Entrants 2016

Ghada Abbes

Ray Abel
Xogo: Empowering People With Disabilities to Access Technology

Anoop Abraham
Advanced Remote-controlled Coconut Harvesting Robot

Osayed Abuelyazeed
Integrated Device for Producing Oil Alternatives from Wastes

Akinsola Adebayo
Structural Health Monitoring Using Smart Sensors And Mobile Devices

Abimbola Adedipe
The Palm Premium Motor Spirit (Petrol) Biofuel
The Palm Medicinal Beauty Body Soap And The Palm Medicinal Body Oil
The Palm Natural Fertilizer (Food Security In The World)
The Palm Aviation Kerosene Bio Fuel
Generating Electricity From The Oil Palm Tree

Ganesan Ae
EyeOnRoad - Intelligent System For Navigation And Road Condition

Ateev Agarwal
Desalination Of Sea Water With Solar Power Enabled RO-UV System

Rahul Agarwal
Halbach Propulsion System

Madhav Aggarwal
Navyo - The Smart Glove

Abhijeet Agrawal
Vehicle Lateral Position Prediction

Kaustubh Agrawal

Eduardo Aguilar

Jaime Aguilar
The Cars Plate Conveyor

Sarfraz Ahmed
A Zero-Emission Transport Airship that Reduces Freight Costs for Remote Communities and Resource Developments

Shah Mir Aizaz
LA-95 Next Generation Aviation

Maha Al Afeef

Ghassan Alasmar
Smart Safe Stop with Survival System

Mohammad Ali Imran
Hybrid Leaf Spring

Role Alvarez
Asynchronous (Alternating Synchronous) Read/Write Multihead Multiplatter Hard Disk Drive For Computers
Impact Safety Hydraulic and Suspension Springs for Free-Falling Elevator
Hybrid Turbo Supersonic Combustor For Turbine Driven Jet Engines (Turboscramjet Combustor)

M Shahrooz Amin

Keeran Anamalai
Self Deploying Inflation System

Selvakumar Andiappan
MWCNT Based Nanocomposite For Spinning Rings

Petru Andrei
Probe For Microscopic Investigations In Vivo
Solid Drug Delivery Device For Pediatric Use

Steven Andrews

Audrius Andriekus
Melo Drone

Willem Anemaat
Portable All-Weather Energy Generation

Flavia Arantes Jensen

Harry Archer
International Space Station Early Warning System

Astha Arora
Remote Control Switch Board

Brent Arvilla
Roof Vented Insulation Design

Ed Ashbaugh
Momentum Drive Theorem Device

Marshall Ashmann
Stratified Compression Internal Combustion Engine

Jason Assad
DenerveX Device

Ismar Avdic
Electric Folding Bike

Williams A Ayara
Solar Charged Laboratory Bench Power Supply

Sandeep B
Portable Electrically Operated Sand Sieving And Cement Mixing Machine (PEOSSACMM)

Naveen Babu
Automatic Sign Board Speed Limit Detection and Vehicle Retarding System

Anush Badii
Deep Submergence AUV

Anikete Bajaj
Intelligent Speed Control With Wireless Remote Override In Emergencies

Wesley Baker
Nanoparticle Biomarker Screening and Detection

Sivasakthi Balan
Adsorption Of CO2 Using Modified ZSM 5 Zeolite In Petrol Engines

Premnath Balasubramanian
Four Wheel Steering System

Riccardo Balistreri
Water Purifier

Tommaso Balladore

Kenneth Ballew
The M.L.M. (Mobile Learning Module)

Hemendra Bamnawat
Use Of Nanotubes To Convert CO2 Into CH4

Hemendra Bamnawat
Eco-Friendly Sanitary System for Railways

Prasad Bankar
Anti Suffocation System For Automobiles

Caesar Bansil
Small High Definition Video Camera in Automobiles

Harold Barclay
KOACH Instant ISO Class 1 Cleanroom

Zdravko Barisic
Automatic Lifting Squatting Toilet

Leon Barnard
ATRE - Electricity Is Now A Household Appliance

Austen Barnes
Shallow Water Low Speed Turbine

Carlos Barrera
*State of the Art Novel Tech Featured Project Development / Satellite & Space Habitat Power Plant Generator Self-Feed Unit; H2O=>HHO=H2O=>HHO=>Etc...

Goran Basic
FRUITFLY: Programmable Arduino/Galileo Autonomous Drone Printed Circuit Board

Louis Alain Desire Bastien
Finance And Mobile Application

Dheer Sagar Batchu
City Bus-i Technology

Sakshi Batra
Elderly Safety Monitoring System

Laura Becerra-fajardo

Ilja Becher
Surface Integrated Toaster

Jose Beltran
Improved Homogeneous Charge Spark Ignition System

Jorge Benavides
Forced Neutral Regenerative Carbon Cycle

Laurent Bernadac
3Dvarius, The New Electric And 3D Printed Violin

Nahom Beyene
Proving Automated Vehicle Performance by Collision Avoidance in Driving Schools

Hunny Bhagchandani
Torch-It Torch For The Visually Impaired

Uddhab Bharali
Reusable Sanitary Napkins
Encapsulated Direct Paddy Sowing Technology

Ananya Bhardwaj
Heart Rate and Auscultation Device
Home LED Lamp Fixture With Automated Optical Blue Light Filter

Jyothi Bhat
Waste Management

Marian Bida
DC – AC Medium Frequency Converter
Rotary DC-AC Three Phase Converter
Modular Construction System

Jacob Bizehr
Subbottom Wings
Green Cube

Vincent Blackmon

Benoit Blanchard St Jacques
Pocket Inverter (2kW/240Vac) For Sustainable Energy Applications

Anatoly Blanovsky
High-Efficiency Hybrid Solar Power System

Fabyan Blomme
MountainRim Coffee Sleeve

Shota Bolkbadze
For Gasoline Engines. Reduces Harmful Emissions, Increases Fuel Economy Up To 10%

Bernie Bon
Hyper4 High Efficiency Engine

Jeff Bonner
Frugal 5 Cycle Engine

Kanok Boriboonsomsin
GlidePath – Intelligent Driver Assistance System at Traffic Signals

Al Bowers
New Wing Design Exponentially Increases Total Aircraft Efficiency

John Bowles
Bar Soap With A Cavity Design

Claudio Boyd

Marcus Boykin
The "Lighting Bug" Technology

Brian Boyle
Stratospheric SOLar AEROStat: SSOLAEROS

Engin Bozkurt
Virtual Realistic Medical Simulation Laboratory

Phil Brady
Ergo-gym Computer Workstation

Anna Gabriela Bremer

Serge Broeska
Flat Plate Solar Stirling Engine

George Brown
Hercules Helmet Football

Jerry Budd
Cheaper, Safer, More Efficient Air Launch via Towed Glider

Denis Buffet
A Serie-parallel Hybrid Vehicle With A Low Power Electric Propulsion Chain In Electric Mode

Javier Buhigas
Aerospace Integrated Bearing

Florin Bujoaica
Passive Flying Object Detection

David Calley
Planet Rider

Daniel Cambron
Battery Testing System Enabling Hobbyists to Create High Performance Lithium Battery Packs

Nikki Campbell
High Speed On-Demand Pneumatic Tube Delivery Network

Yifan Cao
Traffic Noise Monitoring Aircraft (Justice Rains from Above!)

Alexander Cardenas Quintero
Kuma: Electric Vehicle For Micromobility

Ricardo Carreira
Hybrid Micro Solar Plant for Energy Production and Water Purification

Filipe Castro
EasyPET - A Simplified High-performance PET System For Preclinical Trials

Giovanni Catalano
Compact And Modular Atkinson Cycle Engine

Albert Cella
Ultra-high Speed Operator Valve

Indre Cerneviciute

Abhishek Chakrala
Ultrasonic Wireless Power Transmission For Sensors

Chiachiang Chang
Just Using Air Flow As Adhesive For Footwear

Norman Chang

Christopher Charles
Design Of Circular Radiator

Deepak Chauhan

Mohd Norzaimi Che Ani
Ergonomic Vehicle Side Mirror
Child Safety Seat For Bus

Chaoayng Chen
Steering Wheel Based Vehicle Human Interface

Sam Chen
Helping Security Guards to See

Kan Cheng
Personal Mobility Enhancer (PME)
Personal VTOL
Fuel-Air Injection (FAI) Engine
Wearable Power Modules (WPM)
Electronic Carnot Engine (ECE)

Stefan Chew
RotoBATH - Rotating Bathtub

Vaibhav Chhatrala

Kevin Chiam
Reflex: An Unobtrusive Walking Aid

Ted Childers

Alessandro Chiolerio
CiRcUlar aStrO-grEentech For The Development Of Structural Panels And Polymers For 3D Printing (CRUSOE)

Sameer Cholayil
Directional wireless charger

Raymond Christe
One-Eye 3-D Vision Solar Powered Glasses

Allan Chung
Clavicle Scutums

Corinne Clinch
Highly Effective Personal Water Filters Using Nanotechnology for Worldwide Markets

Mircea Cocalnau
System To Obtain Green Energy Using Closed Galleries Of Coal Mines

Binyomin Cohen
Advanced Nasal Inhalation Apparatus

Valerijan Cokonaj

Gary Cola
Flash® Bainite - High Performance Armor

David Colavincenzo

Jim Colthart
Wood Chips to Renewable Fuels

Ross Compton
Furai Le Mans Concept

Paolo Conci
3D Printer SmartNozzle

Sean Connell
Continuous Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

David Cook
The ZEBL, On-board Electrification Of Regional Passenger Rail

Domenico Crescenzo
BluNet - Charging Infrastructure for Drones

Eric Crews
Unlimited Range Self Pressurizing Pneumatic Electric Automobile

Michael Crocker
Bone Marrow Extraction for Stem Cells

Linda Cross
Pressure Injury Reducing Footrest (PIRF)

Robert Culbertson
Hyliion - Hybrid Technology for Semi-Trailers and the Trucking Industry

Norman Royce Curry
ACCORD-Stinger & Roycebuilt Tractor/Semi-trailer

Zachary Cutler
Contact Lens Case with Single Hand Operation

Marcelo Abdala Daher

Debbie Daley
HX Light

Sachin Dalvi
Anywhere Electricity Generator King

Hung Quoc Dang
Accurate Temperature Control System

Rudi Danz
New Solar Display Units For Energy Harvesting

Neeraj Darwai
Automatic Light
Automatic Fertilizer Sprayer

Nikhil Darwai

Rajshehkar Dass
Google Community Vehicle

Michel David
Helixator - Helical Escalators And Moving Walkways
Fully Functional 3D Printed Coffee Machine

Manuel Dayenian

Steven De Leon
Portable Surgical Guide with Laser, Abduction and Anteversion Measuring System

Jenitha Deepa
Driver Warning System In Hill Road Bends For Safer Journey

James Deere

Kim Deighton
Solaro Illuminated Mirror

Gregory Dekeyser

Diego Delia
Infant Care System, A Therapeutic Wearable For Babies

Gargi Deoghare
NATURA_Potable Rain Water

Ashish Deshpande
Battery For Calling And Apps

Egas Desousa

John Detore
Quad Fold Helicopter

Thomas Devine
Adjustable Size Duct Inlet System

Saugat Dhakal

Himanshu Dhingra
Road Accident Saviour Device

Arpit Dhupar
Revolution Through Pollution

Sheryl Dinglasan Fenol
Design and Development of Multi-purpose Controller for Crop Processing

Mohan Divekar
Maximizing Solar Thermal Energy Capture Part 2

Mohan Divekar
Sag-free, Swing-less High Tension Transmission Lines

Mohan Divekar
Blade Less High Efficiency Wind Generatior

Mohan Divekar
Make Rivers Perennial To Banish Drought For Ever

Mohan Divekar
Using Solar Energy Efficiently

Adam Dixon
The Hydrosac Multiponic System

David Donohoue
Thermally Motive Bimetallic Hoop Cooling Apparatus

Neven Dragojlovic
Brain Module

James Drew
Hovercraft Concept

Kevin Dubs
Food Computers

Robert Dunkijacobs
Epiphany!™ Digital Flow Optimizer – Conservation without Compromise

Dave Dunn
Automated G

Julian Dunne
The AMOCATIC Generator

Prasad Duradundeshwarmath

Joysurya Dutta
Creating A Halo Ring To Absorb the Sun's Rays and Protect the Earth

Vadim Dyakonov
Wind Technologies For Air Travel: Eco-airplane Using Wind Turbines

Tholkappiyan E
Glass Fibre Weaving for Circuits Boards

Abdalla Elabd
Increasing the efficiency of a combined power station

Khaled Elnems
“Automatically Gates for Storm water Inlets with E-Maintenance” E- Rain Gate (Civilectronics)
Blind Spot by Bluetooth (BSB)

Khaled Elsadani
Hydraulic Shoes

Renold Elsen
Linear Hydro Impulse Energy To Torque Converter-fabrication

Mohamed Elsherif
No More Lineups (NML)

Bruce Emmons
Ultralight Electric Bus

Alexander Enssle
Transcutaneous Energy Transfer for Left Ventricular Assist Devices

Laszlo Erdosy
Green Parking lots

Mehmet Ergul
ORPHEUS - Orbital Parametric Exerciser for Spacecraft

Reino Eskelinen
Emission Free Hybrid Motorcycle/3-wheeler

Arturo Estrada

John Ettridge
Gemini Linear Electric Motor
Ettridge Two Stroke Engine
Ettridge Orbital Engine

Halbin Faeaq
Spying And Surveillance Robot

Gerald Falbel
Lunar Based Solar Energy for Entire Earth

Robert Falbo
Bidirectional LEDs For AC Lighting

Stan Farrell
Re-usable Mold Making

Dimitris Farros

Shubham Faujdar
Economical, Full Functioning 4-Axes Pick & Place Robot

Clifford Fava
Digital Camera Adapter
IFR Pilot Training Aid

Coleman Fincher
The NanoWell: A Passive Approach to Water Generation

Keith Fitzgeralds
Electric Vehicle/Hybrid Wheel Charging

Randall Flann
RoFo LONGHORN BULL (ROUGHSTOCK) RIDING RODEO BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser.

Bartosz Flekiewicz
Long Range Ecological Hybrid Drone

Miguel Flores

Michael Ford
Drurn - The Final Journey

Edward J Forrest Jr
EyeSafe Visual Inspection of Fiber Optic Expanded Beam

Jennifer Fox

Fred Francis
Flightbuoys - Survivable, Telemetering "Black Boxes"

Rich Franklin
Crash Avoiding Automobile

Ana Fuentes

Yehuda Fuhrer
Stopping Tremors

Eden Full Goh
The SunSaluter

Joshua Fuller
SAGON Deep Space Habitation Spacecraft
Bio-Inspired Manta Ray Robot

Lino Fusco
Lifebelt - The Anti-submarining Seat Belt

Subhash Gahlawat
CARE-Citizen's Active Response Against Earthquake Technology

Mirnalini Gairola
Car Parking App

Phaneendra Kumar Gajavelli

Luciano Gama
Two stroke oil

Harry Gandhi
Medella Health

Mridul Gandhi
On Road And Off Road Vehicle/Robot
Rocobean: Bean Bag On Rocking Chair
Accident Detection And Emergency Call

Deepak Ganesh
Smart Tires

Aditya Ganjapure
A Compact Foldable E-moped

Somnath Garai
A Bicycle Speed Of More Than 60 KM/H Without Hard Effort
A Process Of Increasing Shelf Life Of Non-syrup And Non-gravy Ready To Eat Food/Sweets By An Innovative G.S. Packaging System
A Fuel Saving And Quality Control Method For Commercial Food Production
Energy Creation And Water Crisis Problem Solution From Bio-toilet Of Train

Stephen Garchar
Interactive Vehicle Security

Miguel C Garcia Lozano
Platform For The Treatment Of Ankle Injuries Controlled By Android App And Pic Microcontroller With Communication Bluetooth

Ross Garside

Michael Gasik

Max Gassman
Chipper Shredder

Manoj Gattani
Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner

Giorgio Gaviraghi
Sahara Ocean - A Benefit From Global Warming
Personal Hybrid Drone Ecosystem

Oluwatoyin Joseph Gbadeyan

Gary Gebeau
Supercharged Engine Design

Oliver Gebhart
Spectrophotometer Artemisia annua Concentration by Iridium & Cell Phone at Harvest
Non-invasive/Non-Surgical Cardio-arrhythmia Enhanced Magnetic Field Pacemaker by Superconductor

Sandeep Gehlot
Gesture Based Robotics (Human Machine Interaction)

Joe Gelb
Clean Brake Performance

Isaac Gendler
Spartan Superway

Kaylynn Genemaras
Viral Diagnostic Technology

Priyanka Gera
GSM Controlled Robotics

Harold Gier
Supercritical Air Mobility Pack (SCAMP)

George Gillette
Fail-Safe System for Automated Vehicles Using Passive Bluetooth Transmissions: Project Aeguard

Anthony Gilmore

Paulin Giret

Mayank Giri
Comprehensive Study Of Series Hydraulic Hybrid With Regenerative Suspension

Liviu Grigorian Giurca
Total Heat Recovery Engine - TOHRE
Vertoflyer – A New VTOL Aircraft With Advanced Powerplant

Richard Glasgow

Charles Glazebrook
Electric Self Rotating Wing

Roman Glistvain
ARGEE Technology Turns I/O Devices into Field Logic Controllers (FLCs) for Flexible, Cost-effective Control

Chintan Gohel
Distance Based Fare Payment System For Public Vehicles

Kashyap Gohel

Harold Goldbaum
A Powerful Electricty Generator That Functions Uniquely Using Electromagnetic Phenomena

Paula Gomez

Gustavo Gonzalez
Inorganic Catalyst Support Material

Christopher Gosse
High Impact Temporary Housing

Bei Gou

Federico Gracia
Stander Wheelchair With Wireless Command For People With Motor Disabilities

Michael Gradov
Hair Dryer With The Warm Stream Out\Away From The Head

James Gramling
A Novel Variable-Inertia Flywheel Based Kinetic Energy Recovery and Storage System

Enrico Greco
Meta Mech

Stephen Griffin
Polychromatic Surgical Laser Spares Healthy Tissues

Ted Ground
Chitin and Chitosan Replacement of Cellulose-Based Cardboard
Basalt Fiber-Polyimide and Related Polymer Composites for Durable Protective Film Coatings to Protect Electrical and Electronic Equipment Exposed to Corona Discharges
Inkjet Print Technology to Apply Hydrophobic Lotus Leaf Periodic Pattern Coating to Aircraft Wings to Repel Water, Ice, and Debris, While Aiding Boundary Layer Control (Shark Skin Riblets) for Drag Reduction and Lift Enhancement
Robust, Automated, Sensor Actuated Hydraulic Partition Wall Diversion Mechanism in a Fixed Material Distribution Hopper with 2 Exit Ways for Rapid Diversion of Material from a Conveyor into Either of 2 Transfer Conveyors
Combining FDA-approved Cromolyn and DMSO in a Synergistic Formulation with Quercetin, a Naturally Occurring Flavonone, and Astragulus membranaceus Extract With Multiple Flavonoids, in Cutaneous Applications for Multi-Faceted Treatment of Eczema
Energy-Efficient Mass Transfer of Oxygen and Methane in a Gas Fermentation Butanol Bio-Reactor Using 5 to 7 kW/m3 Reactor Volume with an Array of 150 ft Deep Concentric U-Tubes

Oliver Groves
Extreme Weather Protection Shelter

Dihua Guan
Automotive Brake Vibration and Squealing Suppression Analysis

Nilaabh Gugale
Dustbin to Sustainable Techbox

Alpana Gupta
Black Box For Car Accident

Medha Gupta

Neeraj Gupta
SLIPKV (Surveillance Locating And Immobilizing Peace Keeping Vehicle)

Parag Gupta

Poonam Gupta
Team Alive

Vikram Kumar Gupta
Deep space Propulsion tech
Hot Utensil Holder
Anti Skid Tech For Vehicles
Convert Flexible Rubber Tube Into A Hard Tube Using Ferrofluid To Do Various Work
Energy Generation With Magnetic Repelling And Gravity
Natural Cooling Pad To Reduce Temperature Caused By Fever

Austin Gurley
K-Control Kinematic Control For Concentrated Solar Power

Kartik Gurnule
Automatic Dipper Giving Cars

Pradip Gurung
Earthquake Shelter - Help Save Lives! [Multifunctional Door]

Jim Hacsi
tDEP Micro-Fluidic Pump

Jon Hagar
IoT Diaper

Apratim Halder
Aquapredicto - Freshwater Quality Management System for Lakes

Afrah Hamed
Water & Electricity from Wind Energy

Hans Hammarquist
Generation Of Electric Energy From Ocean Waves

Youb Hamza
Driver Easy Hydration

Taewon Han
Novel Technology To Capture Diesel Exhaust: Improvement In Air Quality And Health

Doug Hardesty
Solar Powered Automotive Interior Safety Vent

David Hardy
First Biocomposite Vehicle: PITCAR

Micah Hardyman
Bio-mimetic Prosthetic Hand

Khaled Harmouch
Amphibious Wings

Nathan Harris
Visual Ambrosia®

Saeed Hasani
A Protective Device That Protects Pedestrians Against The Fall Of Buildings’ Façade In Times Of Earthquakes
Seat Of Car + Stretcher
Salt Consumption Controlling Container

William R Henry
A Model for Chiller Operations to Predict Operational Data Points for Any Given Chiller With Varying Conditions and Loads

Aliaksandra Heradotava
Your Own Meditation Space

Jessica Herman

Diana Hess

Dhaminda Hewavitarane
Automotive Waste Heat Recovery Through The Application of the Subcooled Liquid Flash, Boiling Cycle

Darren Hickman
Card On Guard

Daniel Hilburn
Super Stealth Cell Phone Security Sleeve

Marlyn Hill
Comarc Robotics Quadcopter Wing Suit

Hank Hilliard
Air Pollution Control

William Hinks
Fish-Like Propulsion and Control Articulated by Elastomeric Bearing-Seals
Unusual State Alarm and Recovery Director

Nicholas Hirsch
Super Ultra Low Emission Diesel Electric Hybrid Motorcycle

Paul Hoffman
Gas Turbine Performance Simulation, Analysis and Design Software

Donald Hogan
Bullet Stopper

Jesse Hollander

Leonard J Holmin
Collision Impact Energy Transfer and Absorption System for an Automotive Vehicle

Daniel Honeycutt

Pop Horea-vasile
CIM Bricks -- With Mechanical Joints

Denis Horn
SchoolBuddy – Smart Sensors To Avoid Back Pain

Jeanlouise Hornberger
Flash the Firefly Interactive Storybook and Light Set

Marcus Howard
"A New Hope For Indie Games" - ProjectMQ

Paul Howard
Diesel Engine with Waste Heat Powered Supercharger

Troy Howe
Residential Natural Gas Thermionic Power System
Non-Intrusive Solar Thermoelectric Roadways

Danica Huang

Yuan Mao Huang
Valve-less Single Sliding Vane Rotary Compressor with Three-lobe Inner Contour of Stator

Yungyi Huang
TooLution, A WoT(Web-of-Things) Based Machine Tool Management Solution For Production Lines

Dan Hunnel
Quad-copter Mobile "Base" Support Package

Berker Husam

Irfan Hussain
The Robotic-SixthFinger: An EMG Controlled Supernumerary Robotic Finger For Grasp Compensation In Chronic Stroke Patients

Tim Huttner
Hydrogen Assist For Internal Combustion Engines

Muzammil Ibrahim
NIUTS Technology

Sridhar Iya

Rajesh Iyer
Highly Fuel Efficient Dedicated CNG Engine Technology

Cshaba *charly* J. A. Gyorio
Wireless Remote Control AC-DC Rail Guided Programmable Transporter Platform Machine

Henning Jacobsen
Perpetual Mobility and Sustainment on Water

John Jacoby
Closed Cycle Heat Engine with Confined Working Fluid

Alekh Jain
Design Of A Headlight Circuit To Reduce Power Consumption In Automobiles
Fabrication Of Mechanically Controlled C.V.T For Regenerative Braking System

Ayushi Jain

Rishabh Jain

Jose Manolo Delfin Jalandoni

Justin James
The Braille Printer

Robert Jansen
Displacement Hull with Integrated Propulsion

William Janssen
Desolenator - Water From Sunshine

Diji Jayakaran
Eternal Energy Electric Device
Advanced Continuously Variable Transmission
Advanced 3D Volumetric Display
Electromagnetic Cosmetic Therapy - Noninvasive
Kinetic Energy Recovery Wing & Body Design
Hinary Processor

Leelananda Jayasuriya
Internal Combustion Engine With Oscillating Shaft

Chris Jaynes
Disrupting Severe Sepsis with an Innovative Filter

Zdenek Jedlicka
Solar Heating System

Scott Jenkins
Cool Comfort Chair

Soren Jensen
Thorpad - No Hammer Required

Snezana Jeremic

Ron Jimdar
Sustainable Lotion Bottle with Dual Functions

Rejish Lal Johnson
Slosh Reduction Using Linear Actuator In Liquid Propulsion System

Daniel Johnson Omara
The Motors On The Bed Go Up And Down, Up And Down, Up And Down

Sam Jones
Wonder Glove

Will Jordan

Igor Jovanovic

Debra Justin

Sivayazi K
Design and Development of Control Algorithms for Biomemitic Autonomous Fish Robot

Sreelakshmy K
Microwave Assisted Pyrolysis Of Plastic

Karuna Kakkar
Control Remote PC Using Mobile

Rahul Kalena
Auto Acceleration

Viplove Kalwankar
Energy Harvesting From Vibration

Shubham Kamlaskar
Cam Operated 3 Level Vibrating Screening Machine

Subodh Karunasagar
Advanced Concept Of Humanoid Robots Without Complex Mechanisms

Kunal Kashyap
Personal Utility Vehicle (PUV)

Kas Kasravi
Eco-friendly Diaper System
Virtual Side View Mirror

Juuso Kelkka
Hybrid Starter Battery

George Khait
Universal Service Bed

Tanveer Khan
Self Rescue System For Women (Smart Care)

Roozbeh Khodambashi Emami
The 3rdArm - A Wearable Robotic Limb for Augmenting Human Abilities

Aliaksei Khomchanka
ARIADNE: A Navigation System For Blind People

Akshay Khot

Karland A Kilian
Equity Crowdfunding To Update The Saturn V S-1C First Stage

Sungwan Kim
Maneuverable Capsule Endoscope Based On Gimbaled Ducted-Fan System

Dave King
Inflatable Habitation For Terrain Or Space Use

Steven Kingsley
InstaShake™ - Make Your Instant Drink Instantly, with 21st century self-dissolving eco-friendly packaging

Nikolai Kislov
Safe Hurricane Shutter System

Steve Klein

Stephanie Knowlton

Wade Koehn
Cell Phone With Breathe Analyzer

Jeffrey Kohler
Flexible Circuitry for Damage Detection in Intelligent Sensor Systems

Oleg Kolesnikov
Carbon Less Container (CLS)
Desert Power Sustainable Generator

Kyo Hyun Koo
Developing Adjustable Contact Lenses

Hans Koops
Products Using Hyper Giant Current Density

Pavan Kottapalli
Power Generation Through Traffic On Highways And Subway Trains
Dual Fluid Container For Workout Or Pleasure

Vasily Kozhevnikov
Automated Software System For The Simulation Of Arcing In Spacecraft On Board Power Electronics Equipment

Lori Kraft
Waterless Windows

Roman Kraus
Swaybe - The Lulling Assistant

Rama Krishna
Quad-tilt Rotor

Milan Krupa
High Performance Gear To Displace Planetary & Cycloidal Gear Sets
Novel Constant Velocity Joint
Nanotechnology To Grow More/Healthier Food With Less Energy, Fertilizer, Environmental Damage And Water

Jessica Kuhlman

Carey Kuhn
Air Ride Self Supporting Automotive Hitch

Valentin Kulikov
GermiTube, Automatic Air Disinfection Unit

Onkar Kulkarni
Autonomous Baggage Management System By Using Smartphone (AUTO BMS)

Amit Kumar

Ankit Kumar

Anuj Kumar
Humidity Control Cooler

C Eswara Kumar
Waterless & Odorless Toilets For Rural Areas

Arun Kumaran
Performance Evaluation Of CI Engine By Textured & Coated Piston Ring And Liner Using Alternative Fuels
Performance Evaluation Of CI Engine By Textured & Coated Piston Ring And Liner Using Alternative Fuels

Joseph Kunkel
Natural Antifouling Coating

Shiv Kushwaha
Evaporative Cooling Comfort In Small Cabin Space Vehicles

Sumanta Laha
Wheelchair On Power

Pa Lakshminarayanan

Sneha Lakshminarayanan
Autonomous Submarine Vehicle

Edward Land
Hand-Extension/Flexion Device for Stroke Rehabilitation

James Lane
Bringing the Space Command Center to the Classroom

Alex Langensiepen
Blue Sail Concept

Nasa Langley Research Center
Simulated Space Station Environment for Cell Cultures
Asymmetric Dielectric Elastomer Composite Material
Healable Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites
Interior Layout Optimization Software

Ellen Langsetmo
Reposable Radar IR Scanner System

Gil Laroya

Mehrdad Lashgari

Stanley Lass
A Two Stroke Engine with Overexpansion

Carl Lawrence
High Velocity Interstellar Probes

Joel Ledesma

Walter Leser
Direct Linear To Rotary Drive System (DL2R)

Joshua Levin
MagLev Transport For All

Henry Levy
Autonomous Flying Segway
Smart Sea Rescue Watercraft

Jung Huang Liao
Fluid-Driven Emergency Lighting

Steve Lieberman
Thermoplastic Composite Sandwich Panel Fabrication System

Ching Wen Lin
Smart Glass Guidance (SGG)

Grigori Lishanski
The Backpack Motorized Sprayer

Mingzhe Liu

Dishant Lodha
Fabrication Of Convertible Table Cum Bed Mechanism For General Application

Kenneth Long
Police Helmet Lighting System

Yoke Heng Loo
Manual Cell Phone Charger
Space Debris Remover

Carl Lundgren
A Defense Against High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse Attack

Loganathan M
Enhance Mechanical Properties of Waste Tire – Reinforced Polyester for Urban Equipment Product
Design And Fabrication Of Hand Operated (Push Button) Gear Shifting Mechanism In Two Wheelers
Generation Of Electricity From Vehicle Exhaust Heat By Using Thermo-electric Generator (TEG)

Robert Mabon
Portable Workstation

Ciarrai Macgiolla Comghail
Superlative Topical Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Microbicide, Immunomodulator & Regenerative Healers
Supersloop: Deep-Keeled Racing Yacht Integrates A Suite Of Radical Fluid Dynamic Design Concepts To Yield Exceptional Speed
Active Tollmien-Schlichting Wave Attenuation Device
SLITHERSKIFF - A Very Fast Single Person Pedal Powered Racing Watercraft
100% Effective Industrial Strength Steriliser For Hospitals Based On The Rife Plasma Machine

Fernando Machado
The Ultimate Off-road Racer

Robin Mackay
Dual Inverter Precise Power System
Multi-Pressure Gas Turbines

Ivane Maisaia
High Altitude-Long Endurance UAV MAY-21

Akshay Makar
AKS Skyscaper

Ankita Makhija
Voice Based Email System for the Blind

Kirill Makukhin
Universal Controller for UAS

Newton Malerman
Personal Health Records Created and Protected

Patrick Malone
AWD Butterfly 3
AWD Butterfly 2

Gerald Manfredi
Photovoltaic Wind Turbine for Geothermal Heat Pump

Monish Manoj
Mechanism-driven Wheel Chair

Vibha Manvi
Photochromatic Wind Shield With Sensors

Saurabh Mardikar

Alain Margescu
Advertising In A Moving Subway

Gene Markel
Electric Brake Caliper

Edgar Marquez
Personal Perpetual Motion Machine

Steven Martinez
Med5 Device

Andrew Martinko
SPOT: Stay Safe in the Sun

Jorge Martins
UMotor - Over-Expanded Engine

Pedro Martins
VIRTUAL TRAINS: A Means Of Avoiding (Some) Trains' Crashes

Volodymyr Maslov
Test-object For Optical Microscopes

Md Masrur

Lorenzo Matassini
Area View System

Dan Mathias
ATOM 1.0 Humanoid Project

Makoto Matsuoka
Expander for the Lower Part of the Body

John Matthews

George Mc Neir
Hospital Totally Electric Powered Solar boat

Patrick Mccarthy
FirstTime Technologies

David Mccusker
Maintenance Free PCV Line Liquid Vapor Filter

Timothy Mcgreal
Hands-Free Instrument Holder

Craig Mcintier
Touch 1K: The Last Light You'll Ever Need

Kirby Meacham
Variable Compression Connecting Rod

Charles Medlock
Personal Rotor Copter

Yury Medvedev
P.A.W.N.: Pollutant Automated Wireless Node

Ansh Mehrey
Induction Current Generator

Alpesh Mehta
Algae Biodiesel: A Futuristic Fuel For Power Generation

Darshan Mehta
Solar Water Heater

Luis Meiners

Edward Melcarek
A Spinal Cord Injury Therapy Apparatus

Ohorizons Team Members
Safe Drinking Water Made Easy for Families in Developing Countries

Nester Mendes
Curedan - The Smart Dustbin

Richard Merrett
Experimental Investigation Into ORC Based WHR For HD Truck Application
Experimental Investigation Into ORC Based WHR For HD Truck Application

Cris Gino Mesias
Helmholtz Resonator Type Piezoelectric Acoustic Harvesting Device (HRTPAHD)

Al Messano
A Novel Technology for Use in Portable Medical Imagers

Katherine Mews
FRESH by ClayNation

Alvaro Michelotti
Dynamic Coupling System For Stop-start Vehicles

Kimberly Middleton
High Temperature Resins
Fabrication of Mulitlayer Ferritin Arrays
Lunar Surface Manipulation System
Thin, High-Contrast Targets for Ultra-lightweight Structures
Electroactive Material for Wound Healing
Autonomous Slat-Cove Filler Device
Convective Heating Improvement For Emergency Fire Shelters (CHIEFS) - Improved Performance Of Emergency Fire Shelters For Wildland Firefighters

Luis Alberto Migliorero
Application of the Biefeld Brown Effect

Kristyna Mikolaskova
Voice – The Electrolarynx

Louis Mills

Saeid Mirzaei
Retarder Arrangement For Electric Drive System

Ana Misovic

Shailendra Kumar Mistry

James Mitchell
Combination Rotable Bass & Guitar Instrument

John Mitchell
Future Aerospace Assembly using HMI and Robotic Riveting (or Fastening)
Hyperloop Dash 8 Fuselage Pods

Mahran Mnassri
Equipment For Scaffolding Installation

Emmanuel Mngadi
Water Demand Management System Reduces Water Consumption By More Than 60%

Charles Moeller
Natural Machine Logic, a Design Tool for Safety Functions

Soroush Mohammadzadeh Azari

Manoj Mohanadasan
Thigiri - A Thermal Based Wrap Around For Myalgia And Arthralgia

Tatiana Mokina
Air of Aerogel

Raj Kumar Mondal
Anti Theft Device for Motor Vehicle

Kevin Moore, Mba, Lssbb, Pe
Sledovat - Automotive Safety Using Coordinated Flashers
Single Transit/Lander Hab Module
Improve Mobility using Augmented Glasses and Mobile Devices

Alexei Morozov
Modular Multi-speed Transmissions For Medium- And Heavy-duty Electric Vehicles

Adam Morrison
WaterStrider: A Multi-Terrain Landing System for the DJI Phantom

Radu Motisan
Global Environmental Monitoring network

Hisham Moussa Daou
Smart Inventory System

Frederick Moxley
A Novel Quantum Optoelectronic Image Stabilization Device
The Quatron Transistor - A Room Temperature Superconducting QUantum Interference Device

Alexey Mozgolin
Magnetic Adapter USB-C

Natalia Mroszczyk

Shravan Murthy

Balasankar Murugan
Power Generation From Wind Energy Produced By Train

Robert Muston
Wire Stripper

Barry Muth
Using A Rotary Combustion Chamber To Increase Efficiency And Reduce Emissions In A Poppet Valve Engine

Christian Mwijage
Transforming Waste To Wealth

Dennis Myer
Low Cost Cluster Computer Produces Underwater Acoustic Fields

Kevin Myhill
TULMan Electronic Counter

Naveen Raj N
Integration Of Turbocharger And Supercharger

Nikhil N
ZE-CU-RE Waste Heat Utilization For Pest Control

Premkumar Nandha Engineering College(autonomous)
Brain Wave Controlled Smart Automation System In Home Environment

Naga Manikanta Narayana Narla
Location Based Speed Control System

Sauravmoy Nath
Auto Power Cell

Syed Nawaz
TWEAKY - The Selfie Back Cover
Bed On Wheels-accomodation For Rickshaw Drivers

Matteo Nespoli
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle - Seastick 1000

Adrian Ioan Niculescu
Shock Absorber With Cylindrical Pneumatic Actuator, To Instantly Transform The Car, In Sport Or Off-road

Kevin Nixon
Containment/Acceleration Trefoil

None None

Michael Noppe
Fundamentals Of Nonlinear Theory For Semiconductor Lasers

Mordechai Saeid Nosrati
KLVR Dialysis For Liver and Multi-Organ System Failure

Erik Novak
InSpec Snapshot Surface Gage

Paul Novotny
CarTech Temper Tough-HD and Temper Tough-LN Alloys for Automotive Lightweighting

Sukma Nuswantara

Engr. Chinenye Justin Nwaogwugwu
SaferEx - Water Purifier

German Obando
Low-Cost Automatic Coffee Bean Classifier

Adedapo Ogunmuyiwa
The Ogunmuyiwa Engine Cycle

Simon Olanipekun

Gabriel Olariu
Crail [base] Mounts - Where Others Don’t Stick…

Wieslaw Oledzki
Rotary Two-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Fueled by Solid Particulate

Oriol Oliva
Vehicle/Aircraft Seat With Pendulum Motion

Edward Omalley
A Highly Efficient, Compact And Affordable Engine For Use With Diesel Or Natural Gas

Olayinka Omole
Smart Socket System for Energy Management

Ancy Oommen
Modern Accident Avoidance System In Blind Curves And Fog

Hope Orovwode
Smart Mobile Solar Powered Energy Bag
The Solar Powered Mobile Charging And Retailing/Vendor Kiosk

Paul Otto

Anton Ovemars
World Rotary Engine

Randy Owen
Global Fittings Concepts – Configurable Push-To-Connect Fittings

Jecori Owens Shuler
Agreco: Sustaining the Future of Agriculture

Tanil Ozkan
Fire Mash: A Nanotechnology Solution to Forest Fires with Fast Ecological Restoration of Affected Areas

Hania P
HALO: Humanitarian Centre Management System

Philemon P
Bubbled Water Acoustic Noise Reducing System

Yogesh Pal
Production Of Super Water-Repellent Products

Gaurav Paliwal
Complete Wheelchair - Stand, Move & Shift To & From Bed With Ease

Charles Palmer
Solar Reflective Pigment Dispersant

Aditya Pandey
Design, Development & Manufacturing of Ornithopter and its Test Rig

Manasvi Pandey
GSM Based Calling System For Mine Workers

Byron Pang
Individual Sound- Directional Speakers

Allen Parker
Super-Accurate Liquid-Level Sensing for Industrial Applications

Iustinian Pascal
Heat and electricity power generator, with electric co-generator function

Igor Pashin
Assistant Overtaking

Ritish Patnaik
The cerVIA System - Automated, Accurate and Accessible Cervical Cancer Screening

Nikolai Patrushev
Solar Assistant to the Farmers

Jim Paver
Bio-Grid Pure Vapor

Marc Payne
Castrol Reinvents the Oil Change with NEXCEL

Dennis Peacock

Poornima Peiris

Milen Penev
Consumer Interests Oriented Intelligent Public Advertising System

Philip Perera
Resource Planning System: Development Of Forecasting Simulation And Warning System

Javier Perez De Larraya

Walt Perko
RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. education program

Anders Persson
Energy For The Future

Brian Peters
Building Bytes

Kirti Petkar
Oil Jeev-A-1 (Smart Engine Oil Tester)

Wayne Pickette
Hover Disk
Miniature Laser To Fiber Connector

Abhishek Sunny Pingua
Use Of Kinetic Energy Of A Wheel In Motion To Run A Supercharger

Nicholas Pinto
Shape Memory Alloy Based Safety Latch

Albert Planas

Larry Pope
Consider the Future of Flight

Eduardo Prado
Click Hanger

Rodrigo Prado
UMAQ - A Reliable Screening Device For Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sumant Prajapati

Sanjay Pramanathan
Location Sensitive Speed Adaptation

Arun Praseeth S
Hydrogen Separator

Christopher Prazeres
Frontal Collision Warning System For Two-way Roads Due To Unsafe Overtaking Behavior

Lance Price
ARK Aquatic Rehabilitation Kinematic and Fitness System

Toby Priestly

Rostislav Prokop
Live Period

Anurag Purwar
Mobility Assist: A Sit to Stand Device to Improve Quality of Life and Independence for Persons with Functional Limitations

Hariharan Pv
Hybridized Woven Bamboo Composite Structural Systems - E.g. Molded Boat

Abdiel Quetz
Solar Radiation Water Pump for Developing Countries or Off-grid Communities

Arun R
Electrical Powered Treadmill Bike

Ronil Rabari

K Siddique E Rabbani
‘LifeRoll’ For Safe Drinking Water In Disaster Areas
Lung-Probe: Helping To Detect Pneumonia In Infants And Babies

Peter Raciti
Mitigate The Threat From An Active Shooter

Keerthana Radhakrishnan
Agribot For Mango Harvest

Essam Radwan
New Time Efficient Algorithm For Predicting The Secondary Structure Of Proteins

Yahia Ragab
FST (Flow Of Shifting Transmission) -- A Multi Belt CVT

Tousif Rahaman

Lutf Ur Rahman
Mini Hydro Power Turbine

Mukesh Rai
Smart Steering Wheel For Car Controls

Krishni Rajakaruna
Heart Pulse Monitoring System to Trigger Automated Vehicle Breaking System

Sundaram Ramakrishnan
A Novel Funnel Design

Sujay Ramalingam
Smart Solution For The Existing Heavy Vehicles By Addition Of PV And Super Capacitor To Improve Overall System Efficiency

Ganesh Ramamurthi
Liquid Detergent Dispenser
Portable Solar Cell Assembly
Novel Turbocharged Diesel Engine

Vijayasekar Ramasamy
Agro Textiles From Polymer Waste

Nagarajan Ramesh
Design And Fabrication Of Foot Steered Electric Three Wheeler For The Physically Challenged
Safety System For Four Wheelers-seat Belt

Leo Ravina

Hemanth C Reddy
Bore Well Rescue Robot
Fabrication Of Ebike

Rachel Reding
Innovative Ophthalmologist Training Platform Using 3D-Printed Materials and Arduino Technology

Derek Redmon

Ewan Reid
Autonomous Soil Assessment System

Markus Reith
Modular Multi-Modal Transportation Concept Vehicle

Jack Ribbens
Planetary Rotor Engine for Military Drones

Lance Richards
Sensing Magnetic Fields with an Innovative Optical Waveguide Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)

Kyle Richter
Safety Check- A Behavior Based Safety App

Matthew Riley
Nautilus Cycle - HCI/HCCI Achieved

Bogart Rios
Design Of A Prototype For Measuring The Tibia Torsion Angle

Jose Rivera
RALS (Reduced Altitude Launch System)

Oliver Rockwell

Elias Rodarte
Myo A Bio-mimetric Exo Shirt For The Home Environment

Sylvain Rodier
Robotic Automated Erosion Coating System

Alfonso Rodriguez Molares

Eugenio Rojas
Wheels Used As Electic Motors On Hybrid Vehicles
Paperless Apparel Clothing Patterns
Smart Phone App To Save Lifes

Avid Roman-gonzalez
Brain Computer Interface as Basic Communication System for ELA Patients

Allan Rosman
Hybrid Hydraulic Drive System

Biswajit Roy

Sanjay Roy

Venkat Roy

Michael Rudnicki

Manivannan S
Road Safety Device Using Brain Wave Analyzer
Charge And Data Transfer Cable
Hand Control

Ravi S
Cat Detection Sensor

Sathvik S Rao
Automatic Digital Book Vending Machine

Veronica Safronenkova
Treadmill Monitor Idea

Aditya Sai
Self Energizing Hybrid Car

Mohamed Saleh
Extra Spotlights with Xenon or Laser Lamps

Apostolos Samaras
mySeismos - Real Time Earthquake Notifier

Vincenzo Sambito

Armando Sanchez
Conceptual Design Of " THE-PUMA " Transport Hybrid High - PUMA

Uba Sani Kibiya
Biopic Solar Air Conditioner

Arulanantha Samy Santhiyagu
Design Of Energy Efficient Transportation System Using Floatation Technique

Victoria Santiago
TRAMA Complex Shading Device

Joaquim Santos
Tilting Trifan

Mimi Sardou
StandUp Walker: A 2-in-1 Stand-assist + Walker

Edgar Andres Sarmiento Garcia
Papaya Interactive Vacuum

Aniket Sase

Jayesh Sawant
Recirculating Water Jet Drilling Rig

Ishaan Saxena

Abdulaziz Sayed
Converting Coal Fly Ash into Useful Commercial Products

Joseph Scalzo
Piston Deactivation Engine

Friedbert Schaefer
Superconducting Homopolar Machine With Contrarotating Rotors And Inherent Passive Magnetic Bearing

Curtis Schmidt

Dustin Schrieber

Martin Schutte
Pipe Support That Mitigates Corrosion

James Scott
Ultravoilet Pathogen Aspirator

Melissa Scott
Sensus Nonverbal Language Learning

Edward Seagle
Carbon Regeneration

Marcus Seiler
Micro-Waste to Energy Incinerator

Tomooki Seki
A Wheel Generating Torque By Itself Spontaneously

Edward Sekol
The Speedlight

Anirudh Sengar
Energy Generation from Commercial Vehicles

Ali Serhan
Electric Vehicle Charging Adapters

Juliana Serna Mesa

Javier Serrano

Cher Sha

Jayvir Shah
Exhaust Gas-pond Maker

Pratik Shah
Compressed Air Vehicle

Sameer Shah
Harnessing Vibration Energy And Sudden Shock Impacts To Charge Electric Vehicles By Using Piezoelectric Transducers
A Low Cost Microcontroller Based "MechaSpark ECU" To Increase Engine Power In 2-wheeler
Nuclear Aircraft with Water Generator and Advanced Energy Recovery Systems

Hiba Shahid
PhantomCor: Dynamic, Multimodal, Modular Heart Phantom

Shahab Shahrabadi
The Design of Tunable Optical Filters and Mirrors Based on Compound Metamaterials

Avinash Shaligram
Improving Efficiency of ORC Power Generation

Kaushik Shandilya
Resource Conservation Using Microbial Cell

Pulkit Shandilya
Continuously Variable Length Axle

Aditya Shanker

Siva Shanmugam
Winding The Spring By Reverse Pedaling (During Static & Dynamic) And Use The Same Energy For Forward Movement

Dan Shannon
CTFC 2016 Top-Loading Washing Machine Clothes Load Lifter

Saifulla Shariff

Daniel Sharir
The Automatic Oil Spill Cleaner

Abhinav Sharma

Manoj Sharma
Solution for Airplane Crashes

Rajiv Sharma
Mechanism To Eliminate Or Minimize The Effect Of Aerodynamic Forces On Buildings Or Other Objects Subject To Airflow
Portable Wireless Dimensional Coordinates Measuring Instrument
Riding Everywhere on Bicycle With Automated Pullers
Lift Force Conversion Into Thrust To Increase Overall Efficiency Of Air Transportation Systems
Nonstop Fastest Ambulance In The World
How to Make Travelers or Consumers Aware of Vacant Seats Around The World
Overhead Solar-Powered Fully Automated Driver-less Public Transportation Vehicles

Sandeep Sharma
Design And Development of Lightweight High Specific Strength And Stiffness Dent Free Fibre Metal Laminates For Automotives

Sushil Sharma
Power Generator Speed Breaker

Chetan Shastry
Inter Row Cultivator For Horticulture Fields

Rohit Shedale
Piston With Oil Cooling Gallery

Pavel Shehter
Eco-friendly, Multi-fuel, Valveless, Camless, Internal Combustion Engine

Ikram Sheikh
Tidal Energy Generation

Thomas Shelley
Grain Dome

Yashas Shetty
Staircase Climbing Wheelchair

Esmat Sheydaeian

Samuel Shiber
The Merged Car/Rail System

Jon Shields
Self-Rotating Zero Knowledge Key Management Security Architecture for Vehicle and IoT Applications

Rahul Shivakumar
Licence Access Vehicle

Jeffrey Short
Harvesting Electricity from Ambient Turbulence (HEAT)

Alexander Shortt
X-Drive: Powered Wheel Chair Conversion

Abu Anas Shuvom
'DigiPen™'- Live Handwriting Capture System Enabled Electronic Smart Pen

Rubash Sinam
MoDesk - The Future of Desktop Computing

Aditi Singh

Aseem Singh
Relativity Principle Time Storage Camera

Avashesh Singh
Generic Semi-actuated Upper-Knee Prosthetic Leg

Kuldeep Singh
Decongesting City Roads By Making Elevated Paths For Electric Bikes

Satnarine Singh
Increasing The Thermal Efficiency Of The IC Engine Using Wasted Heat In The Exhaust Gases And Radiator

Vishavinder Singh Pathania

Umang Singhal
On-Board Laser Debris Removal System

Konstantin Skobeltsyn
Digital Dentistry Space

Mark Skoog
Saving Lives with Aircraft-Ground Collision Prevention System
1,000x Better Data Compression and Real-Time Decoding of High-Resolution Maps

Orion Smedley
Ichthyophylic Hydroelectric Power

David Smith
*Hitchnic Table - Ultra Portable Picnic Table/Cargo Rack

David B Smith

Sukhbir Singh Sokhi
System To Grow Plants Under Shade

Hiren Sonaiya
Incorporation of Fuel Display Sensor in Automotive Vehicles

Alexandru Sorea
Gearing the Future - Reluctance Magnetic Gear

Pedro Henrique Sousa

Gunaraman Sreenivasan Venkataraman

Paladugu Sri Harsha
Zero Energy Hydraulic Elevator

Sindhu Srinath
Single Motor Mechanical Power-split Transmission For Hybrid Car

Rakhunathan Srinivasan
Wall Climbing Robot With Crane

Ritesh Kumar Srivastava
Cooling Tower

Kaustubhan Srivathsan
Maglev Wiping System for Windshield and Back Glasses

Cristina Elena Stancu
Emergency Rescue Water Craft

Wojciech Starzec
NoT navigation of Things
The satellite navigation module supervising the observance of traffic rules in the territory (country, district)

Kenneth Steel
Earthquakes, Invisible Submarines And Tyre Technology
Life Saver For Boats And Aircraft
Flight Clock Self Powered (No Voltage Or Wires) Tamper Proof Helicopter Engine/Flight Time Monitor

Keith William Steeves
Electromagnetic Timing Orbit (EMTO) Slingshot Applied To Starwisp

Panagiotis Stefanides
A Model Optical Detector Sensors’ System Design Implementation, For A Solar Tracker Application

Ken Steinberg
GlucoSight - Blood Sugar at the Speed of Sight

Brett Stern
An Automated Process For Apparel Manufacturing

Jake Stevens
Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

Charles Stone
PremieBreathe: A Low-cost Breathing Aid For Newborns In Low-resource Settings

Britt Storkson
Anti-cavitation Water Pump Control
Child-proof Cutters Safety Device

Carl Strathearn
Egor V.2 Autonomous Robot-Animatronic

Jeffrey Suhey

Steven Sullivan
Green Technology

Jon Sumroy

George Sutton
A Low-Cost, Customized Wireless Robotic Inspection Platform for Culverts, Drain Pipes, and Slopes for Highway Maintenance Purposes

Kewal Chand Swami
3D Printable Portable Slit Lamp

Balint Szent Miklosy

Sudalaimuthu T
Zero Distance Voting Machine (ZEro DIstance VOting Machine – ZeDiVoM)

Hasan Taghi Bidgoli
Furniture Easy To Use And Transport

Belinda Tagoe

Kevin Tagoe
Demicar, a Type of Car/Motorcycle Hybrid

Anthony Tamalonis
Mini Pedal Power Plant: Friction Free Bicycle Phone And Small Device Charger For Rural And Developing World Markets

Neha Taneja
Autonomous Farming Robot

Rohit Tanwar
GSM Based Flexible Calling System For Coal Miners

Jonathan Taub
Helium Induction

Luciano Teresi
I Breathe

Aswaththaman Thakku Rajan
Mass Vacuum Energy
Efficient Rocket Propulsion System

Naresh Kumar Thanigaivel
Autonomous Health Care Robot

Douglas Thorpe
Nuclear Fusion Power Plant Within 5 Years

Dhrupal Tilava
Cheapest Computer System

Samuel Tita Wara
CU – Wara Energy Retention Explorer Bag (CUWEREB)
CU – Wara Energy Retention Vaccine Bag (CUWAVAC)
CU – Wara Hybrid Cooking Technology (Cooking Green) - CUWABA

Rohit Tiwari
State Of Health Prediction Of Electrical Vehicle Batteries

Jonathan Torkelson
Virtuoso - Embedded Virtual Device Framework

Frantisek Toth

Emerson Trarbach
Touchless Tattoo Power Supply
Technology Application Of Pesticides Using Electric Knapsack Sprayer

Liebmer Trauschein
In-Bottle Infant Formula Preparation Device

Viktor Troitskiy

Colin Troth
Fixture Free Bed

Lilanka Kushan Udawatta
Bionic Organs/Devices/Limbs Wireless Charging

Suman Ummanolla
Drone (UAV) Camouflage

Kanpur Rani V
The Intelligent Cradle (I-Cradle)

Kaushik V N

Dmytro Vakulenko
Arterial Oscillography

Markus Van Wyk
Road Barrier Power Generator

Terry Vaninsberghe
Thermal Exchange Engine

Paul Vanleene
Reusable & Recyclable U-shaped Frames For The Packaging, Transportation & Storage Of Tube Bundles

Vijay Varada
Refreshable Braille Display

Daniel Vea Falguera
Kiasu TAG
Smart Vibration Sensor

Ramesh Babu Veerappan Sethuraj
Eco Friendly Energy And Sustainability

Hector Vega Rodriguez
Intelligent Traffic Light

Yenumula Venkata Durgaprasad

Ashish Verma
EYE COLLAR: Real-Time Multi-security Gadget

Cécile Vienney
Low Cost 3D Time-Of-Flight for Vision

Vishal Vishal
The Smart Bottle

Mike Wade
Huckleberry's Hammer 5th Wheel Puller

Peng Wang
Infrared Optical Lens Protection Technology

Pingfeng Wang
Smart Coal Management

Anthony Wanjala
Stop Consumer Exploitation

Patrick Ward
Galactic Data Core

Michael Wegerson
Creating a Spacefaring Future for Humanity by Exploring the Final Frontier with Low-Cost, Open-Source Nanosatellites

Nathan Weller
Emergency Response Drone (ERD)
VR Therapy with Biofeedback (VRTB)

W Theo Wells
Fractal Orifice Drone
Fractal Rocket Desgin
Low Flow Fractal Orifice Shower Head and Drain
Fractal Orifice Cannulae

Mark Wessels
Eco-Friendly Solar Cooker

Michael Williams
Modification of Electronic Ballasts, VSD’s and Battery Chargers to Prevent Instability of Power Grids

Tony Williams
5/8" Drive Ratcheting System W/Sockets

Jeffrey Wishart
EV Range-Extending Trailer

Steve Wollenberg
Electric Powertrain Conversion of Cuba’s Classic American 1950s Autos with Solar PV/Battery Storage Charging

Nicholas Wong
YAX: Human-Electric Cargo Trike

Ru Xiao
Thermal-regeneration Air Purifier for Indoor Volatile Organic Compounds

Xiaoyu Xie
A Cooling Device for Turbocharged Gasoline Engine

Xiaosong Yan
Sewage Water Reuse

Donald Yanzick
Personal Dirigible

Chidong Yao
A New Idea for Hydrogen Combustion Engine Implementation

Kaz Yazawa
Wall Mount Solar Corrector for Cold Climate

Colin Young
Propane Tank Anti-BLEVE Safety System

Javed Younus

Nabil Zaki
All In One Personal Hot Beverage Drip System

Hassan F. Zamzam

John Zelahy
Sun-Driven Motor

Michael Zeldich
Brain Like Control For An Artificial Subjective System

Vladimir Zenin
Magnet Engine

Jack Zhang
Clear & Clean 3 in 1 Handhold Vacuum Cleaner With Flashlight and Cooling Fan

Jingxi Zhang
A Universal Stylus Turns All Display Screens To Touchscreens
Non-contact Tire Pressure Reader

Shaohong Zhong
The RI Hand, an Affordable, Multi-Functional 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand with a Sense of Feeling

Vilija Zukauskaite
The Circle