EED for 2012

Leonard White

Jack Wiegman
Power Extraction in Near Space

David Wilcox
Redesigning the Electric Motor

Evan Williams
Electric Dryer Energy Saver

Randall Winchester

Andrew Womack
Fresh Breath of Air for Commuter Vehicles

Chin Wong
Electronic Insect Repellent

Calvin Woosnam
Fault Tolerant Power & Communications System
Early Warning Tracker System

Sriteja Reddy Wudaru
Neural-Computer Interconnectivity Analyzer (NCIA)

Donald Yates
PV & Storage in the 1 Cell Package

Chris Yewell
Mate Finder LED Pendant

Peter Yohe
Flex-Curve Conveyor

Tao You
Universal Translator/Interpretor

Farid Yousefi
Hybrid Turbo Fan Engine

Marco Zamalloa
Lazarillo Acústico

David Zethmayr
On-Demand Hydrogen Generator

Amit Zoran
The FreeD - A Handheld Digital Milling Device for Craft and Fabrication

Shoval Zoran
Modifiable Sunglasses

Francesco Zuddas
Thin Film Tubular Thermoelectric Generator