Entrants 2010

Hossin Abdeldayem
Micro-Spherical Laser

Alex Ackerman

Dinku Adale
Three Tier Enhanced Security in Image Steganography

Richard Adams
Bringing George Jetson's World to Life

Robert Adams
Materials Characterization Tribometer

Indranil Aditya
GPS based Automatic Speed Control of Vehicle

Mahvash Afzal
Turbo Air Conditioner

Brian Aiello
Carbon Cleaning Internal Combustion Engines

Ibrahim Al-khattat
Sustainable, durable bridges of the future

Jakob Alder

Jerry Alexander
Smart Glass

David Algie
Aircraft propeller speed reduction gearbox

Kenneth Alley
Robotic Device to Seal a Pressurized Pipe

Paul Alleyne
Thumbtack Remover

Atef Alnukari
Microstrip Heatsink Antenna Cooled by Water

Dwight Altman
Video Chat Rear Camera Smartphone Adapter

Amber Am Rhein

Jose Angelo Amado
Business Card Riveter

Shrikanth Ambiger
Vehicles controlled by GPS

Camilo Anabalón

Chris Andersen
Waste glass based soil amendment retains moisture

Robert Andosca
MEMS Piezoelectric Vibrational Energy Harvester

Patrick Andrews

John Anelli
Automatically Piloted Elevated Transportation

Juan Fernando Angel Angel
Metro station lifeguard barrier

Takis Angelis

Di Noi Angelo

Guido Annoni
Pain's relief

Anand Apte
Greenergy Fertilizer

Leonardo Ardjomand
Camera Aided Parking System

Eric Arndt
Well relining and distribution system repair

Deepika Arora

Keshav Rai Arora
Innovation in Oil & Gas

Federica Aruta

Michael Ashford
A New Use for an Axial Roof Ventilator Turbine

Sesha Atkuru
Universal Credit Card

Luis Ayuso
IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) Take Over.

Anush Badii
Aerial Wind Turbine

Ahmed Badr El-deen
ElectroChemical Machine (ECM) EC Sinking & Turning

Bryant Baker
Portable Single-Axis Solar Tracker

Kenneth Ballew
Modular Heavy Lift Aerial Firefighting Craft

Mark Banister
Medipacs Mini Infuser

Juan Pablo Barbosa

Harold Barclay

Af Barghouty

John Barrie
A Low Cost Solar Vaccine Refrigerator

Goran Basic
Wind2Go - Portable Wind Generator

Carroll Bassett

Mark Baughn
Tapless Solid Body Threaded Insert
Instant Toilet Overflow Prevention Shutoff Valve

Hanns Baumann
Long Span Baumann Green Floors™ (BauGF™)
Baumann Energy Dissipating Rebar Coupler™
The Baumann Strain Gage Grid™ (BauSGG™)

Dennis Baylor
Heating Water With The Wind

Vittorio Bearzi
Solar Thermal Module

Leo Beaulieu
Electronic Freight Car Weighing Scale

Juan Carlos Bedoya Velasquez
Vest Life Guard Staff JCB
Personal Life Belt Guard JCB

Paul Behling
Containment Cap for Uncontrolled Oil/Gas Well

William Belko
Large scale solid oxide fuel cells made practical

Bruce Bell
Fish Friendly Hydro Power

Richard Belshaw
Preventing ocean acidity death from CO2 emissions

Gerard Bencen
Multi-Film Creation System

Duane Benson

Marco Bernardes
Intelligent thermal walls

Lawrence Bernstein

Simon Berson
Sustainable Transportation

Bob Bettendorf
Dynamic simulation to test control system software

Tom Bevolo
Electrical Metering Switch

Sridhar Bhaskarla
Energy Farming Vehicle

Uday Bhasker

Indranil Bhattacharya
Super High Efficiency Multijunction Solar Cells

Kris G Bhushan
PPM Level Hydrogen Sensor

Paul Bickford

Peter Biggs
A New Wind Generator

Fred Bingham
Solar Power from Space

Gregory Blackwell

Les Blevins
Creating a Better Energy Future

Edward Block
Low Cost Wellbeing DX & TX Appliance

Bill Bollinger

Michel Bonard
Monorail Air Cushion Ultra high Speed Train

Gerardo Borrelli
The Health Angel

Ben Bosma
Checkpoint Friendly Carry On Bags

Gilles Boulanger
Rapid construction system for housing complex

Fredrik Boxberg
Photovoltaics with piezoelectric nanowires

Stephen Boynton

Jaclyn Brackett

David Braverman
AC Efficiency Boost via Swamp Cooler Affect

Steve Bridgers
INCA Artificial Gravity and Stealth Cloaks

Sapoty Brook
Future Oxy-Hydrogen Powered Aircraft

Dwight Brooker
Spiral Wound Wedge Wire Detonation Flame Arrester

Jeff Brown
DAMPS Technology MKIII Smart Boots

Dan Brunermer
Rethink Electric Car Transmissions
Your Kid's Ultimate Cellphone

Joe Buhajla
Vehicle Vector Wireless Network

Frederick Buja
Temperature & Blood Pressure & Pulse Sensor

Theodore Burdumy
Revolutionary Oral Airway Improves Patient Safety

Frederick Burke

William Burke
LiveSensor: SIDS preventor and vitals sensor

Steven Burkholder

James Burrell
Oil Well Cap

Claudio Cagnolati
A Wind Power Plant With Vertical Linear Transit Blade

Randall Cain
Self Energizing Heating and Cooling

Daniel Cantrell

Jeff Caplan
Tidewater Blue

Collin Carbno
Microwave waste eliminator

Gene Carey

Ellen Cargill
Digital Window Distributed Imaging Camera

David Carr
Level IV Composite Body Armor

Emilio Casado
Rotary Perforated Disc, EMA-1

Daniel Castillo
Physical therapy for sprained ankle in children

Roberto Cavazzoni
New Active Filter for Telecomunications

Jim Cavera
Back-in-time camera

Vijaya Lakshmi Ch
An Intelligent Stick for the Visually Challenged

Michael Charley
The Salsabol, the perfect bowl for dips and salsa

Gabe Cherian
No-Ouch™ Pull Tabs [NOPTs™]

Wen-yang Chiang
Comprehensive Blood Glucose Controlling System

Ted Childers
Water Battery

Daniel Christadoss
Safety GuidePOD for Blind and Visually Impaired
Energy Harvesting Module - Universal Generator
Personal Emotional Mobile

Mademba Cisse
Oil Spill Disaster, what if it happens again?

Robert Clarke
Heat Recovery System For Residential Waste Water

Robert Cline
Variable Angle Gearbox

Stan Coe
Toro Mouse

Alon Cohen
Increasing Effective Capacity of Highways

D.r. Cole
Sun Spot Stove
Air Splint Pump

John Coles
Power from water pressure

Jim Colthart
Mobile Energy Conversion Systems

Sean Connell

Luigi Conti
Variable Valve Lift System for Int. Comb. Engines

Keegan Cooke

J Robert (bob) Cope
Air Control System for Improved Vehicle Economy

Dean Corren
High Efficiency Light Bulb with Incandescent Look

James Cottrell
Method of reducing gryoscopic drag
Method to reduce gyroscopic drag

Doyle Cozadd
The Thug Mug

Florencio Gabriel Cuervo Prieto

Alex Curry
Advanced Endodontic File

Christine Custis

Carey Dahlen
Three Dimensional Motor Generator System

Teresa Dallera
On the Road Social Network

Gamal Darwish
Disposable Dental Handpiece

Jason Davis
Roof Top Wind Turbine

Jeffrey Davis
"Traffic generated wind" highway lights

Arnold De Jager
Olympus - Future Ready VTOL Business Aircraft

Marcello De Leo
TDP (Translucent Decorative Panel)

Jose Antonio De Leon
Methodology for Study of the Effect of the PWM Volt

Leonardo De Silva Muñoz
Water purification by solar distillation

Robert Decker
Emergency Ventilation Monitor (EVM)

Ralph Deflorio
Interlocking Electrical Test Probes

Michael Dellavecchia
Ergonomically Adjustable Desk

Stanley Demster
Children's Safety Shoes
Boss Battery Alarm Technology

Lester Derby
Power Sink

Sadesh Devaki
Modern Pipeline Concept for Offshore
Electronic Money Transfer (E.M.T)
Modern Oil Drilling Concept

Giovanni Di Dio
Hole Support

Paolo Di Prodi
EMMA Elder Mobile Monitor Assistant

Jose Joaquin Diaz Solano

Raymond Dickinson

Edward Diez
Spinner Engine

Weiren Ding
Thermal Capture Hand Dryer
Fully Internal Combustion System (FICS)
Automatic Car Fan Adjuster

Abbas Djouiai
Lamellae Shading

Radovan Djukic
Device to decrease losses on electrical grid

Ahmad Dowlatabadi
Thermo-Charge System

Lonny Doyle
Continuously Variable Speed Transmission
BP Oil spill Repair

John Dreese

Daniel Du Toit
Addiction Relief Self Help Kit

Randy Dube
Continuous building/structure frame reinforcing

Dana Dunsieth
Human Power Tractor

Joey Dykes

Markus Eichner
AHGS - Autonomic Hydrogen Gas Station

Rodrigo Eiras

Tu Darmstadt Ekon
Breathing Skin

Vincent Elder

Porferio Eliang
Walking Energy Generator

Jeffrey Elias

Raymond Ellingsen
Poppet off

Thomas Ellis
Resonant Microwave Ablation

Fred Elvin
CCFL as Alternative to CFL and LED

Shane Elwart

Todd Emmons
Automation of Holiday Light Hanging

Darell Engelhaupt
Long Range Fire Detection and Response

Charles Englehart
Waste Heat Recovery and Storage
Smart Windows and Doors

William Engwer
Solo Urban Commuter Vehicle

William Fedarko
Automated Package Transport System

Myron Fendall
Kinetic Converter

John Fiebich
Vehicle Over/Under Speed Annnunciator
Bounce House Matting

Dee Finch
Circular Linear Motor

Evren Firat
Cooling Fuel Cells
Improved Reformer Design

Gerard Fitzgerald

Pedro Flecha
Adhesion & Gravity alcohol distiller

Michael Flora
Alair aluminum-air battery

Juan Flores

Michael Foley
Compound Handle Nail Puller

Luis Fonseca
PETRA and POLO: Two atmospheres, one unique design
M5 Plume - ecologic car

Eric Foy
Lift Pump

David Francis

Michael Frank
All Round Solar Wave Energy Antenna

Shaun Freed

Howard Fuller
Bladeless Wind Turbine

Mark Fuller
Simple Solar Tracker (SST)

Praveen Gaddikeri

Raymond Gage
Orion Speedtrike™ Ultrahigh Efficiency Vehicle

Yoland Gagnon

Aman Gahoonia
In Wall iPhone Media Station - iWIMS

Jean Pierre Gallo

Shawn Galloway
Ducted Turbine System
Oil change system

Selva Ganesan
Pure Air Fuel Car
Parabolic collector with glass box and copper wire
Jet Ship

Evan Garber
Hydrogen Production System

Cristian Garcia Schneider
Fish Pin Bone Remover

Oliver Garrow
Verticopter: new & realistic STOVL aircraft

Michael Gasik

Helmuth Geiser
Self-erecting / folding Support-Mast Equiment
Self adjusting propeller, speed regulating gear

Dirk Gerlach
Scrap tire pyrolysis 2 energy plant

Kevin Gervais

Ross Gilson
High-resolution ultrasound security scanner wand

Sasha Gimpelson
Recyclable Portable Container

Metin Giousouf
Methane Harvesting
Bottle without cap
Rear Airbag for Trucks

David Gitlin
Spine External Fixator

Ernest V Glover Sr

Karthikeyan Gnanam

Steve Goldberg
Save Energy: Eliminate 9/10ths Gasoline Pricing

Mike Goldman
Honeycomb radiation shield for spacecraft

Ronald Good
Converting Transportation to Hydrogen Fuel

Tanmai Gopal
X - Never miss a thing

Baboo Lesh Singh Gowreesunker
Water condenser

Gina Gracia
Nanotubes to fight blindness

Salvatore Grande

Michael Green
Mk1 Terra Tech Airship

Paul Griesemer
Space Rapid Transit

Juan Guacheta
Chameleons (Fiber Optic Shoes)
The Guacheta Eco-Dwelling

Chris Guglielmelli
Nano Surgery

George Gunter
Air-conditioning Analysis

Tianle Guo
Laser Distance Signal

Sonu Gupta
Credit and ATM card locking and access by mobile phone

Carsten Haavardtun
Osmotic well

Jim Hacsi
Air-Blaster Pogo Stick
Engine With A Sidewall Combustion Chamber
Radioisotope-Powered Electric Generator
Solar-Assisted Wind Turbines

Jeff Haggard
Maintenance-free Ocean Current Turbines

Voy Haig
Adjustable Ladder Stabilizer & Tool Holder
Quantitative Measuring Dispenser

Jeremiah Haler
Feed the World with Solar-Powered Tractors
BioChiller©, Biological Sample Storage and Transportation
Solar-Powered Coast Guard Boats
Solar power generation with the Zero Pollution Engine
Solar Powered Aircraft Engine
CoolerGrill©, Hand-Cranked Grill and Ice Chest

David Halverson
World's Most Versatile Solar Concentrator
Solar Powered Irrigation - Water Pumping

Justin Hammond
3D Interactive World

David Hardy
Eco-Intelligent Bike

Robert Harker
Full Spectrum Lapidary 3D Image Scanner and Method

Coray Harper
Advancing Paper Battery Technology

Alan Harris

Frank Hartman
Reduce Surface tension+freezing point of water

David Haskins
The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept
The (Fuel-Injected) Pulsed Turbine Rotor Engine

John Heinrich
High Torque Secure Surgical Fastener – Driver System

Bryan Hellard

Shawn Hendricks
Cell phone cloud routing
Hot water toilet primer
Cardio Inflator

Robert Henshaw
E-Path: Sustainable Transportation & Energy Network

Gary Henthorne
Sicycle toy

Marcus Herndon
Integrated Vision System

Peter Hess
Micro Robot to Manufacture Your Own MEMS Parts

Morteza Heydari Araghi
Harvesting Energy Inside a Combustion Chamber

Nathan Hilbish
Optical Guitar Pickup

Don Hill
Intergalactic Propulsion

Juan Camilo Hincapie Ocampo
Viro HPV (Human Powered Vehicle)

Thientu Ho
Intelligent Home Security System

Bernard Hodson
A Turing Computer Without Machine Code

Peter Hoffman
Lighter-Than-Air Airborne Wind Turbine

Paul Hogan
Sound glasses
Text Glasses

Ulugbek Hojimatov

Leo Honetschlager
The Safety Mailbox

Jiarong Hong

Ken Hong
Solar - Air Car
Eco-8 Roof Panels and Trusses
Magnetic-Levitating Vehicle

Sándor Horváth
Chemical Safety Protection

Onnik Hovanesian
New Car Door Design Overlapping Top

Paul Howard
YankeeDiesel, a more efficient engine

Andy Hu
FreeVac Auto-Retractable Safety Syringe

Pierre Huggins
Automated Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle

Ried S. Hurtig
Water Mortar

Karthik Ilanchelian
Solar thermo electric cooling system

Jesse Ilijeski
Combo - Washer/Dryer Family Friendly

Dr. Robert Indech
Room Temperature Superconductor

Goran Ivetic

Quinetta Jackson
Ablige Handsfree jogger stroller

Janet Jackson-coty

Hemanth Kumar Jagdev

Pragya Jaikumar
Mind Mouse Tablet PC for ALS Patient

Sepideh Javaherian
Sense Fire Prevention System

Leelananda Jayasuriya
Off Road Rider-The Walking Bridge

Zdenek Jedlicka
Energy saving roof

John Jenco
"Leak Free" Constant Seating Stress Flange Gasket

Jeff Jensen

Mark Jensen
Continuous Composite Grid Manufacturing

Andrew Jepson
DTV Shredder

Zhaoshuo Jiang
A Symbiotic SHM and Structural Control System

Daniel Jimenez
Intellilighting v1.0

Jaime Alberto Jimenez Fernandez

Donald Johnson
PDA / E Reader

Kimmerjae Johnson
"Akimbo" Field Folio
Rain Guides

Charles Jones
Multi-Grain Expandable Vortex Hybrid Rocket Motor

Gary Jones
Just fill the tank with water

Ankit Joshi
Generation of Electricity in Car

John Justice
Thin cross-section reciprocating cutting blade

Govinda Balan K
Rural electrification using wind mills

Keith Kainec
High pressure fitting and installation tool

Siddesh Kapdi
Intelligent Energy Manager ( i-EM)

Alan Kaplan
Simple, Very Low Heat Loss Windows and Skylights

Daniel Karales
Ground Traction System

George Karpati
Solution to blowouts in oil wells

Jonas Karud
Electrostatic Loudspeaker

Jason Kascenska
Oil Tank Remote Level Sensor Display

Raghunath Sai Katragadda
Device for Endoscopic Treatment of Upper GI Bleed

Nikhil Katre

Zakkai Kauffman-rogoff
Cut-reactive Tape

Michael Kavaya

Jeff Kaylin
Keep-Soft Towel Rack

Doug Keeports
Center Flue Kettle

Michael Kellar
Stopping the BP Oil Spill

Geoffrey Kemmerer
Compactable duct fan

Dominik Kern
Planar Motor with Integrated Position Detection

Raymond Kesterson
Amber Safety Daytime Lighting for Motor Vehicles

Faraz Khan
Future Fuels- Butanol

Reza Khan
Shock Absorbing Siderail

Eugene Kierce
National Pocket Radiation Detection System

Ozgur Kilit
All-Terrain Passive Adaptive Rover

Steven Kimbel
A Rapid Deployment Solution for Oil Well Leaks

Ken Kishbaugh
Cartridge thermostat for automobile

John Klemic
Hybrid Human Propulsion

Alan Klesczewski
Monorail Use Along Existing Highway System

Christopher Knieriem
Solar Energy Blanket

Misha Kogan
O Sole Mio's Ultimate Tomato Greenhouse

Douglas Kollmorgen
Mobile Video Traffic Monitoring

Usha Kothamosu
Talking Box With Message Display

Athanasia Koumara
OWC wave energy system alteration
The idea of using plasma effects with low ratio steam fuels

Zachary Kousens
Car engine heat collector

Mahathi Koutha
Low Cost and Portable RF Power Meter for EMI

Peter Koza
Vehicle Snow/Ice Melter

Russell Kroll
ImTECH™ - An immersive tool for rapid cognitive assessment

Adam Krueger
Mechanically Actuatable Wound Patch (MATCH)

Robert Krupa
FireStorm Plasma iPlug

Ashok Kumar

Jagdev Hemanth Kumar
Re-coil method

Manoj Kumar
Wearable Mobile

S.nirmalesh Kumar
Photovoltaic Optical Fiber

Karthik Kumaravelu
Detection of Coronary Artery Disease

Jonathan Kuo

Russ Kuzelka
Child Car Seat "USB Thumb Drive Black Box"

Donald Ladanyi

Shawn Lamm
Ellipsoidal Gait Bicycle

David Landers
Highway windmills

Thomas Langer

Joseph Largey
Energy Wheel

Gil Laroya
Water Farm

Steven Lathrop
Riding on Air
Honey, I’m taking the coaster to work!
Binary Vaccinations
Is it me or is it getting cold in here?

Nelson Lau
Capping a deep water oil well

Dmitry Lazutkin
A novel method of depression treatment

Japheth Learn
Optimal Car for Weekend Autocross Racer

Calvin Lee
Modular automotive light lens covers

Su Chew Lee
E’llipse The Traveler Timepiece

Jaosn Lents
Electrical vehical generator

Chris Leveque
Windboard: Distributed Clean Energy Generation

Henry Levy
Glowing and Invisible Planes,Trains,& Automobiles
Headworn Compass with Video Camera and Transceiver

Xuan Li
Efficient Infrared Heating for Tomato Peeling

Francesco Liburdi
Optical Connector

Jesse Lim
Car with hydrogen & oxygen support

Francisco Lindoro

Lisa Livdahl
Secure Communications

Michael Lorrey
Rapid Terraforming of Hostile Terrestrial Bodies

Rob Luchsinger
BreezeRite Air Filtration Module

Peter Luebcke
Sonic Bandage for Orthopaedics

Larry Lueder
Aerial Aircraft Carrier
Patient support system

Bruce Lund
Lund Variable Velocity Weapons System

David Luther
Evolved HTOL Space Launcher

William Lynt Iii
Green Home Sensors

Naibing Ma
Contactless Sleep Disorder Monitor

Neville Macaulife
Save the Beaches & Harvest 100 Barrels a Day?

Bc Macdonald
Light Hybrid Community Electric Vehicle

Linda Mackall
Snap and Lock

Rajesh Maind
Natural Cooling

Tony Maine
Stored Energy Electromagnetic Transmission

Jeff Maki
Low Wrist Impact Mouse

Tim Maloney
Sonic CaulkScope

Valery Malyshev
Patients and caregivers online service

Gerald Manfredi
SafeSense RescueBot

Richard Mansur
Controlled Voltage Transformer Regulating System

George Marchetti
An African MicroUtility

Robert Marcinik
Oil Filter Funnel Drain

Demetri Markou
Carbon bow crutch system

James Martin

Art Martinez
Food Distribution for Natural Disasters

Volodymyr Maslov
A New Thermoresistable Glue Type Nanocomposite

Gheorghe Matei
Universal Software Model -- USM

Hakeem Maturine
Rotational Induction Engine

Shawn Maurer
Human Powered Utility Vehicle

Narcisse Mbunzama

Daniel Mcclenathan

Deborah D Mccullough

Troy Mccurry
A better mouse trap (or drill chuck)

Jemmi Mcdonald
High End Desktop Audio System

Stephen Mcdonald
Terabit Serial Data Line

Steven Mcgee
The Heart Beacon: Seed Sync The Cloud

Tim Mcgreal
No Ladder Smoke Alarm Mount

Ed Mcintyre
Consumer Wrinkle and Acne Reduction Laser

John Mckechnie

James Mcnay
Security/I.D. system for transportation

Dennis Mcneely
Long Live the King!
Some Hair of the Dog that Bit US
Change, Cast in Iron, not Stone
Beyond a Cold Shower

Russ Meier
Value Added Drying for Bio-Refineries

William Melnyk
Improved Tube & Fin Heat Exchanger

Eliana Esthepany Melo Ceron

James Mendenhall
Ruby Slippers to Success

Amos Merrill
Low Current High Torque Motor
Variable Speed Fixed Voltage & Current High Torque

Wood Michael
Improved Power Tool Cases With Tool Cart

Eric Miedema
Personal Mass Transit System

Robert Mikkelson
Solar Assisted Air Conditioning and Hot Water

David Mikowychok
Microphone/Instrument Mute Switch Box
Instrument A-B Switching Box
Speaker Parallel/Series Connection Boxes
Microphone Phantom Power Detector/Tester

Nino Milas
Flexible Gear

Dennis Miles
Heat Wheel
Feel the view
Hybrid Home Power System
Electric Vehicle Mechanics Upgrade Training
Tri-Lite Airbrush Learning Aid

Craig Miller

Tom Miller
Green Lite for Energy Conservation
Solar Plug-In Car Station

Tom Miller
Universal Flight Computer for High Power Rocketry

Tom Miller
Try-brid Vehicle

Shailendra Kumar Mistry
Shri Yantra Based Patch Antenna for Stress Removal

David Ambrose Bell Moffat
Oil Capture with Bubble Curtain and Oil Fish

Niladri Bihari Mohanty
Smart Brain Security Device

John Mohr
Windy Mist Fire Suppression

Efim Molchanovski
High Altitude Flying Electric Generator

James Money
A Mobile Storage System

Marco Morales
Vehicle Road GPS Guiding Sensor

Kenneth Morgan
Dictation alarm clock

Massimo Mulinacci
Wick ties people together

Dominic Muren

Johnny Myrberg
Stationary computer without the big box
Thin client built into the keyboard

Enayat / Ed Nadaf
Engineering manager

John Nagle
Open Water Oil Containment Barricade

Niranjan Nair`
Floating top petrol tank
Dry-proof paint-can

Michael Nasab
Tissue Electrical /Thermal Characteristic Modeling

Salim Nasser
Rowheel Wheelchair Propulsion System

Aravind Reddy Nayani
SMART Power Billing Technology

Zac Nelson
APEframe External Pack Frame

Bryan Nesci
BioReactor Air Scruber

Daniel Ng

Jerry Nicholson
Distributed Global Climate Change Analysis System

Randall Noon
Available Carbon Sink

Afsaruzzaman Noor
Floor Cleaning Device

Paul Nordine

Eugene Novin
Vertical parking garage

Agung Nuswantoro

Maxwell Nyatsambo
Elecro Car Charger

Andreas Obrebski
Zoom for Mobile Phone Cameras

Angela Odum
Lazy Gym

Jan Olsen
An energy storage system

Arthur Orbox
Cheap 4-stroke engine

Shivakumar Orekondy
Cold Energy
More Productive GPS
Extended Memory Digital Camera

Michael Ostrowski
High Efficiency Water Powered Sump Pump

Jacek Paczkowski
Speech for speechless

Bob Page
Earthquake Detector

Pawan Painjane
Magnetic Brakes...Using Brake Pads

Hugo Palacios
DeskSpacer II

Rakesh Kumar Palani
Automation of power system distribution

Joe Palcher
Carpet Recovery Technology

Phil Palermo

Felipe Palombini
Electromagnetic Belt For Visually Impaired

Sheng-ying Pao

Ravi Paramanandam
Valved two stroke engine with extended expansion

Rob Parker
Bucket Ape Tile and Grout Installation Tool

Dwayne Parkinson
Large Scale Drip Irrigation Curtain

Camilo Parra Palacio
Ladder for kids
Unipersonal electric vehicle

Daniel Parrotta
TRS - tactical rescue-survival suit

Madhu Parvathaneni
Assisted Wheelchair for Physically Challenged

Alpesh Patel
Safety of Clutch and Brake Wire

Sambit Patra
A Mobile Device Can Save People's Lives

Eddie Paul
New Fire Fighting Technology
The CEM Engine

Saint Hos Paul
Lime fridge

Milen Penev
Nanoreactors for nuclear fusion

Hector Perez
Rotoconversion Energy Saving Method

Venkateswaran Perumal
Environment Friendly Joining Process

Jesse Peters

Don Petracek
The "Improved" Junk Shot of Decreasing Diameters

Tony Pettry
Everlasting Memories

Giulio Pezzi

Charles Pfeiffer
Dual Blood Pulse and Pressure Diagnostic System
All-in-One Shower Spa

Hrishikesh Phadke
Stimulation Syst for Polarity Indep Cardiac Resync

Bob Pham
Solar Power Router

Don Pham

Maeva Philippot
DOME: a safe saucepan lid

Ronald Phillips
Variable Ratio Chain Drive

Pranjal Kumar Phukan
Improvement in design of Calipers for bamboo

Wayne Pickette
Porcupine Ceramic Heat Exchanger

Aleksandr Pikelny
Galvanochemical Process of Water Treatment and Substances Production

Ratnadeep Pingale

Douglas Pond
Modular HydroPower for Developing Nations

Isaac Porras
Solar iPhone USB Charger for a Bicycle

Michael Potter

Rodney Price
An emergency radio with global reach

Thomas Price
Solar smart grid

Richard Proffitt

Melvin Prueitt

Karthik Puvvada
Autonomous Guiding System (for the blind)

Ignacio Jose Quesada
Cluster rocket engine
Cyclic Home Gym

Gerardo Quiroga-goode
Invisibly Operating Windshield Wipers (IOWW)

Paul Radford-hancock
Valkerie reusable spacecraft

Michael Raftery
Wave Energy Harnessing Device

Jacob Ragins
Engagement Innovations: MicBall

Pilal Ramadan
The deaf program

Alejandro Ramos De La Pena
Robotic Surgical Device

Thennarasan Ranganathan
Tape Type Band Aid
Advanced Key To Prevent Key Locked Inside Vehicle
Advanced Scuba Equipment
Trailer Anti-Jackknife System
Bladeless Aircraft
Oscillating Wind Power Generator

Jean Jacques Raphael
Airbag for plane (prevent airplanes from crashing)
How to prevent petrol tankers from polluting the sea
Health Service Oriented Architecture (HSOA)

Alexander Raszeja
Structure Based Hydroelectric Generator

Richard Ray Ratliff "tre"
S.R.R.S. (seatbelt re-lock reinvented system)
Digitally Timed Gas Mileage
Digitally Timed Gas Mileage

Richard Raub
Firewater spark plug

Nassif Rayess

Gary Redman

Michael Reed

Joseph Resnick
Visual Detection/Counter-Measure of IED's

Paul Rettich
The Concept

Ken Rieli
Phoenix Pressurized Gas Turbogenerator Appliance

Matthew Riley
Grail Engine

Tom Riley
A Ruggedized National Sustainable Energy System
The Trash Lure
To Get to LEO, Burn Your Batteries
The Solar Forge
A Safe Social Network for Two Billion People by 2050

David Rivkin
High Voltage Power-train

Nancy Robayo
Multi Functional Pacifier

Jeff Robinson
Mixed cycle auto engine

Guillermo Rodriguez

William Roe
Golf Ball Washer

Glenn Roenigk
Mesh security sensing

Christopher Roseberry
WarmSpring Attic Heat Recovery System

Peter H. Rosen
Creativity Cafe; New School and Networking Parlor

Niklas Rosencrantz
Realistic Solar Energy Implementation

Marc Rosenthal

Richard Rosenthal

Steve Roumeliotis
Flexible Intelligent Power Systems (FLIPS)
Bike Belt

Kalyan Roy
Multiple Purpose Filter

Mark Rumreich
Skyscrapers to harness the energy of rain

Michael Russell
Laser sight for forklifts

Allan Rydberg

Kalani Sa
Hydrogen Extraction

Ahmed Saber

Sandeep Sagar Gummalla

Eduardo Sagredo
Ambulatory Refrigerated Ice Cream Vending Machine

Kazuhiro Saitou

Basil Samson
POLMAP - Sea Observation Airship

Suresh Samuel
Environmentally Friendly Chopstick Straw

Sundarpaul Samule
Ship Technology
New Ship Propellant Method

Michael Sandstrom
Green Smart Entertainment System

Luis T. Santana
Solar Powered LED Home Address Indicator

Giulio Santori
Solar refrigerator for humanitarian aid

Joaquim Santos
Hot Compressed Air Space Gun

Pedro Santos

David Sarria Jiménez
GEDAYC Wind Turbine with Blades and Kites

Shailesh Sathe
Gear involute calculator
Using the energy of the balloon

Howie Saunders
Manual Oxygen Hose Reel

Umberto Scarfogliero
Bimanual Robot for Single Port Laparoscopy

Wayne Schaefer
Waiting Room Monitor
Temporary Plug System for Underwater Pipe
Sustaining Web Technologies

Howard Schiffman
Double Spritz

Arthur C Schlauch Jr
Imitation Mother Duck Incubator

Peter Schmitt
Garden Composter

Nathan Schneck
Portable Synthesizer with Innovative Input Devices

Bruce Schulman
Waste Heat Electrical Generator
No moving parts alternator for vehicles

David Scott
Scanning Laser Infrared Molecular Spectrometer

Matthew Searle
CHILLY personal water cooler

Dave Seline
Chew Armor: Protective Film and Shrink Sleeve

Arnab Sengupta
Newspaper for the Gen X-Y-Z

Klipfel Serge

Michelangelo Serra
Innovative Fire Fighting System L.I.B.E.R.O.

Atul Shah
MOBISNIP: Connect Anywhere

Siddharth Shah
Pneumatic regenerative brakes
Sound Locator
ON THE GO EV Charging

James Shand

Daniel Shannon
Aircraft Fuel Tank Modification

Nihal Sharma
Omni directional holonomic spherical robot

Lawson Shaw
Cooling Off Protective Systems (C.O.P.S.)

Lingjuan Shen
Smart dust for standoff detection of explosives

Vaidehi Sheth
CFD Model: Cardiovascular Stenting

Edward Shields
Water Desalination
Camper's Heat Utilities

Tim Shores
Low Height Hydro-Pneumatic Dam

Jeffrey Short
Augmented oil-eating spill response

Stephen Shue
Quick Safety IV Catheter Introducer

Rob Shuster
Level with Built-in Line Drawing Mechanism

Elliot Siemon

Luiz Carlos Simon
Intelligent rod bend machine

Pranav Singh
i-Think (The Auto Brain)
OneCard - All options configurable in a single card

Saurabh Singh
Smart capsules for insulin delivery in diabetics

Girish Singhal
Muscle controlled 3D mouse for amputees

Kumar Mayur Sinha
Object Reminder

Don Skomsky, Pe
Tooth Fairy™ At-Home Dental Appliance

Hal Slater
Geothermal Water Heater

Karl Smarsch
"Double Decker"

Robert Smiley

Aung Soe

Amit Sohara
Electricity Generating With Natural Forces

Suresh Somasekharappa
Blood Pressure Signalling via 3G Modem
Video Transmission from Stolen Vehicle

Kausalya Sonale
Navigation System for the Blind

Mark Sondrini
Local Power Generation Concept

Srikumar Srinivasan
All-Wheel Drive Bicycle

Srinithi Srinivasan
Mobile charging using a sewing machine

Christopher Stanford
Wheel chair omni-directional exertainment

Mark Steele

Brett Stern
Clothing Creator

Siddaiah Sudarshan
Disposable Injecting System with Medicaments
Mobile Exhaust Pollution Control System
PAV-Safe Breathing in Pollution
Exhaust Pollution Control in Running Vehicles
Anti Hijacking System for Aircraft
Double Chain Bicycle

Chandraika (john) Sugrim

Dowlat Sugrim
A New Design to the Conventional Wind Turbine

Simon Sunatori
4-Chamber Horizontal Revolving-Door Airlock System
Dual-Mode Lighting Device with Magnetically Mounted Light Diffuser
Method for Producing a Coreless Frozen Pizza
Backpressure Regulator using Magnetic Repulsion
Drip-free Interconnect with Unisex Magnetic Connector
Rotary Stirling-Cycle Combustion Engine

Eugene Svijazheninov
Resonant Cyclic Energy Flow Systems

David Swain
Regenerative braking bike front wheel

Vikram Aditya Swaminadhan
Energy Tree
Sound in a Can

T Swanson

Balint Szent Miklosy
Pothole Nixer
Neverwater Planter
52 Pickup

Adam Tacker

Daniel Talancon
INSTAR Triple Hybrid Vehicle

Siddharth Talapatra

Michael Tanksalvala
Eye Exerciser

Michael Taylor

Thomas Teall
Wireless Networkable Flame Sensor

Jon Teets
Microturbine Sun Tracker

Rodrigo Teixeira
IDEA™ Enhanced Pulse Oximetry

Bruce Thorne
Automobile and Airplane Windshield Design

Douglas Thorpe
Self-Contained Rescue Spreader System
OTEC for Gulf Restoration
ZEFCOT: Zero Energy, Environmentally Friendly Community

Paul Tinari
Increasing the Safety of Kitchen Cooking Ranges
Increasing the Safety of Water-Filled Highway Crash Barriers
Improving the Overall Effectiveness of Transdermal Drug Delivery
Use of Inductive Coupling to Automatically Charge

Michael Tinstman
Live Information Bus Stop
Survival Solar Cooker

Jeffrey Tischler
Personal Transportation Pods

Dabney Tolson
MHD Convective Generator

Oded Tour
TourEngine - Efficient Split-Cycle ICE

Dan Townsend
The New Hydrogen Motor

Raffaele Trani
Anti-accident glasses

Uwe Trautenbach
Micro Electrode Visual Inspection System

Matthew Travis
A Gateway To Green Power & Propulsion

Anthony Trent
Pill Popper

Nam Truong
Instant Cooling Beverage Can

Eugene Turowski

Keith Tyra

Mohd Usman
Wise paper punching machine

Mukesh Uttarkar
Disc Generator

Paul Van Der Linden
The Chariot Electric Vehicle

Andrea Vargas
Wireless Ergo-Ficient Keyboard

Chalasani Veerabhadra Rao
Electricity from Static Water

Hector Vega Rodriguez
Sport as a tool for studies on zero G

Dr. Scott Velazquez
3D Virtual Reality System

Muthukumaran Venkatachalapathy
PLASTOLEUM ( Plastic to oil)
Kno- U (Cell phone based sensor)

William Vespa
PEET computer

James Viney
Ceramic-lined internal combustion engine

Steven Walk

Peter Walker
Subsea Blowout Mud Injector Choke
Method for containing subsea oil blowouts

Jeffrey Robert Wall

Conor Walsh

Colin Wang

Stefan Waschke

Ed Watson
Oil spill/recovery

Brian Wiggin
V-Bar Spotter

Jack Wilkerson
Stop Dog

Robert Wintergerst
Inflatable Clean Room

Edgar Wise
Energy Saving Cookware

William Wittren
Nationwide Passenger Transportation System

Gavin Wolchina
The PackSeat

Gary Woods
Accessible Medical Rescues

Kyle Woolard
Sliding Knife Guard

Andrew Wortman
Regeneration of Automobile Kinetic Energy Loss in Deceleration

Michael Wright
Reducing Oil Reliance Via LIM and IPT Technologies

Julie Xie
SOLution - Electronic SODIS Indicator

Lei Xie
Micro fine glass parts rapid injection molding

Mengmeng Xie
Talking Vehicle

Mahesh Yerram
Smart e-Stick

Evan W. Yoder
Improving Air Transportation

Suzanne Yong

Christopher Yonge
Chain-linked variable transmission

Blaise Yvert
Microelectrode arrays for focal neural stimulation

Anastasios Zervos
Oil spill pollution efficient cleaning and collection
Aviation carbon fiber parts production processes

Anastasios Zervos
Solar heating, geochemical cooling, refrigeration

Roger Zhang
How to succeed in making a profitable PC

Ken Zhao
Large deep sea oil containment device

Tian Zhou
Automatic drug release via a wrist watch

Jeffrey Zhu
Maglipix™: Device Solution To Cholesterol Lowering

John Zimmerman
Recoil Saw

Steven Zimnoch
Energy savings for elevated temperature process openings

Piotr Zin
Inflatable Lamp Shade

Robert Zinke
Cleaner Electricity from Coal

Amit Zoran